Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Missouri

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Missouri:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kyle Weindel 63031, MOOrthopedic Surgery1760825848
Carissa Michelle Parker 64081, MOOrthopedic Surgery1194166116
Jarrod Lummis 97301, MOOrthopedic Surgery1194098517
Tara Renee Dominguez 66214, MOOrthopedic Surgery1346497534
Shawna Renee Townsend 65807, MOOrthopedic Surgery1780894733
Integrated Medicine And Chiropractic Regeneration Center O 63017, MOOrthopedic Surgery1306203096
Morgan Ashley O'brien 34684, MOOrthopedic Surgery1821580846
The Physical Therapy Center, Inc. 63128, MOOrthopedic Surgery1902851884
First Choice Physical Therapy Of Hannibal, Llc 63401, MOOrthopedic Surgery1871601088
Manual Therapy Specialists, Llc 63005, MOOrthopedic Surgery1073753232
Mts olivette, Llc 63132, MOOrthopedic Surgery1144460304
Chiropractic Centre Of Crestwood Inc. 63126, MOOrthopedic Surgery1821363037
Broadway Ergonomics, Llc 65203, MOOrthopedic Surgery1982959011
Race Stl Llc 63143, MOOrthopedic Surgery1023361169
Hoffman Family Chiropractic Center Llc 63376, MOOrthopedic Surgery1093150930
Dr Kisha Hamilton Llc 65804, MOOrthopedic Surgery1518393529
Gerald B. Vanden Hoek D/b/a Medical Alternatives Of Missouri 63144, MOOrthopedic Surgery1912246950
Sports Enhancement Group, Llc 63005, MOOrthopedic Surgery1548275316
South St. Louis Rehab Institute, Inc. 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1164538716
Wilmington Clinic D.c., P.c. 63123, MOOrthopedic Surgery1386852481
Junction Bracing & Pt 63052, MOOrthopedic Surgery1801419601
Juul Spine & Sport Chiropractic, Llc. 65018, MOOrthopedic Surgery1780265058
Aaron Kranz 64068, MOOrthopedic Surgery1720464514
Aaron Michael Mcbride 63122, MOOrthopedic Surgery1326184847
Abbey Elizabeth Gebhardt 64057, MOOrthopedic Surgery1740701309
Adam Sparks 63383, MOOrthopedic Surgery1063059780
Alexa Burtnett 63303, MOOrthopedic Surgery1134606239
Alexander Ervin 64081, MOOrthopedic Surgery1497362412
Allen Weeks 53215, MOOrthopedic Surgery1407300742
Amy Lynn Heggemann 63385, MOOrthopedic Surgery1003929951
Andrew Lollar 63368, MOOrthopedic Surgery1972027910
Angela Kay Callicott 64014, MOOrthopedic Surgery1669651923
Angela Renee Diebal-lee 65473, MOOrthopedic Surgery1235296112
Angela C Kreher 63110, MOOrthopedic Surgery1457378267
Ann Marcolina Hayes 63103, MOOrthopedic Surgery1780652412
Anna-katherine Blair 63136, MOOrthopedic Surgery1013027549
Annie Parise 64128, MOOrthopedic Surgery1467815803
Barbara Yusen 63117, MOOrthopedic Surgery1366925596
Barry Oppenheimer, Llc 64116, MOOrthopedic Surgery1881750990
Biagio D. Mazza 64145, MOOrthopedic Surgery1750457537
Bradley L. Allison 63368, MOOrthopedic Surgery1487902060
Bradley Christian Morr 63640, MOOrthopedic Surgery1073012316
Brandi Dorton 64108, MOOrthopedic Surgery1710118260
Brandon Allen Lane 65802, MOOrthopedic Surgery1396367264
Brandon M Poole 65807, MOOrthopedic Surgery1316567571
Brendan Lee Thompson 63144, MOOrthopedic Surgery1922605591
Bret Sheridan Derrick 65203, MOOrthopedic Surgery1861699639
Brittany Hogan 63368, MOOrthopedic Surgery1639618457
Carly Michelle Machacek 64057, MOOrthopedic Surgery1700446721
Caroline M Jaycox 63368, MOOrthopedic Surgery1881934651
Caymen Abbey Menard 80229, MOOrthopedic Surgery1679245450
Chad William Jackson 64468, MOOrthopedic Surgery1710177142
Charlotte Denise Bess 63144, MOOrthopedic Surgery1821390915
Christine M Woerther 63128, MOOrthopedic Surgery1063469898
Christopher J. Tabor 63128, MOOrthopedic Surgery1164479994
Courtney Bates 63136, MOOrthopedic Surgery1437484482
David Cranston 65101, MOOrthopedic Surgery1750691143
Devon Justine Knapp 63366, MOOrthopedic Surgery1871143552
Dipti P Patel 65203, MOOrthopedic Surgery1619226131
Elizabeth Louise Blair 64111, MOOrthopedic Surgery1629139688
Elizabeth Ann Godsey 64147, MOOrthopedic Surgery1902925027
Elizabeth Emily Painter 65473, MOOrthopedic Surgery1154338978
Emily May 63136, MOOrthopedic Surgery1790063642
Eric Siesener 63010, MOOrthopedic Surgery1568952067
Gary A. Kurtz 64772, MOOrthopedic Surgery1346287257
Gavyn Eugene Prsha 63367, MOOrthopedic Surgery1831865914
Gretchen Stein 98272, MOOrthopedic Surgery1508475674
Haley Burnside 64093, MOOrthopedic Surgery1710310453
Hassan R Jafri 63103, MOOrthopedic Surgery1194067116
Howard James Chapel 63017, MOOrthopedic Surgery1033287032
Jacqueline Jimenez 64063, MOOrthopedic Surgery1144980319
Jacqueline Lee Welkener 63122, MOOrthopedic Surgery1396059176
Jailynn Nicole Francisco 63401, MOOrthopedic Surgery1104136027
Janet Marie Parrin 63110, MOOrthopedic Surgery1295908887
Janet G Vanderbeck 63136, MOOrthopedic Surgery1790895266
Jean Stiles 63011, MOOrthopedic Surgery1417518655
Jeffrey T Pelizzaro 63131, MOOrthopedic Surgery1245285998
Jenna Marie Hagedorn 63119, MOOrthopedic Surgery1861633521
Jennifer Suzanne Ward 65807, MOOrthopedic Surgery1043848427
Jessica A Sebben 63128, MOOrthopedic Surgery1134176290
Jimmie L Douglass 64850, MOOrthopedic Surgery1861679383
Jodi Maram 63131, MOOrthopedic Surgery1194754812
Jodi Otis 63131, MOOrthopedic Surgery1700811130
John M Mcaward 81301, MOOrthopedic Surgery1861490112
John Robert Motley 63031, MOOrthopedic Surgery1861450306
Jolene A. Vollmer 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1265523534
Jonathan T Hitt 65203, MOOrthopedic Surgery1467780049
Joseph Dalton Baker 63103, MOOrthopedic Surgery1831670504
Joseph Woodrow Harszy 63011, MOOrthopedic Surgery1841346996
Joseph Seyforth 66226, MOOrthopedic Surgery1306290119
Julie A Drafall 63132, MOOrthopedic Surgery1821189184
Julie Jimerson-williams 64057, MOOrthopedic Surgery1295844488
Julie Anne Koirtyohann 63090, MOOrthopedic Surgery1467730762
Julie C Ramos 63128, MOOrthopedic Surgery1104873926
Julie R Zaber 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1396836672
Justin Michael Hoffman 63376, MOOrthopedic Surgery1437491636
Kathleen Korona 63106, MOOrthopedic Surgery1033525076
Kathleen M Monzyk 63031, MOOrthopedic Surgery1093745507
Kathleen M Saldana 63011, MOOrthopedic Surgery1700996261
Katie Porter Schaal 63703, MOOrthopedic Surgery1447522065
Katie Weinrich 63010, MOOrthopedic Surgery1295349520
Kelly Alan Coleman 65804, MOOrthopedic Surgery1982863353
Kelly L Johnston 63131, MOOrthopedic Surgery1528013265
Kesia Danner-bowman 65807, MOOrthopedic Surgery1336426386
Kevin E. Baker 65473, MOOrthopedic Surgery1447567474
Kevin Patrick Doherty 63005, MOOrthopedic Surgery1336180249
Kristi M Johnson 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1083672521
Kristi Schroeder 88001, MOOrthopedic Surgery1205842937
Kristin Marie Hickman 64111, MOOrthopedic Surgery1093237380
Kristin Rasure 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1285794123
Kristina M Higgins 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1053402396
Lana Kay Foust 64109, MOOrthopedic Surgery1700396298
Larry Dean Skeen 65706, MOOrthopedic Surgery1922629260
Lauren Elizabeth Luthans 63389, MOOrthopedic Surgery1972864577
Lesley Anne Turner 63461, MOOrthopedic Surgery1063648798
Liam Mahoney 65203, MOOrthopedic Surgery1386953008
Lillian Lee Avner 64133, MOOrthopedic Surgery1598814832
Linda L Rueschhoff 63131, MOOrthopedic Surgery1932166022
Linda M Tackes 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1245321504
Lisa Hope Jain 63119, MOOrthopedic Surgery1962635326
Lori K Miller 64030, MOOrthopedic Surgery1396855748
Madalyn Aubuchon 63126, MOOrthopedic Surgery1558020230
Margaret Bauman 63011, MOOrthopedic Surgery1609286525
Mariah E Jones 64145, MOOrthopedic Surgery1811193543
Marie T. Mccloskey 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1295826543
Mark Andrew Callanan 64081, MOOrthopedic Surgery1518122654
Mark Gerard Smith 63901, MOOrthopedic Surgery1730586777
Mark L Vandersnick 65807, MOOrthopedic Surgery1992326193
Matthew Mcfarland 65775, MOOrthopedic Surgery1912329897
Maureen Ackels 63110, MOOrthopedic Surgery1902488836
Meredith Huffman 63042, MOOrthopedic Surgery1144602210
Michael Joseph Fiscella 63111, MOOrthopedic Surgery1548295215
Michael F Frossard 65203, MOOrthopedic Surgery1831408673
Michael J Heinz 64086, MOOrthopedic Surgery1609984061
Michael T Himmelman 63901, MOOrthopedic Surgery1932316940
Michael Marker 64137, MOOrthopedic Surgery1861692261
Michael Anthony Schmidt 63131, MOOrthopedic Surgery1336194083
Michael Alexander Wilshusen 65066, MOOrthopedic Surgery1760079958
Mika Allen Lockridge 64012, MOOrthopedic Surgery1669527321
Misty Brooks 64093, MOOrthopedic Surgery1588093306
Neha Sanjay Kotkar 63368, MOOrthopedic Surgery1134865058
Nicholas Tanner 63130, MOOrthopedic Surgery1033784210
Nicole Katherine Reinhardt 63005, MOOrthopedic Surgery1629626189
Ogoluwakitan Cal Lawanson 30327, MOOrthopedic Surgery1003484684
Paige Buffington 63044, MOOrthopedic Surgery1043689722
Patnakon Kevin Sonthana 64081, MOOrthopedic Surgery1023499118
Paul Byrum 65775, MOOrthopedic Surgery1093122657
Paul G Jenkins 63110, MOOrthopedic Surgery1528311503
Richard Dean Maas 65807, MOOrthopedic Surgery1124656574
Rick Folten 66204, MOOrthopedic Surgery1124622386
Robert Brent Doss 65807, MOOrthopedic Surgery1265053276
Robert William Horstman 63126, MOOrthopedic Surgery1609203686
Rocky Allen Sell 64086, MOOrthopedic Surgery1649919960
Ronald James Manfredi 64133, MOOrthopedic Surgery1992838775
Ronald Lee Sapp 65807, MOOrthopedic Surgery1043831381
Rosemary May Doss 63366, MOOrthopedic Surgery1316138365
Ryan K Noirfalise 63005, MOOrthopedic Surgery1992730584
Ryan Mcneil Proffit 65305, MOOrthopedic Surgery1720218381
Ryan Andrew Schaal 63703, MOOrthopedic Surgery1356848873
Sally K Adams 65711, MOOrthopedic Surgery1598859688
Samantha R Porter 63131, MOOrthopedic Surgery1003589318
Sandra Kay Huffman 63125, MOOrthopedic Surgery1679740971
Sarah Elizabeth Frank 64014, MOOrthopedic Surgery1699865089
Sarah Kealey Haeusser 63304, MOOrthopedic Surgery1942547716
Sarah Marie Lajeuness 63010, MOOrthopedic Surgery1144748708
Sarah Carroll Poulos 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1538472386
Scott Lawrence Jones 64114, MOOrthopedic Surgery1003271487
Scott Peters 64116, MOOrthopedic Surgery1184768335
Shane Michael Lawler 63376, MOOrthopedic Surgery1528013398
Sharon L. Fitelson 63117, MOOrthopedic Surgery1548397482
Shawn A King 63042, MOOrthopedic Surgery1366908675
Sheri L Naumann 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1891886149
Stephanie M Nicholson 64145, MOOrthopedic Surgery1427211291
Stephen M Douglas 63005, MOOrthopedic Surgery1417976044
Steve Middleton 62901, MOOrthopedic Surgery1013142884
Sue L Carron 63141, MOOrthopedic Surgery1447329156
Tanner J Vinson 64154, MOOrthopedic Surgery1639648181
Terri M Schulenberg 63122, MOOrthopedic Surgery1578877403
Terry Cox 65804, MOOrthopedic Surgery1497978431
Tessa Fate 63025, MOOrthopedic Surgery1356821045
Theodore P Yemm 63119, MOOrthopedic Surgery1417048794
Tonya Renae Clines 65807, MOOrthopedic Surgery1700414869
Trent Allen Nichol 66207, MOOrthopedic Surgery1366972937
Trina A Hermann 65212, MOOrthopedic Surgery1982195947
Trish Ellen Olaughlin 63017, MOOrthopedic Surgery1730559436
Tyler Anderson 64057, MOOrthopedic Surgery1992144422
Vanessa Winters 66217, MOOrthopedic Surgery1942649280
Whitney Korgan 63144, MOOrthopedic Surgery1124785597
William Jason Gearhart 64108, MOOrthopedic Surgery1558770669
Zachary T Winchester 63010, MOOrthopedic Surgery1982125944


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