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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gregg R Beideman PAOrthopedic Surgery1457317323
Spine Rehabilitation And Reeducation Center Of North NCOrthopedic Surgery1568428340
Silvia Rebimbas PAOrthopedic Surgery1952367831
Amanda C. Kinley GAOrthopedic Surgery1528024395
Dale Edgell PAOrthopedic Surgery1487610242
Mark Edward Schade DCOrthopedic Surgery1568428241
Jessica Wendy Seaton CAOrthopedic Surgery1366408908
Dawn Theresa Gulick PAOrthopedic Surgery1689630220
Fredrik D Schmitz CAOrthopedic Surgery1982660551
Walter A Zaulyczny MAOrthopedic Surgery1669438255
Hopewell Physical Therapy Inc NJOrthopedic Surgery1881650224
Joseph W Ware PAOrthopedic Surgery1114983400
Amy Brand COOrthopedic Surgery1760448112
Michael R Egbert UTOrthopedic Surgery1578529921
Marisa C. Miller TNOrthopedic Surgery1134185440
John Thomas Mccarthy AZOrthopedic Surgery1619933959
Jason E Hyder FLOrthopedic Surgery1619933017
Christopher Olsen FLOrthopedic Surgery1649236886
James P Stanford CAOrthopedic Surgery1710943832
Kimberlee Renee Hammond WAOrthopedic Surgery1972569044
Kirk Elliot Parge IDOrthopedic Surgery1649237603
Mary S Stanford CAOrthopedic Surgery1396701355
Lynn M. Marchisen GAOrthopedic Surgery1124084108
Chu Hyon Soh COOrthopedic Surgery1114984101
Deborah K Loftus WIOrthopedic Surgery1902863988
Joseph Burrell Wagner FLOrthopedic Surgery1801853734
Joseph Martin Downes MAOrthopedic Surgery1497712301
Barbara Lynne Ketchum AROrthopedic Surgery1346207123
Holly Denise Calaway AROrthopedic Surgery1679530455
Brad Rupnow WIOrthopedic Surgery1629035332
Kevin Lee Laser NJOrthopedic Surgery1780641340
Michael David Bishop TXOrthopedic Surgery1023075629
Patrick Dustin Collier NJOrthopedic Surgery1730146333
Margaret Mary Hansen Orthopedic Surgery1891752499
Anthony Christopher Oliveri NYOrthopedic Surgery1295792810
Barabas Physical Therapy P.c. PAOrthopedic Surgery1730146234
Terrance T Fee HIOrthopedic Surgery1952368417
Linda L Zange ILOrthopedic Surgery1346207735
Andrea Ann Kribell SDOrthopedic Surgery1396702569
Mary C Adams-challenger TXOrthopedic Surgery1316904766
Matthew J Schrand AROrthopedic Surgery1417914649
Marc J Macdonald FLOrthopedic Surgery1720045966
Michelle Jolene Naylor AROrthopedic Surgery1164489308
Western Reserve Profess Orthopedic Surgery1356308407
Steven William Thompson CAOrthopedic Surgery1427016401
Linda L Rueschhoff MOOrthopedic Surgery1932166022
Miven B Donato OROrthopedic Surgery1255399325
Gary Darell Shields PAOrthopedic Surgery1447218565
Mark Gregory Calaway AROrthopedic Surgery1497713531
James Blake Wagner AROrthopedic Surgery1306804448
Jerry Eugene Hearns OROrthopedic Surgery1689632390
Christa Lynne Lotts IAOrthopedic Surgery1700844156
Barry Alan Lockhart OKOrthopedic Surgery1164480463
Susan M. Ramsey Orthopedic Surgery1548228950
Jeffrey John French FLOrthopedic Surgery1598723843
John Robert Motley MOOrthopedic Surgery1861450306
Janet K Garcia OHOrthopedic Surgery1194783795
Dale E Mull OHOrthopedic Surgery1417915059
Thomas Edward Medcalf GAOrthopedic Surgery1205894854
Timothy L Ainslie NJOrthopedic Surgery1124086657
Amy Forsyth Walsh ALOrthopedic Surgery1033167267
Samuel Steven Baker AZOrthopedic Surgery1598713539
Michael A Paglia PAOrthopedic Surgery1154379121
Robert G. Wagner PAOrthopedic Surgery1811945736
Timothy J Crunk SCOrthopedic Surgery1891743787
Miye Nakahara Fonseca WAOrthopedic Surgery1659329464
Spinalaid Center Of Illinois Sc ILOrthopedic Surgery1639128960
Kimberly Dawn Hinson TNOrthopedic Surgery1164470555
Elizabeth Brandriet OROrthopedic Surgery1740238161
William R Johnson GAOrthopedic Surgery1760430177
Deandre W. Caldwell DEOrthopedic Surgery1669420907
Mary Elizabeth Husband MNOrthopedic Surgery1598713109
Charles R. Clegg VAOrthopedic Surgery1457309700
David T. Robinson VAOrthopedic Surgery1043268303
Jeffrey Alan Waldron WAOrthopedic Surgery1396793667
Paul Edward Dougherty NYOrthopedic Surgery1356390678
John A Gergen MNOrthopedic Surgery1619926912
Christina Fisher CAOrthopedic Surgery1467401778
David Earl Parker NCOrthopedic Surgery1235188509
Endeavor Physical Therapy Inc Orthopedic Surgery1851340004
Robert Charles Filer PAOrthopedic Surgery1467401588
Stephen Beke, Jr. FLOrthopedic Surgery1871542951
Kirk Alex Price ILOrthopedic Surgery1013966050
Leanora Theresa Premeau COOrthopedic Surgery1043269988
Michael Todd Arneson MNOrthopedic Surgery1700835527
Jason Cromwell MNOrthopedic Surgery1033168869
Ruth S Backway AZOrthopedic Surgery1811946502
Lori Marie Serbousek WAOrthopedic Surgery1619926417
Scott Lawton Parson TNOrthopedic Surgery1689623456
Saundra J Perry NYOrthopedic Surgery1417906116
Glenn David Prettitore NJOrthopedic Surgery1083663926
Kelly B Jarvis UTOrthopedic Surgery1730138470
Jason A. Kemish CTOrthopedic Surgery1407805179
Innovative Physical Therapy Inc CAOrthopedic Surgery1821047580
Esther N Greenwald AZOrthopedic Surgery1740239441
Ann Kehm AZOrthopedic Surgery1710936422
Sherri Lea TNOrthopedic Surgery1932158433
Miguel Angel Lalama IDOrthopedic Surgery1235188616
Shelley Dale Johnston OROrthopedic Surgery1578513917
Mary Hanley FLOrthopedic Surgery1871543231
Marisa M Sica FLOrthopedic Surgery1558311704
Sheila Anne Northcutt CAOrthopedic Surgery1679523781
Douglas William Hoad ILOrthopedic Surgery1972553154
Craig W. Reeves COOrthopedic Surgery1457301376
Thomas Salvo MAOrthopedic Surgery1902856792
Mustafa H Sakerwalla TXOrthopedic Surgery1558311365
Samkutty Cyriac NYOrthopedic Surgery1104877422
Richard Paul Saporito CTOrthopedic Surgery1104877653
Julia Catherine Gorman DEOrthopedic Surgery1205887551
Douglas John Junge NEOrthopedic Surgery1174573620
Christopher Ramsey OROrthopedic Surgery1558311035
Benjamin Paul Dewaard NEOrthopedic Surgery1356392849
Lynn F Pelster NEOrthopedic Surgery1295786408
Adam W Stickley NCOrthopedic Surgery1407807597
Dennis Lee Banker WAOrthopedic Surgery1245281385
Krista Marie Olson MAOrthopedic Surgery1447201553
The Orthopaedic Clinic, P.c. Orthopedic Surgery1497706220
Sharon Denise Buerker NYOrthopedic Surgery1679524490
Karyn Campbell CAOrthopedic Surgery1255382271
Eric Bryan Schwartz FLOrthopedic Surgery1013968874
M M Johanna Deckert Orthopedic Surgery1174575765
Gregg A Ryman VAOrthopedic Surgery1972555266
Shelly Ann Koehler NEOrthopedic Surgery1205888740
Ramon Antonio Borrero Mc.cormick PROrthopedic Surgery1790737260
Matthew F Colucci NYOrthopedic Surgery1932151453
Vrinda Hatti PAOrthopedic Surgery1346292596
Jessie Day Thomas NVOrthopedic Surgery1336191832
Heidi L Mauch Orthopedic Surgery1902858558
Kathleen Klafta Orthopedic Surgery1992757546
Robina Streja NYOrthopedic Surgery1215989348
Julie Chita NJOrthopedic Surgery1225080294
Michael Andrew Glabman CAOrthopedic Surgery1134171234
Kathy Jane Johnson CAOrthopedic Surgery1902858772
Mark Thomas Medcalf Orthopedic Surgery1710939582
Janice Hall Orthopedic Surgery1790737567
Steve V Allison LAOrthopedic Surgery1447202486
David Michael Shumway Orthopedic Surgery1336191105
Edward J Grabinski PAOrthopedic Surgery1487606224
Robert F Denell NEOrthopedic Surgery1699728360
Rehabilitex, Inc. Orthopedic Surgery1790737534
Elba Garcia-plyman FLOrthopedic Surgery1962455600
Sherril S Kilpatrick NEOrthopedic Surgery1316990096
Scott Takeshi Nakamoto CAOrthopedic Surgery1538111562
Omar Alberto Garcia FLOrthopedic Surgery1043262702
Wayne Arthur Goffin FLOrthopedic Surgery1326090143
Gregory Benton Talley GAOrthopedic Surgery1083666739
Victor K Fitch INOrthopedic Surgery1366494031
Darren L Ferguson NEOrthopedic Surgery1598718694
Tara L Carlson NEOrthopedic Surgery1023061124
Patricia A. Collins CTOrthopedic Surgery1689627929
Patricia Ann Hutt COOrthopedic Surgery1376596437
Laurian C Sherman MEOrthopedic Surgery1295788750
Charles Dennison Curtis NJOrthopedic Surgery1083667547
John H Wear NEOrthopedic Surgery1538112834
Denise M Eldred CAOrthopedic Surgery1720031081
Jeffrey David Moyer AZOrthopedic Surgery1104879345
Liberty Physical Therapy, Pc ILOrthopedic Surgery1710930383
Marlaina Ortiz Iannotti FLOrthopedic Surgery1548213135
Pt Hawaii, Inc Orthopedic Surgery1598718181
Caroline S White MAOrthopedic Surgery1740233196
Stephen V Benson NEOrthopedic Surgery1215980305
Tamar Wyte CAOrthopedic Surgery1396799953
Choice Physical Therapy Of St Albans Llc Orthopedic Surgery1891749479
Danial A Neal AZOrthopedic Surgery1568415388
Carole Langlois NYOrthopedic Surgery1255384160
Deborah Ann Mangan NYOrthopedic Surgery1437102266
Crest Sports Trng Phyl Thpy NJOrthopedic Surgery1588618177
Michael Zachary Fine NYOrthopedic Surgery1528012267
Aaron W. Hertel PAOrthopedic Surgery1144274895
Robert L Conner ILOrthopedic Surgery1780644278
Fall River Physical Therapy Inc Orthopedic Surgery1316990591
Kristel V Maes NCOrthopedic Surgery1013969476
Randy Lee Brehmer MNOrthopedic Surgery1306806146
Patricia J Cort MNOrthopedic Surgery1619920568
Clegg Chiropractic P C VAOrthopedic Surgery1457319907
Tricia L. Faimon NEOrthopedic Surgery1922059138
Hector Antonio Melgar NYOrthopedic Surgery1407813702
Keesha Shankle MIOrthopedic Surgery1891163036
Deanna Lintag Mekata CAOrthopedic Surgery1144285362
Bradley D Eggebraaten SCOrthopedic Surgery1508821109
Ann Marie Day FLOrthopedic Surgery1871558601
Paul E Cholewa CTOrthopedic Surgery1760449797
Reena Sehgal NJOrthopedic Surgery1689628281
Crescent Physical Therapy P.c. NYOrthopedic Surgery1083667109
Courtney Fletcher NCOrthopedic Surgery1003228081
Donna Humphries Hasbrouck FLOrthopedic Surgery1922063130
Mark Robert Iannotti FLOrthopedic Surgery1386697852
Clayton Matthew Wilson WYOrthopedic Surgery1659331239
Anthony Signoretti Orthopedic Surgery1285684589
Preston Ward UTOrthopedic Surgery1164870218
Stephen Michael Kareha PAOrthopedic Surgery1740248681
Sports Medicine North Orthopedic Surgery1942659198
Matthew Sigler OHOrthopedic Surgery1083160451
Jill Alexandra Dorler TXOrthopedic Surgery1841258555
Center For Orthopedics, Inc. Orthopedic Surgery1225086473
Carol Ann Council CAOrthopedic Surgery1740239839
Ryan Thomas Girrbach MIOrthopedic Surgery1053361030
Joseph Leroy Shine LAOrthopedic Surgery1992761761
Richard A Hartmann ILOrthopedic Surgery1689631681
Lisa Gail Sallings AROrthopedic Surgery1841257615


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