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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mary Ann Gimbel PAOrthopedic Surgery1215924873
Karen Jane Woodbeck CAOrthopedic Surgery1073500674
Pamela Peduto PAOrthopedic Surgery1083601660
Kevin Koehler Johnson WAOrthopedic Surgery1992792436
Timothy P Kelly PAOrthopedic Surgery1093702441
James S. Depietro OHOrthopedic Surgery1144217548
Richard Bryant Kokinda PAOrthopedic Surgery1497742845
Cathy Ann Joseph CAOrthopedic Surgery1437146735
Richard R. Waller MAOrthopedic Surgery1689661944
Julie Peterson COOrthopedic Surgery1215924279
Drew Eric Widing PAOrthopedic Surgery1639166630
Scott Vincent Olson OROrthopedic Surgery1548258320
Larry D Hirschy IAOrthopedic Surgery1124016746
Patrick T Dennis FLOrthopedic Surgery1821086430
Kimberly A Mazik IDOrthopedic Surgery1801884499
Christopher Torres NCOrthopedic Surgery1720075302
Michael Joseph Distefano CAOrthopedic Surgery1396732715
Kristen M. Harris FLOrthopedic Surgery1164416004
Cori E. Clemmer PAOrthopedic Surgery1659367126
Howard J Knudson PAOrthopedic Surgery1750377040
Chase Denton AROrthopedic Surgery1790779056
Bradley L Ferguson Orthopedic Surgery1386639763
Benjamin Robert Hando VAOrthopedic Surgery1427043108
Charles Paulus VAOrthopedic Surgery1184005423
John Thomas Swinson NCOrthopedic Surgery1295723484
David Wayne Shupe SDOrthopedic Surgery1770571085
Ronald Charles Evans IAOrthopedic Surgery1770571929
Gregory Robert Norton IAOrthopedic Surgery1881682961
Rowdy Kelly AROrthopedic Surgery1124017058
Joseph Scott Rogers TXOrthopedic Surgery1205825114
Pamela E Dimuccio FLOrthopedic Surgery1902895717
Brian Patrick Batherson CTOrthopedic Surgery1235128968
Brian D Smith NMOrthopedic Surgery1386633972
George Alan Ulbrich OROrthopedic Surgery1942299557
Paul J Lopes FLOrthopedic Surgery1104815711
Scott Thomas Beecher NCOrthopedic Surgery1578552956
Carmen M Colon-rvera PROrthopedic Surgery1861481293
Brett Riley Tallents NYOrthopedic Surgery1205825627
Mirna L Flores Santiago PROrthopedic Surgery1326037763
Thomas Clifton Curry CAOrthopedic Surgery1477542835
Jole Ann Lund-coakley FLOrthopedic Surgery1184613481
Andree Akst FLOrthopedic Surgery1134118409
Charles Cline FLOrthopedic Surgery1295724599
Lori J Amaden FLOrthopedic Surgery1740279090
John Spencer Weyand NYOrthopedic Surgery1376532523
Elsie Yang Lim CAOrthopedic Surgery1982693958
Timothy P Gill FLOrthopedic Surgery1093704090
Elizabeth Deluca OHOrthopedic Surgery1376532382
Jason Kucharski OHOrthopedic Surgery1619966637
Matthew D Blevins FLOrthopedic Surgery1134119076
Steven Douglas Dreyer CAOrthopedic Surgery1528058492
Alan Lee Visnick MAOrthopedic Surgery1710977665
Carl Richard Dollison OHOrthopedic Surgery1134119092
Judy Ellen Antonelli MAOrthopedic Surgery1790775534
Nancy Sue Contreras AZOrthopedic Surgery1144210931
Joseph David PAOrthopedic Surgery1992795793
Jesse Kenneth Ortel VAOrthopedic Surgery1093705709
Gavin L Hawken FLOrthopedic Surgery1720078363
Laura Elizabeth Hudak NCOrthopedic Surgery1477543049
Brandan Heller OHOrthopedic Surgery1811987480
Raymond John Hanlon MAOrthopedic Surgery1922098508
Cynthia Goode FLOrthopedic Surgery1164412805
Cathryn D Johnson-allen TXOrthopedic Surgery1588654248
Gina Tice FLOrthopedic Surgery1316937907
Jennifer Heisel-mangano OHOrthopedic Surgery1982694485
Malinda Marie Bragg OHOrthopedic Surgery1215927728
James R Heller PAOrthopedic Surgery1568452019
Brian C Baker CTOrthopedic Surgery1891785002
Jennifer A Zoucha AZOrthopedic Surgery1023008273
Kenneth P Stack NCOrthopedic Surgery1346230489
Billie Jane Randolph VAOrthopedic Surgery1477543718
Meredith Pierce TXOrthopedic Surgery1457341612
Solomon Medrano Caddauan NYOrthopedic Surgery1992795173
Elizabeth Jean Canoni MAOrthopedic Surgery1689664898
Joseph Blasiole OHOrthopedic Surgery1265423321
Sonia Lynn Rich TXOrthopedic Surgery1689664732
Evan J Petersen SCOrthopedic Surgery1609867548
Brian David Justice NYOrthopedic Surgery1881685774
Nicole Heather Raney TXOrthopedic Surgery1376534107
Louise Sarofeen MAOrthopedic Surgery1255322889
Craig Steven Little CAOrthopedic Surgery1598756066
Daniel Gene Rendeiro MOOrthopedic Surgery1366433005
Gary A Webber MAOrthopedic Surgery1922099514
Jodi A Llacera Klein MAOrthopedic Surgery1033100656
Rebecca L Walima Allred MAOrthopedic Surgery1417948050
John Michael Ventura NYOrthopedic Surgery1386635142
Gary L Hall TNOrthopedic Surgery1811988686
Arlyn R Van Dyke CAOrthopedic Surgery1447241914
David Christopher Morrissey TXOrthopedic Surgery1326039710
Linda Ann King GAOrthopedic Surgery1790776201
Bruce Charles Linder MIOrthopedic Surgery1114918430
Lee N Marinko MAOrthopedic Surgery1295726487
Daniel Anthony Dyrek MAOrthopedic Surgery1730170937
Brian G Miller MIOrthopedic Surgery1700877917
Claudia L Miller OHOrthopedic Surgery1265423412
Kristine Briggs-connelly INOrthopedic Surgery1174504278
Beverly Jean Foster AROrthopedic Surgery1184605131
Michael Charles Gibbons OROrthopedic Surgery1659352441
Jeffrey Dean Emde MEOrthopedic Surgery1679554471
Scott Nelson Miller MEOrthopedic Surgery1790766780
David J. Rogers NYOrthopedic Surgery1467433367
Todd Stuart Cumming DEOrthopedic Surgery1518948355
Sargam Shah INOrthopedic Surgery1295716942
Paul Gregory Vidal NJOrthopedic Surgery1376524173
Steven Ray Elliott TXOrthopedic Surgery1487635058
Sarah Lynn Harrison MDOrthopedic Surgery1700867280
William Robert Bailey PAOrthopedic Surgery1144201658
Amy Jeanette Trevino WAOrthopedic Surgery1679554935
Richard James Jones AZOrthopedic Surgery1821079211
Leslie Kay Smith OROrthopedic Surgery1568444800
Natalie Brenda Lew WAOrthopedic Surgery1023090149
Paul Robert Pirruccello NVOrthopedic Surgery1598747644
Robert Carl Rinke WAOrthopedic Surgery1588646699
Brian Timothy Harcourt FLOrthopedic Surgery1558343459
Janet Dragonette OHOrthopedic Surgery1124000914
Linda Annette Johnson-kinser OHOrthopedic Surgery1518949395
Sitihiamphone Phetchamphone ILOrthopedic Surgery1821070525
Constance C. Hein ILOrthopedic Surgery1568444297
Rickie Lee Kinser OHOrthopedic Surgery1346222148
Gary Joseph Geissler MAOrthopedic Surgery1316929151
Rick A. Gross ILOrthopedic Surgery1689656316
Robert V. Olsen ILOrthopedic Surgery1659353399
Gil C Allen NYOrthopedic Surgery1013999812
Marshall Dickholtz ILOrthopedic Surgery1780666230
Bradley Dean Jordan Orthopedic Surgery1972585560
Michael Joseph Stare MAOrthopedic Surgery1083696579
Wayne Walter Moore WAOrthopedic Surgery1649252180
Brenda Robbins OHOrthopedic Surgery1518949189
Jeanne Marie Daubert CTOrthopedic Surgery1124000716
Jeannine Beaumont Laforce COOrthopedic Surgery1386626984
Stephanie M Lowery OHOrthopedic Surgery1437131034
Michelle Marie Fornadel OHOrthopedic Surgery1114909504
David Petersen FLOrthopedic Surgery1669454062
John D Lockenour FLOrthopedic Surgery1902889256
Andy Cox TXOrthopedic Surgery1548243868
Frank Lee Gargano OHOrthopedic Surgery1770566010
Jennifer Gross ILOrthopedic Surgery1578546818
Joe J Paterno OROrthopedic Surgery1356324560
Ronald J Aragona NHOrthopedic Surgery1194708321
Stephen R. Summey COOrthopedic Surgery1538142773
Jennifer Lynn Hartford OROrthopedic Surgery1447231238
Vanda Andelova FLOrthopedic Surgery1821087107
Helen B Present FLOrthopedic Surgery1972584985
Gina Elaine Vinz WIOrthopedic Surgery1851380687
Jimmie E. Edmonds TXOrthopedic Surgery1548250707
Timothy Michael Borden AZOrthopedic Surgery1801886056
Dennis Marrero Orthopedic Surgery1548242845
Jeromee Cameron Alexander TXOrthopedic Surgery1942298484
Alejandro T Mariano NYOrthopedic Surgery1609867944
Joshua Jon Stefanik RIOrthopedic Surgery1053394056
C. Owen Bateson CAOrthopedic Surgery1326021395
Venise Mule-glass NYOrthopedic Surgery1720061773
Jacquelyn Armena Hajinian NJOrthopedic Surgery1659354421
Christine Dragoo Baranick CAOrthopedic Surgery1922081710
Michael Stephen Laymon CAOrthopedic Surgery1861475550
Lawrence Segui Ramiscal NJOrthopedic Surgery1124001870
Mark Anthony Waldrop SCOrthopedic Surgery1689657264
Kent E Timm MIOrthopedic Surgery1285617852
Kirk D. Morrison INOrthopedic Surgery1447233044
Mindy L Blitzer NCOrthopedic Surgery1093798605
Demian Luis Gutierrez NCOrthopedic Surgery1235112756
Jerome Abbott Isear NCOrthopedic Surgery1548243074
Jaime Leigh Dutra Doppee OROrthopedic Surgery1003899592
Dianne Ruth Jackson NCOrthopedic Surgery1255314787
David R Riepe PAOrthopedic Surgery1093799348
James Joseph Cenova OROrthopedic Surgery1255315511
Richard John Waldron CAOrthopedic Surgery1962486464
Natalie R. Bloom ILOrthopedic Surgery1992789408
Jeremy C Phipps NCOrthopedic Surgery1457335879
Molly Dudick NCOrthopedic Surgery1326022716
Thomas Paul Montgomery OHOrthopedic Surgery1275517500
Paul E Ashby NCOrthopedic Surgery1770567141
Ronald Lee Greenawalt NVOrthopedic Surgery1891779302
Cheryl Sharpe Nickisch UTOrthopedic Surgery1386628733
Rayanne Hitzeman NCOrthopedic Surgery1942284351
Susan Kitchens Wolding NCOrthopedic Surgery1326022633
Rhonda Sue Maloney NCOrthopedic Surgery1568446680
John Lytle Colville NCOrthopedic Surgery1497739783
George O'neil Hebert NCOrthopedic Surgery1629052824
Alicia Marblo Mcmasters NCOrthopedic Surgery1699759811
Jason Arthur Mcdowell NCOrthopedic Surgery1295719425
Tim J. Foley OROrthopedic Surgery1255315362
David Scott Weed NCOrthopedic Surgery1245214527
Ronald Andrew Toth CAOrthopedic Surgery1851375059
Shane Lowell Koppenhaver VAOrthopedic Surgery1952385163
Thomas Frederic Quine NCOrthopedic Surgery1154305217
Jennifer Ann Frustace NYOrthopedic Surgery1265416275
Carol Myrtle Green NCOrthopedic Surgery1326022344
Juan Rosario PAOrthopedic Surgery1316921331
Kenneth W. Roberts OKOrthopedic Surgery1942284021
Joshua John Laughlin COOrthopedic Surgery1871577874
Ruth M Maher GAOrthopedic Surgery1891779765
Andrea J Noel-doubleday COOrthopedic Surgery1861476871
James P Moran COOrthopedic Surgery1609850585
Gloria Renee Winters COOrthopedic Surgery1518941491
Mark Edward Ramsey OHOrthopedic Surgery1245214121
Judi M Schack FLOrthopedic Surgery1982688875
Randal Jay Aldridge ALOrthopedic Surgery1598749376
Joe A. Ogle OKOrthopedic Surgery1659355493
Jason Keith Grimes CTOrthopedic Surgery1780668574


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