Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas Michael Sweeney 06067, CTOrthopedic Surgery1184627671
Suburban Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center, Llc 06067, CTOrthopedic Surgery1023011681
E.h. Kaufman Enterprizes 06511, CTOrthopedic Surgery1962404178
Katherine Jerin 06511, CTOrthopedic Surgery1326046095
Ausberto A Perez 06511, CTOrthopedic Surgery1356349021
Teri F Lavallee 06511, CTOrthopedic Surgery1316944101
Orthopedic Associates Of Hartford,pc 06106, CTOrthopedic Surgery1972500304
Michael W Dechello 06518, CTOrthopedic Surgery1659379329
Maria R Shanley 06518, CTOrthopedic Surgery1700883493
Maribeth Voytek 06518, CTOrthopedic Surgery1841299922
Lee Steven Kaplan 06776, CTOrthopedic Surgery1528069705
The Perfect Workout 06001, CTOrthopedic Surgery1891789608
Brian Patrick Batherson 06268, CTOrthopedic Surgery1235128968
Brian C Baker 06824, CTOrthopedic Surgery1891785002
National Athletic Health Care Alliance, P.c. 06612, CTOrthopedic Surgery1861483661
Jeanne Marie Daubert 06019, CTOrthopedic Surgery1124000716
Jason Keith Grimes 06795, CTOrthopedic Surgery1780668574
Christopher Robert Chase 06119, CTOrthopedic Surgery1407835622
John D Bianchini 06712, CTOrthopedic Surgery1073585386
Jennifer Anne Robbins 06831, CTOrthopedic Surgery1265401293
Paul Edmund Higgins 06117, CTOrthopedic Surgery1316907561
Tara L. Collins 06605, CTOrthopedic Surgery1184696916
Steven Saverio Melchionno 06902, CTOrthopedic Surgery1659334035
Matthew J Dumas 06260, CTOrthopedic Surgery1063476273
Thomas F Harney 06260, CTOrthopedic Surgery1073577813
Paul B Dinwoodie 06260, CTOrthopedic Surgery1548225949
Jason A. Kemish 06067, CTOrthopedic Surgery1407805179
Richard Paul Saporito 06010, CTOrthopedic Surgery1104877653
Patricia A. Collins 06606, CTOrthopedic Surgery1689627929
Paul E Cholewa 06111, CTOrthopedic Surgery1760449797
Carol Hahn 06098, CTOrthopedic Surgery1053374348
Paul Sherman Bauer 06437, CTOrthopedic Surgery1245285386
Mark Allen Sullivan 06078, CTOrthopedic Surgery1306874227
Jennifer Lee Iannucci 06606, CTOrthopedic Surgery1831128834
Herb Stevenson 06074, CTOrthopedic Surgery1356374979
Laura Katherine Leifert 06024, CTOrthopedic Surgery1518991579
Lynn Macisaac 06851, CTOrthopedic Surgery1144241415
Quality Physical Therapy Llc 06032, CTOrthopedic Surgery1841214319
Kirsten Adair Albrecht 06410, CTOrthopedic Surgery1821005208
Deborah H. Ryan 06790, CTOrthopedic Surgery1063420743
Joanne C Raspanti 06790, CTOrthopedic Surgery1255340980
Chris Topher J Matan 06001, CTOrthopedic Surgery1598776940
Philip Joseph Brucella 06457, CTOrthopedic Surgery1508877796
Robyn L Stelmak 06457, CTOrthopedic Surgery1821009010
Richard A Sennett 06095, CTOrthopedic Surgery1144233834
Middlesex Orthopedic Surgeons Pc 06457, CTOrthopedic Surgery1558474742
Laurie M Gelderman 06824, CTOrthopedic Surgery1669493938
Carrie A Tracy 06477, CTOrthopedic Surgery1801816939
Robert Christopher Strittmatter 06776, CTOrthopedic Surgery1548370257
Gail M. Hendsey 06095, CTOrthopedic Surgery1013029545
Kevin Raymond Bellows 06611, CTOrthopedic Surgery1952412751
Thomas Anthony George 06880, CTOrthopedic Surgery1497858633
Roberts Physical And Aquatic Therapy, Llc 06475, CTOrthopedic Surgery1689775504
Jacqueline Renee Ruzga 06825, CTOrthopedic Surgery1043302763
Jeffrey R. Heintz 06108, CTOrthopedic Surgery1013000322
Thomas Charles Roballey 06468, CTOrthopedic Surgery1285727313
Edward Geddis 06776, CTOrthopedic Surgery1750470027
Matthew Maler 06478, CTOrthopedic Surgery1245310994
Chapin & Havlicek Physical Therapy, Llc 06519, CTOrthopedic Surgery1679653281
Peter Zilahy 06795, CTOrthopedic Surgery1730269317
Chapin & Havlicek Physical Therapy, Llc 06405, CTOrthopedic Surgery1821178443
Edward A Dessau 06484, CTOrthopedic Surgery1114008521
Bruce Alan Langevin 06043, CTOrthopedic Surgery1992888531
Andreas Georgiou 06811, CTOrthopedic Surgery1851470546
New England Physical Therapy, Llc 06010, CTOrthopedic Surgery1487723904
M Louise Ruinen 06798, CTOrthopedic Surgery1295805307
Jane Thompson Reinsch 06002, CTOrthopedic Surgery1689785164
Anb ptsma Holdings, Inc. 06107, CTOrthopedic Surgery1659453371
Lorraine M Diaz 06484, CTOrthopedic Surgery1528148244
Wilton Physical Therapy, Llc 06897, CTOrthopedic Surgery1336225036
Chelsea Fenton 06795, CTOrthopedic Surgery1689146755
Alberto Franceschini 06484, CTOrthopedic Surgery1891875530
Steven Wayne Shaw 06051, CTOrthopedic Surgery1184796484
Steven Leonti 06511, CTOrthopedic Surgery1013080373
Michael L Yoel 06105, CTOrthopedic Surgery1063585362
Matthew Franklin Stranko 06111, CTOrthopedic Surgery1942376819
Christopher Dipasquale 06415, CTOrthopedic Surgery1497822639
Janet Mk Gangaway 06117, CTOrthopedic Surgery1689741746
Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Inc 06415, CTOrthopedic Surgery1225105448
Jason R Jenkins 06460, CTOrthopedic Surgery1619034733
Ushus Therapy Services Llc 06410, CTOrthopedic Surgery1801935937
Omni Physical & Aquatic Therapy Center, Inc 06492, CTOrthopedic Surgery1861537995
Robert J Mastrianni 06492, CTOrthopedic Surgery1255476313
John Van Koetsveld 06052, CTOrthopedic Surgery1770611063
Fredy Alexander Duque 06825, CTOrthopedic Surgery1770614257
Edmond Francis Cardinal 06355, CTOrthopedic Surgery1013049717
Susan G. Mccoll 06438, CTOrthopedic Surgery1477686525
Timothy Scott Pepin 06492, CTOrthopedic Surgery1104950534
Curt Glenn Riebeling 06470, CTOrthopedic Surgery1417081928
Dziura Chiropractic Pc 06405, CTOrthopedic Surgery1962520296
Richard F Murray 06810, CTOrthopedic Surgery1841317997
Anna Maria Marotti 06850, CTOrthopedic Surgery1649399213
Marcia Starr-helfand 06850, CTOrthopedic Surgery1114047826
Vincent M Buonanno 06831, CTOrthopedic Surgery1033239397
Gina L Donato 06798, CTOrthopedic Surgery1740404755
Sharon Patricia Andruskiwec 06824, CTOrthopedic Surgery1669696803
Physical Therapy & Pilates Restoration Llc 06410, CTOrthopedic Surgery1932325388
Owens Chiropractic Physicians, P.c. 06107, CTOrthopedic Surgery1871710145
Jennifer Pagnamenta 06798, CTOrthopedic Surgery1609093731
Arthur L Romano 06850, CTOrthopedic Surgery1629274469
Sara Romano 06850, CTOrthopedic Surgery1467658336
Lenore Shapiro 06471, CTOrthopedic Surgery1225235088
Westport Physical Therapy Pc 06880, CTOrthopedic Surgery1902003650
Rpt, Inc 06851, CTOrthopedic Surgery1821295726
Cornerstone Physical Therapy, Llc 06798, CTOrthopedic Surgery1609074848
Nancy Reeve Yannopoulos 06089, CTOrthopedic Surgery1124226485
Pankaj Chidwal 06810, CTOrthopedic Surgery1942493069
Health & Rehabilitation Partnership, Llc 06850, CTOrthopedic Surgery1205025798
Michele Saunders 06776, CTOrthopedic Surgery1992980775
Abigail J Smith 06880, CTOrthopedic Surgery1881879104
Brian M Mccauley 06790, CTOrthopedic Surgery1831374016
Usha R. Kanithi 06410, CTOrthopedic Surgery1659542900
Glastonbury Physical Therapy, Llc 06033, CTOrthopedic Surgery1598938052
Heather M Mcdonnell 06492, CTOrthopedic Surgery1396919304
Zilahy Chiropractic Office Inc. 06795, CTOrthopedic Surgery1932367497
Amy M. O'donnell,dabco,llc 06807, CTOrthopedic Surgery1437318698
Touchpoint Physical Therapy, Llc 06443, CTOrthopedic Surgery1255592820
Jarred Anthony Parker 06062, CTOrthopedic Surgery1013172857
Kevin Pratt 06250, CTOrthopedic Surgery1386815843
Santhoshini Hiremagalur Ranganathan 06820, CTOrthopedic Surgery1497943187
North Colony Chiropractic 06492, CTOrthopedic Surgery1043469018
Sarah Maria Johnson 06518, CTOrthopedic Surgery1134360407
Sally Muramatsu-moffat 06518, CTOrthopedic Surgery1497996698
Margret Zajac Baker 06460, CTOrthopedic Surgery1285875419
Bishops Corner Physical Therapy 06117, CTOrthopedic Surgery1679715239
Michael T Sebastian 06851, CTOrthopedic Surgery1841433679
Maria Isabel Wainman 06010, CTOrthopedic Surgery1215167705
Keith Sobkowiak 06010, CTOrthopedic Surgery1376876920
Barbara Joyce Coe 06457, CTOrthopedic Surgery1578897880
Whitneyville Physical Therapy Partners 06517, CTOrthopedic Surgery1588999577
Megan D Lapierre 06254, CTOrthopedic Surgery1649505454
Lindsey Ertel 06492, CTOrthopedic Surgery1184943813
Aaron J Clark 06067, CTOrthopedic Surgery1457670085
Ralph Laudano Mauriello 06473, CTOrthopedic Surgery1598073348
Synergy Rehabilitation Llc 06473, CTOrthopedic Surgery1083922470
Colleen Bonadies 06269, CTOrthopedic Surgery1053614818
Suzette Mantaring-harris 06870, CTOrthopedic Surgery1750684585
Victoria I. Silverstein 06830, CTOrthopedic Surgery1427355098
Live Every Day Llc 06078, CTOrthopedic Surgery1194023879
Aaron Josef Bujdos 06254, CTOrthopedic Surgery1740573278
4x4 Fitness, Llc 06111, CTOrthopedic Surgery1003195702
Connecticut Orthopedic Rehabilitaton Associates Llc 06052, CTOrthopedic Surgery1497023949
Shaw Chiropractic Group Llc 06052, CTOrthopedic Surgery1144598699
Noah Stephen Citsay 06890, CTOrthopedic Surgery1558347740
F. Michael Joseph 06489, CTOrthopedic Surgery1073744165
Brian P Batherson 06268, CTOrthopedic Surgery1699063065
Maria-elena Elena Mouser 06103, CTOrthopedic Surgery1619241676
Claudia Patricia Herrera 06513, CTOrthopedic Surgery1851540405
Laura Scibelli 06082, CTOrthopedic Surgery1285164293
Krista Fiorentino Nolan 06518, CTOrthopedic Surgery1558590349
Susanne Prisco 06518, CTOrthopedic Surgery1407097785
Windsor Physical Therapy 06095, CTOrthopedic Surgery1396002184
Laura Ann Strassguetl 06704, CTOrthopedic Surgery1912262155
Kelly Nicole Evanovich 06492, CTOrthopedic Surgery1114274313
Jennifer Crane 06825, CTOrthopedic Surgery1639427115
Nadia Van Diepen 06825, CTOrthopedic Surgery1619225018
Bryan M Mehigen 06067, CTOrthopedic Surgery1053661785
Tara C Gibson 06870, CTOrthopedic Surgery1982954038
Body Flex Physical Therapy Llc 06480, CTOrthopedic Surgery1598009177
Cwc Hartford Llc 06183, CTOrthopedic Surgery1023350014
Downs Chiropractic, Llc 06790, CTOrthopedic Surgery1023454956
Jeanette Schultz 06708, CTOrthopedic Surgery1851733026
Sudowski Management Services Llc 06385, CTOrthopedic Surgery1033542204
Helen Theresa Sweeney 06067, CTOrthopedic Surgery1932530185
Allan Jack Bronstein 06905, CTOrthopedic Surgery1942613476
Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists, Pc 06518, CTOrthopedic Surgery1902211154
Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists, Pc 06511, CTOrthopedic Surgery1073929311
Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists, Pc 06518, CTOrthopedic Surgery1356757686
Kyle J. Dorosh 06067, CTOrthopedic Surgery1821498932
Tiffany Sudol 06870, CTOrthopedic Surgery1497145536
Shanya Stearns 06019, CTOrthopedic Surgery1578954459
Christopher Peter Norval 06105, CTOrthopedic Surgery1174750806
Laura Berndt 06492, CTOrthopedic Surgery1528434867
Physical Therapy Arts Llc 06812, CTOrthopedic Surgery1588051510
Hyun S Kim 06604, CTOrthopedic Surgery1144617242
David A Carleton 06824, CTOrthopedic Surgery1104802818
Lois Mccutcheon 06450, CTOrthopedic Surgery1518984723
Todd Michael Roberts 06475, CTOrthopedic Surgery1982714796
Jeremy Vigneault 06269, CTOrthopedic Surgery1790885986
Carol Kelleher 06095, CTOrthopedic Surgery1295801801
Julie E Ehrlich 10023, CTOrthopedic Surgery1881070555
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc 06067, CTOrthopedic Surgery1831594829
Core Balance Physical Therapy, Llc 06907, CTOrthopedic Surgery1093115404
Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists, Pc 06518, CTOrthopedic Surgery1770995698
Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists, Pc 06405, CTOrthopedic Surgery1851704340
Alyson Paliwoda 06705, CTOrthopedic Surgery1003165853
Marc Anthony Feda 06776, CTOrthopedic Surgery1225341159
Kurtis Lillie 06001, CTOrthopedic Surgery1336404847
Sarah Rachel Hnath 06611, CTOrthopedic Surgery1821344672
Mahmoud Elkalyobi 06810, CTOrthopedic Surgery1326437013
Francesca Biasucci 06254, CTOrthopedic Surgery1114116746
Danielle Zemienieski 06405, CTOrthopedic Surgery1114251519
Cameron Joseph Vigliotti 06820, CTOrthopedic Surgery1952693764
Michael James Staropoli 06880, CTOrthopedic Surgery1730440736
Brianna Butcher 06002, CTOrthopedic Surgery1124571989
Resolution Wellness 06830, CTOrthopedic Surgery1639628233
Hands On Therapy Center Llc 06001, CTOrthopedic Surgery1932601523
Alexander W Bernard 06040, CTOrthopedic Surgery1255858593
Nicholas A Bessette 06457, CTOrthopedic Surgery1093227902
Michael Anthony Smolewski 10036, CTOrthopedic Surgery1144733593


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