Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Paul Martin Williams 58103, MNOtolaryngology1326019621
Micah Avner Berman 55101, MNOtolaryngology1972747871
Vatsal Patel 32308, MNOtolaryngology1548524044
Joshua Yorgason 55422, MNOtolaryngology1275707572
Aisha Harun 30322, MNOtolaryngology1346507589
Daniel Blaize Noel 71303, MNOtolaryngology1396151882
Emily Becker 55130, MNOtolaryngology1215348701
Lara Mariel Osetinsky 40503, MNOtolaryngology1609283936
Stephanie Culver 93101, MNOtolaryngology1184985582
Neil E Brown 55904, MNOtolaryngology1457332934
Ryan Borek 19104, MNOtolaryngology1861752420
Ashok Ratilal Jethwa 55455, MNOtolaryngology1386088615
Tsung-yen Hsieh 45219, MNOtolaryngology1548505100
Majid Shafiei 55125, MNOtolaryngology1841236049
Christoph Michael Prummer 98686, MNOtolaryngology1740660638
Grace Tan 97239, MNOtolaryngology1619389020
Quintin Cappelle 54650, MNOtolaryngology1023307170
Susan E Pearson 56001, MNOtolaryngology1821072703
Brian P Coyle 55066, MNOtolaryngology1598732836
Andros Ent & Sleep Center Pa 55076, MNOtolaryngology1578807491
Daniel Scott Schneider 55108, MNOtolaryngology1063675825
Cara C Cockerill 56007, MNOtolaryngology1033404082
Travis Daniel Reeves 24016, MNOtolaryngology1285800573
Michael David Puricelli 53792, MNOtolaryngology1679834089
John R Sims 72205, MNOtolaryngology1437590080
Kartike Gulati 46311, MNOtolaryngology1043507908
Jonathan Shane Glickstein 60936, MNOtolaryngology1598983371
Mark C Witte 33612, MNOtolaryngology1477537348
Mark R Mount 62301, MNOtolaryngology1811950264
Jewel D Greywoode 28210, MNOtolaryngology1023227626
Rebecca Compton 55404, MNOtolaryngology1164871109
William Taylor Debusk 94110, MNOtolaryngology1326493388
Jonathan W Mellema 56201, MNOtolaryngology1083680458
Kimberly Miller 55125, MNOtolaryngology1982059234
Joel Stanek 55130, MNOtolaryngology1356738587
Philip Manger 55108, MNOtolaryngology1699709089
Alexis C. Bouteneff 06759, MNOtolaryngology1316982515
Stillwater Medical Group 55082, MNOtolaryngology1558350488
Northland Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, P.a. 55805, MNOtolaryngology1396726659
Mankato Clinic, Ltd. 56001, MNOtolaryngology1629044029
Columbia Park Medical Group, Pa 55432, MNOtolaryngology1932150117
Minneapolis Otolaryngology Pa 55435, MNOtolaryngology1881632297
Ear Nose & Throat Specialty Care Of Minnesota Pa 55404, MNOtolaryngology1336175744
Janning Ent Center, Llc 56201, MNOtolaryngology1952332629
St. Cloud Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, P.a. 56303, MNOtolaryngology1508882754
Southdale Otolaryngology Pa 55435, MNOtolaryngology1528131380
Ridgeview Clinics 55387, MNOtolaryngology1538211040
Ridgeview Clinics 55396, MNOtolaryngology1366629461
Ridgeview Clinics 55307, MNOtolaryngology1891972907
Oakdale Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, P.a. 55422, MNOtolaryngology1598976326
Mille Lacs Health System 56359, MNOtolaryngology1275796773
Ridgeview Clinics 55343, MNOtolaryngology1467606236
Neosom Clinics Dba Ent & Sleep Medicine 55439, MNOtolaryngology1518270883
Dr Gerard O'halloran Ent & Facial Plastic Surgery Pa 55021, MNOtolaryngology1215238225
Prischmann Facial Plastic Surgery, Pllc 55436, MNOtolaryngology1730450297
Ent & Sleep Clinics Minnesota Llc 55305, MNOtolaryngology1346512639
Douglas County Hospital 56308, MNOtolaryngology1447526330
The Ear, Nose And Throat Clinic And Hearing Center, P.a. 55435, MNOtolaryngology1881708030
Ear Institutes, Llc 55449, MNOtolaryngology1881168441
Douglas County Hospital 56308, MNOtolaryngology1861046971
Andros Dme Llc 55076, MNOtolaryngology1588285597
Paparella Ear Head & Neck Institute Pa 55454, MNOtolaryngology1881687119
Matthew Patterson Md & Associates, Pllc 55336, MNOtolaryngology1396847950
Affiliated Otolaryngologists Pa 55369, MNOtolaryngology1912090390
Pediatric Ent Associates 55404, MNOtolaryngology1669556668
Ridgeview Clinics 56441, MNOtolaryngology1700938214
Ridgeview Clinics 55343, MNOtolaryngology1619029121
Ridgeview Clinics 56071, MNOtolaryngology1255483764
Ridgeview Clinics 55318, MNOtolaryngology1689725392
Ridgeview Clinics 55331, MNOtolaryngology1982756490
Minnesota Otolaryngology, P.a. 55331, MNOtolaryngology1790821940
Omni Medical Center Pllc 55391, MNOtolaryngology1851991079
Andros Ent & Sleep Center Pa 55113, MNOtolaryngology1487255022
Wayzata Surgery Center 55391, MNOtolaryngology1043812787
St. Luke's Hospital Of Duluth 55805, MNOtolaryngology1033653209
Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, P.a. 55125, MNOtolaryngology1821195959
Sanford Clinic North 56501, MNOtolaryngology1942241351
Advanced Specialty Associates 56425, MNOtolaryngology1265583652
Abby Christine Meyer 55404, MNOtolaryngology1477696995
Alan Wellington Johnson 55416, MNOtolaryngology1831224641
Alyssa Smith 55905, MNOtolaryngology1558892109
Amy Corinne Dearking 56303, MNOtolaryngology1588828206
Amy Ketcham Hwang 55805, MNOtolaryngology1780846279
Amy Anne Donatelli Lassig 55455, MNOtolaryngology1912015561
Andrew Jay Bowen 55905, MNOtolaryngology1205331329
Andrew Davis 55805, MNOtolaryngology1750795670
Andrew James Goates 55905, MNOtolaryngology1033614458
Andrew James Redmann 55404, MNOtolaryngology1235572306
Angela Vong 55125, MNOtolaryngology1780942243
Ashley Nassiri 55905, MNOtolaryngology1821475229
Asitha Dineth Libbey Jayawardena 55404, MNOtolaryngology1689093460
Ayushman Sharma 55905, MNOtolaryngology1104263839
Barbara Newman Malone 55125, MNOtolaryngology1831135193
Benhoor Soumekh 55404, MNOtolaryngology1932192457
Benjamin Lee Addicks 55082, MNOtolaryngology1598108698
Bevan Yueh 55455, MNOtolaryngology1538262860
Brett James Baldwin 56001, MNOtolaryngology1316212632
Brian Ray Drew 55435, MNOtolaryngology1366406621
Brian Jacob Johnson 55905, MNOtolaryngology1689134710
Brian A Neff 55905, MNOtolaryngology1639156920
Brianne Barnett Roby 55102, MNOtolaryngology1265605778
Bruce Frederick Dennison 55082, MNOtolaryngology1871578393
Bryan Nicholas Rolfes 55391, MNOtolaryngology1558688366
Carl A. Brown 55404, MNOtolaryngology1558362749
Carl A Patow 55101, MNOtolaryngology1790755494
Carlos Diogenes Pinheiro Neto 55905, MNOtolaryngology1831403237
Carrie E Flanagan 55455, MNOtolaryngology1104962851
Casey Fisher 55422, MNOtolaryngology1669897500
Charles Wayne Beatty 55905, MNOtolaryngology1003889007
Cheyanne Silver 55905, MNOtolaryngology1215497227
Christopher D Frisch 55904, MNOtolaryngology1740575984
Christopher Wright Hilton 55130, MNOtolaryngology1295878817
Christopher John Perdoni 55108, MNOtolaryngology1992166888
Christopher John Tolan 55125, MNOtolaryngology1043256357
Colin L Driscoll 55905, MNOtolaryngology1174593321
Courtney Anne Hill 55404, MNOtolaryngology1295026540
Craig B Anderson 55435, MNOtolaryngology1427121284
Craig S Nystrom 55435, MNOtolaryngology1386608305
Dale Ekbom 55905, MNOtolaryngology1497871966
Daniel J Blum 55905, MNOtolaryngology1700862943
Daniel John-martin Carroll 55125, MNOtolaryngology1487093399
Daniel Louis Price 55905, MNOtolaryngology1316926587
Daniel Watson 55416, MNOtolaryngology1083691844
Daniel William Yoon 55432, MNOtolaryngology1346387529
Dante Joseph Merlino 55905, MNOtolaryngology1831727619
Darren R. Mcdonald 55404, MNOtolaryngology1700863982
David A Abraham 56701, MNOtolaryngology1306874920
David M Choquette 55805, MNOtolaryngology1609857101
David D Hamlar 55130, MNOtolaryngology1720044357
David Paul Larson 55905, MNOtolaryngology1639525298
David Lowe 55904, MNOtolaryngology1770536062
David Thomas Montag 55415, MNOtolaryngology1629393319
David A Riley 56601, MNOtolaryngology1649245838
Derek J Schmidt 55130, MNOtolaryngology1801856588
Dominic James Catalano 55905, MNOtolaryngology1639600224
Dontre' M Douse 55905, MNOtolaryngology1396372694
Edward Henry Szachowicz 55435, MNOtolaryngology1851518674
Ehiremen Martins Iyoha 55905, MNOtolaryngology1760065692
Eileen D Dauer 56303, MNOtolaryngology1134210875
Eleni Marie Rettig 55905, MNOtolaryngology1972802197
Elizabeth Eleanore Payne 55369, MNOtolaryngology1821130600
Emily Elizabeth Karp 55905, MNOtolaryngology1306406186
Emiro Caicedo-granados 55455, MNOtolaryngology1891840344
Eran E Alon 55905, MNOtolaryngology1164445425
Eric Thomas Becken 55125, MNOtolaryngology1578509832
Eric Dowling 55905, MNOtolaryngology1790149466
Eric J Moore 55905, MNOtolaryngology1689653842
Erin K O'brien 55905, MNOtolaryngology1891836557
Evan L Nelson 55902, MNOtolaryngology1306825294
Fareeda Taher Nazer Hussain 56001, MNOtolaryngology1396181483
Frank G Ondrey 55455, MNOtolaryngology1508941428
Frank L Rimell 90048, MNOtolaryngology1235150491
Garret Wayne Choby 55905, MNOtolaryngology1407141799
Garrett R Griffin 55125, MNOtolaryngology1326169160
Gary E. Garvis 55404, MNOtolaryngology1518969583
Geoffrey J Service 55125, MNOtolaryngology1831162601
George S Goding 55415, MNOtolaryngology1134221427
Gerald Jurgens 56303, MNOtolaryngology1679534689
Gerard L O'halloran 55060, MNOtolaryngology1184684839
Grace Nimat Khouri 56002, MNOtolaryngology1063489151
Grant S Hamilton 55905, MNOtolaryngology1841273281
Gregory L Barth 55404, MNOtolaryngology1184625659
Gregory Carl Jones 55060, MNOtolaryngology1427019637
Gregory Ivan Kelts 78234, MNOtolaryngology1144529066
Harley S Dresner 55130, MNOtolaryngology1619921731
Harry Bryan Neel 55902, MNOtolaryngology1275668956
Harvey M Freedman 55905, MNOtolaryngology1164431888
Hawa M Ali 55905, MNOtolaryngology1912589847
Heather Lynn Johns 55905, MNOtolaryngology1699352203
Heidi Elaine L'esperance 55805, MNOtolaryngology1639582273
Holger G Gassner 55905, MNOtolaryngology1386621522
Holly Christine Boyer 55082, MNOtolaryngology1467438424
Ian J Lalich 55330, MNOtolaryngology1285955203
Ian-james Malm 55108, MNOtolaryngology1790056604
Ilya Perepelitsyn 55404, MNOtolaryngology1992795058
Inell Coeseta Rosario 55076, MNOtolaryngology1104862523
James Henri Clark 55905, MNOtolaryngology1639478431
James Kenneth Johnson 55792, MNOtolaryngology1568495422
Jamie Katherine Flohr 55125, MNOtolaryngology1144451691
Jan L Kasperbauer 55905, MNOtolaryngology1003893355
Janalee Kae Stokken 55905, MNOtolaryngology1174752851
Jane-marie Grace Skorina 55408, MNOtolaryngology1679810709
Jason Barnes 55905, MNOtolaryngology1154851079
Jaspreet K Prischmann 55436, MNOtolaryngology1710996921
Jeffrey Bartynski 54701, MNOtolaryngology1699754416
Jeffrey A Block 55425, MNOtolaryngology1912935370
Jeffrey C. Manlove 55404, MNOtolaryngology1003808049
Jennifer C Hsia 55414, MNOtolaryngology1174633184
Jennifer A Pesola 56201, MNOtolaryngology1871569194
John Luther Boone 55435, MNOtolaryngology1609035781
John W Larsen 55387, MNOtolaryngology1497863401
John W Meccia 55387, MNOtolaryngology1912015942
John F Pallanch 55905, MNOtolaryngology1427020130
John Elmer Schmitt 55720, MNOtolaryngology1235151895
John Harry Shelby 55905, MNOtolaryngology1275617698
John Burton Young 55043, MNOtolaryngology1629208558
Jon V. Thomas 54022, MNOtolaryngology1467453597
Joshua James Thom 55905, MNOtolaryngology1144453242
Joshua P Wiedermann 55905, MNOtolaryngology1720345044
Julie C. Reddan 55404, MNOtolaryngology1366444366


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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