Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William Roger Lomax 29483, SCOtolaryngology1235135112
Robert Charles Jordan 29414, SCOtolaryngology1558367433
Edward G Behrens 29407, SCOtolaryngology1669479986
Carl Willy Schwenzfeier 29407, SCOtolaryngology1568469435
Shaun N Scott 29407, SCOtolaryngology1932106747
Eugene G Brown 29407, SCOtolaryngology1245238930
Edward L Mcnellis 29407, SCOtolaryngology1801894506
John Martin Barlow 29203, SCOtolaryngology1447257167
Matthew D. Scarlett 29407, SCOtolaryngology1144228438
Augustus J Goforth 29615, SCOtolaryngology1013915347
Ronald T Yuko 29615, SCOtolaryngology1114925252
Russell David Kitch 29406, SCOtolaryngology1992705099
Brian Claud Wilson 29732, SCOtolaryngology1669473237
Howard A Farrell 29505, SCOtolaryngology1255323614
Robert G Mahon 29615, SCOtolaryngology1336141167
Judith M Skoner 29425, SCOtolaryngology1316935489
David E Maurer 29926, SCOtolaryngology1154303881
Robert M Sweet 29730, SCOtolaryngology1194709600
W Kenneth Easley 29615, SCOtolaryngology1518942044
Raymond Samuel Kaplan 29403, SCOtolaryngology1669457016
Gary P Giovagnoli 29585, SCOtolaryngology1386629269
Roy B Sessions 29425, SCOtolaryngology1902883580
Alan Howard Brill 29203, SCOtolaryngology1033182399
Scott William Thompson 29201, SCOtolaryngology1922071281
Ronald James Mcvicar 29407, SCOtolaryngology1013980002
John Smythe Rich 29201, SCOtolaryngology1245204791
Fred T Garner 29201, SCOtolaryngology1124092630
Robert A Marwick 29406, SCOtolaryngology1700852423
Robert A Wilson 29615, SCOtolaryngology1033185491
David Brian Lovice 29150, SCOtolaryngology1477521227
Daniel L Rosner 29572, SCOtolaryngology1124087101
Richard C Osman 29572, SCOtolaryngology1346209848
Darin V Sutton 29526, SCOtolaryngology1285606350
Peter C Bondy 29526, SCOtolaryngology1316917057
Frederick E Freeman 29927, SCOtolaryngology1720054646
Calhoun D Cunningham 29572, SCOtolaryngology1215996822
Salvatore A. Zieno 29566, SCOtolaryngology1568433225
Henry Frederick Butehorn 29303, SCOtolaryngology1013972132
Christopher D Rucker 29303, SCOtolaryngology1881659852
Michael Curran Noone 29414, SCOtolaryngology1376500504
Dan M Hopla 29506, SCOtolaryngology1356391163
Albert Read Lewin 29906, SCOtolaryngology1962455519
David F Weir 29307, SCOtolaryngology1538113345
Henry Frederick Butehorn 29303, SCOtolaryngology1427014067
John A. Foster 29303, SCOtolaryngology1154387751
Richard M Weir 29303, SCOtolaryngology1356395164
Dole P Baker 29621, SCOtolaryngology1396797833
Robert Lafitte Eller 29615, SCOtolaryngology1164482683
Mark Jeffrey Abrams 29732, SCOtolaryngology1508827825
Terry L Fry 29440, SCOtolaryngology1104873017
James R Wells 29203, SCOtolaryngology1548200447
Jonathan D King 29072, SCOtolaryngology1811938830
William C Giles 29203, SCOtolaryngology1720029747
Anthony Edwin Harris 29801, SCOtolaryngology1346283223
Paul Carl Drago 29812, SCOtolaryngology1003850595
Jacquelyn A Going 29203, SCOtolaryngology1265469969
Thomas Oma Hester 29414, SCOtolaryngology1154361624
Gregory Hubert Esselman 20596, SCOtolaryngology1265479000
Orville H Dyce 29550, SCOtolaryngology1245260470
Michael Stephen Cooter 29615, SCOtolaryngology1326094046
Patrick William Mclear 29615, SCOtolaryngology1265488985
John Gordon Phillips 29615, SCOtolaryngology1790731412
Charles Edward Smith 29615, SCOtolaryngology1518914993
Anna L Bouknight 29205, SCOtolaryngology1821025529
Arthur M Labruce 29406, SCOtolaryngology1699708776
Paul Andrew Evangelisti 29150, SCOtolaryngology1982625745
Lawton Harris Salley 29621, SCOtolaryngology1912911165
Stephanie H Tetterton 29078, SCOtolaryngology1154339695
Edward Cantey Haile 29209, SCOtolaryngology1538179387
Terrence Day 29425, SCOtolaryngology1659484608
Lucinda Halstead 29425, SCOtolaryngology1386757342
Mark Hoy 29425, SCOtolaryngology1417060039
Paul Lambert 29425, SCOtolaryngology1881707412
John Osguthorpe 29425, SCOtolaryngology1902919533
Oliver P. Simmons 29072, SCOtolaryngology1992723183
Shawn P Mckay 29505, SCOtolaryngology1104837707
David Franklin Mckee 29207, SCOtolaryngology1336231612
Mark Drury Ghegan 29407, SCOtolaryngology1043308448
Thomas Slade Dozier 29407, SCOtolaryngology1619067949
Daniel Joseph Gallagher 29425, SCOtolaryngology1235219916
Kyle W Scates 29646, SCOtolaryngology1679657415
Gregory Tarasidis 29646, SCOtolaryngology1588748321
Kevin R Rust 29646, SCOtolaryngology1821172560
John Cameron Kirchner 29072, SCOtolaryngology1598842189
William David Isenhower 29646, SCOtolaryngology1982788725
Arthur Paul Wood 29611, SCOtolaryngology1336234046
Frank Reid Warder 29204, SCOtolaryngology1164596441
Paul S. Drohan 30905, SCOtolaryngology1912073313
Erik Swanson 29407, SCOtolaryngology1114074937
Stephen J Kroll 29212, SCOtolaryngology1427107150
James Capers Hiott 29168, SCOtolaryngology1871630210
Krishna G Patel 29425, SCOtolaryngology1215062153
Edward Benjamin Penn 29615, SCOtolaryngology1053474163
Benjamin Daniel Paysinger 29205, SCOtolaryngology1689748881
Tab Eugene Thompson 29205, SCOtolaryngology1245304468
Timothy J Kelly 29732, SCOtolaryngology1689731085
Patrick Constantine Angelos 29414, SCOtolaryngology1487857272
Daniel Mcqueen Ervin 29505, SCOtolaryngology1285825240
Patrick O'brien Sheahan 29425, SCOtolaryngology1932380664
David Watson Rodwell 29401, SCOtolaryngology1063687325
Thomas S Sellner 29607, SCOtolaryngology1891953956
Andrew Mitchell Rampey 29615, SCOtolaryngology1306055702
William David Frazier 29615, SCOtolaryngology1700069648
Ross Michael Germani 29650, SCOtolaryngology1992916704
Daniel Frederick Boxwell 29678, SCOtolaryngology1518181148
Drew V Collins 29678, SCOtolaryngology1629299375
David Gudis 29425, SCOtolaryngology1699939249
Kenneth A Brown 29902, SCOtolaryngology1699778076
Nathan Scott Alexander 29615, SCOtolaryngology1902009996
Paul Lawson Davis 29615, SCOtolaryngology1396929964
Kimberly Renee Ostrowski 29631, SCOtolaryngology1932399136
Phillip T Suwan 29801, SCOtolaryngology1043473895
Trinitia Yevette Cannon 29425, SCOtolaryngology1376763276
Thomas Justin Way 29621, SCOtolaryngology1386897346
Barry Thomas Malin 29425, SCOtolaryngology1063653186
Hans T Carlson 29607, SCOtolaryngology1003050154
Shaun A Nguyen 29425, SCOtolaryngology1386871499
Newton Gaston Quantz 29492, SCOtolaryngology1215268578
Jay Michael Cline 29425, SCOtolaryngology1922319813
Mayuri Mohan Rajapurkar 29425, SCOtolaryngology1821369414
Clarice Seifert Clemmens 29425, SCOtolaryngology1962638502
Evan Michael Graboyes 29425, SCOtolaryngology1760778682
Florence A Othieno 29425, SCOtolaryngology1538541206
Jessica Gullung Lee 29414, SCOtolaryngology1194952705
Joseph L. A. Russell 29420, SCOtolaryngology1578855433
Katherine Adams Gossett 29425, SCOtolaryngology1932692696
Travis Parke Schrank 29425, SCOtolaryngology1457614703
Sarfaraz Mubarak Banglawala 29425, SCOtolaryngology1194150573
Alexander Walker Murphey 29425, SCOtolaryngology1982084893
Habib Rizk 29425, SCOtolaryngology1881959864
Margaret Skinner 29425, SCOtolaryngology1346326055
Richard John Harvey 29425, SCOtolaryngology1366632853
David Michael Neskey 29425, SCOtolaryngology1366694218
George Stratos Tarasidis 29425, SCOtolaryngology1881955011
Aaron Michael Hilton 29072, SCOtolaryngology1306106794
Helen Amelia Moses 29150, SCOtolaryngology1124384631
Michael Richard Bobian 29425, SCOtolaryngology1538696091
Mitchell Joseph Isaac 29425, SCOtolaryngology1790213973
Preeti Kohli 29425, SCOtolaryngology1457880528
Julien Norton 29414, SCOtolaryngology1508124348
Sheila Putman 29572, SCOtolaryngology1053675819
Robert Michael Brody 29425, SCOtolaryngology1164785523
David Macias 29425, SCOtolaryngology1245724996
Frederick Yoo 29425, SCOtolaryngology1811330426
Joshua Dean Horton 29425, SCOtolaryngology1992153076
Mark Steven Costello 29425, SCOtolaryngology1497103550
Mark Andrew Ellis 29425, SCOtolaryngology1629427752
Thomas Edward Nix 29607, SCOtolaryngology1316497845
James Robert Dornhoffer 29425, SCOtolaryngology1326578022
Kleve Woods Granger 68198, SCOtolaryngology1972023323
Don R Christian 29902, SCOtolaryngology1467455949
Geoffrey Barrett Pitzer 29425, SCOtolaryngology1770673238
Courtney Brynn Tipton 29425, SCOtolaryngology1336630268
Lindsey Shehee 29425, SCOtolaryngology1407349822
Tyler Mark Rist 29425, SCOtolaryngology1356906697
Joshua Evan Fabie 29425, SCOtolaryngology1245898436
Brendan Hardy 29425, SCOtolaryngology1932667276
Kristen Deyoung Pitts 29303, SCOtolaryngology1891107702
Peter Horwich 29425, SCOtolaryngology1831751437
Phayvanh Pecha 29425, SCOtolaryngology1396189486
Neela Rao 29732, SCOtolaryngology1255673885
W. Michael Greene 29615, SCOtolaryngology1063656924
Phong Le 29425, SCOtolaryngology1841604956
Chad B Gunnlaugsson 29223, SCOtolaryngology1194755314
Janaki Lakshmi Emani 29078, SCOtolaryngology1841450962
Natalie Vercillo Sciarrino 29078, SCOtolaryngology1932499159
Robert Puchalski 29078, SCOtolaryngology1740215904
Jacob Patrick Ossoff 29078, SCOtolaryngology1073958989
Joseph Anthony Sciarrino 29078, SCOtolaryngology1225262777
Brian Boone 29078, SCOtolaryngology1821309683
Valerie Alison Fritsch 29078, SCOtolaryngology1447513643
David Macy Vidrine 29078, SCOtolaryngology1447293121
Corin Kinkhabwala 29425, SCOtolaryngology1447874466
Jenna Hanner Barengo 29425, SCOtolaryngology1013532670
James Deal Sullivan 29425, SCOtolaryngology1285259754
Andrew Tyler Heffernan 29607, SCOtolaryngology1851788749
Mitchell Worley 29303, SCOtolaryngology1528447281
Zachary Griggs 29621, SCOtolaryngology1063805992
Joel Christopher Davies 29425, SCOtolaryngology1235756578
John Fitzgerald Ansley 29118, SCOtolaryngology1790733590
Patrick George Mcmenamin 29801, SCOtolaryngology1407922669
David A. Rosi 29505, SCOtolaryngology1144228271
George F Harris 29485, SCOtolaryngology1689885659
Jane W Riester 29621, SCOtolaryngology1518988450
Andrew P Battiata 29169, SCOtolaryngology1639222037
Ted Meyer 29425, SCOtolaryngology1093821399
Rodney Schlosser 29425, SCOtolaryngology1992818538
Neal W Burkhalter 29169, SCOtolaryngology1285897470
David Randall White 29425, SCOtolaryngology1285747824
Zachary Michael Soler 29425, SCOtolaryngology1619121464
Robert C Waters 29425, SCOtolaryngology1548252372
Joshua Hornig 29425, SCOtolaryngology1518070135
Eric Joseph Lentsch 29425, SCOtolaryngology1508846460
William Wise Crosby Carroll 29425, SCOtolaryngology1124380084
Vilija Jo Vaitaitis 29425, SCOtolaryngology1215314372
Rachel Kuegler Greenfield 29550, SCOtolaryngology1194129643
Ashli K O'rourke 29425, SCOtolaryngology1558574152
Brian Kent Heaberlin 29169, SCOtolaryngology1992730493
Jordan W Rawl 29169, SCOtolaryngology1184035628
Melanie Wilson Seybt 29169, SCOtolaryngology1841310851


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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