Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melanie A Regan 48307, MIOrthopedic Surgery1871713990
Ronald D Mashni 48162, MIOrthopedic Surgery1063844769
Gaylene Heaton 54534, MIOrthopedic Surgery1740701614
Andrea Shefferly 46202, MIOrthopedic Surgery1831647353
Susan Leidlein 48044, MIOrthopedic Surgery1255532214
Kathyrn Thornton 48026, MIOrthopedic Surgery1982131918
Cherie Via 48201, MIOrthopedic Surgery1932441102
Cara Morasso 48201, MIOrthopedic Surgery1366935082
Kristen Cara Brunell 48307, MIOrthopedic Surgery1669951141
Hisham Fittahy 48180, MIOrthopedic Surgery1245730076
Lori Sullivan 85118, MIOrthopedic Surgery1588892863
Arthur Lee Matthews 30305, MIOrthopedic Surgery1194809103
Derek Alexander Deluca 01776, MIOrthopedic Surgery1578045027
Navjeet Singh Sahni 49037, MIOrthopedic Surgery1023565983
Zackary Fedorka 37013, MIOrthopedic Surgery1508279084
Seth King 48309, MIOrthopedic Surgery1023488962
Kanwal Keshav Bhardwaj 07728, MIOrthopedic Surgery1407047046
Erin Smith 48706, MIOrthopedic Surgery1003424904
Bryan Jeffrey Kuhlman 48326, MIOrthopedic Surgery1245336627
Amanda Lee Jacobs 49319, MIOrthopedic Surgery1871074682
Thomas M Ruediger 46845, MIOrthopedic Surgery1013907500
Brittani A Bennett 48135, MIOrthopedic Surgery1417545260
Michelle Anne Reinink 55431, MIOrthopedic Surgery1619166683
Great Lakes Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Inc. 48312, MIOrthopedic Surgery1982674040
Greater Detroit Physical Therapy 48186, MIOrthopedic Surgery1962435685
Select Care Physical Therapy Inc 49329, MIOrthopedic Surgery1164536108
Sean P Groves 49036, MIOrthopedic Surgery1598856775
Advanced Orthopedic Solutions, P.c. 48439, MIOrthopedic Surgery1265525588
Performance Orthopedics Pllc 48025, MIOrthopedic Surgery1720160963
Nesam Concepts Physical Therapy& Rehabilitation 48146, MIOrthopedic Surgery1548330848
Back In Motion Physical Therapy Clinic, P.c. 49802, MIOrthopedic Surgery1871799775
Todd Allen Camarata Dc 48310, MIOrthopedic Surgery1891989869
Eisman Clinic Pc 48235, MIOrthopedic Surgery1558559799
Orrison Rehabilitation Services, Llc 49038, MIOrthopedic Surgery1013105113
Balanced Body Services 48840, MIOrthopedic Surgery1558542605
Integrative Health Services Pc 49036, MIOrthopedic Surgery1720251242
Australian Institute Of Manual Therapy, Pllc 48067, MIOrthopedic Surgery1699949180
Lakepointe Chiropractic Clinic, Plc 48236, MIOrthopedic Surgery1912173717
Dr. Lindsey Hamilton Dc Inc 48307, MIOrthopedic Surgery1477728095
Great Lakes Chiropractic, P.c. 48310, MIOrthopedic Surgery1902045685
Dr. James Herman, P.l.l.c 48301, MIOrthopedic Surgery1275860009
Holistic Healing Centers Of Michigan Inc. 48323, MIOrthopedic Surgery1306169743
Great Lakes Chiropractic Orthopedics, Pc 49036, MIOrthopedic Surgery1376868083
Remedy Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Inc. 48146, MIOrthopedic Surgery1841510559
Mendelson Orthopedics Pc 48088, MIOrthopedic Surgery1023325438
Greater Metro Rehab Llc 48076, MIOrthopedic Surgery1073815361
Sudhakaran Jegadeesh Inc 48075, MIOrthopedic Surgery1093091316
Roberts Chiropractic Life Center, Pllc 48195, MIOrthopedic Surgery1598030728
Michigan Orthopedic And Spine Specialists, Plc 48025, MIOrthopedic Surgery1619451762
Kee Physical Therapy, Llc 48603, MIOrthopedic Surgery1992067037
Paul J. Prol, D.c.,p.c. 49546, MIOrthopedic Surgery1750632360
Core Physical Therapy & Pilates Llc 49085, MIOrthopedic Surgery1497093058
Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy, P.c. 48374, MIOrthopedic Surgery1043553597
Universal Health And Healing Centr 48088, MIOrthopedic Surgery1841623063
K.t. P.t., Llc 49855, MIOrthopedic Surgery1508289976
Therapy Professionals Llc 48075, MIOrthopedic Surgery1306266457
Bay Area Physical Therapy, Llc 48706, MIOrthopedic Surgery1679965040
Moving Forward Physical Therapy 48230, MIOrthopedic Surgery1316322803
Tlc Group Llc 48197, MIOrthopedic Surgery1346612579
Advanced Therapy Group, Llc 49686, MIOrthopedic Surgery1326391137
Linder Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, P.c. 48917, MIOrthopedic Surgery1841405941
Ideal Physical Therapy Services,inc 48235, MIOrthopedic Surgery1477913127
Endurance Rehabilitation & Athletics Pllc 49301, MIOrthopedic Surgery1508318296
Motown Injury P.c. 48382, MIOrthopedic Surgery1730619040
Better Health Chiropractic & Rehab, P.c. 48193, MIOrthopedic Surgery1841703063
Jeffrey H. Declaire M.d., P.c. 48307, MIOrthopedic Surgery1942387998
Total Orthopedic Performance Physical Therapy, Llc 48310, MIOrthopedic Surgery1194231563
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitaiton Hospital 49503, MIOrthopedic Surgery1770080236
Your Alternative Pt, Llc 49024, MIOrthopedic Surgery1386111243
Fuel Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, Llc 49503, MIOrthopedic Surgery1063980373
Cure Physical Therapy, Pllc 48126, MIOrthopedic Surgery1083171938
Epic Management, Llc 48034, MIOrthopedic Surgery1912562984
Fyzical Therapy And Balance Center By The Bay 49770, MIOrthopedic Surgery1316581226
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation, L.l.c 48083, MIOrthopedic Surgery1508848318
Orthosport Physical Therapy And Athletic Rehabilitation Inc. 49770, MIOrthopedic Surgery1710995246
Comprehensive Physical Consultants 48334, MIOrthopedic Surgery1427165166
Timothy I Bondy Inc 49740, MIOrthopedic Surgery1437240066
Orthopaedic Therapy, Inc. 49201, MIOrthopedic Surgery1417033416
Ed Fahey Associates Pc 48346, MIOrthopedic Surgery1578637161
Spinal & Orthopedic Rehabilitation Iii Llc 48203, MIOrthopedic Surgery1912049842
North Woodward Rehabilitation Services Inc. 48302, MIOrthopedic Surgery1972503134
Functional Dimensions Llc 49684, MIOrthopedic Surgery1780076232
Energy Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Llc 48092, MIOrthopedic Surgery1811409436
Aarohi Shah 48127, MIOrthopedic Surgery1114479300
Adeel Khan 48120, MIOrthopedic Surgery1851717441
Alan August Budnick 49770, MIOrthopedic Surgery1871508465
Alexandra Hull 49685, MIOrthopedic Surgery1508379496
Alice Tramper 48912, MIOrthopedic Surgery1629542808
Alicia Shepard 48838, MIOrthopedic Surgery1962929232
Aliza Chana Ancier 48084, MIOrthopedic Surgery1336649920
Allegra Ann Adams 48109, MIOrthopedic Surgery1134621618
Allen Earl Kash 48071, MIOrthopedic Surgery1730194176
Allison Bell 48187, MIOrthopedic Surgery1366883944
Allyson Lowis 49024, MIOrthopedic Surgery1295259208
Amanda Jean Davis 48034, MIOrthopedic Surgery1821397076
Amanda Laney 48912, MIOrthopedic Surgery1346742863
Amber Joy Golay 30327, MIOrthopedic Surgery1023431376
Amy Lynn Mccallumore 48044, MIOrthopedic Surgery1851467542
Andrew Joseph Grix 48302, MIOrthopedic Surgery1942793799
Angela Marie Domnitz 53092, MIOrthopedic Surgery1164976155
Angela Koper 48049, MIOrthopedic Surgery1265890644
Anjali S Gadkari 48075, MIOrthopedic Surgery1346385309
Ann Mary Mccarthy 48840, MIOrthopedic Surgery1447318779
Ann Marie Valentine 48201, MIOrthopedic Surgery1386700961
Ashish Thomas 48532, MIOrthopedic Surgery1356682587
Ashley Michelle Ghose 48640, MIOrthopedic Surgery1295237741
Asta V. Paskus 48326, MIOrthopedic Surgery1891040895
Ateeq Rahman 48220, MIOrthopedic Surgery1336265099
Barbara Violet Gillespie 48313, MIOrthopedic Surgery1932602851
Barbara Joan Wilcox 49201, MIOrthopedic Surgery1225126246
Beau Richard Bailer 48624, MIOrthopedic Surgery1306330519
Becky Jean Rodda 48864, MIOrthopedic Surgery1164498119
Benjamin Geierman 48083, MIOrthopedic Surgery1942833793
Benjamin Meeks 49601, MIOrthopedic Surgery1811490352
Benjamin Pierce 85755, MIOrthopedic Surgery1225622632
Benjamin Vaughn 49544, MIOrthopedic Surgery1306218227
Bethany Lynn Hoffman 49085, MIOrthopedic Surgery1598763351
Bonnie Jean Warren 49341, MIOrthopedic Surgery1801398623
Bradley Keith Demeuse 49684, MIOrthopedic Surgery1235484676
Brenton Rozycki 49024, MIOrthopedic Surgery1356707343
Brian J Adams 48374, MIOrthopedic Surgery1245367473
Brian Doll 48842, MIOrthopedic Surgery1740779214
Brian David Jarvis 49930, MIOrthopedic Surgery1255505483
Brian Glenn Mccarroll 48315, MIOrthopedic Surgery1922607183
Brian G Miller 49855, MIOrthopedic Surgery1700877917
Brian Oconnell 49546, MIOrthopedic Surgery1306349006
Brittany Teal 48083, MIOrthopedic Surgery1295360170
Bruce Charles Linder 48917, MIOrthopedic Surgery1114918430
Caitlin Nora Noble 48374, MIOrthopedic Surgery1033629324
Carley Klocko 49503, MIOrthopedic Surgery1376045674
Carol Ciesielski 48098, MIOrthopedic Surgery1215057666
Carrie Ann Brzezinski 49506, MIOrthopedic Surgery1285131953
Casey Bennett 49024, MIOrthopedic Surgery1508269515
Casey Masek 48374, MIOrthopedic Surgery1992165344
Cassidy Saylor 48152, MIOrthopedic Surgery1760806939
Catherine Sue Mila 48135, MIOrthopedic Surgery1568694693
Catherine Jane Oster-kostuch 48081, MIOrthopedic Surgery1609909407
Cathy-sue Myers Steib 48623, MIOrthopedic Surgery1770929549
Chad Donald Shafer 48084, MIOrthopedic Surgery1255700688
Chris Lawrence Moore 49802, MIOrthopedic Surgery1952503229
Christina Marie Watson 48313, MIOrthopedic Surgery1083117394
Christine Ann O'donnell 49770, MIOrthopedic Surgery1851624902
Christopher Marshall Bajema 49503, MIOrthopedic Surgery1881952257
Christopher Hammer 48532, MIOrthopedic Surgery1871997437
Christopher Wise 49503, MIOrthopedic Surgery1386141836
Clay Wielard 48872, MIOrthopedic Surgery1114317641
Cleon Sherrill Grooms 49236, MIOrthopedic Surgery1013992577
Clint A Tan 48423, MIOrthopedic Surgery1639369796
Corey M Snyder 48152, MIOrthopedic Surgery1629106828
Courtney Brejnak 48105, MIOrthopedic Surgery1093217317
Courtney Marie Greening 49684, MIOrthopedic Surgery1942533534
Craig Allen Hiner 48895, MIOrthopedic Surgery1255455184
Cristi Dodge Julien 49009, MIOrthopedic Surgery1679906739
Curt A Bishop 49508, MIOrthopedic Surgery1679731210
Curtis Kendall Leibbrand 49009, MIOrthopedic Surgery1083261259
Dale Wayne Williams 49036, MIOrthopedic Surgery1467495663
Daniel Bordt 48381, MIOrthopedic Surgery1760852602
Daniel Huckstep 46225, MIOrthopedic Surgery1053971564
Daniel E Laird 49079, MIOrthopedic Surgery1336709500
Danielle Arsenault 48230, MIOrthopedic Surgery1831739044
David Denny 48038, MIOrthopedic Surgery1871094748
David Kipp 49085, MIOrthopedic Surgery1295733053
Deanna Renee Wirick 48081, MIOrthopedic Surgery1942701735
Debra Ann Thorne 49307, MIOrthopedic Surgery1558736926
Debra Kay Wenneman 48092, MIOrthopedic Surgery1639495930
Deepak A. Sardey 48316, MIOrthopedic Surgery1982765269
Dennis P Benn 48503, MIOrthopedic Surgery1942254305
Derek Chan 48202, MIOrthopedic Surgery1033610886
Derick Henry Roland 48625, MIOrthopedic Surgery1700387495
Diane Rufe 48109, MIOrthopedic Surgery1285136036
Diane E Tremblay 48326, MIOrthopedic Surgery1639304777
Disha Lakhani 48201, MIOrthopedic Surgery1295227494
Donna Schmidt 49085, MIOrthopedic Surgery1427288364
Douglas Craig Sjoerdsma 49503, MIOrthopedic Surgery1831691138
Elizabeth Holt 49321, MIOrthopedic Surgery1457856890
Elizabeth Ann Landgraf 48820, MIOrthopedic Surgery1346379096
Emily Elizabeth Stefanski 48084, MIOrthopedic Surgery1710579792
Eric Wayne Boss 49504, MIOrthopedic Surgery1912196395
Eric Kinney 48374, MIOrthopedic Surgery1487254561
Eric Austin Neal 48374, MIOrthopedic Surgery1427210038
Eric B Noble 48193, MIOrthopedic Surgery1770010324
Eric Anthony Tomei 48374, MIOrthopedic Surgery1306881727
Eric Joseph Vanhulle 48307, MIOrthopedic Surgery1548317688
Fatema Idris Taher 48093, MIOrthopedic Surgery1114118775
Fino John Amalio 48088, MIOrthopedic Surgery1225133762
Frances Wenzel 48617, MIOrthopedic Surgery1164912929
Gail Lakind Efros 48322, MIOrthopedic Surgery1548404155
Geoffrey Willson 49319, MIOrthopedic Surgery1285136838
Gerald Espiritu 49022, MIOrthopedic Surgery1316092273
Gerald Joseph Kozak 48315, MIOrthopedic Surgery1780720250
Gervacio Marasigan Laqui 48310, MIOrthopedic Surgery1407891344
Gillian Deyoung 48092, MIOrthopedic Surgery1003150111
Gina Nicole Belet Milesi 46143, MIOrthopedic Surgery1750990883
Grayson James Grzegorczyk 98506, MIOrthopedic Surgery1316451776
Gregory Garofalo 48450, MIOrthopedic Surgery1396062709
Gregory M Moore 48154, MIOrthopedic Surgery1508162660
Hannah M Declark 49546, MIOrthopedic Surgery1740631829
Hannah M. Depaul 48374, MIOrthopedic Surgery1255765418
Harry L Hadley 49321, MIOrthopedic Surgery1760534960
Heinrich Oskar Comuth 48170, MIOrthopedic Surgery1972878593


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