Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Murray Daniel Mcgrady 62226, ILOtolaryngology1942203617
Michael K Delaney 62959, ILOtolaryngology1851394522
Carl Wesley Lee 62226, ILOtolaryngology1649273319
Sherwin Ritz 60450, ILOtolaryngology1861495194
Lloyd Thompson 62201, ILOtolaryngology1659375087
Gordon J Siegel 60611, ILOtolaryngology1982609103
John D. Rachel 60025, ILOtolaryngology1861490039
Ira David Uretzky 61614, ILOtolaryngology1013916428
Thomas J Nielsen 60612, ILOtolaryngology1235138546
Chicago Head And Neck Surgical Specialists Sc 60194, ILOtolaryngology1932108396
Richard W Borrowdale 60153, ILOtolaryngology1184624603
Joseph P Allegretti 60612, ILOtolaryngology1922008333
Eyas O Othman 60426, ILOtolaryngology1215937636
William R Panje 60612, ILOtolaryngology1174523591
Jay M Dutton 60612, ILOtolaryngology1700886116
Neal M Lofchy 60612, ILOtolaryngology1609876028
David P Tojo 60068, ILOtolaryngology1033119292
Kevin L Ziffra 60068, ILOtolaryngology1538169834
Alexander Goldin 60068, ILOtolaryngology1518967827
Michael Layland 60068, ILOtolaryngology1013917327
M Hal Pearlman 62901, ILOtolaryngology1780684936
Paul John Jones 60612, ILOtolaryngology1417956509
Eric Alan Gantwerker 60153, ILOtolaryngology1144482662
Peter Dawson Hauslein 61401, ILOtolaryngology1689675118
Jordan B Pritikin 60602, ILOtolaryngology1770585259
Vytenis T Grybauskas 60463, ILOtolaryngology1992797120
George Ian Goldstein 60069, ILOtolaryngology1801898200
Susan Thayer Lyon 60463, ILOtolaryngology1467444661
Jack D Clemis 60601, ILOtolaryngology1740272483
David L. Walner 60714, ILOtolaryngology1730171018
Robert M Meyers 60714, ILOtolaryngology1285626606
Nicholas A. Lygizos 60714, ILOtolaryngology1841282126
Robert P. Miller 60714, ILOtolaryngology1861484164
Francis A. Casper 60714, ILOtolaryngology1356333637
Gregory S. Bussell 60714, ILOtolaryngology1063404358
Ajay K. Chauhan 60169, ILOtolaryngology1639170731
Andrew Ilkiw 60631, ILOtolaryngology1255326658
Stephen Philip Becker 60611, ILOtolaryngology1831184001
Lauren Holinger 60611, ILOtolaryngology1487649315
Carol M Bauer 62701, ILOtolaryngology1700871571
Horst R Konrad 62701, ILOtolaryngology1871588640
Ilana Seligman 60201, ILOtolaryngology1295720159
Carol Gerson 60305, ILOtolaryngology1356336168
Phillip W Myers 62701, ILOtolaryngology1609861426
Ent Consultants Of Lake County 60048, ILOtolaryngology1811982408
Nancy Young 60614, ILOtolaryngology1942296504
Kevin T Robbins 62701, ILOtolaryngology1477549905
Richard M Bass 62701, ILOtolaryngology1609862200
John Maddalozzo 60611, ILOtolaryngology1609862267
Kathleen Billings 60611, ILOtolaryngology1952397473
Sue Kim 60026, ILOtolaryngology1124014642
Myron William Yencha 60088, ILOtolaryngology1184610446
Toussaint Grandy Toole 60649, ILOtolaryngology1568458503
Leonard P Rybak 62702, ILOtolaryngology1194710913
Christopher P Vonhake 62901, ILOtolaryngology1689661183
Bryan J Kemker 61081, ILOtolaryngology1366439390
Robert J Nudera 60504, ILOtolaryngology1164418315
Andrew Joseph Schubkegel 60514, ILOtolaryngology1275521320
Vibhakar Shantilal Shah 60031, ILOtolaryngology1649268780
Marcelo N Munoz 60622, ILOtolaryngology1093704157
Associates In Head & Neck Surgery 60612, ILOtolaryngology1780674515
University Head And Neck Associates, Sc 60523, ILOtolaryngology1598755456
Douglas Sidle 60611, ILOtolaryngology1730179482
Richard J Wiet 60521, ILOtolaryngology1760464911
Robert Andrew Battista 60521, ILOtolaryngology1770565947
Ari B Rubenfeld 60612, ILOtolaryngology1255329470
Primary Healthcare Associates Sc 60426, ILOtolaryngology1467442293
Scott W Divenere 60435, ILOtolaryngology1881677714
Michael G Gartlan 60435, ILOtolaryngology1740263664
Thomas K Kron 60435, ILOtolaryngology1972586899
Rajeev H Mehta 60435, ILOtolaryngology1891778718
Sung J Chung 60435, ILOtolaryngology1912980574
Ankit M Patel 60435, ILOtolaryngology1083697692
Miriam I Redleaf 60612, ILOtolaryngology1093799256
Albert W Marchiando 62301, ILOtolaryngology1932185329
Rakhi W Thambi 60612, ILOtolaryngology1164408407
Thomas E Garrity 60631, ILOtolaryngology1134105125
Victor P Mokarry 60631, ILOtolaryngology1144206129
Daniel D Vukas 60631, ILOtolaryngology1013993005
Andrew Jay Hotaling 60153, ILOtolaryngology1912984261
Richard F Bulger 60521, ILOtolaryngology1760469100
Kamil Muzaffar 60153, ILOtolaryngology1346227295
Sam Marzo 60153, ILOtolaryngology1699752568
John Leonetti 60153, ILOtolaryngology1962489823
James Adam Stankiewicz 60153, ILOtolaryngology1740267624
Neil Aaronson 60035, ILOtolaryngology1841278298
Joseph Mishell 60035, ILOtolaryngology1477531820
Ari Taitz 60035, ILOtolaryngology1376521732
Peoria Ear Nose And Throat Group Sc 61614, ILOtolaryngology1952380628
Dana Mara Thompson 60611, ILOtolaryngology1811976665
Ksb Medical Group, Inc. 61021, ILOtolaryngology1073592119
Fazlur R. Zahurullah 61114, ILOtolaryngology1720068695
Edward Applebaum 60611, ILOtolaryngology1669452322
Jonathan L. Ferguson 61107, ILOtolaryngology1669452934
James Edward Rejowski 60521, ILOtolaryngology1164492153
Jane T Dillon 60123, ILOtolaryngology1295705283
Regina P Walker 60558, ILOtolaryngology1538143557
Andrew I. Jun 61107, ILOtolaryngology1841270717
Daniel G Danahey 60137, ILOtolaryngology1063499754
Alan Freint 60045, ILOtolaryngology1174501514
Charles R Maris 61801, ILOtolaryngology1932170982
Marco Antonio Ayala 60088, ILOtolaryngology1023089992
Harrison C Putman 61614, ILOtolaryngology1477524171
James A Geraghty 61614, ILOtolaryngology1417928128
Michael B Gluth 60637, ILOtolaryngology1629049226
Terrill M Baner 61265, ILOtolaryngology1245201714
Sherif M Ragheb 61264, ILOtolaryngology1932170487
Herbert Weinstein 61614, ILOtolaryngology1811968340
Chang-yang Wang 60459, ILOtolaryngology1831161959
James Curtis Hertenstein 61615, ILOtolaryngology1295707578
Robert Thomas Parrish 61615, ILOtolaryngology1184696460
Stephen Yeh 60623, ILOtolaryngology1063484798
Holy Cross Hospital 60629, ILOtolaryngology1952373557
Medical Arts Unlimited Inc 60090, ILOtolaryngology1285609990
Mishail A Shapiro 60048, ILOtolaryngology1518932227
Shilpa Reddy Cherukupally 60148, ILOtolaryngology1013982578
Terry L Donat 61081, ILOtolaryngology1891760385
Harry Roy Ruth 62301, ILOtolaryngology1124093943
Fordyce Edward Stivers 61520, ILOtolaryngology1992771216
Narendra M Desai 60031, ILOtolaryngology1669449336
Benjamin Gruber 60616, ILOtolaryngology1134197957
James Fernandez 62040, ILOtolaryngology1528037280
Philip Dean Kooiker 60467, ILOtolaryngology1770552192
Jeffrey Fierstein 62040, ILOtolaryngology1740259043
Brian Patrick Farrell 60467, ILOtolaryngology1558320747
Silvio Marra 60467, ILOtolaryngology1235198383
Curtis Walsh 60467, ILOtolaryngology1730148834
Manali S Amin 60540, ILOtolaryngology1982675310
Donald R Lewis 61021, ILOtolaryngology1740258649
Christopher L Surek 60015, ILOtolaryngology1336119858
Michael Joseph Gootee 61603, ILOtolaryngology1720050982
Griffith Hsu 60137, ILOtolaryngology1669448056
Feodor Ung 60148, ILOtolaryngology1376503987
Adam Soliman 61114, ILOtolaryngology1245290758
James B Lucas 60612, ILOtolaryngology1801857545
Nancy Roberts 60602, ILOtolaryngology1568424653
Michele Phillips Morrison 60088, ILOtolaryngology1710949516
David Conley 60611, ILOtolaryngology1437112190
Robert Kany 60540, ILOtolaryngology1215990106
Allan Paul Wolff 60026, ILOtolaryngology1417911199
Arthur William Curtis 60707, ILOtolaryngology1962466417
Jeffrey Schonberg 60026, ILOtolaryngology1508820762
Steven Charous 60026, ILOtolaryngology1861456022
Charles Z Weingarten 60026, ILOtolaryngology1679537823
Stephen J Chadwick 62522, ILOtolaryngology1104883735
Steven M Sobol 62526, ILOtolaryngology1598722712
Terence R Woods 62526, ILOtolaryngology1528026580
Sorrel E. Fagel 60007, ILOtolaryngology1376591511
Philip D Kannel 62002, ILOtolaryngology1134177728
Knox Clinic Corp 61401, ILOtolaryngology1265481006
Mar Associates, Ltd 60622, ILOtolaryngology1740239359
Janet M Kaczor 60126, ILOtolaryngology1336199538
John D Ortega 60126, ILOtolaryngology1740231810
Nikhil J Bhatt 60123, ILOtolaryngology1174574073
Leslie Karl Schier 60634, ILOtolaryngology1255382206
Jongwook Ham 60123, ILOtolaryngology1700838992
John T Mcmahan 60601, ILOtolaryngology1518910272
Martin Pollak 60016, ILOtolaryngology1467405662
Azhar Aslam 62521, ILOtolaryngology1922057371
Michael Friedman 60602, ILOtolaryngology1932161056
T K Venkatesan 60602, ILOtolaryngology1295797470
Sukhpreet Singh Batra 60612, ILOtolaryngology1780648998
Alan C Pollak 60076, ILOtolaryngology1790734069
Robert D. Thomas 60411, ILOtolaryngology1699733774
Francis Hobson 60901, ILOtolaryngology1679538193
Swedishamerican Hospital 61108, ILOtolaryngology1962451732
Joseph R. Raviv 60062, ILOtolaryngology1720038995
Joseph M Scianna 60178, ILOtolaryngology1033171285
Sanjiv Upadhyay 60504, ILOtolaryngology1215987961
Chicago Nasal And Sinus Center S C 60602, ILOtolaryngology1366497026
Allergy Ear Nose Throat,ltd 60515, ILOtolaryngology1275588824
Arkadiush Tomash Byskosh 60134, ILOtolaryngology1629024294
Northshore University Healthsystem Faculty Practice Associates 60201, ILOtolaryngology1497701882
Kenneth Paul Jesunas 60435, ILOtolaryngology1790723799
Ent Surgical Associates 60435, ILOtolaryngology1093753550
Naperville Ear, Nose And Throat Associates., Ltd. 60540, ILOtolaryngology1205875119
Kenneth Cameron Johnston 60435, ILOtolaryngology1740220292
Rae A Mcintee 62301, ILOtolaryngology1144260639
Naresh C Goel 61832, ILOtolaryngology1780624320
Samuel J Girgis 60521, ILOtolaryngology1770519936
Jose Dutra 60611, ILOtolaryngology1760418768
York Ent Surgical Consultants, S.c. 60521, ILOtolaryngology1417983933
Ent Surgical Consultants, Ltd 60435, ILOtolaryngology1881620177
Abraham N Lotan 60178, ILOtolaryngology1760418214
Midwest Ear Nose & Throat Associates S.c. 61615, ILOtolaryngology1427085620
Thomas E. Turcotte 61021, ILOtolaryngology1447288303
Drs. Girgis & Associates, S.c. 60521, ILOtolaryngology1013946201
Jesse G. Wardlow 60515, ILOtolaryngology1184653883
Robert Kern 60611, ILOtolaryngology1033149992
Sarah Frances Mcdonald 60612, ILOtolaryngology1376573477
Marc S Karlan 60611, ILOtolaryngology1881625754
Lauren Lawrence 62701, ILOtolaryngology1881076594
Howard Shane Kotler 60616, ILOtolaryngology1609805985
Scott M Kaszuba 60540, ILOtolaryngology1518994508
Specialty Physicians Of Illinois, Llc 60461, ILOtolaryngology1124075676
Gary Y. Shaw 61520, ILOtolaryngology1912940958
Warren Eugene Hagan 62301, ILOtolaryngology1164458105
Andrew W Celmer 60137, ILOtolaryngology1376571604
Finn R Amble 61704, ILOtolaryngology1063442457
Paul M Obert 35235, ILOtolaryngology1144274523


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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