Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Douglas Martin 78665, TXOtolaryngology1225031305
Mark L. Winter 79414, TXOtolaryngology1740283571
Rick Earl Erickson 75460, TXOtolaryngology1457354367
Robert C Mclean 79119, TXOtolaryngology1558364398
Donald John Koepsell 75150, TXOtolaryngology1255334710
Newton J. Coker 77030, TXOtolaryngology1679577571
Neil P Williams 75063, TXOtolaryngology1003810086
Frank W Theilen 75063, TXOtolaryngology1295739266
Lav A Kapadia 75035, TXOtolaryngology1437153418
Michael Bertino 78229, TXOtolaryngology1114921020
Susan Eicher 77030, TXOtolaryngology1962406801
Ellen M. Friedman 77030, TXOtolaryngology1194729897
Carla M. Giannoni 77030, TXOtolaryngology1790789444
David Lee Whitt 75503, TXOtolaryngology1912901570
James A Hutcheson 75503, TXOtolaryngology1679577233
Anthony Brissett 77030, TXOtolaryngology1033113014
Paul Donald Whitt 75503, TXOtolaryngology1396749883
Gerald P Laursen 78229, TXOtolaryngology1891799383
Keith Andrew Picou 78503, TXOtolaryngology1881699270
James Joseph Sorce 78503, TXOtolaryngology1285639419
Daniel Joseph Verret 75024, TXOtolaryngology1194720201
Neelesh H Mehendale 75035, TXOtolaryngology1235134271
Joseph Howard Hemer 78503, TXOtolaryngology1891790945
James Turner Wright 78503, TXOtolaryngology1902801988
Stephenville Medical And Surgical Clinic Pa 76401, TXOtolaryngology1912902826
Alfredo Jimenez 77058, TXOtolaryngology1396740650
William E Dietze 75482, TXOtolaryngology1396740387
Frank Robert Glatz 78503, TXOtolaryngology1811992977
Michael Lewis Mintz 78411, TXOtolaryngology1023013612
Randall Scott Zane 78411, TXOtolaryngology1609871201
Paul W Loeffler 78411, TXOtolaryngology1508861188
George H Fisher 78411, TXOtolaryngology1558366070
Dennis Eric Rose 77642, TXOtolaryngology1861498099
Kim E Pershall 79410, TXOtolaryngology1497751663
Linda A Mumford 75020, TXOtolaryngology1437155769
Stephen J White 76244, TXOtolaryngology1144226812
Robert D Oshman 78411, TXOtolaryngology1023013604
Lynda Visher-west 75224, TXOtolaryngology1730186917
Marcelle Sulek 77030, TXOtolaryngology1619974631
Michael B Kronenberger 75246, TXOtolaryngology1790782712
Karen Lee Stierman 78746, TXOtolaryngology1972500072
James J. Ludwick 77082, TXOtolaryngology1093712085
Thomas Cunning Bramhall 75057, TXOtolaryngology1265439962
Don Auffurth Duplan 77640, TXOtolaryngology1598763062
Jesse Moss 78233, TXOtolaryngology1851399463
Kellous Andrew Price 77845, TXOtolaryngology1285632679
Harry Schilling 78229, TXOtolaryngology1578561825
Stephen Talley 78229, TXOtolaryngology1770581852
Kelsey seybold Medical Group, Pllc 77025, TXOtolaryngology1013915255
Jeffrey T. Vrabec 77030, TXOtolaryngology1609873629
Healthtexas Provider Network 75246, TXOtolaryngology1376541193
Christopher Spencer Cochran 75231, TXOtolaryngology1306845839
Gilbert Ruiz 78229, TXOtolaryngology1104825041
David Lee Pearsey 77074, TXOtolaryngology1720088628
Jeremy Alperin 75201, TXOtolaryngology1740280635
Richard Frank Montgomery 78028, TXOtolaryngology1326048133
Nolan Daniel Shipman 77802, TXOtolaryngology1306846084
Juan Alfredo Bonilla 78248, TXOtolaryngology1548260078
Kristin F Lower 75503, TXOtolaryngology1376543777
Bechara Y Ghorayeb 77043, TXOtolaryngology1538160312
Diana H Henderson 78229, TXOtolaryngology1083615884
Patrick Brown 78229, TXOtolaryngology1528069325
William Carl Smith 78217, TXOtolaryngology1336140680
Kevin Edward Bright 79902, TXOtolaryngology1174524441
Rodney Keith Jamison 79902, TXOtolaryngology1730180019
Harold Scott Pine 77555, TXOtolaryngology1205838612
Daniel Fleming 78229, TXOtolaryngology1891797254
Robert P. Spears 78229, TXOtolaryngology1578555710
Devang P. Desai 78229, TXOtolaryngology1881696342
Stephen Alan Landers 75231, TXOtolaryngology1487646568
Michael M Gnuechtel 78028, TXOtolaryngology1033101902
Mark Boston 78207, TXOtolaryngology1023000601
Dwight Augustus Lee 75218, TXOtolaryngology1932191608
Jennifer Ann Jordan 75218, TXOtolaryngology1003808528
Head & Neck Surgical Associates 76310, TXOtolaryngology1053304030
Donald L Bomer 76308, TXOtolaryngology1477546331
Earl F Singleton 76310, TXOtolaryngology1275526063
Khoa D Tran 77065, TXOtolaryngology1124011945
Barry B Prestridge 76310, TXOtolaryngology1407849219
William Russell Fell 79410, TXOtolaryngology1134112865
Melinda A Duncan 75801, TXOtolaryngology1023000171
Medical Center Ear, Nose And Throat Associates Of Houston, Pllc 77098, TXOtolaryngology1124011465
Richard D Thrasher 75069, TXOtolaryngology1912990433
Diagnostic Clinic Of Longview Pa 75605, TXOtolaryngology1386638468
Robert Ellis Bonham 75246, TXOtolaryngology1649264359
Junior Defreitas 76210, TXOtolaryngology1548254188
James H Atkins 78256, TXOtolaryngology1396730776
James Thomas Albright 77030, TXOtolaryngology1548255805
Joseph Lindsay Edmonds 77030, TXOtolaryngology1457346710
C Richard Stasney 77030, TXOtolaryngology1447245709
John Kerrison Jones 77030, TXOtolaryngology1174518468
Newton Oran Duncan 77030, TXOtolaryngology1144215302
Sally Fleming Shu 77090, TXOtolaryngology1609861343
Diane Marie Shirley - Davis 77070, TXOtolaryngology1053308569
Physicians Of King's Daughters P.a. 76502, TXOtolaryngology1750378774
Patrick W Slater 78758, TXOtolaryngology1467440180
Carlos Ayala 78504, TXOtolaryngology1881688174
David P Zarin 77379, TXOtolaryngology1083601462
David Weigand Sargent 75482, TXOtolaryngology1710973748
Sylvester G. Ramirez 78028, TXOtolaryngology1972599942
Thomas Mason Lunsford 77566, TXOtolaryngology1821082520
Eugene Landon Alford 77030, TXOtolaryngology1093700387
James Vardaman Kemper 78731, TXOtolaryngology1568450948
John Wade Youngblood 78229, TXOtolaryngology1952399230
John Franklin Hudnall 75701, TXOtolaryngology1487643086
Thomas Yl Hung 75230, TXOtolaryngology1972592368
Jimmy W.c. Lee 77429, TXOtolaryngology1104815547
Cashell Donahoe 77904, TXOtolaryngology1568453488
Joseph Thanh Hoang 77904, TXOtolaryngology1649261579
Jeffrey Alan Faulkner 78114, TXOtolaryngology1316938160
Alan H Dinesman 78229, TXOtolaryngology1710978051
Natalie A Roberge 76092, TXOtolaryngology1700867926
Steven Phillip Peskind 75093, TXOtolaryngology1104807544
Butler & Burns Ear Nose & Throat Associates 78705, TXOtolaryngology1174505473
Francis M Bonner 77090, TXOtolaryngology1154303931
Edward D Buckingham 78746, TXOtolaryngology1467434142
William Patrick Sage 77904, TXOtolaryngology1437140118
Oscar Tamez 78681, TXOtolaryngology1811986219
Jennifer Gaye Hennessee 78155, TXOtolaryngology1710977145
Howard Scott Garb 75703, TXOtolaryngology1427047042
Michael Ross Lewis 75703, TXOtolaryngology1649269119
Steuart Lawrence Heaton 75703, TXOtolaryngology1841289303
Troy Allen Callender 75703, TXOtolaryngology1699764290
Daniel James Leeman 78723, TXOtolaryngology1508849696
John William Jones 78666, TXOtolaryngology1508849548
Marshall Health Services Inc 75670, TXOtolaryngology1265415905
Horacio J Guzman 77089, TXOtolaryngology1992788400
Charles M Stiernberg 77074, TXOtolaryngology1629051156
Yoav Hahn 75230, TXOtolaryngology1922082247
James Todd Andrews 77339, TXOtolaryngology1003890203
Luis Balbuena 75670, TXOtolaryngology1649254749
Wallace Edmondson Taylor 78746, TXOtolaryngology1831173707
John R. Marchbanks 79415, TXOtolaryngology1003890930
Alastair Glyn Lynn-macrae 78503, TXOtolaryngology1437133055
Juan Rayner Dickey 77063, TXOtolaryngology1972588481
Michelle Cummins 77979, TXOtolaryngology1811972185
Leslie K Williamson 76904, TXOtolaryngology1477538502
David M Huchton 76904, TXOtolaryngology1811972946
Basem Jassin 75119, TXOtolaryngology1336124130
Mark Michael Altenau 75230, TXOtolaryngology1710963368
Luke Ignatius Burke 77008, TXOtolaryngology1164408563
Panhandle Ear Nose & Throat Associates Llp 79119, TXOtolaryngology1275510737
Denis K. Hoasjoe 77521, TXOtolaryngology1811974090
Martin L Schneider 79119, TXOtolaryngology1063499416
Walter Douglas Appling 77063, TXOtolaryngology1083691216
Stephen George Krzeminski 76048, TXOtolaryngology1992783393
Cameron Godfrey 76310, TXOtolaryngology1306824578
Michael Joseph Streitmann 77004, TXOtolaryngology1386624450
Clinics Of North Texas Llp 76302, TXOtolaryngology1720067358
David I. Chenault 77070, TXOtolaryngology1922082494
Maria Clemencia Veling 75390, TXOtolaryngology1295714871
Walter Parker Moore 77339, TXOtolaryngology1326021841
David Devorkin 77479, TXOtolaryngology1477537603
Marvin W Lerner 77074, TXOtolaryngology1134102643
Palivela P Raju 77414, TXOtolaryngology1699758664
David Crockett Teller 78744, TXOtolaryngology1154300788
Stacie S Morgan 79119, TXOtolaryngology1144207622
Geoffrey L Wright 79119, TXOtolaryngology1306823752
West Texas Medical Associates 76904, TXOtolaryngology1457339525
Jeffrey S Zapalac 78705, TXOtolaryngology1013988336
Chung-sen Hsu 75080, TXOtolaryngology1639140460
James Richard Phelan 77058, TXOtolaryngology1598736290
Joseph Brennan 78236, TXOtolaryngology1497727481
Thomas W Cooper 75701, TXOtolaryngology1770556516
George Kostohryz 76135, TXOtolaryngology1821062357
Charles F. Lano 78130, TXOtolaryngology1124092671
Bruce Leipzig 76801, TXOtolaryngology1356315667
R Otto Md Pa 76210, TXOtolaryngology1548234636
Michael Dennis Bryan 76092, TXOtolaryngology1043284128
Russell Jon Otto 76210, TXOtolaryngology1932173051
Eric M Gross 79936, TXOtolaryngology1053386763
Carlos R Cesar 79935, TXOtolaryngology1841265279
James Dan Toney 75701, TXOtolaryngology1336115104
Kevin Raynard Smith 77030, TXOtolaryngology1033185178
James M. Hicks 78758, TXOtolaryngology1801863840
Austin Otology Associates Pa 78758, TXOtolaryngology1659349009
H Allen Anderson 76904, TXOtolaryngology1043289614
Ewen Y Tseng 75034, TXOtolaryngology1053380469
Keith E Matheny 75034, TXOtolaryngology1205805462
Binoy Mathew Chandy 77030, TXOtolaryngology1104885003
Ears And Hearing, P.a. 78758, TXOtolaryngology1457310534
Michael Joseph Biavati 75231, TXOtolaryngology1790745586
Ralph Cepero 79761, TXOtolaryngology1952379414
Harold Stephenson Parks 77701, TXOtolaryngology1275508764
Larry Leonard Myers 75390, TXOtolaryngology1285603035
Monica Jane Hardee 75703, TXOtolaryngology1285609883
Joseph Lee Leach 75390, TXOtolaryngology1114986627
Patti C. Huang 75035, TXOtolaryngology1710955893
The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 78758, TXOtolaryngology1912971961
Mark C Littlejohn 75034, TXOtolaryngology1932176252
John R. Austin 78503, TXOtolaryngology1740251057
William B Cobb 75034, TXOtolaryngology1730149691
Armando M. Lenis 76508, TXOtolaryngology1720048382
Orval E Brown 75390, TXOtolaryngology1992766109
John Martin Hammerick 78414, TXOtolaryngology1871554832
William D Clark 78207, TXOtolaryngology1306807268
Benjamin A Bassichis 75254, TXOtolaryngology1417918947
Roger D. Tuggle 76508, TXOtolaryngology1659333128
Dennis L. Williams 76508, TXOtolaryngology1366404071
Dan Frederick Madsen 77488, TXOtolaryngology1194789883


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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