Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alexander M. Matz, R.p.t., P.a. 33140, FLOrthopedic Surgery1528065299
Andre B Caron 98366, FLOrthopedic Surgery1285623942
Maxider Corporation 34243, FLOrthopedic Surgery1669501615
Jay C Mclaughlin 34233, FLOrthopedic Surgery1457550196
Ucha C Ukpai 33024, FLOrthopedic Surgery1770861312
Brittany Morgan Nash 32308, FLOrthopedic Surgery1851524409
Leonard William Gomez 48642, FLOrthopedic Surgery1669768347
Paul Thomas Ashley 33410, FLOrthopedic Surgery1063769271
Michael Alan Johnson 32796, FLOrthopedic Surgery1902320856
Edward Liu 33629, FLOrthopedic Surgery1609249861
Devon Grant 03833, FLOrthopedic Surgery1134573025
Mark Natural 18042, FLOrthopedic Surgery1689020315
Christine Rodriguez 32086, FLOrthopedic Surgery1053824680
Joses N Ngugi 33606, FLOrthopedic Surgery1023524865
Chantel Nicole Yearwood 33544, FLOrthopedic Surgery1770099517
Jeffrey C. Moore 32117, FLOrthopedic Surgery1699145375
Life In Motion Physical & Hand Therapy 33782, FLOrthopedic Surgery1194152439
Jennifer A Lutzyk 32117, FLOrthopedic Surgery1366535551
Spine Therapy Inc 33607, FLOrthopedic Surgery1275583411
Spine Therapy Inc 33607, FLOrthopedic Surgery1396066239
Natasha Angtuokuu Taylor 48187, FLOrthopedic Surgery1033325451
Excel Performance And Mobility Llc 33312, FLOrthopedic Surgery1669946968
Catherine Houston 29605, FLOrthopedic Surgery1679022701
Howell Scott Holmes 38358, FLOrthopedic Surgery1073826889
Lisa Johnson Physical Therapy, Pllc 34236, FLOrthopedic Surgery1427595784
Christiana Marron 33301, FLOrthopedic Surgery1003266537
Robert N. Page 32117, FLOrthopedic Surgery1154683894
Brett Hagedoorn 32117, FLOrthopedic Surgery1720112758
Richard Mitchel Fuentes 32117, FLOrthopedic Surgery1154595528
Suzanne Elizabeth Danch 32117, FLOrthopedic Surgery1992912349
Keith A. Stose 32117, FLOrthopedic Surgery1629260757
Brittany Oclon 33403, FLOrthopedic Surgery1396391355
Ashley Rahner Spears 32137, FLOrthopedic Surgery1861916447
Joshua Mcgowan 32714, FLOrthopedic Surgery1427270693
Florida Orthopaedic Institute Chiro Network, Llc 33609, FLOrthopedic Surgery1619526753
Lora C Seacat 66801, FLOrthopedic Surgery1184067779
Teresa Bristol 30309, FLOrthopedic Surgery1053381400
Rex Diagnostic And Imaging 33023, FLOrthopedic Surgery1124669833
Heather Smith Harvey 37752, FLOrthopedic Surgery1205011566
Michael Ak Minder 33176, FLOrthopedic Surgery1447714514
Joy Dorinski Smith 32308, FLOrthopedic Surgery1558532093
Alberto M. Garcia 32117, FLOrthopedic Surgery1578032561
Rhonda Rae Rosencranz 59317, FLOrthopedic Surgery1720078496
Kenneth Clesen 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1932585320
John Dominick Benevento 33063, FLOrthopedic Surgery1932401759
Jessy Chang 34238, FLOrthopedic Surgery1740814391
Jacob Coleman Daniels 17109, FLOrthopedic Surgery1366850497
Leslie Ann Diaz 33618, FLOrthopedic Surgery1174922207
Craig S Vecchiarelli 33606, FLOrthopedic Surgery1457565095
Nantesha Lea Chen 32765, FLOrthopedic Surgery1588065957
Matthew R Steiner 33437, FLOrthopedic Surgery1841816550
Ashley Johnson 30134, FLOrthopedic Surgery1790254019
Brittiany Elizabeth Garrett 33872, FLOrthopedic Surgery1760999452
Denise Marlatte 34232, FLOrthopedic Surgery1659920270
Brittany Ann Page 32202, FLOrthopedic Surgery1275912792
Kaley Mcnabb 33625, FLOrthopedic Surgery1518453331
Marieann Remy 33426, FLOrthopedic Surgery1164019428
Hardik Patel 33401, FLOrthopedic Surgery1902340235
Nexus Spine Institute, Llc 33578, FLOrthopedic Surgery1417545088
Samantha Gullett 33463, FLOrthopedic Surgery1841888773
Adriana Rosero 33411, FLOrthopedic Surgery1497182018
Chad Halford 59912, FLOrthopedic Surgery1679054241
Natalie Moncayo 98052, FLOrthopedic Surgery1053830182
Activa, Lc 33024, FLOrthopedic Surgery1245234848
Forged Performance And Rehab Llc 32940, FLOrthopedic Surgery1326504614
Southeast Health And Rehabilitation Centers, Inc 33068, FLOrthopedic Surgery1225018625
Ramirez Therapy Services Pa 32401, FLOrthopedic Surgery1861469710
Sports And Orthopedic Center, Pa 33431, FLOrthopedic Surgery1447753942
Orthopedic Sports & Rehabilitation Center 33330, FLOrthopedic Surgery1659331544
Endeavor Physical Therapy Inc 34470, FLOrthopedic Surgery1851340004
Healthy Image Physical Therapy Inc 33770, FLOrthopedic Surgery1053376608
Total Health And Rehab Center 33434, FLOrthopedic Surgery1154379816
Physiotherapy Works, Llc 32792, FLOrthopedic Surgery1659318293
Panhandle Orthopaedics Llc 32539, FLOrthopedic Surgery1902850258
Burke Collins Therapy, Inc 33511, FLOrthopedic Surgery1730295734
Holistic Therapeutics 32607, FLOrthopedic Surgery1205944501
Roger C Ledlow Dc Pa 32308, FLOrthopedic Surgery1548370281
Longwood Rehabilitative Services Inc 32779, FLOrthopedic Surgery1194824870
Performance Physical Therapy Inc 32086, FLOrthopedic Surgery1871694919
Florida Center For Orthopaedic Inc 34761, FLOrthopedic Surgery1740375765
Etheredge Chiropractic Pa 34731, FLOrthopedic Surgery1003905084
Joyner Rehabilitative Center, Pa 33712, FLOrthopedic Surgery1760572309
Hand Rehabilitation Center Of Sarasota, Inc. 34237, FLOrthopedic Surgery1356422968
Downtown Sportfit Rehab And Training Inc 33131, FLOrthopedic Surgery1972672558
Sportfit Rehab & Training 33131, FLOrthopedic Surgery1205906880
Integrated Medical Centers Inc. 33324, FLOrthopedic Surgery1174689962
Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions, Inc. 32796, FLOrthopedic Surgery1639208614
Robert J Aruta, Dc, Dabco 33950, FLOrthopedic Surgery1427189158
Musculoskeletal Institute Chartered 33511, FLOrthopedic Surgery1225191729
Complete Wellness Medical Center Inc 32720, FLOrthopedic Surgery1134249618
Kozak P T & Assoc Inc 33772, FLOrthopedic Surgery1932323839
Physiocore Fitness & Rehab., Inc. 11343, FLOrthopedic Surgery1972719128
Physical Rehabilitation Centers Inc 33313, FLOrthopedic Surgery1316156953
Front To Back Basics Inc 33487, FLOrthopedic Surgery1730398793
New Heights Rehab Llc 33030, FLOrthopedic Surgery1083825012
All American Therapy, Inc. 33166, FLOrthopedic Surgery1497950083
Airport Rehab Therapy Services, Inc. 33166, FLOrthopedic Surgery1447456694
Back To Health Llc 33306, FLOrthopedic Surgery1245426840
Westcoast Spine Center Sarasota Pa 34239, FLOrthopedic Surgery1366630139
Stuart Physical Therapy Inc 34994, FLOrthopedic Surgery1689863284
A L P Chiropractic & Orthotic Center Inc 34233, FLOrthopedic Surgery1679750822
Priest Chiropractic Inc 32935, FLOrthopedic Surgery1962671776
Florida Hand Team & Associates Miramar Llc 33025, FLOrthopedic Surgery1487824751
Reed Chiropractic, P.l.l.c. 33711, FLOrthopedic Surgery1831366749
Orthopedic Rehab Of Hallandale Inc 33009, FLOrthopedic Surgery1972760494
Rm Whitney Ii Dabco Llc 33009, FLOrthopedic Surgery1326208463
Fiss Inc 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1801069075
Columbia County Chiropractic Center, Llc 32025, FLOrthopedic Surgery1467652578
South Florida Physical Therapy Associates Inc. 33351, FLOrthopedic Surgery1720236268
High Energy Physiotraining, Corp 33009, FLOrthopedic Surgery1588814511
Garone Chiropractic Centers Inc 33472, FLOrthopedic Surgery1629214622
Jr Bender Physical Therapy Llc 33143, FLOrthopedic Surgery1396982732
Vida Group Services, Inc. 33126, FLOrthopedic Surgery1407097876
Bodyalign Chiropractic & Massage Therapy, Inc 34608, FLOrthopedic Surgery1689803371
Imperial Group Service, Inc. 33126, FLOrthopedic Surgery1689807976
Physical Intelligence Llc 32084, FLOrthopedic Surgery1942533591
Ortho Rehab Of Hallandale Bch Llc 33009, FLOrthopedic Surgery1962737619
Pearl Medical Pain Centers, Llc 32937, FLOrthopedic Surgery1093038937
James C Antos, D.c., P.l. 32114, FLOrthopedic Surgery1154647741
Burke Collins Therapy, Inc. 33629, FLOrthopedic Surgery1053639286
Jcr Medical Coordination, Inc 33328, FLOrthopedic Surgery1649572942
Chad F Polley Pa 33511, FLOrthopedic Surgery1396035655
Florida Spine & Rehab Center, Llc 32792, FLOrthopedic Surgery1396032793
East Colonial Chiropractic Office 32817, FLOrthopedic Surgery1164709812
Coast Chiropractic Centers, Inc. 33907, FLOrthopedic Surgery1669740932
Thorassic Park, Inc 34207, FLOrthopedic Surgery1780952937
Woods Chiropractic Office, P.a. 33408, FLOrthopedic Surgery1013286202
J Jeffrey Bos D C P A 32708, FLOrthopedic Surgery1376815035
Martin Jacobson, D.c., P.a. 32905, FLOrthopedic Surgery1174899041
Florida Surgical Specialists Llc 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1376822759
Alpha Rehab & Spine Strengthening Llc 34471, FLOrthopedic Surgery1780907519
Daniel J Borman Ii Llc 33406, FLOrthopedic Surgery1326506270
Florida Orthopaedic Institute, Inc 33176, FLOrthopedic Surgery1740546514
Alan Dautch, Pa 34947, FLOrthopedic Surgery1669732251
Alan Dautch, Pa 34110, FLOrthopedic Surgery1023378387
Institute Of Orthopaedic Excellence, Inc. 33176, FLOrthopedic Surgery1659632511
Miami International Airport Physical Therapy 33166, FLOrthopedic Surgery1548516560
Alan Dautch. Pa 33410, FLOrthopedic Surgery1275881724
Greenwald Dc Pa 33432, FLOrthopedic Surgery1023367349
Fort Lauderdale Physical Therapy, Inc. 33308, FLOrthopedic Surgery1174862973
Health Solution Of South Florida, Llc 33136, FLOrthopedic Surgery1730522103
Richard B. Lehman Dc Pa 33138, FLOrthopedic Surgery1487088639
Healthy Spine And Med Spa 32837, FLOrthopedic Surgery1558796979
Djp Vip Enterprises Llc 33463, FLOrthopedic Surgery1790116507
Pa Professional Care Inc 33126, FLOrthopedic Surgery1366861809
Good Living Habits, Llc 33433, FLOrthopedic Surgery1437560026
Back 2 Back Center 33024, FLOrthopedic Surgery1407269640
Westside Advanced Care 33324, FLOrthopedic Surgery1588077374
Total Motion Physical Therapy Llc 34990, FLOrthopedic Surgery1346655784
Regenerative Spine And Body Clinic 32937, FLOrthopedic Surgery1144624321
Burke Collins Therapy, Inc. 34238, FLOrthopedic Surgery1386034445
Burke Collins Therapy, Inc 33626, FLOrthopedic Surgery1568852234
Jade Pilates And Physical Therapy, Inc. 33180, FLOrthopedic Surgery1528455409
R&a Healthcare Chiropractic Center 33409, FLOrthopedic Surgery1679943435
Functional Movement Rehab And Fitness, Inc. 33410, FLOrthopedic Surgery1083968929
Musculoskeletal Institute Chartered 33625, FLOrthopedic Surgery1992139273
Miller Surgical Assisting, Llc 33312, FLOrthopedic Surgery1871990663
Panhandle Orthopaedics Llc 32407, FLOrthopedic Surgery1134463482
Panhandle Orthopaedics Llc 32504, FLOrthopedic Surgery1952644221
Radiustbi 33334, FLOrthopedic Surgery1104282615
Elite Physio Concepts 32746, FLOrthopedic Surgery1316303134
Motion Is Life Chiropractic 32541, FLOrthopedic Surgery1831553403
Therapy By Melanie, Llc. 32569, FLOrthopedic Surgery1710339726
Global Ortho spinal Intitute 33126, FLOrthopedic Surgery1710421557
Raymond G Nietzold Dc, Pa 33756, FLOrthopedic Surgery1598203283
Rebound Rehabilitative Services Inc 32073, FLOrthopedic Surgery1104328269
Ceda Orthopedics & Interventional Medicine 33157, FLOrthopedic Surgery1548777543
Forrest Enterprises Llc 34677, FLOrthopedic Surgery1275010522
Function Physical Therapy 34114, FLOrthopedic Surgery1942789235
Allegiant Healthcare Center 33463, FLOrthopedic Surgery1245714666
Steven R Sweat, Dc, Pa 34207, FLOrthopedic Surgery1922589183
Revolution Sports And Performance Llc 33544, FLOrthopedic Surgery1538721907
On The Hop Ortho Sports & Aquatic Therapy Llc 33321, FLOrthopedic Surgery1760942783
Donner Physical Therapy And Sports Rehab Inc 33324, FLOrthopedic Surgery1598086852
Sds Medical, Llc 34233, FLOrthopedic Surgery1407323561
Alexander M. Matz P.a. 33181, FLOrthopedic Surgery1225676240
Physical Therapy Specialists, Llc 32137, FLOrthopedic Surgery1699715599
Archer Physical Therapy And Pilates Institute Inc 33020, FLOrthopedic Surgery1760634356
Movemept 33458, FLOrthopedic Surgery1932736667
Fix It Physical Therapy, Llc 33328, FLOrthopedic Surgery1952939043
West Coast Wellness Of Sarasota Llc 34287, FLOrthopedic Surgery1730643727
Prestige Health & Performance 33647, FLOrthopedic Surgery1164044590
Thrive Wellness Center Llc 33710, FLOrthopedic Surgery1154943793
University Of Central Florida 32816, FLOrthopedic Surgery1154944155
Complex Somi Llc 33143, FLOrthopedic Surgery1295356491
Musculoskeletal Institute Chartered 33637, FLOrthopedic Surgery1386639920
Kidworks Therapy Of Florida, Inc. 33701, FLOrthopedic Surgery1952387367
La Scala Rehabilitation Inc 33155, FLOrthopedic Surgery1154370831
Progressive Physical Therapy Service Inc. 33948, FLOrthopedic Surgery1043261233
West Florida Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Inc. 33614, FLOrthopedic Surgery1558456236
Coastal Orthopedics And Sports Medicine Of Southwest Florida P.a. 34209, FLOrthopedic Surgery1942361522
Chirovista Medical Inc 33020, FLOrthopedic Surgery1134260383
Florida Hand Team & Associates, Inc 33186, FLOrthopedic Surgery1073649166
Maxider Corporation 34292, FLOrthopedic Surgery1780712539
Rehab Health Partners Lake Wales 33853, FLOrthopedic Surgery1083819700
3md Associates Inc, 33062, FLOrthopedic Surgery1205033321
Adkore, Llc 32771, FLOrthopedic Surgery1144773094
Rezalo Health & Performance 33544, FLOrthopedic Surgery1114532074
Purpose Physical Therapy And Wellness, Llc 33704, FLOrthopedic Surgery1003422064
Joint Performance, Llc 33432, FLOrthopedic Surgery1104422732


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