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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Paul Edmund Higgins CTOrthopedic Surgery1316907561
Amy Marie Kurtz WIOrthopedic Surgery1518927771
Catherine L Hawkins GAOrthopedic Surgery1790745529
Toby Dean Neff OKOrthopedic Surgery1386604478
Brian Jovag MOOrthopedic Surgery1134189079
Kayla Smith CAOrthopedic Surgery1780644708
Warren R Womack CAOrthopedic Surgery1174583108
Eli Glick PAOrthopedic Surgery1447210497
Bradley James Schultz OKOrthopedic Surgery1558321547
Chris Paul Cox OKOrthopedic Surgery1376503367
The Milton S Hershey Medical Center Physicians Group Orthopedic Surgery1912967134
Melinda A Crisostomo CAOrthopedic Surgery1851361513
Marilyn Rayburn Shiver GAOrthopedic Surgery1114996964
Joel Allen Bengtson MNOrthopedic Surgery1932178563
Catherine Mary Boyum MNOrthopedic Surgery1891764411
Philip Gerard Giesen MNOrthopedic Surgery1588632038
Paul Robert Hendrickson MNOrthopedic Surgery1881663482
Kristen Marie Holmen MNOrthopedic Surgery1770552770
Martha Helene Hultgren MNOrthopedic Surgery1386613917
Alecia Ann Johnson MNOrthopedic Surgery1609845205
Jennifer Marie Masterson ILOrthopedic Surgery1912976929
Angela Marissa O'neill MNOrthopedic Surgery1730158361
Kristi H Roland TNOrthopedic Surgery1164498382
North Central Hand Rehabilitation, Inc OHOrthopedic Surgery1013982701
Melanie Rowell FLOrthopedic Surgery1033570213
Lee Ann Webb SCOrthopedic Surgery1700854916
Kimberly Sue Dehn WIOrthopedic Surgery1942273024
Mark Alan Peterson CAOrthopedic Surgery1093775025
Christopher Morin MAOrthopedic Surgery1952376501
Elizabeth M Lacy INOrthopedic Surgery1528035045
Karrie Johnson TXOrthopedic Surgery1396280491
Kevin E Gard PAOrthopedic Surgery1477527141
Cindi A Prentiss NYOrthopedic Surgery1639145964
Janice Rosemarie Nesbeth NYOrthopedic Surgery1306817630
Cory Jonathan Middel CAOrthopedic Surgery1770559122
Matt John Ernst KYOrthopedic Surgery1356310304
Amy D Zornow ILOrthopedic Surgery1437126059
Patrick Carter MDOrthopedic Surgery1649710161
Emilie Schmidt Orthopedic Surgery1356315097
Leanne Marie Blanchard VTOrthopedic Surgery1992778997
Sports And Orthopedic Center, Pa Orthopedic Surgery1447753942
Jon Eric Wilson VAOrthopedic Surgery1619949286
Jonathan W Billings MIOrthopedic Surgery1760450373
James Wesley Coulter ILOrthopedic Surgery1376503342
Dawn Marie Altstatt MNOrthopedic Surgery1679542682
Destiny Kennedy LAOrthopedic Surgery1205350824
Cayla Turner TXOrthopedic Surgery1003203290
Margaret A. Cary CAOrthopedic Surgery1770550394
Mark A. Fink MTOrthopedic Surgery1316914575
Wm Ryan Reynolds MIOrthopedic Surgery1598739112
Amanda Tuttle Thielen MNOrthopedic Surgery1265401269
Jessica C. Loncar GAOrthopedic Surgery1750358867
Janet Taylor Kowalchick CAOrthopedic Surgery1770542102
Blake Physical Therapy, Pc CAOrthopedic Surgery1750350476
Cristino M. Morrone PAOrthopedic Surgery1275507329
Tara L. Collins CTOrthopedic Surgery1184696916
Angela J Neish-cusick KSOrthopedic Surgery1003889239
Whitney Horner Orthopedic Surgery1457845836
Shoreline Physical Therapy, Inc. CAOrthopedic Surgery1760453229
Vincent James Kamholtz Roberts ILOrthopedic Surgery1134191281
Paul Henry Evora NYOrthopedic Surgery1104894765
Christina Michajlyszyn MIOrthopedic Surgery1609038777
David Clark Poulter MNOrthopedic Surgery1508831090
Janet Nancy Luszczki ILOrthopedic Surgery1407824469
Central Physical Therapy And Fitness, P.s.c. Orthopedic Surgery1659346153
Jutta A Schneider WAOrthopedic Surgery1881669380
West Coast Wellness Of Sarasota Llc Orthopedic Surgery1730643727
Christopher Parker MDOrthopedic Surgery1508833096
Taylor Mayweather PAOrthopedic Surgery1821554775
Nancy Honeycutt GAOrthopedic Surgery1275592719
Mark Anthony Linane TXOrthopedic Surgery1700854304
John T Williamson GAOrthopedic Surgery1154381960
Katharine E Nelson GAOrthopedic Surgery1861452682
Heather Flores FLOrthopedic Surgery1568422384
David D Stanley GAOrthopedic Surgery1457311276
Heather A. Howroyd GAOrthopedic Surgery1124088042
Douglas M. Sturgess GAOrthopedic Surgery1558321471
Orthopedic Sports & Rehabilitation Center Orthopedic Surgery1659331544
Peter Spiegel GAOrthopedic Surgery1174583082
Karen Pollak NJOrthopedic Surgery1740240605
Sidonie R Bevier OKOrthopedic Surgery1003876889
Commonwealth Orthopaedic Associates Physical Therapy Orthopedic Surgery1124088810
Christine J Malloy PAOrthopedic Surgery1528028255
Troy J Kerstetter PAOrthopedic Surgery1437119179
Charles Zachary Sheets NCOrthopedic Surgery1033179601
Jennifer Marie Keim PAOrthopedic Surgery1104886746
Dawn M Thurnherr NYOrthopedic Surgery1730149386
Kirsten M Harris PAOrthopedic Surgery1154381812
Kelly Scott Kover NJOrthopedic Surgery1962462473
Tl jst, Inc. IAOrthopedic Surgery1508826942
Grand Island Physical Therapy Pc Orthopedic Surgery1902866536
Cheryl A. Christie NYOrthopedic Surgery1720048283
Jill S Hoel TXOrthopedic Surgery1841250362
Robert L. Medcalf GAOrthopedic Surgery1205896693
Robert Barry Honigsfeld TXOrthopedic Surgery1437119831
Shannon L. Marshall GAOrthopedic Surgery1255392668
Amy K. Ross GAOrthopedic Surgery1215998638
Charles Thomas Statti PAOrthopedic Surgery1518928852
Kevin Francis Medeiros RIOrthopedic Surgery1255392338
Karen M Stevens ILOrthopedic Surgery1326009432
Atlantic Physical Therapy Center NJOrthopedic Surgery1801857917
Jay Robert Huhn CAOrthopedic Surgery1609837681
Catawba Chiropractic Corporation Orthopedic Surgery1609837467
John Joseph Brant FLOrthopedic Surgery1164483715
Marcia Eileen Epler PAOrthopedic Surgery1205897824
Jennifer Renee Erbst NCOrthopedic Surgery1760443287
Celeste Anne Cornish SCOrthopedic Surgery1972565455
Timothy Lamont Dalton NCOrthopedic Surgery1013979574
Thomas Alton Lorren TXOrthopedic Surgery1154383628
Jack W Briley NCOrthopedic Surgery1932161379
Robert H Hickman CAOrthopedic Surgery1952363111
Tara L Schwartz FLOrthopedic Surgery1972565190
Charles A Simpson OROrthopedic Surgery1790747939
Jenna Rosenberg PAOrthopedic Surgery1427010545
Andrew P Sotirokos VAOrthopedic Surgery1396707477
Donald Peter Mammano ILOrthopedic Surgery1598727596
Autumn Rachel Ulrich GAOrthopedic Surgery1932161940
Gordon Kent Mcclain PAOrthopedic Surgery1083676001
Tisha Dawn Sutton OKOrthopedic Surgery1780646703
William A Werner PAOrthopedic Surgery1285696252
Sandra E. Harbin GAOrthopedic Surgery1073575965
Melissa A. Fee GAOrthopedic Surgery1386606291
Tina M. Redd GAOrthopedic Surgery1710949615
Del Mar Physical Therapy, Inc Orthopedic Surgery1740242510
James Francis Mrozek PAOrthopedic Surgery1538122189
Steven Saverio Melchionno CTOrthopedic Surgery1659334035
Robert C Jensen COOrthopedic Surgery1255394755
Kendall Alway CAOrthopedic Surgery1891758397
Bernard Todd Pratte WIOrthopedic Surgery1427011832
Robert E Holtby COOrthopedic Surgery1568425981
Lillian Chilgren Ortiz-switzer CAOrthopedic Surgery1568425759
Brown & Associates Sports & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, P.a. DEOrthopedic Surgery1659334746
Paul C Weiss NCOrthopedic Surgery1598728610
Matthew Charles Cote NYOrthopedic Surgery1912960071
John J. Izzo PAOrthopedic Surgery1811950975
Richard Hayward DEOrthopedic Surgery1184687238
Donald John Bierowicz VAOrthopedic Surgery1447213590
Deleon Jamaal Burch GAOrthopedic Surgery1689637746
Carol Sheats DEOrthopedic Surgery1578526646
Betty Jean Lok OHOrthopedic Surgery1821051897
Marc Francis Riccardi NJOrthopedic Surgery1023071982
Dhhs phs, Ihs Tucson Area, Ihs Tucson San Xavier Clinic Orthopedic Surgery1184687055
Medcessity Inc. CAOrthopedic Surgery1598728479
Dhhs phs, Ihs Tucson Area, Ihs Tucson Orthopedic Surgery1417910258
Dorothy Brown DEOrthopedic Surgery1386607059
Glenn Brown DEOrthopedic Surgery1114980877
Jennifer Ferguson Divita DEOrthopedic Surgery1043273717
Scott Jeffrey Black VAOrthopedic Surgery1205899978
Performance Rehabilitation Services, Llc LAOrthopedic Surgery1396708186
Anna Christine Turner-massanelli AROrthopedic Surgery1740243559
Tiffany Grace Prangnell HIOrthopedic Surgery1881657633
Central States Orthopedic Specialists, Inc. OKOrthopedic Surgery1821051566
Jean M Thorn TNOrthopedic Surgery1518920214
Christopher R Greenawalt PAOrthopedic Surgery1689638223
Kimberley A. Mahoney GAOrthopedic Surgery1245293976
Alison B. Munroe GAOrthopedic Surgery1467416107
Elizabeth Pearl NYOrthopedic Surgery1396709044
John P. Copeland GAOrthopedic Surgery1295799948
Chiropractic Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Llp Orthopedic Surgery1053375709
Jeffrey M. Goldberg GAOrthopedic Surgery1699739359
Integrated Manual Therapy, Llc Orthopedic Surgery1245294917
Michael Robert Johnson OROrthopedic Surgery1114981784
Michael C. Kim GAOrthopedic Surgery1669436986
Kristina Ann Hollstein DEOrthopedic Surgery1316901804
Matthew J Dumas CTOrthopedic Surgery1063476273
Bryan Eugene Brandon Orthopedic Surgery1922062165
Elk County Chiropractic, Inc. PAOrthopedic Surgery1235193285
Sean Patrick Groves MIOrthopedic Surgery1144284167
Thomas Earl Grant UTOrthopedic Surgery1992769046
Jeffrey Michael Block NYOrthopedic Surgery1871557868
Patricia Bartels NMOrthopedic Surgery1033173984
Scott Busker AZOrthopedic Surgery1861456626
Douglas Eugene Haladay PAOrthopedic Surgery1568426393
Mary Lydia Engles CAOrthopedic Surgery1760447536
Luzel Solas Tancinco AROrthopedic Surgery1700840543
Thomas F Harney CTOrthopedic Surgery1073577813
Stacy M Trice DEOrthopedic Surgery1871557702
Jon C Kaufmann CAOrthopedic Surgery1871558650
Cape Atlantic Physical Therapy,pa NJOrthopedic Surgery1720043474
Monica Janel Scott NJOrthopedic Surgery1518922210
Marv R Cagle SCOrthopedic Surgery1992760524
Steven H. Speeler GAOrthopedic Surgery1508821976
Joseph D Alejos TXOrthopedic Surgery1952366320
Kim P Glassey NJOrthopedic Surgery1760447007
Christopher P Chaprnka FLOrthopedic Surgery1205891777
Edward P Brady RIOrthopedic Surgery1508821810
Paul B Dinwoodie CTOrthopedic Surgery1548225949
Connie L Kelly NJOrthopedic Surgery1578528741
Elizabeth J Connelly-platanella NJOrthopedic Surgery1295790467
Jeffery Ryan Sallade NJOrthopedic Surgery1326003526
Ralph Stephen Longinotti AROrthopedic Surgery1770548851
Matthew Wade Thornton AROrthopedic Surgery1457316572
Jennifer Rae-ann Charron NJOrthopedic Surgery1689639718
Laura M. Yolitz GAOrthopedic Surgery1922063932
Jonathan E. Koontz GAOrthopedic Surgery1700841632
Beth A. Mallare GAOrthopedic Surgery1730144775
Clyde W Esch OHOrthopedic Surgery1821054784
Michael F Dellorusso NHOrthopedic Surgery1750347407
Gregg R Beideman PAOrthopedic Surgery1457317323
Spine Rehabilitation And Reeducation Center Of North NCOrthopedic Surgery1568428340


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