Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kristin Mcintyre 43302, OHOrthopedic Surgery1902305907
Mayfield Physical Therapy Inc 44143, OHOrthopedic Surgery1033250030
Joshua Rudinsky 43054, OHOrthopedic Surgery1952430985
Kevin Lohbeck 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1558881516
Andrew Jeremiah Roth 02116, OHOrthopedic Surgery1164705059
Alexandra Courts 45040, OHOrthopedic Surgery1730562729
Danielle Christman 45231, OHOrthopedic Surgery1073915443
Alison Michelle Balsiger 44047, OHOrthopedic Surgery1154840437
Robert Douglas Miller 43064, OHOrthopedic Surgery1811177009
Mark Vincent Paterno 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1841767431
Lailah Farmer 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1295202885
Anne Lennon 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1750858346
Kristin Bastian 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1922575513
Onsite Pt Llc 44022, OHOrthopedic Surgery1902362692
Alexandra Laurel Miller 44610, OHOrthopedic Surgery1992213979
Martha Quiroga 43606, OHOrthopedic Surgery1629345129
Brian Lawrence Powers 45701, OHOrthopedic Surgery1992100945
Melissa May Zuby 43220, OHOrthopedic Surgery1265079578
Jacob William Nigolian 43213, OHOrthopedic Surgery1477031078
Bill Joe Fullen 43130, OHOrthopedic Surgery1912492422
Chelsey Tanner 44106, OHOrthopedic Surgery1497182778
Marissa Anne Kleilein 43213, OHOrthopedic Surgery1992351951
Karen Sue Lohnes 45324, OHOrthopedic Surgery1578543039
Justin Richard Master 46143, OHOrthopedic Surgery1154850196
Lisa L Reynolds 43213, OHOrthopedic Surgery1750585956
Oasis Physical Therapy & Reh 45459, OHOrthopedic Surgery1790765154
Marysville Physical Therapy Inc 43040, OHOrthopedic Surgery1528041274
North Central Hand Rehabilitation, Inc 44870, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013982701
Western Reserve Profess 44240, OHOrthopedic Surgery1356308407
Rehabilitex, Inc. 44139, OHOrthopedic Surgery1790737534
Center For Orthopedics, Inc. 44054, OHOrthopedic Surgery1225086473
Sternen Physical Therapy Inc 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1760420566
Heights Chiropractic Physicians, Llc 45424, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013932961
Orthosport Physical Therapy Center 45042, OHOrthopedic Surgery1811911217
Rinaldi Physical Therapy 44512, OHOrthopedic Surgery1346250453
Cincinnati Rehabilitation Center 45215, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013018753
Concord Chiropractic Inc 44060, OHOrthopedic Surgery1437227881
Joseph J Scott, D.c., Llc 44460, OHOrthopedic Surgery1710038054
Freedman Clinic Of Chiropractic Llc 44333, OHOrthopedic Surgery1508925314
Hands On Physical Therapy Of Mentor, Llc 44060, OHOrthopedic Surgery1568688026
Western Reserve Professional Group Inc 44240, OHOrthopedic Surgery1699986620
Integrative Medical Centers Of Ohio Inc 44410, OHOrthopedic Surgery1821289372
Wooster Orthopaedics Therapy 44691, OHOrthopedic Surgery1689860330
Chiofalo Chiropractic Clinic 44667, OHOrthopedic Surgery1881882629
Monroe Chiropractic Center, Inc. 45050, OHOrthopedic Surgery1720276934
Ashland Chiropractic Center, Inc. 44805, OHOrthopedic Surgery1154510469
Konicki Schumacher Chiropractic Clinic Inc 45459, OHOrthopedic Surgery1053594549
John E. Hurley, D.c., Inc. 44311, OHOrthopedic Surgery1376727800
Rehab Plus 43952, OHOrthopedic Surgery1700054855
Parma Family Chiropractic Inc 44134, OHOrthopedic Surgery1295990083
Yerkey Chiropractic Health Center, Inc 44512, OHOrthopedic Surgery1780806893
Health And Occupational Preventative Solutions, Inc. 44273, OHOrthopedic Surgery1346492634
Center For Spinecare And Natural Medicine, Llc. 44094, OHOrthopedic Surgery1578717427
Great East Rehabilitation Llc 44484, OHOrthopedic Surgery1902115769
Rehab bray Llc 43952, OHOrthopedic Surgery1194025452
Great East Rehabilitation, Llc 44484, OHOrthopedic Surgery1154629004
Fitness Matters Inc. 43085, OHOrthopedic Surgery1477836575
Elite Performance Physical Therapy Llc 44035, OHOrthopedic Surgery1073890570
Stark Physical Therapy Inc 44718, OHOrthopedic Surgery1124397500
Advanced Orthopedics And Physical Therapy, Inc. 44128, OHOrthopedic Surgery1801185962
Troy Physical Therapy Llc 45373, OHOrthopedic Surgery1770804825
Advantage Health & Rehabilitation Centers Inc 43338, OHOrthopedic Surgery1528496015
Fairfield Spine And Rehab Center Llc 43130, OHOrthopedic Surgery1245651959
Hudson Chiropractic, Llc 44236, OHOrthopedic Surgery1093117236
The Body Haus Llc 43206, OHOrthopedic Surgery1710364252
Dr. Tyler T Lanning Dc Llc 45305, OHOrthopedic Surgery1962862458
Bedford Physical Therapy & Fitness Services Llc 44017, OHOrthopedic Surgery1457881740
Jfs Chiropractic Llc 43567, OHOrthopedic Surgery1700325776
Orion Sports Medicine Llc 45342, OHOrthopedic Surgery1659862761
Southwestern Ohio Disability Associates Llc 45236, OHOrthopedic Surgery1790337376
Competitive Edge Physical Therapy And Performance 43081, OHOrthopedic Surgery1477184646
Restor Medical Center Llc 45107, OHOrthopedic Surgery1073140422
Tremont Functional Rehab, Llc 44113, OHOrthopedic Surgery1588273825
Total Joint Rehabilitation Inc. 44039, OHOrthopedic Surgery1053355826
Waldo Chiropractic Center, Inc. 44720, OHOrthopedic Surgery1558430959
Graneto Chiropractic, Inc 44512, OHOrthopedic Surgery1437368230
Athletic Advantage, Inc 43035, OHOrthopedic Surgery1336341973
Graff Chiropractic Inc. 43123, OHOrthopedic Surgery1457558272
Rocking Horse Children's Health Center 45505, OHOrthopedic Surgery1851831044
Queen City Gymnastics 45249, OHOrthopedic Surgery1942894498
Absolute Kinetics Physical Therapy, Llc 45208, OHOrthopedic Surgery1740892124
Aaron L. Burkett 43326, OHOrthopedic Surgery1063536530
Abbey C Flanik 45431, OHOrthopedic Surgery1861839904
Adam Kimberly 44053, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013336650
Adam Christopher Soha 44141, OHOrthopedic Surgery1417062795
Aimee Carpenter 44113, OHOrthopedic Surgery1932615259
Alan Blauch 44087, OHOrthopedic Surgery1588083505
Alaric Keller 44106, OHOrthopedic Surgery1700400579
Alex Frantzis 44104, OHOrthopedic Surgery1447410345
Alexandria Avril Burch 44333, OHOrthopedic Surgery1578190757
Alice E. Rozic 43082, OHOrthopedic Surgery1780895821
Alissa Geipel 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1730656323
Allen J Hefner 43616, OHOrthopedic Surgery1609906304
Alyson Filipa 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1962476861
Amanda Coleman 43082, OHOrthopedic Surgery1922581719
Amanda Morgan Drake 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1487121075
Amanda Burnett Smith 43081, OHOrthopedic Surgery1699812750
Amy Cruz 44109, OHOrthopedic Surgery1346631835
Amy Kundrat 44024, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366857401
Amy T O'neal 43212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1043290075
Amy J Patrick-melin 44114, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366428518
Andrea Lynn Alsalahat 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1386111979
Andrea R Kinsinger 45415, OHOrthopedic Surgery1184877276
Andrea Nicole Wall 43026, OHOrthopedic Surgery1447447578
Andrew Samuel Cook 45069, OHOrthopedic Surgery1033548763
Andrew R Habash 45241, OHOrthopedic Surgery1497074702
Andrew Thomas Kronenberger 43035, OHOrthopedic Surgery1871060616
Andrew Polomsky 34684, OHOrthopedic Surgery1295235075
Andrew Edward Schmutz 44408, OHOrthopedic Surgery1306829031
Angela R Darragh 43212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1720068752
Ann M Kime 45140, OHOrthopedic Surgery1154445625
Ann Marie Lowers 45750, OHOrthopedic Surgery1467780346
Ann Marie Robertson 44286, OHOrthopedic Surgery1629592365
Anthony Michael Abbruzzese 43204, OHOrthopedic Surgery1134366990
Arati Vishnu Mahna 44011, OHOrthopedic Surgery1710257159
Ashley Elizabeth Wunderle 43311, OHOrthopedic Surgery1063090397
Ashli Eiseman Gauthier 45242, OHOrthopedic Surgery1356733273
Bernardo M. Sanchez 44052, OHOrthopedic Surgery1326138421
Beryl Ann Smith 45404, OHOrthopedic Surgery1558332122
Beth Brooks 43026, OHOrthopedic Surgery1689089450
Beth Richey 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1023589660
Bethany Anderson 44195, OHOrthopedic Surgery1568872166
Betsy Hoffman 44906, OHOrthopedic Surgery1891022307
Betty Jean Lok 43351, OHOrthopedic Surgery1821051897
Binh Nguyen 94611, OHOrthopedic Surgery1053953307
Bradley M Vernallis 44012, OHOrthopedic Surgery1598872202
Brandan Heller 43076, OHOrthopedic Surgery1811987480
Brenda Robbins 44139, OHOrthopedic Surgery1518949189
Brenda Shoup 43081, OHOrthopedic Surgery1336129261
Brian Joseph Boccieri 44106, OHOrthopedic Surgery1114583234
Brian Faller 43220, OHOrthopedic Surgery1437580354
Brian Edward Jans 45371, OHOrthopedic Surgery1497971964
Brianne Mussard 43701, OHOrthopedic Surgery1770035990
Bryan P Finger 44805, OHOrthopedic Surgery1245320670
Bryan Michael Petras 43065, OHOrthopedic Surgery1245416981
Bryan David Presher 43078, OHOrthopedic Surgery1588765531
Caitlin Sweet 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1679040265
Caleb Statler 43213, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366935207
Camille Rae Bowshier 45414, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013238062
Cara Lynn Ogren 44004, OHOrthopedic Surgery1598945990
Cara M Phillips 45241, OHOrthopedic Surgery1992785810
Carl Richard Dollison 43725, OHOrthopedic Surgery1134119092
Carol T Haas 44333, OHOrthopedic Surgery1104904440
Caroline Olivia Baxter 44087, OHOrthopedic Surgery1427468701
Carolyn Sue Rauh 45865, OHOrthopedic Surgery1992276422
Catherine Pearsall 45220, OHOrthopedic Surgery1881209989
Chad Stephen Rygalski 43026, OHOrthopedic Surgery1467935254
Charles P Conti 45242, OHOrthopedic Surgery1053315911
Cheryl Marie Beight 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1336189265
Christine Marcinowski 44126, OHOrthopedic Surgery1609293745
Christine Catherine Messner 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1497787543
Christine M Sweeney 45241, OHOrthopedic Surgery1043438906
Christopher James Cotter 43078, OHOrthopedic Surgery1912008947
Christopher Kovacs 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1609342112
Christopher M Wall 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1003383696
Christos A Efthimiou 44484, OHOrthopedic Surgery1437202769
Claudia L Miller 44240, OHOrthopedic Surgery1265423412
Clyde W Esch 45424, OHOrthopedic Surgery1821054784
Colleen Renee Sandro 43065, OHOrthopedic Surgery1811470735
Connie S Seeskin 45242, OHOrthopedic Surgery1033145248
Constance S Poe-kochert 44106, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366468316
Cooper Tyree 45202, OHOrthopedic Surgery1134723992
Corey Snyder 43606, OHOrthopedic Surgery1629434295
Cortney Ann Myer 44308, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013180025
Crystal Santin 43206, OHOrthopedic Surgery1609039775
Cynthia Nieberding 44145, OHOrthopedic Surgery1144640244
Dakota Billings 43228, OHOrthopedic Surgery1023591518
Dale Eugene Campbell 44691, OHOrthopedic Surgery1174655849
Dale E Mull 43606, OHOrthopedic Surgery1417915059
Dana Eileen Graf 44256, OHOrthopedic Surgery1104922624
Daniel M Donatini 44805, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366633778
Daniel James Hass 44125, OHOrthopedic Surgery1205486263
Daniel Wright 43212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1992785257
Danielle Marie Moore 43015, OHOrthopedic Surgery1538469648
Darrel Mittelstaedt 44124, OHOrthopedic Surgery1184043887
David Michael Balsman 43078, OHOrthopedic Surgery1104927144
David W Griswold 44139, OHOrthopedic Surgery1841446929
David Brian Haberman 44130, OHOrthopedic Surgery1629537253
David Scott Henry 99559, OHOrthopedic Surgery1992090195
David P Leone 44240, OHOrthopedic Surgery1821092594
David Macchia 45220, OHOrthopedic Surgery1669084158
David Benjamin Nelson 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1962920181
David C Poeppelmeier 44691, OHOrthopedic Surgery1487879359
David John Ryland 44286, OHOrthopedic Surgery1427680123
Deanna Marie Freedman 44333, OHOrthopedic Surgery1386702710
Deanna Marie Mccomish 43528, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366498701
Debbie Sue Sternen 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1992746473
Deborah Adrian Marotta 44124, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366946022
Deepa Makkar Kalliath 45236, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013281260
Dennis Michael Rigney-carroll 43221, OHOrthopedic Surgery1659402634
Derek Karl Kautzmann 45211, OHOrthopedic Surgery1194797506
Derek Stephen Roylance 45229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1194292789
Diana Gabriel 44060, OHOrthopedic Surgery1841726890
Diana Ina 44109, OHOrthopedic Surgery1962953059
Dimitrios Paschalidis 44256, OHOrthopedic Surgery1134248156
Dolly Abdallah Hritz 44131, OHOrthopedic Surgery1629284252
Dominic Dennis Crock 43725, OHOrthopedic Surgery1346457835
Donna Pannitto 44124, OHOrthopedic Surgery1710306808
Douglas Michael Charboneau 44039, OHOrthopedic Surgery1891878443
Douglas G Patch 43212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1093795346


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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