Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stephen Jeffrey Salzer 06830, CTOtolaryngology1508860859
Jeffrey Monroe 06810, CTOtolaryngology1659376002
Michael Bard 06810, CTOtolaryngology1255336616
Jay Klarsfeld 06810, CTOtolaryngology1215932660
Barbara Safran 06810, CTOtolaryngology1073518429
Dov Bloch 06810, CTOtolaryngology1053316414
Victor M Gotay 06708, CTOtolaryngology1417952110
Raymond E Winicki 06708, CTOtolaryngology1720083421
Steven Alan Bramwit 06830, CTOtolaryngology1730183146
Michelle Siegel Marrinan 06830, CTOtolaryngology1598761629
Gerald Leonard 06030, CTOtolaryngology1932105954
Kourosh Parham 06030, CTOtolaryngology1427055854
Jeffery Spiro 06030, CTOtolaryngology1003813403
Michael A. Shternfeld 06074, CTOtolaryngology1649278714
Jeffrey H Kerner 06511, CTOtolaryngology1609874999
John H Perkins 06119, CTOtolaryngology1336140706
Andrew J Parker 06851, CTOtolaryngology1326032285
Richard J. Lessow 06106, CTOtolaryngology1780670570
Gregory S. Bonaiuto 06106, CTOtolaryngology1598751372
Brook M. Seeley 06030, CTOtolaryngology1437145224
Richard A. Newman 06106, CTOtolaryngology1740276427
Jeffrey A. Sawyer 06033, CTOtolaryngology1255327938
William B Lehmann 06106, CTOtolaryngology1063408748
Alden L Stock 06052, CTOtolaryngology1821085093
Donald S Weinberg 06052, CTOtolaryngology1275520447
Christopher C Charon 06260, CTOtolaryngology1831186840
Jeune G Bae 06010, CTOtolaryngology1881681609
Michael P Bernstein 06082, CTOtolaryngology1689668741
Stanley Ira Friedman 06519, CTOtolaryngology1699756478
Clarence T Sasaki 06519, CTOtolaryngology1669453346
John F Kveton 06519, CTOtolaryngology1548242977
Howard David Stupak 06880, CTOtolaryngology1932197852
John F Schmidt 06519, CTOtolaryngology1467437020
Thomas Henry Lesnik 06360, CTOtolaryngology1477538205
Marc Zimbler 10003, CTOtolaryngology1801873484
Mark Persky 10003, CTOtolaryngology1811976921
Michael J Franklin 06042, CTOtolaryngology1487624078
Kevin C. Krebsbach 06119, CTOtolaryngology1568433753
Todd A. Zachs 06119, CTOtolaryngology1417928607
David I Astrachan 06518, CTOtolaryngology1225009046
James Scott Batti 06810, CTOtolaryngology1164494670
Craig S Hecht 06518, CTOtolaryngology1558334383
Scott Schoem 06106, CTOtolaryngology1306811468
David S Boisoneau 06385, CTOtolaryngology1467429597
Harvey Allen Kahaner 06040, CTOtolaryngology1093784589
Nicole Murray-posner 06106, CTOtolaryngology1720054174
Jon Robert Vanderweele 06349, CTOtolaryngology1598737801
David E Karas 06443, CTOtolaryngology1386604296
Valerie J Vitale 06010, CTOtolaryngology1629039896
Mark S Bianchi 06511, CTOtolaryngology1073574166
James Dewey Williams 06708, CTOtolaryngology1467404657
William Thomas Culviner 06226, CTOtolaryngology1558312074
Lawrence J Fliegelman 06824, CTOtolaryngology1740228824
Sheldon Nova 06002, CTOtolaryngology1285672857
Ronald J Saxon 06002, CTOtolaryngology1699714055
Mahesh H. Bhaya 06702, CTOtolaryngology1649211038
Vaughn Michael Dunn 06851, CTOtolaryngology1992748453
Deborah A. Mastriani 06702, CTOtolaryngology1972547495
Neil F. Schiff 06702, CTOtolaryngology1831133800
Stephen Dean Breda 06606, CTOtolaryngology1295771848
Frank A Luzzi 06790, CTOtolaryngology1023046349
Michael N Waltzman 06611, CTOtolaryngology1497784995
Christopher James Loughlin 06708, CTOtolaryngology1427086966
Neri Holzer 06260, CTOtolaryngology1700815073
Gordon Strothers 06511, CTOtolaryngology1346271749
Tom K Coffey 06611, CTOtolaryngology1942231782
Inkwiy Kim 06450, CTOtolaryngology1881626448
Martin Joseph Spinella 06708, CTOtolaryngology1881630804
Edward Michael Lane 06606, CTOtolaryngology1033140876
Steven J Green 06226, CTOtolaryngology1942236989
Stephen M Rouse 06226, CTOtolaryngology1184650285
Jerilyn S Allen 06226, CTOtolaryngology1588690374
Alexis C. Bouteneff 06759, CTOtolaryngology1316982515
Adam Pearl 06611, CTOtolaryngology1912932385
Ronald H Hirokawa 06511, CTOtolaryngology1346267200
Ken Yanagisawa 06511, CTOtolaryngology1225055064
Decio Maceda De Escobar 06708, CTOtolaryngology1407875669
Eiji Yanagisawa 06511, CTOtolaryngology1144249186
Keat-jin Lee 06511, CTOtolaryngology1891716502
Francis Gervan Mlynarski 06385, CTOtolaryngology1255353199
Raymond Arthur Gaito 06385, CTOtolaryngology1235151838
Paul E. Johnson 06385, CTOtolaryngology1124040738
Paul L Fortgang 06511, CTOtolaryngology1649292566
Howard P Boey 06511, CTOtolaryngology1306868229
Maria N Byrne 06511, CTOtolaryngology1750303764
Robert Andre Gryboski 06051, CTOtolaryngology1649292657
Eaton Chen 06511, CTOtolaryngology1619991015
John M Willett 06511, CTOtolaryngology1295749752
Mark A Dagostino 06511, CTOtolaryngology1144230749
Abdel F Allam 06010, CTOtolaryngology1699786848
Paul W Alberti 06473, CTOtolaryngology1821101080
Agnes Czibulka 06473, CTOtolaryngology1407969686
Thomas G Takoudes 06473, CTOtolaryngology1205949369
Eugenia M Vining 06519, CTOtolaryngology1700999869
Bradford Stephen Chervin 06890, CTOtolaryngology1033215256
Russell Wright Robertson 06106, CTOtolaryngology1174621262
G Gordon Snyder 06002, CTOtolaryngology1720189509
Louis Wang 06457, CTOtolaryngology1013008317
Sheldon Burt Greenberg 06851, CTOtolaryngology1124115662
Robert Lawrence Weiss 06851, CTOtolaryngology1538241484
Frank R. Dellacono 06385, CTOtolaryngology1073690848
Marian Nicole Sarosi 06320, CTOtolaryngology1073690517
Thomas W Vris 06850, CTOtolaryngology1801955836
Stephen George Wolfe 06002, CTOtolaryngology1730245606
Juan Ramon Hernandez 06525, CTOtolaryngology1700943990
Neil Alan Gordon 06897, CTOtolaryngology1780734608
William Mancoll 06107, CTOtolaryngology1285789081
Seth Michael Brown 06032, CTOtolaryngology1679611701
Jason Klenoff 06902, CTOtolaryngology1386788792
Richard J Brauer 06830, CTOtolaryngology1841335163
Bruce Howard Klenoff 06902, CTOtolaryngology1982732582
Belachew Tessema 06032, CTOtolaryngology1417005000
Erik H Waldman 06510, CTOtolaryngology1336275916
Akshay Vasant Patel 06109, CTOtolaryngology1578689956
Marc D. Eisen 06107, CTOtolaryngology1649345513
Christopher Robert Grindle 06106, CTOtolaryngology1922216001
Jacquelyn Michelle Brewer 06902, CTOtolaryngology1184827784
Katherine Reichmann Kavanagh 06106, CTOtolaryngology1982802666
Sara Richer 06606, CTOtolaryngology1760676696
Robert Francis Bottone 06840, CTOtolaryngology1457546442
Steven M Feldman 06831, CTOtolaryngology1922294560
Saral Mehra 06510, CTOtolaryngology1841458957
Carl William Moeller 06106, CTOtolaryngology1124281464
Edward Jung Kyun Lee 06032, CTOtolaryngology1699940692
Kimberley D Rutherford 06119, CTOtolaryngology1174721138
Biana G Lanson 06902, CTOtolaryngology1770787541
Timothy John O'brien 06109, CTOtolaryngology1619161247
Clinton Akira Kuwada 06106, CTOtolaryngology1255524328
Benjamin John Wycherly 06032, CTOtolaryngology1932356508
Richard Peter Manes 06519, CTOtolaryngology1104077650
Todd Ernest Falcone 06030, CTOtolaryngology1952538456
Robert Emmett Mccarthy 06441, CTOtolaryngology1821329327
Alan Jay Gill 06824, CTOtolaryngology1265721013
James Michael Dowaliby 06510, CTOtolaryngology1417259417
Yan Ho Lee 06519, CTOtolaryngology1235457706
Hailun Wang 06032, CTOtolaryngology1174815096
Kenneth J. Andrews 06052, CTOtolaryngology1114247798
Douglas Michael Hildrew 06519, CTOtolaryngology1629393913
David Lawrence Harsany 06831, CTOtolaryngology1841624038
Richard A Levin 06824, CTOtolaryngology1487696431
Craig D Friedman 06897, CTOtolaryngology1063572600
Daniel Stewart Roberts 06030, CTOtolaryngology1104072354
Paul Daniel Neubauer 06902, CTOtolaryngology1366700494
Theodore Kramer 06830, CTOtolaryngology1033385778
Tiffany T Chen 06511, CTOtolaryngology1548603525
Nicholas Stephen Karter 06032, CTOtolaryngology1023371549
Kiley Edward Trott 06504, CTOtolaryngology1053754218
Michael Drobbin 06810, CTOtolaryngology1881981371
Sarah Ashton Sanford 06117, CTOtolaryngology1790297240
Dianne Duffey 06610, CTOtolaryngology1275592834
Benjamin Liba 19140, CTOtolaryngology1801389333
Joseph Lawrence Earles 06510, CTOtolaryngology1477049138
Heather Holmes Waters 06851, CTOtolaryngology1326212523
Nikita Kohli 06519, CTOtolaryngology1356785182
Jeffrey Paul Cranford 06511, CTOtolaryngology1942543111
Nancy Grover 06106, CTOtolaryngology1679984314
Michael Lerner 06510, CTOtolaryngology1649597006
Amy Lawrason Hughes 06106, CTOtolaryngology1285895268
Mark Aferzon 06484, CTOtolaryngology1114956380
Steven B. Levine 06611, CTOtolaryngology1225004765
Jonathan Mallen 06030, CTOtolaryngology1396132478
Nofrat Schwartz 06510, CTOtolaryngology1265936512
Michael Weinstock 06510, CTOtolaryngology1639586464
Sarah Maurrasse 06510, CTOtolaryngology1942627187
Richard Kyle Tilton 06902, CTOtolaryngology1326426263
Bruno Cardoso 06519, CTOtolaryngology1023496122
Elise Cheng 52242, CTOtolaryngology1174962492
Ronald J Walker 06510, CTOtolaryngology1336340009
Oded Cohen 06519, CTOtolaryngology1881227973
Alexander Gertel 06030, CTOtolaryngology1003270117
Denis Lafreniere 06030, CTOtolaryngology1699771691
Wendell Yarbrough 06511, CTOtolaryngology1457448565
Advanced Specialty Care, P.c. 06810, CTOtolaryngology1053340943
Andrew J. Parker, M.d., Llc 06851, CTOtolaryngology1750581039
Anthony J. Vallone, Md, Pc 06606, CTOtolaryngology1427376334
Associated Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, Llc 06119, CTOtolaryngology1558496109
Associates Of Otolaryngology Pc 06830, CTOtolaryngology1538353321
Bristol Hospital Multi specialty Group, Inc. 06010, CTOtolaryngology1649265679
Confermed Pc 06457, CTOtolaryngology1376190850
Connecticut Children's Specialty Group 06032, CTOtolaryngology1669448882
Connecticut Children's Specialty Group 06033, CTOtolaryngology1568056984
Connecticut Ear Nose Throat Medical And Surgical Specialists Pc 06611, CTOtolaryngology1699836197
Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, P.c. 06106, CTOtolaryngology1528168705
Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat, Sinus & Allergy Specialists, P.c. 06702, CTOtolaryngology1881635712
Dr Gotay Ent Group Llc 06708, CTOtolaryngology1326362450
Dr. Decio M. De Escobar 06708, CTOtolaryngology1386931277
Ear Nose & Throat Allergy & Facial Plastic Surgery Specialists Llc 06890, CTOtolaryngology1609942382
Ear Specialty Group Of Connecticut Pc 06107, CTOtolaryngology1174005219
Ear, Nose & Throat Associates Of Waterbury, Pc 06708, CTOtolaryngology1982695979
Ear, Nose & Throat Center, Llp 06902, CTOtolaryngology1396925053
Ear, Nose & Throat Medical And Surgical Group, Llc 06473, CTOtolaryngology1790854651
Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, P.c. 06450, CTOtolaryngology1487662995
Ear,nose & Throat Of Greater Hartford, P.c. 06002, CTOtolaryngology1508065657
Ear,nose And Throat Associates Of Southeastern Connecticut, P.c. 06385, CTOtolaryngology1518044395
Eastern Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat Pc 06226, CTOtolaryngology1861560922
Edward M Lane Md Pc 06606, CTOtolaryngology1700063013
Ent & Allergy Associates Llc 06611, CTOtolaryngology1336254309
Federal Hill Otolaryngology, Pc 06010, CTOtolaryngology1043255789
Greenwich Ear Nose & Throat Pc 06830, CTOtolaryngology1316012511
Greenwich Otolaryngology, Pc 06831, CTOtolaryngology1467471300


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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