Providers with Taxonomy: Pathology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pathology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Farnaz Dadmanesh 90048, CAPathology1205839966
Shikha Bose 90048, CAPathology1497758213
Xuemo Fan 90048, CAPathology1518960251
Dan C Purtzer 96097, CAPathology1043213549
Arvid R Magnuson 96097, CAPathology1750384244
David Richard Carl 95020, CAPathology1750384129
Shawn Clark Emery 95348, CAPathology1821090150
Emanuel M Abrams 90232, CAPathology1295737476
Calvin Marantz 92882, CAPathology1639171788
Sheldon Barasch 92708, CAPathology1679575757
Yasushi Tamura 90706, CAPathology1770587792
Kazuo Yamazaki 92708, CAPathology1386648319
Aileen D. Lim 94062, CAPathology1245234863
William Austin Knapp 95355, CAPathology1063417475
Marigold Jabbour Ardron 95355, CAPathology1639174584
Shijun Cui 95355, CAPathology1629073580
Phillip Harland Deos 95355, CAPathology1235134198
Robert Lee Merriam 95355, CAPathology1588669444
Kamini Malhotra 92708, CAPathology1235134263
Terry M Welsh 92801, CAPathology1700881786
John Edward Baker 95355, CAPathology1841295607
Robert William Purvis 95355, CAPathology1316943889
Dennis Goldfinger 90095, CAPathology1598761942
Joseph Geradts 91010, CAPathology1073519393
Harvey Chung-der Chang 95356, CAPathology1629074810
Rick Ralph Baier 95355, CAPathology1942206123
Avtarinder Kaur Nijjar 95355, CAPathology1669478848
Gary Michael Dolan 95355, CAPathology1437155629
Michael Edward Fitzpatrick 95355, CAPathology1952307068
Stephen Lee 90095, CAPathology1932105913
John R Claiche 95667, CAPathology1669478426
William Gilles 95667, CAPathology1790781557
El Dorado Pathology Medical Group, Inc 95667, CAPathology1942206719
Michael Berry 95667, CAPathology1689670432
Redding Pathologists 96001, CAPathology1093712689
Lester D. R. Thompson 91367, CAPathology1386641900
Daniel J Luthringer 90048, CAPathology1912904533
Samuel Herschel Pepkowitz 90048, CAPathology1548267164
Coastal Pathology Medical Associates, Inc 95501, CAPathology1528065679
William Hon-wai Yong 90095, CAPathology1578560520
Diagnostic Pathology Medical Group Inc 95816, CAPathology1235138868
Mary Bibro 24153, CAPathology1437158169
Erik J Burman 95501, CAPathology1235139791
William N Nguyen 92882, CAPathology1023018496
John Leroy Brown 92335, CAPathology1699775072
Shahin H Samimi 92704, CAPathology1477554335
William Aron Walker 92262, CAPathology1639170343
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. 92801, CAPathology1477554012
Thomas Michael Gudewicz 92055, CAPathology1912908096
David Allen Litman 93901, CAPathology1376545194
Hugh Elliott Wilson 93901, CAPathology1528060340
Andrew John Wilson 93901, CAPathology1770585473
Robert W. Brinsko 94611, CAPathology1629070107
Grant P Carmichael 95348, CAPathology1578555074
Roger Steve Phillips 95348, CAPathology1982696431
James A Wilkerson 95348, CAPathology1558353003
Changgao Yang 90740, CAPathology1366435638
Regents Of The University Of Ca 95817, CAPathology1598758666
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95616, CAPathology1053304071
Sterling Pathology Medical Corporation 90740, CAPathology1255324018
Charles William Pancharimd 90210, CAPathology1437142007
Phillip M Cacheris 90503, CAPathology1134113186
Dennis M Frisman 92270, CAPathology1295729242
Chandnish K Ahluwalia 91208, CAPathology1508850421
Barbara Florentine Md A Professional Medical Corporation 91607, CAPathology1538153499
Chandnish K Ahluwalia M D Inc 91208, CAPathology1013901974
Arlene J. Eisenberg 93023, CAPathology1659365591
Roy H Moffatt 91773, CAPathology1386638054
Robert E Riechmann 91773, CAPathology1265426936
Kumari S Wickramasinghe 91773, CAPathology1043204712
Cytodiagnostics, A Medical Corporation 95020, CAPathology1396739074
Citrus Pathology Medical Group 91204, CAPathology1265426928
Glenn S Hausdorfer 91773, CAPathology1588658249
Joline H Abrahams 92262, CAPathology1679567366
Robert J Rosser 92227, CAPathology1912991605
East Side Pathology Associates Medical Group, Inc. 90022, CAPathology1184618878
Edward M. Lai., Md A Medical Corp. 91801, CAPathology1972597672
Barbara C Comess 92270, CAPathology1396739090
Erwin B. Clahassey M.d., A Professional Corporation 93003, CAPathology1265426969
Erwin B Clahassey 93003, CAPathology1932193646
G. I. Varaprasathan 93534, CAPathology1073507711
Glendale Pathology Associates Medical Group Of Glendale 91206, CAPathology1053305797
Michele M Cosgrove 91206, CAPathology1295729937
Chandrika Seneviratne 90033, CAPathology1083608731
H.w. Gordon, M.d., Medical Corporation 95482, CAPathology1780678433
G I Varaprasathan Md A Prof Corp 93534, CAPathology1184618829
Inpamani S Arul Md Inc 93551, CAPathology1578557229
John E. Glassco, Md, Inc. 91403, CAPathology1023002672
John E Glassco 90095, CAPathology1669466215
Och Pathology Medical Group 95128, CAPathology1568456119
Pacific Pathology Medical Associates 95116, CAPathology1194719740
Parakrama T Chandrasoma Md A Medical Corporation 91105, CAPathology1730173386
Parakrama T Chandrasoma 91105, CAPathology1467446013
David V Kon 90033, CAPathology1720072473
Randy P. Hausted M.d. Inc 94574, CAPathology1548254139
Roy H. Moffatt, M.d., Inc 91204, CAPathology1083608681
Karen A Ellis 91505, CAPathology1154315604
Yao-shi Fu 91505, CAPathology1841284304
Kathleen M Makarewicz 91505, CAPathology1356335814
Carl D Winberg 91505, CAPathology1841284312
Howard P. Charman, Md, Inc. 91786, CAPathology1134113616
Ralph T. Mitarai, M.d., Professional Corporation 95476, CAPathology1871587469
Jose M Esteban 91505, CAPathology1952395402
John Yamashita 91345, CAPathology1558355024
Patti H Richardson 92270, CAPathology1598759151
Roger E. Der, M.d., Inc. 91355, CAPathology1750375358
Moises R Zepeda 90022, CAPathology1790779312
Edward L Ellsworth 95032, CAPathology1477547008
Gretchen D Sampson 91345, CAPathology1063406528
Randy P Hausted 94574, CAPathology1407840002
Roger E Der 91355, CAPathology1558355156
San Dimas Pathology Associates 91773, CAPathology1427042035
Surgical Associates Medical Group 95032, CAPathology1053305532
William Stephen Bush, M.d., A Medical Corporation 92252, CAPathology1578557054
David A Chun 91723, CAPathology1467446948
Kenneth A Frankel 91723, CAPathology1639163116
Pathology Associates Of Southern California 91505, CAPathology1912991597
Pathology Associates Of Valencia 91355, CAPathology1427042001
South Bay Pathology Medical Associates 95116, CAPathology1811981434
Los Gatos Pathology Group 43614, CAPathology1184618712
Jyothsna Narla 95032, CAPathology1265426803
Edward M Lai 91801, CAPathology1639163165
Meeae Y Kwon 93003, CAPathology1669467114
Inpamani S. Arul 93551, CAPathology1013902568
Dulce R Decastro 91786, CAPathology1508851064
Gerald E Dalgleish 90095, CAPathology1073508511
Shaku Nagpal 95128, CAPathology1619962164
Howard P Charman 91786, CAPathology1881689339
Dang T Bui 93003, CAPathology1649265182
Larry Matsumoto 95128, CAPathology1275528721
James B Harris 90017, CAPathology1972598472
Herschel W Gordon 95482, CAPathology1326033846
Sudha K Rao 95032, CAPathology1942295340
S Robert Freedman 95032, CAPathology1235124611
Xu Yao 91505, CAPathology1841285178
Gerald A Weiss 95116, CAPathology1023003423
Choon Sil Koo 91786, CAPathology1265427595
William S Bush 92252, CAPathology1962497297
Kil U Lee 90033, CAPathology1508851726
Pamela Davis Boswell 92037, CAPathology1609861558
Thaddeus Mully 94143, CAPathology1174519607
Dariush Sahmedini 90033, CAPathology1790771830
Hong Li 95210, CAPathology1497742027
Fangluo Liu 93309, CAPathology1124015656
Paul Gibbs 92037, CAPathology1134116080
William David Power 90247, CAPathology1235126079
Honggang Lu 94538, CAPathology1356339485
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95816, CAPathology1043208945
C s And J Pathology Medical Group, Inc. 96150, CAPathology1114916855
Mindy Ellen Cooper-smith 96150, CAPathology1396734877
John M Morrison 93292, CAPathology1821087933
David S Hewitt 93292, CAPathology1124018148
David M Kaufman 93292, CAPathology1639169592
William R Schmalhorst 93301, CAPathology1295725604
Jinjun Xiong 94596, CAPathology1568452993
Di Tian 90027, CAPathology1932199049
Paulette Y Mhawech Fauceglia 78704, CAPathology1225029093
John S Abele 95826, CAPathology1063493625
Paul Francois Rene Kirshman 92614, CAPathology1811978331
Chihong Heidi Zhou 95826, CAPathology1467433029
Anthony J Mathios 95816, CAPathology1528049186
Serguei Ivanovich Bannykh 90048, CAPathology1053392365
Daniel A Egerter 95826, CAPathology1891777124
Eduardo Vicente Zambrano 94305, CAPathology1619958998
Ivan Dennis Meadows 94553, CAPathology1801878848
Peter Kolbeck 95608, CAPathology1649252396
Michael P Orejudos 94535, CAPathology1619950813
Val Wano Finnell 90245, CAPathology1568446698
Robert John Hubbard 92411, CAPathology1508840786
Kirshman Diagnostics Inc 92614, CAPathology1346224128
Siong Chuan Lee 94108, CAPathology1417932716
Visalia Pathology Medical Group 93292, CAPathology1508841891
Deepak Mohan 95231, CAPathology1487639498
Ishwarlal Jialal 95817, CAPathology1568447571
Lori Iaconis 92130, CAPathology1770568644
Joy Bradley 24153, CAPathology1679559280
Gary W Oliver 94015, CAPathology1073599411
Yunpyo Hong Sohn 92870, CAPathology1649256413
Frank Pezzlo 92869, CAPathology1093791899
Mark John Beck 92220, CAPathology1750367546
Emma Z. Du 92037, CAPathology1649257296
John Nachazel 90015, CAPathology1821075367
Ucla Pathology And Laboratory 90095, CAPathology1497732630
Steven Charles Campman 20306, CAPathology1689652562
David B. Kaminsky 92262, CAPathology1760460471
Coachella Valley Pathology 92270, CAPathology1891773644
David B. Kaminsky, M.d., A Medical Corporation 92262, CAPathology1164400925
Howard Marvin Stern 94080, CAPathology1336127026
Shing-jia Sha 90015, CAPathology1235117656
Mark Ryan Carter 95926, CAPathology1487632592
Richard D Schneider 90262, CAPathology1598744062
Northern Medical Group, Inc 96001, CAPathology1730168154
Jennifer F O'dell 90220, CAPathology1144209206
Karine Monique Hollis-perry 92134, CAPathology1518946623
Stanley David Adams 92134, CAPathology1467432385
Gary Merle Ellinger 95608, CAPathology1790755999
Steve Hwang 93301, CAPathology1487624284
Stephen Norman Bauer 95608, CAPathology1669442315
Timothy Raymond Kennedy 92134, CAPathology1356311955
Lucent Pathology Partners, Inc 95608, CAPathology1124098736


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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