Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Philip Stanley Ledereich 07013, NJOtolaryngology1881697373
Mary T. Mitskavich 07753, NJOtolaryngology1457355117
Sean D. Houston 07753, NJOtolaryngology1598769259
Adel Basily Sorial 07109, NJOtolaryngology1134124357
James M. Sumerson 08034, NJOtolaryngology1982609889
Deborah F Rosin 08830, NJOtolaryngology1144224502
Emilio A. Roncace 08043, NJOtolaryngology1487650958
Anthony Cultrara 08034, NJOtolaryngology1083619860
Stephen P. Gadomski 08034, NJOtolaryngology1376549832
Samir V Shah 08034, NJOtolaryngology1821094194
Harold Arlen 08820, NJOtolaryngology1730185216
Frank J Scaccia 07701, NJOtolaryngology1891793204
Michael P Scherl 07675, NJOtolaryngology1801894183
Jessie Clairvil 08085, NJOtolaryngology1538169909
Howard Bresalier 08096, NJOtolaryngology1114927159
Patrick Hall 08096, NJOtolaryngology1194725143
Philip Rowan 08096, NJOtolaryngology1801896865
Rasesh Shah 08096, NJOtolaryngology1437159407
Vytas B Siliunas 08221, NJOtolaryngology1275534497
David Fard Ahmadi 08901, NJOtolaryngology1225039464
Pryia J Wagle 08221, NJOtolaryngology1770585762
Warren M Kraus 08820, NJOtolaryngology1902808991
Diego Saporta 07208, NJOtolaryngology1164423299
David M Cooper 07922, NJOtolaryngology1649272501
Clodualdo S Orquiza 08221, NJOtolaryngology1326040155
Jeffrey D Lebenger 07922, NJOtolaryngology1962404558
Nils G Herdelin 08034, NJOtolaryngology1225030877
Jeffrey Ginsburg 07457, NJOtolaryngology1043204332
Kenneth Remsen 07457, NJOtolaryngology1881688166
Jonathan Marc Levine 07457, NJOtolaryngology1356335558
Howard S Landsman 08724, NJOtolaryngology1245227826
Arthur Joel Ferrari 08360, NJOtolaryngology1932196482
William Drake Iii 07092, NJOtolaryngology1861489890
Howard Taylor 07457, NJOtolaryngology1932193117
Alexander R Gnoy 07922, NJOtolaryngology1336137827
Tanveer Ahmed Janjua 07921, NJOtolaryngology1285623132
Sigmund L. Sattenspiel 07728, NJOtolaryngology1730177676
Ramakumar Venkata Rayasam 08865, NJOtolaryngology1922097666
Stephen F Freifeld 07081, NJOtolaryngology1881685352
Albert A Rienzo 07740, NJOtolaryngology1386625838
Derrick I Wallace 07110, NJOtolaryngology1114900362
Ashmit Gupta 08043, NJOtolaryngology1245220151
Shashidhar Sadda Reddy 07871, NJOtolaryngology1285625582
Jason Barry Surow 07649, NJOtolaryngology1619968997
Raj Tandon 07030, NJOtolaryngology1396736690
James J Lee 07675, NJOtolaryngology1457335564
Ronald Joseph Iannacone 08736, NJOtolaryngology1558346825
Gerald F. Fenster 08876, NJOtolaryngology1568441970
Herbert James Deutsch 08034, NJOtolaryngology1306826904
Clifford T Chu 08724, NJOtolaryngology1437139656
Thomas E Brandeisky 08724, NJOtolaryngology1306816301
Todd A Schneiderman 08807, NJOtolaryngology1801879895
Amy D. Lazar 08807, NJOtolaryngology1568441988
Philip Jude Passalaqua 07702, NJOtolaryngology1730167560
Mark Karolak 08724, NJOtolaryngology1063482651
Mahmoud Ghaderi 19023, NJOtolaryngology1689645632
Lloyd Irwin Stanley Zbar 07028, NJOtolaryngology1275504813
Victor Gerard Gentile 07840, NJOtolaryngology1821060187
John J Starke 07730, NJOtolaryngology1679547012
Sapna Sureshkumar Brahmbhatt 07728, NJOtolaryngology1831163278
Alvin Daniel Dubin 08003, NJOtolaryngology1467428623
Arie Rosen 07601, NJOtolaryngology1407823404
Don S Respler 07601, NJOtolaryngology1073581740
Bruce William Peters 08753, NJOtolaryngology1326017443
Warren L. Galeos 07860, NJOtolaryngology1275502114
Govind Swamy 08857, NJOtolaryngology1750350716
Gerald Edward Pflum 07753, NJOtolaryngology1386603066
Arthur I Lester 07109, NJOtolaryngology1528028347
Edward David Scheiner 08043, NJOtolaryngology1184690315
George Beecher 07059, NJOtolaryngology1073574059
Jeffrey D Roffman 07701, NJOtolaryngology1467415042
Mary Blome 07626, NJOtolaryngology1780637140
Alexander B Glickman 07055, NJOtolaryngology1801847629
Francis Michael Jampol 07054, NJOtolaryngology1871551812
Brian Lee Lebovitz 07054, NJOtolaryngology1134173909
Louis J Conte 07204, NJOtolaryngology1952356651
Gerald West 07204, NJOtolaryngology1447205067
Jed A. Kwartler 07922, NJOtolaryngology1164478152
Avrim R. Eden 07922, NJOtolaryngology1831145226
Salvatore L Gengaro 07470, NJOtolaryngology1588611289
Jeffrey Mehdi Shaari 07093, NJOtolaryngology1891742342
Francis Tenison Deane 07801, NJOtolaryngology1306893698
Sharyar Daniel Samadi 07652, NJOtolaryngology1124075460
James Labagnara 07503, NJOtolaryngology1811934714
David Leonard Bortniker 08876, NJOtolaryngology1033156286
Richard C Scharf 07204, NJOtolaryngology1861439481
Sunil Chandra Shah 07504, NJOtolaryngology1497792121
Ramtin Kassir 07470, NJOtolaryngology1477591048
Joel W Levitt 07052, NJOtolaryngology1174563027
David Bromberg 08080, NJOtolaryngology1376586412
James Aloysius Boozan 08648, NJOtolaryngology1548205545
Chong S Kim 07733, NJOtolaryngology1265478036
Douglas L Worden 08822, NJOtolaryngology1144266685
Vicente T. Zapanta 08859, NJOtolaryngology1285660290
Eugenie Brunner 08540, NJOtolaryngology1992732861
Stephen M Schwartz 08822, NJOtolaryngology1881622678
Ahmad Farzad 08534, NJOtolaryngology1578591533
David F Kroon 08822, NJOtolaryngology1104854991
Stanley A Sheft 08822, NJOtolaryngology1285662072
Roy Douglas Carlson 08054, NJOtolaryngology1932142858
Oliver Samir Youssef 07013, NJOtolaryngology1801826219
Gerald D. Suh 08540, NJOtolaryngology1154365450
Daniel Grant Becker 08080, NJOtolaryngology1316975220
Robin M Brody 07601, NJOtolaryngology1841239423
John A Cece 07470, NJOtolaryngology1437198553
Irvin D Bough 07649, NJOtolaryngology1598710899
Lee D Eisenberg 07601, NJOtolaryngology1649219320
Steven M Gold 07601, NJOtolaryngology1164461877
Michael Angelo D'anton 07470, NJOtolaryngology1396784922
Vishvesh Mehta 08830, NJOtolaryngology1942243357
John J Scheibelhoffer 07470, NJOtolaryngology1194764712
Daniel A Scher 07470, NJOtolaryngology1912946583
Gangadhar S Sreepada 07470, NJOtolaryngology1801842893
Jonathan A Lesserson 07601, NJOtolaryngology1194764670
Damian W Sorvino 07960, NJOtolaryngology1962436964
Renato J Giacchi 07960, NJOtolaryngology1841224847
Robert Wha Jyung 07103, NJOtolaryngology1427083138
Frank L. Kardos 07470, NJOtolaryngology1538194816
Chetan Shah 08648, NJOtolaryngology1750306734
Antoine C Chaker 08755, NJOtolaryngology1275559890
Geoffrey A Dugue 07417, NJOtolaryngology1700802378
Robert I Park 08820, NJOtolaryngology1710908595
Stephen F Mattel 07470, NJOtolaryngology1336160019
David Lewis 07631, NJOtolaryngology1700808938
Andrew John Miller 08837, NJOtolaryngology1134133945
George R Kenner 08360, NJOtolaryngology1073529244
Mark Leonard Roessler 07728, NJOtolaryngology1255348900
Bryan T Ho 07631, NJOtolaryngology1417960238
Michael Giglio 07506, NJOtolaryngology1891808259
Anthony Gerald Gambrino 08753, NJOtolaryngology1427162528
Ronald B Lorenc 08302, NJOtolaryngology1275649691
Masud Iqbal 08079, NJOtolaryngology1093821969
Wayne Paul Foster 08755, NJOtolaryngology1316052699
Pei S Lin 08902, NJOtolaryngology1609800226
Michael B Mayer 07090, NJOtolaryngology1093736878
Syed Moosa Jaffari 08701, NJOtolaryngology1063526168
Robert E Huang 08820, NJOtolaryngology1740200096
Scott Richard Schaffer 08053, NJOtolaryngology1013940717
Gabriel Ho Yu Wong 08053, NJOtolaryngology1194759225
Stephen J Abrams 07470, NJOtolaryngology1831103324
Erik Gary Cohen 07960, NJOtolaryngology1811921232
David George Ansel 08054, NJOtolaryngology1306954474
James Patrick Murphy 07032, NJOtolaryngology1457460461
Joseph L Caputo 07960, NJOtolaryngology1972615896
Edward J Sarti 07070, NJOtolaryngology1477665586
Basil John Paparone 08240, NJOtolaryngology1023129509
Rana S Sahni 08820, NJOtolaryngology1508978271
John Lewis Saporito 07702, NJOtolaryngology1063516441
Howard Martin Berg 07052, NJOtolaryngology1639272289
Zubair A Syed 08244, NJOtolaryngology1437253929
Atif Z Ghander 07006, NJOtolaryngology1427153519
Edmund S. Liu 07044, NJOtolaryngology1215032768
Seth J Kanowitz 07960, NJOtolaryngology1649375759
William J Morrow 08244, NJOtolaryngology1831293331
Babak Behin 07306, NJOtolaryngology1205931466
Elliot Heller 08837, NJOtolaryngology1770688723
Freidoon Behin 07306, NJOtolaryngology1003911934
Joshua David Pollack 08865, NJOtolaryngology1174629539
Michael J Katz 07070, NJOtolaryngology1124124805
Derek S Lee 07039, NJOtolaryngology1932206521
Geoffrey Wayne Tobias 07631, NJOtolaryngology1326145939
Jeffrey Mark Rosenbaum 08816, NJOtolaryngology1467559823
Eric Mark Joseph 07052, NJOtolaryngology1558462556
Samieh Rizk 07109, NJOtolaryngology1366534281
Ronald W Li 08512, NJOtolaryngology1760574289
Anoli Maniar 08822, NJOtolaryngology1831281682
Michael Seth Goldrich 08901, NJOtolaryngology1487748844
Raimundo L Obregon 07083, NJOtolaryngology1477646362
Anthony G Rossi 07009, NJOtolaryngology1558457192
Dione Michelle Williams 07040, NJOtolaryngology1356437693
Apostolos A. Paul Rossos 08619, NJOtolaryngology1710074562
Charles Highstein 08816, NJOtolaryngology1750478145
Choong S Nahm 07719, NJOtolaryngology1942383484
Suresh Chander Giri 08701, NJOtolaryngology1245313931
Timothy Patrick Sullivan 07739, NJOtolaryngology1154408011
Charles Martin Schultz 07054, NJOtolaryngology1962580910
Bruce J Romanczuk 08050, NJOtolaryngology1427136993
John J K Tan 07042, NJOtolaryngology1659450377
Anthony Degennaro 07701, NJOtolaryngology1528137262
Soly Baredes 07103, NJOtolaryngology1306915038
David Goldfarb 08540, NJOtolaryngology1780754424
Eric Lee Winarsky 07702, NJOtolaryngology1144303421
Harry Cantrell 08043, NJOtolaryngology1972693760
Patrick Houston 08103, NJOtolaryngology1376637124
Ferne R Lavine 08820, NJOtolaryngology1043319155
Karen A Wirtshafter 07054, NJOtolaryngology1184717142
Arvind Prabhat 07702, NJOtolaryngology1003910472
Darsit Kanaiyalal Shah 07702, NJOtolaryngology1083718456
Kenneth A Kaplan 08816, NJOtolaryngology1376629147
Jay B Horowitz 08816, NJOtolaryngology1255421673
Robert Joseph Cusumano 07649, NJOtolaryngology1457447195
Michael Andrew Tavill 07702, NJOtolaryngology1417030792
Huma A. Quraishi 07103, NJOtolaryngology1669543922
Richard V Smith 10467, NJOtolaryngology1629149018
Justin Abraham Bergman 07208, NJOtolaryngology1487726048
Edward I Engle 08050, NJOtolaryngology1417021627
Mehdi T. Shaari 07093, NJOtolaryngology1225104029
Lynn E Bezpalko 08050, NJOtolaryngology1356417570
Orest Bezpalko 08050, NJOtolaryngology1649347295
Alvin I. Glasgold 08904, NJOtolaryngology1124195375


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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