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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Barry B Prestridge TXOtolaryngology1407849219
Robert Wesman CAOtolaryngology1487647244
Robert Kotler CAOtolaryngology1962495713
Bernard Tawfik NYOtolaryngology1245223015
Bruno I Aploks NYOtolaryngology1831182542
Charles G Sewall TNOtolaryngology1750374476
Thomas Frank Gumprecht WAOtolaryngology1821081407
John F Jernigan TNOtolaryngology1326031071
John A Moss FLOtolaryngology1740273481
Lloyd Richard Dropkin NYOtolaryngology1942293386
Benhoor Soumekh MNOtolaryngology1932192457
Christopher Tiu WVOtolaryngology1851384408
Matthew Robert Brown IAOtolaryngology1841283496
Robert T Brown IAOtolaryngology1750374302
Wilfredo A Tiu WVOtolaryngology1255324711
Kanaiyalal Patel MDOtolaryngology1295737914
Bert M. Brown OHOtolaryngology1114928900
Mark D Wilson CAOtolaryngology1376535708
Anna E. Petropoulos MAOtolaryngology1083606016
Donald E Crawley OKOtolaryngology1437141488
Rick Lockhart GAOtolaryngology1265425912
Daniel R Fear OROtolaryngology1407848948
Robert Todd Snowden FLOtolaryngology1376545152
Craig Steven Shapiro FLOtolaryngology1134120843
Mark Abraham Sukenik FLOtolaryngology1528069242
Joseph V Puzzi PAOtolaryngology1205829496
Thomas V Boran PAOtolaryngology1497748685
William Russell Fell TXOtolaryngology1134112865
John Kalafsky VAOtolaryngology1700887239
Michael Shroyer VAOtolaryngology1760483937
David Dorofi VAOtolaryngology1548261928
Brian Deutsch VAOtolaryngology1881695252
Richard Jeffrey Hood VAOtolaryngology1598766792
Dennis Fred Thompson MIOtolaryngology1659373256
Thomas W Dumas INOtolaryngology1770575680
Thomas W. Herendeen INOtolaryngology1356333272
Brian D Herr INOtolaryngology1700888575
Adam R Kaiser INOtolaryngology1144212077
Amy Lai INOtolaryngology1679565501
Deepkaran K Reddy INOtolaryngology1144212861
Stephen J. Schreck INOtolaryngology1053313023
David W Stein INOtolaryngology1215929930
John E Westfall INOtolaryngology1366444390
Richard L Schultz KYOtolaryngology1396738043
Melanie Lynn Groch NYOtolaryngology1619979374
Jonathan Lewis Schmidt INOtolaryngology1699777201
Mohan K Rao INOtolaryngology1326030271
Paul A Walker FLOtolaryngology1285627497
Samad Honarvar GAOtolaryngology1386636918
Melinda A Duncan TXOtolaryngology1023000171
Julio Dionisio Torres-navedo FLOtolaryngology1164423885
William Bruce Bunn NYOtolaryngology1285626986
Joseph B Farrior FLOtolaryngology1629060595
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. CAOtolaryngology1528069176
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. CAOtolaryngology1144221631
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. CAOtolaryngology1477554012
Michael J Disher OHOtolaryngology1205828985
Medical Center Ear, Nose And Throat Associates Of Houston, Pllc Otolaryngology1124011465
Mohammad K Arab CAOtolaryngology1306847827
Lindsay Ira Golden MDOtolaryngology1255324026
Michael Harris Arenstein MDOtolaryngology1922091792
Michael Arthur Alexiou VAOtolaryngology1922091917
James Christopher Post PAOtolaryngology1780685891
Guillermo Emilio Martinez Rios PROtolaryngology1760474092
The Iowa Clinic Pc Otolaryngology1346233178
Peter Zonakis COOtolaryngology1083606834
Moufid-john H Abdo NYOtolaryngology1568463347
Howard A Farrell SCOtolaryngology1255323614
Russell B Smith NEOtolaryngology1134112261
Ajay K. Chauhan ILOtolaryngology1639170731
Timothy C Kuo NEOtolaryngology1033101878
Steven Howard Sloan CAOtolaryngology1932191285
John Roche CAOtolaryngology1205837689
Robert G Mahon SCOtolaryngology1336141167
Anoop S Ahuja TXOtolaryngology1619960994
Steven James Vandenberg WIOtolaryngology1295727345
Raymond Howard GAOtolaryngology1427041631
David S Oliver GAOtolaryngology1922000959
John H Lee NDOtolaryngology1114910239
Douglas K Trask IAOtolaryngology1346233467
George J Farrell VAOtolaryngology1962494922
Luke Patrick Philippsen INOtolaryngology1861494627
Terry Lee Wigley WAOtolaryngology1942202635
Nathan Merlin Tritle AZOtolaryngology1285627281
Ochsner Clinic Llc Otolaryngology1407848443
Joel Shugar NYOtolaryngology1720070865
Don R Jaffe INOtolaryngology1457352031
Jaime Luis Ortiz PROtolaryngology1003808171
Ashok N Reddy FLOtolaryngology1639162852
Cynthia L Wellman INOtolaryngology1588665822
South Florida Ent Associates, Inc. Otolaryngology1184625733
Kevin Braat NYOtolaryngology1871595462
Paul E Kelly NYOtolaryngology1346242831
Tamekia Wakefield NYOtolaryngology1487656849
Jeffrey Zauderer NYOtolaryngology1073505384
Kiro John Yun KYOtolaryngology1669473468
Perry Santos, M.d., P.c. Otolaryngology1871056671
Joseph Houston Bosley LAOtolaryngology1619960119
Richard D Thrasher TXOtolaryngology1912990433
Ritu Malhotra OHOtolaryngology1639162084
Henry T Hoffman IAOtolaryngology1326031709
Marlan R Hansen IAOtolaryngology1326031733
Russell Steven Yale WIOtolaryngology1275526667
R. Malhotra Ent, Inc. OHOtolaryngology1538152988
Midwest Ear Nose & Throat Ctr Pc Otolaryngology1023001450
Janardan S Joshi CAOtolaryngology1437143898
Curtis Johnson FLOtolaryngology1427042852
Thomas H. Rhee VAOtolaryngology1588658843
Central Ear Nose & Throat Assoc Pc MAOtolaryngology1689668915
Jeffrey Ginsburg NJOtolaryngology1043204332
Thomas A Ericson IAOtolaryngology1588658835
Foy Burton Mitchell TNOtolaryngology1073507356
Kenneth Remsen NJOtolaryngology1881688166
M. Douglas Krumpholz NYOtolaryngology1770577983
Sreenivasulu Naidu Malepati PAOtolaryngology1275527400
Michael E Rollins Md MIOtolaryngology1467446633
Jonathan Marc Levine NJOtolaryngology1356335558
Steven Frank Mucci MAOtolaryngology1528052776
Kirk M Wanless MOOtolaryngology1497749485
David Scott Kaba AZOtolaryngology1568456515
Michael E Rollins MIOtolaryngology1023002185
Mohamed A. Hamid OHOtolaryngology1285628347
Scott M Graham IAOtolaryngology1508850678
Diagnostic Clinic Of Longview Pa Otolaryngology1386638468
Edward Farrow Caldwell MAOtolaryngology1558355628
Bruce Roderick Gordon MAOtolaryngology1467446542
James P Hughes MAOtolaryngology1104810290
James L. Darsie NCOtolaryngology1326032350
Merritt J. Seshul NCOtolaryngology1003800020
Montgomery Otolaryngology Consultants Otolaryngology1073507117
Steven Craig Marks MDOtolaryngology1962496042
Andrew J Parker CTOtolaryngology1326032285
Timothy Mark Herr TXOtolaryngology1609860477
S. Fredric Horwitz, M.d.s.c. WIOtolaryngology1962496737
Mary M Milbrath WIOtolaryngology1659365534
William Jennison Bulkley AROtolaryngology1386638286
Hani Ramzi Malati OKOtolaryngology1568456499
Daniel Drake Center For Post acute Care, Llc OHOtolaryngology1558355487
Timothy Dettmer IAOtolaryngology1275527111
Gregory J Swanson WIOtolaryngology1710971783
Richard Allan Martin MOOtolaryngology1225022106
Agustin Javier Arrieta FLOtolaryngology1528052388
Douglas J Vandaele IAOtolaryngology1821082587
Bruce J Gantz IAOtolaryngology1730173592
James H Caschette FLOtolaryngology1801880661
Robert B Contrucci FLOtolaryngology1104810811
Robert Ellis Bonham TXOtolaryngology1649264359
Barry Oscar Maisel NYOtolaryngology1124012844
Jon Nelson Rosenthal FLOtolaryngology1831183581
James Kent Pitcock ALOtolaryngology1063406627
Adam Scott Morgan MOOtolaryngology1346234945
Alfred Miles Neumann ALOtolaryngology1679567234
Ronnie Everett Swain ALOtolaryngology1053305649
Michael Lee Merrin CAOtolaryngology1194719633
Don Curtis Coonce MDOtolaryngology1598759169
James Reid Spires ALOtolaryngology1992799571
Junior Defreitas TXOtolaryngology1548254188
Vishram Jalukar IAOtolaryngology1336133818
Steven R Herwig IAOtolaryngology1568456010
Stephen M Brownlee OKOtolaryngology1457345993
Paul L Jones Md Pa FLOtolaryngology1083608525
David C Kelsall Md Pc COOtolaryngology1306831730
Janice L Birney COOtolaryngology1215922646
Bohdan Alexander Makarewycz CAOtolaryngology1326032830
John C Stoner LAOtolaryngology1891780359
Ryan T Boone LAOtolaryngology1902891476
Ronnie Everett Swain ALOtolaryngology1508851940
Albemarle Ear Nose & Throat Asthma And Allergy Associates Pa NCOtolaryngology1841285293
Jacquelyn Reilly MAOtolaryngology1033104328
Adam H Marvin CAOtolaryngology1275528572
James H Atkins TXOtolaryngology1396730776
Andrew Ilkiw ILOtolaryngology1255326658
Peter A Hilger MNOtolaryngology1790770196
James Thomas Albright TXOtolaryngology1548255805
Joseph Lindsay Edmonds TXOtolaryngology1457346710
Timothy R Budnik OHOtolaryngology1659366920
Gregory Allen Hogle COOtolaryngology1689669970
C Richard Stasney TXOtolaryngology1447245709
Christopher R Siemens OKOtolaryngology1972598241
Peter Gordon Vondoersten MTOtolaryngology1619962990
John Kerrison Jones TXOtolaryngology1174518468
Christopher Mark Bergeron CAOtolaryngology1508851775
Charles A Leblanc LAOtolaryngology1548255722
Frank P Filiberto FLOtolaryngology1144215237
Stephen Philip Becker ILOtolaryngology1831184001
North Platte Surgery Center Llc Otolaryngology1154316339
Howard Marc Hammer PAOtolaryngology1407841539
Newton Oran Duncan TXOtolaryngology1144215302
James P King VAOtolaryngology1780679944
Benjamin Steven Chack PAOtolaryngology1649265752
Premier Health Management, Inc. Otolaryngology1538154760
Clifton R Hood OHOtolaryngology1811982085
Jacob Paul Burkhart OHOtolaryngology1720073992
Charles F Mitchell LAOtolaryngology1609861871
John Stephen Wilson ALOtolaryngology1811982002
Brett L. Moses PAOtolaryngology1326033416
Venkatachalam Shanmugasundaram FLOtolaryngology1821083031
Barry Steven Tatar MDOtolaryngology1386639466
Brett A. Koder LAOtolaryngology1073508016
Bucks Ent Associates, P.c. PAOtolaryngology1114912177


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Q: What is a NPI number?
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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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