Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jewa Maria Lea 20866, MDOrthopedic Surgery1083616361
Bradley I Mandell 21122, MDOrthopedic Surgery1194720458
Alyse Friedman 21093, MDOrthopedic Surgery1255338661
Ergonomically Correct Llc 21409, MDOrthopedic Surgery1043217524
Stephen Edward Martin 21863, MDOrthopedic Surgery1689671067
Cameron L Zimmer 21093, MDOrthopedic Surgery1447257761
Christopher Peter Butler 21702, MDOrthopedic Surgery1669479382
Audra Smith 20832, MDOrthopedic Surgery1295732915
Yvonne Townsley Anderson 21704, MDOrthopedic Surgery1073511440
Barry Scott Michaelson 21208, MDOrthopedic Surgery1528066883
John Andrew Gillis 20815, MDOrthopedic Surgery1740288935
Smith & Prothero Physical Therapy Llc 21078, MDOrthopedic Surgery1942200621
Rick Nelson Prothero 21078, MDOrthopedic Surgery1306846985
William Charles Smith 21078, MDOrthopedic Surgery1396745469
John Douglass Wallop 21401, MDOrthopedic Surgery1275526253
Joel R Matuskey 21228, MDOrthopedic Surgery1619961992
Walter Mady 21042, MDOrthopedic Surgery1831185784
Jay Herdson 21043, MDOrthopedic Surgery1972599819
Erin Howland 21042, MDOrthopedic Surgery1770579617
Nancy Gunzelman 21043, MDOrthopedic Surgery1861488652
James Mainhart 21043, MDOrthopedic Surgery1386630184
Anne Coakley 21043, MDOrthopedic Surgery1720074511
John Thomas Swinson 20762, MDOrthopedic Surgery1295723484
Billie Jane Randolph 20889, MDOrthopedic Surgery1477543718
Sarah Lynn Harrison 21014, MDOrthopedic Surgery1700867280
Gp Therapy, Llc 20876, MDOrthopedic Surgery1245212489
Thomas M. Kline 20602, MDOrthopedic Surgery1942286182
Salisbury Physical Therapy & Sportsmedicine 21804, MDOrthopedic Surgery1386615219
Hereford Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Inc 21120, MDOrthopedic Surgery1710954524
Karen Sue Kinsey 21120, MDOrthopedic Surgery1720055510
Christopher Parker 21234, MDOrthopedic Surgery1508833096
Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group 20832, MDOrthopedic Surgery1740258383
Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group 20850, MDOrthopedic Surgery1063480226
Patrick Carter 20817, MDOrthopedic Surgery1649710161
Dina Alison Serfas 21784, MDOrthopedic Surgery1841253416
Mark Edward Schade 20832, MDOrthopedic Surgery1568428241
Anne Arundel Orthopaedic Surgeons, P.a. 21401, MDOrthopedic Surgery1578511523
Peter Clarke Glover 21902, MDOrthopedic Surgery1740234731
Richard Francis Singer 20817, MDOrthopedic Surgery1518913375
Francis Jung 21045, MDOrthopedic Surgery1548217607
John A Baur 21210, MDOrthopedic Surgery1720035330
Martin Physical Therapy, Inc 21863, MDOrthopedic Surgery1821045345
Daniel G. Chesla 21012, MDOrthopedic Surgery1457398323
Scott B Coon 21117, MDOrthopedic Surgery1942247515
Harford County Wellness Center 21009, MDOrthopedic Surgery1639117377
Jamie Alyssa Berenson 21401, MDOrthopedic Surgery1194765727
Robert D. Dowd 21061, MDOrthopedic Surgery1790727618
Tara Lynn Cepaitis 20832, MDOrthopedic Surgery1104869932
Mark L. Miller 21061, MDOrthopedic Surgery1598708471
Maura Alexandra Simms 21120, MDOrthopedic Surgery1952337446
Robert Paul Buhr 21042, MDOrthopedic Surgery1447289392
Ann Michelle Kast 22203, MDOrthopedic Surgery1912931908
Proformance Sports Rehabilitation 21113, MDOrthopedic Surgery1720562069
Jodene Ann Acierno 21702, MDOrthopedic Surgery1881610483
Roshin Kuriadom 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1558382606
Lynne Seinsheimer 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1467473512
Nancy Zaft 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1376564427
Jeffrey Rogers Jones 21244, MDOrthopedic Surgery1306868658
Fredric Steven Baron 21228, MDOrthopedic Surgery1548283070
Stacy Eichwald King 20817, MDOrthopedic Surgery1649293960
Ian West 21202, MDOrthopedic Surgery1326052515
Judith Ann Walsh 02446, MDOrthopedic Surgery1407870785
Roseann Patricia Velez 21204, MDOrthopedic Surgery1831103977
Fredericks Sport And Spine Clinic Inc 21702, MDOrthopedic Surgery1841204823
Capital Orthopaedic Specialists Llc 20735, MDOrthopedic Surgery1336589431
Robert Francis Feehley 21234, MDOrthopedic Surgery1639185069
Thomas Joseph Stone 21224, MDOrthopedic Surgery1568479855
Patrick William Dolan 21042, MDOrthopedic Surgery1538177969
Lise Popps 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1760491658
Lori Aronow Mendoza 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1619986502
Middletown Sport And Spine Llc 21769, MDOrthopedic Surgery1760491666
James Brian Dowla 21133, MDOrthopedic Surgery1154331270
Jeffrey R Lui 20016, MDOrthopedic Surgery1104343086
Jennifer Rose Otremba-gorski 21046, MDOrthopedic Surgery1831205830
Michael E Barvinchack 21742, MDOrthopedic Surgery1689781809
Valerie Howard 21784, MDOrthopedic Surgery1922118868
The Orthopaedic Center, Pa 20850, MDOrthopedic Surgery1194836262
Kimberly Shemer Kurtzman 21401, MDOrthopedic Surgery1447361290
Stephen P Baitch 21093, MDOrthopedic Surgery1184729527
John Swift 21061, MDOrthopedic Surgery1548365745
Susan H Bock 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1093810772
Wray Pardy Pianta 21702, MDOrthopedic Surgery1932205424
Reginald Scott Green 20874, MDOrthopedic Surgery1528165974
Sonya M Bautista 23238, MDOrthopedic Surgery1104924125
Samuel Thomas Runfola 21236, MDOrthopedic Surgery1528168481
Lance Lee Gardner 21911, MDOrthopedic Surgery1710088141
Teresa Simpson 20832, MDOrthopedic Surgery1821181397
Karen Lynn Gordes 21201, MDOrthopedic Surgery1801980404
Kernan Physical Therapy 21244, MDOrthopedic Surgery1750476818
Michele Fox Yoviene 21601, MDOrthopedic Surgery1619064425
Kelly Ann Runfola 21061, MDOrthopedic Surgery1073600789
Lydia Peters 20716, MDOrthopedic Surgery1770028961
Daniel L Rosman 21911, MDOrthopedic Surgery1952490849
Kathryn Anne Hernandez 21044, MDOrthopedic Surgery1306934377
John Nguyen Le 20832, MDOrthopedic Surgery1013005032
Jay Richard Shepherd 20886, MDOrthopedic Surgery1275622011
Xiu Juan Wu 20832, MDOrthopedic Surgery1215026802
Atlantic Physical Therapy Rehabilitation And Sports Medicine Inc 21811, MDOrthopedic Surgery1124117916
Patricia Ellen Kilroy 20832, MDOrthopedic Surgery1689763229
Hina B Joshi 21044, MDOrthopedic Surgery1285723841
Jeffrey Alan Torockio 21784, MDOrthopedic Surgery1164503546
Emmanuel Olumuyiwa Moses 20769, MDOrthopedic Surgery1588742514
May Elizabeth Kesler 20815, MDOrthopedic Surgery1194802884
Sara Squires 20814, MDOrthopedic Surgery1790863736
Amy E Labadie 23236, MDOrthopedic Surgery1255410494
Amy Steinberg Gross 20850, MDOrthopedic Surgery1871666297
Massoud Talaie 20817, MDOrthopedic Surgery1508939448
Elizabeth W Sullivan 21093, MDOrthopedic Surgery1881767614
Scott James Juzwak 20007, MDOrthopedic Surgery1790852028
Her Health Physical Therapy Llc 21044, MDOrthopedic Surgery1285701367
Paul John Winters 20622, MDOrthopedic Surgery1932268729
Daryl Kozon Arnold 21045, MDOrthopedic Surgery1356401780
Chesapeake Physical Aquatic Therapy Inc 21045, MDOrthopedic Surgery1467513978
Renee Archer 20002, MDOrthopedic Surgery1306909510
Thomas Howard Horn 21784, MDOrthopedic Surgery1417010497
Joseph N Fiore 21122, MDOrthopedic Surgery1275699134
Ryan Matthew Wilkerson 20716, MDOrthopedic Surgery1669522488
Susan K.h. Rightnour 20716, MDOrthopedic Surgery1801946637
Edward Allen Muir 21146, MDOrthopedic Surgery1447300157
Chesapeake Physical Aquatic Therapy, Inc. 21045, MDOrthopedic Surgery1487708178
Chesapeake Physical Aquatic Therapy Inc 20715, MDOrthopedic Surgery1639223381
Chesapeake Physical Aquatic Therapy Inc 21228, MDOrthopedic Surgery1730233479
Chesapeake Physical Aquatic Therapy Inc 21146, MDOrthopedic Surgery1124172895
Kenneth Todd Burnett 20176, MDOrthopedic Surgery1851445456
Potomac Valley Sports Medicine 20832, MDOrthopedic Surgery1184770117
Lisa Gucinski Waterman 20716, MDOrthopedic Surgery1215073341
Milo Valentine Ferraro 20876, MDOrthopedic Surgery1881731636
Dominion Physical Therapy Llc 21093, MDOrthopedic Surgery1316085533
Season Paige Rumpff 21702, MDOrthopedic Surgery1255479747
Annette Louise Bergeron 21029, MDOrthopedic Surgery1609916014
Vicki Suzanne Seibert 21046, MDOrthopedic Surgery1881736254
Winters Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, Inc. 20622, MDOrthopedic Surgery1962545053
Sohaila Mosaddegh - Mehjardi 20770, MDOrthopedic Surgery1639212954
Dr Alan D. Cornfield Silver Spring Chiropractic Pa 20902, MDOrthopedic Surgery1598808719
Elissa Driban And Associates, Llc 20815, MDOrthopedic Surgery1285764662
United Therapy Associates, P.a. 21061, MDOrthopedic Surgery1609908839
M Jean Giove 21702, MDOrthopedic Surgery1528191368
Paulina Alejandra Ochoa 20006, MDOrthopedic Surgery1922131044
Leigh Anne Roberts 21046, MDOrthopedic Surgery1447374632
Issa Physical Therapy, Inc. 20852, MDOrthopedic Surgery1750406872
Carey Neal Sigafoose 21224, MDOrthopedic Surgery1982729745
Jay Bradford Clark 21227, MDOrthopedic Surgery1235255837
Kristin Mikele Mowry 21012, MDOrthopedic Surgery1184741068
Eugene Victor Trembisky 20850, MDOrthopedic Surgery1841317849
Melissa Adler 20815, MDOrthopedic Surgery1235256231
Jamey T Schrier 20852, MDOrthopedic Surgery1558489997
Elaina Haywood Mcneill 21401, MDOrthopedic Surgery1689793515
Priti W Raina 20877, MDOrthopedic Surgery1669592911
Giuseppe M Nunnari 20874, MDOrthopedic Surgery1417077496
Adwoa K Bonsra 21236, MDOrthopedic Surgery1336260413
Christine Margaret Mccauley 21043, MDOrthopedic Surgery1952422206
Sandra L Rubio 20902, MDOrthopedic Surgery1891918546
Carmen M Oostburg Sanz 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1568685139
Edward B Ashton 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1013131739
Christina M Goodnough 20832, MDOrthopedic Surgery1649495409
Chanhee Ro 21401, MDOrthopedic Surgery1891912085
Dr F Steven Baron Pc 21228, MDOrthopedic Surgery1790903193
Joyce H Mady 21042, MDOrthopedic Surgery1417175704
Arianna Zoe Berkowitz 21029, MDOrthopedic Surgery1407068356
Joseph Fiore Dc Pa 21122, MDOrthopedic Surgery1073729117
Kevin A Anderson 20747, MDOrthopedic Surgery1225248693
Mariella M Young 20852, MDOrthopedic Surgery1043421563
John Donald Garbrecht 20889, MDOrthopedic Surgery1285839605
Stanley Andrzejewski 21093, MDOrthopedic Surgery1508062142
Terrence Gordon Cort 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1881892370
Winston Pearson 20762, MDOrthopedic Surgery1184814840
Melissa Lambiasi 21401, MDOrthopedic Surgery1801086160
Mark R Chaput 21401, MDOrthopedic Surgery1912199621
Shelley Leah Jessup 21244, MDOrthopedic Surgery1427241249
Dr. E. B. Ashton & Associates, Pa 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1548454994
Brenda Jane Cline Rich 21702, MDOrthopedic Surgery1144416470
Elizabeth Anne Kuklenski 21113, MDOrthopedic Surgery1629265921
Encompass Physical Therapy, Llc 21401, MDOrthopedic Surgery1689863037
Bret Joseph Grebowsky 20850, MDOrthopedic Surgery1174702062
Jenny Lee 20852, MDOrthopedic Surgery1063691954
Bryan W. Kreitlow 20852, MDOrthopedic Surgery1043499932
Marlboro Injury And Healing Center 20747, MDOrthopedic Surgery1346429842
Margaret Mary Cruse 21224, MDOrthopedic Surgery1417136946
Shari Cantor 20817, MDOrthopedic Surgery1578743506
Joel Matuskey Pt Inc 21228, MDOrthopedic Surgery1407037823
Schrier Physical Therapy, Inc. 20852, MDOrthopedic Surgery1619150026
Heidi Jean D'amore 21742, MDOrthopedic Surgery1477736502
Karen M Grove 21742, MDOrthopedic Surgery1154504280
Janelle Kristen Antonio 21921, MDOrthopedic Surgery1013195619
Frederick Sport & Spine Clinic 21793, MDOrthopedic Surgery1134397722
Thomas M. Kline D.c.,p.a. 20602, MDOrthopedic Surgery1619148608
Julie Ann Landis 20910, MDOrthopedic Surgery1417129172
Jon J Ruttenberg 21204, MDOrthopedic Surgery1790959658
Sandra M Turner 21146, MDOrthopedic Surgery1720254121
Francina Kudzayi Mambo 20850, MDOrthopedic Surgery1902060189
Kelly Lynn Shannon 20876, MDOrthopedic Surgery1922264860
Osama El-tahtawi 20850, MDOrthopedic Surgery1962658542
Monique Curtis 21236, MDOrthopedic Surgery1386892552
Yordanos Gezai Belay 20740, MDOrthopedic Surgery1316197650
Anointed Hands Physical Therapy, Llc 20774, MDOrthopedic Surgery1316197395
Lisa J Costello 21742, MDOrthopedic Surgery1174773964
Cynthia Ann Maurer 22205, MDOrthopedic Surgery1922259902
John Jowers 20815, MDOrthopedic Surgery1417109810
Matthew B Greene 20707, MDOrthopedic Surgery1124272836
Mddc, Llc 21221, MDOrthopedic Surgery1386898625


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