Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Utah

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Utah:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Patrick Egbert 84084, UTOrthopedic Surgery1750388765
Ronald L Rosquist 84094, UTOrthopedic Surgery1669471405
Brian J Sabey 84124, UTOrthopedic Surgery1649263831
Therese Bohusch 84050, UTOrthopedic Surgery1932193927
Cheryl Sharpe Nickisch 84108, UTOrthopedic Surgery1386628733
Brett Mcwilliams 84604, UTOrthopedic Surgery1457880445
Rhodri L Purcell 84627, UTOrthopedic Surgery1417916784
Thomas Earl Grant 84117, UTOrthopedic Surgery1992769046
Michael R Egbert 84084, UTOrthopedic Surgery1578529921
Kelly B Jarvis 84032, UTOrthopedic Surgery1730138470
Preston Ward 84108, UTOrthopedic Surgery1164870218
J Christopher Romney 84720, UTOrthopedic Surgery1982640454
Kevan L Whipple 84094, UTOrthopedic Surgery1275563579
Donald A. Cofer 84060, UTOrthopedic Surgery1215979133
Laura J Cannon 84112, UTOrthopedic Surgery1568417376
John Groundland 84132, UTOrthopedic Surgery1689629081
Ford David Paulson 84003, UTOrthopedic Surgery1447279104
Matthew Steven Nelson 84047, UTOrthopedic Surgery1477578441
Julie L Waldo 84102, UTOrthopedic Surgery1659486256
Roger Lynn Colvin 84302, UTOrthopedic Surgery1740390988
Chris H Dahlberg 84401, UTOrthopedic Surgery1366553208
Bruce Van Gundersen 84124, UTOrthopedic Surgery1952409476
Aja Evertsen Merrill 84403, UTOrthopedic Surgery1821198540
Todd Harold Schmidt 84095, UTOrthopedic Surgery1003907502
I Clark Labrum 84770, UTOrthopedic Surgery1679660542
Stuart John Yeager 84121, UTOrthopedic Surgery1356422828
Allison Miller Gardner 84101, UTOrthopedic Surgery1154403152
Loral G Linton 84741, UTOrthopedic Surgery1194894501
Teresa Lynn Hall 84132, UTOrthopedic Surgery1497824239
Dale Harland Heath 84097, UTOrthopedic Surgery1124192042
Howard Knudsen 84604, UTOrthopedic Surgery1992863906
Brent M. Rasmussen 84627, UTOrthopedic Surgery1023166386
Angela Lea Smith 84084, UTOrthopedic Surgery1811049364
Victor Louis Tebbs 84737, UTOrthopedic Surgery1164559266
Randall F. Malin 84107, UTOrthopedic Surgery1770612566
Don Ross Miller 84414, UTOrthopedic Surgery1992838783
Stephen Jay Buchanan 84043, UTOrthopedic Surgery1942428941
Amber Lanenga 84132, UTOrthopedic Surgery1790990372
Grayson Doar 84119, UTOrthopedic Surgery1942468038
Paul D. Anderson 84004, UTOrthopedic Surgery1063663540
Keith C. Robbins 84065, UTOrthopedic Surgery1689805038
Sean David Gibson 84088, UTOrthopedic Surgery1861710667
Laura A Lamarche 84108, UTOrthopedic Surgery1659690394
Matthew Trent Johansen 84790, UTOrthopedic Surgery1073821088
Esther Ellen Smith 84107, UTOrthopedic Surgery1346532082
Kelly Christine Mortensen 84119, UTOrthopedic Surgery1740574722
Melody Antora Jabez 84129, UTOrthopedic Surgery1992956668
Carly Noel Adams 84405, UTOrthopedic Surgery1093971921
Jennifer Elizabeth Hoctor 30642, UTOrthopedic Surgery1689960015
Josh Turner 84108, UTOrthopedic Surgery1487893228
Devin Jacob Albrecht 84759, UTOrthopedic Surgery1265731574
Tyler Dean Smith 84737, UTOrthopedic Surgery1548495310
Tanner Christenson 84003, UTOrthopedic Surgery1720595903
Danielle Khoury 84405, UTOrthopedic Surgery1316442494
Andrew Christensen 84321, UTOrthopedic Surgery1336631597
Zachary Wayne Smith 84119, UTOrthopedic Surgery1477812469
Jaime Ann Pedersen 84405, UTOrthopedic Surgery1851641435
Kimberli Lingard Brown 84107, UTOrthopedic Surgery1114278710
Timothy Fay Hunt 84106, UTOrthopedic Surgery1700125861
Kevin Layne Blanchard 84403, UTOrthopedic Surgery1497198311
Muriel Joan Lee 84117, UTOrthopedic Surgery1053755769
Maya J Ostler 84134, UTOrthopedic Surgery1336583715
Kenneth Tillman Ethington 84115, UTOrthopedic Surgery1811338445
Coleby Clawson 84663, UTOrthopedic Surgery1063839736
Kathleen Grace Jackson 84108, UTOrthopedic Surgery1720496326
Michael Joseph Terry 84501, UTOrthopedic Surgery1225475668
Ramsey R Miles 84121, UTOrthopedic Surgery1649652959
Timothy David Anderson 84664, UTOrthopedic Surgery1922483510
Travis Yoshimoto 84121, UTOrthopedic Surgery1619349917
Gary Rosquist 84107, UTOrthopedic Surgery1427078666
Cynthia A. Daw 84124, UTOrthopedic Surgery1972616894
Gordon Mcclean 84601, UTOrthopedic Surgery1053408955
Brian Therald Larsen 84341, UTOrthopedic Surgery1205993961
Lisa Bibler 84102, UTOrthopedic Surgery1669679858
Elaine A Larson 84098, UTOrthopedic Surgery1538342472
Zane Gertsch 84108, UTOrthopedic Surgery1275769366
Steven Mohlman 84663, UTOrthopedic Surgery1891155057
Bridger Park 84604, UTOrthopedic Surgery1063865699
Mallory Leigh Mcfarlane 84043, UTOrthopedic Surgery1689916181
Rachel Forbes Bradley 84107, UTOrthopedic Surgery1902295868
Mark Rebilas 84104, UTOrthopedic Surgery1669956983
Stacie Brooke Salmond 84403, UTOrthopedic Surgery1720325822
James Bradford Milam 84101, UTOrthopedic Surgery1033541727
Bradley J Jones 84070, UTOrthopedic Surgery1528328705
Kerry L Groebs 84107, UTOrthopedic Surgery1053640128
Nathan Dowling 84115, UTOrthopedic Surgery1851613426
Erin Shaw 89081, UTOrthopedic Surgery1770821100
Tyler Landgren 84405, UTOrthopedic Surgery1558712455
Mitch Lillywhite 84401, UTOrthopedic Surgery1396291753
Michelle Smith 84098, UTOrthopedic Surgery1538616230
Jacob Jackson 84107, UTOrthopedic Surgery1114386620
Michael Jude Capobianchi 84044, UTOrthopedic Surgery1093231219
Evan Burgess 84119, UTOrthopedic Surgery1386176071
Lisa Mckell Leavitt 84043, UTOrthopedic Surgery1689119117
Lindsey Kyle Jones 84604, UTOrthopedic Surgery1376066779
Kristi E Brown 84121, UTOrthopedic Surgery1992215784
Brian Lewis Wike 84095, UTOrthopedic Surgery1336652957
Matthew Powell Jeppson 84511, UTOrthopedic Surgery1770073785
Rebecca Flegal 84047, UTOrthopedic Surgery1053890863
Matthew Berke 84009, UTOrthopedic Surgery1710467188
Sargent Doil Barnett 84651, UTOrthopedic Surgery1689148454
Heidi Olsen Tidwell 84010, UTOrthopedic Surgery1669934378
Shannon Lee Higginson 84129, UTOrthopedic Surgery1184281107
Behle Burns 84108, UTOrthopedic Surgery1386981504
Tyson Jorgensen 84403, UTOrthopedic Surgery1972157576
Austin Jay Nielsen 84004, UTOrthopedic Surgery1851940670
Andrea Marie Hendricks Harper 84003, UTOrthopedic Surgery1902390123
Ronald Kolby Daniels 84770, UTOrthopedic Surgery1962567602
Byron C Miller 84108, UTOrthopedic Surgery1679110548
Orion Clayton Wilson 84601, UTOrthopedic Surgery1396384624
Paul Durant Stoneman 84653, UTOrthopedic Surgery1760464887
Collin K Bywaters 84105, UTOrthopedic Surgery1760611891
Neil Louis Erickson 84332, UTOrthopedic Surgery1801832241
Graham Daub 84108, UTOrthopedic Surgery1801414743
Brian Collins 84601, UTOrthopedic Surgery1376153783
Dave Clark Esplin 84790, UTOrthopedic Surgery1245250539
Brendan Bagley 84043, UTOrthopedic Surgery1174508154
Hannah Benoit Belles 84102, UTOrthopedic Surgery1992311799
Marijke Onsrud 84780, UTOrthopedic Surgery1972719516
Cache Valley Chiropractic Clinic Llc 84332, UTOrthopedic Surgery1902943863
Center For Team Healthcare 84060, UTOrthopedic Surgery1033396775
Craft Physical Therapy 84101, UTOrthopedic Surgery1770054918
Dr Loral G Linton Dc Professional Corp. 84741, UTOrthopedic Surgery1912271073
Elevation Physical Therapy 84405, UTOrthopedic Surgery1134636269
Fit Quest Therapy & Rehabilitation Inc 84414, UTOrthopedic Surgery1902946379
Fortify Physical Therapy 84790, UTOrthopedic Surgery1730777962
Hall Physical Therapy Llc 84111, UTOrthopedic Surgery1174009054
Injury & Wellness Center Llc 84107, UTOrthopedic Surgery1518081819
Integrated Clinical Excellence 84062, UTOrthopedic Surgery1528563434
Kfdd Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Clinic 84401, UTOrthopedic Surgery1013028505
Northern Holdings 84123, UTOrthopedic Surgery1568960037
Northpointe, Inc. 84074, UTOrthopedic Surgery1932353463
P I C Incorporated 84124, UTOrthopedic Surgery1487928222
Pack Chiropractic Clinic, Inc 84401, UTOrthopedic Surgery1659641827
Pack Physical Therapy, Inc. 84095, UTOrthopedic Surgery1336413798
Peak Rehabilitation And Sports Medicine 84121, UTOrthopedic Surgery1609073741
Physical Medicine Clinic Inc 84084, UTOrthopedic Surgery1366751430
Proform Athletics, Llc 84098, UTOrthopedic Surgery1689909772
Rosquist Group P C 84065, UTOrthopedic Surgery1134375751
Tebbs Chiropractic Pc 84737, UTOrthopedic Surgery1972868388
Work Injury Solutions Inc. 84341, UTOrthopedic Surgery1902220239


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