Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kimberly A. Costello 37601, TNOrthopedic Surgery1336143833
Allen Tyler Nance 37363, TNOrthopedic Surgery1124023197
Amanda Leigh Andrews 37067, TNOrthopedic Surgery1104828847
Colorado Abella 37807, TNOrthopedic Surgery1750375952
Michael H Schaller 37355, TNOrthopedic Surgery1942288832
Whitney Horner 38120, TNOrthopedic Surgery1457845836
Nikki Lynn Butler 42223, TNOrthopedic Surgery1447226964
Kristi H Roland 37115, TNOrthopedic Surgery1164498382
Christopher Jason Richardson 37203, TNOrthopedic Surgery1831158112
Brian Jovag 42223, TNOrthopedic Surgery1134189079
Jean M Thorn 37404, TNOrthopedic Surgery1518920214
Marisa C. Miller 37813, TNOrthopedic Surgery1134185440
Whitney L Belt 37614, TNOrthopedic Surgery1275581316
Kimberly Dawn Hinson 37203, TNOrthopedic Surgery1164470555
Scott Lawton Parson 37920, TNOrthopedic Surgery1689623456
Sherri Lea 37660, TNOrthopedic Surgery1932158433
Raymond R. Pierce 37830, TNOrthopedic Surgery1881640001
Collierville Orthopedics And 38017, TNOrthopedic Surgery1003855420
Marcia Tamekia Fears 30236, TNOrthopedic Surgery1427094804
Latefa Nichelle Terry 30728, TNOrthopedic Surgery1023044948
Christopher Luke Hoffmann 38133, TNOrthopedic Surgery1871526731
Michael John Malawey 37027, TNOrthopedic Surgery1780605261
Malcolm N Colbert 37343, TNOrthopedic Surgery1649291816
Marvin G Payne 37620, TNOrthopedic Surgery1952323982
Clayton Cameron Woods 37129, TNOrthopedic Surgery1306860200
Jared Stephen Hathaway 38111, TNOrthopedic Surgery1255345476
Merianne Jordan 37923, TNOrthopedic Surgery1548276736
Barbara S Owens 37620, TNOrthopedic Surgery1447266879
Maureen E O Brien 28422, TNOrthopedic Surgery1528074127
Joseph Sean Galloway 37887, TNOrthopedic Surgery1780692954
Ricky Hall 37615, TNOrthopedic Surgery1508979337
Russell D. Radican 38119, TNOrthopedic Surgery1528172368
Rebecca N Moore 37090, TNOrthopedic Surgery1841309440
Kevin Martin Olds 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1851497887
Stephen Edward Wheeler 37643, TNOrthopedic Surgery1821195454
Jamie Rogers Morelock 37215, TNOrthopedic Surgery1376640813
Danna Carver 37922, TNOrthopedic Surgery1841398203
Appalachian Orthopaedic Associates Pc 37620, TNOrthopedic Surgery1821196148
Chris D. Maschhoff 37343, TNOrthopedic Surgery1447351374
Jeffrey Charles Poteralski 37343, TNOrthopedic Surgery1093816464
Robert Keith Miles 37343, TNOrthopedic Surgery1730270216
Danny Eugene Almond 37663, TNOrthopedic Surgery1992898886
Glenn R Carlson 37379, TNOrthopedic Surgery1477640050
Dana T Vansant 35758, TNOrthopedic Surgery1689761512
Clinton Physical Therapy Center 37716, TNOrthopedic Surgery1578644894
Donna Marie Edwards 37922, TNOrthopedic Surgery1295817641
The Chiropractic Center 37312, TNOrthopedic Surgery1689756843
Susan Appling 38163, TNOrthopedic Surgery1629150297
Danny Dale Smith 37643, TNOrthopedic Surgery1457436891
Joel Cabrera 27511, TNOrthopedic Surgery1386721132
Kathleen Mary Galloway 37205, TNOrthopedic Surgery1003995838
Alexander T Luy 38305, TNOrthopedic Surgery1962574038
Rochelle Kari Chenowith 37203, TNOrthopedic Surgery1154495067
John W Crowe 37604, TNOrthopedic Surgery1477628949
Allen R Rhea 37604, TNOrthopedic Surgery1417022989
Robert D Algee 37604, TNOrthopedic Surgery1417022971
John C. Kilbreath 37620, TNOrthopedic Surgery1366517310
Stacy Lynn Soappman 37830, TNOrthopedic Surgery1871669028
Marsha Kaye Camp 37129, TNOrthopedic Surgery1104993146
Randall S Johnson 37620, TNOrthopedic Surgery1225104664
Jean Oliver Myers 29572, TNOrthopedic Surgery1184792004
Appalachian Orthopaedic Associates, Pc 37604, TNOrthopedic Surgery1528128063
James Todd Boyd 29169, TNOrthopedic Surgery1952466708
Donald Gilbert Wegener 37849, TNOrthopedic Surgery1669538229
Sandra Shoemake 37064, TNOrthopedic Surgery1366590705
Randy D. Modglin 37821, TNOrthopedic Surgery1932258191
John Bruce Mclaughlin 37912, TNOrthopedic Surgery1053467332
Julie Richard 37232, TNOrthopedic Surgery1730225616
Colonial Heights Physical Therapy Inc 37663, TNOrthopedic Surgery1285771527
Penny L. Head 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1821138181
Elizabeth Fackler 40241, TNOrthopedic Surgery1801930730
Andrew L Marini 37343, TNOrthopedic Surgery1659406379
Angela D Higgins 37604, TNOrthopedic Surgery1659407302
Michael Dunn Center 37763, TNOrthopedic Surgery1316076268
James Brian White 37830, TNOrthopedic Surgery1073645313
Bharati A Gokhale 37067, TNOrthopedic Surgery1811013535
Melissa L Taylor 87505, TNOrthopedic Surgery1558480004
Eduardo Soliman Plantilla 05403, TNOrthopedic Surgery1457471237
Sports Therapy Of Nashville, Llc 37067, TNOrthopedic Surgery1902029929
Perry Hamilton Smith 37027, TNOrthopedic Surgery1427271246
Jim Sweeney 37211, TNOrthopedic Surgery1710104989
Rehab, Etc., Inc. 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1104032465
Jonathan Michael Rose 38163, TNOrthopedic Surgery1942411392
Heather K Skaar 37232, TNOrthopedic Surgery1124221205
Darrell Ray Lee 37232, TNOrthopedic Surgery1699978668
Sandra Shelton 37232, TNOrthopedic Surgery1467655274
Gina R Stevens 92108, TNOrthopedic Surgery1215132220
James Todd Ketron 37660, TNOrthopedic Surgery1194920843
Matthew Fowler Sizemore 37128, TNOrthopedic Surgery1639369663
Sheila Gaffney 37232, TNOrthopedic Surgery1801086624
Latonya Williams Morgan 38115, TNOrthopedic Surgery1851583157
James M Gilmore 37232, TNOrthopedic Surgery1972799641
Bruce Michael Nicoara 37934, TNOrthopedic Surgery1184811804
Chattanooga Orthopaedic Group, Pc 37343, TNOrthopedic Surgery1619165834
Neema Shah Mehta 30084, TNOrthopedic Surgery1679753487
Pro Motion Physical Therapy Llc 37027, TNOrthopedic Surgery1649453705
Shoreline Docks Incorpprated 37938, TNOrthopedic Surgery1730359126
Mardys Marie Hewgley 37203, TNOrthopedic Surgery1861659344
Samuel Ross Hall 30189, TNOrthopedic Surgery1972766640
Allen Taylor Bible 30742, TNOrthopedic Surgery1861655185
Stacy Rachelle Pritchard 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1710142542
Cheryl Queen 37064, TNOrthopedic Surgery1326203043
Amy Ellise Powell 37064, TNOrthopedic Surgery1902061641
Marcos Franco 37148, TNOrthopedic Surgery1922245661
Roger D. Ellis 37083, TNOrthopedic Surgery1457599284
Laurie S Mcgee 37343, TNOrthopedic Surgery1194969964
Mary Leah Mizer 37923, TNOrthopedic Surgery1568690725
Austin William Kercheville 37405, TNOrthopedic Surgery1972096576
Lauren Leigh Ray 37040, TNOrthopedic Surgery1821229303
Jennifer L Hinkle 37923, TNOrthopedic Surgery1639300023
Jeremiah J Tate 37620, TNOrthopedic Surgery1427382027
Dale William Willetts 37777, TNOrthopedic Surgery1255666590
Daniel Wallace Mackie 30115, TNOrthopedic Surgery1851627079
Patricia A Hewitt Tambeau 37814, TNOrthopedic Surgery1164750535
Joshua David Sloan 37203, TNOrthopedic Surgery1942531553
Annemarie Coughlin Gray 37916, TNOrthopedic Surgery1275857740
Howell Scott Holmes 38355, TNOrthopedic Surgery1073826889
Laura Leigh Mccallister 37934, TNOrthopedic Surgery1316250004
Michael Wade Rainey 37211, TNOrthopedic Surgery1073828497
Rachel Lynne Peters 37620, TNOrthopedic Surgery1528364106
Tyler Andrew Bevins 37663, TNOrthopedic Surgery1891092979
Andrea N Bain 38478, TNOrthopedic Surgery1073801973
Karissa L Debenport 37923, TNOrthopedic Surgery1245528645
Stephen Dale Mulhollen 37745, TNOrthopedic Surgery1578048245
Bradley Lawrence Grohovsky 37211, TNOrthopedic Surgery1407133994
Christopher Calvin Mathews 37774, TNOrthopedic Surgery1356600092
Dorothy Boone Wofford 39157, TNOrthopedic Surgery1245593805
Tyler Andrews 38111, TNOrthopedic Surgery1407104540
Justin M. Rawls 37923, TNOrthopedic Surgery1144579301
Nathaniel Walter Lay 37066, TNOrthopedic Surgery1629320130
Noel N Sansotta 37923, TNOrthopedic Surgery1588918692
Faith Buchanan 37067, TNOrthopedic Surgery1659625390
Laura S Bonfiglio 37075, TNOrthopedic Surgery1255685806
Ashley P Sundstrom 37043, TNOrthopedic Surgery1568716124
Luke Leon Mcintosh 32746, TNOrthopedic Surgery1700124286
Catherine Lauren Mcgill 38358, TNOrthopedic Surgery1528307592
Robbin Servies 37716, TNOrthopedic Surgery1437499001
Bruce E Brawner 35803, TNOrthopedic Surgery1760722359
Randall W Hill 37082, TNOrthopedic Surgery1619218104
Jeffrey Brooks Altizer 37203, TNOrthopedic Surgery1851632178
Wendy Michelle Lavigne 38141, TNOrthopedic Surgery1013259803
Leah Michelle Carney 37027, TNOrthopedic Surgery1033452784
Ronald Edward Ritchie 37221, TNOrthopedic Surgery1093058711
Amy Michele Larkin 37027, TNOrthopedic Surgery1700229333
Jennifer Mclemore 37129, TNOrthopedic Surgery1346685476
John Paul Holden 37129, TNOrthopedic Surgery1003252891
James Austin Boyd 38120, TNOrthopedic Surgery1245724921
John Hastings Waggoner 35661, TNOrthopedic Surgery1255779922
Jennifer Ann Noffsinger 37067, TNOrthopedic Surgery1629419072
Joni M. Robertson 38028, TNOrthopedic Surgery1831524966
Susan Irvine Phillips 37027, TNOrthopedic Surgery1679909543
Roque Angelo Bosque 38104, TNOrthopedic Surgery1457788515
Jennah Bulen 42223, TNOrthopedic Surgery1265974422
Brian L Green 37620, TNOrthopedic Surgery1720405574
Jessica Shea Kirkland 37763, TNOrthopedic Surgery1124445937
Melanie A Abbott 37604, TNOrthopedic Surgery1407275910
Drew Sorensen 37923, TNOrthopedic Surgery1043630494
Larry Williams 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1962817114
Katelyn Dalton 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1215344809
Margaret Kedia 38671, TNOrthopedic Surgery1730596883
Carie Balton Mcphail 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1992112049
Christal Harwell-mostert 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1427465574
Arun Alex 37209, TNOrthopedic Surgery1841690096
Taryn Mayleen Wright 77449, TNOrthopedic Surgery1629478649
Michael Wesley Duckworth 38017, TNOrthopedic Surgery1992106736
Jennie Clark 37027, TNOrthopedic Surgery1730535006
Sarah Randles Fogarty 37923, TNOrthopedic Surgery1184004665
Tyler Workman 37203, TNOrthopedic Surgery1174906036
Drew Alan Tucker 38119, TNOrthopedic Surgery1780056713
Jill Marie Chabot 37232, TNOrthopedic Surgery1700089901
Michael L Voight 37212, TNOrthopedic Surgery1184820417
Cheryl Landis 37064, TNOrthopedic Surgery1952564593
David Brian Coleman 37803, TNOrthopedic Surgery1114174083
Rebecca Jeanne Lowe 37205, TNOrthopedic Surgery1376868430
Matthew Payom Ayers 30189, TNOrthopedic Surgery1033541560
Wyatt Work 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1457768228
Jerrica Thomas 38671, TNOrthopedic Surgery1083023675
Carolyn Platt Lucas 37203, TNOrthopedic Surgery1053717330
Lisa Michelle Tipton 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1225429707
Nichole Grice Lamberth 37061, TNOrthopedic Surgery1194182246
Birgit Barnes 37203, TNOrthopedic Surgery1609239904
William Whittington 38017, TNOrthopedic Surgery1093161259
Juan Ramon Quiles 38127, TNOrthopedic Surgery1023465291
Lindsey Smith 37920, TNOrthopedic Surgery1881044576
Thomas Russell Middleton 38138, TNOrthopedic Surgery1376994558
Paige Huntsman 37066, TNOrthopedic Surgery1356895601
Emily Stein Daugherty 30736, TNOrthopedic Surgery1942614656
Jesse Gulish 38201, TNOrthopedic Surgery1225452550
Simply Physio Llc 37934, TNOrthopedic Surgery1750890943
Mary Katherine Ford 37919, TNOrthopedic Surgery1164935375
Elizabeth Vaughn 38120, TNOrthopedic Surgery1932693413
Anna Kaspar 38120, TNOrthopedic Surgery1831683218
Ramyadevi Ramamoorthi 37343, TNOrthopedic Surgery1548749625
Sussette Eidson Robinson 37814, TNOrthopedic Surgery1740502376


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