Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James Tegart Bishop 49424, MIOtolaryngology1922001791
Khaled M Shukairy 48509, MIOtolaryngology1518961879
Donald Leroy Stageman 49423, MIOtolaryngology1427056118
David G Holzworth 48193, MIOtolaryngology1205828910
Gregory E Stephens 48193, MIOtolaryngology1962494526
Dennis Fred Thompson 49085, MIOtolaryngology1659373256
Michael E Rollins 48230, MIOtolaryngology1023002185
Stephen L Kirkner 49201, MIOtolaryngology1922097492
Jeffrey S Leider 48336, MIOtolaryngology1548259641
Marie G Gauthier 48708, MIOtolaryngology1902896111
Gerald J Sherman 48314, MIOtolaryngology1376533471
David A Scapini 48314, MIOtolaryngology1255322129
John W Becker 48314, MIOtolaryngology1164413035
Ent Clinic P.c. 48708, MIOtolaryngology1285625020
Charles R Henry 49546, MIOtolaryngology1548251200
Robert L Daniels 49546, MIOtolaryngology1386635969
Darryl J Elzinga 49546, MIOtolaryngology1275524951
James S Brooks 48034, MIOtolaryngology1689665291
Syed S Rizvi 48708, MIOtolaryngology1568453900
Michael J Larouere 48334, MIOtolaryngology1396736591
Jack M Kartush 48334, MIOtolaryngology1508847740
Conrad A Proctor 48326, MIOtolaryngology1841271624
Anil K. Gupta 48073, MIOtolaryngology1487635801
Mary Melissa Mcbrien 48322, MIOtolaryngology1861474009
Leonard P Lacivita 48377, MIOtolaryngology1740262740
Donald S Kitain 48382, MIOtolaryngology1376525717
Karen Jo Enright 48202, MIOtolaryngology1588647937
Homaira N Danish 48098, MIOtolaryngology1356324503
Todd B Proctor 48326, MIOtolaryngology1316929250
Michael S Haupert 48322, MIOtolaryngology1124018213
Sidney B Beck 48034, MIOtolaryngology1477543874
Seilesh C Babu 48334, MIOtolaryngology1528059797
Eric W Sargent 48334, MIOtolaryngology1427049600
John J Zappia 48334, MIOtolaryngology1497746671
Dennis I Bojrab 48334, MIOtolaryngology1114918307
H George Levy Md Pc 48162, MIOtolaryngology1437133071
Mehmet Cemal Agabigum 48532, MIOtolaryngology1740265362
David M Davis 48034, MIOtolaryngology1659358414
Jeffrey S. Weingarten 48034, MIOtolaryngology1659358455
Mark Hnatiuk 48374, MIOtolaryngology1487631180
Clark Bart Dickson 48034, MIOtolaryngology1770560427
Benn Gilmore 48377, MIOtolaryngology1649258427
Howard M Yerman 48382, MIOtolaryngology1457339038
Ted H Schwartzenfeld 48071, MIOtolaryngology1124007539
Donald M Rochen 48071, MIOtolaryngology1629057781
Neal Edward Obermyer 48060, MIOtolaryngology1518947977
Port Huron Ent Pc 48060, MIOtolaryngology1548240930
Frank Allan Brettschneider 48060, MIOtolaryngology1639159007
Peter J Vandermeer 49423, MIOtolaryngology1174500235
Frederick Louis Lopatin 48124, MIOtolaryngology1659341691
Ariel Andre Waitzman 48124, MIOtolaryngology1639149677
Steven Joe Kin 48323, MIOtolaryngology1427037282
Deborah Habenicht 49120, MIOtolaryngology1467424218
Rajagopalan Rajaraman 48180, MIOtolaryngology1265406623
Robert Jerome Kendell 49601, MIOtolaryngology1366417578
Lisa Waite Jacobson 49601, MIOtolaryngology1922073766
Hugo K Roesler 49001, MIOtolaryngology1023085784
Metropolitan Enterprises Inc. 49519, MIOtolaryngology1770550105
Robert Harris Gilman 48105, MIOtolaryngology1154398451
Ray H Cameron 49801, MIOtolaryngology1578530564
Percy Mcdonald 48060, MIOtolaryngology1861460750
Vasudev R Garlapaty 48195, MIOtolaryngology1447219365
David L Farber 48708, MIOtolaryngology1194796862
Walter William Rudzinski 49862, MIOtolaryngology1891768651
Leonard T Glinski 48135, MIOtolaryngology1952361677
Richard K Stoler 48154, MIOtolaryngology1497715072
John J.h. Schwarz 49037, MIOtolaryngology1154383594
Eugene Rontal 48334, MIOtolaryngology1790749000
Gerald L Gilroy 48823, MIOtolaryngology1316901739
Jeanne Eyde 49519, MIOtolaryngology1851355655
U P Otolaryngology Pc 49829, MIOtolaryngology1053376731
Thomas W Pfennig 49509, MIOtolaryngology1508821901
Richard A Wandzel 48357, MIOtolaryngology1174588370
Charles F Koopmann 48109, MIOtolaryngology1992760144
Robert J Meleca 49509, MIOtolaryngology1619932654
John A Klim 49829, MIOtolaryngology1174588164
Claudell Cox 49509, MIOtolaryngology1023073053
William A Scalf 49015, MIOtolaryngology1306802657
Thomas K Carlson 49829, MIOtolaryngology1699732834
James Ben Hengy 49660, MIOtolaryngology1740248350
Andrew Paul Barak 49546, MIOtolaryngology1508824152
David J Brown 48109, MIOtolaryngology1639137110
Andrew Edgar Mendians 49660, MIOtolaryngology1386692218
John Gerard Bizon 49015, MIOtolaryngology1467401745
Dan J Castro 49015, MIOtolaryngology1457301293
Han-soo Bae 48162, MIOtolaryngology1316998792
The Doctors Group P.c. 49068, MIOtolaryngology1710939954
Robert Louis Borenitsch 48603, MIOtolaryngology1336191139
Northwoods Ear, Nose & Throat Pc 49770, MIOtolaryngology1356394803
Galen Donald Ohmart 49707, MIOtolaryngology1134172091
Michael J Sterrett 49068, MIOtolaryngology1235183039
Martin A Goins 49068, MIOtolaryngology1629022348
Ali F Mafee 48186, MIOtolaryngology1588616650
Kenneth Harry Markiewicz 48811, MIOtolaryngology1851359178
Jan Akervall 48334, MIOtolaryngology1497718142
Providence providence Park Hospital 48075, MIOtolaryngology1467417428
David Michael Roden 48640, MIOtolaryngology1992754402
Salvatore Cavaliere 48235, MIOtolaryngology1225088339
Harold N. Hollander 49546, MIOtolaryngology1699739425
Richard J Strabbing 49424, MIOtolaryngology1740244870
Srinivas B Mukkamala 48532, MIOtolaryngology1104876028
Pavan Garlapaty Reddy 48195, MIOtolaryngology1659329084
Eric A Goebel 48823, MIOtolaryngology1578527602
Mark D Lebeda 48823, MIOtolaryngology1679537278
Valley Ent Associates Pc 48604, MIOtolaryngology1831145523
James A Letson 48604, MIOtolaryngology1811944424
Bashar Succar Md Pc 48341, MIOtolaryngology1073560355
Brian Franklin Perry 48604, MIOtolaryngology1235176918
Healthcare Midwest Pc 49008, MIOtolaryngology1841238854
Narendra R Kumar 48604, MIOtolaryngology1598704892
Keith E. Scharf 48604, MIOtolaryngology1104865724
Edward W. Sparrow Hospital Association 48912, MIOtolaryngology1275572745
Richard K. Louden 48604, MIOtolaryngology1477592079
Robert John Mowry 48130, MIOtolaryngology1114967445
Douglas F Wacker 48912, MIOtolaryngology1851332712
Eric Weinman 49546, MIOtolaryngology1336180553
David A Milko 49007, MIOtolaryngology1801837232
David Joseph Heichel 49855, MIOtolaryngology1629010343
Edward D Berg 48917, MIOtolaryngology1043253339
Edward D Berg Do Pc 48917, MIOtolaryngology1366485609
Ent Surgical Assoc Pc 48071, MIOtolaryngology1225073687
Christopher Perry Smith 49009, MIOtolaryngology1952347155
Ely Shapiro 49009, MIOtolaryngology1154359149
Ihor Alexander Krynycky 49735, MIOtolaryngology1508897281
Jacqueline Huynh 48336, MIOtolaryngology1457382095
Lascelles Pinnock 48101, MIOtolaryngology1295766137
Joseph B Vandermeer 49423, MIOtolaryngology1851329007
West Michigan Ear Nose & Throat Plc 49024, MIOtolaryngology1154365849
Edwin Moreland Monsell 48034, MIOtolaryngology1336186790
Ho-sheng Lin 48201, MIOtolaryngology1528008075
George H Yoo 48201, MIOtolaryngology1396783460
Francis Hart 49546, MIOtolaryngology1447291737
Dorise H. C. Yang 48334, MIOtolaryngology1982635132
James Aronovitz 48088, MIOtolaryngology1043257801
Ascension River District Hospital 48054, MIOtolaryngology1265486245
Jayson Scott Greenberg 48116, MIOtolaryngology1538197173
Center For Ear,nose And Throat Pc 48323, MIOtolaryngology1083659932
James E Harrison 49801, MIOtolaryngology1932143526
Arthur Moeller 48071, MIOtolaryngology1174556880
Brookside Health Center, P.c. 48180, MIOtolaryngology1437182557
Douglas F Hegyi 48307, MIOtolaryngology1114951787
Louis L Sobol 48322, MIOtolaryngology1336173400
Joe S. Chomchai, M.d., P.c. 48858, MIOtolaryngology1366476517
Grand Rapids Ear Nose & Throat Center Pllc 49546, MIOtolaryngology1124052337
Han Soo Bae Pllc 49707, MIOtolaryngology1164447975
Petoskey Ear Nose & Throat Specialists Pllc 49770, MIOtolaryngology1316965767
Mark Robert Winkle 49546, MIOtolaryngology1457379240
John Michael Kosta 49546, MIOtolaryngology1184642951
Sherman Allen Sprik 49546, MIOtolaryngology1831117613
Kevin L Gietzen 49770, MIOtolaryngology1538189154
Mark Uzansky 48154, MIOtolaryngology1083633911
Terry R Degroot 49417, MIOtolaryngology1366462350
Phillips H Winter 49423, MIOtolaryngology1891715991
Gregory C. Roche 48302, MIOtolaryngology1063436897
Steven M Marchetta 48439, MIOtolaryngology1639193048
Marc A Feeley 49770, MIOtolaryngology1598773939
Paul E Lomeo 49444, MIOtolaryngology1942218177
Dhafer S Younan Salama 48093, MIOtolaryngology1073521035
Vu T Ho 48109, MIOtolaryngology1528071826
Russell Wayne Craig 48044, MIOtolaryngology1508979436
Masri Clinic For Laser & Cosmetic 48126, MIOtolaryngology1639282163
Shannon Thomas Radgens 48867, MIOtolaryngology1316051949
Lake Michigan Ent Pllc 49442, MIOtolaryngology1881709988
Thabet R Abbarah 48328, MIOtolaryngology1992811418
Howard J Beck 49770, MIOtolaryngology1710906425
Theodore S Vanderveen 49423, MIOtolaryngology1255351250
Arthur James Potter 49444, MIOtolaryngology1679688808
Wa Foote Memorial Hospital, Inc 49201, MIOtolaryngology1811921968
Samantha M Mucha 49221, MIOtolaryngology1326056003
Michigan Ear Institute Pllc 48334, MIOtolaryngology1568575215
Emad Al Haj Ali 02135, MIOtolaryngology1700340932
Gary S Kwartowitz 48346, MIOtolaryngology1003924820
Carl Bernard Shermetaro 48346, MIOtolaryngology1700994530
Asha Downs 48346, MIOtolaryngology1518076348
North Oakland Ear Nose And Throat Centers Pc 48346, MIOtolaryngology1013026855
John M Ulrich 48439, MIOtolaryngology1366554677
Anthony A Pavone 48532, MIOtolaryngology1568574119
Bashar Succar 48341, MIOtolaryngology1255435350
Kenneth Gwinn 48315, MIOtolaryngology1003910118
Samer J Bahu 48341, MIOtolaryngology1366547143
Romauld T Szymanowski 48346, MIOtolaryngology1164527941
Meshach H Newman 48109, MIOtolaryngology1962500686
Pedro A Sevidal 49015, MIOtolaryngology1437258407
Ent Associates Of Jackson, P.c. 49201, MIOtolaryngology1922109438
Baker Ear Nose & Throat Associates Plc 48706, MIOtolaryngology1619069523
Adam D Rubin 48081, MIOtolaryngology1568554087
Amanda J Toole 48081, MIOtolaryngology1982796488
Katherine Do Heidenreich 48109, MIOtolaryngology1487746178
Michael S Fozo 48081, MIOtolaryngology1114019627
Andrew I. Dzul 48081, MIOtolaryngology1295828358
Robert E Brammer 48081, MIOtolaryngology1659464782
Lakeshore Ear Nose And Throat Center Pc 48081, MIOtolaryngology1033202023
Kenneth L Gwinn Md Pc 48315, MIOtolaryngology1629163217
Michael Sherbin 48043, MIOtolaryngology1205920873
Douglas B Chepeha 48109, MIOtolaryngology1346337110
Hussam K El-kashlan 48109, MIOtolaryngology1962599746
Carol R Bradford 48109, MIOtolaryngology1710074588
Susan L Garetz 48109, MIOtolaryngology1073600243
Norman D Hogikyan 48109, MIOtolaryngology1851488027
Peter P Passamani 48109, MIOtolaryngology1649368168


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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