Providers with Taxonomy: Pediatric Medicine in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pediatric Medicine
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Joseph C Oh 90712, CAPediatric Medicine1215930235
Benjamin Fernandez Valdez 95765, CAPediatric Medicine1083617096
Gregory Scott Buchert 92868, CAPediatric Medicine1215930219
Scott Michael Needle 95816, CAPediatric Medicine1538162730
Emily Kassenbrock 95670, CAPediatric Medicine1598768467
Randall Claud Hepworth 95630, CAPediatric Medicine1336142215
John Andrew Guijon 92648, CAPediatric Medicine1497758304
Fariba Navid 90027, CAPediatric Medicine1144223926
William Douglas Bocash 93010, CAPediatric Medicine1497758171
Michael Ludwig Lukschu 92211, CAPediatric Medicine1205839974
Yoon Sup Shin 90006, CAPediatric Medicine1629071451
Robert M Schumacher 93555, CAPediatric Medicine1437152253
Alan S Coit 92270, CAPediatric Medicine1073516738
Richard D Ash 94583, CAPediatric Medicine1366445298
John A. Guijon, Dds Inc 92648, CAPediatric Medicine1548263452
Brian Kimkyone Gaw 93534, CAPediatric Medicine1457354391
Patricia Ann Rowe 90505, CAPediatric Medicine1073516530
Swati R. Gandhi 92627, CAPediatric Medicine1437152998
Sheri L Spunt 38105, CAPediatric Medicine1265435838
Janice Rene Work 95758, CAPediatric Medicine1699778258
Katherine Stirk Ferguson 93555, CAPediatric Medicine1679576292
John Asarian 95926, CAPediatric Medicine1689677221
Dominic E. B. Koh 90027, CAPediatric Medicine1487657029
Debra Walhof 94904, CAPediatric Medicine1912900499
Elisa Brown 95926, CAPediatric Medicine1376546846
Joseph Paul Woodard 91320, CAPediatric Medicine1790788347
Roy Anunciacion 95242, CAPediatric Medicine1205839735
Thomas Leroy Percer 90815, CAPediatric Medicine1952304479
Good Life Medical Group, Inc. 90712, CAPediatric Medicine1316940828
Charles T Kao 94087, CAPediatric Medicine1841292166
Jorge Anibal Allende 95482, CAPediatric Medicine1619970068
David Alan Ansel 94304, CAPediatric Medicine1376547612
Irene Mary Mcaleer 93636, CAPediatric Medicine1053313213
Gitte S. Bloom 91502, CAPediatric Medicine1578567822
Craig C Corp 95661, CAPediatric Medicine1821090945
Lauren M Lubin 91505, CAPediatric Medicine1457353567
Los Robles Pediatric Medical Group, Inc. 91360, CAPediatric Medicine1013919208
Wivina Talabis Urbano 95377, CAPediatric Medicine1649274663
Lynn J Galan 93010, CAPediatric Medicine1285638205
David Huei-chung Lowe 93010, CAPediatric Medicine1184628109
Jonathan Daniel Kivitz 90210, CAPediatric Medicine1790789683
Robert B Nicholson 94602, CAPediatric Medicine1912901828
Lisa M Asta 94598, CAPediatric Medicine1639173545
Drummond Medical Group, Inc 93555, CAPediatric Medicine1841294634
Marcia A Michalik 93555, CAPediatric Medicine1134123920
Allen E Eskenazi 94304, CAPediatric Medicine1487658332
Jenna A. Timm 94611, CAPediatric Medicine1174527881
Umesh Hansraj Gheewala 94401, CAPediatric Medicine1982608568
Trina K. Austin 92708, CAPediatric Medicine1811991417
David Bryan Coutin 96021, CAPediatric Medicine1043214661
Zacharia Reda 92708, CAPediatric Medicine1487658936
William G. Perkins 92708, CAPediatric Medicine1699779181
Ferdinand Del Mundo 92660, CAPediatric Medicine1366446858
Emily Lambert Dalton 95503, CAPediatric Medicine1235133737
Fareeda N Adeeb 95128, CAPediatric Medicine1700880218
Jennifer Linzmeyer 92807, CAPediatric Medicine1013911551
Kenneth Kim 92708, CAPediatric Medicine1922002468
Kristine Brown 92663, CAPediatric Medicine1104820547
Tami Peavy 91803, CAPediatric Medicine1871597286
Hillel Kinan Janai 93454, CAPediatric Medicine1285638619
Brian D. Patterson 93422, CAPediatric Medicine1700880135
Alexander M Bonakdar 92705, CAPediatric Medicine1588668917
Joseph Patrick Sciarra 91364, CAPediatric Medicine1649275074
Amy E. Webb 93449, CAPediatric Medicine1275538605
Hollenberg Agrawal Knoll Warren Hong Fung Tillis Kaushal Mds 91767, CAPediatric Medicine1366447781
Mildred Elizabeth Andrews Vallance 91320, CAPediatric Medicine1750386033
Steven Louis Billigmeier 95207, CAPediatric Medicine1912902131
Carol Teng Cahill 95207, CAPediatric Medicine1538164751
Linda M Sakimura 95207, CAPediatric Medicine1073518296
Artin Y Jibilian 93701, CAPediatric Medicine1316942261
Daniela Morcos-gannon 95926, CAPediatric Medicine1346245214
Chukwuemeka Ndulue 95948, CAPediatric Medicine1134124001
Suzanne Paulette Berger 91301, CAPediatric Medicine1598760514
Gennady Rubinstein 91604, CAPediatric Medicine1720083744
Larry M Sherman 91321, CAPediatric Medicine1699770636
John-charles Aiona Loo 90801, CAPediatric Medicine1619972700
Karen Ann Fong 93401, CAPediatric Medicine1851396816
James C. Tedford 93422, CAPediatric Medicine1548265515
Daniel Joseph Fraschetti 92284, CAPediatric Medicine1275538241
William S. Morgan 93420, CAPediatric Medicine1972508943
Arturo Quintanilla 92270, CAPediatric Medicine1558366583
Richard Eric Swensson 90806, CAPediatric Medicine1013912054
Donald D Kim 92506, CAPediatric Medicine1801891734
Erica R Waters 95207, CAPediatric Medicine1003811803
Douglas C Dechairo 92025, CAPediatric Medicine1386649010
Michael Gary Gold 93010, CAPediatric Medicine1215932058
Christopher Adi Tan 90806, CAPediatric Medicine1912902602
Susan H Hoffman 93405, CAPediatric Medicine1891790630
Alice S Chen 90815, CAPediatric Medicine1922003672
Evan Spencer Taragano 90027, CAPediatric Medicine1609871235
Bakersfield Family Medical Group 93309, CAPediatric Medicine1013912641
Hong-nhung Tran 95010, CAPediatric Medicine1558366021
Paulina M Dequiroz 90815, CAPediatric Medicine1205831799
Lori A Debold 92708, CAPediatric Medicine1831194323
J. D. De Lorme D.d.s. Inc 92691, CAPediatric Medicine1891790390
Ayodeji Adetayo Ayeni 93263, CAPediatric Medicine1831194331
Hasmukh C Amin 93311, CAPediatric Medicine1023014511
Lifelong Medical Care 94710, CAPediatric Medicine1720084163
Caroline Nguyen Truong 91770, CAPediatric Medicine1679579809
Andrew W. Zee, Dds, Inc. 94061, CAPediatric Medicine1730185042
James Alvin Bartley 92501, CAPediatric Medicine1184620411
Christopher Arth 96161, CAPediatric Medicine1831195122
Linda Patricia Rafferty 95661, CAPediatric Medicine1366448524
Jennifer Lang Ree 96161, CAPediatric Medicine1912903113
Mark Alan Cain 92284, CAPediatric Medicine1174529416
Else Uglum 96161, CAPediatric Medicine1376549667
Mary J Spencer 92025, CAPediatric Medicine1194721381
Jose A Rua 92025, CAPediatric Medicine1699771881
Malik Nasir Baz 93720, CAPediatric Medicine1114923307
Troy A Scribner 93710, CAPediatric Medicine1750387940
Ryan C Wittwer 95762, CAPediatric Medicine1639175748
Northwest Newborn Specialists Pc 92868, CAPediatric Medicine1235135302
Elisabeth A Bossingham 93277, CAPediatric Medicine1740286749
Alya Zia Ahmad 93701, CAPediatric Medicine1679579726
James W. Ochi 92025, CAPediatric Medicine1417953456
Carolyn O Monahan 92025, CAPediatric Medicine1619973666
Shelby J. Smith 94509, CAPediatric Medicine1700882784
David Finnigan 95405, CAPediatric Medicine1871599852
Deborah Ann Brown 96161, CAPediatric Medicine1821094855
Gina Rosenfeld 92078, CAPediatric Medicine1235135286
Traci E Socha 92078, CAPediatric Medicine1669478616
Richard C Chang 92236, CAPediatric Medicine1831195882
Ramon Galindo 93291, CAPediatric Medicine1629074687
Christopher Lee Cody 95503, CAPediatric Medicine1629074570
Yatin Shah 94568, CAPediatric Medicine1780680546
Lourdes M Valdez 95926, CAPediatric Medicine1306842265
Neena Y Shah 95377, CAPediatric Medicine1831195692
Kathleen Sullivan 95926, CAPediatric Medicine1245236199
Childrens Medical Group 92078, CAPediatric Medicine1578569497
Mary M Nave 93465, CAPediatric Medicine1912903832
Jeffrey Todd Ribordy 95503, CAPediatric Medicine1467458380
Kathryn Hall 93291, CAPediatric Medicine1003812652
Ralph Kingsford 93291, CAPediatric Medicine1649276296
Babak Kamkar 92627, CAPediatric Medicine1801892450
Dr B Kamkar, Od A Professional Optometry Corp 92627, CAPediatric Medicine1629074273
Frank K Kwong 90211, CAPediatric Medicine1407852148
Paul Wassermann 95926, CAPediatric Medicine1427054279
James B Wood 95926, CAPediatric Medicine1336145184
Mark Gregory Ellis 95501, CAPediatric Medicine1003812744
Nancy Lynn Hosek 92504, CAPediatric Medicine1801892542
Patrick Tedford 95926, CAPediatric Medicine1770589517
George Skaff 93291, CAPediatric Medicine1245237841
Sidney Mark Fishman 90720, CAPediatric Medicine1417953043
Christine E Austin 96001, CAPediatric Medicine1831196492
Kathryn Marie Stevenson 89410, CAPediatric Medicine1427055086
Catherine A Mcninch 93291, CAPediatric Medicine1104823756
Michael Nagatani 93291, CAPediatric Medicine1891792479
Rita Lap Kee Wang 89703, CAPediatric Medicine1710984364
Denis P. Karp 92801, CAPediatric Medicine1154328771
Loraine Marsha Stern 91355, CAPediatric Medicine1770580383
Kathy W Brockett 91355, CAPediatric Medicine1588661193
Michael A Schoenwetter 91355, CAPediatric Medicine1750388369
Vicki Y Shimoyama 90211, CAPediatric Medicine1104823723
Brian Scott Kirschner 91355, CAPediatric Medicine1821095449
Samina Habib Taha 91367, CAPediatric Medicine1073510533
Pen-laing Chang 91737, CAPediatric Medicine1457358897
Los Angeles Unified School District 90003, CAPediatric Medicine1679570980
Jerome H. Jones 92646, CAPediatric Medicine1205833688
Albert J Melaragno 91344, CAPediatric Medicine1336146711
Molly Anne Weisert 90027, CAPediatric Medicine1831550771
Rosette Rosario Manio 90806, CAPediatric Medicine1043217292
Jennifer Ann Ehmann 96150, CAPediatric Medicine1710984075
Kanoknuch Shiflett 91790, CAPediatric Medicine1609873876
Joseph Lee Sigala 92025, CAPediatric Medicine1396742565
Richard M. Ehrlich 90095, CAPediatric Medicine1578560413
Gurvir S Khurana 93311, CAPediatric Medicine1417955162
Richard Carl Rissel 94519, CAPediatric Medicine1245237023
Denise Bass Allen 94612, CAPediatric Medicine1275531816
Bella I Nudel 94115, CAPediatric Medicine1598763138
Lakeside Medical Associates, A Medical Group, Inc. 91607, CAPediatric Medicine1619975158
Raymond R Fripp 92123, CAPediatric Medicine1225036627
Joan Susan Dorfman 94105, CAPediatric Medicine1215935630
Donna Krepak 92591, CAPediatric Medicine1750389177
Sara Sadrzadeh Towfigh 92123, CAPediatric Medicine1841687563
Juliana Austin 90806, CAPediatric Medicine1689672909
Francisco Abreu Bracho 93003, CAPediatric Medicine1154329209
Thomas Edward Lee 90505, CAPediatric Medicine1548268725
Monte R Klaudt 92025, CAPediatric Medicine1023016110
Sabry E Bakr 92595, CAPediatric Medicine1710985569
Francis W Yu 91754, CAPediatric Medicine1740288786
David Merrill Snyder 93726, CAPediatric Medicine1992703961
Peter Anthony Statti 93454, CAPediatric Medicine1205834132
David Aaron Boxstein 91505, CAPediatric Medicine1386643005
David W Wang 91754, CAPediatric Medicine1912905787
Karl Nushir Dalal 95991, CAPediatric Medicine1467451245
Kuangkai Tai 92064, CAPediatric Medicine1396744066
John Clifford German 92868, CAPediatric Medicine1033118500
Roberto Limgenco Barretto 92868, CAPediatric Medicine1477552941
Ali Reza Kavianian 92868, CAPediatric Medicine1841299328
Maryam Gholizadeh 92868, CAPediatric Medicine1194724583
Smita Bhargava Tandon 92708, CAPediatric Medicine1205835634
Misty Michelle Zelk 95472, CAPediatric Medicine1962401463
James Maguire Benzian 93105, CAPediatric Medicine1497754931
Jon Michael Dandrea 93010, CAPediatric Medicine1558360834
Lee Arthur Goldstein 93271, CAPediatric Medicine1952300238
Wen feng Jan, Md Pc 92867, CAPediatric Medicine1669471876
Karen L Wilson 92130, CAPediatric Medicine1851390025
Cheng Long Kuo 90710, CAPediatric Medicine1689673840
Roberta Anne Bavin 93612, CAPediatric Medicine1326047499
George Gary Mackie 92868, CAPediatric Medicine1831198936


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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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