Providers with Taxonomy: Pathology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pathology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Paul Samuel Meade 14092, NYPathology1356344279
Richard Cheney 14263, NYPathology1184620080
Mamoon Daas 12202, NYPathology1053318576
Daniel Robert Foitl 10022, NYPathology1861499147
John M Fisk 13326, NYPathology1629075700
Neelvathy Pushparaj 12524, NYPathology1245238997
Tamara Louise Kalir 10029, NYPathology1730187667
Liane Deligdisch 10029, NYPathology1780682708
George Michael Kleinman 10029, NYPathology1710985650
Patrick Alexander Lento 10029, NYPathology1538167473
Shabnam M. Jaffer 10029, NYPathology1760480685
William A Geary 14701, NYPathology1629075114
Gabriel S Levi 10003, NYPathology1205834140
Robert George Phelps 10029, NYPathology1922007772
Margret Magid 10029, NYPathology1730187519
Carol Fay Whitsett 11554, NYPathology1336148196
Sung Yoon Choo 10029, NYPathology1225037039
Elkin Simson 10549, NYPathology1477551281
Naomi Ramer 10029, NYPathology1932107752
Arnold Howard Szporn 10029, NYPathology1952300717
Muhammad Akhtar Cheema 11426, NYPathology1588663355
Daniel Peter Perl 10029, NYPathology1669471470
Susan Morgello 10029, NYPathology1942208756
Peter Wilhelm Schlosshauer 11553, NYPathology1578561387
Chandandeep S. Nagi 10029, NYPathology1487652293
Helen Shim- Chang 10029, NYPathology1730187543
Maoxin Wu 11794, NYPathology1043219777
Ruliang Xu 10016, NYPathology1922007665
Pamela D. Unger 10029, NYPathology1184623563
Jonathan G Sarlin 10003, NYPathology1912906009
Pushpa L Kancherla 10019, NYPathology1083613111
Roger Garcia 10003, NYPathology1811996978
Violette S Ghali 10003, NYPathology1720087885
Rachel Flamholz 10003, NYPathology1841299849
Elpidio Jimenez 10003, NYPathology1649279712
Vijay P Shah 10003, NYPathology1558360495
Elizabeth Ames 10019, NYPathology1043219157
Ann Avitabile 10019, NYPathology1104825215
Neil D Theise 10003, NYPathology1912906025
Joseph Schappert 10003, NYPathology1134128234
Mark T. Friedman 10019, NYPathology1548269558
Rose S Thayaparan 10019, NYPathology1669471793
Swan N. Thung 10029, NYPathology1033119920
Jack Charney 10003, NYPathology1881693745
Noam Harpaz 10029, NYPathology1710987623
Maria Isabel Fiel 10029, NYPathology1518967421
David Rabinowitz 10021, NYPathology1942200787
Juan Camino Gil 10029, NYPathology1215937511
Yupo Ma 11794, NYPathology1063412153
Jean-marc Cohen 10003, NYPathology1649279662
Peilin Zhang 11215, NYPathology1053310847
Douglas Charney 10960, NYPathology1639178742
Martin Reichel 11365, NYPathology1275534067
Lisle A Eaton 12208, NYPathology1750382131
Patricia A Belair 12208, NYPathology1225039787
Jeffrey D Hubbard 12208, NYPathology1134120694
Beiqing Liu 12208, NYPathology1225039415
Tatiana Zilberberg 14626, NYPathology1992707905
Vijai Katatikarn 10019, NYPathology1780686618
Russel E Newkirk 12208, NYPathology1124020086
Gerald Minkowitz 11219, NYPathology1396747861
Gunawan Kartika 07302, NYPathology1225030604
Yijun Yang 13210, NYPathology1508868936
Calvin L Strand 07302, NYPathology1154323533
Jane M Hardman 13421, NYPathology1730181132
Shaila Nayak 07302, NYPathology1891787735
John A Riccio 13021, NYPathology1518959469
Usha L Pai 07302, NYPathology1336131283
William Y Shang 13045, NYPathology1528050416
Barbara Arendash 11501, NYPathology1821080524
William John Jude Engellenner 11795, NYPathology1659363364
Thomas G Cawte 11795, NYPathology1164414868
Maria A Knapik 11772, NYPathology1699767319
Ariella Lissauer 11777, NYPathology1245222975
Wei Liu 11777, NYPathology1942292677
Pratima Savargaonkar 11795, NYPathology1629060355
Kenenth R Lidonnici 11777, NYPathology1881686525
Ahmad Al-salameh 13126, NYPathology1821080334
Mclean A Lewis 11777, NYPathology1902898463
Robert Regis Dawson 11795, NYPathology1710979372
Zhi-wei Ma 11795, NYPathology1235121799
Alan B Macdonald 11787, NYPathology1962494427
Neera Seth 13126, NYPathology1447242953
John C Chumas 11777, NYPathology1821080482
Jeffrey A Hamilton 11795, NYPathology1982696548
Hsiang-kuang Lee 11777, NYPathology1578555033
Zhanqing Yan 11795, NYPathology1215929781
Randy J Kalish 13203, NYPathology1609868959
Dana James Vick 13421, NYPathology1922090208
Qun Dong 13203, NYPathology1114919461
Kent O Hustad 13203, NYPathology1265424519
Patricia M Spizuoco 13203, NYPathology1235121583
James Joseph Flynn 13203, NYPathology1811989189
Kim J Panosian 14901, NYPathology1437142536
Lee A. Jones 13215, NYPathology1396738399
Zahid Asgher 14830, NYPathology1376536474
Lawrence Paul Gordon 13210, NYPathology1154314185
Michael W Graber 13215, NYPathology1093708109
John R Fazio 13215, NYPathology1619960721
Rachel C Elder 13210, NYPathology1790778868
David A Inman 13210, NYPathology1437142510
Margaret Kowalski 13210, NYPathology1235122318
Lidiya Lukasevich 10019, NYPathology1053304246
Jo Betty Swerdlow 13215, NYPathology1306839519
Scott S Lee 14843, NYPathology1902899941
Joan F. Cangiarella 10016, NYPathology1316930043
Diana Nimeh 10016, NYPathology1235122979
Sandra Demaria 10016, NYPathology1942293675
Maria Greco 10016, NYPathology1750374310
Pascale Hummel Levine 10016, NYPathology1528051265
Sherif Ibrahim 10604, NYPathology1285627844
Thaira Oweity 10016, NYPathology1124011861
Filiz Sen 10065, NYPathology1942293683
Roberto A. Garcia 10016, NYPathology1215920970
Margaret Nichols 13421, NYPathology1528060951
Pratibha Shukla 10016, NYPathology1043204217
Grace C.h. Yang 10021, NYPathology1487648580
Khushbakhat Mittal 10016, NYPathology1740274901
Aylin Simsir 10016, NYPathology1386638542
Cynthia Liu 10016, NYPathology1346234515
Jian-jun Wei 10016, NYPathology1649264813
Baljit Singh 10016, NYPathology1891789095
Wei Sun 10016, NYPathology1215921416
Osvaldo Hernandez 10016, NYPathology1619961869
Farbod Darvishian 10016, NYPathology1235123498
Giorgio G.a. Inghirami 10016, NYPathology1962496125
Jonathan Melamed 10016, NYPathology1952395113
Norman C Charles 10021, NYPathology1356335525
Jerry Waisman 10016, NYPathology1487648655
Michael Matthew Danber 11021, NYPathology1730173501
Kazuko Nitta 13905, NYPathology1912991613
Zarina M Hernandez-schipplick 13905, NYPathology1144214859
Robin Eastman-abaya 13905, NYPathology1447244165
James Joseph Woytash 14215, NYPathology1710971445
James A Terzian 13905, NYPathology1861487316
Peter R Schotanus 13790, NYPathology1538154810
Richard M Rigotti 13790, NYPathology1326033697
Jagmohan S Sidhu 13790, NYPathology1427043710
Teriza B Shehatou 13210, NYPathology1477548543
David Eric Aledort 11234, NYPathology1407841281
Hideko Kamino 10016, NYPathology1447246970
Harry Moussouris 10011, NYPathology1629064084
Edwin Young Ko 13820, NYPathology1427044718
Fred Smith 10467, NYPathology1912993106
Shane Meehan 10016, NYPathology1487640439
Mohamed Aziz 10011, NYPathology1659367373
Christina Vallejo 10011, NYPathology1669468468
William Harrington 10011, NYPathology1255327953
Moon H Lee 10605, NYPathology1235125956
George Dubar Wilner 12208, NYPathology1326035940
Claude Cornwall 13790, NYPathology1902893563
Loren Wolsh 13790, NYPathology1700873361
Daisuke Nonaka 10016, NYPathology1114914082
Hui Tsou 10016, NYPathology1609863570
Pifu Luo 14626, NYPathology1891783650
Quintus Chess 10543, NYPathology1871581587
Michael Bannan 10016, NYPathology1437143690
David Zagzag 10016, NYPathology1295729390
Syed Saeed Zaman 13501, NYPathology1295729143
Muzaffar N Khan 13501, NYPathology1952395808
Eric Li 20032, NYPathology1164419826
Bozena Rozum Slota 13790, NYPathology1699760967
Dorota Alicja Popiolek 10016, NYPathology1659365815
Stephen Herbert Hooper 12601, NYPathology1568457125
Daniel Sudilovsky 14850, NYPathology1184619264
Henry Simpkins 10305, NYPathology1477541555
Bruce I Goldman 14642, NYPathology1871581827
Matthew T Hurford 10305, NYPathology1598753543
Raavi Gupta 11203, NYPathology1760471627
Shanthi Govindaraj 11554, NYPathology1366431124
Elizabeth Wu 11554, NYPathology1639168545
Aristid Lindenmayer 11554, NYPathology1609865526
Cheryl Delbridge 11554, NYPathology1346239175
Jocelyn Villanueva 10305, NYPathology1083603823
Paula Caracta 11554, NYPathology1093704876
Balshik Min 13440, NYPathology1629067434
Larry Bernstein 11554, NYPathology1265421929
Chungduck Stephan Kwon 10304, NYPathology1689663379
Carlos Daniel Urmacher 10573, NYPathology1760471023
Wing Chau 12701, NYPathology1750370052
Kevin Kay 11572, NYPathology1306835533
Ahmed Khapra 11572, NYPathology1750370987
Otelo Solis 12801, NYPathology1710976758
Araceli A Torres 12010, NYPathology1699764720
Geronimo Tapawan 12801, NYPathology1154310191
Aniceto Lomotan 12180, NYPathology1174512180
Susan Wu 11572, NYPathology1477543403
Yu Chen 11572, NYPathology1790775773
Pratima Kunchala 12204, NYPathology1477542496
Vernon Pilon 12204, NYPathology1417947441
Woong Lee 12801, NYPathology1073503033
Llewellyn Foulke 12208, NYPathology1144210774
Timothy Jennings 12208, NYPathology1205826856
Alida Hayner-buchan 12208, NYPathology1659361293
Anna Boguniewicz 12208, NYPathology1336139930
John Carlson 12208, NYPathology1689664294
Maqbool Cheema 12401, NYPathology1013907625
Tipu Nazeer 12208, NYPathology1174513592
Jiang Qian 12208, NYPathology1790775120
Jeffrey S Ross 12208, NYPathology1689664013


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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