Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David Clark Poulter 55008, MNOrthopedic Surgery1508831090
Matthew Lee Bennett 55422, MNOrthopedic Surgery1497282529
Laura Gengler Neitge 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1669902961
Cassidy Ellyn Peterson 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1760976245
Scott Gorham 55014, MNOrthopedic Surgery1831575299
Amanda Nikiel 93940, MNOrthopedic Surgery1487012969
Megan Alicia Alger 55102, MNOrthopedic Surgery1699110593
Katrina Kneeskern 95014, MNOrthopedic Surgery1619356409
Caitlyn Hall 05701, MNOrthopedic Surgery1700262656
Richard Vincent Ottomeyer 55025, MNOrthopedic Surgery1598752859
Ethan Blankespoor 55431, MNOrthopedic Surgery1992231732
Pamela Bloedel 55439, MNOrthopedic Surgery1447213137
Jennifer A Martin 81657, MNOrthopedic Surgery1023072188
Carron Perry 55105, MNOrthopedic Surgery1114076221
Angela E. B. Lawrence 55066, MNOrthopedic Surgery1942552534
Brandon Charles Voth 55041, MNOrthopedic Surgery1104228956
Leslie Grommersch 56001, MNOrthopedic Surgery1962865600
Jesse Scheidecker 55372, MNOrthopedic Surgery1013301514
Dawn Marie Altstatt 55102, MNOrthopedic Surgery1679542682
Aaron Bakker 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1730616095
Elliott Caponetti 92117, MNOrthopedic Surgery1083015127
Michelle Marie Greenheck 54303, MNOrthopedic Surgery1811377401
Carl Joseph Keller 55811, MNOrthopedic Surgery1871902379
Therex Rehab Specialists, Llc 55129, MNOrthopedic Surgery1629004692
Boulevard Chiropractic Clinic, P.a. 55426, MNOrthopedic Surgery1568544864
Crystal new Hope Chiropractic Clinic P.a. 55430, MNOrthopedic Surgery1568533909
Dr. Patricia L. Lawler D.c. Chartered 55114, MNOrthopedic Surgery1023164035
Professional Physical Therapy Pa 55337, MNOrthopedic Surgery1508902636
Physical Therapy Solutions, Inc 55337, MNOrthopedic Surgery1700927191
Summit Orthopedics, Ltd 55104, MNOrthopedic Surgery1477604320
Dr. Kaye B. Otter,p.a. 55431, MNOrthopedic Surgery1407079312
Lindberg Chiropractic 55420, MNOrthopedic Surgery1447440722
Elite Chiropractic Clinic Llc 55378, MNOrthopedic Surgery1053500090
Summit Orthopedics, Ltd. 55121, MNOrthopedic Surgery1225216542
Kaubisch Chiropractic, Inc. 56484, MNOrthopedic Surgery1598921751
Peter Zepelak Physical Therapy Pc 60010, MNOrthopedic Surgery1407098007
Roth Chiropractic Clinic Ltd 55731, MNOrthopedic Surgery1558631945
Litchfield Chiropractic Center Llc 55355, MNOrthopedic Surgery1639571136
Summit Orthopedics, Ltd 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1306899463
Soderberg Physical Therapy Llc 55422, MNOrthopedic Surgery1144236688
Lil Schroeder Physical Therapy 55439, MNOrthopedic Surgery1881731982
Summit Orthopedics, Ltd 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1760614242
Lewis Outpatient Physical Therapy Services 55912, MNOrthopedic Surgery1104408558
Sisu Physical Therapy 55441, MNOrthopedic Surgery1508535170
Sisu Physical Therapy Pllc 55441, MNOrthopedic Surgery1497425896
Excel Physical Therapy P.c. 56560, MNOrthopedic Surgery1225790223
Adam Ronald Burandt 55416, MNOrthopedic Surgery1205191491
Adam Nicolas Kruse 55417, MNOrthopedic Surgery1821596164
Alecia Ann Johnson 55127, MNOrthopedic Surgery1609845205
Aleksandra Siemers 55104, MNOrthopedic Surgery1346405719
Alisse Zignego 55109, MNOrthopedic Surgery1063811552
Allie Marie Hakamaki 55767, MNOrthopedic Surgery1174198170
Alyssa Boben 55901, MNOrthopedic Surgery1477082840
Amanda C Kumagai 55432, MNOrthopedic Surgery1508070905
Amanda Tuttle Thielen 55121, MNOrthopedic Surgery1265401269
Amber N Mennemeyer 55426, MNOrthopedic Surgery1760955389
Amber Marie Stitz 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1689806440
Amelia Quigley Svenningsen 55435, MNOrthopedic Surgery1639314891
Amy S Albers 55016, MNOrthopedic Surgery1194903260
Amy Lynn Phipps-poe 55616, MNOrthopedic Surgery1700922960
Andrea Price 55416, MNOrthopedic Surgery1467867010
Andrew Garth Altman 55427, MNOrthopedic Surgery1629271978
Angela Marissa O'neill 55306, MNOrthopedic Surgery1730158361
Angela Rae Scheffler 56387, MNOrthopedic Surgery1770140188
Ann Serbus Johnson 55432, MNOrthopedic Surgery1821216318
Anna Elizabeth Saul 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1619376738
Annette Louise Shirk 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1306190053
Ben Wahlquist 55369, MNOrthopedic Surgery1861053944
Benjamin Adams 55060, MNOrthopedic Surgery1154721330
Beth D. Ihry 55423, MNOrthopedic Surgery1669505343
Beth Ann Langfield 55422, MNOrthopedic Surgery1659526903
Blake Scott Buetow 55110, MNOrthopedic Surgery1811027980
Blong Bliaxa Vang 55104, MNOrthopedic Surgery1992874424
Bradley Owen Olson 55350, MNOrthopedic Surgery1659659159
Brandon Leo Strouth 56308, MNOrthopedic Surgery1235441916
Brenda Peitz Knaeble 56377, MNOrthopedic Surgery1306893177
Brian Edmonson 55431, MNOrthopedic Surgery1578850046
Brian J Gahlon 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1407341696
Brian Gary Mcquilkin 55901, MNOrthopedic Surgery1346490794
Bryan D Dejarlais 55432, MNOrthopedic Surgery1730515719
Bryan Dorn 55331, MNOrthopedic Surgery1376701250
Caleb A Anderson 55405, MNOrthopedic Surgery1497182760
Caleb Vizina 55349, MNOrthopedic Surgery1750757522
Cara Battles 55439, MNOrthopedic Surgery1770682064
Carey Liam Hintze 55905, MNOrthopedic Surgery1750631834
Carla James 55115, MNOrthopedic Surgery1649446584
Carol Jean Walters 56003, MNOrthopedic Surgery1477665701
Cassandra Donielle Erickson 55121, MNOrthopedic Surgery1417111451
Catherine Mary Boyum 55104, MNOrthopedic Surgery1891764411
Catherine Tarsney Brandt 55407, MNOrthopedic Surgery1669640918
Chad R Fait 55118, MNOrthopedic Surgery1144303454
Chad M Kofoed 55431, MNOrthopedic Surgery1841588753
Chanda D Jothen 55121, MNOrthopedic Surgery1336394634
Christine Delahunt 55305, MNOrthopedic Surgery1326447921
Christopher Peter Berchem 55016, MNOrthopedic Surgery1720111263
Christopher G Meyer 55416, MNOrthopedic Surgery1134552987
Christopher David Moldan 55108, MNOrthopedic Surgery1790948719
Christopher Louis Singer 56501, MNOrthopedic Surgery1265572127
Christopher Rodes Stone 55313, MNOrthopedic Surgery1477681070
Connor Graves 55008, MNOrthopedic Surgery1861896458
Cory Absey 55121, MNOrthopedic Surgery1881051829
Crystal Chun Jiang 55433, MNOrthopedic Surgery1750055075
Crystal Marie Luxmore 55423, MNOrthopedic Surgery1063617306
Cynthia Marie Florek 55404, MNOrthopedic Surgery1588782221
Cynthia Rae Rammpt 55126, MNOrthopedic Surgery1518095199
Dana Amthor 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1447928437
Daniel Himmerick 55344, MNOrthopedic Surgery1063932952
Daniel Kenneth Sinness 55439, MNOrthopedic Surgery1831534494
Daniel J Vanhouse 55434, MNOrthopedic Surgery1053532150
Darin Lee Haugland 55113, MNOrthopedic Surgery1598809733
David Richard Atkinson 55426, MNOrthopedic Surgery1982786190
David Bergstrom 97702, MNOrthopedic Surgery1437768306
David Lehman Tinker 55412, MNOrthopedic Surgery1538363429
Dayn Kenneth Besel 56081, MNOrthopedic Surgery1982225330
Debbie Lynn Jung 55318, MNOrthopedic Surgery1184816324
Dennis Edward Eickhoff 55388, MNOrthopedic Surgery1518902980
Derek Carl Haugen 55127, MNOrthopedic Surgery1952621534
Devin Rorabeck 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1588281760
Dianne Denise Doyle 56308, MNOrthopedic Surgery1205802139
Drew Paradis 56308, MNOrthopedic Surgery1164972576
Duylinh Pham Nguyen 55445, MNOrthopedic Surgery1083831366
Eldon Soderberg 55422, MNOrthopedic Surgery1104927169
Elizabeth C Lostetter 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1518122456
Elizabeth Ann Schroeder 55127, MNOrthopedic Surgery1952312829
Emily Joy Lili'iwailehua Deno 56474, MNOrthopedic Surgery1649638727
Emily Kubesh 55355, MNOrthopedic Surgery1306336094
Eric Frank Stokes 55337, MNOrthopedic Surgery1174906382
Eric Leigh Tessmer 55044, MNOrthopedic Surgery1982743241
Erica Lee Gustafson 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1306974597
Erica Marie Wagner 55805, MNOrthopedic Surgery1184178006
Erienne Lauersdorf 55407, MNOrthopedic Surgery1982138020
Erika Nielsen 55407, MNOrthopedic Surgery1013425420
Eva Gabriela Martinez 55441, MNOrthopedic Surgery1295131357
Evan Condry 58104, MNOrthopedic Surgery1295258382
Francis John Heller 55419, MNOrthopedic Surgery1083825715
Gary David Webskowski 55431, MNOrthopedic Surgery1164491908
Gregory John Wagman 55435, MNOrthopedic Surgery1952314379
Gus Vernon Kaubisch 56484, MNOrthopedic Surgery1730289521
Heide Sue Slinde Baker 55104, MNOrthopedic Surgery1053568634
Holly Joy Rich 55439, MNOrthopedic Surgery1518090489
Howard Woolley 55987, MNOrthopedic Surgery1508909391
Jackson Davis 27705, MNOrthopedic Surgery1750918470
Jacob Kretschmar 56288, MNOrthopedic Surgery1326309709
Jacob Allen Wendland 56537, MNOrthopedic Surgery1285975078
Jacquelyn Marie Ruen 55104, MNOrthopedic Surgery1649437013
Jake Donald Hoeppner 55901, MNOrthopedic Surgery1871847038
James R Brandt 55448, MNOrthopedic Surgery1730272899
James Michael Yares 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1528237302
Jamie Briski 55122, MNOrthopedic Surgery1174990469
Jan Hanson 55129, MNOrthopedic Surgery1073618773
Jane E Worley 54880, MNOrthopedic Surgery1952588659
Jason Cromwell 56345, MNOrthopedic Surgery1033168869
Jason Goldfarb 55431, MNOrthopedic Surgery1235574682
Jayne Ellen Long 55441, MNOrthopedic Surgery1093848996
Jeannine Voshell 55105, MNOrthopedic Surgery1396878427
Jeffrey Allen Ewald 55431, MNOrthopedic Surgery1285898767
Jeffrey W Falk 55060, MNOrthopedic Surgery1083708705
Jennifer Susan Blade 55127, MNOrthopedic Surgery1568873933
Jennifer Kim Haber 55407, MNOrthopedic Surgery1508011834
Jennifer L Hansen 55318, MNOrthopedic Surgery1245385012
Jennifer Lonetti 55130, MNOrthopedic Surgery1902251325
Jennifer Kathryn Nelson 55121, MNOrthopedic Surgery1174581755
Jeremy Tan 55431, MNOrthopedic Surgery1245837889
Jessica A Haupt 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1548284862
Jessica Pawlik 55446, MNOrthopedic Surgery1952719296
Jessica Susanne Solfest 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1730641887
Jill M Newbauer 55439, MNOrthopedic Surgery1861666984
Jill Kathryn Tacl 55901, MNOrthopedic Surgery1528414323
Joan Marie Kopacz 55901, MNOrthopedic Surgery1801074828
Joel Allen Bengtson 55104, MNOrthopedic Surgery1932178563
Joel Lee Lancaster 55435, MNOrthopedic Surgery1144339680
John E Amundson 56308, MNOrthopedic Surgery1124431481
John A Gergen 55433, MNOrthopedic Surgery1619926912
John Stanley Hadro 55021, MNOrthopedic Surgery1316464118
John F Hoops 55102, MNOrthopedic Surgery1447418207
John David Reid 55906, MNOrthopedic Surgery1205911294
John Wayne Samuelson 55705, MNOrthopedic Surgery1275617128
Jordan Litschewski 55109, MNOrthopedic Surgery1912571100
Joseph Paul Steingraeber 55102, MNOrthopedic Surgery1851584122
Joshua Speckman 55122, MNOrthopedic Surgery1629558408
Justin Kyle Blood 55126, MNOrthopedic Surgery1295863934
Kaitlyn Marie Burley 55446, MNOrthopedic Surgery1740825991
Karen Elizabeth Edmonson 55433, MNOrthopedic Surgery1144517509
Karen J Higgins 55433, MNOrthopedic Surgery1003044967
Kari Marie Asfahl 55407, MNOrthopedic Surgery1689233843
Karmen Rae Dezeeuw 55369, MNOrthopedic Surgery1497150395
Katelyn M Bauer 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1447488044
Katelynn Ann Strelow 55102, MNOrthopedic Surgery1891273066
Katherine Thompson 55422, MNOrthopedic Surgery1720557390
Kathie Kay Hixon-smith 55113, MNOrthopedic Surgery1639628902
Kathryn T Maloney 55125, MNOrthopedic Surgery1770795601
Kathryn Herzog Olson 55432, MNOrthopedic Surgery1871712133
Katie Larson 55720, MNOrthopedic Surgery1265930325
Kayla Calhoun 55407, MNOrthopedic Surgery1760011837
Kayla Pat Kramer 55901, MNOrthopedic Surgery1750939492
Keisha N Sollie 56387, MNOrthopedic Surgery1689050973
Keith Henry Diers 55301, MNOrthopedic Surgery1184073157
Keith Raymond Kamrath 55350, MNOrthopedic Surgery1457357782
Kelly Bonde 55349, MNOrthopedic Surgery1851064257
Kelly Rettman 55404, MNOrthopedic Surgery1356962708


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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