Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John P Storck 10510, NYOrthopedic Surgery1437152949
David J Brzykcy 14210, NYOrthopedic Surgery1487650032
John T Meyer 14226, NYOrthopedic Surgery1558369199
Maurya L Orama 11357, NYOrthopedic Surgery1164422960
Bruce Norman Alpert 11355, NYOrthopedic Surgery1922008788
Mitchell B Levine 11021, NYOrthopedic Surgery1396745295
David Alan Mccune 14850, NYOrthopedic Surgery1639171507
Janet L Trapani 13021, NYOrthopedic Surgery1528050549
Amanda Smith-socaris 14891, NYOrthopedic Surgery1932191962
Kenneth David Rescott 13021, NYOrthopedic Surgery1073505087
Mary Ann Distefano 12590, NYOrthopedic Surgery1780676528
Robert Steven Golden 12431, NYOrthopedic Surgery1558353672
Ayam Tirona Deleon 11423, NYOrthopedic Surgery1821084385
Kevin Koehler Johnson 11215, NYOrthopedic Surgery1992792436
Brett Riley Tallents 13069, NYOrthopedic Surgery1205825627
John Spencer Weyand 14843, NYOrthopedic Surgery1376532523
Solomon Medrano Caddauan 10583, NYOrthopedic Surgery1992795173
Brian David Justice 14616, NYOrthopedic Surgery1881685774
John Michael Ventura 14616, NYOrthopedic Surgery1386635142
David J. Rogers 11746, NYOrthopedic Surgery1467433367
Gil C Allen 11354, NYOrthopedic Surgery1013999812
Shingpui Betty Chow 10022, NYOrthopedic Surgery1265897136
Alejandro T Mariano 10304, NYOrthopedic Surgery1609867944
Venise Mule-glass 11725, NYOrthopedic Surgery1720061773
Jennifer Ann Frustace 10607, NYOrthopedic Surgery1265416275
Michael Ernest Jocson 10003, NYOrthopedic Surgery1316922297
Stephen Michael Joseph 11741, NYOrthopedic Surgery1063497717
Kenneth Aiden Leacock 10030, NYOrthopedic Surgery1730166398
Emily Joy Minnich Stehr 13602, NYOrthopedic Surgery1689651085
Eric L Sampson 11783, NYOrthopedic Surgery1396725883
Mary Theresa Quinn 11547, NYOrthopedic Surgery1386620219
Steven C Desousa 11731, NYOrthopedic Surgery1457321911
Benito Giampaglia 10502, NYOrthopedic Surgery1528039492
Andrew Monnoyer Jordan 14850, NYOrthopedic Surgery1407827926
Robert D. Mckee 11580, NYOrthopedic Surgery1780656009
Daniel G Kingsley 13037, NYOrthopedic Surgery1619940756
Jody L Francis 13069, NYOrthopedic Surgery1558335000
Stephen A Guidone 13033, NYOrthopedic Surgery1598739047
Michael W Fay 13069, NYOrthopedic Surgery1689648131
Charles A Sallahian 10954, NYOrthopedic Surgery1912971136
Evan Greene 11580, NYOrthopedic Surgery1700853868
Jing Shan 11360, NYOrthopedic Surgery1598732620
Louis S Catapano 14623, NYOrthopedic Surgery1225007248
Russell A Certo 14072, NYOrthopedic Surgery1275502742
Michael Walter Mccrain 11955, NYOrthopedic Surgery1285693853
Josette Fisher 14226, NYOrthopedic Surgery1275592826
Cindi A Prentiss 11733, NYOrthopedic Surgery1639145964
Janice Rosemarie Nesbeth 10549, NYOrthopedic Surgery1306817630
Paul Henry Evora 10011, NYOrthopedic Surgery1104894765
Dawn M Thurnherr 14034, NYOrthopedic Surgery1730149386
Cheryl A. Christie 11729, NYOrthopedic Surgery1720048283
Matthew Charles Cote 14043, NYOrthopedic Surgery1912960071
Elizabeth Pearl 12901, NYOrthopedic Surgery1396709044
Michael Robert Johnson 10996, NYOrthopedic Surgery1114981784
Jeffrey Michael Block 11787, NYOrthopedic Surgery1871557868
Anthony Christopher Oliveri 14580, NYOrthopedic Surgery1295792810
Paul Edward Dougherty 14620, NYOrthopedic Surgery1356390678
Saundra J Perry 11971, NYOrthopedic Surgery1417906116
Samkutty Cyriac 11003, NYOrthopedic Surgery1104877422
Sharon Denise Buerker 12303, NYOrthopedic Surgery1679524490
Matthew F Colucci 11730, NYOrthopedic Surgery1932151453
Robina Streja 10583, NYOrthopedic Surgery1215989348
Carole Langlois 12601, NYOrthopedic Surgery1255384160
Deborah Ann Mangan 10530, NYOrthopedic Surgery1437102266
Michael Zachary Fine 10583, NYOrthopedic Surgery1528012267
Hector Antonio Melgar 11717, NYOrthopedic Surgery1407813702
Karen Michelle Danchalski 11542, NYOrthopedic Surgery1881104339
Khurram Khan 11102, NYOrthopedic Surgery1891740429
Matthew Christopher Smith 14150, NYOrthopedic Surgery1184679623
Aideen Kwan Dela Cruz 10461, NYOrthopedic Surgery1932154085
Peter Kevin Johnstone 11971, NYOrthopedic Surgery1801841937
Sally Marie Steiner 14047, NYOrthopedic Surgery1922054782
Bernard Jay Ryan 14220, NYOrthopedic Surgery1831145697
Bartholomew Joseph Horrigan 14220, NYOrthopedic Surgery1366498123
Cindy Lee Lack 14622, NYOrthopedic Surgery1760438014
Dennis Sanchez 10603, NYOrthopedic Surgery1942257753
Yasuo Kamibayashi 12701, NYOrthopedic Surgery1356398515
Chana Frommer 10016, NYOrthopedic Surgery1851348072
Mary Roanne Flores 10583, NYOrthopedic Surgery1497792709
Thomas Bernard Gallagher 10598, NYOrthopedic Surgery1801835178
Karen A Morrissey 10603, NYOrthopedic Surgery1841230505
Steven Robert Schneider 11360, NYOrthopedic Surgery1851335707
Thomas Chen Lee 11797, NYOrthopedic Surgery1386689321
Timothy William Tsang 11797, NYOrthopedic Surgery1942246277
Frank J Robinson 12188, NYOrthopedic Surgery1104852961
John Zastawrny 14468, NYOrthopedic Surgery1609803899
Stephen Wirth 11554, NYOrthopedic Surgery1952333726
Sudhir Vyankatrao Tawalare 10965, NYOrthopedic Surgery1871529701
Melinda Lee Stoski 11572, NYOrthopedic Surgery1174577217
Maria Christina Shrime 10065, NYOrthopedic Surgery1568495240
Salvatore Dimatteo 11554, NYOrthopedic Surgery1386669414
Sydney Robert Hochman 12804, NYOrthopedic Surgery1972528685
Corey B Simon 14043, NYOrthopedic Surgery1114945581
David Shane Wickenden 10017, NYOrthopedic Surgery1245258805
Alanna Pokorski 14226, NYOrthopedic Surgery1932128923
Francis Lewis 10607, NYOrthopedic Surgery1578582698
Jason M Wambold 14580, NYOrthopedic Surgery1417976689
Helen Gollner 10532, NYOrthopedic Surgery1811917719
Charles Dwyer 12524, NYOrthopedic Surgery1265453542
Stephanie Anne Mannarino 10532, NYOrthopedic Surgery1205856036
Richard Thomas Giordano 10532, NYOrthopedic Surgery1932129764
Hollace M Johnson 10532, NYOrthopedic Surgery1962423475
David Greenfield 12754, NYOrthopedic Surgery1548282361
Robin Mostachetti 12601, NYOrthopedic Surgery1306868146
David Abott 11222, NYOrthopedic Surgery1003838848
Lauren Roberts 11222, NYOrthopedic Surgery1467474221
Julie Margaret Wolfley 14225, NYOrthopedic Surgery1922021963
Ofir Isaac 11229, NYOrthopedic Surgery1346263076
Yvonne Caliguri 12601, NYOrthopedic Surgery1851314405
Jay Heller 10014, NYOrthopedic Surgery1992729917
Amy Loria Kates 14620, NYOrthopedic Surgery1295759975
Denise M Thurston 14226, NYOrthopedic Surgery1881608958
Kevin Wong 11377, NYOrthopedic Surgery1225045297
Nina R. Silverman 12464, NYOrthopedic Surgery1497764351
Sylvia Marzullo 14216, NYOrthopedic Surgery1457361719
Peter J Schaus 14216, NYOrthopedic Surgery1588674840
Timothy Paul Naab 14224, NYOrthopedic Surgery1730199084
Peter Munda 11542, NYOrthopedic Surgery1467463588
Fernando Torres - Borjas 10461, NYOrthopedic Surgery1174637847
Amie Marie Diamond 10019, NYOrthopedic Surgery1518072925
James R Mcgee 10467, NYOrthopedic Surgery1205941150
Charles Hargreaves 12601, NYOrthopedic Surgery1992727218
Nicholas Robert Ruschmann 14150, NYOrthopedic Surgery1427077254
David W Fischer 11731, NYOrthopedic Surgery1912914623
Kumi Dikengil Kay 10019, NYOrthopedic Surgery1124521943
Gilbert Lavarias Chan 10475, NYOrthopedic Surgery1871519819
Jenna Kantor 11374, NYOrthopedic Surgery1396229597
Dennis Gattoni 10019, NYOrthopedic Surgery1982712493
Shaden Ghattas Ryglewicz 11743, NYOrthopedic Surgery1306948450
Valerie Beth Harris 10314, NYOrthopedic Surgery1083717987
Russ A. L'hommedieu 11901, NYOrthopedic Surgery1699870204
Angelo Zuppa 12027, NYOrthopedic Surgery1922104652
Michael Allen Anders 13088, NYOrthopedic Surgery1023114840
Nicola Susan Weiner 10960, NYOrthopedic Surgery1508962580
Roger W Wetsell 11776, NYOrthopedic Surgery1316045032
Carl B Hardy 11791, NYOrthopedic Surgery1720186901
Joseph K Askinasi 10016, NYOrthopedic Surgery1699874669
Eliot S Hudes 12603, NYOrthopedic Surgery1558460576
Eric Wing Quan 10001, NYOrthopedic Surgery1073613667
Eriberto Cyris Tahimic Ramos 11590, NYOrthopedic Surgery1659471308
Albert P Claps 11783, NYOrthopedic Surgery1982704508
Louis Ovila Boisvert 13850, NYOrthopedic Surgery1780784280
Richard F Falanga 13126, NYOrthopedic Surgery1972694321
Deborah Lynn Cosher 11768, NYOrthopedic Surgery1033201165
Calvin Hargis 10990, NYOrthopedic Surgery1558453233
Joseph G Hayes 11725, NYOrthopedic Surgery1467544924
Jeffrey Todd Wagner 11792, NYOrthopedic Surgery1437244050
James P Hildebrand 14624, NYOrthopedic Surgery1851486013
Fred L Sanfilipo 14624, NYOrthopedic Surgery1982799151
Geoffrey John Gerow 14208, NYOrthopedic Surgery1518052505
Diane L. Brennan 14043, NYOrthopedic Surgery1184711970
Michael C Remy 11547, NYOrthopedic Surgery1831286103
David Mademann 12414, NYOrthopedic Surgery1629165527
Gregory Edward Dunn 11901, NYOrthopedic Surgery1790873487
Patricia Ann Taylor 13413, NYOrthopedic Surgery1558459370
Anthony Derosa 11778, NYOrthopedic Surgery1285723189
Melissa A. Colleluori 11554, NYOrthopedic Surgery1366531022
Dennis Anderson 12534, NYOrthopedic Surgery1689764680
Rebecca Blanchard 10023, NYOrthopedic Surgery1417047713
Mei-nar Chou 10022, NYOrthopedic Surgery1487734174
Richard A Dark 11738, NYOrthopedic Surgery1710069398
Adrian Puia 10022, NYOrthopedic Surgery1114000171
Robert Glicken 11414, NYOrthopedic Surgery1174609507
Daniel J. Hartnett 14901, NYOrthopedic Surgery1558440321
Paul Seniw 12701, NYOrthopedic Surgery1376613349
Cynthia Diane Barry 10567, NYOrthopedic Surgery1194895987
Randi Diprima 11743, NYOrthopedic Surgery1659456374
Beth J Dubois 13126, NYOrthopedic Surgery1073604450
Shuriz Hishmeh 11791, NYOrthopedic Surgery1740373133
David Michael Stedjan 10989, NYOrthopedic Surgery1558441774
Jennifer Marie Gallagher 11731, NYOrthopedic Surgery1912082629
Thomas Joseph Carroll 12192, NYOrthopedic Surgery1144329657
Frank R Aversano 10901, NYOrthopedic Surgery1992893135
Robert M Fogel 10463, NYOrthopedic Surgery1407927833
Michael Matthew Brunner 13850, NYOrthopedic Surgery1144391202
Christopher Corkhill 11702, NYOrthopedic Surgery1861564338
Stephen Anthony Brune 12549, NYOrthopedic Surgery1073685673
Laurie Ann Wiese 14450, NYOrthopedic Surgery1073688875
Andrew John Opett 14450, NYOrthopedic Surgery1639244411
Anthony S Mencucci 14450, NYOrthopedic Surgery1659446441
Valerie V Mcgrath 14450, NYOrthopedic Surgery1811062607
Peter H Levy 11030, NYOrthopedic Surgery1649345117
Allison Beth Kling Simonian 14450, NYOrthopedic Surgery1063587392
John Michael Ciavaglia 14450, NYOrthopedic Surgery1821163601
Keith Nelson 11740, NYOrthopedic Surgery1942375282
Karena Wu 10016, NYOrthopedic Surgery1114093085
Sharon L Levy 11030, NYOrthopedic Surgery1982770525
Jennifer Mark 11030, NYOrthopedic Surgery1437225083
Seth M. Wolin 10504, NYOrthopedic Surgery1417025537
Alan Palmer 12192, NYOrthopedic Surgery1467520676
Robert Castorina 10570, NYOrthopedic Surgery1568520310
Daniel Joseph Rootenberg 10022, NYOrthopedic Surgery1093876880
Paul S Bluestein 14150, NYOrthopedic Surgery1932261310
Alex Sekirin 07095, NYOrthopedic Surgery1629130794
James Thomas Crawley 10962, NYOrthopedic Surgery1518021385
Brent S. Knight 13676, NYOrthopedic Surgery1972667533
David M Endres 10022, NYOrthopedic Surgery1538223219
Anthony V. Labate 12564, NYOrthopedic Surgery1417011727
Guia Sheker 10010, NYOrthopedic Surgery1952465684
Margaret W Brill 10010, NYOrthopedic Surgery1437213535


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