Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Vicky L Bledsoe 78731, TXOrthopedic Surgery1336142546
Harold Boyd Tondera 77063, TXOrthopedic Surgery1184627283
Lindsay Marie Graham 78748, TXOrthopedic Surgery1912410978
Kevin Lee Walters 76054, TXOrthopedic Surgery1134124985
Peggy J Bolks 77379, TXOrthopedic Surgery1417954033
Brian James Rogers 77611, TXOrthopedic Surgery1528066636
Marc E Hagebusch 75503, TXOrthopedic Surgery1922006964
Rebecca S. Rippel 78633, TXOrthopedic Surgery1811995764
Gretchen L Andrew 77573, TXOrthopedic Surgery1306844378
Karla Renee Thiebaud 78216, TXOrthopedic Surgery1801895982
Simon John Forster 78758, TXOrthopedic Surgery1811997364
Staci Yount 78757, TXOrthopedic Surgery1891789830
Erin Sultemeier Beard 78745, TXOrthopedic Surgery1861486805
Sarah Lowery North 78640, TXOrthopedic Surgery1710971759
Thomas Gene Billings 78746, TXOrthopedic Surgery1871587840
Benjamin E Keene 78731, TXOrthopedic Surgery1730173428
James Thomas Harris 78731, TXOrthopedic Surgery1891789319
Raymundo C Villarreal 78577, TXOrthopedic Surgery1528053592
Benjamin Robert Hando 78236, TXOrthopedic Surgery1427043108
Hal Pritchard Magee 76022, TXOrthopedic Surgery1578559704
Stephen B Estes 78759, TXOrthopedic Surgery1902893548
Ergonomic Rehabilitation Of Houston, Llc 77073, TXOrthopedic Surgery1912994831
Jeromee Cameron Alexander 75189, TXOrthopedic Surgery1942298484
Gwen Wilson Morgan 79106, TXOrthopedic Surgery1396734786
Cathryn D Johnson-allen 75010, TXOrthopedic Surgery1588654248
John Cahak 77030, TXOrthopedic Surgery1639169899
Jimmie E. Edmonds 77030, TXOrthopedic Surgery1548250707
Meredith Pierce 77030, TXOrthopedic Surgery1457341612
Sonia Lynn Rich 77030, TXOrthopedic Surgery1689664732
Evan J Petersen 78234, TXOrthopedic Surgery1609867548
Nicole Heather Raney 78236, TXOrthopedic Surgery1376534107
Daniel Gene Rendeiro 78234, TXOrthopedic Surgery1366433005
David Christopher Morrissey 77036, TXOrthopedic Surgery1326039710
Steven Ray Elliott 75901, TXOrthopedic Surgery1487635058
Deydre Smyth Teyhen 78234, TXOrthopedic Surgery1528040300
Andy Cox 77382, TXOrthopedic Surgery1548243868
Shane Lowell Koppenhaver 78234, TXOrthopedic Surgery1952385163
Judy F Lokey 77030, TXOrthopedic Surgery1114903580
Gabriel Peterambrose Brooks 77027, TXOrthopedic Surgery1144206525
Modesto Hernandez 78596, TXOrthopedic Surgery1851377063
Michael Mario Masters 78419, TXOrthopedic Surgery1922084946
Brian Young 78236, TXOrthopedic Surgery1457339889
Matthew Burton Garber 78234, TXOrthopedic Surgery1619955085
Jeremiah Yanga Samson 78236, TXOrthopedic Surgery1083692370
Walter Travis Brzozowske 77904, TXOrthopedic Surgery1598744526
Affiliated Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Clinic Inc 78745, TXOrthopedic Surgery1235118787
Affiliated Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Clinic Inc 78613, TXOrthopedic Surgery1821077991
Affiliated Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Clinic Inc 78654, TXOrthopedic Surgery1508845686
Affiliated Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Clinic, Inc. 78660, TXOrthopedic Surgery1245210152
Sandra Michelle Burke 77494, TXOrthopedic Surgery1972583482
Yvette Marie Booker 77550, TXOrthopedic Surgery1336119833
Jose Manuel Fonseca 78234, TXOrthopedic Surgery1356312672
Jaime Gonzalez 78234, TXOrthopedic Surgery1508837824
Jon Eric Wilson 80840, TXOrthopedic Surgery1619949286
Lucy Glenn 77550, TXOrthopedic Surgery1053384065
Cayla Turner 75021, TXOrthopedic Surgery1003203290
Mark Richard Bronson 76109, TXOrthopedic Surgery1396719472
Susanne Marie Simmerman 76033, TXOrthopedic Surgery1477527612
Steve Lokey Edwards 76033, TXOrthopedic Surgery1710951975
Green Oaks Physical Therapy Lp 75052, TXOrthopedic Surgery1194792754
Alejandro A Saenz 75224, TXOrthopedic Surgery1164499612
Mark Anthony Linane 75013, TXOrthopedic Surgery1700854304
Jetta Melinda Benner 75104, TXOrthopedic Surgery1073581609
Karrie Johnson 75034, TXOrthopedic Surgery1396280491
Jill S Hoel 78759, TXOrthopedic Surgery1841250362
Robert Barry Honigsfeld 75240, TXOrthopedic Surgery1437119831
Thomas Alton Lorren 75605, TXOrthopedic Surgery1154383628
Joseph D Alejos 78240, TXOrthopedic Surgery1952366320
Michael David Bishop 78713, TXOrthopedic Surgery1023075629
Mary C Adams-challenger 78234, TXOrthopedic Surgery1316904766
Jill Alexandra Dorler 78734, TXOrthopedic Surgery1841258555
Sterling Lemuel Carter 77478, TXOrthopedic Surgery1184672206
Allied Pain Management Clinic, P.a. 75703, TXOrthopedic Surgery1669420345
Timothy Chris Lambert 75701, TXOrthopedic Surgery1073561494
Mustafa H Sakerwalla 77429, TXOrthopedic Surgery1558311365
Burhani Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Pc 77429, TXOrthopedic Surgery1225088982
Physical Therapy Clinic Of Paris, Lp 75462, TXOrthopedic Surgery1285688440
Julie Brochu 76033, TXOrthopedic Surgery1265471460
Brent Lane Wells 78006, TXOrthopedic Surgery1972543411
Bradley G Bills 75460, TXOrthopedic Surgery1073553673
Michael D Pickering 75460, TXOrthopedic Surgery1982644589
Kenneth Shane Halcomb 75460, TXOrthopedic Surgery1639119324
William M Gandy 75462, TXOrthopedic Surgery1841230539
Christopher D Carter 75462, TXOrthopedic Surgery1033159777
Susan Elaine Gandy Davis 75462, TXOrthopedic Surgery1699715367
Kyle J Keeley 75426, TXOrthopedic Surgery1922048693
Daivd Hunter Duplessis 76544, TXOrthopedic Surgery1679514426
Cindy S Murray 75093, TXOrthopedic Surgery1568404705
Navin Sharma 76712, TXOrthopedic Surgery1679054522
Avari Garcia 75013, TXOrthopedic Surgery1144263435
Jeanette Mabry 76544, TXOrthopedic Surgery1528001831
Amy Beth Hopkins Mpt Pc Dba Your Personal Best Pt 78746, TXOrthopedic Surgery1326082660
Wells Physical Therapy Of Boerne, P.l.l.c. 78006, TXOrthopedic Surgery1619912383
Stratton Rehabilitation Clinic Inc 78209, TXOrthopedic Surgery1518995919
Ronald Duane Fielden 78258, TXOrthopedic Surgery1477581007
Stacy L Liddle 78757, TXOrthopedic Surgery1447280250
Chad B. Hodges 78229, TXOrthopedic Surgery1306877907
Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Institute Of Dallas Inc 75231, TXOrthopedic Surgery1851322721
Ginger Michelle Young 76034, TXOrthopedic Surgery1174555841
Keri Lyn Gustavsen 76226, TXOrthopedic Surgery1063444743
Spineaustin Pa 78746, TXOrthopedic Surgery1457383770
Joel Dean Judd 76034, TXOrthopedic Surgery1962435701
Physical Therapy Specialty Clinic, Pc 78759, TXOrthopedic Surgery1215960836
Health Solution Therapy Services 77345, TXOrthopedic Surgery1528091733
Mark Robert Marquardt 77386, TXOrthopedic Surgery1356376248
Colleen Basler 78665, TXOrthopedic Surgery1538193768
David A Browder 78759, TXOrthopedic Surgery1619992831
Maria Christina Castillo 78411, TXOrthopedic Surgery1174548416
Judith H Richardson 77586, TXOrthopedic Surgery1124044391
Physical Therapy Clinic Of Paris Lp 74743, TXOrthopedic Surgery1568488179
Randy Gene Misenheimer 75061, TXOrthopedic Surgery1679590699
Jane E.a. Sinsheimer 76092, TXOrthopedic Surgery1194743328
Melanie Renee Bryan 78745, TXOrthopedic Surgery1265451876
Timothy E Odom 76109, TXOrthopedic Surgery1952320756
Joseph Charles Fritz 76048, TXOrthopedic Surgery1437179496
Melanie Battle Kinchen 76051, TXOrthopedic Surgery1134142029
Jeffrey Shawn Standifer 75233, TXOrthopedic Surgery1003821778
Farrah E Smith 75052, TXOrthopedic Surgery1023025483
Barbara Joanne Boyett 77450, TXOrthopedic Surgery1992712525
Robert Howell 76209, TXOrthopedic Surgery1720096316
Katherine Lynn Reilly 78660, TXOrthopedic Surgery1629086723
Curtis Earl Ratliff 76051, TXOrthopedic Surgery1962411538
Marilyn Danielle Vernon 78756, TXOrthopedic Surgery1558370403
Linda K. Seim 76034, TXOrthopedic Surgery1801805692
Guillermo Morales 76017, TXOrthopedic Surgery1639189491
Kristi E Sanders 76201, TXOrthopedic Surgery1972513596
Affiliated Therapy Group Practice, Inc 78411, TXOrthopedic Surgery1730199613
Scott Frederick Mcgough 75067, TXOrthopedic Surgery1053322883
Michael C Martin 76053, TXOrthopedic Surgery1770594517
Cody C Burns 75067, TXOrthopedic Surgery1194736975
Elizabeth W Zeigler 75093, TXOrthopedic Surgery1942211768
Jonathan Edwin Conrad 76036, TXOrthopedic Surgery1811908411
Mae Hsing Miranda 78234, TXOrthopedic Surgery1598776122
Julio C Regalado 78201, TXOrthopedic Surgery1235140906
Norma R Antedomenico 75076, TXOrthopedic Surgery1023029568
Angela J Rich 78703, TXOrthopedic Surgery1831100171
Physical Therapy Dynamics, Pllc 76036, TXOrthopedic Surgery1891707329
Rosanna D Hardin 79935, TXOrthopedic Surgery1144233842
Kendra Lee Pike 75093, TXOrthopedic Surgery1013020858
Michael Alan Davis 76104, TXOrthopedic Surgery1760595235
Kelli Patrice Smith 78258, TXOrthopedic Surgery1942313457
Stephanie Nino 78229, TXOrthopedic Surgery1316050834
Matthew Scott Kee 77843, TXOrthopedic Surgery1841303104
Rosendo Villarreal 77450, TXOrthopedic Surgery1104930304
Cheryl Obregon 78258, TXOrthopedic Surgery1255445193
Dairan Talley 78130, TXOrthopedic Surgery1144335001
Melissa Diane Stack 78217, TXOrthopedic Surgery1275648115
Jerasimos Agrapidis 77450, TXOrthopedic Surgery1528174158
Gary A Kearns 75231, TXOrthopedic Surgery1316056971
David Leroy Zeigler 75093, TXOrthopedic Surgery1467561050
Steven M Biorn 76022, TXOrthopedic Surgery1710096581
Aqts Therapy, Llc 78238, TXOrthopedic Surgery1821107467
Beata Katarzyna Smela 76016, TXOrthopedic Surgery1972612810
David Brian Slaughter 78640, TXOrthopedic Surgery1841300746
Dawn Mattix 75093, TXOrthopedic Surgery1205946159
Andreas Mueller 78759, TXOrthopedic Surgery1245340967
Kimberly Mueller 78705, TXOrthopedic Surgery1326158031
Vickie Lynn Imler 77055, TXOrthopedic Surgery1578673950
Jason Alaimo 78746, TXOrthopedic Surgery1457461907
Julie Mankinen 78758, TXOrthopedic Surgery1649380999
Christopher Matthew Goodwin 78023, TXOrthopedic Surgery1750484978
Robert Steven Wainner 78130, TXOrthopedic Surgery1457456246
Todd C. Goodale 77062, TXOrthopedic Surgery1104923788
Roberto Hwang Ico 79424, TXOrthopedic Surgery1336248863
Wendy Walker Collins 75246, TXOrthopedic Surgery1992896831
Rachel Ortigo Jillson 75093, TXOrthopedic Surgery1306937073
Daniel Tellez Ybarra 77055, TXOrthopedic Surgery1538254842
Jgpt,llc 77598, TXOrthopedic Surgery1538253497
Aimee Denise Arnold 76180, TXOrthopedic Surgery1164516464
Guy L. Terry 75007, TXOrthopedic Surgery1700972874
Jon Brent Holmes 77054, TXOrthopedic Surgery1700973518
Gary Steven Hamre 78148, TXOrthopedic Surgery1104913755
Janiz Minshew-shurr 75254, TXOrthopedic Surgery1609963685
Robyn Levenson Aguirre 75035, TXOrthopedic Surgery1427146968
Kathleen Lavigne Loyd 75010, TXOrthopedic Surgery1730278169
Derek Miles Smith 75010, TXOrthopedic Surgery1083703490
Matthew Robertson 76311, TXOrthopedic Surgery1386019669
Victoria Marie Leake 78745, TXOrthopedic Surgery1831271113
Pasadena Clinics, Inc. 77502, TXOrthopedic Surgery1245317452
Shelly Polnick Leicester 75034, TXOrthopedic Surgery1952489882
Spencer Mccombs 79424, TXOrthopedic Surgery1194804849
Jeffrey Charles Rau 76104, TXOrthopedic Surgery1598834178
Carrie E Self 77356, TXOrthopedic Surgery1003985995
Edward Walter Rongers 75169, TXOrthopedic Surgery1538230974
Joseph Delgado Chanoi 79903, TXOrthopedic Surgery1588735948
Anne J. Manville 75010, TXOrthopedic Surgery1518038835
Shelly A Ritz 75231, TXOrthopedic Surgery1619048352
Richard D Silliman 75231, TXOrthopedic Surgery1285705939
Scott Cloud 75231, TXOrthopedic Surgery1780755413
Jason A Winburne 75150, TXOrthopedic Surgery1356412019
Alliance Pain Centers, Pc 75093, TXOrthopedic Surgery1902979685
Alliance Pain Centers 75007, TXOrthopedic Surgery1689748337
Affiliated Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Clinic Inc 78681, TXOrthopedic Surgery1083788608
Gabriel Molina 78240, TXOrthopedic Surgery1447325469
Claudia W Bullard 78102, TXOrthopedic Surgery1205901279
James Derk Harrington 78240, TXOrthopedic Surgery1609941848
Peter Hendrik Schep 78240, TXOrthopedic Surgery1255406419
Kimberly Ann Rios 78221, TXOrthopedic Surgery1548335557
Lance D Moore 78013, TXOrthopedic Surgery1750459665
Kerri M Carpenter 78013, TXOrthopedic Surgery1124196134


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