Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jonathan W Billings 49431, NYOrthopedic Surgery1760450373
David W Fischer 11731, NYOrthopedic Surgery1912914623
Jenna Kantor 11374, NYOrthopedic Surgery1396229597
Jennifer Marie Gallagher 11731, NYOrthopedic Surgery1912082629
Vito Anthony Boits 11563, NYOrthopedic Surgery1962789131
Douglas Cheng 19004, NYOrthopedic Surgery1346671195
Lauren Kathryn Zietsman 13850, NYOrthopedic Surgery1114263555
Marjorie Sheryl Robertson 97702, NYOrthopedic Surgery1134545254
Kevin Smith 13601, NYOrthopedic Surgery1295166411
Rtc Physical Therapy, Pllc 10960, NYOrthopedic Surgery1447775648
Michael Kenneth Ofosu 12413, NYOrthopedic Surgery1427567452
Sarah Johnson 02169, NYOrthopedic Surgery1710375936
Matthew Jake Grundstein 10021, NYOrthopedic Surgery1043788318
Brian M King 94103, NYOrthopedic Surgery1982093134
Liat Chana Avital 11021, NYOrthopedic Surgery1063873289
Brett Christopher Amo 13669, NYOrthopedic Surgery1699082511
Swati Shekhada 10036, NYOrthopedic Surgery1750844882
Peter Solis-cohen 80222, NYOrthopedic Surgery1942568407
Jacky Mari Cervantes 10704, NYOrthopedic Surgery1457885295
Loturco Chiropractic Pllc 80228, NYOrthopedic Surgery1629453998
John Mackarey 11101, NYOrthopedic Surgery1730607409
Michael Taylor Virgile 10023, NYOrthopedic Surgery1144653296
Caley Brown 10007, NYOrthopedic Surgery1306349774
Teymur Mirzoyev 80031, NYOrthopedic Surgery1376912238
Gary Despres 11971, NYOrthopedic Surgery1639380892
Shelby Switzer 29150, NYOrthopedic Surgery1457879371
Derek Mansfield 10522, NYOrthopedic Surgery1831558139
Nancy Moriarty 27608, NYOrthopedic Surgery1225026271
John Norris 12009, NYOrthopedic Surgery1467671958
Carolyn Yates 80302, NYOrthopedic Surgery1205246071
Jennifer Hajek 11725, NYOrthopedic Surgery1033761382
Cameron L Gomez 10018, NYOrthopedic Surgery1558592857
Sung Hyun Chung 10017, NYOrthopedic Surgery1073890026
Kathryn Merrily Maykish 10017, NYOrthopedic Surgery1902325921
Donghyun Seo 11101, NYOrthopedic Surgery1407231491
Mithun Mamoottil Abraham 11021, NYOrthopedic Surgery1033689781
Donna Jose-dizon 11426, NYOrthopedic Surgery1013146166
Clifford Civil 11226, NYOrthopedic Surgery1427483825
Emily Mae Rowles 14870, NYOrthopedic Surgery1245878446
Marc Marcelin 07052, NYOrthopedic Surgery1801376769
Nehal D Patel 11432, NYOrthopedic Surgery1417588187
Svetlana Lee 11375, NYOrthopedic Surgery1043845589
Lindsay Kane 11901, NYOrthopedic Surgery1245639244
Melinda Clarke 11787, NYOrthopedic Surgery1184999344
Lindsay Brown 97239, NYOrthopedic Surgery1508098393
Thomas Kraus 14127, NYOrthopedic Surgery1184640146
Nantesha Lea Chen 32765, NYOrthopedic Surgery1588065957
Kristopher M Bosela 03766, NYOrthopedic Surgery1730652967
Kramer Jakubek 05495, NYOrthopedic Surgery1528499597
Kristian Michael Marcial 10007, NYOrthopedic Surgery1245566280
Christopher Joseph Michella 21237, NYOrthopedic Surgery1285106823
Debra Marie Bisaccia 10708, NYOrthopedic Surgery1184676231
Alexandra Siegrist 10018, NYOrthopedic Surgery1922607027
Kathy Vivian Slaka 11530, NYOrthopedic Surgery1164508115
Helen M Kim 07013, NYOrthopedic Surgery1023297298
Marisa Rose 10011, NYOrthopedic Surgery1821290578
Vinod Singh 11596, NYOrthopedic Surgery1023551975
Molly M Ferris 13045, NYOrthopedic Surgery1770632804
Randa Mougarbel 02302, NYOrthopedic Surgery1144729344
Michael Steven Erickson 10021, NYOrthopedic Surgery1306397096
Brian Flanagan Jones 10021, NYOrthopedic Surgery1508360116
Nicola Banger 10021, NYOrthopedic Surgery1770130247
Jessica Graziano 91405, NYOrthopedic Surgery1821240268
Snehal V Tobkes 11554, NYOrthopedic Surgery1275749970
Jessica Stankard 11530, NYOrthopedic Surgery1619289188
Kristin Romeo 07030, NYOrthopedic Surgery1790177889
Ruhi Sahul 92618, NYOrthopedic Surgery1306012406
Daniel R Lee 11733, NYOrthopedic Surgery1346912854
William Vanauken 14618, NYOrthopedic Surgery1467124669
Fresh Pond Physical Therapy, P.c 11385, NYOrthopedic Surgery1508844036
Jack Marcheschi Physical Therapy, P.c. 10281, NYOrthopedic Surgery1790754661
Hss Ancillary Medical Services, Pc 13346, NYOrthopedic Surgery1174582373
Crescent Physical Therapy P.c. 11102, NYOrthopedic Surgery1083667109
Ascend Therapy Group Pc 14220, NYOrthopedic Surgery1669425799
Sportsmedicine Rehabilitation 10583, NYOrthopedic Surgery1396791034
Integrated Physical Therapy Of Rochester, Llc 14468, NYOrthopedic Surgery1124061908
Northeast Rehabilitation, Inc. 10965, NYOrthopedic Surgery1447286349
Buffalo Back & Neck Physical Therapy, P.c. 14150, NYOrthopedic Surgery1477572980
Haven Chiropractic, Pc 11372, NYOrthopedic Surgery1073536058
Michael A. Bernstein, D.c., P.c. 11756, NYOrthopedic Surgery1689689416
Christopher Showalter Pt Pc 11952, NYOrthopedic Surgery1053327833
Orthosport Physical Therapy Pc 11778, NYOrthopedic Surgery1386650133
Grand Central Physical Therapy 10170, NYOrthopedic Surgery1265549885
Certified Physical Therapy Assoiciates, Pc 11547, NYOrthopedic Surgery1770690356
Fit Club Inc 10001, NYOrthopedic Surgery1225570807
Innovative Approach Physical Therapy Pc 10019, NYOrthopedic Surgery1811005424
Angelo Rosato Physical Therapy 13413, NYOrthopedic Surgery1508977745
Surdi Physical Therapy Pc 10970, NYOrthopedic Surgery1699886705
Alan Bloomberg Md Pc 12205, NYOrthopedic Surgery1396839486
Community Physical Therapy 11374, NYOrthopedic Surgery1396826020
Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services 13214, NYOrthopedic Surgery1447334156
Levy & Levy Physical Therapy Pc 11030, NYOrthopedic Surgery1487723557
Symmetry Physical Therapy & Wellness, Llc 10803, NYOrthopedic Surgery1104993427
Orthocare Physical Therapy 10502, NYOrthopedic Surgery1720141690
Promedex. Inc 11355, NYOrthopedic Surgery1922163468
John Taros & Allen Bistrong Ptr 11201, NYOrthopedic Surgery1225180888
Star Physical Therapy Pllc 14450, NYOrthopedic Surgery1003962523
Holt Chiropractic Offices, P.c. 10965, NYOrthopedic Surgery1962545640
Capital Region Physical Therapy, Pllc 12159, NYOrthopedic Surgery1467583807
Steven C. Desousa, Pt, Pc 11731, NYOrthopedic Surgery1487786158
Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy, P.c. 10023, NYOrthopedic Surgery1134252257
Jay W Eneman Md, Pc 11561, NYOrthopedic Surgery1295859841
Proactive Physical Therapy And Wellness Pc 11743, NYOrthopedic Surgery1679613780
Executive Park Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Llc 10701, NYOrthopedic Surgery1649392283
Momentum Physical Therapy. P.c. 10960, NYOrthopedic Surgery1659494771
Holt Chiropractic Offices, P.c. 10704, NYOrthopedic Surgery1881895746
Signature Health Center 11550, NYOrthopedic Surgery1174717953
Peter Chaplin Pt Pc 11010, NYOrthopedic Surgery1588850127
Albert P Claps Dc Pc 11783, NYOrthopedic Surgery1992985253
Scotchtown Physical Therapy, P.c. 10941, NYOrthopedic Surgery1154505147
Medina Fitness & Rehab, P.t. P.c. 10471, NYOrthopedic Surgery1982880415
Point Health Chiropractic Pc 11229, NYOrthopedic Surgery1831376706
Gyprain Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Fitness Consulting Pc 10014, NYOrthopedic Surgery1689844052
Phoenix Mills Chiropractic Center Pc 14432, NYOrthopedic Surgery1275703324
Pro Performance Physical Therapy And Wellness, Pllc 11542, NYOrthopedic Surgery1821262809
Jm Physical Therapy, Pc 10013, NYOrthopedic Surgery1750556510
Seniw Chiropractic Office, Pc 12701, NYOrthopedic Surgery1619143435
Kieran J Traynor Pt Pc 10538, NYOrthopedic Surgery1346409372
Angola Physical Therapy Pc 14006, NYOrthopedic Surgery1326208315
Michelle Rodriguez Pt Pllc 10019, NYOrthopedic Surgery1386808707
Elizabeth Ingalls Physical Therapist Pllc 10520, NYOrthopedic Surgery1477701712
Up To Par Physical Therapy 11803, NYOrthopedic Surgery1316185655
Park Avenue Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Pllc 10016, NYOrthopedic Surgery1669610341
Physical Therapy Works, Pc 11030, NYOrthopedic Surgery1518105162
Lotus Physical Therapy For Women, Pllc 10968, NYOrthopedic Surgery1437399425
Phoenix Physical Therapy Services, P.c. 14226, NYOrthopedic Surgery1053553578
Geoffrey Gerow, Dc, Pc 14208, NYOrthopedic Surgery1316171028
Chittenango Physical Therapy, P.c. 13037, NYOrthopedic Surgery1477782589
Global Health Care Chiropractic Pc 11224, NYOrthopedic Surgery1710117940
Integrative Physical Therapy Of New York, Pc 10003, NYOrthopedic Surgery1952532731
Scott Bartholdi Ms, Otr/l, Pllc 10541, NYOrthopedic Surgery1144554056
Medical Diagnostic Of Brooklyn Pllc 11235, NYOrthopedic Surgery1730414095
Manhattan Physical Therapy Pllc 10001, NYOrthopedic Surgery1174859045
Dunn Physical Therapy, P.c. 11790, NYOrthopedic Surgery1760719363
Progressive Physical Therapy Services Of New York, Pllc 12754, NYOrthopedic Surgery1194055723
I om Physical Therapy P.c 10038, NYOrthopedic Surgery1912237264
Paragon Physical Therapy, Pc 11729, NYOrthopedic Surgery1306163928
Gemini Physical Therapy Pc 11358, NYOrthopedic Surgery1073827606
Svetlana Lazarev P.t, P.c 11215, NYOrthopedic Surgery1588973697
.physical Therapy For The 21st Century 11706, NYOrthopedic Surgery1629370846
Massapequa Pt & Pta Pllc 11758, NYOrthopedic Surgery1316246895
Nysspt, Inc. 10461, NYOrthopedic Surgery1972892446
Functional Manual Physical Therapy Services 10012, NYOrthopedic Surgery1770876278
Hamptons Physical Therapy, Pc 11937, NYOrthopedic Surgery1174818538
Allied Chiropractic, Pllc 11758, NYOrthopedic Surgery1891080081
Marc T Riley, Pt, Pc 14845, NYOrthopedic Surgery1538441019
Inde Physical Therapy, Pllc 13827, NYOrthopedic Surgery1962788844
Ability Hr Hand Therapy, Ot And Pt Pllc 10028, NYOrthopedic Surgery1881961597
Brill Physical Therapy Pc 10010, NYOrthopedic Surgery1083983092
Dana S Jahn Pt Pc 11788, NYOrthopedic Surgery1154692010
Advanced Physical Therapy Of Merrick, Pc 11590, NYOrthopedic Surgery1508018318
Northeast Rehabilitation Inc. 10965, NYOrthopedic Surgery1861789505
Zion Physical Therapy Pc 10023, NYOrthopedic Surgery1861767741
Helping Hands Therapeutic Services, Inc. 10002, NYOrthopedic Surgery1922329804
Rose Physical Therapy Pllc 14221, NYOrthopedic Surgery1306151550
Douglas B. Seckendorf Dc Pc 10022, NYOrthopedic Surgery1134485261
Howard Physical Therapy, Pllc 14043, NYOrthopedic Surgery1770831596
Justin R Fagan Dc, Pc 10022, NYOrthopedic Surgery1164772026
Reiter Rehabilitation Pt Pc 10065, NYOrthopedic Surgery1174867865
Hudson Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, Pllc 10970, NYOrthopedic Surgery1033453485
Cwc Hartford Llc 06183, NYOrthopedic Surgery1023350014
Rehab Partners Pt Pc 11354, NYOrthopedic Surgery1699119347
Marisa Dadamo Physical Therapy Pllc 10017, NYOrthopedic Surgery1205273752
Ogren Physical Therapy, Pllc 10504, NYOrthopedic Surgery1265872139
Moving Forward Physical Therapy, Pc 10022, NYOrthopedic Surgery1790110518
Guidone Physical Therapy Pc 13033, NYOrthopedic Surgery1982033882
Cold Spring Physical Therapy Pc 10524, NYOrthopedic Surgery1558788943
Integrated Physical Therapy 14621, NYOrthopedic Surgery1730509324
Physical Therapy Ultra Pllc 10019, NYOrthopedic Surgery1699185413
Kore Ot & Pt, Pllc 11236, NYOrthopedic Surgery1417369380
Cindi Prentiss Pt Pc 11733, NYOrthopedic Surgery1285033258
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York 10019, NYOrthopedic Surgery1417347816
Steven Sunderraj Pt Pc 10954, NYOrthopedic Surgery1972977205
Universal Therapy Services P C 10708, NYOrthopedic Surgery1518332410
Joseph Castelli Inc. 10011, NYOrthopedic Surgery1457772717
New York Custom Physical Therapy Pc 10017, NYOrthopedic Surgery1316395957
New York Orthopaedic Hospital Associates, Pc 10019, NYOrthopedic Surgery1942496971
Shein Orthopaedics, Pllc 10028, NYOrthopedic Surgery1720452915
Kt Medical Healthcare Pc 11385, NYOrthopedic Surgery1063871549
Manhasset Chiropractic Pc 11021, NYOrthopedic Surgery1851751838
All Physical Therapy Pllc 10022, NYOrthopedic Surgery1154774628
Edwina Sulimirski Physical Therapy 10708, NYOrthopedic Surgery1952855074
Flex Physical Therapy Pllc 10018, NYOrthopedic Surgery1720409253
V fit Functional Physical Therapy, Pllc 11557, NYOrthopedic Surgery1962959189
Kristen Hatch, Pt 12936, NYOrthopedic Surgery1518415090
Brooklyn Physical Therapy Associates, Pllc 11238, NYOrthopedic Surgery1740738541
Maurizio A Llin Pt Pc 11358, NYOrthopedic Surgery1992254585
Symbio Pro Pt 10001, NYOrthopedic Surgery1700335684
Peak Performance Physical Therapy Wellness, Llc 13413, NYOrthopedic Surgery1871043174
Revive Physical Therapy 10314, NYOrthopedic Surgery1548702079
J.r Physical Therapy And Performance, Pllc 10510, NYOrthopedic Surgery1043762370
Physical Therapy Of Harlem 10026, NYOrthopedic Surgery1124529920
Orthopro Physical Therapy Llc 10065, NYOrthopedic Surgery1154843555
Jonathan Locitzer Physical Therapy P.c 11231, NYOrthopedic Surgery1285145524
Reardon Physical Therapy, Pllc 11751, NYOrthopedic Surgery1699287789
The Human Performance Mechanic 10017, NYOrthopedic Surgery1700393048
Refresh Physical Therapy Pllc 10009, NYOrthopedic Surgery1154829406
Brefni Chiropractic Diagnostics P.c. 11580, NYOrthopedic Surgery1104314483
Ryan Chow Pt Pc 11365, NYOrthopedic Surgery1740778802
Jasmine Kuan Physical Therapy P C 10023, NYOrthopedic Surgery1336635119


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