Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Troy Bourgeois 70005, LAOrthopedic Surgery1598768954
Michelle E Sierra 70433, LAOrthopedic Surgery1972508380
James Leo Shoemaker 70043, LAOrthopedic Surgery1316942147
John S Barrett 70068, LAOrthopedic Surgery1164421830
The Movement Science Center 70005, LAOrthopedic Surgery1477554442
Irene J Rampino 70806, LAOrthopedic Surgery1568463123
John W. Ware 70471, LAOrthopedic Surgery1477536407
Melanie Malerich Weller 70115, LAOrthopedic Surgery1679543201
Destiny Kennedy 70461, LAOrthopedic Surgery1205350824
Performance Rehabilitation Services, Llc 70068, LAOrthopedic Surgery1396708186
Steve V Allison 71112, LAOrthopedic Surgery1447202486
Joseph Leroy Shine 70068, LAOrthopedic Surgery1992761761
Christiane M Mummelthey 70047, LAOrthopedic Surgery1982645743
Advantage Rehabilitation And Hand Specialty Center 70056, LAOrthopedic Surgery1457393175
Michael Mcneil 70003, LAOrthopedic Surgery1477596633
Jamie George Smith 70737, LAOrthopedic Surgery1083641989
Mark Bell Kruse 70006, LAOrthopedic Surgery1104855444
Ami Grigg 70130, LAOrthopedic Surgery1518990746
Charles Thomas Tyner 70068, LAOrthopedic Surgery1043236714
Leon Ware Prejean 70601, LAOrthopedic Surgery1376567602
James Colman Padgett 71291, LAOrthopedic Surgery1215940077
John Wayne Kuehn 70605, LAOrthopedic Surgery1578587804
Timothy Eric Vanwinkle 70605, LAOrthopedic Surgery1922018167
Andrew Robert Groome 70806, LAOrthopedic Surgery1184723041
Salvadore Rosario Giangrosso 70433, LAOrthopedic Surgery1184724635
Rhett James Robbins 70737, LAOrthopedic Surgery1346331246
Gus Luis Gutierrez 70737, LAOrthopedic Surgery1902997000
Richard E Lane 70806, LAOrthopedic Surgery1295826238
Seth Adam Kaplan 70808, LAOrthopedic Surgery1780775759
Greg Joseph Leblanc 70808, LAOrthopedic Surgery1275624249
Lance Paul Lemoine 70808, LAOrthopedic Surgery1043301039
John Derek Laurent 70816, LAOrthopedic Surgery1497846448
Cleveland Paul Melancon 70769, LAOrthopedic Surgery1205927209
Tom Joseph Weber 70726, LAOrthopedic Surgery1932290848
Sue Ellen Drecktrah 70005, LAOrthopedic Surgery1528156825
Jimmy Wayne Harris 71111, LAOrthopedic Surgery1558443226
Keith A Fogle 70806, LAOrthopedic Surgery1134202930
Joe Gregg Jones 39466, LAOrthopedic Surgery1205914009
William J Ellender 70364, LAOrthopedic Surgery1235208547
Robert Joseph Guidry 70737, LAOrthopedic Surgery1760581623
Dynamic Physical Therapy Services Llc 70433, LAOrthopedic Surgery1639267974
Louisana Physical Medicine And Rehab Associates 70115, LAOrthopedic Surgery1033280722
David J Ware 70005, LAOrthopedic Surgery1033285754
Claire Maria Hargis 70373, LAOrthopedic Surgery1588730931
Andrew P Leblanc 71103, LAOrthopedic Surgery1558420448
Kerry Dee Tarvin 71107, LAOrthopedic Surgery1154467942
James L. Shoemaker, Apcc 70043, LAOrthopedic Surgery1801920665
Emily Brown 70121, LAOrthopedic Surgery1376768200
Richard Louis Mcelveen 70607, LAOrthopedic Surgery1609093384
Anne Baggett Sanders 70119, LAOrthopedic Surgery1356569768
Deborah Christine York 70301, LAOrthopedic Surgery1932329299
Aquatics Rehab 70119, LAOrthopedic Surgery1629298799
Ian Dexter Kho 71303, LAOrthopedic Surgery1871785105
Kimberly Cyr 70737, LAOrthopedic Surgery1801081799
Rajwant Singh Sohi 70115, LAOrthopedic Surgery1346426095
Herman Roger Barrient 70401, LAOrthopedic Surgery1972771582
Robert A Porche 70006, LAOrthopedic Surgery1083884639
Danielle V Mcrae 71118, LAOrthopedic Surgery1487826566
Baudry Therapy Center 70002, LAOrthopedic Surgery1922273812
Wendy Moreau Ovella 70001, LAOrthopedic Surgery1053586503
Julie Ann Harris 71103, LAOrthopedic Surgery1154519130
Jose Paragas 71201, LAOrthopedic Surgery1326264805
Anthony Nguyen 70123, LAOrthopedic Surgery1164905048
Sydney Duhe 70810, LAOrthopedic Surgery1689149932
David W Mooney 71457, LAOrthopedic Surgery1447379664
Amy K Lavis 70115, LAOrthopedic Surgery1497901912
Back Essentials, Inc. 71107, LAOrthopedic Surgery1487803029
Tod Kelly Harris 70131, LAOrthopedic Surgery1669624573
Jane Barrios Cavallo 70131, LAOrthopedic Surgery1659524528
Germaine Lee Silva 70433, LAOrthopedic Surgery1083853899
Mitchell K Bowers 70663, LAOrthopedic Surgery1487895389
Dr. Bryan J. Dufrene 70394, LAOrthopedic Surgery1528200862
The Edge Physical Therapy And Sports Science Center 71104, LAOrthopedic Surgery1114154184
Lara E Heyliger 70115, LAOrthopedic Surgery1588893390
Beau Bernell Lowery 70810, LAOrthopedic Surgery1609008903
Emily Mettlach Randall 70461, LAOrthopedic Surgery1558697995
Functional Capacity Experts, L.l.c. 71112, LAOrthopedic Surgery1073844486
Mark B Kruse Chiropractic Center Llc 70006, LAOrthopedic Surgery1174855050
Clayborne Mark Landreneau 70586, LAOrthopedic Surgery1457663205
Back Essentials, Inc. 80917, LAOrthopedic Surgery1477861573
Katrina D Broussard 70810, LAOrthopedic Surgery1043512239
Jeffrey Alan Thompson 70112, LAOrthopedic Surgery1952608150
Spine And Body Llc 70810, LAOrthopedic Surgery1346531332
Christine Ann Epper 70737, LAOrthopedic Surgery1972886554
Anthony Robert Mancuso 70809, LAOrthopedic Surgery1265716435
Paul Steven Gallant 70119, LAOrthopedic Surgery1295007680
Corey J Mccann 70601, LAOrthopedic Surgery1477831196
Ryan James Marek 70117, LAOrthopedic Surgery1568732824
Senia Timothy Fontenot 70605, LAOrthopedic Surgery1861783417
Sawyer John Triche 70301, LAOrthopedic Surgery1437429883
Luke A Zumo 70806, LAOrthopedic Surgery1710271259
Rapides Physical Therapy Of Alexandria, Llc 71301, LAOrthopedic Surgery1366721201
Randy Joe Rose 70124, LAOrthopedic Surgery1962767624
Christopher Baracco 70433, LAOrthopedic Surgery1932456142
South Bossier Physical Therapy, Llc 71112, LAOrthopedic Surgery1558618298
Therateam Outpatient Services, Llc 71037, LAOrthopedic Surgery1821333055
Team Work Ready Baton Rouge, Inc. 70809, LAOrthopedic Surgery1346586070
Daryl P Ricard 70403, LAOrthopedic Surgery1821337296
Whitney Braswell 70115, LAOrthopedic Surgery1629317417
Richard Louis Cahanin 70448, LAOrthopedic Surgery1730526062
Celeste Marie Broussard 70124, LAOrthopedic Surgery1336575299
Disability Management Group, Llc 71112, LAOrthopedic Surgery1689097180
Brandie Lynn Doskey 70124, LAOrthopedic Surgery1952728743
Jennifer Scanio 70124, LAOrthopedic Surgery1649697939
Craig Barnes 71111, LAOrthopedic Surgery1588075030
Emily Lafleur 70433, LAOrthopedic Surgery1790190353
Blake William Brown 71201, LAOrthopedic Surgery1316353592
Steven Chad Gosselin 70810, LAOrthopedic Surgery1669889960
David Paul Klein 70065, LAOrthopedic Surgery1184022527
Lauren Elizabeth Blenkarn 70810, LAOrthopedic Surgery1609250836
Amanda Jean Duncan 70810, LAOrthopedic Surgery1710362686
Beau Saunier 70508, LAOrthopedic Surgery1740664200
Lisa A Knecht 70070, LAOrthopedic Surgery1861862278
Isabel Cristina Hodgson 70737, LAOrthopedic Surgery1548670151
Ryan Thomas Hill 88310, LAOrthopedic Surgery1740530757
Jade Jones 71270, LAOrthopedic Surgery1770031197
Eric Michael Rippetoe 71106, LAOrthopedic Surgery1871931345
Annie Descant 70403, LAOrthopedic Surgery1710226196
Troy Stancliffe 70810, LAOrthopedic Surgery1861807422
Christy Shea 70006, LAOrthopedic Surgery1477973725
Laura Rose 70123, LAOrthopedic Surgery1841779303
Brent Michael Champagne 70123, LAOrthopedic Surgery1952878498
Mariesa Barbara 70115, LAOrthopedic Surgery1144567413
Christopher S Berry 71105, LAOrthopedic Surgery1538543467
Benjamin Michael Wilt 70737, LAOrthopedic Surgery1265840516
Kerri Chatelain Graham 70810, LAOrthopedic Surgery1114212289
Kelly Daniels 71101, LAOrthopedic Surgery1093131765
Mattie Pontiff 70112, LAOrthopedic Surgery1851751440
Patrick Hennessey 70070, LAOrthopedic Surgery1740733070
Melissa Scroggin 70117, LAOrthopedic Surgery1528515467
Lauren Chappetta King 70433, LAOrthopedic Surgery1972040228
Andrew Stout 70607, LAOrthopedic Surgery1083034177
Jeffrey M Phillips 71111, LAOrthopedic Surgery1104345206
Daniel Henning 70123, LAOrthopedic Surgery1639671019
Rippetoe Health Llc 71106, LAOrthopedic Surgery1053852368
Joshua James Stoufflet 27513, LAOrthopedic Surgery1891131322
Andrew Joseph Ullmer 70006, LAOrthopedic Surgery1831627074
Janice Coleman Albert 70123, LAOrthopedic Surgery1154846384
Matthew Alan Armstrong 71118, LAOrthopedic Surgery1003315607
Rnb Surgical Services Llc 70433, LAOrthopedic Surgery1760986996
Rachel Broussard 70433, LAOrthopedic Surgery1538666110
Janie Irvin 70072, LAOrthopedic Surgery1952890626
Carolyn Cox Wellborn 70115, LAOrthopedic Surgery1720573199
Mallory Kathryn Lott 70112, LAOrthopedic Surgery1225516982
Lauren Peters Mitchell 71457, LAOrthopedic Surgery1013491828
Christen Leeann Pontius 70433, LAOrthopedic Surgery1588148712
William Keith Mills 70806, LAOrthopedic Surgery1184192254
Allyson Barnes 70123, LAOrthopedic Surgery1063972495
Grant Anthony Falcon 70506, LAOrthopedic Surgery1467016428
Danielle Daigle 70123, LAOrthopedic Surgery1477118701


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