Providers with Taxonomy: Pathology in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pathology
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Arthur H Cohen 27157, NCPathology1841293529
Luis Augusto Munoz 28721, NCPathology1457354078
Frances A Owl-smith 28721, NCPathology1235132853
Haywood Pathology Associates Inc 28721, NCPathology1922001403
Robert Lee Smith 27030, NCPathology1932102407
Omar Idlibi 28213, NCPathology1962407189
Patrick Aloysius Wilson 28204, NCPathology1013913128
Anuradha Arcot 28546, NCPathology1033115761
Glen Roy Pinkston 28262, NCPathology1912904517
William A Ballance 27834, NCPathology1700883212
Paul G Catrou 27834, NCPathology1982601118
Dennis P Legolvan 27330, NCPathology1013915776
Carla Beltran Macleod 20879, NCPathology1699774497
Alfred Wray Campbell 29303, NCPathology1982603015
Elton Travis Smith 28207, NCPathology1487653416
Nathan Carr Pulkingham Md Pa 27330, NCPathology1952300998
Nathan Carr Pulkingham 28607, NCPathology1588663447
Mark J. Whalen 28054, NCPathology1891795498
John D Christie 27834, NCPathology1023018371
Rajendraprasad V Makam 27511, NCPathology1154322089
Larry J Dobbs 27834, NCPathology1699776393
Sanford P Benjamin 28207, NCPathology1760483267
Benjamin Carlisle Calhoun 28203, NCPathology1578564076
James Dwayne Dollar 28203, NCPathology1093716599
Edward Lipford 28203, NCPathology1538160031
Marie-claire Marroum 28203, NCPathology1619978111
Peter H Wittenberg 28054, NCPathology1194726612
Jared G Block 28203, NCPathology1629079140
William E Ballinger 28203, NCPathology1194726356
Wayne Nels Christensen 28203, NCPathology1639170897
Linda J. Matthews 28210, NCPathology1053312215
James Emmett Mcdermott 28203, NCPathology1518968023
Samuel Orr 28203, NCPathology1336140854
Filmon Mack Sexton 28262, NCPathology1497756910
Kiran Adlakha 28112, NCPathology1962403451
Carol J Weida 28203, NCPathology1184625519
James L Finley 27834, NCPathology1639170822
Ann Thomas Sutton 27834, NCPathology1992706006
Kevin Scott Smith 28210, NCPathology1114929924
Gregory A Gagnon 27834, NCPathology1952303893
Harminder Paul Singh 27511, NCPathology1497757256
Rachel Hereford Ross 28144, NCPathology1982696118
James Robert Cervin 28144, NCPathology1003808288
Joel Michael Weber 28144, NCPathology1548252661
Leslie Sierra Renten 28144, NCPathology1205828324
Mary G.f. Gilliland 27834, NCPathology1467444265
Karlene O Hewan-lowe 27834, NCPathology1881686574
North Star Pathology Pllc 27320, NCPathology1225020944
L Robert Hanrahan 27834, NCPathology1386636926
Elizabeth Hyde Prichard 28025, NCPathology1760474050
Christine Frances Piller 28025, NCPathology1487646774
Ernest W Larkin 27834, NCPathology1699767996
William Andrew Evans 28025, NCPathology1386636686
Peter J Kragel 27834, NCPathology1588656821
Tim Davis Wax 28025, NCPathology1881686178
Robert Bruce Kinney 28025, NCPathology1942292248
Laura Barisoni-thomas 27710, NCPathology1063405793
Donna Muhlheizler Richardson 28352, NCPathology1629062732
Lauchwood Pathology Assoc Pa 28352, NCPathology1326032434
Pathology Associates Ii Of Eastern North Carolina Pc 27909, NCPathology1639163645
Pathology Associates Of Kinston Pa 28501, NCPathology1053305011
David Bruce Baird 28501, NCPathology1922092980
Michel George Haddad 28501, NCPathology1700870771
Craig Harold Steffee 28501, NCPathology1548254527
Joseph Letcher Robertson 27909, NCPathology1124012968
Erwin B. Clahassey M.d., A Professional Corporation 93003, NCPathology1265426969
Debra A Budwit 27599, NCPathology1457345183
Joseph P Pestaner 27834, NCPathology1053306332
Barry R Deyoung 27157, NCPathology1518955319
Eastern Carolina Pathology Associates Pa 27893, NCPathology1881682383
James Butler Cash 27893, NCPathology1871581397
Lori Ann Segletes 27534, NCPathology1063400596
Darlene Cheryl Thorne 27893, NCPathology1144218686
Willis Edward Lewis 27893, NCPathology1265420707
Michael Bruce Rohlfing 28734, NCPathology1881682292
Christopher Dale Mckinney 28401, NCPathology1790773877
Babatunde Adewale Olatidoye 28401, NCPathology1063400133
Brian Charles Shiro 28401, NCPathology1093703175
John Franklin Turner 28401, NCPathology1366430308
Consultants In Pathology, Inc. 28697, NCPathology1841281664
Mark Cauthen Willingham 27157, NCPathology1447232400
Megan Justine Difurio 27599, NCPathology1427030303
Nancy L Smith 27834, NCPathology1326020793
Paul H Strausbauch 27834, NCPathology1336121722
Robert Lee West 27834, NCPathology1871576728
Georgina Lee Murray 28310, NCPathology1518940188
Simon Bergman 27157, NCPathology1871577304
Michael Wesley Beaty 27157, NCPathology1770567208
Donald Richard Jason 27157, NCPathology1346224714
Constance Ann Stanton 27157, NCPathology1457335846
Gregory Jay Pomper 27157, NCPathology1184608572
Samy Samuel Iskandar 27157, NCPathology1881678258
Abbott Julian Garvin 27157, NCPathology1053395426
John William Hartz 27157, NCPathology1861476236
Venkata Ramana Challa 27262, NCPathology1497739866
James Oliver Cappellari 27157, NCPathology1649254012
Ralph Dutton Woodruff 27157, NCPathology1902880388
Ellen Carrie Riemer 29425, NCPathology1720062102
Elizabeth Leonila Palavecino 27157, NCPathology1790769180
Heng Hong 27834, NCPathology1952385189
Marcus Baxter Simpson 27157, NCPathology1225012289
Charles L Scott 28304, NCPathology1932183993
Kathleen Gibson 27157, NCPathology1922082981
Patrick Eugene Lantz 27157, NCPathology1982688941
Karim Zaman 27858, NCPathology1972588549
Wanli Cheng 28401, NCPathology1891771457
Omar Pastor Sangueza 27157, NCPathology1770569436
Dell Andrew Dembosky 28374, NCPathology1639155971
Goldsboro Pathology Services Inc 27534, NCPathology1912983081
Deborah Kay Fulbright 27534, NCPathology1275519357
Jose Raul Pena 28078, NCPathology1598741563
Kapil Gupta 28025, NCPathology1104802008
Carolina Pathology Associates Llp 29646, NCPathology1518944107
Laboratory Corporation Of America 48150, NCPathology1184602310
Mary E Georoff 27408, NCPathology1528046562
Timothy M Kilpatrick 27021, NCPathology1902885783
Les Burke 27834, NCPathology1871572305
Katharine Liu 28401, NCPathology1336128750
Barbara Lynn Burch 29646, NCPathology1306825757
Dianne B Dookhan 27536, NCPathology1750360947
Veena H Doshi 27893, NCPathology1740269935
Karen M Mitchell 27536, NCPathology1508846346
Timothy Cliffton Sorrells 28547, NCPathology1801876263
Clay A. Nichols 27834, NCPathology1396715157
Michael B. Rohlfing Md Pa 28734, NCPathology1982674271
Maria Belinda Magbanua Ramos 28547, NCPathology1114998002
Cabarrus Pathology Associates Pa 28025, NCPathology1538131800
Timothy D. Monaghan 20306, NCPathology1912979667
Wilmington Pathology Associates Pa 28401, NCPathology1205809589
Antonio De Las Morenas 02118, NCPathology1184697492
Rowan Regional Pathology Associates P A 28144, NCPathology1457324741
George L. Nichols 28645, NCPathology1588637599
Donald D Mcneill Md Pa 28645, NCPathology1215900287
Donald Drake Mcneill 28645, NCPathology1447223052
Michael Anthony Favata 28547, NCPathology1275507741
University Medical Associates 29425, NCPathology1982678496
Michael George Hitchcock 27103, NCPathology1477527711
John David Wren 29303, NCPathology1912972555
Rosanna L Lapham 29303, NCPathology1255306809
John Aikman Caldwell 29303, NCPathology1043285620
Robert Tucker Burks 28092, NCPathology1679548226
William Walton Mims 29307, NCPathology1528033198
Amy Christine Baruch 29303, NCPathology1952376493
Robert Bartholomew Newell 28560, NCPathology1043285349
Mett Bagley Ausley 28472, NCPathology1962477208
Marbry Benjamin Hopkins 27262, NCPathology1427024900
Scott Ethan Kilpatrick 27103, NCPathology1356317846
Christopher Ronald Madden 27103, NCPathology1306812797
Ann Burkhalter Oaks 27262, NCPathology1659347078
Dennis Warren Ross 27103, NCPathology1003882424
Norman Keith Sugg 27103, NCPathology1093781411
Cullen Andrew Taylor 27103, NCPathology1700852167
James Thomas White 27262, NCPathology1871569236
Craven Pathology Associates Inc 28560, NCPathology1376519512
Paula Elizabeth Szypko 27262, NCPathology1568438919
Cypress Pathology Pa 28472, NCPathology1104892397
Wilson Glover Russell 27103, NCPathology1679549885
Keith Wilkinson Bennert 28560, NCPathology1932175163
Nichon L Grupka 27103, NCPathology1912973926
Keith Van Allen Nance 27607, NCPathology1376519280
Timothy Robert Carter 27607, NCPathology1275509184
Stephen Victor Chiavetta 27607, NCPathology1861468779
Richard Mayhew Ward 28560, NCPathology1750357778
Rex Pathology Associates Pa 27607, NCPathology1255307187
John Dewitt Benson 27607, NCPathology1952378846
Vincent Charles Smith 27607, NCPathology1558338475
John Phillip Sorge 27607, NCPathology1528035441
Pathologists Diagnostic Laboratory Pa 27103, NCPathology1003883877
Dirk Michael Elston 29425, NCPathology1669449161
Georgia K Olympio 28602, NCPathology1619945649
Kelly E Highland 28602, NCPathology1891762829
Elizabeth S Norman 27103, NCPathology1215904248
Joanna W Vannoy 28602, NCPathology1285602227
Robert T Sterling 28602, NCPathology1427026467
Mark R Atkins 28602, NCPathology1962470559
James L Parker 28602, NCPathology1891763405
Joseph V Vogel 28602, NCPathology1689642209
Susan M Ferrell 28804, NCPathology1952379083
Anthony Alfredo Corsini 28547, NCPathology1588633911
Christopher Paul Garwacki 28204, NCPathology1407815657
Stephen Paul Mcclure 28204, NCPathology1992764138
Philip Boyer 27834, NCPathology1639138761
Arthur Robert Cohen 28204, NCPathology1427017482
Stephen Davis Harris 28204, NCPathology1306805361
Falvy Carl Barr 28328, NCPathology1982664660
William Archie Grimsley 28557, NCPathology1407816176
Eckert Pathology Associates Pa 27804, NCPathology1356301725
Jared Naphtali Schwartz 28204, NCPathology1831150069
Presbyterian Pathology Group Pllc 28204, NCPathology1265493233
David William Eckert 27804, NCPathology1528029394
Carteret Pathology Associates Pa 28557, NCPathology1275595472
William Karnes Poston 28204, NCPathology1467414292
Dorwyn Wayne Croom 28655, NCPathology1346202157
Susan Ellen Bradford 27278, NCPathology1295797074
Falvy Carl Barr Jr 28328, NCPathology1306808969
Robert Farnham 28204, NCPathology1790748143
Ricky Alan Thompson 28204, NCPathology1518920966
John Burnett Holt 28204, NCPathology1669435012
Andrew Robertson Brant 28655, NCPathology1174586523
J Hartley Bowen 28655, NCPathology1104889682


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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