Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Delaware

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Delaware:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Todd Stuart Cumming 19709, DEOrthopedic Surgery1518948355
George T Edelman 19901, DEOrthopedic Surgery1437138625
David Pyne 19958, DEOrthopedic Surgery1013988419
Brown & Associates Sports & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, P.a. 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1659334746
Richard Hayward 19958, DEOrthopedic Surgery1184687238
Carol Sheats 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1578526646
Dorothy Brown 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1386607059
Glenn Brown 19901, DEOrthopedic Surgery1114980877
Jennifer Ferguson Divita 19901, DEOrthopedic Surgery1043273717
Kristina Ann Hollstein 19713, DEOrthopedic Surgery1316901804
Stacy M Trice 19810, DEOrthopedic Surgery1871557702
Deandre W. Caldwell 19977, DEOrthopedic Surgery1669420907
Julia Catherine Gorman 19901, DEOrthopedic Surgery1205887551
Peter Clarke Glover 21902, DEOrthopedic Surgery1740234731
William Holland 19702, DEOrthopedic Surgery1215982418
Robert Brooke Stryker 19805, DEOrthopedic Surgery1235178195
Lisa Ward Cirillo 19709, DEOrthopedic Surgery1366485773
Suzanna Aguilar 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1265478283
Jill Miller 19901, DEOrthopedic Surgery1871539635
Aaron Joesph Cooke 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1437182672
Ellen Hassert Levine 19808, DEOrthopedic Surgery1477565307
Joseph George Irwin 19703, DEOrthopedic Surgery1235243304
James L Poston 19802, DEOrthopedic Surgery1457456154
Lance Lee Gardner 21911, DEOrthopedic Surgery1710088141
Dominique Renee Dushuttle 19970, DEOrthopedic Surgery1538260302
Daniel L Rosman 21911, DEOrthopedic Surgery1952490849
Elite Pt Llc 19087, DEOrthopedic Surgery1891244844
Dwayne Joseph Platzke 19973, DEOrthopedic Surgery1821199324
Raymond Facciolo 19897, DEOrthopedic Surgery1619452745
Susan L Pender 19958, DEOrthopedic Surgery1881789246
Edelman Spine & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, Llc 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1831261700
John C Gose 19380, DEOrthopedic Surgery1639224520
Christopher S Bethard 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1366573933
All Therapy 19709, DEOrthopedic Surgery1134263122
Jackie B Cannon 19939, DEOrthopedic Surgery1770628067
Florek And Associates Physical Therapy, Llc 19973, DEOrthopedic Surgery1568666758
Kim M Lewis 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1164609004
Mark C Hedetniemi 19966, DEOrthopedic Surgery1780841866
Aisha Lord 19709, DEOrthopedic Surgery1982896718
Lindsey Elizabeth Beauchamp 21811, DEOrthopedic Surgery1770723140
Elite Pt Llc 21093, DEOrthopedic Surgery1346556826
Ryan D Birch 01945, DEOrthopedic Surgery1225322241
Christine Yurcik-dominick 21017, DEOrthopedic Surgery1417225723
Elite Pt Llc 19707, DEOrthopedic Surgery1063787737
Eric Vincent Skocik 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1649414814
Mimi Renee Skocik 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1225277437
Better Life Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1316187818
Amanda Marie Pender 19958, DEOrthopedic Surgery1821227265
Rachel Leigh Silowka 19901, DEOrthopedic Surgery1689811283
Joseph G. Irwin, Dc, Pa/pc 19809, DEOrthopedic Surgery1144551177
Kara Anne Voss 19958, DEOrthopedic Surgery1073038014
Elite Pt Llc 19807, DEOrthopedic Surgery1811482599
Phyllis Sherman 19805, DEOrthopedic Surgery1629407846
Kirkwood Pain & Injury Chiropractic Center 19963, DEOrthopedic Surgery1508262593
Carey Elizabeth Murray 19958, DEOrthopedic Surgery1710376868
Jill Cavalcanti 19901, DEOrthopedic Surgery1033580600
Erin Cox 19958, DEOrthopedic Surgery1073986469
Mary Mundrane 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1932163672
Linda Eileen Davis 19904, DEOrthopedic Surgery1629098827
Michael Walsh 19901, DEOrthopedic Surgery1962599258
Norma Collins 19958, DEOrthopedic Surgery1912354457
Matthew Higley 19803, DEOrthopedic Surgery1255755112
Kelly J Slothower 19004, DEOrthopedic Surgery1669672184
Elite Pt Llc 19087, DEOrthopedic Surgery1811419864
Charles Erney 19701, DEOrthopedic Surgery1205374642
Elanna Kitsios Arhos 19713, DEOrthopedic Surgery1467937631
Bryan Peden 19958, DEOrthopedic Surgery1790123032
James Benjamin Johnson 19958, DEOrthopedic Surgery1457918856


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