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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Seth Micah Goldberg MDOtolaryngology1851396311
Paul W Loeffler TXOtolaryngology1508861188
Michael T Gutman AZOtolaryngology1952306458
Kenneth Herbert Richmond KYOtolaryngology1346246873
Elizabeth K. 'susie' Early MOOtolaryngology1962408492
Kenneth Lorne Balcombe KYOtolaryngology1720084262
Joseph J Creely KYOtolaryngology1912903469
John Mciver Hodges TNOtolaryngology1457357907
Gregory M Abbas KYOtolaryngology1710983267
Thanh Van Nguyen CAOtolaryngology1508862061
Paul C Ludlow NVOtolaryngology1043216500
Emilio A. Roncace NJOtolaryngology1487650958
William S. Smith GAOtolaryngology1942205455
George H Fisher TXOtolaryngology1558366070
James P Bartels NHOtolaryngology1154327591
Carl W. Slocum TNOtolaryngology1316943731
David R Osterhus TNOtolaryngology1619973047
Grady Glen Fincher AROtolaryngology1679579031
Vittal T Pai NMOtolaryngology1295731651
James Salmon KYOtolaryngology1295731636
Josh Werber NYOtolaryngology1083610455
Michael P Pizzuto NYOtolaryngology1801892286
Christopher P Poje NYOtolaryngology1558367946
Mark L. Nagy NYOtolaryngology1427054824
Philomena M Behar NYOtolaryngology1013913425
Rick Lee Nissen MNOtolaryngology1306842711
Deborah Anderson Eaton PAOtolaryngology1316943624
William Juan Watkins LAOtolaryngology1932105327
John Anthony Straka PAOtolaryngology1972509388
Shelly Jeanne Mcquone PAOtolaryngology1184620494
Stephen E Boyce NCOtolaryngology1851397186
Patrick Michael Kane FLOtolaryngology1396741674
Charles D Crigger OHOtolaryngology1386640662
Lawrence Stephen Burns FLOtolaryngology1003812363
James Michael Rebik OKOtolaryngology1346246584
Dennis Eric Rose TXOtolaryngology1861498099
James Douglas Green FLOtolaryngology1265438493
Charles Benage WAOtolaryngology1285630475
Linda A Munford Psc KYOtolaryngology1801892179
Hannah Vargas KSOtolaryngology1184620585
David G Pou LAOtolaryngology1992701395
John Nino GAOtolaryngology1689670804
Robert H Furman OROtolaryngology1336145614
Howard Gary Smith CTOtolaryngology1851397053
Edward C Lee CAOtolaryngology1326044595
Kim E Pershall TXOtolaryngology1497751663
Bruce Mcclelland WAOtolaryngology1851397038
Geoffrey Julian WAOtolaryngology1346246535
Peter C Kaiser AZOtolaryngology1609872894
Bolivar Ent, Inc MSOtolaryngology1457357543
Vincent Peter Nalbone NVOtolaryngology1962408179
Michelle Siegel Marrinan CTOtolaryngology1598761629
Hamilton S Dixon GAOtolaryngology1992701064
Jesse William Tan CAOtolaryngology1285630202
Robert S. Thornton LAOtolaryngology1851397855
William Harrel Watkins LAOtolaryngology1003812009
Matthew Burrill Straka PAOtolaryngology1144226150
Larry A Dodd WVOtolaryngology1780680793
Gerald Leonard CTOtolaryngology1932105954
Brian A Metz KSOtolaryngology1598761520
Eric B Leavitt WAOtolaryngology1376549329
David Earl Higgins PAOtolaryngology1104822063
Ronald J Stout IDOtolaryngology1699771451
Jesus King Tan CAOtolaryngology1730185687
Stuart A Mccarthy CAOtolaryngology1932105715
Wesley L Hicks NYOtolaryngology1861498750
Johns Hopkins University MDOtolaryngology1922004696
Susie Early Md Pc MOOtolaryngology1407852213
Peter F Agnello FLOtolaryngology1881690600
Nalin J Patel FLOtolaryngology1235135914
Michael Anthony Avidano GAOtolaryngology1780680462
Harold William Moss GAOtolaryngology1598761280
A. Leonard Zimmerman PAOtolaryngology1831195684
Vijay Adappa OHOtolaryngology1902802648
Charles B Brentnall ALOtolaryngology1497751036
Nicholas George Tarasidis VAOtolaryngology1548266299
Keith A Kowal GAOtolaryngology1528064201
Keith D Forwith KYOtolaryngology1467458083
Sidney Mark Fishman CAOtolaryngology1417953043
Steven D Shotts KYOtolaryngology1174529796
Michael K Lee TNOtolaryngology1053317685
Michael D. Landman CAOtolaryngology1245237833
Mara J Daidone MDOtolaryngology1841296407
Steven Walter Coutras WVOtolaryngology1417953084
Donald V Welsh KYOtolaryngology1326044942
John Richard Morris KYOtolaryngology1598761116
Anthony Cultrara NJOtolaryngology1083619860
Stephen P. Gadomski NJOtolaryngology1376549832
Samir V Shah NJOtolaryngology1821094194
James W. Ochi CAOtolaryngology1417953456
Williston S Hayes CAOtolaryngology1336145523
Bennie L Jarvis NCOtolaryngology1942206958
Michael D Crawford NCOtolaryngology1790781698
Kevin Clifford Cavanaugh COOtolaryngology1275539843
Linda A Mumford KYOtolaryngology1437155769
Jeffrey M Zimmerman NHOtolaryngology1679579023
Denis Lafreniere CTOtolaryngology1699771691
Merry Ellen Sebelik TNOtolaryngology1871599332
William Roger Lomax SCOtolaryngology1235135112
Craig Calloway CAOtolaryngology1154327153
Robert Charles Jordan SCOtolaryngology1558367433
Raymond L Yung NYOtolaryngology1487659975
Gorden Thomas Mcmurry KYOtolaryngology1871599407
Daniel J Mckenna FLOtolaryngology1801861299
Blanca Ileana Durand GAOtolaryngology1902802689
Charles Layton Elliott INOtolaryngology1144226317
Tommie Flashman CAOtolaryngology1619973922
Janet L Seper FLOtolaryngology1437155256
Andrew James Lerrick ILOtolaryngology1730185513
Chad D Mccormick IDOtolaryngology1538165139
Michael Erik Gilbert IDOtolaryngology1972508463
Jose E Otero Garcia PROtolaryngology1407851959
William J Wallace TNOtolaryngology1275539603
Stephen J White TXOtolaryngology1144226812
Henry J Hollier LAOtolaryngology1972509370
Maureen M Mulcahy OROtolaryngology1275539561
Arthur Jeffrey Rosner MIOtolaryngology1790781573
Glen Lee Watkins FLOtolaryngology1124023874
Advanced Sinus And Allergy Center, S.c Otolaryngology1548738156
Harold Arlen NJOtolaryngology1730185216
Kipp Moreno Robins UTOtolaryngology1396741476
Kenneth H Rogotzke VAOtolaryngology1275539132
Robert D Oshman TXOtolaryngology1023013604
Barry J Benjamin MAOtolaryngology1720085376
Jay H. Goland CAOtolaryngology1760489371
Kourosh Parham CTOtolaryngology1427055854
Garabed Messrobain CAOtolaryngology1588661078
Richard C Lyons VTOtolaryngology1740287283
James Russell Hengerer VAOtolaryngology1790782092
Andrea E.p. Kittrell VAOtolaryngology1972500270
Jeffery Spiro CTOtolaryngology1003813403
Edward G Behrens SCOtolaryngology1669479986
Nicholas C Hollenkamp INOtolaryngology1891792149
Frederick Porter INOtolaryngology1861499113
Cyril Frederick Paul Mahood CAOtolaryngology1598762742
Cynthia G. Chrosniak MDOtolaryngology1346247616
Jin Sung Lim VAOtolaryngology1386641678
Robert C. Farr IDOtolaryngology1033116322
Christopher E Stevens INOtolaryngology1093712291
Anthony D Sanders INOtolaryngology1689671885
Heather R. Schwartzbauer MDOtolaryngology1073510343
Donald W Alexander GAOtolaryngology1629075833
Donald Gene Browning GAOtolaryngology1710984935
Danko Cerenko GAOtolaryngology1568469799
David Mark Rafalko PAOtolaryngology1558368704
Miles B Fine NVOtolaryngology1598762759
Gavin Setzen NYOtolaryngology1063419232
Siobhan Kuhar NYOtolaryngology1881691053
Lynda Visher-west TXOtolaryngology1730186917
Benjamin Clark Pease KSOtolaryngology1952308082
Roger Isla WVOtolaryngology1265439301
William Paul Magdycz VAOtolaryngology1437156577
Maryann Purdy Wall COOtolaryngology1528065695
Marcelle Sulek TXOtolaryngology1619974631
Michael B Kronenberger TXOtolaryngology1790782712
Jeffrey T. Vrabec TXOtolaryngology1609873629
Kimberly Lundstrom COOtolaryngology1548267644
Karen Lee Stierman TXOtolaryngology1972500072
Anthony J. Cornetta NYOtolaryngology1356348486
J. David Holcomb FLOtolaryngology1124025267
Bruce E Zimmerman KSOtolaryngology1841297934
Richard Charles Howells PAOtolaryngology1720085814
Dozier Russell Hood GAOtolaryngology1023015195
James J. Ludwick TXOtolaryngology1093712085
Phillip E. Noel LAOtolaryngology1477550499
Carl Willy Schwenzfeier SCOtolaryngology1568469435
Kun Zoo Kim GAOtolaryngology1568469591
Graham Gilmer VAOtolaryngology1407853450
Kenneth Lynn Silk KYOtolaryngology1396742193
Shaun N Scott SCOtolaryngology1932106747
Milan J Demeter CAOtolaryngology1619974458
William J Moran WIOtolaryngology1972500718
Jeffrey S Carithers IAOtolaryngology1295732931
Brian L Hawkins KYOtolaryngology1902803646
Daniel Warren Todd SDOtolaryngology1871590547
Craig Phillip Hedges SDOtolaryngology1184621013
Allen P Butler GAOtolaryngology1326045048
Howard Kenneth Herman GAOtolaryngology1053318774
Donald Leroy Stageman MIOtolaryngology1427056118
Eugene G Brown SCOtolaryngology1245238930
Edward L Mcnellis SCOtolaryngology1801894506
Laura Jr Larsen SDOtolaryngology1841298544
Mark Gregory Desautel SDOtolaryngology1255338174
Paul Arthur Cink SDOtolaryngology1710984612
Bethany Susan Helvig SDOtolaryngology1992702849
Lawrence S Kaufman NYOtolaryngology1144227919
Anthony Edward Loehr OKOtolaryngology1528065331
Charles E Heinberg OKOtolaryngology1790782506
Rollie Emer Rhodes OKOtolaryngology1881691699
Thomas Cunning Bramhall TXOtolaryngology1265439962
Gunnar West TXOtolaryngology1831196534
John Martin Barlow KSOtolaryngology1447257167
Thomas L Davis AZOtolaryngology1093712721
Robert B. Parke TXOtolaryngology1154329894
Brenton B Koch IAOtolaryngology1487651303
Jack Wiley Delong MIOtolaryngology1356349039
Henry H Yu MDOtolaryngology1225035009
George H Rudwell INOtolaryngology1346247129
Richard C. Pillsbury, Mdpa AROtolaryngology1417954207
Don Auffurth Duplan TXOtolaryngology1598763062


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Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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