Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael P Taylor 92024, CAOrthopedic Surgery1346243342
Ronald Dean Harman 94402, CAOrthopedic Surgery1720080021
Cheryl Denise Tibbetts 95066, CAOrthopedic Surgery1306841267
Jill Suzanne Mccormick 95073, CAOrthopedic Surgery1073517520
James William Herkimer 92867, CAOrthopedic Surgery1861498644
Hairston & Daley Physical Therapy, A Professional Corporation 92867, CAOrthopedic Surgery1154327922
John M Johnsrud 95610, CAOrthopedic Surgery1699772012
Geoffrey Michael Kandes 92120, CAOrthopedic Surgery1205833001
Shannon Arlon Burns 92780, CAOrthopedic Surgery1861490229
Arthur William Baudendistel 95608, CAOrthopedic Surgery1609874635
Philip David Eddy 91351, CAOrthopedic Surgery1891794749
Donald Richard Brophy 94509, CAOrthopedic Surgery1821098336
Kevin Kuwabara 92835, CAOrthopedic Surgery1386645067
Thomas Benedict Kim 92691, CAOrthopedic Surgery1710989496
Kristeen Davey Lester 92262, CAOrthopedic Surgery1063404879
Sergio E Martinez 94108, CAOrthopedic Surgery1548252117
Brett L Bishop 94535, CAOrthopedic Surgery1396737987
Donald L Hammon 94118, CAOrthopedic Surgery1245223031
Leonard E. Toon 91303, CAOrthopedic Surgery1306839154
D B Ferrero 95821, CAOrthopedic Surgery1225021447
Alia Hiroko Parvez 94025, CAOrthopedic Surgery1871053603
Karl J. Brunn 93637, CAOrthopedic Surgery1447243803
Margaret Emily Peterson 94939, CAOrthopedic Surgery1952395071
Mark Wardenburg 92612, CAOrthopedic Surgery1700870706
Chris Wendell 92780, CAOrthopedic Surgery1235123266
Kirsten Medeiros 92130, CAOrthopedic Surgery1851385694
David H. Mortensen 91214, CAOrthopedic Surgery1023002581
Garrett K Akahoshi 95014, CAOrthopedic Surgery1689669343
Cathryn Charette Dc A Chiropractic Corporation 95476, CAOrthopedic Surgery1487640876
Karen Jane Woodbeck 95008, CAOrthopedic Surgery1073500674
Cathy Ann Joseph 95050, CAOrthopedic Surgery1437146735
Irvine Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation A Medical Corporation 92612, CAOrthopedic Surgery1366436396
Michael Joseph Distefano 92154, CAOrthopedic Surgery1396732715
Ygnacio Valley Phys Therapy 94526, CAOrthopedic Surgery1528057072
Thomas Clifton Curry 95682, CAOrthopedic Surgery1477542835
Elsie Yang Lim 94065, CAOrthopedic Surgery1982693958
Steven Douglas Dreyer 92663, CAOrthopedic Surgery1528058492
Craig Steven Little 93230, CAOrthopedic Surgery1598756066
Arlyn R Van Dyke 94526, CAOrthopedic Surgery1447241914
Michael Charles Gibbons 97303, CAOrthopedic Surgery1659352441
Philip D Rake Chiropractic Inc 91020, CAOrthopedic Surgery1154303527
Joshua Jon Stefanik 94535, CAOrthopedic Surgery1053394056
C. Owen Bateson 96130, CAOrthopedic Surgery1326021395
Christine Dragoo Baranick 92886, CAOrthopedic Surgery1922081710
Michael Stephen Laymon 91702, CAOrthopedic Surgery1861475550
Richard John Waldron 94901, CAOrthopedic Surgery1962486464
Ronald Andrew Toth 92530, CAOrthopedic Surgery1851375059
Subrina V Linscomb 94535, CAOrthopedic Surgery1013991819
Mary Joann Nosek 92653, CAOrthopedic Surgery1174508253
Kelly Marie Stempe 95405, CAOrthopedic Surgery1679559363
William Henry Tussy 92011, CAOrthopedic Surgery1720064355
Madhura Borkar Nadkarni 94545, CAOrthopedic Surgery1235115817
Andrew Garrett Hughey 95405, CAOrthopedic Surgery1134105851
Guy Stephan Mohr 95405, CAOrthopedic Surgery1093791717
Michele Elizabeth Orton-wojcik 95405, CAOrthopedic Surgery1700862422
John Daniel Stithem 95405, CAOrthopedic Surgery1124004429
Robin Lynne Samay 95405, CAOrthopedic Surgery1144206442
Jeannette Elaine Grace 95405, CAOrthopedic Surgery1114903192
Diana June Osterhues 91606, CAOrthopedic Surgery1467439869
Alireza Bagherian 94118, CAOrthopedic Surgery1376520775
Bret Eugene Dewitt 95648, CAOrthopedic Surgery1447230214
Michael Daack 95667, CAOrthopedic Surgery1528038544
Robert Francis Bajorin 95827, CAOrthopedic Surgery1285612598
William Andrew Atkins 92028, CAOrthopedic Surgery1043294341
Christopher Daniel Tonini 93940, CAOrthopedic Surgery1184694721
Keith R Sanders 95014, CAOrthopedic Surgery1659342996
Paul L. Eddy 93003, CAOrthopedic Surgery1184695454
Kenneth Samuel Peyton 93940, CAOrthopedic Surgery1982675294
Paul Joseph Feuerborn 93003, CAOrthopedic Surgery1417928425
Kenneth W Burns 94070, CAOrthopedic Surgery1477524221
Angelika Voss-quinn 94550, CAOrthopedic Surgery1285605741
Danny Joe Hollingsworth 92135, CAOrthopedic Surgery1104897578
Brian Peter Quinn 94550, CAOrthopedic Surgery1730151192
Lesley Anne Koch 92647, CAOrthopedic Surgery1689646044
Paul K Schmidt 95841, CAOrthopedic Surgery1629040373
Steven Curtis Hickey 94566, CAOrthopedic Surgery1992778641
Monica Linda Nava 93030, CAOrthopedic Surgery1023082617
Jamie Lynnette Mason 93030, CAOrthopedic Surgery1598739898
Jody Beth Sherman 93030, CAOrthopedic Surgery1669446985
Deborah Smith 93003, CAOrthopedic Surgery1023082294
Linda Marie Watts-silva 93030, CAOrthopedic Surgery1003880287
Long T Le 94118, CAOrthopedic Surgery1730155342
Robert Limone 93463, CAOrthopedic Surgery1629045570
John Nisbet 94583, CAOrthopedic Surgery1831166495
Beth Jean Jacobson 91942, CAOrthopedic Surgery1578531836
Vivian Amirkhanian 90245, CAOrthopedic Surgery1417925728
David Crume 93720, CAOrthopedic Surgery1467421552
Dave Lynaeus Tan 92354, CAOrthopedic Surgery1932168655
Stephen Francis Fuzie 95603, CAOrthopedic Surgery1417916180
Troy Aguilera 92037, CAOrthopedic Surgery1245299817
Theodore Craig Moore 95603, CAOrthopedic Surgery1164481552
Kayla Smith 92054, CAOrthopedic Surgery1780644708
Warren R Womack 92054, CAOrthopedic Surgery1174583108
Melinda A Crisostomo 93003, CAOrthopedic Surgery1851361513
Kimberly Sue Dehn 95709, CAOrthopedic Surgery1942273024
Mark Alan Peterson 92083, CAOrthopedic Surgery1093775025
Margaret A. Cary 94583, CAOrthopedic Surgery1770550394
Janet Taylor Kowalchick 95762, CAOrthopedic Surgery1770542102
Blake Physical Therapy, Pc 90404, CAOrthopedic Surgery1750350476
Shoreline Physical Therapy, Inc. 92646, CAOrthopedic Surgery1760453229
Christina Michajlyszyn 96205, CAOrthopedic Surgery1609038777
Robert H Hickman 92021, CAOrthopedic Surgery1952363111
Kendall Alway 94110, CAOrthopedic Surgery1891758397
Lillian Chilgren Ortiz-switzer 95376, CAOrthopedic Surgery1568425759
Medcessity Inc. 90807, CAOrthopedic Surgery1598728479
Mary Lydia Engles 92110, CAOrthopedic Surgery1760447536
Jon C Kaufmann 90069, CAOrthopedic Surgery1871558650
Jessica Wendy Seaton 90025, CAOrthopedic Surgery1366408908
Fredrik D Schmitz 92278, CAOrthopedic Surgery1982660551
James P Stanford 92315, CAOrthopedic Surgery1710943832
Mary S Stanford 92315, CAOrthopedic Surgery1396701355
Steven William Thompson 94960, CAOrthopedic Surgery1427016401
Christina Fisher 90277, CAOrthopedic Surgery1467401778
Innovative Physical Therapy Inc 92108, CAOrthopedic Surgery1821047580
Sheila Anne Northcutt 92867, CAOrthopedic Surgery1679523781
Svetlana Rimmer 91355, CAOrthopedic Surgery1841240447
Karyn Campbell 90277, CAOrthopedic Surgery1255382271
M M Johanna Deckert 91361, CAOrthopedic Surgery1174575765
Heidi L Mauch 91361, CAOrthopedic Surgery1902858558
Kathleen Klafta 91361, CAOrthopedic Surgery1992757546
Michael Andrew Glabman 92646, CAOrthopedic Surgery1134171234
Kathy Jane Johnson 91362, CAOrthopedic Surgery1902858772
Mark Thomas Medcalf 91361, CAOrthopedic Surgery1710939582
Janice Hall 91361, CAOrthopedic Surgery1790737567
David Michael Shumway 91361, CAOrthopedic Surgery1336191105
Scott Takeshi Nakamoto 91745, CAOrthopedic Surgery1538111562
Erin Elizabeth Stump 91361, CAOrthopedic Surgery1316999170
Denise M Eldred 93940, CAOrthopedic Surgery1720031081
Tamar Wyte 90230, CAOrthopedic Surgery1396799953
Deanna Lintag Mekata 94086, CAOrthopedic Surgery1144285362
Carol Ann Council 90277, CAOrthopedic Surgery1740239839
Edward Kim 92503, CAOrthopedic Surgery1356394613
David Severson 95035, CAOrthopedic Surgery1902866874
Matthew S. Walzer 92014, CAOrthopedic Surgery1164472585
Olav Cabel 92395, CAOrthopedic Surgery1235184417
Michael John Jimenez 93710, CAOrthopedic Surgery1700831765
Cheryl Ann Lind 94945, CAOrthopedic Surgery1518914118
Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Inc. 91910, CAOrthopedic Surgery1982651535
Dinah D Feliciano 92054, CAOrthopedic Surgery1033166236
David Sidney Foster 91405, CAOrthopedic Surgery1831136712
Davis And Watson Physical Therapy Inc. 92705, CAOrthopedic Surgery1629015425
Tanya Leigh Macleod 90025, CAOrthopedic Surgery1447297262
Lance Crittenden Cummings 92116, CAOrthopedic Surgery1962449231
Anne C Clark 92648, CAOrthopedic Surgery1275571465
Darek Przebieda 91506, CAOrthopedic Surgery1376581066
Lynn Toshiko Kanda 92708, CAOrthopedic Surgery1104864701
Lisa Dian Paradiso 94945, CAOrthopedic Surgery1083653802
Aaron Michael Willis 90094, CAOrthopedic Surgery1003855776
Jennifer Lynn Hsieh 91710, CAOrthopedic Surgery1205875960
Paul David Newton 95682, CAOrthopedic Surgery1962442855
Peter Ziegler 90035, CAOrthopedic Surgery1326089418
Jose Manulete Feliciano 92010, CAOrthopedic Surgery1952342602
Daphne Dotterrer 92345, CAOrthopedic Surgery1780626085
Alan Naim 90277, CAOrthopedic Surgery1992748412
James E. Starnes 93644, CAOrthopedic Surgery1952344103
Paul Arthur Murdock 95129, CAOrthopedic Surgery1467495549
Linda W Shanks 95864, CAOrthopedic Surgery1356385207
Marilyn Staroba Johnson 92108, CAOrthopedic Surgery1073557708
Richard Keith Mahler 92108, CAOrthopedic Surgery1790729424
Jeremy Jason Klinkhamer 92108, CAOrthopedic Surgery1609810332
Susan Sullivan Rauenbuehler 94014, CAOrthopedic Surgery1821032806
Akins Aldous Physical Therapy 90401, CAOrthopedic Surgery1952346512
Shelley Kurose 95742, CAOrthopedic Surgery1992740658
Christa Hattich 94598, CAOrthopedic Surgery1669417275
Joann Seaver 94598, CAOrthopedic Surgery1255367462
Danielle Jones 91361, CAOrthopedic Surgery1831126879
Tracy Akins Aldous 92647, CAOrthopedic Surgery1538196415
Paige Elizabeth Graziano 94945, CAOrthopedic Surgery1972530723
Jaclynn Mcneill 94947, CAOrthopedic Surgery1053348805
Hrayr M. Sassounian 91203, CAOrthopedic Surgery1053348714
Custom P.t., A Physical Therapy Corp 91361, CAOrthopedic Surgery1639107626
David Arakawa 94598, CAOrthopedic Surgery1114955820
Una Stoddart 94598, CAOrthopedic Surgery1598793408
Eric Ingram 95060, CAOrthopedic Surgery1649209065
Lori Pirie 90277, CAOrthopedic Surgery1548299241
Denise De Garceau 90277, CAOrthopedic Surgery1083643795
Dave Randall Mull 90815, CAOrthopedic Surgery1154352714
Michael Joseph Martello 93950, CAOrthopedic Surgery1104857754
Howard Arthur Singer 91302, CAOrthopedic Surgery1164453635
Michael W. Roquemore 90505, CAOrthopedic Surgery1033140348
Bodywellness 90403, CAOrthopedic Surgery1649201682
Gary T. Weckbacher 91020, CAOrthopedic Surgery1487685574
Karen Ellen Guerin 92128, CAOrthopedic Surgery1235161050
Becky Louise Sheaffer-egan 95076, CAOrthopedic Surgery1639108459
Jennifer Paige Manetta 92660, CAOrthopedic Surgery1750324141
Tkl Industries 92660, CAOrthopedic Surgery1417995184
Diane Christopherson 92651, CAOrthopedic Surgery1164453460
Theresa M Tarcha 90266, CAOrthopedic Surgery1215968953
Carlo Wood 94304, CAOrthopedic Surgery1093754608
Jennifer Lynne Muir 92108, CAOrthopedic Surgery1982648614
Pt In Motion 92011, CAOrthopedic Surgery1992248348
Evan Ariel Walters 95945, CAOrthopedic Surgery1184114779
Brent Cambre 91307, CAOrthopedic Surgery1538654009
Diane Wing 90277, CAOrthopedic Surgery1255364147
Sonia Sandoval, Inc. 90210, CAOrthopedic Surgery1467484931
Folsom Physical Therapy And Training Center 95630, CAOrthopedic Surgery1497788202
Clifford James Leduc 95946, CAOrthopedic Surgery1902839467
Clifford Brian Lara 92037, CAOrthopedic Surgery1861426330
Stanley M Cusak 93720, CAOrthopedic Surgery1376577650
Mathew Alexander Snider 94086, CAOrthopedic Surgery1104851229


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