Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Todd Douglas Bottenfield 34224, FLOrthopedic Surgery1053314914
Activa, Lc 33024, FLOrthopedic Surgery1245234848
Ann M Gowski 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1295730091
Alexander M. Matz, R.p.t., P.a. 33140, FLOrthopedic Surgery1528065299
Miri Ingwer 33431, FLOrthopedic Surgery1447257357
Darrel Thomas Mathis 32025, FLOrthopedic Surgery1679571822
Jessica Lynn Kirchner 33928, FLOrthopedic Surgery1144228990
Kristen M. Harris 33707, FLOrthopedic Surgery1164416004
Robert Lloyd Taylor 32542, FLOrthopedic Surgery1821082363
Forged Performance And Rehab Llc 32940, FLOrthopedic Surgery1326504614
Erika Albertini 33326, FLOrthopedic Surgery1992790257
Musculoskeletal Institute Chartered 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1386639920
Patrick T Dennis 33406, FLOrthopedic Surgery1821086430
Pamela E Dimuccio 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1902895717
Paul J Lopes 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1104815711
Jole Ann Lund-coakley 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1184613481
Andree Akst 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1134118409
Vanda Andelova 33549, FLOrthopedic Surgery1821087107
Charles Cline 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1295724599
Lori J Amaden 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1740279090
Timothy P Gill 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1093704090
Matthew D Blevins 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1134119076
Gavin L Hawken 33625, FLOrthopedic Surgery1720078363
Cynthia Goode 33629, FLOrthopedic Surgery1164412805
David Newman 33613, FLOrthopedic Surgery1508856261
Rhonda Rae Rosencranz 34601, FLOrthopedic Surgery1720078496
Arthi Sainath 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1609866375
Gina Tice 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1316937907
Helen B Present 33805, FLOrthopedic Surgery1972584985
Brian Timothy Harcourt 33907, FLOrthopedic Surgery1558343459
David Petersen 33411, FLOrthopedic Surgery1669454062
John D Lockenour 32128, FLOrthopedic Surgery1902889256
Judi M Schack 32817, FLOrthopedic Surgery1982688875
Kidworks Therapy Of Florida, Inc. 33701, FLOrthopedic Surgery1952387367
Jay K Rigsbee 32542, FLOrthopedic Surgery1801872247
Kenneth Rolland Reinhart 33704, FLOrthopedic Surgery1194703322
Alvin Jenkins 34236, FLOrthopedic Surgery1942288196
Southeast Health And Rehabilitation Centers, Inc 33068, FLOrthopedic Surgery1225018625
Mary Alice Mc Fad Martinie 33919, FLOrthopedic Surgery1598736688
Donald Mcgregor Teahan 34209, FLOrthopedic Surgery1629040977
Michael Lee Bailey 32228, FLOrthopedic Surgery1083686521
Paul M Lombardi 32922, FLOrthopedic Surgery1639143118
Jose Antolin Dominguez 32214, FLOrthopedic Surgery1053385559
Kim Ha Thi Nguyen 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1912971870
Cristina Pando 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1467427187
Ramirez Therapy Services Pa 32401, FLOrthopedic Surgery1861469710
Robert A Ville 32952, FLOrthopedic Surgery1811964414
Sports And Orthopedic Center, Pa 33431, FLOrthopedic Surgery1447753942
Melanie Rowell 32806, FLOrthopedic Surgery1033570213
Robert Paul Rouleau 33813, FLOrthopedic Surgery1417925785
Kelly M Reed 33711, FLOrthopedic Surgery1649248832
West Coast Wellness Of Sarasota Llc 34233, FLOrthopedic Surgery1730643727
Heather Flores 33330, FLOrthopedic Surgery1568422384
Orthopedic Sports & Rehabilitation Center 33330, FLOrthopedic Surgery1659331544
Eric Paul Specht 32804, FLOrthopedic Surgery1356301030
John Joseph Brant 34982, FLOrthopedic Surgery1164483715
Tara L Schwartz 33760, FLOrthopedic Surgery1972565190
Ann Marie Day 33544, FLOrthopedic Surgery1871558601
Healthy Image Physical Therapy Inc 33770, FLOrthopedic Surgery1053376608
John R Bromfield 33437, FLOrthopedic Surgery1538124003
Christopher P Chaprnka 33437, FLOrthopedic Surgery1205891777
Donna Humphries Hasbrouck 33461, FLOrthopedic Surgery1922063130
Tara L Casal 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1689630980
Jason E Hyder 32937, FLOrthopedic Surgery1619933017
Raymond George Nietzold 33756, FLOrthopedic Surgery1902862352
Christopher Olsen 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1649236886
Joseph Burrell Wagner 32114, FLOrthopedic Surgery1801853734
Marc J Macdonald 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1720045966
Jeffrey John French 34209, FLOrthopedic Surgery1598723843
Endeavor Physical Therapy Inc 34470, FLOrthopedic Surgery1851340004
Stephen Beke, Jr. 33765, FLOrthopedic Surgery1871542951
La Scala Rehabilitation Inc 33155, FLOrthopedic Surgery1154370831
Miguel Angel Lalama 33134, FLOrthopedic Surgery1235188616
Mary Hanley 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1871543231
Anthony Signoretti 34429, FLOrthopedic Surgery1285684589
Marisa M Sica 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1558311704
Maria Esther Thompson 33606, FLOrthopedic Surgery1952351058
Progressive Physical Therapy Service Inc. 33948, FLOrthopedic Surgery1043261233
Eric Bryan Schwartz 34223, FLOrthopedic Surgery1013968874
Elba Garcia-plyman 33952, FLOrthopedic Surgery1962455600
Omar Alberto Garcia 33948, FLOrthopedic Surgery1043262702
Wayne Arthur Goffin 33948, FLOrthopedic Surgery1326090143
Mark Robert Iannotti 34285, FLOrthopedic Surgery1386697852
Marlaina Ortiz Iannotti 33948, FLOrthopedic Surgery1548213135
Jordan Valerie Keen 34452, FLOrthopedic Surgery1154374924
Eric Shamus 33328, FLOrthopedic Surgery1780638023
Panhandle Orthopaedics Llc 32539, FLOrthopedic Surgery1902850258
Leo B Ramin 32440, FLOrthopedic Surgery1255385167
Physiotherapy Works, Llc 32792, FLOrthopedic Surgery1659318293
Andrew Nelson Brice 32696, FLOrthopedic Surgery1740229160
Carol Honig 33435, FLOrthopedic Surgery1114966991
Nicole Marcelli 32137, FLOrthopedic Surgery1336189216
Physical Therapy Specialists, Llc 32137, FLOrthopedic Surgery1699715599
Warren Clark Hersey 33612, FLOrthopedic Surgery1487696829
Mary Fox 33756, FLOrthopedic Surgery1750746798
Benjamin Scott Rawitt 32086, FLOrthopedic Surgery1275576456
John Peter Christensen 33407, FLOrthopedic Surgery1801839139
Ryan Leo Hemelt 32086, FLOrthopedic Surgery1891739702
Jethro Art Hernandez Gatdula 33162, FLOrthopedic Surgery1861436131
Steven Elton 34210, FLOrthopedic Surgery1083650360
Erik A Bleeker 33435, FLOrthopedic Surgery1043246606
John Andrew D'amico 33125, FLOrthopedic Surgery1083641211
Steven Mathias Willis 32308, FLOrthopedic Surgery1275561623
Mark T Machuga 34761, FLOrthopedic Surgery1437187721
Tamara Lynn Sollazzo 33612, FLOrthopedic Surgery1285662767
John Timothy Hoehn 32607, FLOrthopedic Surgery1184656043
Joshua James Sperry 33511, FLOrthopedic Surgery1881627412
Ted I Ellquist 33703, FLOrthopedic Surgery1770516734
Johnathan Livingston Wagner 32114, FLOrthopedic Surgery1881628220
Abraham T Markose 34684, FLOrthopedic Surgery1285668533
David James Whitfield 32456, FLOrthopedic Surgery1356369748
Edward William Hoglund 32953, FLOrthopedic Surgery1063431955
Mark Allen Ward 32608, FLOrthopedic Surgery1124048293
Shari Herschenhorn 33486, FLOrthopedic Surgery1033130489
Cecilia Liliana Orazi 33136, FLOrthopedic Surgery1427070572
Jose Martinez 33173, FLOrthopedic Surgery1811477649
Justin Lonn Spooner 34984, FLOrthopedic Surgery1134134836
Fulvia Vlieg Barrera 33176, FLOrthopedic Surgery1699780189
James C Antos 32114, FLOrthopedic Surgery1407863988
Jacqueline Jerrems Cook 32561, FLOrthopedic Surgery1902327638
Cynthia Gail Knight-palazzo 33844, FLOrthopedic Surgery1407865421
Mitchell Anthony Womack 32905, FLOrthopedic Surgery1174534218
Patrick Johnny Opachich 32210, FLOrthopedic Surgery1366453375
Kristine M Hanks 24348, FLOrthopedic Surgery1376556662
Richard P Mancini 33136, FLOrthopedic Surgery1275546525
Kathleen Lormil 34787, FLOrthopedic Surgery1568575546
Valerie Jo Francois 34667, FLOrthopedic Surgery1336254952
Burke Collins Therapy, Inc 33511, FLOrthopedic Surgery1730295734
Douglas Altman 34108, FLOrthopedic Surgery1134236946
Monica Jean Michalski 33410, FLOrthopedic Surgery1689782138
Holistic Therapeutics 32607, FLOrthopedic Surgery1205944501
Suzanne Sanders Inman 33408, FLOrthopedic Surgery1093823882
Susan Carol Joseph 32779, FLOrthopedic Surgery1972612851
Michelle Lynn Applegate 32779, FLOrthopedic Surgery1740399625
Daniel H Best 32779, FLOrthopedic Surgery1437268315
Edward F Lacy 34470, FLOrthopedic Surgery1295845774
Shannon Bogle 33629, FLOrthopedic Surgery1851401582
Roger C Ledlow Dc Pa 32308, FLOrthopedic Surgery1548370281
Brett Richard Jorgenson 32082, FLOrthopedic Surgery1871695585
Armin Loges 33607, FLOrthopedic Surgery1790888949
Matthew N Butler 33431, FLOrthopedic Surgery1285739185
Rishma Neiman 34761, FLOrthopedic Surgery1902902935
Stephanie M Bridwell 33579, FLOrthopedic Surgery1649376690
Michael D Fittin 34684, FLOrthopedic Surgery1811094063
John Joseph Lumpkin 34684, FLOrthopedic Surgery1497852560
Longwood Rehabilitative Services Inc 32779, FLOrthopedic Surgery1194824870
Lori P. Criswell 34102, FLOrthopedic Surgery1346349057
Randall Walter Grossglass 33511, FLOrthopedic Surgery1033217054
Performance Physical Therapy Inc 32086, FLOrthopedic Surgery1871694919
Donna B Neale 34237, FLOrthopedic Surgery1669563441
Sommer C Hall 32256, FLOrthopedic Surgery1265524037
Ceda Orthopedics Group, Llc. 33126, FLOrthopedic Surgery1346737749
Kristin Michelle Angelopoulou 32765, FLOrthopedic Surgery1851485841
Florida Center For Orthopaedic Inc 34761, FLOrthopedic Surgery1740375765
West Florida Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Inc. 33614, FLOrthopedic Surgery1558456236
Nicole Ann Swartz 34715, FLOrthopedic Surgery1922193291
Laurence Scott Bocian 33428, FLOrthopedic Surgery1922194513
Etheredge Chiropractic Pa 34731, FLOrthopedic Surgery1003905084
Stacy E Walker 33760, FLOrthopedic Surgery1881783082
Ronald L Joyner 33712, FLOrthopedic Surgery1508956277
Joyner Rehabilitative Center, Pa 33712, FLOrthopedic Surgery1760572309
Mona Patel Kapadia 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1720178767
William M Martin 33510, FLOrthopedic Surgery1922188143
Dennis Scott Silvey 32608, FLOrthopedic Surgery1255412201
Hand Rehabilitation Center Of Sarasota, Inc. 34237, FLOrthopedic Surgery1356422968
Matthew John Coats 32566, FLOrthopedic Surgery1023192804
Letitia Ann Kingston 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1518044635
Lisa M. Johnson 34233, FLOrthopedic Surgery1215015920
Gregory Jefferson 33609, FLOrthopedic Surgery1174602031
Downtown Sportfit Rehab And Training Inc 33131, FLOrthopedic Surgery1972672558
Lisa Marie Kearns 33134, FLOrthopedic Surgery1750450334
Joanne Duncanson 32963, FLOrthopedic Surgery1154491405
Erin L Uhler 33596, FLOrthopedic Surgery1477623288
Sportfit Rehab & Training 33131, FLOrthopedic Surgery1205906880
Dawn M Mackenzie 33166, FLOrthopedic Surgery1790856961
Vauleia Akimenko Toward 33408, FLOrthopedic Surgery1295807774
Sherrice Broussard Rose 33629, FLOrthopedic Surgery1407929359
Sylvia L Ruetz 33770, FLOrthopedic Surgery1770656712
Timothy M Cymanski 33710, FLOrthopedic Surgery1225102577
Yonel Bredy 33023, FLOrthopedic Surgery1619042298
Yazeed Fouad Saleh 33414, FLOrthopedic Surgery1477629327
Kevin Nagel 33621, FLOrthopedic Surgery1588062012
Robert M Whitney 33009, FLOrthopedic Surgery1073672846
Richard J Donovan 32958, FLOrthopedic Surgery1821157207
David Scott Russo 34684, FLOrthopedic Surgery1740340876
Lance Michael Mabry 32542, FLOrthopedic Surgery1972664357
Coastal Orthopedics And Sports Medicine Of Southwest Florida P.a. 34209, FLOrthopedic Surgery1942361522
Musculoskeletal Institute Chartered 33511, FLOrthopedic Surgery1225191729
Shamsah Shidi 33756, FLOrthopedic Surgery1689738684
Fernando Figueroa 34994, FLOrthopedic Surgery1134284243
Integrated Medical Centers Inc. 33324, FLOrthopedic Surgery1174689962
Cynthia Elizabeth Neville 32216, FLOrthopedic Surgery1659438406
Jonathan D'dhiego Torres 33174, FLOrthopedic Surgery1245397173
Pablo Edgardo Der Boghossian 34243, FLOrthopedic Surgery1922158484
Michael Lee Fiore 32256, FLOrthopedic Surgery1003965625
Ana Laura Mendez 34292, FLOrthopedic Surgery1992855472
Kathleen H Kane 33618, FLOrthopedic Surgery1952451874
Martin Philip Marcus 33707, FLOrthopedic Surgery1598816159
William Eric Fiore 33462, FLOrthopedic Surgery1003967357
John Jeffrey Bos 32708, FLOrthopedic Surgery1215089834


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