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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Philip Stanley Ledereich NJOtolaryngology1881697373
Phillip B Klapper KYOtolaryngology1053314500
James David Sidman MNOtolaryngology1023011558
James A Manning PAOtolaryngology1588667091
Paul C Harrington NYOtolaryngology1811990286
Michael R Abidin VAOtolaryngology1568465912
Iyad S Saidi VAOtolaryngology1164425500
Phillip R Wells CAOtolaryngology1851394209
William Kevin Katzenmeyer LAOtolaryngology1922001213
Dale Graham Salatich FLOtolaryngology1689677965
Brattleboro Memorial Hospital VTOtolaryngology1306849708
Twin Lakes Medical Foundation, Inc. KYOtolaryngology1306849781
John Taggart FLOtolaryngology1326040650
Ear Nose And Throat Medical Clinic Inc CAOtolaryngology1043212376
M Tarek Orfaly VAOtolaryngology1578566931
Henry Grady Arnold TNOtolaryngology1750383022
S. Fredric Horwitz WIOtolaryngology1184626475
Henry Ho FLOtolaryngology1518969849
Jeffrey Lehman FLOtolaryngology1972505204
Brian Spector FLOtolaryngology1053313387
Ravi Gorav NMOtolaryngology1871596213
Lisette Y. Perez Diaz PROtolaryngology1285637504
Robert H Oliver NYOtolaryngology1003819368
Peter E. Mulbury NYOtolaryngology1093718470
Frank N Salamone NYOtolaryngology1265435515
Richard Alan Devore OROtolaryngology1356344717
Sherwin Ritz ILOtolaryngology1861495194
Charles Juarbe Santos PROtolaryngology1366444689
Timberland Medical Group Otolaryngology1528061157
John Martin Lasak KSOtolaryngology1710989082
Clifford Q Johnson,jr TNOtolaryngology1164424438
Thomas C Kryzer KSOtolaryngology1194727453
Mark R Hanabury VAOtolaryngology1134121338
Jarl Thomas Wathne MDOtolaryngology1801898002
John Charles Nicholson TXOtolaryngology1790787984
Cumberland Valley Ent Consultants MDOtolaryngology1649272824
Stephen W Snell OKOtolaryngology1083616247
Steven John Mcmahon NCOtolaryngology1235131491
Alan E Aycock OKOtolaryngology1568464725
Bobby R. Alford TXOtolaryngology1407850753
Kasra Rastani CAOtolaryngology1023012374
Lisa J Waizenegger FLOtolaryngology1326042656
Wm. Timothy Hirons INOtolaryngology1922000173
Stephen Jeffrey Salzer CTOtolaryngology1508860859
Michael Joseph Saylor MDOtolaryngology1982606190
Andrew Robert Cukier MDOtolaryngology1962404152
James Aachen-winans TNOtolaryngology1811999006
Stabler Clinic, P.c. ALOtolaryngology1730181819
David Allen Litman MDOtolaryngology1982606935
Bruce Sterman OHOtolaryngology1164426425
Khaled M Shukairy MIOtolaryngology1518961879
David Jeffrey Eisenman MDOtolaryngology1003818196
Christopher Richard Cote COOtolaryngology1700880085
James L Seals TNOtolaryngology1841294105
Vladimir Borja Santos NYOtolaryngology1568464675
Catherine A Picken DCOtolaryngology1902800261
Sidney J Steinberger OHOtolaryngology1851393953
George Robert Kletzker MOOtolaryngology1417959479
Joseph Phillip Olekszyk DEOtolaryngology1578567855
Aubrey Ayers Stabler ALOtolaryngology1316949472
Janice A Moody FLOtolaryngology1831191998
Keith Myron Dockery GAOtolaryngology1659373611
Michael Kenneth Wheeler FLOtolaryngology1750385779
Timothy Alan Lander MNOtolaryngology1548264435
Newton J. Coker TXOtolaryngology1679577571
Donald T. Donovan TXOtolaryngology1558365452
Neil P Williams TXOtolaryngology1003810086
Frank W Theilen TXOtolaryngology1295739266
Lav A Kapadia TXOtolaryngology1437153418
Verapon Towannasut INOtolaryngology1962406942
Judd H Chidlow LAOtolaryngology1154325058
Michael Bertino TXOtolaryngology1114921020
Michael R. Gatto Md, Inc. CAOtolaryngology1811991847
John W Campbell TNOtolaryngology1790789634
Susan Eicher TXOtolaryngology1962406801
Steven Franklin Freedman RIOtolaryngology1912901869
Murl Baker AROtolaryngology1528062494
Midwest Ear Nose And Throat Surgery, Psc KYOtolaryngology1437153285
Ellen D Silkes FLOtolaryngology1750385431
Peter Gaillard Smith MOOtolaryngology1518961440
Dennis P Han INOtolaryngology1184628992
Adam Marc Shapiro VIOtolaryngology1780688606
Cynthia G Davis CAOtolaryngology1275537193
Michael Taite Seals TNOtolaryngology1447254370
James Michael Dobbin RIOtolaryngology1164426011
Jamie Stern NYOtolaryngology1588668446
Roger W Miller OROtolaryngology1780688523
Ellen M. Friedman TXOtolaryngology1194729897
Michael Frances Pratt GAOtolaryngology1851395560
Rangaswamy Asokan FLOtolaryngology1225032006
David Thompson MDOtolaryngology1134123912
Karen Kaye Hoffmann GAOtolaryngology1629072426
Clifford H Rice LAOtolaryngology1093719833
Mark Frederic Williams MDOtolaryngology1104820828
David Fink Pfendler OROtolaryngology1568466282
Carla M. Giannoni TXOtolaryngology1790789444
Mary T. Mitskavich NJOtolaryngology1457355117
Sean D. Houston NJOtolaryngology1598769259
David Lee Whitt TXOtolaryngology1912901570
James Mark Harrison ALOtolaryngology1326042987
James A Hutcheson TXOtolaryngology1679577233
Paul S Sherrerd NEOtolaryngology1649274218
Anthony A Rieder WIOtolaryngology1710989090
Izak Kielmovitch FLOtolaryngology1326042672
Jeffrey Baylor FLOtolaryngology1699779959
Kiran Tipirneni FLOtolaryngology1235133596
Aftab Patni FLOtolaryngology1043214307
Howard K. Nam CAOtolaryngology1558365320
Gregory Stokes Parsons SCOtolaryngology1326042110
Edwin M Overholt WIOtolaryngology1073515342
Steven L Overholt WIOtolaryngology1275535528
Brian M Sieck WIOtolaryngology1427052307
Charles J Supernavage MDOtolaryngology1720080963
Thomas Rudolph Troost DCOtolaryngology1457355711
Patrick Melder MDOtolaryngology1780688051
Anthony Brissett TXOtolaryngology1033113014
Susan W Aguiar ALOtolaryngology1336143999
Rocky Mountain Ear Nose & Throat Otolaryngology1306857917
Mark Richard Gacek ALOtolaryngology1073517769
Deborah M. Burton GAOtolaryngology1619971686
Rohit Bawa OHOtolaryngology1700888955
David Louis Jetmore INOtolaryngology1215939467
William W Goral CAOtolaryngology1841292935
John W Parker LAOtolaryngology1386648194
Robert Daniel Craig MOOtolaryngology1265436711
James Eric Turk INOtolaryngology1982608436
James R Robinson LAOtolaryngology1902800634
Paul Donald Whitt TXOtolaryngology1396749883
Gerald P Laursen TXOtolaryngology1891799383
Summit Physician Services Otolaryngology1306840814
John Donovan OROtolaryngology1407850852
David G Sexton TNOtolaryngology1487658969
Valley Ear Nose & Throat Specialist Pa TXOtolaryngology1386648798
Steven Alan Bramwit CTOtolaryngology1730183146
Lloyd Thompson ILOtolaryngology1659375087
Shannon Clinic TXOtolaryngology1770587149
William J Remington IAOtolaryngology1730183104
James W Bean OHOtolaryngology1780689117
Steven Anthony Scalco LAOtolaryngology1396740791
Raymond B Demoville TNOtolaryngology1699770016
Jeffrey Monroe CTOtolaryngology1659376002
Michael Bard CTOtolaryngology1255336616
Keith Andrew Picou TXOtolaryngology1881699270
Eric S Carter INOtolaryngology1740285113
Jay Klarsfeld CTOtolaryngology1215932660
Barbara Safran CTOtolaryngology1073518429
Dov Bloch CTOtolaryngology1053316414
Gordon J Siegel ILOtolaryngology1982609103
Adel Basily Sorial NJOtolaryngology1134124357
Emile Hanna Galib PAOtolaryngology1538164777
William H. Avery SDOtolaryngology1144225392
Charles Phillip Daspit AZOtolaryngology1598760746
Peter Armin Weisskopf AZOtolaryngology1366447518
Steven R. Salmela SDOtolaryngology1447255690
Kathryn L. Press INOtolaryngology1164427373
Vernon H. Stensland SDOtolaryngology1407851660
James Joseph Sorce TXOtolaryngology1285639419
Wayne William Daily WIOtolaryngology1811992043
Gary Nishioka OROtolaryngology1861497034
Douglas Skarada OROtolaryngology1770588949
Daniel Joseph Verret TXOtolaryngology1194720201
Christopher J Lee NYOtolaryngology1649275751
Clark Thompson OROtolaryngology1750386926
John Chun-lu Chang PAOtolaryngology1427053370
Christopher James Hall TNOtolaryngology1215932397
Neelesh H Mehendale TXOtolaryngology1235134271
Barry Paul Kimberley MNOtolaryngology1063417012
Samuel Mark Overholt TNOtolaryngology1417952482
Joseph Howard Hemer TXOtolaryngology1891790945
William Joseph Dichtel PAOtolaryngology1982609061
David B Bowne AZOtolaryngology1730184714
James Turner Wright TXOtolaryngology1902801988
Roberto A. Larrivey GAOtolaryngology1720083702
Frank Robert Glatz TXOtolaryngology1811992977
Nazih M. Haddad CAOtolaryngology1649275637
Matthew A Olearczyk GAOtolaryngology1851396832
Moises Alberto Arriaga LAOtolaryngology1912902941
James M. Sumerson NJOtolaryngology1982609889
Stephenville Medical And Surgical Clinic Pa TXOtolaryngology1912902826
Thomas Meeks VAOtolaryngology1184629982
Andrew M Stein OHOtolaryngology1801891619
Joseph H Allan OROtolaryngology1841295664
Bruce Johnson OROtolaryngology1750386579
Douglas A. Tran CAOtolaryngology1922003623
Nghia Xuan Nguyen CAOtolaryngology1831194539
Robert J Carpenter MAOtolaryngology1093710840
James C Tyson VAOtolaryngology1366447047
William Baxter Pierce NYOtolaryngology1831194554
Victor M Gotay CTOtolaryngology1417952110
Ramesh K Agarwal PAOtolaryngology1235134933
Michael K Case WIOtolaryngology1497750459
Hebert Medical Group, Apmc LAOtolaryngology1952305427
Raymond E Winicki CTOtolaryngology1720083421
Sheldon N. Klausner CAOtolaryngology1861497968
Rodney James Hawk NCOtolaryngology1902800378
Jerome O Sugar FLOtolaryngology1205831906
Robert R Parks NYOtolaryngology1801891916
Timothy H Trone TNOtolaryngology1992700736
Ramie A. Tritt GAOtolaryngology1700881760
Alan Jeffrey Fisher CAOtolaryngology1639174576


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