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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Randal Jay Aldridge ALOrthopedic Surgery1598749376
Joe A. Ogle OKOrthopedic Surgery1659355493
Jason Keith Grimes CTOrthopedic Surgery1780668574
Subrina V Linscomb TXOrthopedic Surgery1013991819
Christopher Cyril Gabriel NCOrthopedic Surgery1073597779
Richard E Sroka ILOrthopedic Surgery1992780563
Wayne A Bennett AZOrthopedic Surgery1952386542
Cleon Sherrill Grooms MIOrthopedic Surgery1013992577
Noel Douglas Hoklin MTOrthopedic Surgery1306821897
Andrew M Starsiak MAOrthopedic Surgery1467437699
William Lee Wesselink AZOrthopedic Surgery1265417349
Mary Joann Nosek CAOrthopedic Surgery1174508253
Scott M Gulstine OROrthopedic Surgery1952386039
William A Knapp PAOrthopedic Surgery1457336430
Joseph P Prendergast PAOrthopedic Surgery1346225315
Eric Scott Furto ILOrthopedic Surgery1144205139
Amy B Bennett PAOrthopedic Surgery1861477861
Alec Khlebopros NCOrthopedic Surgery1205811213
Melissa Ann Moore PAOrthopedic Surgery1225014962
Kelly Marie Stempe CAOrthopedic Surgery1679559363
William Henry Tussy CAOrthopedic Surgery1720064355
Charles David Garfinkle PAOrthopedic Surgery1538145164
Madhura Borkar Nadkarni Orthopedic Surgery1235115817
Andrew Garrett Hughey CAOrthopedic Surgery1134105851
Guy Stephan Mohr CAOrthopedic Surgery1093791717
Jytte Evelyn Hale-helps COOrthopedic Surgery1215913769
John Daniel Stithem CAOrthopedic Surgery1124004429
Samir Kumar Barman MIOrthopedic Surgery1710963012
Robin Lynne Samay CAOrthopedic Surgery1144206442
Michelle E Henkel ILOrthopedic Surgery1174509434
Maura Elizabeth Amundson ILOrthopedic Surgery1457337727
Megan Baganz ILOrthopedic Surgery1518943893
James P. Whetzel OHOrthopedic Surgery1902882350
Modesto Hernandez TXOrthopedic Surgery1851377063
Thomas M. Kline MDOrthopedic Surgery1942286182
Amy J Patrick-melin OHOrthopedic Surgery1366428518
Michael Mario Masters TXOrthopedic Surgery1922084946
Anthony Wayne Hamm NCOrthopedic Surgery1467438416
Jeannette Elaine Grace CAOrthopedic Surgery1114903192
Barry Butler MEOrthopedic Surgery1023094968
Mary Catherine Rybicki ILOrthopedic Surgery1881671683
Cynthia Lorraine Pearson KYOrthopedic Surgery1225014012
Nicole Bokich ILOrthopedic Surgery1750368544
Kenneth Aiden Leacock NYOrthopedic Surgery1730166398
Diana June Osterhues CAOrthopedic Surgery1467439869
Alireza Bagherian CAOrthopedic Surgery1376520775
Emily Joy Minnich Stehr PAOrthopedic Surgery1689651085
Cynthia Lassiter Murphy NCOrthopedic Surgery1144207341
Tiffany C Broeckelman KSOrthopedic Surgery1194702498
Jonathan Michael Weinberg NCOrthopedic Surgery1124005434
Terrence Allen Kramer NCOrthopedic Surgery1720065881
Barbara L Hayes ILOrthopedic Surgery1407833551
Mark Campbell Miles MIOrthopedic Surgery1073590980
Anthony Carusone NJOrthopedic Surgery1922086891
Margaret Tennyson-robey NMOrthopedic Surgery1699753491
Michael H Schaller TNOrthopedic Surgery1942288832
Lorraine L Gardner NMOrthopedic Surgery1306824164
Sandra K Knudsen NMOrthopedic Surgery1952389488
Peter K Middlebrooks NMOrthopedic Surgery1861470395
Jon B Morrow NMOrthopedic Surgery1770561201
Matthew Burton Garber GAOrthopedic Surgery1619955085
Ronald Ernest Cohn NCOrthopedic Surgery1841278199
Steven L Leonard KSOrthopedic Surgery1750369013
Tracey E. Hawk WAOrthopedic Surgery1205814423
Kenneth Rolland Reinhart FLOrthopedic Surgery1194703322
Darlene Marie Carlson ILOrthopedic Surgery1326026402
Eric Segal PAOrthopedic Surgery1588642623
Jacobus G Vanzelst NMOrthopedic Surgery1073591095
Richard C. Wahlgren WAOrthopedic Surgery1043298086
Marco Michael Bruno NJOrthopedic Surgery1851379804
Walter Travis Brzozowske TXOrthopedic Surgery1598744526
Maryalice Lachman PAOrthopedic Surgery1811976780
Jennifer Leigh Golem ILOrthopedic Surgery1992784623
Dawn Campbell PAOrthopedic Surgery1588643340
Edwin Paul Patrick ILOrthopedic Surgery1518946391
Frank J Cawley PAOrthopedic Surgery1912986654
Mark A Kruse IAOrthopedic Surgery1821077694
Diana Barbara Singer NJOrthopedic Surgery1811976467
Angela Lee Ryder AZOrthopedic Surgery1396724621
Richard R. Moravec INOrthopedic Surgery1982683371
Mary Doyle Smith GAOrthopedic Surgery1417936618
Christopher Robert Chase CTOrthopedic Surgery1407835622
Pat E Luse NEOrthopedic Surgery1164402210
Amy T O'neal OHOrthopedic Surgery1043290075
Angela R Darragh OHOrthopedic Surgery1720068752
Cara M Phillips OHOrthopedic Surgery1992785810
Gilles Xavier Beaumont ALOrthopedic Surgery1619957552
Emily Pagnotto OHOrthopedic Surgery1417937327
Brenda Shoup OHOrthopedic Surgery1336129261
L Darrell Upp OHOrthopedic Surgery1205816147
Wendy Hafner PAOrthopedic Surgery1336129188
Wendy K Shemenski OHOrthopedic Surgery1598745424
Bret Eugene Dewitt CAOrthopedic Surgery1447230214
Sandra Michelle Burke TXOrthopedic Surgery1972583482
William Tellin PAOrthopedic Surgery1225018799
Eric L Sampson NYOrthopedic Surgery1396725883
Kristy L Graham AROrthopedic Surgery1316927833
Kristian K Graham OHOrthopedic Surgery1982684387
Daniel Wright OHOrthopedic Surgery1992785257
Douglas G Patch OHOrthopedic Surgery1093795346
Matthew K Riordan NJOrthopedic Surgery1205816535
Robert Eric Mcbride VAOrthopedic Surgery1649250952
Stephen Fitzsimmons Brown PAOrthopedic Surgery1336129790
Daniel S. Bowerman PAOrthopedic Surgery1235109406
Thomas C Mack PAOrthopedic Surgery1689644726
Greg A Robinson NMOrthopedic Surgery1982674032
Michael Daack CAOrthopedic Surgery1528038544
Peter S Barnett NJOrthopedic Surgery1194795054
Christopher S Ficke NYOrthopedic Surgery1578533550
Tony M Griggs Orthopedic Surgery1801876693
Robert Francis Bajorin CAOrthopedic Surgery1285612598
William Andrew Atkins CAOrthopedic Surgery1043294341
Larry Scott Olver ILOrthopedic Surgery1578541751
Thomas Robert Clinton NCOrthopedic Surgery1558344036
Tammy Marie Simmons INOrthopedic Surgery1164401709
Mark A Lange AKOrthopedic Surgery1750367991
Stephanie M Cone OHOrthopedic Surgery1104806017
Mary Theresa Quinn NYOrthopedic Surgery1386620219
Julie Lynn Nichols NCOrthopedic Surgery1548244775
Jennifer Sue Kane NCOrthopedic Surgery1881677375
Daniel Mathers INOrthopedic Surgery1134108061
Jennifer L Rice PAOrthopedic Surgery1972589497
Stacie R Segebart CAOrthopedic Surgery1104809870
Kenneth Joseph Breath NCOrthopedic Surgery1669455200
Brian Paul Hamon GAOrthopedic Surgery1306824743
Judy F Lokey TXOrthopedic Surgery1114903580
Rachel Vuletich Orthopedic Surgery1316483589
Jay K Rigsbee SCOrthopedic Surgery1801872247
Andrew Edward Schmutz OHOrthopedic Surgery1306829031
Chau Phan AZOrthopedic Surgery1235114141
Brian Young TXOrthopedic Surgery1457339889
Thomas S Campion NCOrthopedic Surgery1255310793
Veronica Lee Jucknies GAOrthopedic Surgery1629055348
Stephen W Seward GAOrthopedic Surgery1740266055
Donald E Bonney NMOrthopedic Surgery1700856309
Melanie Malerich Weller LAOrthopedic Surgery1679543201
Christopher Daniel Tonini CAOrthopedic Surgery1184694721
Yvette Marie Booker TXOrthopedic Surgery1336119833
Steven C Desousa NYOrthopedic Surgery1457321911
Zachary J Girthoffer NEOrthopedic Surgery1063482750
Mary Rutkowski PAOrthopedic Surgery1811967573
Carlos R Rangel NJOrthopedic Surgery1538139084
Lawrence M Grello PAOrthopedic Surgery1184694564
Keith R Sanders CAOrthopedic Surgery1659342996
Ronald L. Glover NJOrthopedic Surgery1902876295
Paul L. Eddy CAOrthopedic Surgery1184695454
Jose Manuel Fonseca FLOrthopedic Surgery1356312672
Jaime Gonzalez TXOrthopedic Surgery1508837824
Kenneth Samuel Peyton CAOrthopedic Surgery1982675294
Christopher J Marrone PAOrthopedic Surgery1265403489
Mary Alice Mc Fad Martinie FLOrthopedic Surgery1598736688
Paul Joseph Feuerborn CAOrthopedic Surgery1417928425
Keith Levesque MAOrthopedic Surgery1306817267
Mark S Edinger WIOrthopedic Surgery1063483048
Steven G Yeomans WIOrthopedic Surgery1467423434
Christy M Rusdal MTOrthopedic Surgery1932170917
Benito Giampaglia NYOrthopedic Surgery1528039492
Kenneth W Burns CAOrthopedic Surgery1477524221
Kyle Burke ILOrthopedic Surgery1578534186
Beryl Ann Smith OHOrthopedic Surgery1558332122
Angelika Voss-quinn CAOrthopedic Surgery1285605741
Danny Joe Hollingsworth WAOrthopedic Surgery1104897578
Brian Peter Quinn CAOrthopedic Surgery1730151192
David Pyne DEOrthopedic Surgery1013988419
Lesley Anne Koch CAOrthopedic Surgery1689646044
Andrew Monnoyer Jordan NYOrthopedic Surgery1407827926
Paul Matthew Larson AZOrthopedic Surgery1477525681
Jeffrey M. Wilder WIOrthopedic Surgery1417929621
Donald Mcgregor Teahan FLOrthopedic Surgery1629040977
Derek Karl Kautzmann OHOrthopedic Surgery1194797506
Robert D. Mckee NYOrthopedic Surgery1780656009
John D Bianchini CTOrthopedic Surgery1073585386
William Parker Rogers PAOrthopedic Surgery1043282874
Denise Goldstein ALOrthopedic Surgery1427020155
Paul K Schmidt CAOrthopedic Surgery1629040373
Dennis Vincent Horton VAOrthopedic Surgery1578535100
Gregory Dean Mccall COOrthopedic Surgery1679545206
Michael Lee Bailey FLOrthopedic Surgery1083686521
Lori Jean Feole Morin MAOrthopedic Surgery1265405773
Dave Lester Langholff WIOrthopedic Surgery1952374118
Glen Cumbus SCOrthopedic Surgery1306819578
James W. Standish CAOrthopedic Surgery1710950233
Daniel G Kingsley NYOrthopedic Surgery1619940756
Lucy Glenn TXOrthopedic Surgery1053384065
Kara Lee Lumbra VTOrthopedic Surgery1679546683
Carol Johnson PAOrthopedic Surgery1134192164
Rodney Gene Shaffer PAOrthopedic Surgery1841263886
Kristen Marden MEOrthopedic Surgery1811960826
Brooke Alison Poremski VTOrthopedic Surgery1588637508
Steven Curtis Hickey CAOrthopedic Surgery1992778641
Daniel Millard Jayne MDOrthopedic Surgery1427021179
Jackie J Kingma INOrthopedic Surgery1396718060
Jody L Francis NYOrthopedic Surgery1558335000
Gordon R Bailey PAOrthopedic Surgery1881667467
Monica Linda Nava CAOrthopedic Surgery1023082617
Stephen A Guidone NYOrthopedic Surgery1598739047
Michael W Fay NYOrthopedic Surgery1689648131
Jamie Lynnette Mason CAOrthopedic Surgery1598739898
Paul M Lombardi FLOrthopedic Surgery1639143118
Jody Beth Sherman CAOrthopedic Surgery1669446985


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