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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Daniel W. Hankley NCPain Management1386691707
David L Mevorach NYPain Management1386614253
Edward Alan Lewis NCPain Management1043233299
Eric T Roslonski NCPain Management1730147273
Priscilla Agbenyefia Pain Management1851786420
Vimal B Choudhari SCPain Management1790883627
Superior Anesthesia Associates Ltd Pain Management1780652883
St. Catherine Physician Services Of Pennsylvania, Llc Pain Management1003907999
Pain Care Psc Pain Management1275601049
Calm Air Pain Therapy Llc Pain Management1023593399
Harry Bell Md Psc KYPain Management1912108028
Ashland Physiatry & Pain Management KYPain Management1588865398
Howard L. Feinberg,d.o.,p.s.c. KYPain Management1376745950
Ohio Valley Pain Medicine, Psc KYPain Management1962635151
Ashalnd Hospital Corporation Pain Management1477038453
Bellefonte Physician Services, Inc. Pain Management1710130406
Integrative Consulting Llc Pain Management1689041899
Kings Daughters Medical Specialties Interventional Spine Pain Management1740763945
Anesthesia Physicians Care, Psc KYPain Management1730172552
Cornerstone Psychological Affiliates Pain Management1912933169
Cornerstone Psychological Affiliates Pain Management1396775771
Cornerstone Psychological Affil Pain Management1356371710
Cardiac Anesthesia Physicians Care, Pllc KYPain Management1902823982
Our Lady Bellefonte Hospital, Inc KYPain Management1306907480
Harry Jules Bell KYPain Management1932211075
Leon B Briggs KYPain Management1255345955
Sriram K Iyer KYPain Management1689722100
Wendy Jo Sharp KYPain Management1760478317
Medical Necessities, Inc. TNPain Management1083807358
Liquid Rei, Llc Pain Management1972774313
Paul C Shin Md Inc Pain Management1568428118
Chandresh S Shah OHPain Management1437154234
Samita Sumi Das OHPain Management1487092920
Global Health Medical Group Llc Pain Management1992357198
Aspen Pain Practice Pc Pain Management1992772396
Aspen Anesthesia, Inc COPain Management1811042898
Giora Hahn COPain Management1417924838
Pain Med P C PAPain Management1013948538
Pain Med Pc PAPain Management1871834085
Pain Med Pc PAPain Management1346581477
Pinnacle Wellness Advisors Llc PAPain Management1841634607
Pain Med Pc PAPain Management1093056558
Washington Medical Pc NYPain Management1104848795
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Pain Management1437172335
Metropolitan Medical & Rehabilitation Pc Pain Management1356532436
New York Spine & Pain Care, Pc NYPain Management1760620058
Elite Medical & Rehab Services Pc Pain Management1033359112
Precision Pain Management, Pc NYPain Management1003124132
Universal Pain Management,pc Pain Management1548545841
Astoria Contemporary Medical, Pc NYPain Management1760739791
Astoria Pain Management, Pllc Pain Management1124371828
Damian J. Martino Md Pc NYPain Management1245571306
Ribeiro Pain Management Pllc Pain Management1194264044
Ari Benjamin Lerner NYPain Management1114958717
Damian Joseph Martino NYPain Management1659537041
David R Adin NYPain Management1134117211
Kioomars Moosazadeh NYPain Management1467423186
Lorraine Janice Glaves NYPain Management1164980496
Lucia Daiana Voiculescu NYPain Management1245348325
Narayan Ronur Lakshman NYPain Management1184889032
Sady Theodoro Ribeiro NYPain Management1083604888
Sawey Abdelkhalek Harhash NYPain Management1750399523
Usama Khayyal NYPain Management1003105792
Yakov Perper NYPain Management1841280997
Yuriy Olegovich Ivanov NYPain Management1790026011
Lags Spine & Sportscare Medical Center, Inc. Pain Management1376625020
Pain Management Specialists Medical Group Pain Management1265798599
Philnln, Inc. CAPain Management1932656337
Philip J Citek CAPain Management1275633232
Breakthrough Pain Management Pc NJPain Management1255516068
Arizona Procedural Center AZPain Management1669821252
Mark A Ellis, Md, Pc GAPain Management1841261294
Limestone Anesthesia Associates Pc Pain Management1841266434
Athens Spine Center Pc Pain Management1053488189
Right Relief Health, Pc GAPain Management1154557114
Athens Spine Wellness Center Llc GAPain Management1306275748
Athens Limestone Pain Center Pain Management1689063851
Anesthesia Services Associates, Pllc TNPain Management1316497837
Ashford Pain Solutions, Llc GAPain Management1689178170
Northeast Georgia Anesthesia Services Inc. Pain Management1104900497
Family First Healthcare Pain Management, Llc Pain Management1851857312
Ann Christine Still ALPain Management1811977135
Benjamin Ellis Mccurdy GAPain Management1225254931
Bogdan Cristian Jaliu GAPain Management1376747881
Chinonye Beverly Orizu GAPain Management1457662991
Curtis Donaldson Thornhill GAPain Management1649231283
Daniel Stephen Thomas GAPain Management1871768671
Dawnetta Janene Holladay GAPain Management1619958790
Fred Usoh GAPain Management1821277443
George Chen OHPain Management1659455111
George Thomas Morgan TNPain Management1114094935
Huber Matos-garsault GAPain Management1649217076
James Schley Ashford GAPain Management1447693833
Jason Adams Allen OHPain Management1194955658
Jerry Allen Spivey GAPain Management1538369343
Jian Hu GAPain Management1295939452
Jimmy Wayne Dunn ALPain Management1750357828
Jolaade Adebayo GAPain Management1316250434
Jon Franklin Bignault ALPain Management1851367965
Kenneth Alan Marshall OHPain Management1043294416
Mark A Ellis GAPain Management1730150194
Michael D Dykes GAPain Management1164456240
Mitchel Altman Leavitt GAPain Management1528204823
Nazario Villasenor GAPain Management1326241563
Olufemi A Ogunyemi GAPain Management1942300769
Peter Edward Fong GAPain Management1154312312
Reginald Strother GAPain Management1548241615
Richard D Campbell GAPain Management1932180759
Ruben Diaz GAPain Management1194751024
Stephen P Gibert GAPain Management1578671517
Terrance L Hughes GAPain Management1205837374
William Darrell Hammonds GAPain Management1831164011
William H Megdal GAPain Management1063472066
Interventional Spine And Pain Management Center, Pc Pain Management1023481918
North Fulton Anesthesia Associates Pc GAPain Management1467445262
Southeastern Pain & Rehabilitation Physicians, Pc Pain Management1467446237
Dothan Anesthesiology Associates Pc ALPain Management1013997857
Man In The Box Anesthesia Llc SCPain Management1760462378
Alan M Harben Md Phd GAPain Management1639121718
Pain Medicine Institute Pllc FLPain Management1629020508
Emory Clinic Inc Pain Management1396798229
Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute Inc Pain Management1346298023
Palmetto Health Pain Management1053357129
The Emory Clinic Inc GAPain Management1598794729
South Lake Anesthesia Services, P.a. Pain Management1346255056
Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic Pa Pain Management1811912611
Premier Anesthesia Of Georgia Llc Pain Management1811403207
Physician Specialists In Anesthesia, P.c. GAPain Management1316968662
Orthoatlanta, Llc Pain Management1982618294
Dr. Dale Wickstrom hill Pa FLPain Management1174621114
Virginia Spine Institute Plc Pain Management1356435580
The Pain Intervention Center Pain Management1760554299
Southeastern Pain Specialists, P.c. Pain Management1942357983
Alan M. Harben M.d. Phd Pc GAPain Management1174733745
Pain Management And Rehabilitation, Inc. GAPain Management1194900035
Advance Pain Center Llc GAPain Management1780862409
Piedmont Pain Consultants, P.c. GAPain Management1376715995
Greater Atlanta Anesthesia Specialists Pc GAPain Management1437326071
Metro Atlanta Pain, Llc GAPain Management1811159320
The Emory Clinic Inc Pain Management1346403854
Pain Medicine Inc FLPain Management1376706283
Orthoatlanta, Llc GAPain Management1043331978
Orthoatlanta, Llc Pain Management1164646139
American Anesthesiology Of North Carolina, Pllc Pain Management1609082718
Emory Medical Care Foundation Inc Pain Management1063678563
Emory Medical Care Foundation Pain Management1952567463
Emory Medical Care Foundation Inc Pain Management1073779591
Onp Specialty Group, Pc GAPain Management1134361736
Southwest Florida Anesthesia, Pa Pain Management1659605194
Gulfport Anesthesia And Pain Treatment, Pllc Pain Management1578898664
North Georgia Pain Specialist, Llc Pain Management1336474311
Palmetto Health Pain Management1871822304
Opulent Wellness Llc GAPain Management1144545922
Ispm Of Florida Pain Management1023335296
Dr. Pain Llc GAPain Management1861710584
Georgia Health And Wellness Pain Management1518286913
Pain Relief Network Of The South GAPain Management1841507621
Peachtree Spine & Pain Physicians, Inc GAPain Management1043527708
Peachtree Spine & Pain Physicians, Inc GAPain Management1831407535
Peachtree Spine & Pain Physicians, Inc GAPain Management1881902575
Atlanta Spine And Alternative Pain Management Center, Llc GAPain Management1275841215
Peachtree Spine & Pain Physicians, Inc GAPain Management1336458355
Advance Pain Management Llc. Pain Management1013213073
Perimeter Spine And Rehabilitation Llc Pain Management1801194022
Innovativemdgroup GAPain Management1609155357
Downtown Atlanta Medical Center, P.c. GAPain Management1639459407
The Nexus Pain Center Of Augusta Llc GAPain Management1093091902
Pain Management Of The South GAPain Management1447529342
A B Medical Investment llc GAPain Management1053684043
Interventional Spine And Pain Management Center, Pc Pain Management1154780914
Neuro Diagnostic Group Llc GAPain Management1760900708
Orthoatlanta, Llc Pain Management1386946598
Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates Llc GAPain Management1588992069
Chiron Medical Services Inc., Pain Management1659625416
Nexus Pain Center Of Milledgeville, Llc GAPain Management1366788234
Buckhead Injury And Wellness Institute Pc GAPain Management1215273974
Georgia Pain And Wellness, Llc Pain Management1457690554
Express Health Center Inc. Pain Management1679919831
Georgia Wellness Associates Pain Management1154761385
Orthopaedic Ime Specialists, Llc GAPain Management1083049464
Medical Associates Professional Services, Llc Pain Management1083041867
Siesta Anesthesia Services, Llc Pain Management1700287232
The Hemlock Pain Center, Llc GAPain Management1932576865
Morton Plant Mease Outpatient Anesthesiology Pa FLPain Management1295789956
Cumberland Anesthesia Associates P A NCPain Management1942301494
Interventional Spine And Pain Mangement Center, Pc Pain Management1720443252
Interventional Spine And Pain Management Center, Pc Pain Management1457718793
Interventional Spine And Pain Management Center, Pc Pain Management1538526876
Interventional Spine And Pain Management Center, Pc Pain Management1932567732
Interventional Spine And Pain Management Center, Pc Pain Management1972963635
Interventional Spine And Pain Management Center, Pc Pain Management1326409566
Interventional Spine And Pain Management Center, Pc Pain Management1598127540
Ummahtek & Associates, Inc. Pain Management1841645397
Interventional Spine & Pain Management Center, Pc GAPain Management1457707184
Interventional Spine & Pain Management Center, Pc GAPain Management1376999094
Interventional Spine & Pain Management Center, Pc GAPain Management1982050613
Interventional Spine & Pain Management Center, Pc GAPain Management1972959609
Interventional Spine & Pain Management Center, Pc GAPain Management1649626375
Interventional Spine And Pain Management Center, Pc Pain Management1407215262
Interventional Spine And Pain Management Center, Pc Pain Management1598124364


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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