Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Keith Myron Dockery 30309, GAOtolaryngology1659373611
Patrick Melder 30060, GAOtolaryngology1780688051
Deborah M. Burton 30067, GAOtolaryngology1619971686
Michael Frances Pratt 30188, GAOtolaryngology1851395560
Karen Kaye Hoffmann 30309, GAOtolaryngology1629072426
Christopher J Lee 30096, GAOtolaryngology1649275751
Ramie A. Tritt 30342, GAOtolaryngology1700881760
Roberto A. Larrivey 30060, GAOtolaryngology1720083702
Matthew A Olearczyk 30024, GAOtolaryngology1851396832
Merry Ellen Sebelik 30308, GAOtolaryngology1871599332
William S. Smith 30342, GAOtolaryngology1942205455
John Nino 30134, GAOtolaryngology1689670804
Hamilton S Dixon 30165, GAOtolaryngology1992701064
Blanca Ileana Durand 30281, GAOtolaryngology1902802689
Michael Anthony Avidano 30281, GAOtolaryngology1780680462
Harold William Moss 30281, GAOtolaryngology1598761280
Keith A Kowal 30269, GAOtolaryngology1528064201
Peter Jay Abramson 30342, GAOtolaryngology1003813379
Donald W Alexander 30060, GAOtolaryngology1629075833
Donald Gene Browning 30045, GAOtolaryngology1710984935
Danko Cerenko 30274, GAOtolaryngology1568469799
Dozier Russell Hood 30274, GAOtolaryngology1023015195
Kun Zoo Kim 30340, GAOtolaryngology1568469591
Michael John Koriwchak 30342, GAOtolaryngology1720085756
Jeffrey Alan Kunkes 30274, GAOtolaryngology1538166574
Allen P Butler 30501, GAOtolaryngology1326045048
Howard Kenneth Herman 30281, GAOtolaryngology1053318774
Jenny Christine Kim 30030, GAOtolaryngology1275531907
James Baxter Orr 30308, GAOtolaryngology1144228826
Michael John Pickford 30096, GAOtolaryngology1013915586
Mark J. Yanta 30005, GAOtolaryngology1245239094
Lincoln Hammell Lippincott 30458, GAOtolaryngology1154320661
James Fortson 30344, GAOtolaryngology1205836194
Craig Alan Richman 30338, GAOtolaryngology1902806284
Terrence Patrick Murphy 30342, GAOtolaryngology1861493819
Roger William Farmer 30501, GAOtolaryngology1316948078
Scott M Stewart 30501, GAOtolaryngology1811998446
Brennan P Wood 30501, GAOtolaryngology1083615611
Stephen Perry Rashleigh 31405, GAOtolaryngology1740281161
Michael Zoller 31405, GAOtolaryngology1912908278
Fred Lester Daniel 31405, GAOtolaryngology1013918150
Drew Matthew Locandro 30060, GAOtolaryngology1790786911
John R Simpson 30606, GAOtolaryngology1427050467
David S Oliver 31406, GAOtolaryngology1922000959
Andrew Everett Sutton 30060, GAOtolaryngology1093717688
Elizabeth G Whitaker 30339, GAOtolaryngology1811999402
Samad Honarvar 30339, GAOtolaryngology1386636918
Lisa C Perry-gilkes 30331, GAOtolaryngology1811989478
Young H An 30274, GAOtolaryngology1003808593
Robert Lynwood Smith 31533, GAOtolaryngology1750374971
Jeffrey L Silveira 31533, GAOtolaryngology1497748792
Toby S Morgan 30165, GAOtolaryngology1548253859
Raymond Howard 30060, GAOtolaryngology1427041631
Rick Lockhart 31061, GAOtolaryngology1265425912
Mark E. Mcclinton 30265, GAOtolaryngology1558355263
Sherman Aurthur Stevenson 31520, GAOtolaryngology1316935000
Scott Marc Karlin 30024, GAOtolaryngology1457349367
Jeffrey Ira Roth 30024, GAOtolaryngology1417945320
Julie L Zweig 30024, GAOtolaryngology1629066543
Phillip R Say 30024, GAOtolaryngology1972591899
John W Lee 31904, GAOtolaryngology1285622167
David Benjamin Pitts 30024, GAOtolaryngology1437147451
Lawrence Steven Weiss 30062, GAOtolaryngology1912996422
John P. Erdman 30742, GAOtolaryngology1245220128
Michael L Vick 30132, GAOtolaryngology1073503165
David Parks 30132, GAOtolaryngology1518958552
Jennifer L. Tirino 30076, GAOtolaryngology1215928239
Ian K. Mcleod 31406, GAOtolaryngology1255322145
Southern Crescent Ent, P.c. 30281, GAOtolaryngology1841281391
Eric William Friedrich 31520, GAOtolaryngology1396736625
John R Grant 31721, GAOtolaryngology1063403236
Christopher J Mann 31721, GAOtolaryngology1346231594
Benjamin White 30342, GAOtolaryngology1902887714
Norman Wendell Todd 30322, GAOtolaryngology1134100969
Verlia Gower 30342, GAOtolaryngology1114908936
James Thomsen 30342, GAOtolaryngology1316928823
William Joseph Welsh 30904, GAOtolaryngology1407838527
James G. Burson 30263, GAOtolaryngology1730161381
Pradeep Kumar Sinha 30342, GAOtolaryngology1144203233
Douglas Christian Miller 30655, GAOtolaryngology1073596193
Matthew T Kirby 30342, GAOtolaryngology1831172709
N Hadley Heindel 30269, GAOtolaryngology1992788483
Papp Clinic 30263, GAOtolaryngology1336123736
Elizabeth Ann Shaw 30342, GAOtolaryngology1740264936
E Cameron Hewitt 30342, GAOtolaryngology1700861739
Guy J. Petruzzelli 31404, GAOtolaryngology1528045481
Andrew Tice 31211, GAOtolaryngology1033197579
Andrew Diamond 30076, GAOtolaryngology1114905379
Carole Marie Dean 30342, GAOtolaryngology1972581130
Keith Jackson 30076, GAOtolaryngology1225016454
Johnny Won 30024, GAOtolaryngology1164492203
William Sterling Duke 30912, GAOtolaryngology1679545875
Theodore J Kanne 31602, GAOtolaryngology1528030806
Thomas E Phillips 31602, GAOtolaryngology1033181318
Ronald V Allen 31602, GAOtolaryngology1831162049
Eric C Andrist 30180, GAOtolaryngology1568435642
Alan B Whitehouse 30809, GAOtolaryngology1588637227
John H Burson 30180, GAOtolaryngology1588637144
John Douglas Harmon 30809, GAOtolaryngology1174596712
William E Barfield 30809, GAOtolaryngology1386618155
William A Wells 30809, GAOtolaryngology1194799965
Robinson W Schilling 30809, GAOtolaryngology1811961618
Edwin L Page 31904, GAOtolaryngology1598730285
Johns Creek Ent Pc 30024, GAOtolaryngology1144295551
Fermin V Stewart 30024, GAOtolaryngology1447225404
Charles Anthony Hughes 30912, GAOtolaryngology1720053598
Ralph G Owen 30809, GAOtolaryngology1134195407
Edward A Porubsky 30809, GAOtolaryngology1043286313
Christopher L Vickery 30809, GAOtolaryngology1952377228
Carl M Nechtman 30809, GAOtolaryngology1841266111
Lanny Garth Close 30342, GAOtolaryngology1366419129
Jeffery Trad Wadsworth 30322, GAOtolaryngology1578531216
Angus P Phelts 31904, GAOtolaryngology1073582789
Ear,nose,& Throat Of Northwest Georgia 30165, GAOtolaryngology1114986163
David Thomas Upchurch 30024, GAOtolaryngology1427018746
Joel J Alexander 30339, GAOtolaryngology1174583231
Paul E. Free 30214, GAOtolaryngology1962465179
Ann K White 30005, GAOtolaryngology1508829417
Jack C Borders 30912, GAOtolaryngology1306800404
Edward S. Porubsky 30912, GAOtolaryngology1225093065
C. Warren Dunn 31201, GAOtolaryngology1245294180
Willis P Callins 30032, GAOtolaryngology1851356083
Shalini Kansal 30106, GAOtolaryngology1790740801
Seth A Yellin 30060, GAOtolaryngology1619933249
David G Dillard 30606, GAOtolaryngology1558327072
Keith D. Holmes 31201, GAOtolaryngology1104882281
Matthew L. Jerles 31201, GAOtolaryngology1548226558
Thomas A Chasse 31545, GAOtolaryngology1811954712
Keri Karim 30322, GAOtolaryngology1811955107
Chris W Regier 73130, GAOtolaryngology1023076528
Samuel A Mickelson 30342, GAOtolaryngology1467410977
John R Coleman 30309, GAOtolaryngology1902854060
James F Morpeth 31904, GAOtolaryngology1215985700
Philip K Robb 30005, GAOtolaryngology1356390876
Wiley A Parker 30342, GAOtolaryngology1043269574
Daniel R Blankenship 31904, GAOtolaryngology1518917517
Bryan J. Tigner 30009, GAOtolaryngology1578513297
Erik M Bauer 30342, GAOtolaryngology1588614457
Robert P Frady 30720, GAOtolaryngology1164473229
Stephen H Ryals 30720, GAOtolaryngology1376594440
Rudy M Shirley 30720, GAOtolaryngology1922059070
Sean C Coleman 30720, GAOtolaryngology1770534570
David L Dinges 30720, GAOtolaryngology1366493165
Monroe Hma Physician Management Llc 30655, GAOtolaryngology1992757306
Jay Kirk Roberts 34119, GAOtolaryngology1083666853
Mary Margaret Beauchamp 30165, GAOtolaryngology1366496903
Adam M Klein 30322, GAOtolaryngology1679527519
Ronald W Williams 30474, GAOtolaryngology1184670036
Alain Daniel Toland 31088, GAOtolaryngology1386690972
Mark William El-deiry 30322, GAOtolaryngology1093752719
Gregory Hubert Esselman 20596, GAOtolaryngology1265479000
The Ent Center Of Central Georgia 31201, GAOtolaryngology1962449363
Ent Of Georgia, Llc 30342, GAOtolaryngology1922046424
Earl S Golightly 30224, GAOtolaryngology1366481848
Robert B Pitts 30117, GAOtolaryngology1871532374
Elizabeth Kentragorey 30117, GAOtolaryngology1649212341
L Mark Gustafson 30117, GAOtolaryngology1073555629
John C Pezold 30117, GAOtolaryngology1245272806
John Warren Griffin 31201, GAOtolaryngology1346282415
Wendy L Smith 30512, GAOtolaryngology1235171455
Andrew R Golde 30342, GAOtolaryngology1326080441
James Robert Logan 31405, GAOtolaryngology1780626804
Richard E. Brownlee 31404, GAOtolaryngology1851333991
Sanford G Duke 31201, GAOtolaryngology1669414678
Manning M. Goldsmith 31405, GAOtolaryngology1164464111
Alejandro J. Correa 31201, GAOtolaryngology1154364370
Mary Black Health System Llc 29307, GAOtolaryngology1578507174
Phillip Billings Flexon 30281, GAOtolaryngology1922044718
Robert Joseph Andrews 30342, GAOtolaryngology1568498475
Diane L Mcgowan 30240, GAOtolaryngology1801822978
The Southeast Permanente Medical Group 30305, GAOtolaryngology1245266956
Sarah K Wise 30322, GAOtolaryngology1053348060
Southern Otologic Clinic Pc 30901, GAOtolaryngology1184651523
Daniel G Carothers 30309, GAOtolaryngology1730116161
Carrollton Ear, Nose And Throat, P.c. 30117, GAOtolaryngology1760410401
Clark holder Clinic, P.a. 30240, GAOtolaryngology1487682373
Raymond Aldridge 31768, GAOtolaryngology1891724225
James E Spoden 30535, GAOtolaryngology1679503833
Kandallu R Ramesh 31501, GAOtolaryngology1801829460
Jun H Kim Pearson 30309, GAOtolaryngology1073546024
St Francis Physician Services Inc 29607, GAOtolaryngology1295769438
William H Moretz 30901, GAOtolaryngology1013942291
Bi county Ent, Llc 30134, GAOtolaryngology1629094750
Byron Shane Tucker 38652, GAOtolaryngology1235155979
Frederick Adair Kuhn 31404, GAOtolaryngology1366469686
Vivek Kumar Gupta 30134, GAOtolaryngology1881612133
Michael D Poole 31405, GAOtolaryngology1376561142
Christopher Thomas Melroy 31404, GAOtolaryngology1659399368
Chattahoochee Healthcare Llc 30180, GAOtolaryngology1972523215
Vivek V. Gurudutt 30076, GAOtolaryngology1093736613
Shrinath Kalaseshwar Nadig 30635, GAOtolaryngology1720009657
Cooperative Healthcare Services, Inc. 31525, GAOtolaryngology1417979402
Michael Douglas Hellstrom 30328, GAOtolaryngology1003820259
Frederick Nellis Klippert 30904, GAOtolaryngology1356356158
Yvette V Leslie 30058, GAOtolaryngology1871500017
Ent And Voice Care Of Atlanta, Inc 30084, GAOtolaryngology1225044852
Ear, Nose, Throat, And Allergy Associates Of South Georgia 31602, GAOtolaryngology1629086327
David James Terris 30912, GAOtolaryngology1689683765
Ronald A Van Tuyl 30114, GAOtolaryngology1447260633
Lorraine M Williams 31792, GAOtolaryngology1386656593


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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