Providers with Taxonomy: Pediatric Medicine in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pediatric Medicine
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ralph E. Caprio 07013, NJPediatric Medicine1174526636
Ruba H. Hanna 07013, NJPediatric Medicine1629071188
Evyenia M. Lazaris 07013, NJPediatric Medicine1265435721
Susan Mediterraneo 07013, NJPediatric Medicine1891798351
John A. Niziol 07013, NJPediatric Medicine1700889268
Helen M. Baluyot 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1164425625
Howard Warren Rosenblum 08840, NJPediatric Medicine1760485361
Ira Lee Cooper 07666, NJPediatric Medicine1982607693
William R Freund 08210, NJPediatric Medicine1831192541
Thomas F Dierkes 08210, NJPediatric Medicine1336142041
Jeffrey L Flick 08210, NJPediatric Medicine1174526875
Daniel M Lebovic 08840, NJPediatric Medicine1033112727
Maritza Marie Santiago 08840, NJPediatric Medicine1689677163
Talbot A. Sklar 08820, NJPediatric Medicine1013910496
Adel M Zauk 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1669475174
Denis Dilallo 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1710980131
Gregory E Menken 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1740283167
Linda C Skroce 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1093718314
Zarah Jane Pua 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1124021449
Kira Feldman 08005, NJPediatric Medicine1629071014
Eric S Lesser 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1063415487
Luis C Marrero 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1124021548
Willaim J Debruin 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1457353757
Maria A. Lavaia 07960, NJPediatric Medicine1538162094
Barbara M Cocovinis 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1285636563
Richard A Gindi 07755, NJPediatric Medicine1134123490
Cyrus Ahmadi 07055, NJPediatric Medicine1912901950
Anna Digeso 08876, NJPediatric Medicine1396749180
Bandana Raha 07306, NJPediatric Medicine1558365239
Myriam I Hernandez 08816, NJPediatric Medicine1881698603
Kim Luciano 07503, NJPediatric Medicine1740284496
Jennifer Marie Tareco 08807, NJPediatric Medicine1184626327
Herbert H Portnoff 08820, NJPediatric Medicine1609870005
Miriam R Maher 07034, NJPediatric Medicine1780689554
Ihsan A. Osman 08857, NJPediatric Medicine1306841283
Jodi Liebman Berg 08016, NJPediatric Medicine1225032683
Frank Pasquale Scartozzi 07624, NJPediatric Medicine1003812546
Jill I Sharon 08701, NJPediatric Medicine1033115530
Stephen Leonard Sinoway 08801, NJPediatric Medicine1578569737
Norman L Lim 07114, NJPediatric Medicine1124024401
Maged Ghaly 07304, NJPediatric Medicine1154327880
Zofia J Lipert 07302, NJPediatric Medicine1831195577
Emma A Mangosing 07302, NJPediatric Medicine1457357196
Richard J Bonforte 07304, NJPediatric Medicine1447256177
Suhail N Alsheikh 07302, NJPediatric Medicine1639175367
Kevin J Mcsherry 07960, NJPediatric Medicine1336145986
Irini D Mentakis 07304, NJPediatric Medicine1699771246
Surinder K Sodhi 07060, NJPediatric Medicine1871599423
William C Yu 07302, NJPediatric Medicine1407852056
Cesar Valentin 07055, NJPediatric Medicine1073993739
Surasak Puvabanditsin 08901, NJPediatric Medicine1235135880
Jeffrey M. Singer 08003, NJPediatric Medicine1942207915
Kenneth Michael Hirsch 08022, NJPediatric Medicine1023015880
Paulo Bandeira Pinho 07041, NJPediatric Medicine1922006352
Thomas Schumann Vates 08816, NJPediatric Medicine1447258637
Jane C Dellert 07004, NJPediatric Medicine1619975661
Edward Joseph Zajkowski 07666, NJPediatric Medicine1770580938
Sara Adel Khalil 08360, NJPediatric Medicine1740519834
Robert Theodore Brown 08103, NJPediatric Medicine1962409037
Sau Yan Yee 07631, NJPediatric Medicine1740288570
Saeed Abbassi 07047, NJPediatric Medicine1114926664
Geddy Jay Krul 07083, NJPediatric Medicine1215936604
Mark Maccollom Morris 07081, NJPediatric Medicine1851390199
Michael D Cafone 08062, NJPediatric Medicine1588663728
Tammy Beth Makowsky 07722, NJPediatric Medicine1790784817
Jazmine Harris 08302, NJPediatric Medicine1881693844
Lawrence Brian Laveman 07041, NJPediatric Medicine1821097908
Neil Kenneth Cederbaum 08816, NJPediatric Medicine1407855406
Paul R Kouyoumdji 08079, NJPediatric Medicine1124027172
Margarette R. Pierre 08820, NJPediatric Medicine1033119367
Keith L. Meloff 08820, NJPediatric Medicine1902806250
Jacek Grzybowski 07036, NJPediatric Medicine1225038508
Vani Gayam 08820, NJPediatric Medicine1366442659
Keren Amy Phillips 07740, NJPediatric Medicine1780684951
Rajyalakshmi V. Vadali 08857, NJPediatric Medicine1134129448
Jonathan S. Schiffman 07055, NJPediatric Medicine1528068830
Okechukwu P. Anene 08820, NJPediatric Medicine1134129570
Bruce H Kraut 08648, NJPediatric Medicine1205836509
Madhusudanarao Pasupuleti 08861, NJPediatric Medicine1740280874
Robert R Hackford 08210, NJPediatric Medicine1790786689
Stacy I. Weedon 08807, NJPediatric Medicine1851392633
Lauren Davis 08054, NJPediatric Medicine1942669726
Cory Alan Golloub 07045, NJPediatric Medicine1508867235
William W Fischer 07103, NJPediatric Medicine1265433858
Noel Wiederhorn 07436, NJPediatric Medicine1093716359
Roger Antonio Rivera 07024, NJPediatric Medicine1538160890
Carmen C Canlas 07840, NJPediatric Medicine1437150711
Nibal Ahmad Zaghloul 08901, NJPediatric Medicine1447251764
Uttama Taneja 07436, NJPediatric Medicine1649271065
Lonna Yegen 07624, NJPediatric Medicine1184625501
Geeta Kumar 07024, NJPediatric Medicine1992706311
Ravi Shankar Chennapragada 08807, NJPediatric Medicine1043211261
Michelle Bender 07922, NJPediatric Medicine1184625279
Lorrie June Vece 07666, NJPediatric Medicine1770585689
Lawrence D Rosen 07649, NJPediatric Medicine1255333050
Neil Harris Kolsky 07666, NJPediatric Medicine1164424032
Ofelia Ramoso Mangubat 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1073515763
Shanti Dhupar 07075, NJPediatric Medicine1346242815
Ann Marie Comandatore 07041, NJPediatric Medicine1467454066
Elizabeth Esterov 08902, NJPediatric Medicine1275535858
Alexa C Kemeny 07922, NJPediatric Medicine1619979200
Laurence Gruenwald 07041, NJPediatric Medicine1508868191
Andrea Alexander 07041, NJPediatric Medicine1922000520
Yael Miller 07041, NJPediatric Medicine1417959057
Mara Sterio 07041, NJPediatric Medicine1215939822
Ian Thomas Cohen 07740, NJPediatric Medicine1073515524
George Michael Azzariti 07662, NJPediatric Medicine1386646768
John Ivan Sutter 07013, NJPediatric Medicine1407848575
Julia F Pons 07104, NJPediatric Medicine1528050531
Benjamin Lopkin 07054, NJPediatric Medicine1306838362
Evelyn Kraut 07662, NJPediatric Medicine1669464657
Luis Garay 07107, NJPediatric Medicine1821080490
Hisham H Gadalla 07011, NJPediatric Medicine1689666257
Irene Lintag 07107, NJPediatric Medicine1447242987
Judith C Hugh-goffe 07079, NJPediatric Medicine1346232964
Jayalakshmi Ganapathy 07031, NJPediatric Medicine1942292479
Susan Barasch 07059, NJPediatric Medicine1578556437
Florence Pandit 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1699768671
Paresh Pandit 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1386637361
Andrea G Katz 07059, NJPediatric Medicine1124011903
Osama M Moshet 07042, NJPediatric Medicine1225021975
Thomas Edward Baumlin 07733, NJPediatric Medicine1427041862
Shefali Vyas 07052, NJPediatric Medicine1780676056
Teresa Manocchio 07901, NJPediatric Medicine1144212002
Maria Agnes C Dawis 07753, NJPediatric Medicine1578565040
Ayman Abdelwahab 37203, NJPediatric Medicine1851383178
Richard W. Marcus 07110, NJPediatric Medicine1548252067
Lori Alyson Rosenberg 07728, NJPediatric Medicine1497757363
Ashley Serrette 11040, NJPediatric Medicine1790171262
Susan Adele Armstrong 08057, NJPediatric Medicine1063406403
Jeffrey Ginsburg 07457, NJPediatric Medicine1043204332
Martin Daniel Fried 07712, NJPediatric Medicine1578557344
Dalia Pando 07107, NJPediatric Medicine1376537100
Regina Politis 07307, NJPediatric Medicine1245224856
Kenneth W Groman 07733, NJPediatric Medicine1285628776
Yolanda Czerniawski 07052, NJPediatric Medicine1083609382
Jennifer Owensby 11219, NJPediatric Medicine1942295076
Scott R. Schultz 07052, NJPediatric Medicine1265427132
Suzy Harrison Press 07960, NJPediatric Medicine1679568588
Aviva Beth Schein 07670, NJPediatric Medicine1740275411
Susan Jean Brillhart 10007, NJPediatric Medicine1104812718
Beth Etta Magee-siefert 08028, NJPediatric Medicine1922094515
Francis J Sieber 08318, NJPediatric Medicine1336135391
Regina Bronstein 07871, NJPediatric Medicine1063408995
Daryl K Kim 07832, NJPediatric Medicine1730175431
Elena R Jauregui 07208, NJPediatric Medicine1265429781
Maria Gutierrez Mena 07093, NJPediatric Medicine1154318111
Jo-ann Jordan 07701, NJPediatric Medicine1558358358
Stephen T Tafaro 08822, NJPediatric Medicine1194713818
Carolyn T Torre 08618, NJPediatric Medicine1609864222
Michael Ira Bleiman 08050, NJPediatric Medicine1821086463
Paul B Avondoglio 07922, NJPediatric Medicine1063400562
Julio S Diaz 07922, NJPediatric Medicine1881682300
Steven Luke 07083, NJPediatric Medicine1972597268
Elizabeth A Panzner 07083, NJPediatric Medicine1346234697
Jeffrey Merkle 07840, NJPediatric Medicine1295721165
David Oxman 07083, NJPediatric Medicine1538153820
Debra Jean Westcott 08401, NJPediatric Medicine1700872314
Simone Andrea Straw 07083, NJPediatric Medicine1861486821
Diana Victoria Marin 07103, NJPediatric Medicine1093701161
Jeffrey Steven Zlotnick 08820, NJPediatric Medicine1881689610
Paul V Sunkavalli 08050, NJPediatric Medicine1841288495
Ann R Cutalo 07081, NJPediatric Medicine1235693490
Ellen B Ganek 07924, NJPediatric Medicine1750379228
Carl H Herman 07069, NJPediatric Medicine1083602478
Mrunalinin Donde 07728, NJPediatric Medicine1952399446
Ghitta Eibschutz 07922, NJPediatric Medicine1225026784
Anthony P Lamantia 07728, NJPediatric Medicine1013905595
Orsolya M Pogany 07016, NJPediatric Medicine1568450799
Estela V Lacap 07728, NJPediatric Medicine1174511232
Neal Ruda 07730, NJPediatric Medicine1003804196
Andrew S Burstiner 07730, NJPediatric Medicine1427046515
Steven E Miller 07701, NJPediatric Medicine1942298096
Rocco F Pascucci 07730, NJPediatric Medicine1134117245
Christopher J Festa 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1366430266
Dmitry Stillman 07660, NJPediatric Medicine1275522880
Stuart A Wasserlauf 08096, NJPediatric Medicine1710976204
Cathleen Anne Duffy 07731, NJPediatric Medicine1275522658
Ruth Webster Skay 08360, NJPediatric Medicine1669461190
Helen Szgalsky 08754, NJPediatric Medicine1548259914
Dale Louise Steinberg 07109, NJPediatric Medicine1427047703
Theresa Ann Paladino 07701, NJPediatric Medicine1649269853
Israel I Rayman 07470, NJPediatric Medicine1487643433
Geraldine I Nelson 07470, NJPediatric Medicine1538158589
James W Mahon 07470, NJPediatric Medicine1952390908
Kristen Depuyt 07470, NJPediatric Medicine1942299953
Aditee D Leszkowicz 08053, NJPediatric Medicine1962492959
Brenda J Bender 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1750371720
David Bigos 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1891785879
Caroline Chiu 07470, NJPediatric Medicine1609865617
Lydia Charles 07470, NJPediatric Medicine1598754509
Elizabeth Fong Deleon 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1922098813
Kerri Kansas 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1023008802
Mirye Kim 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1982694626
Genoveva Knifong 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1508856279
Shraddha Mittal 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1265422869
Caitlin A Papastamelos 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1487644589
Peter E Turner 08043, NJPediatric Medicine1053301184
Ramesh Ragothaman 08053, NJPediatric Medicine1356331482
Mark L Radler 07740, NJPediatric Medicine1700877800


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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