Providers with Taxonomy: Oral Surgery in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Oral Surgery
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Omar Hussain 53226, WIOral Surgery1023406139
Peter Girgis 60623, WIOral Surgery1700235116
Dana Allen Mcneir 60048, WIOral Surgery1558343582
Paul Pamula 53406, WIOral Surgery1073930459
Jonathan Michael Hanks 84084, WIOral Surgery1316268915
Area Dental Associates, Llc 53094, WIOral Surgery1154909414
Ian Day 53916, WIOral Surgery1831623156
Joseph Robert Karlen 32610, WIOral Surgery1043697543
Dcp Of Brookfield Square, Llc 53005, WIOral Surgery1659344349
Dcp Of Southridge Shopping Center, Llc 53220, WIOral Surgery1568435253
Sheboygan Oral And Maxillofacial Assoc Ltd 53081, WIOral Surgery1306894134
The Medical College Of Wisconsin, Inc. 53226, WIOral Surgery1699720086
Baycare Clinic Llp 54311, WIOral Surgery1588609648
Milwaukee Oral Surgery & Implants Ltd 53226, WIOral Surgery1972550234
Greater Milwaukee Oral Surgery, L.l.c. 53220, WIOral Surgery1720569783
Lake Geneva Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery, Ltd 53147, WIOral Surgery1063420206
Marquette University 53233, WIOral Surgery1013937499
Lmg, Inc 53213, WIOral Surgery1134235427
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Associates Of Waukesha, Ltd. 53188, WIOral Surgery1235247834
Premier Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery S.c. 53545, WIOral Surgery1992806269
Oral Surgery Associates Of Milwaukee Sc 53092, WIOral Surgery1477647832
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgical Associates 54880, WIOral Surgery1003900994
Oral Surgery Associates Of Milwaukee Sc 53186, WIOral Surgery1720172992
Brent J Martin Dds Ms Sc 53092, WIOral Surgery1306908371
Chippewa Valley Technical College 54701, WIOral Surgery1093868358
Racine Dental Group S C 53406, WIOral Surgery1801941570
Oral Surgery Clinic Of La Crosse Ltd. 54650, WIOral Surgery1962531178
Swedishamerican Hospital 61104, WIOral Surgery1326193061
Winnebago Oral Surgery, S.c. 54937, WIOral Surgery1396864229
Winnebago Oral Surgery, S.c. 54956, WIOral Surgery1467571307
Winnebago Oral Surgery, S.c. 54902, WIOral Surgery1386765840
David E Krigbaum Dds Sc 54401, WIOral Surgery1841411659
Bay Oral Surgery & Implant Center, Ltd 54304, WIOral Surgery1427270776
Angell Oral Surgery Associates Ltd 54904, WIOral Surgery1356535033
Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Sc 53051, WIOral Surgery1528241486
Kenosha Oral Surgery, S.c. 53144, WIOral Surgery1710160486
Gregory A. Santarelli Dds Sc 53144, WIOral Surgery1083891261
Advanced Dental Specialists, Llc 53223, WIOral Surgery1972773588
Oral Surgery Associates Of Milwaukee Sc 53154, WIOral Surgery1780850263
Wendy M Pietz, Dds, Sc 53220, WIOral Surgery1235251125
Baycare Clinic Llp 54311, WIOral Surgery1174732572
Integrated Health Services, Llc 53511, WIOral Surgery1841456761
John E. Darling, D.d.s., Llc 53217, WIOral Surgery1730332123
Oral Surgery Associates Ltd 53095, WIOral Surgery1235466988
Tannleger As Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Sc 53511, WIOral Surgery1942523436
John W. Stilp, Dds, Sc 54401, WIOral Surgery1063739589
Great Lakes Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.a. 54016, WIOral Surgery1902116288
Great Lakes Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.a. 54017, WIOral Surgery1205136074
Christopher P. Mcaboy Dds, Llc 53212, WIOral Surgery1376841015
Baycare Clinic Llp 54166, WIOral Surgery1306117031
Brian J. Blocher Dds Sc 53226, WIOral Surgery1699088369
Dental Associates Ltd Of Wisconsin 53222, WIOral Surgery1518266998
Baycare Clinic Llp 54220, WIOral Surgery1134490758
Lake Geneva Dental Care, Llc 53511, WIOral Surgery1326473927
Advanced Dental 53214, WIOral Surgery1427463199
Oral Surgery Associates Of Wisconsin, S.c. 54952, WIOral Surgery1700280963
Donald E. Romsa, D.d.s., S.c. 53406, WIOral Surgery1427446913
Tmj Pain Solutions, Sc 53188, WIOral Surgery1578957411
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Asso Of Eau Claire Sc 54720, WIOral Surgery1316954928
Wausau Oral Surgery And Dental Implant Center, Sc 54401, WIOral Surgery1497202386
Lmg Inc 53188, WIOral Surgery1790224491
Lmg Inc 53217, WIOral Surgery1730628330
Lmg Inc 53406, WIOral Surgery1891234498
Lmg Inc 54915, WIOral Surgery1063951663
Central Wisconsin Oral And Facial Surgery, Llc 54409, WIOral Surgery1477065787
Baycare Clinic, Llp 54235, WIOral Surgery1124516893
Wisconsin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Llc 53154, WIOral Surgery1013409002
Swedishamerican Hospital 61107, WIOral Surgery1225574775
Wisconsin Oral Surgery Llc 53227, WIOral Surgery1679132815
Oconomowoc Dental Anesthesia Center 53066, WIOral Surgery1053972661
Brotkowski Acquisitions Llc 54401, WIOral Surgery1528600863
Drs. Anderson & Durtsche, Ltd. 54601, WIOral Surgery1932151685
Madison Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Sc 53719, WIOral Surgery1144261199
Center For Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Sc 53713, WIOral Surgery1710900808
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Consultants Of Wisconsin, S.c. 53220, WIOral Surgery1285649921
Oral Surgery Assoc Ltd 54935, WIOral Surgery1013020866
Dr. Mary Grote 53916, WIOral Surgery1740336114
Oral Surgery Center, S.c. 53913, WIOral Surgery1245374362
Elmbrook Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Assoc., S.c. 53005, WIOral Surgery1366586224
Oakpark Dental Platteville 53818, WIOral Surgery1053440842
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Fox Cities S.c. 54913, WIOral Surgery1861525289
Apple Creek Oral Surgery, Sc 54913, WIOral Surgery1275753659
Mercy Dental Group, Llc 53562, WIOral Surgery1174129019
Psp Health 53406, WIOral Surgery1033701495
Northern Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Pa 54880, WIOral Surgery1013068691
Wisconsin Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, S.c. 53227, WIOral Surgery1760538490
Mier Dental Associates Llc 53227, WIOral Surgery1437737673
Gundersen Clinic, Ltd. 53821, WIOral Surgery1023064078
Community Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery, Llc 53204, WIOral Surgery1962178970
Adam Christopher Miller 53092, WIOral Surgery1306837794
Ajit V Pillai 53219, WIOral Surgery1285638643
Alan A Kimmel 53092, WIOral Surgery1760576128
Alejandro Arango 53226, WIOral Surgery1700267408
Andrew J Kramer 53715, WIOral Surgery1144259581
Andrew J Miller 53717, WIOral Surgery1699822403
Andy Kabele 54601, WIOral Surgery1932362092
Anne W Miller 53226, WIOral Surgery1376631234
Anthony Lotesto 53177, WIOral Surgery1861945826
Anthony L Ragonese 53227, WIOral Surgery1649350398
Bernadette L Wilson 54301, WIOral Surgery1861592529
Bradford Victor Eneix 53511, WIOral Surgery1427060003
Bradley S Koch 54304, WIOral Surgery1013921196
Brandon E Newell 54311, WIOral Surgery1619174877
Bret Waligora 53226, WIOral Surgery1467832782
Brian J Blocher 53226, WIOral Surgery1457416299
Brian Patrick Kelley 53219, WIOral Surgery1366423527
Bruce Thomas 54494, WIOral Surgery1619077583
Cameron Judd Egbert 84660, WIOral Surgery1033320957
Carolyn C Brookes 53226, WIOral Surgery1508028820
Chad Randall Seubert 54311, WIOral Surgery1396001483
Charles Polzin 54501, WIOral Surgery1144546805
Christopher J Bacsik 53719, WIOral Surgery1740216712
Christopher Patrick Mcaboy 53212, WIOral Surgery1003823436
Christopher S. Mcfarlane 54902, WIOral Surgery1043266927
Christopher J Meyers 53211, WIOral Surgery1215094495
Clark Regan Sweeney 53233, WIOral Surgery1720202203
Colin J Ott 54401, WIOral Surgery1770684466
Dale Wayne Willoughby 53144, WIOral Surgery1700880556
Daniel Joseph D'angelo 53188, WIOral Surgery1841307584
David M Angell 54904, WIOral Surgery1811077449
David Grant Cleverly 54601, WIOral Surgery1841470994
David J Gingrass 53226, WIOral Surgery1538136106
David Edmund Krigbaum 54401, WIOral Surgery1750453049
David John Landwehr 53718, WIOral Surgery1447333414
David L Lemoine 54304, WIOral Surgery1447264502
David Paul Ludington 54650, WIOral Surgery1770570624
David Peter Schmidt 40536, WIOral Surgery1346403235
Dean Tiboris 53144, WIOral Surgery1003139700
Deepa T. Sathiah 54601, WIOral Surgery1053582916
Don Louis Selmo 53406, WIOral Surgery1831275312
Donald Paul Holzhauer 53188, WIOral Surgery1184732869
Donald Ervin Linneman 54985, WIOral Surgery1497266910
Donald Edward Romsa 53406, WIOral Surgery1437218302
Donald H Woehling 53142, WIOral Surgery1467569301
Dylan Starck 48109, WIOral Surgery1417519331
Eddie Kiyoshi Brotkowski 54935, WIOral Surgery1003100470
Ell Louis Lee 54115, WIOral Surgery1922364363
Erich Herbst 53913, WIOral Surgery1285789495
Erin C Cutler 54806, WIOral Surgery1326277112
Ernst A. Cornielsen 53147, WIOral Surgery1447268651
Ezedin M Sadeghi 53217, WIOral Surgery1225191067
Flavio De Alcantara Camejo 53233, WIOral Surgery1053962654
Gary W Sweeney 53717, WIOral Surgery1811921950
Geoffrey R Warda 53717, WIOral Surgery1588699664
George Chris Panos 53029, WIOral Surgery1407057441
Gregory A. Santarelli 53144, WIOral Surgery1578640488
Gregory G Stroncek 53719, WIOral Surgery1841235843
Gregory W Welsh 54311, WIOral Surgery1124049820
Guy J Jensen 54935, WIOral Surgery1225137227
Henry Nishan Ambrookian 53095, WIOral Surgery1295841203
Henry Steven Plautz 54913, WIOral Surgery1376637579
Ian Dozier 54720, WIOral Surgery1023027786
James Winfield Glore 53233, WIOral Surgery1659492668
Jason L Lemoine 54304, WIOral Surgery1356355424
Jay L Mackman 53213, WIOral Surgery1821194184
Jeff Goetz 54720, WIOral Surgery1447322219
Jeff Jones 54701, WIOral Surgery1952473712
Jeffrey B Davis 53717, WIOral Surgery1346274487
Jill Merrill 53226, WIOral Surgery1659575314
John E Darling 53217, WIOral Surgery1427156330
John Jay Keller 53081, WIOral Surgery1952350738
John W Miller 53092, WIOral Surgery1609843648
John J. Rydlewicz 54913, WIOral Surgery1992895031
John W Schoonenberg 53201, WIOral Surgery1033120431
John W. Stilp 54401, WIOral Surgery1720008402
John D Triggs 60153, WIOral Surgery1992933048
Joseph Adam Best 53188, WIOral Surgery1881702439
Joseph Mark Schmidt 53188, WIOral Surgery1912014697
Judson Charles Smith 53226, WIOral Surgery1952717753
Kelly Magliocca 53705, WIOral Surgery1225131162
Kenneth Martin Hartenian 54220, WIOral Surgery1396832028
Kevin James Connor 53188, WIOral Surgery1174733588
Kevin C Gams 53545, WIOral Surgery1518228816
Kevin Nowins 53545, WIOral Surgery1861848400
Kim J Pansegrau 53717, WIOral Surgery1518990167
Kyle David Smith 53226, WIOral Surgery1144529322
Lauren Marie Castro 54601, WIOral Surgery1699035576
Leslee C Timm 54601, WIOral Surgery1386782324
Lisa Jayne Koenig 53233, WIOral Surgery1518052174
Lloyd H. Anseth 54481, WIOral Surgery1720169824
Luis Almeida 53233, WIOral Surgery1346662426
M. Drew Millington 54720, WIOral Surgery1205908936
Mark James Erickson 54601, WIOral Surgery1144587551
Mark K Jackson 53717, WIOral Surgery1598788796
Mark J Kortebein 53092, WIOral Surgery1336233790
Mark J Ridenour 54902, WIOral Surgery1265630636
Mark Alan Slabbekoorn 54729, WIOral Surgery1861489825
Martin John Koop 54601, WIOral Surgery1639158660
Mary L Ballard 53406, WIOral Surgery1528381357
Mary A Grote 53916, WIOral Surgery1629171962
Mary K Karkow 53188, WIOral Surgery1003927625
Mary F Stavropoulos 97201, WIOral Surgery1417914003
Marylou C Sabino 53226, WIOral Surgery1912950221
Matthew James Midtling 53226, WIOral Surgery1497098255
Matthew D Reiland 53713, WIOral Surgery1093154601
Mehran Mehrabi 53217, WIOral Surgery1033211099
Michael Scott Connor 53188, WIOral Surgery1528173234
Michael W. Mcfarlane 54902, WIOral Surgery1295782555
Michael Blair Melugin 53186, WIOral Surgery1407935794
Michael M Miskella 54304, WIOral Surgery1588688105


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