Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark Matthew Scheurer 92118, CAOtolaryngology1942250089
Steven Thomas Kmucha 95209, CAOtolaryngology1568411429
Eric Alan Mair 92123, CAOtolaryngology1487604005
Joseph Paul Lee 93030, CAOtolaryngology1417912775
Do Yeon Cho 35233, CAOtolaryngology1104051408
R. Stuart Weeks 92108, CAOtolaryngology1780612101
Alexis C. Bouteneff 06759, CAOtolaryngology1316982515
Quang Chi Quach 92683, CAOtolaryngology1215960943
Jonathan Peter Giurintano 20007, CAOtolaryngology1861759870
Lorre T Henderson 95661, CAOtolaryngology1942398847
Eve Collins Shank 67042, CAOtolaryngology1609951367
Quang Chi Quach A Professional Medical Corporation 92683, CAOtolaryngology1376631697
Hau Sin Wong 90710, CAOtolaryngology1467526350
South Coast Ear Nose & Throat A Medical Corporation 92694, CAOtolaryngology1205984960
Avrum Aaron Kaufman 92694, CAOtolaryngology1093863722
Millie Jay Surati-tantod 92649, CAOtolaryngology1063672145
David Shamouelian 90212, CAOtolaryngology1225359227
Andrew Tomlinson 94027, CAOtolaryngology1992095830
Lindsay S Reder 90033, CAOtolaryngology1811123565
Julianna Ellen Pesce 90232, CAOtolaryngology1326339219
Jordan Paul Sand 99201, CAOtolaryngology1417243668
Gennadiy Vengerovich 90095, CAOtolaryngology1477708907
Timothy Richard Deklotz 20007, CAOtolaryngology1629225123
Fred M Baik 94305, CAOtolaryngology1215226568
Melissa Marie Amorn 94546, CAOtolaryngology1891948048
Daniel Cates 15219, CAOtolaryngology1821352907
Linda Nguyen Woo 91910, CAOtolaryngology1467720656
Andrew Mehrdad Vahabzadeh-hagh 90024, CAOtolaryngology1346506920
Sophie Grace Shay 53226, CAOtolaryngology1235497181
Brandon Juntae Kim 90033, CAOtolaryngology1821354770
Gerald Kangelaris 94108, CAOtolaryngology1922234285
Timothy Eun Ortlip 94538, CAOtolaryngology1518223981
Robert Finn 95661, CAOtolaryngology1477625200
Jasper Shen 60611, CAOtolaryngology1366878738
Amity Medical Group, Inc. 90067, CAOtolaryngology1164972345
James Teng 95060, CAOtolaryngology1326337544
Judy Liu 92618, CAOtolaryngology1700102308
Niraj Lal Md Pc 95124, CAOtolaryngology1891288270
Dr Shervin Aminpour,inc 91307, CAOtolaryngology1912416223
Tolbin Matthew Collett 84041, CAOtolaryngology1801233994
Graybill Medical Group Inc 92025, CAOtolaryngology1891729745
Hollin Elizabeth Calloway 07030, CAOtolaryngology1528325453
Venu Divi 90731, CAOtolaryngology1245390228
Vanessa Shana Rothholtz Md Inc 90210, CAOtolaryngology1619390887
Vanessa Shana Rothholtz 90210, CAOtolaryngology1124299904
Kiersten L. Riedler 92121, CAOtolaryngology1437536216
Brent Wilkerson 48334, CAOtolaryngology1407167489
Courtney T. Chou 94304, CAOtolaryngology1982047619
Robert James Troell 89117, CAOtolaryngology1700854122
Leslie E Irvine 90266, CAOtolaryngology1376983429
Saranya Reghunathan 93036, CAOtolaryngology1811252968
Elazar Sofer 90211, CAOtolaryngology1205124815
Michael Chan-wei Kao 92835, CAOtolaryngology1639445554
Adam Carl Satteson 32608, CAOtolaryngology1184981383
Eric Sugihara 92835, CAOtolaryngology1154661015
Paul Chao Yuan Sun 92653, CAOtolaryngology1861599193
John C Sun 92653, CAOtolaryngology1578664025
Christopher Han-lin Yian 92653, CAOtolaryngology1003913336
Bruce V Lattyak M.d., Inc. 95945, CAOtolaryngology1275707424
Raluca Gray 55455, CAOtolaryngology1477997765
Eric Waki Md Ent Inc 92835, CAOtolaryngology1811465719
Alisha West 90095, CAOtolaryngology1073733861
Jivianne Kristine Tan Lee 90401, CAOtolaryngology1184772972
Jennifer Lynn Long 90095, CAOtolaryngology1669657748
Travis L Shiba 91355, CAOtolaryngology1366731481
Krista Schoppy 96814, CAOtolaryngology1902249725
Sean William Delaney 91105, CAOtolaryngology1285056903
Alexis Korostoff Rieber 91105, CAOtolaryngology1659623429
Katherine C Yung 94108, CAOtolaryngology1508985243
Brian Paul Boynton 92506, CAOtolaryngology1710155452
Amelia Kay Read 94010, CAOtolaryngology1720344344
Dr.zain Kadri Plastic Surgery, Pc 90212, CAOtolaryngology1003442815
Charles R. Battaglia 91105, CAOtolaryngology1518973544
Steven A Battaglia 91105, CAOtolaryngology1437178951
Angela A Chang Md A Professional Corporation 92037, CAOtolaryngology1427682764
Christian Michael Eisert 94553, CAOtolaryngology1013307479
Ronald George Dong 95219, CAOtolaryngology1194764472
Andrew Jungwook Limb 95219, CAOtolaryngology1952488512
Spencer L. Lowe 95219, CAOtolaryngology1932201589
Denise Valerie Guendert 95219, CAOtolaryngology1841377405
L & P Aesthetics Medical, Inc. 94301, CAOtolaryngology1437422847
Scott Bartholomew Mccusker 95816, CAOtolaryngology1235337130
Jay M Bhatt 92868, CAOtolaryngology1174880496
Brendan Pierce 94301, CAOtolaryngology1669616306
Vishal Banthia 49201, CAOtolaryngology1043396559
Marie Chantal Sonia Trinque Courchesne 90272, CAOtolaryngology1962552810
Palisades Ear Nose Throat And Facial Plastic Specialists A Medic. 90272, CAOtolaryngology1295920825
University Healthcare Alliance 95032, CAOtolaryngology1760531198
Susan R Cordes 95219, CAOtolaryngology1285668707
Jason Sun-hyung Park 98105, CAOtolaryngology1033504196
Tsung-yen Hsieh 45219, CAOtolaryngology1548505100
Ryan Mark Stephenson 84604, CAOtolaryngology1760800353
Kevin Gersten 94538, CAOtolaryngology1427094788
Charles Robert Pettit 95476, CAOtolaryngology1326183583
Colleen M Lennard 97527, CAOtolaryngology1316913197
Ryan M Casserly 93940, CAOtolaryngology1114344025
Garret Wayne Choby 55905, CAOtolaryngology1407141799
Charlotte Kaplan Hughes 92055, CAOtolaryngology1073925251
Platinum Health Partners A Medical Corporation 90301, CAOtolaryngology1053742106
James Barrese 17822, CAOtolaryngology1295984953
Sunny Joseph Haft 21201, CAOtolaryngology1962817098
Timothy Carter Blood 90095, CAOtolaryngology1295120681
Ashley Kita 90505, CAOtolaryngology1578950531
Conor William Mclaughlin 95815, CAOtolaryngology1962846949
Eric James Kezirian 90033, CAOtolaryngology1982669701
Evan Walgama 77030, CAOtolaryngology1750609285
Sean Hashemi 95926, CAOtolaryngology1356769699
Oliver Holger Gantz 91360, CAOtolaryngology1952758260
Kevin Hur 91007, CAOtolaryngology1679996102
Annika Marguerite Meyer 95815, CAOtolaryngology1962820993
Thomas Owen Gifford 99506, CAOtolaryngology1538224803
Sacramento Ear Nose & Throat Surgical & Medical Group Inc 95815, CAOtolaryngology1497758155
Priyesh Patel 37232, CAOtolaryngology1821417130
Michael C Topf 37232, CAOtolaryngology1851711782
John Edward Hanks 02130, CAOtolaryngology1679986772
Donald J Clutter 95630, CAOtolaryngology1598768277
Helen Bai 94553, CAOtolaryngology1508099029
Mark Jeffrey Maslan 66211, CAOtolaryngology1073576302
Harry Hsin-jong Ching 89118, CAOtolaryngology1720405004
Farhad Ardeshirpour 90211, CAOtolaryngology1932376514
Oc Voice Ear, Nose And Throat Center, Inc. 92683, CAOtolaryngology1962900654
Amy Mai Nguyen 92683, CAOtolaryngology1205070794
Patrick Scheffler 85006, CAOtolaryngology1356994859
Thomas Jefferson Gernon 91030, CAOtolaryngology1548387525
Sarah Rossmiller Carroll 91206, CAOtolaryngology1962608281
Eric Peter Wilkinson 83713, CAOtolaryngology1114906013
Abie Avraham Hershel Mendelsohn 90095, CAOtolaryngology1396934824
Barbara A Burggraaff 27612, CAOtolaryngology1730112442
Lisa June Molin 93401, CAOtolaryngology1366447138
Robert G Stewart 93401, CAOtolaryngology1053317461
Michael J Malotte 93401, CAOtolaryngology1255336129
Ppss Health 94401, CAOtolaryngology1093307779
Farhad Ardesh Md Inc 90211, CAOtolaryngology1548751183
Ear Nose And Throat Medical Clinic Inc 93465, CAOtolaryngology1043212376
Riverside Medical Clinic,inc. 92506, CAOtolaryngology1730180415
David R. Hantke, M.d., Inc. 93003, CAOtolaryngology1356343172
Edward C. Kravitz, M.d., Incorporated 92866, CAOtolaryngology1114919180
Entrust Medical Corporation 92868, CAOtolaryngology1922090372
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAOtolaryngology1750374872
Raincross Medical Group Inc 92506, CAOtolaryngology1194712315
Sharp Rees stealy Medical Group, Inc 92101, CAOtolaryngology1285616177
Ronaldo A Ballecer Md Inc 93720, CAOtolaryngology1780669838
Raouf F Iskander Md Inc 92704, CAOtolaryngology1952386781
Ent Surgical Associates 91206, CAOtolaryngology1336126820
Comprehensive Community Health Centers, Inc 91606, CAOtolaryngology1871573360
Comprehensive Community Health Centers, Inc 90041, CAOtolaryngology1679553192
University Of California Sfgh Medical Group 94110, CAOtolaryngology1154396208
All Care Medical Group Inc 90255, CAOtolaryngology1720055429
North Coast Ent Associates Inc 95521, CAOtolaryngology1649248063
Douglas A. Tran, Md Inc. 92708, CAOtolaryngology1427018993
Albert S Goh Md Inc 92780, CAOtolaryngology1609837590
Nghia Xuan Nguyen, Md Inc 92647, CAOtolaryngology1285695163
Charles K. Oh, Md Inc. 92780, CAOtolaryngology1437110327
Summit Ent Medical Associates 94609, CAOtolaryngology1528020609
Zev M. Kahn, M.d, P.c. 94546, CAOtolaryngology1508821505
Northern Orange County Ent Medical Corp 92835, CAOtolaryngology1952367542
Thanh van Ngoc Nguyen Md A Professional Medical Corporation 92708, CAOtolaryngology1578523049
University Head & Neck Surgeons 92868, CAOtolaryngology1669437075
Visalia Medical Clinic, Inc. 93291, CAOtolaryngology1780631432
Caduceus Physicians Medical Group 92886, CAOtolaryngology1497702724
Los Angeles Ear, Nose & Throat Associates 90017, CAOtolaryngology1952349490
Michael K. Kim, M.d., P.c. 90720, CAOtolaryngology1346282308
Big Sur Medical Corporation 92708, CAOtolaryngology1952344640
Marc J Kayem Md Inc 90212, CAOtolaryngology1922043710
North County Ear Nose & Throat Head & Neck Surgey Inc 92083, CAOtolaryngology1124063482
Andrew J. Mikaelian, M.d. Inc. 91361, CAOtolaryngology1609804657
La Jolla Orthopaedic Surgery 92121, CAOtolaryngology1952330037
House Ear Clinic Inc 90057, CAOtolaryngology1881624799
Sutter Gould Medical Foundation 95382, CAOtolaryngology1023065133
Usc Care Medical Group, Inc 90033, CAOtolaryngology1902846306
Barker Seftel Spilman Gen Ptrs 95065, CAOtolaryngology1558301358
Redding Ent head And Neck Surgery Inc A Medical Group 96001, CAOtolaryngology1164468658
Regents Of The University Of California Ucsd Head And Neck Surgery 92103, CAOtolaryngology1679509962
Barker Seftel Spilman Gen Ptrs 95019, CAOtolaryngology1588609374
Healthcare Partners Affiliates Medical Group 90015, CAOtolaryngology1659312593
Mahfouz M. Michael,m.d.,inc. 91402, CAOtolaryngology1881627057
Elias Ayoub M.d.apc 90241, CAOtolaryngology1588680250
Solano Regional Medical Group, Inc. 94534, CAOtolaryngology1528085578
Sutter Regional Medical Foundation 94534, CAOtolaryngology1558388504
House Ear Clinic Inc 92868, CAOtolaryngology1679592737
Mercy Medical Group Of Specialists 91501, CAOtolaryngology1700898269
East Los Angeles Ent Medical Center 91776, CAOtolaryngology1386750198
Sutter Valley Medical Foundation 95833, CAOtolaryngology1952327256
La Jolla Facial Plastic Surgery Inc 92130, CAOtolaryngology1033587589
Steven E Davis Md Inc 90503, CAOtolaryngology1710907571
Bay Area Ear, Nose, And Throat Medical Group 94578, CAOtolaryngology1558477273
Cal Medphysicians And Surgeons, Inc. 92324, CAOtolaryngology1316054737
Albert A. Mcclain, Jr., M.d., Inc. 91950, CAOtolaryngology1861501751
University Head And Neck Associates 90095, CAOtolaryngology1750483616
Richard J Trevino Md A Professional Corporation 95116, CAOtolaryngology1093819724
Riverside Medical Clinic Inc 92506, CAOtolaryngology1720183403
Riverside Medical Clinic Inc 92506, CAOtolaryngology1780782557
Sinu clear Inc 90210, CAOtolaryngology1831298751
California Cancer Specialists Medical Group Inc 91010, CAOtolaryngology1912006636
Meyer Schindler Md Prof Corp 94108, CAOtolaryngology1831298645
Central Coast Ear Nose And Throat Associates 93401, CAOtolaryngology1558461418
Del Mar Med A Medical Corporation 92130, CAOtolaryngology1306938386
Ashish K. Wadha Md A Medical Corporation 92064, CAOtolaryngology1194814731
Contra Costa Ent Medical Assoc 94520, CAOtolaryngology1013007889
Contra Costa Ent Medical Assoc 94598, CAOtolaryngology1568552339


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