Providers with Taxonomy: Otolaryngology in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stephen Michael Bane 22191, VAOtolaryngology1528046349
Alicia Ruth Sanderson 22306, VAOtolaryngology1578531919
Potomac Audiology Llc 22193, VAOtolaryngology1710586300
Vartan Mardirossian 33458, VAOtolaryngology1700026036
Bluefield Hospital Company Llc 24605, VAOtolaryngology1851859086
Robert Reed 15601, VAOtolaryngology1962822304
Jonathon Bryce-edward Olenczak 77030, VAOtolaryngology1225395833
Cmh Physician Services, Llc 23970, VAOtolaryngology1194760645
Ridgeline Physician Services, Plc 22701, VAOtolaryngology1952627119
Sneh Lavingia 23834, VAOtolaryngology1902168545
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital, Inc. 22664, VAOtolaryngology1407357015
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23061, VAOtolaryngology1114170552
Loudoun Medical Group Pc 20176, VAOtolaryngology1215051693
Justin Wayne Douglas 24426, VAOtolaryngology1326210857
Warren Memorial Hospital, Inc. 22630, VAOtolaryngology1538654991
Andrew Tyler Heffernan 29607, VAOtolaryngology1851788749
Albemarle Physician Services Sentara, Inc 23502, VAOtolaryngology1942443130
Andrew Bluher 63110, VAOtolaryngology1659790525
Robert Michael Liebman 32610, VAOtolaryngology1760844427
Erin Rae Spadaro Hamersley 32212, VAOtolaryngology1023303583
James Phillip Oberman 21701, VAOtolaryngology1780664979
George S Conley 32508, VAOtolaryngology1457330250
Benjamin Peter Hull 24060, VAOtolaryngology1649596776
Michael Keith Bowman 24060, VAOtolaryngology1376510073
Jennifer Nelson 24060, VAOtolaryngology1942439096
Christopher James Kandl 23219, VAOtolaryngology1346535846
Jae Y Kim 22201, VAOtolaryngology1609168327
Tyler Keith Deblieux 31405, VAOtolaryngology1295154748
Eric Nicholas Appelbaum 77030, VAOtolaryngology1538506498
Nicole Juliette Colgrove 20190, VAOtolaryngology1538574058
Paul W Lenkowski 24018, VAOtolaryngology1497964886
Fernando Gomez-rivera 77089, VAOtolaryngology1225303001
Wythe County Physician Practices Llc 24382, VAOtolaryngology1780630327
Michael R Abidin 22310, VAOtolaryngology1568465912
Iyad S Saidi 22310, VAOtolaryngology1164425500
M Tarek Orfaly 22310, VAOtolaryngology1578566931
Mark R Hanabury 24153, VAOtolaryngology1134121338
Thomas Meeks 23226, VAOtolaryngology1184629982
James C Tyson 23236, VAOtolaryngology1366447047
Nicholas George Tarasidis 23236, VAOtolaryngology1548266299
James Russell Hengerer 24501, VAOtolaryngology1790782092
Andrea E.p. Kittrell 24501, VAOtolaryngology1972500270
William Paul Magdycz 23708, VAOtolaryngology1437156577
Robert J Brager 23116, VAOtolaryngology1568460087
Alan J Burke 23236, VAOtolaryngology1992703417
Edward Thomas Newbill 23230, VAOtolaryngology1346248101
Michael Perlman 23236, VAOtolaryngology1881693091
Bill Wayne Berry 23456, VAOtolaryngology1639179153
Caleb R Massey 22401, VAOtolaryngology1568464642
George L Murrell 23320, VAOtolaryngology1427050228
Nariman Dash 22401, VAOtolaryngology1518959980
David Andrew Franz 22401, VAOtolaryngology1750373148
Charles Wayne Gates 22801, VAOtolaryngology1649263757
John Kalafsky 23507, VAOtolaryngology1700887239
Michael Shroyer 23507, VAOtolaryngology1760483937
David Dorofi 23507, VAOtolaryngology1548261928
Brian Deutsch 23507, VAOtolaryngology1881695252
Richard Jeffrey Hood 23507, VAOtolaryngology1598766792
Michael Arthur Alexiou 22801, VAOtolaryngology1922091917
George J Farrell 24614, VAOtolaryngology1962494922
Thomas H. Rhee 20110, VAOtolaryngology1588658843
James Meron Wade 24210, VAOtolaryngology1942296652
David W Leonard 23320, VAOtolaryngology1477547180
Danny A Neal 22801, VAOtolaryngology1598750499
Daniel Dare Rooney 22180, VAOtolaryngology1649261637
Pierre Thomas Martin 23435, VAOtolaryngology1225010143
Aaron J Prussin 24060, VAOtolaryngology1609867266
Virginia Ear Nose & Throat Associates Pc 23236, VAOtolaryngology1356325757
James Lionel Raj 24273, VAOtolaryngology1063496941
William H Lindsey 20190, VAOtolaryngology1982688610
Charles David Crouse 24153, VAOtolaryngology1851377857
James Noice Black 23665, VAOtolaryngology1164409959
Paige L Powers 22911, VAOtolaryngology1730168063
Piedmont Otolaryngology, Plc 22911, VAOtolaryngology1285613513
Thomas Walter Futrell 22939, VAOtolaryngology1194704379
Michelle Ferdinand Liu 23708, VAOtolaryngology1851371397
Peter Thomas Galantich 23606, VAOtolaryngology1457321515
Richard B. Robins 23606, VAOtolaryngology1073583142
Ross Martin Younger 23606, VAOtolaryngology1326018409
Joseph F Wilson 23606, VAOtolaryngology1891765400
Ashley Anders Schroeder 23507, VAOtolaryngology1154391829
Evms Academic Physicians And Surgeons Health Services Foundation 23508, VAOtolaryngology1003887118
Eric J Simko 23606, VAOtolaryngology1245201367
Tu Tran 24153, VAOtolaryngology1467423277
Stephen H Goldberger 23901, VAOtolaryngology1801868864
Richard Francis Smith 24541, VAOtolaryngology1063484863
Thomas Quinn Gallagher 23708, VAOtolaryngology1538131255
Alvin Israel Goldstone 23226, VAOtolaryngology1447224027
Anthony Michael Giordano 23226, VAOtolaryngology1720052319
Ear Nose And Throat Specialist Of Central Virginia 23226, VAOtolaryngology1174597785
William Lee Wilkes 23226, VAOtolaryngology1851365126
Michael George Mellis 20190, VAOtolaryngology1720052178
Matthew Allen Bridges 23114, VAOtolaryngology1285608430
Sarah Margaret Gregor 23507, VAOtolaryngology1861466559
Scott D. Spagnoli 22205, VAOtolaryngology1861467326
Daniel W Karakla 23507, VAOtolaryngology1760457055
Stephanie Ann Moody Antonio 23507, VAOtolaryngology1366418956
Barry Strasnick 23507, VAOtolaryngology1922075308
Scott Harris Saffold 23306, VAOtolaryngology1801863162
John T. Sinacori 23507, VAOtolaryngology1316914674
Antonio J. Cachay 22003, VAOtolaryngology1154398378
Denton Dean Weiss 23452, VAOtolaryngology1609843697
Kenneth R Bergman 20121, VAOtolaryngology1659349447
Robert Bruce Robillard 24541, VAOtolaryngology1598733131
Thomas Carter Robertson 23236, VAOtolaryngology1699743773
Clifton C Hickman 23236, VAOtolaryngology1972571198
Curtis Wesley Gaball 23455, VAOtolaryngology1265492227
Trang T. Vo-nguyen 20152, VAOtolaryngology1164483517
Catherine Rees Lintzenich 23185, VAOtolaryngology1427019793
Timothy Patrick O'malley 23708, VAOtolaryngology1063473395
Joseph L Mikus 22601, VAOtolaryngology1740241959
Cameron Alexander Gillespie 24333, VAOtolaryngology1790747889
Lorenz Frederick Lassen 23434, VAOtolaryngology1164485652
Stephen H Goldberger, Md 23901, VAOtolaryngology1134182181
Christopher Yongsu Chang 20186, VAOtolaryngology1649234824
Scott Y Pharr 23188, VAOtolaryngology1619931649
Alan T. Richards 68114, VAOtolaryngology1003871591
Mark I Rubinstein 22031, VAOtolaryngology1003871971
R Jack Eastham 22902, VAOtolaryngology1477518389
Daniel D Lydiatt 68114, VAOtolaryngology1417913302
Kevin David Meakin 23434, VAOtolaryngology1730145418
Edilberto Olarte Pelausa 23434, VAOtolaryngology1649236233
Timothy Paul Mcbride 22031, VAOtolaryngology1225094667
Matthew E Karen 22601, VAOtolaryngology1477519833
Zoheir J Kaiser 23970, VAOtolaryngology1932157187
Evan Ralph Reiter 23219, VAOtolaryngology1447208525
Julie Ann Berry 92083, VAOtolaryngology1699724666
Craig S. Derkay 23507, VAOtolaryngology1346290798
Ednan Mushtaq 22101, VAOtolaryngology1639129091
David H. Darrow 23507, VAOtolaryngology1528018074
Paul L. Strausbaugh 24457, VAOtolaryngology1619927134
Chesapeake Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, P.c. 23320, VAOtolaryngology1982656088
Garrison Vasile Morin 22602, VAOtolaryngology1003874934
Deborah Joan Doyle 22031, VAOtolaryngology1821054248
Mark A Soltany 22031, VAOtolaryngology1861458960
Andrew Benedict Silva 20176, VAOtolaryngology1972569192
William Lydiatt 68114, VAOtolaryngology1578528055
Robert S Bahadori 22031, VAOtolaryngology1053377903
Patty Lee 22031, VAOtolaryngology1942266044
Bryan Anthony Mckenzie 22031, VAOtolaryngology1699730515
Sarita Kaza 22046, VAOtolaryngology1639125370
John David Lieser 22401, VAOtolaryngology1548217326
P & A Associates Ent Pc 23116, VAOtolaryngology1144261884
Laurence J Dinardo 23298, VAOtolaryngology1750324299
David Scott Cross 23116, VAOtolaryngology1487697868
Julie Ann Redmon 23059, VAOtolaryngology1841234416
John Patrick Lyle 23434, VAOtolaryngology1316982168
Kimberly Pasquale 23320, VAOtolaryngology1982640793
Kelley Melissa Dodson 23219, VAOtolaryngology1386670248
Andrew Jared Heller 23219, VAOtolaryngology1013943976
Edward D Marion 22044, VAOtolaryngology1922034974
Richard E Linde 22044, VAOtolaryngology1265468235
Alan Keyes 23320, VAOtolaryngology1710913322
Bjh Md Pllc 23188, VAOtolaryngology1477582559
Leticia Ibarra Peltzer 24211, VAOtolaryngology1437189149
Samuel J Meadema 24541, VAOtolaryngology1649225764
Russell Alan Davis 24333, VAOtolaryngology1679504021
Aristides Sismanis 23219, VAOtolaryngology1396787073
Oleg N. Militsakh 68114, VAOtolaryngology1306879291
Theodore W. Fetter 22180, VAOtolaryngology1740213891
Peter L Rigby 23236, VAOtolaryngology1770509879
Francis Xavier Buckman 22401, VAOtolaryngology1477579662
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23606, VAOtolaryngology1669498317
Central Virginia Ent Associates, Inc 24503, VAOtolaryngology1952328304
Loudoun Medical Group Pc 20176, VAOtolaryngology1679591440
Mountain View Ear Nose And Throat 22601, VAOtolaryngology1154349975
Richard Debo 23320, VAOtolaryngology1457371163
Smyth County Community Hospital 24354, VAOtolaryngology1245251099
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23185, VAOtolaryngology1831110501
James J Lee 20147, VAOtolaryngology1326052184
Mary Elizabeth Curtiss 24354, VAOtolaryngology1215943493
Matthew J Bak 23507, VAOtolaryngology1659386076
Karen L Hermansen 22044, VAOtolaryngology1003823311
Harrisonburg Ent Associates Inc 22801, VAOtolaryngology1841209772
Vesna Mrzljak 22304, VAOtolaryngology1518977263
John C Mason 22902, VAOtolaryngology1992717961
Larry A Cowley 24141, VAOtolaryngology1427061878
Khanh-gien Hoang 22046, VAOtolaryngology1265545222
Augusta Health Care, Inc. 22939, VAOtolaryngology1225142847
Jeffery John Kuhn 23320, VAOtolaryngology1891809448
Stevan T Hanna 24401, VAOtolaryngology1437265329
Joshua P Oppenheim 22152, VAOtolaryngology1699781609
Richard E Gardner 22152, VAOtolaryngology1336156819
Michelle M Roeser 22152, VAOtolaryngology1831113919
Josef Gurian 22152, VAOtolaryngology1609884063
Allen Mitchell 23708, VAOtolaryngology1740393370
Conrad R Zapanta Md Pc 22801, VAOtolaryngology1497863328
William Swain Teachey 23455, VAOtolaryngology1831207760
Eric Furst 22151, VAOtolaryngology1598875676
Commonwealth Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists Pc 23114, VAOtolaryngology1720190390
Zaven Jabourian 24641, VAOtolaryngology1487758660
Ali Moghtader 22191, VAOtolaryngology1386748572
Reston Ear Nose And Throat Pc 20190, VAOtolaryngology1508961087
Richard Joseph Grayson 24014, VAOtolaryngology1871698704
Ear Nose & Throat Specialists Of Northern Va 22044, VAOtolaryngology1760588628
Gopesh Kumar Sharma 22031, VAOtolaryngology1194822783
Ole W Renick Md Pc 24153, VAOtolaryngology1508963711
Shenandoah Head And Neck Specialists, Plc 22601, VAOtolaryngology1659478485
David Christopher Roska 23708, VAOtolaryngology1467551861
Metropolitan Ent, Pc 22310, VAOtolaryngology1740389857


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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