Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dermatology And Skin Cancer Surgery Center, Llc 32765, FLOtolaryngology1134617533
William Buren Clark 32514, FLOtolaryngology1447230354
Loren Jay Bartels 33606, FLOtolaryngology1619927845
Terry L Good 44308, FLOtolaryngology1588602528
Patrick M Reidy 34110, FLOtolaryngology1194752840
Samuel L Hill 34110, FLOtolaryngology1336176593
Mikhail Vaysberg 32828, FLOtolaryngology1083639561
Scott Brietzke 33021, FLOtolaryngology1568554400
Eric L Hensen 75801, FLOtolaryngology1891864666
Menachem Stuart 33881, FLOtolaryngology1154524718
Harry C Midgley 33410, FLOtolaryngology1598951444
Mark A Checcone 34239, FLOtolaryngology1548463839
Samuel T Ostrower 33021, FLOtolaryngology1609036359
Geoffrey David Young 33176, FLOtolaryngology1013174481
Robert M Baskin 30501, FLOtolaryngology1194011437
South Broward Hospital District 33021, FLOtolaryngology1063704559
Advanced Ear, Nose, Throat Associates, Llc 32250, FLOtolaryngology1861791402
Majestic Tam 33136, FLOtolaryngology1437308160
Rejuveface, Llc 34239, FLOtolaryngology1386050854
Keith Joseph Basler 33511, FLOtolaryngology1447592845
The Palm Beach Center For Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery, P.a. 33458, FLOtolaryngology1225448921
Brett M Scotch 33544, FLOtolaryngology1770577090
James Azzi 33458, FLOtolaryngology1437417599
Kunal Thakkar 32250, FLOtolaryngology1306009139
Harry C Midgley Iii Md Pa 33410, FLOtolaryngology1184731622
Sergio S Cervantes 80205, FLOtolaryngology1720212244
James Teng 95060, FLOtolaryngology1326337544
Associated Coastal Ear Nose & Throat Physicians Pa 34981, FLOtolaryngology1134299753
Advanced Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Care, P.a. 33458, FLOtolaryngology1154575942
William Bernard Bass 34952, FLOtolaryngology1790057859
Thomas N Morrish 34205, FLOtolaryngology1851390512
Agnes V Nall 34205, FLOtolaryngology1780683441
Michael J Gurucharri 34205, FLOtolaryngology1548269293
John C Shelton 34205, FLOtolaryngology1326047994
Brian K Hoban 34205, FLOtolaryngology1356340004
Axay S Kalathia 34205, FLOtolaryngology1609875350
Floridagulfcoast Earnoseandthroat Llc 34110, FLOtolaryngology1275605131
Select Physicians Alliance Pl 33619, FLOtolaryngology1902184781
Select Physicians Alliance 33619, FLOtolaryngology1912375742
Select Physicians Alliance 33619, FLOtolaryngology1487116448
Teddy Wallace Brown 34608, FLOtolaryngology1588640015
Alexander K Malone 33761, FLOtolaryngology1558603613
Elisa Margo Lynskey 33707, FLOtolaryngology1457557654
Jeffrey Michael Saeks 33770, FLOtolaryngology1881950699
Jon Newton Burton 33511, FLOtolaryngology1790973808
Scott Andrew Powell 33511, FLOtolaryngology1447266820
Shelley Sue Jaquish 33707, FLOtolaryngology1558329300
Warren S. Goldstein 33625, FLOtolaryngology1972530616
Elizabeth A. Veenker 32608, FLOtolaryngology1861581399
Michael Erwin Branch 33542, FLOtolaryngology1649246984
Elizabeth A. Atkinson 30534, FLOtolaryngology1881747335
Head And Neck Associates Of Bay County, Inc 32405, FLOtolaryngology1922120179
Wee Tin Katherine Kao 77030, FLOtolaryngology1578859237
Fredric W Pullen 33414, FLOtolaryngology1164423083
Pablo Arango 33156, FLOtolaryngology1639127798
Miami Family Ent P.a. 33156, FLOtolaryngology1780047449
Aspire Allergy & Sinus Of Florida Pllc 34684, FLOtolaryngology1740832799
Christopher Joseph Leto 33770, FLOtolaryngology1023451754
South Broward Hospital District 33021, FLOtolaryngology1457798704
Daniel A. Deems Md Phd Pa 34243, FLOtolaryngology1417267600
Andrew Michael Rivera 33140, FLOtolaryngology1346535341
Ariel B Grobman 33133, FLOtolaryngology1528301330
Jose L Ruiz 33872, FLOtolaryngology1134319783
David Sherman 63023, FLOtolaryngology1740689181
Jarrett Elbert Walsh 52242, FLOtolaryngology1104110709
Robert Sabas Zarranz 34116, FLOtolaryngology1548335904
Stuart Cameron Owens 33805, FLOtolaryngology1194042234
Aiysha C Balbosa 33076, FLOtolaryngology1295928380
Christopher James Nickel 30308, FLOtolaryngology1194111963
Napoleon G Bequer Md Pa 33470, FLOtolaryngology1982725271
Patrick J. Antonelli 32610, FLOtolaryngology1023035813
Jimmy J Brown 32610, FLOtolaryngology1508974395
Si Chen 32610, FLOtolaryngology1407121742
William O Collins 32610, FLOtolaryngology1013938653
John H. Isaacs 32608, FLOtolaryngology1356300479
Jeb Mahan Justice 32610, FLOtolaryngology1689842429
Timothy Seng Lian 32610, FLOtolaryngology1154355493
Brian Clyde Lobo 32610, FLOtolaryngology1427340454
Thomas Schrepfer 32610, FLOtolaryngology1093168668
Rex S Haberman 32610, FLOtolaryngology1194751859
Fred Anthony Mcleod 35010, FLOtolaryngology1356305940
Elizabeth Anne Blasberg 34981, FLOtolaryngology1407275829
Paige E Lindberg 34243, FLOtolaryngology1467640771
Victoria Claire James 32610, FLOtolaryngology1760862312
Nathan Pierce 90025, FLOtolaryngology1538453634
Lisa Ann Schimmenti 55905, FLOtolaryngology1568544070
John Drummond Donaldson 34110, FLOtolaryngology1831109404
Dustin Matthew Lang 32204, FLOtolaryngology1710366943
Phillip Pirgousis 32224, FLOtolaryngology1790913432
Michael Zaki 33180, FLOtolaryngology1992199814
Kevin Jonathan Caceres 32504, FLOtolaryngology1053739391
Hope Angela Bueller 33544, FLOtolaryngology1275776940
Jonathan Lyons Chadwick 33603, FLOtolaryngology1215019179
Nivedita Sahu 14621, FLOtolaryngology1124313358
Lisa D Grunebaum 33136, FLOtolaryngology1003863093
Christine Bojaxhi 32246, FLOtolaryngology1932513017
Joseph Albert Ninke 33805, FLOtolaryngology1962491167
Neil Saishwar Nayak 34239, FLOtolaryngology1992115224
Cassandra Santiso 34239, FLOtolaryngology1861867467
Ent And Allergy Associates Of Florida, Llc 33487, FLOtolaryngology1164473120
South Florida Ent Associates, Inc. 33144, FLOtolaryngology1184625733
South Florida Ent Associates, Inc. 33028, FLOtolaryngology1760682231
Hector N Hernandez 79119, FLOtolaryngology1487662482
Carl L Falcone 03301, FLOtolaryngology1801954144
Ricardo Mario Aulet 01655, FLOtolaryngology1801213954
Manatee Hearing & Speech Center, Inc. 34205, FLOtolaryngology1215939590
Paul L Jones Md Pa 33511, FLOtolaryngology1083608525
Beaches Ear Nose & Throat 32250, FLOtolaryngology1144216227
Broward Ent Consultants Llc 33067, FLOtolaryngology1790775112
Brevard Ear Nose & Throat Center Pa 32955, FLOtolaryngology1669454278
Herman R Matallana Do Pa 33812, FLOtolaryngology1275518284
Southeastern Integrated Medical Pl 32607, FLOtolaryngology1871573949
West Coast Ear, Nose & Throat, Inc. 33756, FLOtolaryngology1346229440
The Ear Nose And Throat Surgical Associates Pa 32792, FLOtolaryngology1114905148
Bruce R Maddern Md Pa 32256, FLOtolaryngology1225001589
John C Li Md Pa 33458, FLOtolaryngology1972577872
Ent Associates Of N.w. Florida, Pa 32503, FLOtolaryngology1235106733
Gessler Clinic Professional Association 33881, FLOtolaryngology1154399533
Intercoastal Medical Group Inc 34232, FLOtolaryngology1578537767
Florida Ent Adult & Pediatric Pa 34741, FLOtolaryngology1316908353
Orlando Ear Nose & Throat Associates Pa 32807, FLOtolaryngology1184686263
Broward Ear Nose Throat & Allergy Pa 33316, FLOtolaryngology1205890803
Drs Berghash & Lanza Pl 34952, FLOtolaryngology1184681330
Pensacola Ear Nose And Throat Pl 32501, FLOtolaryngology1164480240
James L. Autin, M.d.,p.a. 34952, FLOtolaryngology1922066216
Tampa Bay Hearing And Balance Center 33606, FLOtolaryngology1407806508
Sacred Heart Medical Grp At Destin 32503, FLOtolaryngology1205887650
Monroe Hma Physician Management Llc 30655, FLOtolaryngology1992757306
Collier Hma Physician Management Llc 34119, FLOtolaryngology1245282979
Kidz Medical Services, Inc 33146, FLOtolaryngology1366408379
Atlantic Ear Nose & Throat Pa 32763, FLOtolaryngology1710932405
George Blake M.d., P.a. 33606, FLOtolaryngology1164469151
Steven Scheer Md Inc. 34232, FLOtolaryngology1932144953
Stela Tudoran Md Pa 33486, FLOtolaryngology1508801739
John A Fetchero Jr D O P A 32073, FLOtolaryngology1457397499
Amanollah Tabesh Md Pa 33614, FLOtolaryngology1861428062
Robert D. Klausner, Md, Pa 34135, FLOtolaryngology1134584147
University Medical Service Association Inc 33612, FLOtolaryngology1417997305
University Medical Service Association Inc 33606, FLOtolaryngology1326088295
Daniel C Daube Jr Md Llc 32405, FLOtolaryngology1457384497
The Barranco Clinic, P.a. 33881, FLOtolaryngology1588697502
N.f.l. Center For Oto hns Facial Plastic Surgery P.a. 32086, FLOtolaryngology1851325781
Tartell & Mandel Md Llc 33324, FLOtolaryngology1790719649
Tullahoma Hma Physician Management, Llc 37388, FLOtolaryngology1831114099
Glenn Knox Md Psc 32223, FLOtolaryngology1598782674
William J Hunt Md F A C S Pa 34481, FLOtolaryngology1851312482
Tampa Ear Nose & Throat Associates 33613, FLOtolaryngology1467473702
Louisburg Hma Physician Management, Llc 27549, FLOtolaryngology1699780551
Advanced Otolaryngology Services Pa 32216, FLOtolaryngology1558376004
Naples Medical Center Pa 34102, FLOtolaryngology1982615126
Tallahassee Ear, Nose & Throat head & Neck Surgery, P.a. 32308, FLOtolaryngology1790797728
Ignacio Rodriguez Md Pa 33313, FLOtolaryngology1568475945
John A Hughes papsidero P A 33040, FLOtolaryngology1093821761
Pediatric Ear Nose And Throat Associates Of South Florida Pa 33021, FLOtolaryngology1821014499
Portela E.n.t., Pa 33155, FLOtolaryngology1467970368
University Medical Service Association Inc 33612, FLOtolaryngology1114931094
Gaither G Davis Md Pa 34667, FLOtolaryngology1366550097
Andrew Hawrych, M.d., P.a. 34108, FLOtolaryngology1881702785
Heartland Otolaryngology Llc 34741, FLOtolaryngology1316049547
Ear, Nose & Throat Health Center,llc 33950, FLOtolaryngology1922109313
Westchase Ent And Facial Plastic Surgery, P.a. 33626, FLOtolaryngology1861584906
Ear Nose & Throat Associates Md Pa 33908, FLOtolaryngology1609960954
Tampa Bay Ent & Cosmetic Surgery Pa 33603, FLOtolaryngology1912092321
Advanced Ents Of Tampa Bay Llc 33701, FLOtolaryngology1003902347
Trina E Espinola Md Pa 33701, FLOtolaryngology1598851826
Frank P Filiberto Md Pa 32905, FLOtolaryngology1528156833
Plantation Ear Nose & Throat Pa 33324, FLOtolaryngology1982793675
Jay W Katz Md Pa 33484, FLOtolaryngology1891870424
South Florida Ear Nose And Throat Pllc 33936, FLOtolaryngology1578648838
North Florida Regional Otolaryngology, Llc 32605, FLOtolaryngology1003993254
Florida Otolaryngology Group, P.a. 32792, FLOtolaryngology1740368802
Bartram Park Family Ent, P.a. 32258, FLOtolaryngology1306915277
Ear Nose & Throat Head & Neck Surgery Of Pensacola Pa 32504, FLOtolaryngology1932268208
Plantation Allergy Llc 33324, FLOtolaryngology1104983535
Leonard A. Rubinstein M.d P.a. 34239, FLOtolaryngology1407903057
Durant Hma Physician Management, Llc 74701, FLOtolaryngology1043361116
Triana Institute For Aesthetic Surgery & Age Management Pa 33462, FLOtolaryngology1316090590
Pearson Facial Plastic Surgery Pa 32003, FLOtolaryngology1780739482
Eyyunni Pa 32086, FLOtolaryngology1083769749
Jesse Salmeron Md Pa 33029, FLOtolaryngology1639202302
Sinus & Nasal Institute Of Fl Pa 33702, FLOtolaryngology1922131184
Treasure Coast Ear Nose & Throat Pa 34996, FLOtolaryngology1538283288
J Douglas Green Jr Md Pa 32256, FLOtolaryngology1417072190
Variety Children's Hospital 33155, FLOtolaryngology1972635183
Crystal Community E N T 34429, FLOtolaryngology1669590790
Lawrence Beroza Md Pa 33484, FLOtolaryngology1447371273
Ear Nose & Throat Institute Facial Surgery Group Pa 33912, FLOtolaryngology1124141312
Ent Associates Of South Florida Llc 33071, FLOtolaryngology1356568307
Beacon Head And Neck Clinic, Pa 34609, FLOtolaryngology1801014253
Jeffrey Dee & Suzanne S Fleigel Md Pa 34471, FLOtolaryngology1396957692
Ira M. Stein, M.d., L.l.c 33470, FLOtolaryngology1902010697
Ear, Nose & Throat Associates Of Lake County , Pa 32778, FLOtolaryngology1639372634
The Barranco Clinic 33870, FLOtolaryngology1710181540
Edward B Kampsen Md Pa 33609, FLOtolaryngology1699971804
Ear Nose And Throat Specialists Of Florida Pa 33907, FLOtolaryngology1619175882
Margolin Md Pa 33756, FLOtolaryngology1891994836
Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians, Pa 33428, FLOtolaryngology1235338740
Beaches Facial And Nasal Surgery Center 32250, FLOtolaryngology1639360258
Richard M Galitz Md Pa 33180, FLOtolaryngology1902097496
Jonathan D Forman Md Pa 33609, FLOtolaryngology1407040710


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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