Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William Henry Lippy 44484, OHOtolaryngology1093718223
Leonard P Berenholz 44484, OHOtolaryngology1174526305
Arnold G Schuring 44484, OHOtolaryngology1871596007
Tonia L Farmer 44484, OHOtolaryngology1801899034
Gary B. Coleman 43616, OHOtolaryngology1497758643
Afser Shariff 43616, OHOtolaryngology1114920378
Richard Alan Devore 45177, OHOtolaryngology1356344717
Bruce Sterman 44333, OHOtolaryngology1164426425
Sidney J Steinberger 44333, OHOtolaryngology1851393953
James W Bean 45459, OHOtolaryngology1780689117
Andrew M Stein 44805, OHOtolaryngology1801891619
Charles D Crigger 45631, OHOtolaryngology1386640662
Vijay Adappa 43616, OHOtolaryngology1902802648
Rockne L. Brubaker 42003, OHOtolaryngology1407854037
John M Brace 44004, OHOtolaryngology1649278417
Bernard Kotton 44124, OHOtolaryngology1619976321
Raymond Patrick Rock 45069, OHOtolaryngology1578562856
Neil Howard Okum 45011, OHOtolaryngology1518966985
Jeffrey William Willbrand 45069, OHOtolaryngology1437158813
Mark E. Grosinger 45242, OHOtolaryngology1881693034
Ohio Ent Surgeons, Inc. 43220, OHOtolaryngology1376542316
Umesh S Marathe 45230, OHOtolaryngology1730188632
Daniel G Jackson 43220, OHOtolaryngology1447250246
James Lowery 43220, OHOtolaryngology1861492506
Darryl Willett 43220, OHOtolaryngology1841290582
Michael Martyn 43214, OHOtolaryngology1518967264
Richard Irene 43220, OHOtolaryngology1730189515
Thomas S Main 43214, OHOtolaryngology1386644078
Ear Nose And Throat Specialists Inc 45011, OHOtolaryngology1326048836
Jeffrey A Hall 43220, OHOtolaryngology1134129695
Charles L Cassady 44024, OHOtolaryngology1689674913
Blaize A Obrien 43214, OHOtolaryngology1104826379
Genesis Professional Corp 43701, OHOtolaryngology1497755623
Vincent S Toma 43606, OHOtolaryngology1790786671
Thomas Raymond Neuman 44484, OHOtolaryngology1063413961
Stephen Mark Plesich 44484, OHOtolaryngology1396746137
Patricia A Murphy 41339, OHOtolaryngology1750381091
Toribio C Flores 44125, OHOtolaryngology1407857162
Matthew C Mcdonnell 44256, OHOtolaryngology1841291507
Cleveland Ear Nose Throat And Allergy Center Inc 44125, OHOtolaryngology1396746921
Sanford M Timen 44125, OHOtolaryngology1750382230
Charles Cassady, M.d., Inc. 44024, OHOtolaryngology1316948805
Jong Ho Won 45822, OHOtolaryngology1396746467
Allan M Rubin 43560, OHOtolaryngology1528060456
Christopher B Perry 43615, OHOtolaryngology1457353104
Robert H Chait 45014, OHOtolaryngology1821080052
Khalil Azem 44094, OHOtolaryngology1508859497
Bert M. Brown 44124, OHOtolaryngology1114928900
Ritu Malhotra 44004, OHOtolaryngology1639162084
R. Malhotra Ent, Inc. 44004, OHOtolaryngology1538152988
Mohamed A. Hamid 44124, OHOtolaryngology1285628347
Daniel Drake Center For Post acute Care, Llc 45216, OHOtolaryngology1558355487
Timothy R Budnik 43082, OHOtolaryngology1659366920
Clifton R Hood 43311, OHOtolaryngology1811982085
Jacob Paul Burkhart 43081, OHOtolaryngology1720073992
Thomas J Haberkamp 44195, OHOtolaryngology1629064803
Youn W Park 44203, OHOtolaryngology1265429161
Andrew James Reid 45840, OHOtolaryngology1760479588
Erik Wagner Nielsen 45840, OHOtolaryngology1003803834
Findlay Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, Inc. 45840, OHOtolaryngology1700873536
James Richard Robertson 45840, OHOtolaryngology1578551354
David A Kanagy 44601, OHOtolaryngology1114915964
James Mckinley Williams 43420, OHOtolaryngology1235127606
Robert Maltz 45242, OHOtolaryngology1700874989
Twin City Medical Offices 44621, OHOtolaryngology1124017272
David M Hartman 44622, OHOtolaryngology1053301671
Emmanual D Noche 44621, OHOtolaryngology1699765891
James W. Rocco 43212, OHOtolaryngology1972594091
Mark Steven Brigham 44281, OHOtolaryngology1740261387
Southern Ohio Ent Associates Inc 45601, OHOtolaryngology1982685376
Rose Marie Mohr 44145, OHOtolaryngology1346222684
Anton Gc Milo 44308, OHOtolaryngology1023090966
Steven L Kutnick 44304, OHOtolaryngology1619959558
Kenneth E Mooney 44304, OHOtolaryngology1225010168
Samuel Albert 44308, OHOtolaryngology1225010044
Romeo Sly Ong 44129, OHOtolaryngology1255314688
Raymond B Coors 45231, OHOtolaryngology1760465850
Kurt Charles Garren 44622, OHOtolaryngology1487644100
Alter G Peerless 45236, OHOtolaryngology1780674986
Alfred M Sassler 45069, OHOtolaryngology1578545752
Mathew J Cosenza 45631, OHOtolaryngology1356323000
Fred R Leess 43040, OHOtolaryngology1790768216
Richard Friden Judkins 43566, OHOtolaryngology1104809649
Richard Alan Gunovich 45750, OHOtolaryngology1538145263
Akbar Gulammohamed Matadar 43952, OHOtolaryngology1134105372
David George Reed 44512, OHOtolaryngology1386620540
Roberto J Castellon 43130, OHOtolaryngology1073599973
George W Vogelgesang 44646, OHOtolaryngology1316924673
William H. Willis 43606, OHOtolaryngology1174501621
Michael W Tomc 45701, OHOtolaryngology1891773172
Janet L Griffin 44304, OHOtolaryngology1487632469
Marc Erik Nelson 44308, OHOtolaryngology1659359644
Riffat H Qadir 44685, OHOtolaryngology1861471534
Atul N Balwally 45402, OHOtolaryngology1760461073
William John Dowling Turner 45402, OHOtolaryngology1730169376
Robert I. Schaffer 44484, OHOtolaryngology1457331787
Robert J Schrimpf And Thomas M Schrimpf Mds 45248, OHOtolaryngology1205806320
John W Nurre 45247, OHOtolaryngology1649253469
Robert Arlin Goldenberg 45404, OHOtolaryngology1831179514
E. Luke Bold 44077, OHOtolaryngology1366412827
Kenneth J Vito 44077, OHOtolaryngology1629048194
Michael D Gaugler 44077, OHOtolaryngology1033189527
Abdulla J Adib 45402, OHOtolaryngology1891765103
Southwest Ohio Ent Specialists Inc 45402, OHOtolaryngology1255301560
Heath Charles Tennyson 45631, OHOtolaryngology1700856069
Christopher M Collins 45402, OHOtolaryngology1205807591
Walter Ned Maimon 45419, OHOtolaryngology1972574267
Mahendrakumar G Patel 45402, OHOtolaryngology1235100520
Stewart I Adam 45402, OHOtolaryngology1225009517
Thomas M Schrimpf 45248, OHOtolaryngology1023089026
James A Mechenbier 43222, OHOtolaryngology1497726418
Daniel Warren Chase 43130, OHOtolaryngology1063483857
Ear, Nose And Throat Of Springfield, Inc 45505, OHOtolaryngology1053382689
Iain L Grant 43214, OHOtolaryngology1952372351
Michael B Duvall 45505, OHOtolaryngology1851362289
John B Gillen 45505, OHOtolaryngology1356312755
Ronald Morton Smith 45505, OHOtolaryngology1093787434
Lawrence Koegel 43081, OHOtolaryngology1528030921
Evan J Tobin 43213, OHOtolaryngology1588636989
Mary C Hart 43205, OHOtolaryngology1366414757
Adam C Spiess 43081, OHOtolaryngology1770555179
Perry Ear Nose And Throat Clinic 44646, OHOtolaryngology1487626628
Jerome C Spiegel 45402, OHOtolaryngology1417929647
David M Powell 43214, OHOtolaryngology1649242652
Wolfgang F Dietz 45402, OHOtolaryngology1538131503
John J Zulliger 43213, OHOtolaryngology1497727416
Ricardo L Carrau 43210, OHOtolaryngology1740252691
Stanley George Lesinski 45249, OHOtolaryngology1548236342
Eric Schwetschenau 45249, OHOtolaryngology1033185863
Mark Deutsch 45249, OHOtolaryngology1093781841
Ajit Shah 44130, OHOtolaryngology1689641730
Chandra D Haria 44130, OHOtolaryngology1346217528
Reginald F Baugh 43614, OHOtolaryngology1518926492
Mary Rutan Hospital 43311, OHOtolaryngology1942260047
Promedica Central Physicians Llc 43560, OHOtolaryngology1043270150
Douglas D Massick 43213, OHOtolaryngology1881666287
Thomas E Bruderly 44304, OHOtolaryngology1164493896
Jeffery S Adam 45373, OHOtolaryngology1326019613
Scott W Blumer 44646, OHOtolaryngology1902878697
Akash Gupta 43123, OHOtolaryngology1245202324
Jeffery B Hiltbrand 43123, OHOtolaryngology1184696585
Promedica Central Corporation Of Michigan 43604, OHOtolaryngology1588624696
George F White 45662, OHOtolaryngology1205896131
Michael S. Panosian 45428, OHOtolaryngology1568424620
Surianarayanan Ambalavanan 45822, OHOtolaryngology1922061910
Tom I Abelson 44195, OHOtolaryngology1942263975
Montgomery Ear Nose & Throat Clinic Inc 45242, OHOtolaryngology1326001363
Daniel Alam 44195, OHOtolaryngology1386607109
Boris I Karanfilov 43016, OHOtolaryngology1740244482
Michael J Vietti 45601, OHOtolaryngology1811952658
Edward D Fine 44195, OHOtolaryngology1538123344
Robert R Lorenz 44195, OHOtolaryngology1124083639
Joseph Scharpf 44195, OHOtolaryngology1265497044
Alan H Kominsky 44195, OHOtolaryngology1013972595
Michael A Fritz 44195, OHOtolaryngology1811952880
George Ozbardakei 44195, OHOtolaryngology1306803176
Renato De Paz Querubin 44053, OHOtolaryngology1245297928
Joseph Peter Yut 44706, OHOtolaryngology1184682296
Marietta Health Care Physicians, Inc. 45750, OHOtolaryngology1912965732
Steve Hunyadi 44004, OHOtolaryngology1205894698
Jacob Z Slepian 44320, OHOtolaryngology1598723256
Richard Thomas Klapchar 43228, OHOtolaryngology1740238039
Benjamin G Wood 44195, OHOtolaryngology1811945462
Subinoy Das 43214, OHOtolaryngology1063461663
Ashish R Shah 43213, OHOtolaryngology1760431142
Edgar Frank 43302, OHOtolaryngology1306897285
Stephanie Michelle Cole 43537, OHOtolaryngology1861444085
Enver Ozer 43210, OHOtolaryngology1689626285
Charles Albert Elmaraghy 43205, OHOtolaryngology1689626244
Karen Hall Calhoun 43212, OHOtolaryngology1083668610
Susan J. Rossi 45801, OHOtolaryngology1306890181
James R. Magnussen 45631, OHOtolaryngology1497709018
University Otolaryngologists Inc 43220, OHOtolaryngology1750330551
Robert L Katz 44077, OHOtolaryngology1528025327
Brian R Gastman 44195, OHOtolaryngology1114989761
Antonio E Collazo 43302, OHOtolaryngology1013967371
Kenneth Carroll Parker 43055, OHOtolaryngology1841256765
Michael S Nosanov 43506, OHOtolaryngology1154385805
Phillip L Khalil 44224, OHOtolaryngology1467403485
Eric R Grimes 44691, OHOtolaryngology1275598013
Quynh-nhu Vu 43537, OHOtolaryngology1770922643
Queen City Ear Nose And Throat Assoc Inc 45249, OHOtolaryngology1437104098
Todd Otteson 44106, OHOtolaryngology1750336582
Liberty Circle Ear Nose & Throat Inc. 25702, OHOtolaryngology1538114046
Liberty Circle Ear Nose & Throat Inc. 45669, OHOtolaryngology1245285758
Brian Cusick 45220, OHOtolaryngology1174578793
Liberty Circle Ear Nose & Throat Inc. 25701, OHOtolaryngology1306892690
Stacey Ishman 45229, OHOtolaryngology1245287101
Dayton Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons, Inc. 45459, OHOtolaryngology1740237452
Daniel Cajacob 45220, OHOtolaryngology1730126996
The Ent Group Inc 45219, OHOtolaryngology1174560833
University Otolaryngology head & Neck Surgery,inc 44106, OHOtolaryngology1548208184
Kris R Jatana 43205, OHOtolaryngology1134169956
Ernest Charles Manders 45219, OHOtolaryngology1710928288
Bradley A. Otto 43212, OHOtolaryngology1114969185
Brad William Desilva 43017, OHOtolaryngology1467494401
University Ear, Nose And Throat Specialists, Inc. 45219, OHOtolaryngology1326081399
Jack L. Gluckman 45219, OHOtolaryngology1730122847
John H. Viall 45631, OHOtolaryngology1023052107
Wayland Wong 44460, OHOtolaryngology1780628966


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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