Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shore Orthopedic & Athletic Rehabilitation, Pa 08750, NJOrthopedic Surgery1336145283
Wendy Haberman-johnson 07430, NJOrthopedic Surgery1043217649
Sue Dalrymple 08750, NJOrthopedic Surgery1376540948
Carol Lynne Stratton 08043, NJOrthopedic Surgery1306841846
Nicolas Froio 08750, NJOrthopedic Surgery1396742987
Keith Montecalvo 08750, NJOrthopedic Surgery1669479259
Anne Mcdonald 07039, NJOrthopedic Surgery1295732881
Jeffrey Snyder 08750, NJOrthopedic Surgery1144227505
Mark Zientek 07065, NJOrthopedic Surgery1972500379
Jeffrey M. Singer 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1942207915
Peter J. Haigney 07042, NJOrthopedic Surgery1982601845
Christopher Armstrong Levan 08080, NJOrthopedic Surgery1750389722
Herbert Charles Ruth 07701, NJOrthopedic Surgery1942200423
John Bartley Martinez 07960, NJOrthopedic Surgery1669472353
Shore Spine & Sport Physical Therapy, Llc 08750, NJOrthopedic Surgery1851382386
Paul Gregory Vidal 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1376524173
Jacquelyn Armena Hajinian 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1659354421
Lawrence Segui Ramiscal 08016, NJOrthopedic Surgery1124001870
Anthony Carusone 07066, NJOrthopedic Surgery1922086891
Marco Michael Bruno 07009, NJOrthopedic Surgery1851379804
Diana Barbara Singer 07652, NJOrthopedic Surgery1811976467
Shore Wellness Center, Inc. 07755, NJOrthopedic Surgery1225018617
Matthew K Riordan 07940, NJOrthopedic Surgery1205816535
Peter S Barnett 07009, NJOrthopedic Surgery1194795054
Ec Kintetic Physical Therapy Llc 07054, NJOrthopedic Surgery1457893372
Carlos R Rangel 07009, NJOrthopedic Surgery1538139084
Ronald L. Glover 08242, NJOrthopedic Surgery1902876295
James W. Standish 08204, NJOrthopedic Surgery1710950233
Joseph Christopher Whelan 07090, NJOrthopedic Surgery1780658526
Katie Im 08820, NJOrthopedic Surgery1871561753
Jennifer Lauren Laser 08077, NJOrthopedic Surgery1457310278
Taylor Mayweather 19119, NJOrthopedic Surgery1821554775
Karen Pollak 07728, NJOrthopedic Surgery1740240605
Kelly Scott Kover 08054, NJOrthopedic Surgery1962462473
Atlantic Physical Therapy Center 08755, NJOrthopedic Surgery1801857917
Marc Francis Riccardi 07920, NJOrthopedic Surgery1023071982
Cape Atlantic Physical Therapy,pa 08221, NJOrthopedic Surgery1720043474
Monica Janel Scott 08096, NJOrthopedic Surgery1518922210
Kim P Glassey 08221, NJOrthopedic Surgery1760447007
Connie L Kelly 08221, NJOrthopedic Surgery1578528741
Elizabeth J Connelly-platanella 08221, NJOrthopedic Surgery1295790467
Jeffery Ryan Sallade 08088, NJOrthopedic Surgery1326003526
Jennifer Rae-ann Charron 07927, NJOrthopedic Surgery1689639718
Walter A Zaulyczny 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1669438255
Hopewell Physical Therapy Inc 08534, NJOrthopedic Surgery1881650224
Kevin Lee Laser 08083, NJOrthopedic Surgery1780641340
Patrick Dustin Collier 07801, NJOrthopedic Surgery1730146333
Bhumika M Patel 08048, NJOrthopedic Surgery1255399259
Timothy L Ainslie 08540, NJOrthopedic Surgery1124086657
Glenn David Prettitore 07452, NJOrthopedic Surgery1083663926
Julie Chita 07631, NJOrthopedic Surgery1225080294
Charles Dennison Curtis 07739, NJOrthopedic Surgery1083667547
Crest Sports Trng Phyl Thpy 08736, NJOrthopedic Surgery1588618177
Reena Sehgal 08817, NJOrthopedic Surgery1689628281
Sara Jane Moffei 08028, NJOrthopedic Surgery1700336906
Berkeley Heights Physical Therapy, Llc 07922, NJOrthopedic Surgery1134181209
Nicola A Owen 08225, NJOrthopedic Surgery1366407611
Mark William Butler 08055, NJOrthopedic Surgery1013961341
Catherine E Laico 07442, NJOrthopedic Surgery1326093949
Rita Amin 08608, NJOrthopedic Surgery1356397319
Eileen Mcclaskey 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1750337127
Grace Davenport 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1649226010
Dennis Sanchez 10603, NJOrthopedic Surgery1942257753
Barry G Inglett 07442, NJOrthopedic Surgery1578510020
Lyudmila Svetnikova 07039, NJOrthopedic Surgery1265473615
Susan Rele 07092, NJOrthopedic Surgery1881637668
Gary Allan Shiffman 07430, NJOrthopedic Surgery1629011317
Alliance Healthcare Services, Llc 07730, NJOrthopedic Surgery1588607832
Debra Ann Keating 08736, NJOrthopedic Surgery1265475529
Jeffrey H Altman 07646, NJOrthopedic Surgery1194769505
John W Graham 08096, NJOrthopedic Surgery1821032095
Albert Campana 08005, NJOrthopedic Surgery1851335020
Markian L Sonevytsky 08859, NJOrthopedic Surgery1831134634
Nezyl A Adolfo-sindiong 07631, NJOrthopedic Surgery1356377063
Neil Michael Santos 07666, NJOrthopedic Surgery1598791998
Mary Grace Fondevilla Sembrano 08701, NJOrthopedic Surgery1851327258
Edmundo Rey Sanglay 07631, NJOrthopedic Surgery1740216142
Anna-dahlia M Quintos 07052, NJOrthopedic Surgery1821024225
Jodie J Du 07666, NJOrthopedic Surgery1740216019
Jacquelyn T Te 07631, NJOrthopedic Surgery1700812070
Michael Nicholas Mastoris 08520, NJOrthopedic Surgery1326075987
Marie Karen Ferrer 07666, NJOrthopedic Surgery1598793358
Sudhir Vyankatrao Tawalare 10965, NJOrthopedic Surgery1871529701
Northeast Rehabilitation, Inc. 10965, NJOrthopedic Surgery1447286349
Harry B Schick 08904, NJOrthopedic Surgery1245260678
Patricia E Dunn 08859, NJOrthopedic Surgery1306877089
Regional Orthopedic Professional Association 08002, NJOrthopedic Surgery1073567095
Dexter A Te 07009, NJOrthopedic Surgery1780610188
Aresio Souza 07307, NJOrthopedic Surgery1023585510
John William Fleischman 08080, NJOrthopedic Surgery1154355774
New Day Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center Llc 07052, NJOrthopedic Surgery1689699829
Richard Patrick Friscia 08619, NJOrthopedic Surgery1982624565
Robert Stanley Olivieri 08242, NJOrthopedic Surgery1043224090
Donald C Defabio 07922, NJOrthopedic Surgery1538175716
Avant Care Physical Therapy P.a. 07652, NJOrthopedic Surgery1538176318
Pro Rehab, Llc 08836, NJOrthopedic Surgery1588671556
Brad W. Lambert 07950, NJOrthopedic Surgery1629085584
Michael Nicolae Pavel 07006, NJOrthopedic Surgery1205845229
Amanda Joy Huggard 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1508877655
Patrick Ruppe 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1548373269
Fernando Torres - Borjas 10461, NJOrthopedic Surgery1174637847
Metropolitan Physical Therapy, Llp 07010, NJOrthopedic Surgery1457467441
Irma Tetruashvily 08053, NJOrthopedic Surgery1073629077
Margaret Nowak 07470, NJOrthopedic Surgery1740214030
Kumi Dikengil Kay 10019, NJOrthopedic Surgery1124521943
Ajay Consulting Corporation 08857, NJOrthopedic Surgery1598872723
Dennis John Melillo 07823, NJOrthopedic Surgery1720196157
Alysa Marie Ezeiruaku 08081, NJOrthopedic Surgery1740391788
David De La Fuente 07066, NJOrthopedic Surgery1861594111
John Francis Carlucci 08527, NJOrthopedic Surgery1194829507
Timothy Greer 08055, NJOrthopedic Surgery1518064179
Michele Zappile-lucis 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1306943261
Christopher Hayden 07871, NJOrthopedic Surgery1861599250
Robert E. Mccutcheon 08820, NJOrthopedic Surgery1811094113
Rodolfo Chua 07410, NJOrthopedic Surgery1952408296
Mark Christopher Kelly 08055, NJOrthopedic Surgery1356449755
Paul Joseph Merlino 08053, NJOrthopedic Surgery1417055435
Stanley B. Piltin 08083, NJOrthopedic Surgery1225129018
Richard Alan Ferraro 08736, NJOrthopedic Surgery1750472783
Barbara Ann Deane 08753, NJOrthopedic Surgery1235221177
Benjamin Meir Burton 07457, NJOrthopedic Surgery1619061074
Gary Steven Struble 07470, NJOrthopedic Surgery1619061710
Ajay M Kalola 08857, NJOrthopedic Surgery1487749644
Edmund Joseph Lenny 08034, NJOrthopedic Surgery1265527949
The New Jersey Center Of Physical Therapy, Inc. 07457, NJOrthopedic Surgery1063508174
Gwen Melisa Fulo 07083, NJOrthopedic Surgery1003904103
Bonnie S Miller 07730, NJOrthopedic Surgery1265513394
Ann M Mccoy 08876, NJOrthopedic Surgery1336220441
Daniel J Dussman 07087, NJOrthopedic Surgery1558445155
Richard Ralph Molinari 07054, NJOrthopedic Surgery1124102157
Kathy Vivian Slaka 10023, NJOrthopedic Surgery1164508115
Caldwell Community Physical Therapy 07006, NJOrthopedic Surgery1881772200
Harry James Morgan 08096, NJOrthopedic Surgery1720166143
Anup Kumar Dhage 07095, NJOrthopedic Surgery1396824579
Desiree Curley 07728, NJOrthopedic Surgery1639254105
Mid atlantic 08360, NJOrthopedic Surgery1295806578
Markus Lee Manley 08753, NJOrthopedic Surgery1497827547
Michael Joseph Polino 19083, NJOrthopedic Surgery1649343039
Megan Wheeler Graham 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1619040516
Prism Physical Therapy, P.a. 08619, NJOrthopedic Surgery1497820658
Alexander M Estacio 07666, NJOrthopedic Surgery1649346479
Laurence Lim 07601, NJOrthopedic Surgery1013083088
Gay Abrasaldo 07071, NJOrthopedic Surgery1447328315
Jacqueline Schuler Moss 08060, NJOrthopedic Surgery1619045549
Howard James Phillips 07407, NJOrthopedic Surgery1184782716
William Thomas Mahalchick 08822, NJOrthopedic Surgery1639238942
Alex Ivashenko 08817, NJOrthopedic Surgery1134289796
James Herzog 07728, NJOrthopedic Surgery1235290552
Steven F Danziger 07003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1275695504
Alex Sekirin 07095, NJOrthopedic Surgery1629130794
Thomas Alexander Hoffman 07748, NJOrthopedic Surgery1528120698
Raina Desai 07731, NJOrthopedic Surgery1992868384
Polaris Physical Therapy,p.c. 08080, NJOrthopedic Surgery1073678751
Enrique H Arencibia 07030, NJOrthopedic Surgery1003971474
Ralph Desiderio 07748, NJOrthopedic Surgery1619032059
Colonial Physical Therapy 07748, NJOrthopedic Surgery1558426098
Humberto Colmenares 07410, NJOrthopedic Surgery1245395235
Paul D. Howard 08033, NJOrthopedic Surgery1477600880
Four Corners Physical Therapy, Llc 07932, NJOrthopedic Surgery1487702791
Judith D'annunzio 07006, NJOrthopedic Surgery1619025004
Geoffrey Channon Reed 08809, NJOrthopedic Surgery1730238015
Mark D. Nierenberg 08876, NJOrthopedic Surgery1598815409
Gary Anfang 07456, NJOrthopedic Surgery1790837268
Cornerstone Physical Therapy Inc 07066, NJOrthopedic Surgery1710039623
Michael Knox 07712, NJOrthopedic Surgery1003962382
Theresa M Minton-dowdy 08003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1841338274
Thomas J Modica 07110, NJOrthopedic Surgery1164569513
Stephen P. Judd 08869, NJOrthopedic Surgery1245378488
Richard J. Trenery 08869, NJOrthopedic Surgery1548308729
Frank Previte 08869, NJOrthopedic Surgery1710025945
Ryan Thomas Finucane 07022, NJOrthopedic Surgery1306984075
Spine & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Center Of New Jersey, Pa 08869, NJOrthopedic Surgery1063550085
Sapana Mukund Kanojia 10003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1992844468
Philip Waikong Chan 08873, NJOrthopedic Surgery1366586737
Garrow Family Chiropractic, P.c. 08750, NJOrthopedic Surgery1447386784
Mark Louis Valente 08098, NJOrthopedic Surgery1952437170
Sports Medicine And Physical Therapy Of Teaneck 07666, NJOrthopedic Surgery1730218355
Olivieri Chiropractic Center, Llc 08242, NJOrthopedic Surgery1326179805
Caroline Ann Jolly 07030, NJOrthopedic Surgery1790816056
Sandra Marie Pietrewicz 07030, NJOrthopedic Surgery1346371515
Michael Thomas Mundry 08759, NJOrthopedic Surgery1962536078
Tisha A. Cozart 08205, NJOrthopedic Surgery1467576546
David Balkan 07016, NJOrthopedic Surgery1194899013
Sports Medicine Center Of Bergen, Pa 07436, NJOrthopedic Surgery1104940592
David Walter Schlingloff 07059, NJOrthopedic Surgery1609990720
Geraldine Battung Poblete 08061, NJOrthopedic Surgery1477671071
Caryn Binder-bregman 07043, NJOrthopedic Surgery1144355504
Alina Hedaya 07083, NJOrthopedic Surgery1083746598
Equipoise Physical Therapy 07304, NJOrthopedic Surgery1700305455
Norman A Roque 07631, NJOrthopedic Surgery1811051865
Will Stanaback 07932, NJOrthopedic Surgery1962998427
Dan Liss 08080, NJOrthopedic Surgery1710043484
Jennifer Anita Barnett 07080, NJOrthopedic Surgery1003979097
Suresh Babu 08824, NJOrthopedic Surgery1659434538
Edward Ross Calem 10032, NJOrthopedic Surgery1316067887
Mark J Barna 07423, NJOrthopedic Surgery1134240450
Steve Gallina 07095, NJOrthopedic Surgery1326161233
Kim Fong 07090, NJOrthopedic Surgery1194848291
Healing Touch Physical Therapy Center Llc 07419, NJOrthopedic Surgery1760505036
Jose Anmosel Pastrano Lozada 07003, NJOrthopedic Surgery1871712497


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