Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David F Arpin 28704, NCOrthopedic Surgery1598768533
Emily Repanich Wegmann 27612, NCOrthopedic Surgery1679572408
Valerie Ashburn 28204, NCOrthopedic Surgery1659741528
Christopher Torres 28054, NCOrthopedic Surgery1720075302
Scott Thomas Beecher 28025, NCOrthopedic Surgery1578552956
Laura Elizabeth Hudak 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1477543049
Kenneth P Stack 27603, NCOrthopedic Surgery1346230489
Mindy L Blitzer 28277, NCOrthopedic Surgery1093798605
Demian Luis Gutierrez 28207, NCOrthopedic Surgery1235112756
Jerome Abbott Isear 28403, NCOrthopedic Surgery1548243074
Dianne Ruth Jackson 28203, NCOrthopedic Surgery1255314787
Jeremy C Phipps 28207, NCOrthopedic Surgery1457335879
Molly Dudick 28105, NCOrthopedic Surgery1326022716
Paul E Ashby 28207, NCOrthopedic Surgery1770567141
Rayanne Hitzeman 28105, NCOrthopedic Surgery1942284351
Susan Kitchens Wolding 28036, NCOrthopedic Surgery1326022633
Rhonda Sue Maloney 28277, NCOrthopedic Surgery1568446680
John Lytle Colville 28262, NCOrthopedic Surgery1497739783
George O'neil Hebert 28262, NCOrthopedic Surgery1629052824
Alicia Marblo Mcmasters 28262, NCOrthopedic Surgery1699759811
Jason Arthur Mcdowell 28211, NCOrthopedic Surgery1295719425
David Scott Weed 28210, NCOrthopedic Surgery1245214527
Thomas Frederic Quine 28203, NCOrthopedic Surgery1154305217
Carol Myrtle Green 28211, NCOrthopedic Surgery1326022344
Christopher Cyril Gabriel 28277, NCOrthopedic Surgery1073597779
Alec Khlebopros 28273, NCOrthopedic Surgery1205811213
Anthony Wayne Hamm 27534, NCOrthopedic Surgery1467438416
Cynthia Lassiter Murphy 28401, NCOrthopedic Surgery1144207341
Jonathan Michael Weinberg 27565, NCOrthopedic Surgery1124005434
Terrence Allen Kramer 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1720065881
Ronald Ernest Cohn 28697, NCOrthopedic Surgery1841278199
Thomas Robert Clinton 28105, NCOrthopedic Surgery1558344036
Jennifer Sue Kane 28210, NCOrthopedic Surgery1881677375
Thomas S Campion 28226, NCOrthopedic Surgery1255310793
Daniel Millard Jayne 28310, NCOrthopedic Surgery1427021179
Kristin Vernice Lloyd 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1023083003
Melissa Dawn Burgemeister 27103, NCOrthopedic Surgery1548235658
Linda Leigh Ashley Spear 28310, NCOrthopedic Surgery1639146988
Mary Catherine Hannah 28310, NCOrthopedic Surgery1790752046
Kimberly Ann Chesher 28310, NCOrthopedic Surgery1740257096
Andrew Dwight Contreras 28310, NCOrthopedic Surgery1043287394
Sheila Marie Gallagher-whitlock 27587, NCOrthopedic Surgery1447227681
June Thomas Callender 28262, NCOrthopedic Surgery1972571859
Meryl W. Freeman 27607, NCOrthopedic Surgery1669431839
Charles Zachary Sheets 27565, NCOrthopedic Surgery1033179601
Timothy Lamont Dalton 27520, NCOrthopedic Surgery1013979574
Paul C Weiss 27410, NCOrthopedic Surgery1598728610
Bryan Eugene Brandon 27006, NCOrthopedic Surgery1922062165
Anita Gayle Fleming 28557, NCOrthopedic Surgery1790742583
David Earl Parker 27514, NCOrthopedic Surgery1235188509
Adam W Stickley 28025, NCOrthopedic Surgery1407807597
Sangini N Rane 27502, NCOrthopedic Surgery1306898978
Kristel V Maes 27517, NCOrthopedic Surgery1013969476
Courtney Fletcher 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1003228081
David James Lawton 28262, NCOrthopedic Surgery1679032866
Jonathan L Huffman 28645, NCOrthopedic Surgery1831143783
Marc Pappalardo 27609, NCOrthopedic Surgery1538106109
Joyce Zaine Kight 28226, NCOrthopedic Surgery1629013909
Kevin Holden Calkins 27705, NCOrthopedic Surgery1679518740
Ronald Steven Demars 27455, NCOrthopedic Surgery1639105547
Joy Mccabe Pfuhl 28226, NCOrthopedic Surgery1144256769
Francine J Massa 27514, NCOrthopedic Surgery1861423089
Kenneth Spores 27510, NCOrthopedic Surgery1275564429
Alberta Lui Mckinney 27614, NCOrthopedic Surgery1922431717
Andrew J Ready 27540, NCOrthopedic Surgery1740215342
Bruce Buley 27514, NCOrthopedic Surgery1003834912
Jacob Thorp 27834, NCOrthopedic Surgery1962426858
Christopher John Kosobucki 27713, NCOrthopedic Surgery1538182977
Steven John Brodar 27292, NCOrthopedic Surgery1346264173
Noreen Therease Long 28711, NCOrthopedic Surgery1144237611
Nancy Louise Reynolds 27517, NCOrthopedic Surgery1679582704
Vickie Faye Samuels 28803, NCOrthopedic Surgery1578573135
Jack Wayne Forehand 28806, NCOrthopedic Surgery1477563062
Gregory W Flowers 28803, NCOrthopedic Surgery1154331866
Kevin Joseph Cleary 27006, NCOrthopedic Surgery1891809570
Frederick B Ireland 28451, NCOrthopedic Surgery1386659969
Ryan Anthony Tauzell 24348, NCOrthopedic Surgery1164434007
Cory Aaron Alcon 27103, NCOrthopedic Surgery1013483015
Phillip D Rolfe 27612, NCOrthopedic Surgery1568564623
Douglas Franklin Stewart 27893, NCOrthopedic Surgery1558469585
Florence Cottrell Moses 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1467553396
Jason Gary Harloff 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1629179841
Jennifer Ann Horay 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1376644633
Claire Elizabeth Little 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1790876969
Brianne Joy Tonker 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1306937594
Thomas P Scannell 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1508957598
Brent Howard Young 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1780775296
Robynn Christine Wilhelmi 27607, NCOrthopedic Surgery1285725572
Aart Klaas Schulenklopper 27408, NCOrthopedic Surgery1942393228
Kevin O Mcalister 28712, NCOrthopedic Surgery1538253562
Ashley Pace Harrington 28461, NCOrthopedic Surgery1386730521
Doris Elisabeth Wiese 28277, NCOrthopedic Surgery1720160856
Konrad John Weatherhogg 28056, NCOrthopedic Surgery1487737292
Donna Marie Goodwin 28262, NCOrthopedic Surgery1821172206
Jeffrey James Faulk 28677, NCOrthopedic Surgery1235214180
Suzanne Marie Sadusky 28078, NCOrthopedic Surgery1073691291
Amanda Niles Baker 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1669573945
Todd Allen Watson 28715, NCOrthopedic Surgery1942389861
Joel Cabrera 27511, NCOrthopedic Surgery1386721132
Digby Watt 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1427137124
Matthew Thomas Webb 27502, NCOrthopedic Surgery1548351596
Christian Donald Burley 28043, NCOrthopedic Surgery1962589119
Mark Kevern 28704, NCOrthopedic Surgery1497850465
Jennifer Frey Zvanut 28012, NCOrthopedic Surgery1710058854
Franklin Simpson Fisher 28540, NCOrthopedic Surgery1518038322
Michele Lee Boudreau 28012, NCOrthopedic Surgery1891866315
Corey Alexander May 28216, NCOrthopedic Surgery1508938598
Nancy Lynne Teich 28310, NCOrthopedic Surgery1699848010
Kenneth M Lommel 27344, NCOrthopedic Surgery1689741274
Carrie Ann Rubertino Shearer 27599, NCOrthopedic Surgery1356419360
James Robert Farmer 28681, NCOrthopedic Surgery1447311568
Donald Dean Dowdy 27958, NCOrthopedic Surgery1144377227
Brittiany L Allen 28461, NCOrthopedic Surgery1447306139
Anthony R Markham 28462, NCOrthopedic Surgery1659427359
Joseph Samuel Rattien 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1881734127
Rachel Sellinger Nixon 27607, NCOrthopedic Surgery1346378916
Linda K S Roberson 27893, NCOrthopedic Surgery1912038209
Annalarsa Walker Russ 28655, NCOrthopedic Surgery1649325176
Grace Tang 27560, NCOrthopedic Surgery1720127277
Jennifer Lynn Catalfano 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1548396286
Steven Niles Mack 28803, NCOrthopedic Surgery1780741421
Lisa D'oria 28461, NCOrthopedic Surgery1972666303
John Russell Lawrimore 28601, NCOrthopedic Surgery1861513723
Nancy Hunter Hosterman 28601, NCOrthopedic Surgery1720205164
Cynthia Hackler Began 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1891917423
Kerri Lynn Cleaver 27607, NCOrthopedic Surgery1073727913
Christine S. Sedei 27609, NCOrthopedic Surgery1912115502
Mark Alan Castleberry 27292, NCOrthopedic Surgery1427266709
Elizabeth Henry 28405, NCOrthopedic Surgery1639388259
Eric Jonathan Lahue 28801, NCOrthopedic Surgery1205046018
Melissa Lynn Bieber 27614, NCOrthopedic Surgery1336341262
Thomas A Hendricks 27577, NCOrthopedic Surgery1801090428
Roger W Szymczyk 28054, NCOrthopedic Surgery1467652248
Peter Charles Barusic 27408, NCOrthopedic Surgery1902096357
Paul A Salamh 27609, NCOrthopedic Surgery1265625982
Kimberly A Welch 28211, NCOrthopedic Surgery1184818320
Noah T Zacharko 28105, NCOrthopedic Surgery1902090673
Laura Griffin Schiener 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1073700340
Douglas Troy Scarborough 28721, NCOrthopedic Surgery1205023272
John Wright Goodrich 28607, NCOrthopedic Surgery1558550947
Seth Jason Fibraio 28704, NCOrthopedic Surgery1356530661
Ashley L. Leroy 28711, NCOrthopedic Surgery1720267883
Sara Elizabeth Weisner 28203, NCOrthopedic Surgery1225219546
Angela Balzotti Regner 28269, NCOrthopedic Surgery1255512497
Sean Thomas Nixon 27526, NCOrthopedic Surgery1023290079
Stephen D Saunders 27573, NCOrthopedic Surgery1982887808
Mack Herron King 28205, NCOrthopedic Surgery1285810044
Scott A. Lutz 28461, NCOrthopedic Surgery1386821353
Stephen D Penrod 27263, NCOrthopedic Surgery1346418563
Michael James Hoy 28078, NCOrthopedic Surgery1821267188
Subhashini Peddireddi Sharma 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1477725877
Courtney Neupert 27510, NCOrthopedic Surgery1285806588
Jeffrey Todd Herbst 27610, NCOrthopedic Surgery1336314053
Emily Jane Bjornstad 02842, NCOrthopedic Surgery1427274034
Timothy R. Mertz 33446, NCOrthopedic Surgery1942329925
Todd A Telemeco 28304, NCOrthopedic Surgery1467656744
Virginia F. Dula 28327, NCOrthopedic Surgery1225230709
Peter Friesen 27545, NCOrthopedic Surgery1720592686
Miranda Leigh Bunge 27103, NCOrthopedic Surgery1962651158
Patricia L Brostrom 28803, NCOrthopedic Surgery1336399120
Maggi Reeves Scheewe 28803, NCOrthopedic Surgery1700038171
Kimberly Ann Franklin 27518, NCOrthopedic Surgery1548412661
Rebecca Coburn Glendy 27609, NCOrthopedic Surgery1225281116
Megan Cebina 27609, NCOrthopedic Surgery1730328626
Melissa Rose Dupree 28273, NCOrthopedic Surgery1013141647
Melanie Diane Berry 28226, NCOrthopedic Surgery1508093279
Tricia Ann Delp 28451, NCOrthopedic Surgery1982833984
Shruti Arya 27278, NCOrthopedic Surgery1407088552
Jean Alice Masse 27514, NCOrthopedic Surgery1619202637
Jeneane Franks Bowers 28207, NCOrthopedic Surgery1659606432
Karen K Smith 27511, NCOrthopedic Surgery1558698019
Diana Moreno 28147, NCOrthopedic Surgery1598092918
William Brent Henderly 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1558691097
Christopher D Runkle 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1245561356
Alma Furst 27502, NCOrthopedic Surgery1841501780
Marci Elizabeth Siebeking 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1851600654
Taylor Bennett Pope 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1326357047
Catelyn S King 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1558671412
Heather Buckley Landry 28602, NCOrthopedic Surgery1528378171
Meredith Eryn Finn 28025, NCOrthopedic Surgery1699076919
Anthony Stilz 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1114228566
Bonnie Heather Craig 28803, NCOrthopedic Surgery1326330788
Jonathan H Cole 28374, NCOrthopedic Surgery1629364872
Adam Dale Bridges 28785, NCOrthopedic Surgery1710269790
Matthew Wilkinson 27513, NCOrthopedic Surgery1043596950
Lori K Apple 27103, NCOrthopedic Surgery1164709887
Keri Ann Bruno 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1164799078
Brett Edward Rudolph 28803, NCOrthopedic Surgery1306113220
Kenneth Allen Lynnes 27518, NCOrthopedic Surgery1235408634
Lyndsey Elkins 27502, NCOrthopedic Surgery1790051787
Jamica Wilkerson Mcclammy 27577, NCOrthopedic Surgery1619120508
Chloe J Schuetz 27529, NCOrthopedic Surgery1114206265
Kyle Lee Cooper 27517, NCOrthopedic Surgery1629341698
Jessica Pearce Grochowsky 28704, NCOrthopedic Surgery1972809143
Philip Andrew Caraher 27514, NCOrthopedic Surgery1508006644
Charles Benjamin Jones 27615, NCOrthopedic Surgery1700195211
Traci Marlene Little 27215, NCOrthopedic Surgery1437424868
Sarah Thompson Ihnat 28451, NCOrthopedic Surgery1023304698
Monica Austin 27703, NCOrthopedic Surgery1750890802
Madalyn Clair File 27804, NCOrthopedic Surgery1770099707


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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