Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Indiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Indiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Vincent Benedict Ostrowski 46250, INOtolaryngology1861495533
George William Hicks 46250, INOtolaryngology1487657185
Wm. Timothy Hirons 47374, INOtolaryngology1922000173
Midwest Ear Nose And Throat Surgery, Psc 47714, INOtolaryngology1437153285
Dennis P Han 46410, INOtolaryngology1184628992
Kathryn L. Press 46514, INOtolaryngology1164427373
Eric S Carter 47150, INOtolaryngology1740285113
Nicholas C Hollenkamp 47201, INOtolaryngology1891792149
Frederick Porter 47201, INOtolaryngology1861499113
Anthony D Sanders 47201, INOtolaryngology1689671885
George H Rudwell 47130, INOtolaryngology1346247129
William R Nunery 46280, INOtolaryngology1063410942
Ryan C Cmejrek 46410, INOtolaryngology1710986765
Tod C Huntley 46032, INOtolaryngology1780684217
Edward J Krowiak 46032, INOtolaryngology1023018546
Scott E Phillips 46032, INOtolaryngology1992706428
William R Cast 46845, INOtolaryngology1811999840
John H Fallon 46825, INOtolaryngology1326040395
Thomas Scott Whiteman 47303, INOtolaryngology1780686790
Steven B. Ashton 46580, INOtolaryngology1982696936
Douglas A Nuckols 46825, INOtolaryngology1982696837
Ronald E Jamerson 46375, INOtolaryngology1952393837
William M Culp 46825, INOtolaryngology1730171646
Henry Sayler Daugherty 46825, INOtolaryngology1386636157
John R Thomas 46825, INOtolaryngology1841282563
Thomas W Dumas 46825, INOtolaryngology1770575680
Thomas W. Herendeen 46825, INOtolaryngology1356333272
Brian D Herr 46825, INOtolaryngology1700888575
Adam R Kaiser 46825, INOtolaryngology1144212077
Amy Lai 46714, INOtolaryngology1679565501
Deepkaran K Reddy 46825, INOtolaryngology1144212861
Stephen J. Schreck 46825, INOtolaryngology1053313023
David W Stein 46825, INOtolaryngology1215929930
John E Westfall 46825, INOtolaryngology1366444390
Mohan K Rao 46825, INOtolaryngology1326030271
Don R Jaffe 02346, INOtolaryngology1457352031
Barry A Long 47802, INOtolaryngology1467440198
Arthur H Katz 46321, INOtolaryngology1417944109
Paul D Warrick 46016, INOtolaryngology1790770097
St Catherine Hospital Inc 46323, INOtolaryngology1164413498
William Robert Pugh 47403, INOtolaryngology1639151541
Kyle D. Loy 47909, INOtolaryngology1528040045
John Philip White 47403, INOtolaryngology1871575365
David M Sabato 46617, INOtolaryngology1992795447
Little Company Of Mary Hospital Of Indiana Inc 47546, INOtolaryngology1316440530
Allied Physicians Inc 46845, INOtolaryngology1427031434
Margaret Ann Walter 46545, INOtolaryngology1184609679
Dale Meton Gaddy 46122, INOtolaryngology1780660290
Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, Pc 46825, INOtolaryngology1851377691
Tri state Ear, Nose, And Throat Surgeons, Inc. 47710, INOtolaryngology1457321721
Bloomington Ent Pc 47404, INOtolaryngology1306816665
William Rosevear 46360, INOtolaryngology1629049838
David Miller 46360, INOtolaryngology1215908520
Eric M Johnson 46514, INOtolaryngology1245201169
Steven F Isenberg 46219, INOtolaryngology1962473785
George A Melnik 46383, INOtolaryngology1265403018
Curtis E Shinabarger 47710, INOtolaryngology1447221072
Laura B Finch 47710, INOtolaryngology1003887563
John C Bizal 47710, INOtolaryngology1518939966
John A Bizal 47710, INOtolaryngology1518938901
Edward P. Daetwyler 47710, INOtolaryngology1669445722
Reid Physician Associates, Inc. 47374, INOtolaryngology1134193410
David T Wahle 47710, INOtolaryngology1649244856
Thomas Francis Brennan 47904, INOtolaryngology1548239502
Richard A Tibbals 47714, INOtolaryngology1760441950
Ralph Stanley Wilson 47714, INOtolaryngology1376502138
Leonard Vincent Covello 46321, INOtolaryngology1467411835
Anil R Shah 46321, INOtolaryngology1972521086
Robert J Schrimpf 47006, INOtolaryngology1811968233
Joseph W Bremer 47904, INOtolaryngology1982672036
David E Wilson 46062, INOtolaryngology1518928969
Scott Andrew Hackett 46032, INOtolaryngology1396703203
Robert Wayne Stephens 46032, INOtolaryngology1508814732
Robert Allen Youkilis 46032, INOtolaryngology1508814740
Jeffrey Corbett Beach 46032, INOtolaryngology1184672107
Daniel Wayne Kletzing 46635, INOtolaryngology1851340590
Jon Blake Chadwell 46635, INOtolaryngology1255380903
St Vincent Pediatric Subspecialties 46260, INOtolaryngology1013967736
David George Short 46947, INOtolaryngology1134184153
Dean J Trigg 46260, INOtolaryngology1427015833
Bethany Cataldi 46322, INOtolaryngology1205890886
Ronda Alazan Hamaker 46260, INOtolaryngology1174572184
Ohio Valley Ent & Allergy Llc 47150, INOtolaryngology1669426755
Venkata V Kakarlapudi 47150, INOtolaryngology1851346845
Sreekant Cherukuri 46410, INOtolaryngology1558316588
Northeast Otolaryngology, P.c. 46062, INOtolaryngology1417903774
Giffin Ent Llc 46825, INOtolaryngology1588611537
Charles S. Giffin 46825, INOtolaryngology1871540021
Daniel P Akin 47150, INOtolaryngology1124066345
Allied Physicians Inc 46845, INOtolaryngology1992741698
Stacey L Halum 46032, INOtolaryngology1275569592
David C Lee 46706, INOtolaryngology1083641849
Ruta Gandhi 46601, INOtolaryngology1801825336
Richard T Miyamoto 46202, INOtolaryngology1144258625
Robert C Brooks 46635, INOtolaryngology1710915244
Stephen T Mctigue 46635, INOtolaryngology1619907136
Edward C Weisberger 46202, INOtolaryngology1649200866
University Otolaryngology Associates, Inc. 46202, INOtolaryngology1275563447
Ent Group, Llc 46122, INOtolaryngology1023044732
Jonathan B Hanson 47250, INOtolaryngology1992735583
Paul R Cook 46202, INOtolaryngology1699709113
James D Ulm 46202, INOtolaryngology1275567729
Thomas T Tarin 46410, INOtolaryngology1427081405
Burke E Chegar 47331, INOtolaryngology1801829809
Michael H Fritsch 46260, INOtolaryngology1215961743
Center For Ear Nose Throat And Allergy Pc 46032, INOtolaryngology1295752806
James S Milligan Md Inc 46016, INOtolaryngology1164443123
Carepointe, P.c. 46410, INOtolaryngology1023031911
Steven M Waters 47374, INOtolaryngology1376553099
General Otorhinolaryngological Foundation, Inc. 46202, INOtolaryngology1992715452
James Milligan 46016, INOtolaryngology1255446266
Savita P Collins 46617, INOtolaryngology1245257856
Richard Christopher Miyamoto 46260, INOtolaryngology1548294085
Scott C Swim 46016, INOtolaryngology1346355310
Fred Duane Drake 47807, INOtolaryngology1124135967
Ramesh Patel 60461, INOtolaryngology1811007735
Curtis Seitz 47807, INOtolaryngology1861503872
Martin H Roseff 47807, INOtolaryngology1942311824
Craig Edward Meyer 46514, INOtolaryngology1104938778
John Hooton Seward 47401, INOtolaryngology1689769929
Jerry L House 46260, INOtolaryngology1871688275
Neil Wangstrom Md Pc 46350, INOtolaryngology1043307978
Chatham Facial Plastic Surgery Llc 47150, INOtolaryngology1336238591
Associated Physicians & Surgeons Clinic, Llc 46135, INOtolaryngology1972693620
Associated Physicians & Surgeons Clinic, Llc 61944, INOtolaryngology1407936651
Associated Physicians & Surgeons Clinic, Llc 61944, INOtolaryngology1295810893
Associated Physicians & Surgeons Clinic, Llc 47807, INOtolaryngology1568548717
Associated Physicians & Surgeons Clinic, Llc 47807, INOtolaryngology1477639623
Center For Otolaryngology And Facial Plastic Surgery, L.l.c. 46322, INOtolaryngology1023195021
Lafayette Otolaryngology Associates, Inc 47909, INOtolaryngology1720157951
Jones Ent, Inc 46410, INOtolaryngology1700955721
Dr. Anekal B. Sreeram 46410, INOtolaryngology1972672830
Marion E Couch 46202, INOtolaryngology1710071980
Donald Charles Mohs 46617, INOtolaryngology1942385174
James Jones 46410, INOtolaryngology1952474587
David Alexander Campbell 46530, INOtolaryngology1750456026
Muncie Otolaryngology Associates Pc 47303, INOtolaryngology1245393412
Donn Randolph Chatham 47150, INOtolaryngology1629134739
Thomas E Mcsoley 46032, INOtolaryngology1376600783
Thomas H Fairchild 46237, INOtolaryngology1740347194
Richard A Jones 46260, INOtolaryngology1366509796
Richard J. Balikian 46290, INOtolaryngology1740334317
Ent head & Neck & Facial Surgery Pc 46952, INOtolaryngology1922153709
Otolaryngology Associates, Llc 46260, INOtolaryngology1447398839
Gerald Charles Walthall 46107, INOtolaryngology1922147396
Margaret A Walter Md Pc 46545, INOtolaryngology1205976560
William G Chernoff 46260, INOtolaryngology1679605539
Michele M Zormeier 46176, INOtolaryngology1710019609
W Gregory Chernoff Md Pc 46260, INOtolaryngology1184756074
L.b. Tubergen, Md, Llc 46224, INOtolaryngology1093839664
Kyle D Loy Md Pc 47909, INOtolaryngology1437275229
Monica Renee Hartung 47201, INOtolaryngology1790143865
Heidi M Dunniway 47601, INOtolaryngology1053478495
David Lee Colgrove 46360, INOtolaryngology1891855680
Chad E Galer 46202, INOtolaryngology1639242944
Arthur H. Katz, M.d., S.c. 46321, INOtolaryngology1598832750
Hendricks County Hospital 46122, INOtolaryngology1124529888
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46254, INOtolaryngology1841312469
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46218, INOtolaryngology1639291271
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46902, INOtolaryngology1134241706
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46256, INOtolaryngology1780706325
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46131, INOtolaryngology1598887143
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46062, INOtolaryngology1073635553
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46032, INOtolaryngology1861514341
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46140, INOtolaryngology1841312402
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46151, INOtolaryngology1912029596
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46202, INOtolaryngology1245352822
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46158, INOtolaryngology1013039593
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46123, INOtolaryngology1023130333
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46176, INOtolaryngology1710009014
Otolaryngology Associates Llc 46237, INOtolaryngology1326160631
Southern Indiana Ent, Llc 47201, INOtolaryngology1013030618
Robert D. Mcquiston, M.d., Inc 46227, INOtolaryngology1629295951
Leonard V Covello Md Pc 46321, INOtolaryngology1225256514
Peter Nicholas Rigas 46032, INOtolaryngology1871715011
Maher Abu-hamdan 46635, INOtolaryngology1144431503
Robert A Ehrhard, Mdin, Pc 47546, INOtolaryngology1093919086
Seth David Bruggers 46032, INOtolaryngology1073710133
Babar Sultan 46290, INOtolaryngology1063610301
Bloomington Sleep Specialists, Llc 47403, INOtolaryngology1356532113
Ent Associates Of Southern Indiana, P.c. 47454, INOtolaryngology1477744845
Shannon Michelle Brown 47150, INOtolaryngology1396914701
Mary Beth Mucklow 47150, INOtolaryngology1720257124
Ann Kohler 47150, INOtolaryngology1144492570
Melonie A Nance 46202, INOtolaryngology1477728301
Ear Medical Center, Inc. 47025, INOtolaryngology1932374782
Akihiro Matsuoka 46202, INOtolaryngology1669630653
Chris E Chacko 47710, INOtolaryngology1679731665
St. Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers, Inc 46320, INOtolaryngology1811152572
Ryan Charles Palmer 47714, INOtolaryngology1023273810
Waymond Jay Pettit 62521, INOtolaryngology1679720726
Richard Kurtz Md Professional Corporation 46208, INOtolaryngology1487892766
Amy Broom 46032, INOtolaryngology1144464363
Athens Medical Group Llc 47933, INOtolaryngology1043444714
Beeson Aesthetic Surgery Institute, Llc 46032, INOtolaryngology1932335866
Duran Back Pain Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. 46176, INOtolaryngology1417186487
Northwest Indiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus Center Inc 46321, INOtolaryngology1033341870
Allied Physicians Of Michiana 46635, INOtolaryngology1003048125
Union Associated Physicians Clinic, Llc 61944, INOtolaryngology1154654580
Union Associated Physicians Clinic, Llc 47882, INOtolaryngology1316270747


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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