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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stephen Paul Benesh OHOrthopedic Surgery1912323064
Stephen P Cox MAOrthopedic Surgery1134300197
Tiffany Ann Kobordo Orthopedic Surgery1124485537
William Quinn Menard OHOrthopedic Surgery1952939522
Bradley M Vernallis OHOrthopedic Surgery1598872202
Heidi Marie Schauss OHOrthopedic Surgery1043646086
Matthew Volansky OHOrthopedic Surgery1962400689
Patrick Michael Rodkey OHOrthopedic Surgery1821414327
David Nelson AZOrthopedic Surgery1265085476
Jennifer Lynn Disalvo AZOrthopedic Surgery1831253160
Layra Avalos AZOrthopedic Surgery1861806788
Monte Scott Wilson WAOrthopedic Surgery1811989767
Steven M Goodman AZOrthopedic Surgery1588878003
Azusa Physical Therapy Associates CAOrthopedic Surgery1386002533
360 Wellness Physical Therapy Orthopedic Surgery1174095863
Lindy Cejka CAOrthopedic Surgery1518395797
Mariandrea Cerpa Tyler Orthopedic Surgery1417594565
Michael Stephen Laymon CAOrthopedic Surgery1861475550
Patrick Ryan Bergeron Orthopedic Surgery1285061390
Christopher Corkhill NYOrthopedic Surgery1861564338
Jessica Stankard NYOrthopedic Surgery1619289188
Manoj Verma MIOrthopedic Surgery1295238129
Susan Diane Smith COOrthopedic Surgery1154507655
Bainbridge Island Physical Therapy, Llc WAOrthopedic Surgery1639219868
David Bernard Wolff WAOrthopedic Surgery1962064972
Dr. Holly Physical Therapy Orthopedic Surgery1043830961
Jessica Hein Physical Therapy, Inc CAOrthopedic Surgery1275680308
Derek Christopher Boss CAOrthopedic Surgery1487219390
Fresco Herrera CAOrthopedic Surgery1508080227
Ilenia Perez CAOrthopedic Surgery1376799676
Kimberly Keathley CAOrthopedic Surgery1063962025
Leza L Hatch CAOrthopedic Surgery1902019680
Scott Michael Laurente CAOrthopedic Surgery1790870764
Tamara L Billings CAOrthopedic Surgery1811161078
Thomas A. Savarese CAOrthopedic Surgery1578548749
Craig Mahoney Orthopedic Surgery1659859577
Danielle Daitch PAOrthopedic Surgery1750894523
Douglas Cheng Orthopedic Surgery1346671195
Emily Ralen Orthopedic Surgery1831602788
Kelly J Slothower Orthopedic Surgery1669672184
Loren Pruitt PAOrthopedic Surgery1669989968
Melanie Ferdinand Orthopedic Surgery1851815880
Michael A Paglia PAOrthopedic Surgery1154379121
Rebecca Fluta Orthopedic Surgery1235690595
Tara Rogers PAOrthopedic Surgery1154915536
Terri Gartenberg PAOrthopedic Surgery1841520913
John Feil NYOrthopedic Surgery1306095500
Robert Francis Feehley MDOrthopedic Surgery1639185069
Josephine Rae Sotto Orthopedic Surgery1710313028
Miguel Angel Ramos CAOrthopedic Surgery1225232499
Andrew Gregory Bishop NYOrthopedic Surgery1376011395
Jean Stiles MOOrthopedic Surgery1417518655
Joseph Woodrow Harszy MOOrthopedic Surgery1841346996
Kevin Patrick Doherty MOOrthopedic Surgery1336180249
Margaret Bauman MOOrthopedic Surgery1609286525
Kernan Physical Therapy Orthopedic Surgery1750476818
Mddc, Llc Orthopedic Surgery1386898625
To The Core Physical Therapy & Conditioning, Llc Orthopedic Surgery1538583646
Allan H Macht Pa MDOrthopedic Surgery1184179046
Rekinetic Physical Therapy & Wellness, Llc Orthopedic Surgery1821625294
Adwoa K Bonsra MDOrthopedic Surgery1336260413
Aliza Abramson MDOrthopedic Surgery1477827822
Amy E Labadie VAOrthopedic Surgery1255410494
Ashley Marie Neidorff VAOrthopedic Surgery1780920843
Christina T Mathew Orthopedic Surgery1295251817
Dana Erin Bronsord Orthopedic Surgery1174612956
Daniel Moore Chapman MDOrthopedic Surgery1619440203
Daniel Seubert MDOrthopedic Surgery1417323833
David Anthony Reymann MDOrthopedic Surgery1255886032
Ian West MDOrthopedic Surgery1326052515
Jay Bradford Clark MDOrthopedic Surgery1235255837
Jeffrey Rogers Jones MDOrthopedic Surgery1306868658
John A Baur MDOrthopedic Surgery1720035330
Jon J Ruttenberg MDOrthopedic Surgery1790959658
Jonathon Wesley Gardner MDOrthopedic Surgery1104302298
Jyoti Panchal MDOrthopedic Surgery1164984837
Karen Lynn Gordes MDOrthopedic Surgery1801980404
Kristin Dawn Duryea MDOrthopedic Surgery1558592808
Lauren Simpkins VAOrthopedic Surgery1316313257
Lisa Gucinski Waterman MDOrthopedic Surgery1215073341
Margaret Mary Cruse MDOrthopedic Surgery1417136946
Matthew Weber MDOrthopedic Surgery1801373790
Miriam Higgins MDOrthopedic Surgery1659739761
Monica Ziebart MDOrthopedic Surgery1417547415
Patrick Griffin Orthopedic Surgery1356711915
Rajat Kumar MDOrthopedic Surgery1366870735
Raymond Lionel Moore MDOrthopedic Surgery1477881886
Rebecca Manning MDOrthopedic Surgery1144606641
Ryan Edward Zimmerman MDOrthopedic Surgery1912006313
Samuel Thomas Runfola MDOrthopedic Surgery1528168481
Sarah Feierstein Orthopedic Surgery1164979308
Shelley Leah Jessup MDOrthopedic Surgery1427241249
Simeon Lee Mellinger MDOrthopedic Surgery1851885768
Sonya M Bautista VAOrthopedic Surgery1104924125
Thomas Joseph Stone MDOrthopedic Surgery1568479855
Zachary S Mitchell MDOrthopedic Surgery1750862835
Cheryl L Adams MEOrthopedic Surgery1689876492
Daniel Chesley Kirk CAOrthopedic Surgery1861544967
Sharon Gawin Orthopedic Surgery1336382704
Michele Saunders NYOrthopedic Surgery1992980775
James Thomas Micali OHOrthopedic Surgery1184047128
Jennifer Heisel-mangano OHOrthopedic Surgery1982694485
Generations R.c., Inc Orthopedic Surgery1609930379
Eric J Tarr WVOrthopedic Surgery1760545446
Elliot Richard Mattingly KYOrthopedic Surgery1154695864
Mary Catherine Mudd KYOrthopedic Surgery1164012258
Rosendo Villarreal Orthopedic Surgery1104930304
Albert Campana NJOrthopedic Surgery1851335020
Sabrina Casares NJOrthopedic Surgery1730715038
Mcvay Physical Therapy RIOrthopedic Surgery1457534604
Karin M Tozier NHOrthopedic Surgery1174782312
Sheri L Fort NJOrthopedic Surgery1609277953
James Thomas Clayton OKOrthopedic Surgery1053329201
Milder And Associates ILOrthopedic Surgery1467616987
Ray M. Richmond ILOrthopedic Surgery1104057413
Douglas Eugene Haladay PAOrthopedic Surgery1568426393
Roaring Fork Physical Therapy, Pc COOrthopedic Surgery1295866770
Caitlyn Christine Tivy COOrthopedic Surgery1003352550
Christopher Trzcinski COOrthopedic Surgery1003362112
Basking Ridge Physical Therapy, Llc NJOrthopedic Surgery1306193677
Frederick H. Richardson NJOrthopedic Surgery1366608762
Gwen Melisa Fulo NJOrthopedic Surgery1003904103
Harold Alaan NJOrthopedic Surgery1235431586
Kathleen Marie Keegan NJOrthopedic Surgery1790938421
Kristina Lagzdins NJOrthopedic Surgery1447757638
Marc Francis Riccardi NJOrthopedic Surgery1023071982
Hoad Chiropractic Pc ILOrthopedic Surgery1851674733
Deborah Louise King-frisby NYOrthopedic Surgery1548387889
Donna Sabers NYOrthopedic Surgery1508908476
Douglas William Hoad ILOrthopedic Surgery1972553154
James Gerard Turcer NYOrthopedic Surgery1225675721
Wayne Richard Younge NYOrthopedic Surgery1154969897
Spine And Body Llc LAOrthopedic Surgery1346531332
Team Work Ready Baton Rouge, Inc. Orthopedic Surgery1346586070
Amanda Jean Duncan LAOrthopedic Surgery1710362686
Andrew Robert Groome Orthopedic Surgery1184723041
Anthony Robert Mancuso LAOrthopedic Surgery1265716435
Beau Bernell Lowery LAOrthopedic Surgery1609008903
Benjamin P Leblanc LAOrthopedic Surgery1730564543
Chris Purvis LAOrthopedic Surgery1174550560
Greg Joseph Leblanc LAOrthopedic Surgery1275624249
India Renee Swift LAOrthopedic Surgery1336796762
Irene J Rampino LAOrthopedic Surgery1568463123
Isabel Cristina Hodgson LAOrthopedic Surgery1548670151
Jessica Weeks Charcap Orthopedic Surgery1114563483
John Derek Laurent LAOrthopedic Surgery1497846448
Katherine K Peaslee LAOrthopedic Surgery1295148138
Katrina D Broussard LAOrthopedic Surgery1043512239
Keith A Fogle LAOrthopedic Surgery1134202930
Kerri Chatelain Graham LAOrthopedic Surgery1114212289
Kyle Bramley Orthopedic Surgery1235786641
Lance Paul Lemoine LAOrthopedic Surgery1043301039
Lauren B Sibley LAOrthopedic Surgery1609250836
Luke A Zumo LAOrthopedic Surgery1710271259
Parker Allen Parra LAOrthopedic Surgery1902455678
Rhett James Robbins LAOrthopedic Surgery1346331246
Seth Adam Kaplan LAOrthopedic Surgery1780775759
Steven Chad Gosselin LAOrthopedic Surgery1669889960
Sydney Duhe LAOrthopedic Surgery1689149932
Troy Stancliffe LAOrthopedic Surgery1861807422
Victoria P Zaunbrecher LAOrthopedic Surgery1003274267
William Keith Mills LAOrthopedic Surgery1184192254
Navjeet Singh Sahni MIOrthopedic Surgery1023565983
Sydney Bronson Orthopedic Surgery1598367815
Nicholas James Manning MNOrthopedic Surgery1396222832
Bay Area Physical Therapy, Llc MIOrthopedic Surgery1679965040
Erin Smith MIOrthopedic Surgery1003424904
.physical Therapy For The 21st Century Orthopedic Surgery1629370846
Camron M Einerman NYOrthopedic Surgery1063812998
Cheryl A. Christie NYOrthopedic Surgery1720048283
Donna E Adams NYOrthopedic Surgery1255576237
Eugene Selim NJOrthopedic Surgery1730471954
Hillary J Fryczynski NJOrthopedic Surgery1841562170
Giovanni Meli NYOrthopedic Surgery1801046644
Hyun Jong Yoon NYOrthopedic Surgery1780922591
Jing Shan NYOrthopedic Surgery1598732620
Steven Robert Schneider NYOrthopedic Surgery1851335707
Jeffrey Lawrence Jefferson TXOrthopedic Surgery1942350129
Jonathan Craig Steinkopf TXOrthopedic Surgery1700386018
Tracey R Baker TXOrthopedic Surgery1992855126
Amanda Michele Gutierrez TXOrthopedic Surgery1245480177
Markus Lee Manley NJOrthopedic Surgery1497827547
Mary Grace Roldan NJOrthopedic Surgery1538421359
Sternen Physical Therapy Inc OHOrthopedic Surgery1760420566
Cheryl Marie Beight OHOrthopedic Surgery1336189265
Christine Catherine Messner OHOrthopedic Surgery1497787543
David Benjamin Nelson OHOrthopedic Surgery1962920181
Debbie Sue Sternen OHOrthopedic Surgery1992746473
Jennifer Anne Blakeney OHOrthopedic Surgery1326371618
Leon R Anderson OHOrthopedic Surgery1669413910
Lori Abraham OHOrthopedic Surgery1467627307
Lori Heiser Robinson OHOrthopedic Surgery1134169055
Lynne Scherr Meredith OHOrthopedic Surgery1174563001
Shanna E Olenik FLOrthopedic Surgery1891014379
Talia Sosnovitch OHOrthopedic Surgery1386902740
Rachel Merideth ILOrthopedic Surgery1720401557
Total Joint And Orthopedic Physical Therapy SCOrthopedic Surgery1306143763
Aaron Stoll MOOrthopedic Surgery1144361056
Alan F Dinehart SCOrthopedic Surgery1275957821
Becky W. Jones SCOrthopedic Surgery1346322831


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