Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Hawaii

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Hawaii:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lucy Ann Lessard 96817, HIOrthopedic Surgery1710984455
Robert E Klein 96720, HIOrthopedic Surgery1750389094
Jesse Kenneth Ortel 96859, HIOrthopedic Surgery1093705709
Terrance T Fee 96814, HIOrthopedic Surgery1952368417
Pt Hawaii, Inc 96707, HIOrthopedic Surgery1598718181
Integral Rehab Llc 96814, HIOrthopedic Surgery1083652457
Kevin O Rourke Ching 96813, HIOrthopedic Surgery1639111784
Melodee Mui-ying Young 96813, HIOrthopedic Surgery1336181478
Jana Noelle Kay 96814, HIOrthopedic Surgery1548204274
Antonio Borromeo Cordero 96817, HIOrthopedic Surgery1629012919
Marissa Jill Turner 96814, HIOrthopedic Surgery1487692091
Maria Luisa P Espina 96797, HIOrthopedic Surgery1295743581
Shawna S Yee 96814, HIOrthopedic Surgery1487661823
Lisa C Curtis 96813, HIOrthopedic Surgery1639280449
Karl Yukio Sato 96817, HIOrthopedic Surgery1265537963
Spine Care Hawaii Inc. 96734, HIOrthopedic Surgery1942391222
Lisa M Hoogasian 96761, HIOrthopedic Surgery1285718940
Christine Michelle Reber 96766, HIOrthopedic Surgery1740360668
Jonathan Richard Rider 96714, HIOrthopedic Surgery1548341795
Elizabeth Tanaka 96816, HIOrthopedic Surgery1295806347
Michael Dean Turner 96821, HIOrthopedic Surgery1316019581
Paul Ken Matsumoto 96813, HIOrthopedic Surgery1588724819
Bryan T Lee 96813, HIOrthopedic Surgery1881744225
Brian M. Nakagawa 96819, HIOrthopedic Surgery1386797561
Christopher Mitchell Nowicki 96782, HIOrthopedic Surgery1265586747
Physical Therapy Associates, Llc 96813, HIOrthopedic Surgery1710029012
Ted Wai Hou Chun 96789, HIOrthopedic Surgery1952432072
Crystal Elizabeth Alderfer 96814, HIOrthopedic Surgery1629192182
Mark Gregory Pahang 96797, HIOrthopedic Surgery1215054663
Cheryl Claypoole 96754, HIOrthopedic Surgery1548317019
Randy Ray Collins 96819, HIOrthopedic Surgery1962621300
Porter Veale Turnbull 96712, HIOrthopedic Surgery1740494715
Paul Thomas Thurlow 96734, HIOrthopedic Surgery1760679328
Orthosport Hawaii, Llc 96821, HIOrthopedic Surgery1619147543
Traceylin Sales Crouch 96819, HIOrthopedic Surgery1649487828
Albert Jong-suk Lee 96817, HIOrthopedic Surgery1194060095
Laura Dunn 96793, HIOrthopedic Surgery1669628574
Dana Lynn Fong-reyes 96707, HIOrthopedic Surgery1134452519
Mildred H Cooke 96720, HIOrthopedic Surgery1629308622
Kevin Joseph Fowler 96797, HIOrthopedic Surgery1902119621
Kurt Halverson 96720, HIOrthopedic Surgery1366749061
Steven Tai Shun Lim 96816, HIOrthopedic Surgery1801184338
Emelia Loren Haraguchi 96741, HIOrthopedic Surgery1841567179
Romeo Randon Guerpo 96746, HIOrthopedic Surgery1861725657
Samuel Cornell 96814, HIOrthopedic Surgery1659616555
Maui Natural Medicine & Physical Therapy Llc 96753, HIOrthopedic Surgery1548502651
Island Physio Llc 96744, HIOrthopedic Surgery1376986877
Charles E Rainey 96860, HIOrthopedic Surgery1710326376
Wahiawa Physical Therapy Llc 96786, HIOrthopedic Surgery1902229735
Franz Yuen Physical Therapy Llc 96817, HIOrthopedic Surgery1326464694
Klein Natural Health And Wellness Center 96720, HIOrthopedic Surgery1821401480
Holisticare Physical Therapy 96813, HIOrthopedic Surgery1215326509
Mary Finnerty Hughes 96789, HIOrthopedic Surgery1770917239
Lauren A. Reinert 96712, HIOrthopedic Surgery1932530409
Ann P Crosby 96797, HIOrthopedic Surgery1285114611
Jacob Pobre 96740, HIOrthopedic Surgery1477964104
Apex Physical Therapy Specialists 96814, HIOrthopedic Surgery1760841746
Kimberly Bautista 96743, HIOrthopedic Surgery1528425600
Athena Lynn Lagundi 96797, HIOrthopedic Surgery1043673296
Brad Mclaughlin 96732, HIOrthopedic Surgery1508300351
Warfighter's Clinic 96707, HIOrthopedic Surgery1003357765
Shoreline Physical Therapy 96712, HIOrthopedic Surgery1851824486
Breanna Posey 96813, HIOrthopedic Surgery1881035186
Mackenzie Brown Llc 96708, HIOrthopedic Surgery1255869707
Daniela Roark 96817, HIOrthopedic Surgery1831592757
Lin Fitness Company, Llc. 96821, HIOrthopedic Surgery1881180875
Jennifer Leeann Banks 96743, HIOrthopedic Surgery1770063216
Jacquelyn Victoria Vaughan Reiser 96712, HIOrthopedic Surgery1336586106
Ludmila Bautista 96797, HIOrthopedic Surgery1639679426
Alayna Rachelle Pierce 96793, HIOrthopedic Surgery1518398239
Joyanna Marchant Devos 96753, HIOrthopedic Surgery1376196725
North Shore Orthopedics Inc 96793, HIOrthopedic Surgery1659571461
Garrett Yamamoto 96814, HIOrthopedic Surgery1750941084
Derek M Atta 96701, HIOrthopedic Surgery1124344197
Tiffany Grace Prangnell 96753, HIOrthopedic Surgery1881657633
Lawrence King Ho Ma 96701, HIOrthopedic Surgery1366062648
Reid M Nakamura 96701, HIOrthopedic Surgery1588920664
Erin Moore 96701, HIOrthopedic Surgery1114543618
Kalo Physical Therapy Multispeciality Group Llc 96740, HIOrthopedic Surgery1932648284
Fernandez Sports And Physical Therapy Llc 96816, HIOrthopedic Surgery1861544413
Mililani Back Care Center, Inc. 96789, HIOrthopedic Surgery1518098649
Atta Rehab, Llc 96701, HIOrthopedic Surgery1558904912
James A Pleiss 96793, HIOrthopedic Surgery1952462111
Kevin Jude Bender 96793, HIOrthopedic Surgery1770926271
Douglas M White 96719, HIOrthopedic Surgery1578566428
Mikayla Hodges 96859, HIOrthopedic Surgery1578168449
Kenneth Takeshi Nakasone 96814, HIOrthopedic Surgery1932269297
Amanda L Witko 96712, HIOrthopedic Surgery1902199656
Jennifer Taylor 96740, HIOrthopedic Surgery1235671397
Chantelle M Vaughan 95959, HIOrthopedic Surgery1962679159
Brent Hashiba 98104, HIOrthopedic Surgery1114452612


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