Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William Carter Bryars 36606, ALOtolaryngology1366445223
Percy Vandorn Crocker 36695, ALOtolaryngology1811990765
Barry Lee Brown 36608, ALOtolaryngology1427051481
Stabler Clinic, P.c. 36037, ALOtolaryngology1730181819
Aubrey Ayers Stabler 36106, ALOtolaryngology1316949472
Mark Richard Gacek 36608, ALOtolaryngology1073517769
Susan W Aguiar 36106, ALOtolaryngology1336143999
James Mark Harrison 36608, ALOtolaryngology1326042987
Charles B Brentnall 35150, ALOtolaryngology1497751036
Darby Donovan Marshall 35768, ALOtolaryngology1265432371
Ruepert Don Bryan 35007, ALOtolaryngology1679565204
James Kent Pitcock 36608, ALOtolaryngology1063406627
Alfred Miles Neumann 36608, ALOtolaryngology1679567234
Ronnie Everett Swain 36606, ALOtolaryngology1053305649
James Reid Spires 36608, ALOtolaryngology1992799571
Ronnie Everett Swain 36606, ALOtolaryngology1508851940
Premier Health Management, Inc. 36606, ALOtolaryngology1538154760
John Stephen Wilson 36606, ALOtolaryngology1811982002
Andrew Hunter Ford 36106, ALOtolaryngology1164411963
Ross E Gardner 35211, ALOtolaryngology1770572810
Sage Kinney Copeland 35601, ALOtolaryngology1265413124
Benjamin W Light 35601, ALOtolaryngology1760463632
George H Godwin 35601, ALOtolaryngology1558342931
Pramod Bhatia 35160, ALOtolaryngology1104808245
John L Pallin 36535, ALOtolaryngology1558344515
Andrew Marion Brown 35901, ALOtolaryngology1922083369
Ent Head & Neck Surgery, Inc 35242, ALOtolaryngology1982680252
Salem K David 35406, ALOtolaryngology1316924798
James Michael Mcqueen 36330, ALOtolaryngology1740268259
Scott Ashley Charlton 36330, ALOtolaryngology1447238951
Scot C Callahan 36330, ALOtolaryngology1023096427
Jeffrey Scott Robertson 35242, ALOtolaryngology1235117607
James Richard Phelan 77058, ALOtolaryngology1598736290
Kim Elaine Schmitt 35235, ALOtolaryngology1063486546
Craig Michael Benoit 35406, ALOtolaryngology1477528149
Brian J Mccool 35209, ALOtolaryngology1730154972
Tarika Bhuta 35209, ALOtolaryngology1841265071
Kirk P Withrow 35233, ALOtolaryngology1639146327
Michael Keith Bowman 36106, ALOtolaryngology1376510073
Kristopher Frank Lay 35242, ALOtolaryngology1447227830
Jack Melvin Dabbs 35211, ALOtolaryngology1912974056
John Oscar Brown 36265, ALOtolaryngology1023077781
Lev H Bragg 35205, ALOtolaryngology1407819451
Horace Baltzer Lejeune 35205, ALOtolaryngology1588628010
Decatur Ent Assoc., P.c. 35601, ALOtolaryngology1164487708
Fred G Fedok 36535, ALOtolaryngology1760449656
Jefferson Clinic, P.c. 35233, ALOtolaryngology1124086509
Phillip Scott Ballinger 36117, ALOtolaryngology1174571749
Kimberly A. Elliott 36608, ALOtolaryngology1396795654
Michael Rhodes Lee 36606, ALOtolaryngology1215987581
Neeta Kohli-dang 35801, ALOtolaryngology1235189465
John R Lafrentz 35801, ALOtolaryngology1639129885
Gordon Albert Shields 35406, ALOtolaryngology1922059997
Alabama Hma Physician Management, Llc 36203, ALOtolaryngology1003868712
David A Kropf 35211, ALOtolaryngology1396798641
Paul M Obert 35235, ALOtolaryngology1144274523
Mark L Hagood 35801, ALOtolaryngology1477507408
Shannon P Davis 35801, ALOtolaryngology1922052810
Steven R Smith 35801, ALOtolaryngology1851346563
John H Rand 36078, ALOtolaryngology1063467447
Richard Lewis Palesano 36606, ALOtolaryngology1083669444
Simon williamson Clinic, P.c. 35211, ALOtolaryngology1497702344
Frederick M. Silver 36617, ALOtolaryngology1053350710
Marcus Moody 35244, ALOtolaryngology1497794945
Bruce Arthur Morgan 35205, ALOtolaryngology1457391369
Paul F Castellanos 35233, ALOtolaryngology1093756108
Do Yeon Cho 35233, ALOtolaryngology1104051408
John Arris Jebeles 35235, ALOtolaryngology1306888326
Artemus J Cox 35233, ALOtolaryngology1417990169
Douglas Trenton Lowery 35235, ALOtolaryngology1609819168
Michael C Hoffman 36535, ALOtolaryngology1326082116
Jonathan L Levine Md, Pc 35071, ALOtolaryngology1033153358
William R Carroll 35233, ALOtolaryngology1811931082
Maureen A Muecke 35216, ALOtolaryngology1689600579
Blane Edward Bateman 36207, ALOtolaryngology1538195961
James Hodo Walburn 35406, ALOtolaryngology1558398412
Jonathan L Levine 35071, ALOtolaryngology1427085190
Ent & Allergy Associates, P.c. 35209, ALOtolaryngology1598792244
Carlisle Reid Stephenson 35406, ALOtolaryngology1780612564
Gary Mathers Lake 35406, ALOtolaryngology1124056916
James Edgar Shotts 35406, ALOtolaryngology1033147822
Benjamin M Mcgrew 35233, ALOtolaryngology1306875240
Andrea Barber Mcmurphy 36606, ALOtolaryngology1679502421
William R Blythe 36801, ALOtolaryngology1851321053
Lee Headley Loftin 35406, ALOtolaryngology1063443745
David Bruce Rosenstiel 35406, ALOtolaryngology1225069909
Warren A Stiles 36801, ALOtolaryngology1255363008
Willie Joseph Cornay, Iii 35209, ALOtolaryngology1417988452
Glenn E Peters 35249, ALOtolaryngology1568494144
Wesley Stites Whatley 36801, ALOtolaryngology1740214626
Charles E Morgan 36117, ALOtolaryngology1093749673
Marc Howell Routman 35209, ALOtolaryngology1841225125
Eben L Rosenthal 35249, ALOtolaryngology1265457287
Kurt W Kantzler 35901, ALOtolaryngology1811913544
Robert E Ostendorf 35903, ALOtolaryngology1003833021
Michael C Hoffman, M.d., P.c. 36535, ALOtolaryngology1659398436
Rutilio Garcia 36854, ALOtolaryngology1558380311
William J Livingston 35007, ALOtolaryngology1043233091
Jack W Aland 35205, ALOtolaryngology1649284308
Morton Goldfarb 35205, ALOtolaryngology1750395471
Sheldon J Black 35205, ALOtolaryngology1922012699
John M Gerwin 35205, ALOtolaryngology1619981362
Randall L. Real 35211, ALOtolaryngology1144237348
Southeast Alabama Ent Head & Neck 36301, ALOtolaryngology1528075447
Alice H Morgan 35205, ALOtolaryngology1861401192
Charles Peyton Colvin 35243, ALOtolaryngology1811906126
Howard Mark Goldberg 35205, ALOtolaryngology1386653608
John G Simmons 35205, ALOtolaryngology1376552604
Lloyd Clark Simpson 35205, ALOtolaryngology1902815996
James L. Masdon 35957, ALOtolaryngology1295848471
Maury Bray 35957, ALOtolaryngology1710090899
Richard K Caldwell 35901, ALOtolaryngology1629182332
Thomas F Dowling 35901, ALOtolaryngology1942314679
Dowling & Caldwell Md Pc 35901, ALOtolaryngology1790899433
Thomas Hilton Cawthon 36106, ALOtolaryngology1336256601
James F. Benson 36608, ALOtolaryngology1497862353
Olan Evans 36106, ALOtolaryngology1417064478
Russellville Physician Practices Llc 35653, ALOtolaryngology1649387523
Gregory Borg 36106, ALOtolaryngology1487761391
Stephen W Chandler 36106, ALOtolaryngology1386752723
Neil Stronach 36106, ALOtolaryngology1255449336
Richard E Gilliland 35022, ALOtolaryngology1861500753
Bradford A. Woodworth 35249, ALOtolaryngology1720197510
Grayson K Rodgers 35205, ALOtolaryngology1033228242
Montgomery Otolaryngology Llp 36106, ALOtolaryngology1497865893
Ent Associates Of Alabama, P.c. 35205, ALOtolaryngology1841301082
Gerard D Brocato 35801, ALOtolaryngology1649377664
Jasper V Castillo 35801, ALOtolaryngology1558468504
Richard G Martin 35801, ALOtolaryngology1932206885
Michael D Mcfadden 35801, ALOtolaryngology1134227374
Pamela D Mcgarrah 72601, ALOtolaryngology1407957129
William Scott Mccary 35801, ALOtolaryngology1477644078
Alan Craig Chapman 36117, ALOtolaryngology1467543058
James Noble Anderson 36117, ALOtolaryngology1376634964
William J Mcfeely 35801, ALOtolaryngology1962593442
North River E.n.t., Pc 35406, ALOtolaryngology1679665848
Marshall Medical Center South 35957, ALOtolaryngology1780776633
R. Don Bryan, M.d. Pa 35007, ALOtolaryngology1801989918
The Children's Hospital Of Alabama 35243, ALOtolaryngology1629161112
John Christopher Davis 35244, ALOtolaryngology1124113501
Audie Lee Woolley 35243, ALOtolaryngology1427143825
Daniel Luis Ortiz 35768, ALOtolaryngology1023102126
Alabama Ent Associates, P.c. 35244, ALOtolaryngology1851485445
William Peyton Shirley 35242, ALOtolaryngology1568556280
Blane E. Bateman, Do 36207, ALOtolaryngology1730273707
Brian Jeffery Wiatrak 35243, ALOtolaryngology1427143015
Robert James Sciacca 35244, ALOtolaryngology1982790572
Jimmy Scott Hill 35243, ALOtolaryngology1508952631
Herman Mckinley Teachey 35801, ALOtolaryngology1336236686
Jason P Lockette 35806, ALOtolaryngology1437246600
Central Alabama Ent Associates 36117, ALOtolaryngology1124108535
Wallace Carroll Vaughan 36117, ALOtolaryngology1104906510
William John Knox 36111, ALOtolaryngology1548340953
Shoals Ear Nose & Throat Group Pc 35660, ALOtolaryngology1124105671
Ent & Allergy Institute Of North Al 35674, ALOtolaryngology1285712075
Ent Associates Of Alabama Pa 36117, ALOtolaryngology1558449991
Eric L Hensen 33803, ALOtolaryngology1891864666
John Christian Ferguson 36301, ALOtolaryngology1487728465
Scottsboro Ent, Pc 35768, ALOtolaryngology1942368014
Tuscaloosa Ear Nose & Throat Center Pc 35406, ALOtolaryngology1407914245
Osasere Lambert Aghedo 36701, ALOtolaryngology1588725881
Ent Consultants 36701, ALOtolaryngology1538220736
Eastern Shore Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, Pc 36532, ALOtolaryngology1386707339
Alfred D Trotter 35976, ALOtolaryngology1285798538
Birmingham Ear, Nose & Throat Group, Pc 35205, ALOtolaryngology1184789588
Edwyn Lee Boyd 35244, ALOtolaryngology1154486124
Donald Joseph Wittich 35244, ALOtolaryngology1326104316
Southern Ent & Sinus Center, P.c. 35235, ALOtolaryngology1235295973
Kurt W. Kantzler D.o., Inc. 35901, ALOtolaryngology1073664207
Frank K Hixon 36532, ALOtolaryngology1285786475
Max Alan Goodson 35209, ALOtolaryngology1447303243
Guy H Handley 35209, ALOtolaryngology1730232539
Brookwood Ent Associates, P.c. 35209, ALOtolaryngology1225181795
Richard A Walker 35203, ALOtolaryngology1487708012
John Spurgeon Keebler 36608, ALOtolaryngology1326194358
Heals Inc 35801, ALOtolaryngology1841346236
Rickey Gene Love 36117, ALOtolaryngology1912043894
Matin Mikayil Imanguli 35294, ALOtolaryngology1114065406
William B. Norris 36532, ALOtolaryngology1619015328
Huntsville Ear,nose And Throat Physicians P.c. 35801, ALOtolaryngology1124168349
Emmett Scott Elledge 35205, ALOtolaryngology1437282787
Gary T Turner 35294, ALOtolaryngology1508999848
Stephen R Favrot 35205, ALOtolaryngology1548393796
Benjamin David Powell 35801, ALOtolaryngology1225157886
North Alabama Ent Associates, P.c. 35801, ALOtolaryngology1437279601
North Alabama Ent Associates, P.c. 35758, ALOtolaryngology1215057492
Kimberly Ann Donnellan 36608, ALOtolaryngology1376762815
John P. Kostrzewa 35801, ALOtolaryngology1093924359
Nicholas James Smith 35243, ALOtolaryngology1437368602
Mohamad Raafat Chaaban 36854, ALOtolaryngology1760691299
Larry Dale Brock 36608, ALOtolaryngology1730380502
Ear, Nose And Throat Associates Of Gadsden, Pa 35901, ALOtolaryngology1790987725
Angela Cato Blount 35501, ALOtolaryngology1811190804
William Henry Barber 35223, ALOtolaryngology1861699043
Francis Allen Long 35660, ALOtolaryngology1790985133
North Alabama Medical Association Llc 35901, ALOtolaryngology1659561983
Nwmc Winfield Physician Practices Dba Northwest Ent Consultants 35594, ALOtolaryngology1700067907
Otorhinolaryngology Associates Pc 36117, ALOtolaryngology1336326339
Richard Kailean Mchugh 35233, ALOtolaryngology1063690311
Joseph Stephen Brigance 35801, ALOtolaryngology1003094293


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