Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert E Bachelder 44805, OHOrthopedic Surgery1891798997
Charles P Conti 45242, OHOrthopedic Surgery1053315911
Fredrick A Oliver 45242, OHOrthopedic Surgery1740284603
David P Leone 44240, OHOrthopedic Surgery1821092594
Julie B Jasontek 45242, OHOrthopedic Surgery1881699122
Timothy P Heckmann 45242, OHOrthopedic Surgery1306841549
Susan W Segerman 45236, OHOrthopedic Surgery1063417210
Michael A Mccormack 45040, OHOrthopedic Surgery1588669394
Matthew Volansky 44012, OHOrthopedic Surgery1962400689
Stephen Gerald Wychock 44004, OHOrthopedic Surgery1760489413
John Dwight Bashline 43977, OHOrthopedic Surgery1386642809
Paul M Mcghee 44691, OHOrthopedic Surgery1083613814
Joseph A Didomenico 44512, OHOrthopedic Surgery1508865817
Vallabha Sudhir Kshirsagar 45245, OHOrthopedic Surgery1568463271
Mark A Read 43035, OHOrthopedic Surgery1326034299
James S. Depietro 43130, OHOrthopedic Surgery1144217548
Drew Eric Widing 45433, OHOrthopedic Surgery1639166630
Elizabeth Deluca 44281, OHOrthopedic Surgery1376532382
Jason Kucharski 44281, OHOrthopedic Surgery1619966637
Carl Richard Dollison 43725, OHOrthopedic Surgery1134119092
Brandan Heller 43076, OHOrthopedic Surgery1811987480
Jennifer Heisel-mangano 44203, OHOrthopedic Surgery1982694485
Malinda Marie Bragg 44311, OHOrthopedic Surgery1215927728
Joseph Blasiole 44266, OHOrthopedic Surgery1265423321
Claudia L Miller 44240, OHOrthopedic Surgery1265423412
Janet Dragonette 44139, OHOrthopedic Surgery1124000914
Linda Annette Johnson-kinser 44139, OHOrthopedic Surgery1518949395
Rickie Lee Kinser 44139, OHOrthopedic Surgery1346222148
Brenda Robbins 44139, OHOrthopedic Surgery1518949189
Stephanie M Lowery 44094, OHOrthopedic Surgery1437131034
Michelle Marie Fornadel 44087, OHOrthopedic Surgery1114909504
Frank Lee Gargano 44139, OHOrthopedic Surgery1770566010
Thomas Paul Montgomery 44410, OHOrthopedic Surgery1275517500
Mark Edward Ramsey 43040, OHOrthopedic Surgery1245214121
James P. Whetzel 43212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1902882350
Amy J Patrick-melin 44114, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366428518
Amy T O'neal 43212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1043290075
Angela R Darragh 43212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1720068752
Cara M Phillips 45241, OHOrthopedic Surgery1992785810
Emily Pagnotto 43212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1417937327
Brenda Shoup 43081, OHOrthopedic Surgery1336129261
L Darrell Upp 43017, OHOrthopedic Surgery1205816147
Wendy K Shemenski 43081, OHOrthopedic Surgery1598745424
Oasis Physical Therapy & Reh 45459, OHOrthopedic Surgery1790765154
Kristian K Graham 43081, OHOrthopedic Surgery1982684387
Daniel Wright 43212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1992785257
Douglas G Patch 43212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1093795346
Stephanie M Cone 45840, OHOrthopedic Surgery1104806017
Andrew Edward Schmutz 44408, OHOrthopedic Surgery1306829031
Marysville Physical Therapy Inc 43040, OHOrthopedic Surgery1528041274
Beryl Ann Smith 45404, OHOrthopedic Surgery1558332122
Derek Karl Kautzmann 45211, OHOrthopedic Surgery1194797506
Lynn M. Rieg 44256, OHOrthopedic Surgery1265400212
Kevin Paul Smith 43230, OHOrthopedic Surgery1861460529
Steven R Danals 44281, OHOrthopedic Surgery1497723829
Patrick Raymond Mckibben 45245, OHOrthopedic Surgery1053389114
North Central Hand Rehabilitation, Inc 44870, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013982701
Matt John Ernst 41017, OHOrthopedic Surgery1356310304
Betty Jean Lok 43351, OHOrthopedic Surgery1821051897
Clyde W Esch 45424, OHOrthopedic Surgery1821054784
Western Reserve Profess 44240, OHOrthopedic Surgery1356308407
Janet K Garcia 43725, OHOrthopedic Surgery1194783795
Dale E Mull 43606, OHOrthopedic Surgery1417915059
Rehabilitex, Inc. 44139, OHOrthopedic Surgery1790737534
Matthew Sigler 45069, OHOrthopedic Surgery1083160451
Center For Orthopedics, Inc. 44054, OHOrthopedic Surgery1225086473
Deanna Marie Mccomish 43528, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366498701
Lori Heiser Robinson 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1134169055
Cheryl Marie Beight 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1336189265
Thomas Andrew Konicki 45459, OHOrthopedic Surgery1750327524
Connie S Seeskin 45242, OHOrthopedic Surgery1033145248
Michael Paul Kieklak 44134, OHOrthopedic Surgery1538199351
Kelly Christine Fieseler 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1497793293
Wiilliam Marcus Taylor 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1053347872
Lynne Scherr Meredith 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1174563001
Lisa R Johns 43232, OHOrthopedic Surgery1467484782
Christine Catherine Messner 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1497787543
Edward Joseph Aube 44147, OHOrthopedic Surgery1437182458
Heights Chiropractic Physicians, Llc 45424, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013932961
Constance S Poe-kochert 44106, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366468316
William Cannarozzi 45420, OHOrthopedic Surgery1538187737
Paul F. Spear 45750, OHOrthopedic Surgery1346264736
Orthosport Physical Therapy Center 45042, OHOrthopedic Surgery1811911217
Rinaldi Physical Therapy 44512, OHOrthopedic Surgery1346250453
Michael Anthony Rinaldi 44512, OHOrthopedic Surgery1245240589
Kathryn Faye Youtsler 45050, OHOrthopedic Surgery1598870941
Lucille M Miller 44870, OHOrthopedic Surgery1881708519
Adam Christopher Soha 44141, OHOrthopedic Surgery1417062795
Kristopher K Keller 43214, OHOrthopedic Surgery1306871991
Rachel R Kaplan 45040, OHOrthopedic Surgery1598874141
Joseph John Scott 44460, OHOrthopedic Surgery1003919812
Steven Marc Skurow 45241, OHOrthopedic Surgery1952400038
Troy A Zigman 44060, OHOrthopedic Surgery1821197914
Christopher James Cotter 43078, OHOrthopedic Surgery1912008947
Bryan David Presher 43078, OHOrthopedic Surgery1588765531
David Michael Balsman 43078, OHOrthopedic Surgery1104927144
Cincinnati Rehabilitation Center 45215, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013018753
Frederick M Graff 43123, OHOrthopedic Surgery1710070834
Laura Kaleta 44129, OHOrthopedic Surgery1457448177
Patricia E. Bender 45215, OHOrthopedic Surgery1831286186
Bernardo M. Sanchez 44052, OHOrthopedic Surgery1326138421
Douglas Michael Charboneau 44039, OHOrthopedic Surgery1891878443
John David Chiofalo 44667, OHOrthopedic Surgery1568546414
Randall Wilbert Schiff 44004, OHOrthopedic Surgery1265519136
James Theodore Schmit 45822, OHOrthopedic Surgery1699852046
Carol T Haas 44333, OHOrthopedic Surgery1104904440
Edward H Waldo 44720, OHOrthopedic Surgery1952470353
John M Steiner 45459, OHOrthopedic Surgery1740350388
Bryan P Finger 44805, OHOrthopedic Surgery1245320670
Bradley M Vernallis 44012, OHOrthopedic Surgery1598872202
John Edward Hurley 44685, OHOrthopedic Surgery1770670317
James Scott Pritt 45434, OHOrthopedic Surgery1750478343
Dana Eileen Graf 44256, OHOrthopedic Surgery1104922624
John Dean Yerkey 44512, OHOrthopedic Surgery1720173495
Lori Lynn Ringley 45241, OHOrthopedic Surgery1285700963
Judy B Baker 45429, OHOrthopedic Surgery1295801975
Concord Chiropractic Inc 44060, OHOrthopedic Surgery1437227881
Michael Pratt 45212, OHOrthopedic Surgery1962560144
Maaike Ann Jenkins 44041, OHOrthopedic Surgery1902964273
Jeremiah Ezra Freedman 44333, OHOrthopedic Surgery1508924929
Deanna Marie Freedman 44333, OHOrthopedic Surgery1386702710
Neil Alan Evans 45638, OHOrthopedic Surgery1356400592
Ladona Kay Mcmackin 45638, OHOrthopedic Surgery1780743252
James J. Graneto 44512, OHOrthopedic Surgery1679634695
Robert Paul Runkel 43952, OHOrthopedic Surgery1437211257
Francis Paul Yanek 44514, OHOrthopedic Surgery1023175858
Edward Joseph Ash 44286, OHOrthopedic Surgery1356491013
Joseph J Scott, D.c., Llc 44460, OHOrthopedic Surgery1710038054
Elizabeth Susan Paganini 44119, OHOrthopedic Surgery1306999149
Marian Slagle Over 44720, OHOrthopedic Surgery1790838985
Amanda Burnett Smith 43081, OHOrthopedic Surgery1699812750
Thane Bee 45066, OHOrthopedic Surgery1144361361
Randall Chris Moore 43040, OHOrthopedic Surgery1598894073
Allen J Hefner 43616, OHOrthopedic Surgery1609906304
Dennis Michael Rigney-carroll 43221, OHOrthopedic Surgery1659402634
Katherine Kakis Graham 43213, OHOrthopedic Surgery1093847832
Dale Eugene Campbell 44691, OHOrthopedic Surgery1174655849
Scott Michael Snow 44646, OHOrthopedic Surgery1497888549
Julie L Timberlake 44906, OHOrthopedic Surgery1477687747
Ann M Kime 45140, OHOrthopedic Surgery1154445625
Aaron L. Burkett 43326, OHOrthopedic Surgery1063536530
Janet Rose Delozier 44195, OHOrthopedic Surgery1619092384
Tammy Sue Wadsworth 43026, OHOrthopedic Surgery1093832396
Meghan E Oblinger 45247, OHOrthopedic Surgery1619011756
Christos A Efthimiou 44484, OHOrthopedic Surgery1437202769
Kristin Mcintyre 43302, OHOrthopedic Surgery1902305907
Mayfield Physical Therapy Inc 44143, OHOrthopedic Surgery1033250030
Freedman Clinic Of Chiropractic Llc 44333, OHOrthopedic Surgery1508925314
Joshua Rudinsky 43054, OHOrthopedic Surgery1952430985
Erica Marie Mullins 43220, OHOrthopedic Surgery1598883373
Paul Guyas 44240, OHOrthopedic Surgery1275652919
Dimitrios Paschalidis 44256, OHOrthopedic Surgery1134248156
Thomas Ray 43311, OHOrthopedic Surgery1750404224
Libby Louise Spicer 44133, OHOrthopedic Surgery1578686887
David C Poeppelmeier 44691, OHOrthopedic Surgery1487879359
Brian Edward Jans 45371, OHOrthopedic Surgery1497971964
Hands On Physical Therapy Of Mentor, Llc 44060, OHOrthopedic Surgery1568688026
Renee Soloway Spiegler 43065, OHOrthopedic Surgery1205054400
Timothy Ertle 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1538380449
Marie A Higby 43229, OHOrthopedic Surgery1710109475
Ervin Scott Euype 44131, OHOrthopedic Surgery1457567976
Dolly Abdallah Hritz 44131, OHOrthopedic Surgery1629284252
Hannah Arbogast 45409, OHOrthopedic Surgery1225244593
Erica M Rhodes 44125, OHOrthopedic Surgery1669689246
Dominic Dennis Crock 43725, OHOrthopedic Surgery1346457835
Western Reserve Professional Group Inc 44240, OHOrthopedic Surgery1699986620
Jonathan Michael Rose 38163, OHOrthopedic Surgery1942411392
Jeffrey A Murrey 43701, OHOrthopedic Surgery1548461247
John M Williams 43082, OHOrthopedic Surgery1083816763
Jennifer Braun Ambos 45371, OHOrthopedic Surgery1134322928
Kelly Renee Holcomb 44060, OHOrthopedic Surgery1629277140
Stephanie Seeley 45414, OHOrthopedic Surgery1235320227
Integrative Medical Centers Of Ohio Inc 44410, OHOrthopedic Surgery1821289372
Timothy J Ogle 45417, OHOrthopedic Surgery1336330893
Daniel M Donatini 44805, OHOrthopedic Surgery1366633778
Karen Pancoast Martin 44236, OHOrthopedic Surgery1740472752
Luann Lynn Dejulius 44094, OHOrthopedic Surgery1750576575
Wooster Orthopaedics Therapy 44691, OHOrthopedic Surgery1689860330
Marshall Andrew Robinson 43213, OHOrthopedic Surgery1073709663
Kari Lynn Orlandi 44136, OHOrthopedic Surgery1598951402
Andrea Nicole Wall 43026, OHOrthopedic Surgery1447447578
Chiofalo Chiropractic Clinic 44667, OHOrthopedic Surgery1881882629
Monroe Chiropractic Center, Inc. 45050, OHOrthopedic Surgery1720276934
Ashland Chiropractic Center, Inc. 44805, OHOrthopedic Surgery1154510469
Cara Lynn Ogren 44004, OHOrthopedic Surgery1598945990
Tiffany Staley 43123, OHOrthopedic Surgery1831371095
Susan Elizabeth Blasi 45056, OHOrthopedic Surgery1700068830
Konicki Schumacher Chiropractic Clinic Inc 45459, OHOrthopedic Surgery1053594549
Ellen Maureen Daly 45247, OHOrthopedic Surgery1851574743
John E. Hurley, D.c., Inc. 44311, OHOrthopedic Surgery1376727800
Bryan Michael Petras 43065, OHOrthopedic Surgery1245416981
Rehab Plus 43952, OHOrthopedic Surgery1700054855
Cortney Ann Myer 44308, OHOrthopedic Surgery1013180025
Richard Charles Hauser 45402, OHOrthopedic Surgery1376717926
Lori Abraham 44122, OHOrthopedic Surgery1467627307
Parma Family Chiropractic Inc 44134, OHOrthopedic Surgery1295990083
Christine M Sweeney 45241, OHOrthopedic Surgery1043438906
Ian Mathew Stephens 44145, OHOrthopedic Surgery1104091800
Lauren Hassinger 43213, OHOrthopedic Surgery1669969630
Kenneth L Shearer 44720, OHOrthopedic Surgery1245446525


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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