Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Macri 95661, CAOtolaryngology1407859168
Martin Andrew Garcia 90623, CAOtolaryngology1356344170
Mitchell Edward Blum 95377, CAOtolaryngology1770586448
Nancy H Appelblatt 95864, CAOtolaryngology1508869280
Ernest E Johnson 95815, CAOtolaryngology1285637967
Kevin X Mckennan 95815, CAOtolaryngology1356344022
Phillip R Wells 92691, CAOtolaryngology1851394209
Ear Nose And Throat Medical Clinic Inc 93465, CAOtolaryngology1043212376
Kasra Rastani 94102, CAOtolaryngology1023012374
Cynthia G Davis 92075, CAOtolaryngology1275537193
Howard K. Nam 95991, CAOtolaryngology1558365320
William W Goral 92404, CAOtolaryngology1841292935
Nazih M. Haddad 92660, CAOtolaryngology1649275637
Douglas A. Tran 92708, CAOtolaryngology1922003623
Nghia Xuan Nguyen 92647, CAOtolaryngology1831194539
Sheldon N. Klausner 90404, CAOtolaryngology1861497968
Alan Jeffrey Fisher 91007, CAOtolaryngology1639174576
Thanh Van Nguyen 92708, CAOtolaryngology1508862061
Edward C Lee 94022, CAOtolaryngology1326044595
Jesse William Tan 90806, CAOtolaryngology1285630202
Jesus King Tan 90806, CAOtolaryngology1730185687
Stuart A Mccarthy 91786, CAOtolaryngology1932105715
Sidney Mark Fishman 90720, CAOtolaryngology1417953043
Michael D. Landman 91356, CAOtolaryngology1245237833
James W. Ochi 92025, CAOtolaryngology1417953456
Williston S Hayes 95966, CAOtolaryngology1336145523
Craig Calloway 93291, CAOtolaryngology1154327153
Tommie Flashman 90211, CAOtolaryngology1619973922
Jay H. Goland 90815, CAOtolaryngology1760489371
Garabed Messrobain 93454, CAOtolaryngology1588661078
Cyril Frederick Paul Mahood 92708, CAOtolaryngology1598762742
Milan J Demeter 91011, CAOtolaryngology1619974458
Dimitry B Goufman 92866, CAOtolaryngology1104824101
Shounan Yao 91776, CAOtolaryngology1760480651
Gary Mitchell Feinberg 92506, CAOtolaryngology1730187881
John R Hubanks 91011, CAOtolaryngology1811996697
Richard P Wikholm 93454, CAOtolaryngology1831198647
Navin Purushottam Amin 92868, CAOtolaryngology1851390314
Edward Su-chong Lee 92868, CAOtolaryngology1114926672
Roberto Limgenco Barretto 92868, CAOtolaryngology1477552941
Edward Charles Kravitz 92866, CAOtolaryngology1437158847
Robert Del Junco 92868, CAOtolaryngology1295734721
Sharen Knudsen Jeffries 92373, CAOtolaryngology1386643534
James Estes Bush 92103, CAOtolaryngology1932108867
Roman Platon Bukachevsky 93465, CAOtolaryngology1205836954
Thomas Allan Stewart 95969, CAOtolaryngology1831199009
Harvey S Kulber 91316, CAOtolaryngology1023018108
Simon Joseph Madorsky 92660, CAOtolaryngology1447259981
Ruwanthi Samaranayake Campano 93551, CAOtolaryngology1023018389
Riverside Medical Clinic,inc. 92506, CAOtolaryngology1730180415
Brett A Levine 90503, CAOtolaryngology1063413110
David Paul Arnstein 95030, CAOtolaryngology1801898796
David R. Hantke, M.d., Inc. 93003, CAOtolaryngology1356343172
Ioana Schipor 93720, CAOtolaryngology1710989561
Rom Rodney Karin 95030, CAOtolaryngology1871595223
William Spencer Lewis 95030, CAOtolaryngology1871585059
Mark Steven Spitzer 95340, CAOtolaryngology1407848435
Edward C. Kravitz, M.d., Incorporated 92866, CAOtolaryngology1114919180
David Albert Walden 92663, CAOtolaryngology1831181841
Melissa Robyn Stegnerwilson 92134, CAOtolaryngology1508858580
Entrust Medical Corporation 92868, CAOtolaryngology1922090372
James C Wu 94015, CAOtolaryngology1720070113
Todd Steven Waller 90024, CAOtolaryngology1306839568
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAOtolaryngology1750374872
Robert Wesman 94609, CAOtolaryngology1487647244
Robert Kotler 90210, CAOtolaryngology1962495713
Mark D Wilson 92270, CAOtolaryngology1376535708
Mohammad K Arab 92251, CAOtolaryngology1306847827
Steven Howard Sloan 94117, CAOtolaryngology1932191285
John H Lee 90245, CAOtolaryngology1114910239
Douglas K Trask 90057, CAOtolaryngology1346233467
Janardan S Joshi 95116, CAOtolaryngology1437143898
Michael Lee Merrin 93101, CAOtolaryngology1194719633
Bohdan Alexander Makarewycz 94015, CAOtolaryngology1326032830
Adam H Marvin 94609, CAOtolaryngology1275528572
Peyman Soliemanzadeh 90069, CAOtolaryngology1144215849
Philip Azer 92103, CAOtolaryngology1871589408
Michael S Schwartz 91106, CAOtolaryngology1922094382
Phillip I Whong 93534, CAOtolaryngology1497741326
Mccoy L Moretz 93012, CAOtolaryngology1487641908
John M Edison 93003, CAOtolaryngology1134116643
Raincross Medical Group Inc 92506, CAOtolaryngology1194712315
Don B. Headley 85013, CAOtolaryngology1578550398
Stephen H Fink 90211, CAOtolaryngology1871581413
Mike S. Shin 93230, CAOtolaryngology1992791495
Hakimeh B Kadivar 90505, CAOtolaryngology1679560320
Jason H H Kim 92835, CAOtolaryngology1225118979
William J. Watson 93401, CAOtolaryngology1023007507
Maurice P. Sherman 92014, CAOtolaryngology1346230307
Richard Galich 91741, CAOtolaryngology1649260803
Sherif M. Ammar 92505, CAOtolaryngology1497746598
Thomas C Huang 92705, CAOtolaryngology1043201155
Lucy Shih 91007, CAOtolaryngology1295726008
Aliya Ferouz-colborn 92024, CAOtolaryngology1306827787
Paul James Donald 95817, CAOtolaryngology1912989237
Tyson Shih 91768, CAOtolaryngology1932181138
Peter Charles Belafsky 95817, CAOtolaryngology1790768026
Hana Thanh Bui 92835, CAOtolaryngology1508849845
Edwin C Horgan 95655, CAOtolaryngology1881677177
Danny Jordan Enepekides 95817, CAOtolaryngology1538142633
Alan Gi-lun Cheng 94304, CAOtolaryngology1760473128
Sharp Rees stealy Medical Group, Inc 92101, CAOtolaryngology1285616177
Maher Sesi 90503, CAOtolaryngology1801885785
Rhett Barry Nelson 92507, CAOtolaryngology1215910120
Gary A Buxa 96001, CAOtolaryngology1013991124
Helena T Yip 94010, CAOtolaryngology1033193826
Donald Gregory Farwell 95817, CAOtolaryngology1972587525
Kevin Thomas Brumund 92103, CAOtolaryngology1033193669
Richard T Bergstrom 96001, CAOtolaryngology1679557367
Travis Tollefson 95817, CAOtolaryngology1144205352
Ronaldo A Ballecer Md Inc 93720, CAOtolaryngology1780669838
Raouf F Iskander Md Inc 92704, CAOtolaryngology1952386781
Ent Surgical Associates 91206, CAOtolaryngology1336126820
David K Yun 91206, CAOtolaryngology1932186459
Gary K Zerlin 93301, CAOtolaryngology1801873765
Hrair A Koutnouyan 91206, CAOtolaryngology1063499937
Jimmy Jyh-ming Sun 92879, CAOtolaryngology1073590907
Alfred Donald Trotter 91910, CAOtolaryngology1285613125
Esrafil Abedi 92653, CAOtolaryngology1093794604
Douglas Hetzler 95062, CAOtolaryngology1801876701
Comprehensive Community Health Centers, Inc 91606, CAOtolaryngology1871573360
Don Paul Setliff 92243, CAOtolaryngology1780664219
Comprehensive Community Health Centers, Inc 90041, CAOtolaryngology1679553192
Randall Scott Cohen 95603, CAOtolaryngology1760460414
Jonathan Mark Sykes 95746, CAOtolaryngology1851377493
Richard Alan Feinberg 91343, CAOtolaryngology1164407789
Vishal S Doctor 94535, CAOtolaryngology1437133741
Alexis Grace Lane 95003, CAOtolaryngology1700856085
George William Shorago 94401, CAOtolaryngology1033180211
Michael Ray Holtel 92131, CAOtolaryngology1073584397
Terence Edward Johnson 92134, CAOtolaryngology1508837535
Quyen T. Nguyen 92037, CAOtolaryngology1477524452
William Sickles Halsey 92037, CAOtolaryngology1679544472
Henry H Nguyen 92411, CAOtolaryngology1578534020
Eric Puccini Paulson 92335, CAOtolaryngology1609848076
Douglas Frank Brewster 92121, CAOtolaryngology1609848316
Ben James Balough 92134, CAOtolaryngology1083687594
Jerrold Polterock 95361, CAOtolaryngology1578536306
David Philip Mullin 92134, CAOtolaryngology1093789687
Konstantin Salkinder 90048, CAOtolaryngology1114992815
James C. Piepergerdes 94108, CAOtolaryngology1043285737
Alexander J Lozano 95404, CAOtolaryngology1477528859
University Of California Sfgh Medical Group 94110, CAOtolaryngology1154396208
Thomas Eugene White 94553, CAOtolaryngology1962478461
Robert D. Urrea 94558, CAOtolaryngology1659347060
All Care Medical Group Inc 90255, CAOtolaryngology1720055429
Darrell Herbert Hunsaker 92109, CAOtolaryngology1205804747
North Coast Ent Associates Inc 95521, CAOtolaryngology1649248063
John Edward Biteman 95521, CAOtolaryngology1366410763
Harrell E Robinson 92868, CAOtolaryngology1558330837
Zev M Kahn 94546, CAOtolaryngology1356310502
Daryoush David Saadat 91355, CAOtolaryngology1134188295
John Mark Hilinski 92103, CAOtolaryngology1659330645
Richard A Weinberg 93720, CAOtolaryngology1003875816
Andrew H. Murr 94143, CAOtolaryngology1710946157
Jerry Lee Moore 93720, CAOtolaryngology1396705547
Bret Edward Sherman 93720, CAOtolaryngology1386604536
Edmund Fisher 93309, CAOtolaryngology1700846946
Marvin Clemens Beil 93720, CAOtolaryngology1851351167
Paul Taehyun Yun 94025, CAOtolaryngology1174583355
Martha Ellen Corcoran 94534, CAOtolaryngology1063487825
Hilary Alan Brodie 95817, CAOtolaryngology1407820095
Ali M Aghamohammadi 93301, CAOtolaryngology1033183157
Michael Sungjin Kong 92155, CAOtolaryngology1477524015
Gretchen Collins Taylor 92055, CAOtolaryngology1861460768
Robert C. Bone 92014, CAOtolaryngology1154396737
Artine Kokshanian 91205, CAOtolaryngology1336116862
Clark A Rosen 94115, CAOtolaryngology1609841048
Alexander Stewart 92111, CAOtolaryngology1093788226
Joseph M Kuderko 90503, CAOtolaryngology1770553364
Allen M Evans 93720, CAOtolaryngology1285694422
Brent Joseph Lanier 93720, CAOtolaryngology1447219720
Sarah K Vakkalanka 92648, CAOtolaryngology1427029883
Douglas A. Tran, Md Inc. 92708, CAOtolaryngology1427018993
Albert S Goh Md Inc 92780, CAOtolaryngology1609837590
Nghia Xuan Nguyen, Md Inc 92647, CAOtolaryngology1285695163
Charles K. Oh, Md Inc. 92780, CAOtolaryngology1437110327
Timothy T K Jung 92503, CAOtolaryngology1497717813
Summit Ent Medical Associates 94609, CAOtolaryngology1528020609
Andrew Moyce 94609, CAOtolaryngology1710949896
John Y Chew 92835, CAOtolaryngology1265494256
Bernard J. Drury 94609, CAOtolaryngology1194788778
Janice D Janas 94025, CAOtolaryngology1043273485
William B. Lewis 94609, CAOtolaryngology1124081112
Gurpreet Singh Ahuja 92868, CAOtolaryngology1013970169
Francis J Mcnee 94025, CAOtolaryngology1366406001
Satish Rao Vadapalli 91355, CAOtolaryngology1598729998
Thomas Francis Kozlek 85016, CAOtolaryngology1942264171
Andrew N. Goldberg 94143, CAOtolaryngology1982669222
Mary Lauren Lalakea 95128, CAOtolaryngology1306801469
Zev M. Kahn, M.d, P.c. 94546, CAOtolaryngology1508821505
Ronald Mathiasen 92131, CAOtolaryngology1790740629
Northern Orange County Ent Medical Corp 92835, CAOtolaryngology1952367542
Lisa A. Orloff 94305, CAOtolaryngology1619934122
Charles R Suntra 95355, CAOtolaryngology1619934056
Benn C Sah 94538, CAOtolaryngology1669439956
Abbas Kashani 95336, CAOtolaryngology1649237884
David W Kim 94102, CAOtolaryngology1922066075
Joseph Patrick Romeo 95382, CAOtolaryngology1679521033
William Dean Anderson 95382, CAOtolaryngology1366490724


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