Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stephen Dubin 13421, NYOtolaryngology1205839370
Paul C Harrington 14618, NYOtolaryngology1811990286
Robert H Oliver 14621, NYOtolaryngology1003819368
Peter E. Mulbury 14625, NYOtolaryngology1093718470
Vladimir Borja Santos 11201, NYOtolaryngology1568464675
Jamie Stern 11803, NYOtolaryngology1588668446
William Baxter Pierce 14020, NYOtolaryngology1831194554
Robert R Parks 10535, NYOtolaryngology1801891916
Timothy J Siglock 10535, NYOtolaryngology1659376036
Deborah F Rosin 08830, NYOtolaryngology1144224502
Josh Werber 11021, NYOtolaryngology1083610455
Michael P Pizzuto 14221, NYOtolaryngology1801892286
Mark L. Nagy 14221, NYOtolaryngology1427054824
Philomena M Behar 14222, NYOtolaryngology1013913425
Raymond L Yung 10013, NYOtolaryngology1487659975
Andrew James Lerrick 13790, NYOtolaryngology1730185513
Eric K Fung 13214, NYOtolaryngology1588662555
Michael Slippen 11746, NYOtolaryngology1427056282
Patrick J. Chiles 13214, NYOtolaryngology1639178379
Joseph M Capo 11756, NYOtolaryngology1437158763
Yael Halaas 10022, NYOtolaryngology1407855885
Edwin Williams 12110, NYOtolaryngology1922008887
Srinivasan Krishna 10457, NYOtolaryngology1174523021
Henry C Deblasi 11756, NYOtolaryngology1639179377
Arthur N Falk 12208, NYOtolaryngology1538169180
Steven Silver 12208, NYOtolaryngology1306846837
Steven Parnes 12208, NYOtolaryngology1508866849
Lisa T Galati 12208, NYOtolaryngology1992705354
Jason Mouzakes 12208, NYOtolaryngology1215937552
Theresa Tran 10003, NYOtolaryngology1578564407
Gregory S Wisdom 10536, NYOtolaryngology1184624371
Robin Beth Miller 14214, NYOtolaryngology1548268410
David M Jakubowicz 10461, NYOtolaryngology1538169230
Daniel Grinberg 10994, NYOtolaryngology1851390942
Jay S Rechtweg 11530, NYOtolaryngology1194724427
Edward Rhee 10994, NYOtolaryngology1376542845
Idel I Moisa 11542, NYOtolaryngology1568463909
David Kutler 10016, NYOtolaryngology1346242476
Mark Delacure 10016, NYOtolaryngology1326049453
Gregory P. Tsai 10019, NYOtolaryngology1760484661
Carl P. Guarino 13088, NYOtolaryngology1588656698
Peter Jay Bernard 10128, NYOtolaryngology1417949389
Bernard Tawfik 11542, NYOtolaryngology1245223015
Bruno I Aploks 13413, NYOtolaryngology1831182542
Lloyd Richard Dropkin 10028, NYOtolaryngology1942293386
Melanie Lynn Groch 13126, NYOtolaryngology1619979374
William Bruce Bunn 12901, NYOtolaryngology1285626986
Joel Shugar 10029, NYOtolaryngology1720070865
Kevin Braat 11901, NYOtolaryngology1871595462
Paul E Kelly 11901, NYOtolaryngology1346242831
Tamekia Wakefield 11360, NYOtolaryngology1487656849
Jeffrey Zauderer 11530, NYOtolaryngology1073505384
M. Douglas Krumpholz 13413, NYOtolaryngology1770577983
Barry Oscar Maisel 12866, NYOtolaryngology1124012844
Anil Lalwani 10032, NYOtolaryngology1164418588
Braxton L Hillerman 13601, NYOtolaryngology1033105309
Ashutosh H Ruparelia 14850, NYOtolaryngology1790771996
William I Forbes 13601, NYOtolaryngology1144216359
Hayes Wanamaker 13210, NYOtolaryngology1528055308
Lisa C Guidone 13210, NYOtolaryngology1609863497
Helen M Waters 13210, NYOtolaryngology1518954304
Greg I. Dash 11795, NYOtolaryngology1538157136
Keun Yong Lee 14203, NYOtolaryngology1750379269
Paul Plez Tinsley 14845, NYOtolaryngology1689669707
John Raymond Wanamaker 13210, NYOtolaryngology1386631166
Robert I Kaplan 12118, NYOtolaryngology1508853771
Wasyl Szeremeta 11803, NYOtolaryngology1013905173
Vincent P Callanan 14222, NYOtolaryngology1134117203
Alfred Andrew Adamo 11501, NYOtolaryngology1437148228
Fayez Chahfe 13502, NYOtolaryngology1164411567
Daliparthy Venugopala Rao 10512, NYOtolaryngology1629068648
Hamid Joseph Obeid 13440, NYOtolaryngology1548251663
Neil S Hammerman 11570, NYOtolaryngology1275524068
Nestor Rafael Rigual 14263, NYOtolaryngology1548241797
Roger E Horioglu 11570, NYOtolaryngology1932180015
Louis M Rosner 11570, NYOtolaryngology1295716371
Jefffrey Howard Belmont 10022, NYOtolaryngology1124009048
David B Rosenberg 10021, NYOtolaryngology1558342451
Jules Musinger 14626, NYOtolaryngology1881675684
Jay O Boyle 10021, NYOtolaryngology1427030667
Margaret Ann Hayes 13815, NYOtolaryngology1821070715
Bhuvanesh Singh 10021, NYOtolaryngology1396727111
Richard J Wong 10021, NYOtolaryngology1447232251
Michael James Parker 13031, NYOtolaryngology1104808898
Lee Ann M. Klausner 10028, NYOtolaryngology1316929755
Ran Y Rubinstein 12550, NYOtolaryngology1477536654
Bartolomeo Vincent Castellano 10306, NYOtolaryngology1336122548
Richard Steven Litman 11776, NYOtolaryngology1770564502
Robert E Molle 11103, NYOtolaryngology1023006517
Iris R Danziger 14224, NYOtolaryngology1902887102
Kweon Stambaugh 10941, NYOtolaryngology1063494185
Lee Merrick Shangold 11776, NYOtolaryngology1902887730
Jason Barry Surow 07649, NYOtolaryngology1619968997
Raj Tandon 07030, NYOtolaryngology1396736690
Paul Joseph Davey 11901, NYOtolaryngology1831189810
Mark S Driver 10941, NYOtolaryngology1033192216
Virginia Ellen Feldman 10941, NYOtolaryngology1275516379
Ofer Jacobowitz 10017, NYOtolaryngology1285617381
William Hy Sher 11776, NYOtolaryngology1770564296
John Paul Sugrue 11776, NYOtolaryngology1245211085
Lauren Sari Zaretsky 11776, NYOtolaryngology1700867546
Lawrence Jay Gordon 10924, NYOtolaryngology1811970692
Carl M. Wiesenthal 10314, NYOtolaryngology1750365201
Jamie Koufman 10019, NYOtolaryngology1518941996
Kenneth S Etra 11021, NYOtolaryngology1225012313
Nira A. Goldstein 11203, NYOtolaryngology1689658288
Lawrence B Mollick 11021, NYOtolaryngology1083698765
Jessica W. Lim 10021, NYOtolaryngology1114902723
Frank E. Lucente 11203, NYOtolaryngology1568447183
Matthew B. Hanson 11203, NYOtolaryngology1982689014
David Foyt 12159, NYOtolaryngology1508842022
Marc Zimbler 10003, NYOtolaryngology1801873484
Douglas Keith Frank 10003, NYOtolaryngology1629055215
Mark Lawrence Urken 10003, NYOtolaryngology1932188737
Dennis H Kraus 10021, NYOtolaryngology1841279221
Mauro Ledesma Ruffy 11201, NYOtolaryngology1528047800
Mark Persky 10003, NYOtolaryngology1811976921
Michael H. Weiss 11219, NYOtolaryngology1417937335
Jacques Piche 12901, NYOtolaryngology1922078997
Krishnamurthi Sundaram 11215, NYOtolaryngology1306821921
Richard G Etra 11021, NYOtolaryngology1679558118
Lawrence W Krieger 13031, NYOtolaryngology1619951845
Amy D. Lazar 08807, NYOtolaryngology1568441988
Philip Jude Passalaqua 07702, NYOtolaryngology1730167560
Moshe Ephrat 11042, NYOtolaryngology1134109879
Phillip Langston Massengill 10941, NYOtolaryngology1205816170
B Todd Schaeffer 11042, NYOtolaryngology1336129550
Christopher S. Song 11209, NYOtolaryngology1770568818
Jay Scott Youngerman 11803, NYOtolaryngology1790755072
Arlene H Markowitz 10075, NYOtolaryngology1336119759
Andrew T Cheng 10013, NYOtolaryngology1760452288
Joseph Ralph Anticaglia 11803, NYOtolaryngology1487624706
Kamran Sadrazodi 11355, NYOtolaryngology1821069048
John White Decker 12983, NYOtolaryngology1407827207
Judith Jay 10510, NYOtolaryngology1922079649
Jeff D Kopelman 11570, NYOtolaryngology1851363055
Beth Michelle Burghardt 13088, NYOtolaryngology1568434454
David A Sherris 14209, NYOtolaryngology1689646739
Sara C Scheid 12159, NYOtolaryngology1255303244
Aaron Spingarn 10530, NYOtolaryngology1639142078
Jana Podzimek 13413, NYOtolaryngology1356314058
Steven Young Park 10467, NYOtolaryngology1962477042
Walter M Ralph 10457, NYOtolaryngology1013983097
Isaac I Matta 13790, NYOtolaryngology1730157686
David Kaufman 10016, NYOtolaryngology1285601203
Kenneth Leslie Schneider 10016, NYOtolaryngology1629046321
Lisa A Liberatore 10028, NYOtolaryngology1871562934
Ransford Newman 11213, NYOtolaryngology1750340683
Eric Genden 10029, NYOtolaryngology1134188790
Boris Bentsianov 11224, NYOtolaryngology1407816747
Stanley Shapshay 12208, NYOtolaryngology1255391124
Emma Ll Masters 11235, NYOtolaryngology1124091459
Michael Jay Pitman 10022, NYOtolaryngology1184683476
Jon Robert Vanderweele 06349, NYOtolaryngology1598737801
John Joseph Grosso 11757, NYOtolaryngology1912978057
Eric J Bergson 11749, NYOtolaryngology1831160688
Joseph P Bonafede 11749, NYOtolaryngology1821069568
Todd W. Campbell 11749, NYOtolaryngology1720059553
Robert M Gargano 11749, NYOtolaryngology1063483709
Marc J Levine 10994, NYOtolaryngology1316911720
Thomas R O'donnell 11749, NYOtolaryngology1821069469
Peak Woo 10024, NYOtolaryngology1629038500
William Lawson 10029, NYOtolaryngology1073573937
Alexander Sorin 11042, NYOtolaryngology1922068626
James M Poss 14127, NYOtolaryngology1003876665
Raymond V Paolini 14221, NYOtolaryngology1609837863
Douglas A Danosos 14020, NYOtolaryngology1780645283
Lissette Giraud 10941, NYOtolaryngology1568424935
J William Shields 14623, NYOtolaryngology1902868110
James A Sakr 14437, NYOtolaryngology1063474153
Daniel C Lai 14760, NYOtolaryngology1164485280
Harvey M Plasse 10022, NYOtolaryngology1942263603
Elizabeth E Redd 13326, NYOtolaryngology1760446116
William J Richtsmeier 13326, NYOtolaryngology1265496657
Cynthia B Fisher 13326, NYOtolaryngology1467416867
John Urban Coniglio 14618, NYOtolaryngology1639133044
Peter A Campione 14220, NYOtolaryngology1801851803
Govind Prakash Chaturvedi 12401, NYOtolaryngology1710942644
Milton Waner 10128, NYOtolaryngology1831155712
Paul Topf 14621, NYOtolaryngology1528024874
Rajesh S Kakani 11530, NYOtolaryngology1619934460
Bradley Alan Schiff 10467, NYOtolaryngology1457318487
Michael D Katz 11355, NYOtolaryngology1932166576
Alexander London 11803, NYOtolaryngology1821055161
Eliot Danziger 11756, NYOtolaryngology1538127683
Javid Nassiri 11355, NYOtolaryngology1083672042
Nelson Alcaraz 11372, NYOtolaryngology1548228232
Katherine J. Shen 10604, NYOtolaryngology1649238338
Michael Alleva 11355, NYOtolaryngology1730147182
Alan F Cohen 10475, NYOtolaryngology1295793545
Stephen Warman 11375, NYOtolaryngology1780642371
Barak Greenfield 11758, NYOtolaryngology1205884103
Matthew Wayne Shawl 10003, NYOtolaryngology1225086598
Lawrence R. Lustig 10032, NYOtolaryngology1184672594
Robert W Williams 14220, NYOtolaryngology1902856420
Tony C.y. Chuang 13601, NYOtolaryngology1790736890
Alexander Kendrat Mandych 14127, NYOtolaryngology1053362103
Frederick Carlton Gass 14127, NYOtolaryngology1699726745
Jonathan Charles Vogan 14127, NYOtolaryngology1487605382
Joseph L Muscarella 14221, NYOtolaryngology1457302366


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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