Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopedic Surgery in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopedic Surgery
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Emily Clark Johnson 23707, VAOrthopedic Surgery1881698850
David Sahley 20155, VAOrthopedic Surgery1295730752
Bente R White 23320, VAOrthopedic Surgery1194722736
Hanover Rehabilitation Associates, Llc 23111, VAOrthopedic Surgery1114923786
Therapy Management Services, Inc. 22191, VAOrthopedic Surgery1457357022
Sheryl M. Tompkins 20175, VAOrthopedic Surgery1487651634
Jennifer Cowand 23320, VAOrthopedic Surgery1184621088
Maureen A Ryu 23502, VAOrthopedic Surgery1598762445
Linda W Anderson 23320, VAOrthopedic Surgery1649278284
Michele M Laneve 23454, VAOrthopedic Surgery1447258611
Larry L. Stine 22408, VAOrthopedic Surgery1255330056
Mobile Physical Therapy, P.c. 23233, VAOrthopedic Surgery1023017472
Martin Henninger Dominguez 23112, VAOrthopedic Surgery1407855513
Joanne Kay Schmit 23181, VAOrthopedic Surgery1558361931
Charles Paulus 23294, VAOrthopedic Surgery1184005423
John Thomas Swinson 20762, VAOrthopedic Surgery1295723484
Billie Jane Randolph 20889, VAOrthopedic Surgery1477543718
Robert Eric Mcbride 23708, VAOrthopedic Surgery1649250952
Jennifer W Herrington 22308, VAOrthopedic Surgery1043281652
Dennis Vincent Horton 22601, VAOrthopedic Surgery1578535100
Emilie Schmidt 22191, VAOrthopedic Surgery1356315097
Elizabeth Lein Polis 22301, VAOrthopedic Surgery1134195175
Diana Zembrzuski 23707, VAOrthopedic Surgery1124087465
Andrew P Sotirokos 22314, VAOrthopedic Surgery1396707477
Donald John Bierowicz 23667, VAOrthopedic Surgery1447213590
Scott Jeffrey Black 23667, VAOrthopedic Surgery1205899978
Clegg Chiropractic P C 20175, VAOrthopedic Surgery1457319907
Charles R. Clegg 20175, VAOrthopedic Surgery1457309700
David T. Robinson 24477, VAOrthopedic Surgery1043268303
Gregg A Ryman 23226, VAOrthopedic Surgery1972555266
Peter H Travers 23226, VAOrthopedic Surgery1629022009
Mark D Croucher 23185, VAOrthopedic Surgery1861432734
Stine Chiropractic Clinic, P.c. 22408, VAOrthopedic Surgery1376588756
Vikki Dawn Cantone 22203, VAOrthopedic Surgery1972549723
Mary Martha Huebner 22405, VAOrthopedic Surgery1982640421
Sport Medicine And Orthopaedic Center Inc 23320, VAOrthopedic Surgery1043246556
Michael James O'connor 22203, VAOrthopedic Surgery1174553242
Jamie M So 22314, VAOrthopedic Surgery1962432765
Jessica Kim To-alemanji 22003, VAOrthopedic Surgery1215967930
Michele R Harrison 20164, VAOrthopedic Surgery1487686010
Ann Michelle Kast 22203, VAOrthopedic Surgery1912931908
Thrive Physical Therapy Incorporated 23225, VAOrthopedic Surgery1629098181
Tara Lynn Cattaneo 23225, VAOrthopedic Surgery1083634554
Daniel E Hickling 24060, VAOrthopedic Surgery1457372617
Dynamics Physical Therapy 20155, VAOrthopedic Surgery1477574481
Kevin Linde 22030, VAOrthopedic Surgery1760404719
Amanda R Tate 24501, VAOrthopedic Surgery1093738056
Charles Clarke Tanner 23225, VAOrthopedic Surgery1750304598
Andrew William Naas 23464, VAOrthopedic Surgery1215941331
David Alexander Love 23950, VAOrthopedic Surgery1245244748
Martinsville Physical Therapy And Industrial Rehabilitation 24112, VAOrthopedic Surgery1982610333
Matthew Robert Petrone 23801, VAOrthopedic Surgery1699781245
Body Kinetics Rehab, Llc 22003, VAOrthopedic Surgery1891706586
Susan A Beato 24073, VAOrthopedic Surgery1295746865
Ryan Anthony Tauzell 24348, VAOrthopedic Surgery1164434007
Kristine M Hanks 24348, VAOrthopedic Surgery1376556662
Daniel Robert Perry 24348, VAOrthopedic Surgery1497868103
Douglas Mark Cox 22902, VAOrthopedic Surgery1669586210
Shawna Marie Pringle 23236, VAOrthopedic Surgery1477668788
Thomas Duncan 24501, VAOrthopedic Surgery1649386640
Robert M Finch 23502, VAOrthopedic Surgery1245347954
Andrea Schott 23454, VAOrthopedic Surgery1083722748
Stacy Sterner 23502, VAOrthopedic Surgery1811005937
Darrell M Becker 23454, VAOrthopedic Surgery1750499885
Elizabeth Ware 23454, VAOrthopedic Surgery1316055239
Claire Reyes Williams 23454, VAOrthopedic Surgery1972611952
Peter Joseph Stanton 22015, VAOrthopedic Surgery1376652917
Physical & Occupational Therapy Services Inc. 24605, VAOrthopedic Surgery1891806949
Megan L Buckley 23606, VAOrthopedic Surgery1174625123
Coder Center, Ltd. 22041, VAOrthopedic Surgery1013012202
Belmont Physical Therapy Pc 24482, VAOrthopedic Surgery1851496731
Virginia Center For Spine & Sports Therapy Llc 23112, VAOrthopedic Surgery1598861395
Reach For Performance, Inc. 23188, VAOrthopedic Surgery1104923309
Sonya M Bautista 23238, VAOrthopedic Surgery1104924125
Raymond Peter Goodfield 22701, VAOrthopedic Surgery1629178280
Jennifer L Wilkins 20186, VAOrthopedic Surgery1134220007
Ellen Meredith Kenst 20171, VAOrthopedic Surgery1437240348
Jeron Mendoza 20121, VAOrthopedic Surgery1194105924
Dawn Michele Florek 22602, VAOrthopedic Surgery1417041955
Kimberly Anne Kranz 23456, VAOrthopedic Surgery1942394283
Michael Joseph Pishioneri 23502, VAOrthopedic Surgery1811081672
Patricia Jeanne Turczany 23454, VAOrthopedic Surgery1801980677
David M Volkringer 23454, VAOrthopedic Surgery1649365594
Lois Ann Masiello 20109, VAOrthopedic Surgery1619065117
Stephen Ernest Daisey 23416, VAOrthopedic Surgery1215025754
Stephanie James Harris 22030, VAOrthopedic Surgery1326137712
Foxx & Associates Physical Therapy, Pc 23602, VAOrthopedic Surgery1881775823
Makoto Brandon Iwasaki 22310, VAOrthopedic Surgery1093897167
John Franklin Ellis 24290, VAOrthopedic Surgery1083798557
Michael P Reing 22042, VAOrthopedic Surgery1942385380
Gregory T. Humphreys 25438, VAOrthopedic Surgery1255418562
Jennifer L Kaiser 22003, VAOrthopedic Surgery1669550943
Rm Health Services, Inc. 20132, VAOrthopedic Surgery1508944828
Amy E Labadie 23236, VAOrthopedic Surgery1255410494
Todd Jason Minnear 23294, VAOrthopedic Surgery1487724605
New Beginnings Physical Therapy Inc. 22939, VAOrthopedic Surgery1306916226
Ashley Ware Kane 22939, VAOrthopedic Surgery1689049009
Louis D. Wilson 20117, VAOrthopedic Surgery1669547931
Kate Emma Halon 20170, VAOrthopedic Surgery1891862876
Jennifer Cox 22310, VAOrthopedic Surgery1326108416
Rachel Cara Tate 20190, VAOrthopedic Surgery1972663987
Michael Cyril Loumeau 23510, VAOrthopedic Surgery1295896553
Keith David Scott 22030, VAOrthopedic Surgery1902968761
Lee Chaffee 24333, VAOrthopedic Surgery1679636328
Teresa Eileen Datz-kinahan 23113, VAOrthopedic Surgery1194183913
Virginia Highlands Orthopaedic Spine Center Llc 24141, VAOrthopedic Surgery1821148859
Virginia Highlands Orthopaedic Spine Center, Llc 24343, VAOrthopedic Surgery1922159581
David Matthew Carter 23063, VAOrthopedic Surgery1225181886
Kenneth Todd Burnett 20176, VAOrthopedic Surgery1851445456
Glenn Richard Kelly 20147, VAOrthopedic Surgery1245377282
Manual Therapy Effects Llc 22102, VAOrthopedic Surgery1710024286
Douglas Culbert 23601, VAOrthopedic Surgery1447398060
Johna Crull 20176, VAOrthopedic Surgery1316087281
Teresa W Leber 23116, VAOrthopedic Surgery1619019718
Keith Rathbone, Pt And Associates, Inc. 23192, VAOrthopedic Surgery1528102621
Cynthia Ashley Larsen 23464, VAOrthopedic Surgery1144365412
Body Dynamics, Inc 22205, VAOrthopedic Surgery1427185164
Physical Therapy Solutions, Llc 22203, VAOrthopedic Surgery1871610634
Puja Suresh Charaipotra 22101, VAOrthopedic Surgery1780702373
Kristen Torrence Sowers 23112, VAOrthopedic Surgery1427179886
Scott Wagner 22101, VAOrthopedic Surgery1053433128
Pamela Gail Shields 20147, VAOrthopedic Surgery1184847618
Fairfax Physical Therapy, Incorporated 22030, VAOrthopedic Surgery1871716563
Orthopedic Medicine Of Alexandria, Ltd. 22303, VAOrthopedic Surgery1992922371
Chirocare, Inc 24121, VAOrthopedic Surgery1508086307
Jason Eric Grandeo 22205, VAOrthopedic Surgery1801008172
Jennifer Mahler Gamboa 22205, VAOrthopedic Surgery1265644538
Carrie Lynn James 22205, VAOrthopedic Surgery1730391004
Ashley Lancaster Templer 22205, VAOrthopedic Surgery1871705152
Nancy T White 22205, VAOrthopedic Surgery1609088988
Andre B Heletsi 20147, VAOrthopedic Surgery1780898023
Marty William Fontenot 22901, VAOrthopedic Surgery1538373956
Samuel Paul Lawson 23233, VAOrthopedic Surgery1114136629
Emily Doren Gilbert 22182, VAOrthopedic Surgery1497950695
Mark Allan Oliver 24605, VAOrthopedic Surgery1710185301
Tompkins Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services, Plc 20175, VAOrthopedic Surgery1871793901
Bryan W Cowling 23320, VAOrthopedic Surgery1851591929
John Eric Meyers 23226, VAOrthopedic Surgery1841499951
Winston Pearson 20762, VAOrthopedic Surgery1184814840
David Andrew Hodnett 23294, VAOrthopedic Surgery1396936332
Jacqueline Lynn Pollock 22206, VAOrthopedic Surgery1811181779
Tony Omar Graves 23226, VAOrthopedic Surgery1487841524
Janeen Marie Newman 22601, VAOrthopedic Surgery1033308671
Opequon Rehabilitation & Wellness, Pc 22601, VAOrthopedic Surgery1841470606
Grace Physical Therapy, Pc 22401, VAOrthopedic Surgery1154502763
West Point Chiropractic Inc. 23181, VAOrthopedic Surgery1356523369
Lamar Brandon Frasier 20190, VAOrthopedic Surgery1881878825
Anna E. Dube 23188, VAOrthopedic Surgery1881879336
Kevin Bruce Ford 23112, VAOrthopedic Surgery1063697522
Michael Trent Carpenter 23235, VAOrthopedic Surgery1285810192
Francis Yllana Ramirez 22192, VAOrthopedic Surgery1639355035
Jennifer Woodard Small 20147, VAOrthopedic Surgery1609045525
Seungjae Lee 20190, VAOrthopedic Surgery1164695763
Mark Anthony Gentile 24073, VAOrthopedic Surgery1912173527
Janet L Hare 23510, VAOrthopedic Surgery1346417524
Body Mechanics Physical Therapy Llc 20175, VAOrthopedic Surgery1134388903
Pilates Central Llc 23510, VAOrthopedic Surgery1578728788
Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Llc 22314, VAOrthopedic Surgery1144486549
Keiron A Holmes 22203, VAOrthopedic Surgery1255589529
Spine & Sport Physical Therapy, Pllc 22655, VAOrthopedic Surgery1710135546
Christine A Coder 22041, VAOrthopedic Surgery1194973602
Lisa Rene Brock 23235, VAOrthopedic Surgery1871742064
Cynthia Ann Maurer 22205, VAOrthopedic Surgery1922259902
Michael Joseph Konetsky 23185, VAOrthopedic Surgery1710130596
Patrick Fetta 23060, VAOrthopedic Surgery1972758886
Susan Marie Stella 23116, VAOrthopedic Surgery1932346509
James Steven Koske 23606, VAOrthopedic Surgery1972740496
Jennifer Merkel 22003, VAOrthopedic Surgery1386882066
Ashley Deboise 23453, VAOrthopedic Surgery1740424191
David Mccabe Boland 22060, VAOrthopedic Surgery1235363292
Performance Physical Therapy,llc 22079, VAOrthopedic Surgery1487889135
Rebecca Mclain Ellis 23454, VAOrthopedic Surgery1356579957
Julie Maybach Royal 20186, VAOrthopedic Surgery1598994469
Brenda Jean Schrank 22602, VAOrthopedic Surgery1528290913
Christopher J Marino 20190, VAOrthopedic Surgery1730412255
Amelia Indira Franklin 20147, VAOrthopedic Surgery1487987871
Dennis J Grandic 22310, VAOrthopedic Surgery1508191560
Aurora Anne Heines 23185, VAOrthopedic Surgery1235464975
Bryce Shank 23230, VAOrthopedic Surgery1558894709
Erica Stowe 22932, VAOrthopedic Surgery1306361969
Mark Schenkman 22042, VAOrthopedic Surgery1316276025
Keith Heischober 24018, VAOrthopedic Surgery1629307624
Christopher John Snyder 22601, VAOrthopedic Surgery1164744561
Kelly R Campbell 23666, VAOrthopedic Surgery1912225525
Pamela Tinker 22306, VAOrthopedic Surgery1689992059
Mark Harrison Shepherd 22205, VAOrthopedic Surgery1619289196
Performance Physical Therapy Of Stafford, Llc 22554, VAOrthopedic Surgery1083928949
Matthew S Schnackenberg 23233, VAOrthopedic Surgery1912211848
Kimberly Kenna Rodriguez 20132, VAOrthopedic Surgery1629382569
Alesa Justine Deter 22205, VAOrthopedic Surgery1164736096
Ashleigh Dai Gilbert 23225, VAOrthopedic Surgery1770890063
Lauren E Shaub 22206, VAOrthopedic Surgery1225346679
Miley Craig Peppers 22311, VAOrthopedic Surgery1548570658
Michael Stangroom 20121, VAOrthopedic Surgery1184118713
Oluwayemisi Elebute 22310, VAOrthopedic Surgery1194233858
Crystal Lynn Sims 22211, VAOrthopedic Surgery1306149182
Virginia Highlands Spine Rehabilitation 24382, VAOrthopedic Surgery1538466354
Nathan Redington 20002, VAOrthopedic Surgery1720594997
Lois Blush 20191, VAOrthopedic Surgery1881986867
Anusha Sunderarajan 20176, VAOrthopedic Surgery1942592019


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