Providers with Taxonomy: Pediatric Medicine in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pediatric Medicine
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Annmarie Charno 11552, NYPediatric Medicine1457880676
Louis M Goldblum 11968, NYPediatric Medicine1841290608
Rona Heublum-colton 10940, NYPediatric Medicine1578556502
Yang Kim 90020, NYPediatric Medicine1528055456
Ruben W Cerri 11103, NYPediatric Medicine1619961950
Aaron Michael Punim 10950, NYPediatric Medicine1306228051
Rabia Agha 11219, NYPediatric Medicine1376524405
Anna Marie Scopellito-olsen 04073, NYPediatric Medicine1003897935
Nelson Garrett Rosen 11040, NYPediatric Medicine1346229028
Shahina M. Qureshi 11419, NYPediatric Medicine1659359271
Juan E Maguina 10314, NYPediatric Medicine1689659302
Eric J Thierman 14221, NYPediatric Medicine1235101908
Linda Teresa Di Toro 10309, NYPediatric Medicine1245205798
Vivienne Elaine Taylor 13440, NYPediatric Medicine1861464372
Catherine Anne Hansen 06810, NYPediatric Medicine1083666200
Sanjivan Patel 11237, NYPediatric Medicine1316908171
Rahim Dhanani 12209, NYPediatric Medicine1346291655
Patricia E Carniglia 07701, NYPediatric Medicine1366487662
Florenda Reandelar 11373, NYPediatric Medicine1881632719
Melanie A Wellington 14642, NYPediatric Medicine1619908191
Sharon G Berkowitz 52242, NYPediatric Medicine1225065238
Alan B Roessler 14845, NYPediatric Medicine1295770352
John Juriga 14905, NYPediatric Medicine1508893181
Mercedes Martinez 10032, NYPediatric Medicine1316992522
Samantha Cayley Lowe 10504, NYPediatric Medicine1174550651
Omar A Abu Anza 52242, NYPediatric Medicine1629465802
Cheryl J Doyle 11201, NYPediatric Medicine1588603260
Prabha Nanjundamurthy Dakshayini 56601, NYPediatric Medicine1265842199
Damian J Krysan 52242, NYPediatric Medicine1942237763
Victoria Angela Staiano 11357, NYPediatric Medicine1053877969
Steven Joseph Dias 06335, NYPediatric Medicine1053772335
Wyckoff Heights Dental Services P.c. 11237, NYPediatric Medicine1447298070
Karen Chalanick 17325, NYPediatric Medicine1003829995
Margaret Hazzard Ormanoski 40536, NYPediatric Medicine1689608549
Rosalie Fernandez Sia 95350, NYPediatric Medicine1316972250
Maria Cynthia D Ruiz-delara 10304, NYPediatric Medicine1720012917
Robert Johnson 07103, NYPediatric Medicine1134149230
Roxanna Khajavi 10280, NYPediatric Medicine1558604264
Glenda Moreno 11794, NYPediatric Medicine1396767315
Jenna Kantor 11374, NYPediatric Medicine1396229597
Jay R Shayevitz 11530, NYPediatric Medicine1811922453
Chrysanthe Petras 11550, NYPediatric Medicine1104837293
Janice Valmassoi 03766, NYPediatric Medicine1922180512
Lisa B. Moreno 10028, NYPediatric Medicine1508977208
Netta M Blitman 10016, NYPediatric Medicine1801989082
Theresa E Maldonado 06830, NYPediatric Medicine1861578700
Amardeep Singh Ahluwalia 95816, NYPediatric Medicine1245328988
Linda H Fuller 10956, NYPediatric Medicine1942305370
Dawn Brennan 14621, NYPediatric Medicine1003914722
Rebecca Kathleen Ledwin 13088, NYPediatric Medicine1972693836
Lauren Budow 10536, NYPediatric Medicine1417010802
Eli Grunstein 10032, NYPediatric Medicine1295871879
Sheila Upadhyay 19104, NYPediatric Medicine1063559995
Kathryn Dimmock 11217, NYPediatric Medicine1144724832
Mariano Catalano 07071, NYPediatric Medicine1245430909
Asma Syed Khan 61107, NYPediatric Medicine1568877678
North Area Pediatrics, Pc 13088, NYPediatric Medicine1609949049
Tammie Bertges Tullio 14621, NYPediatric Medicine1336277086
Sarah Elizabeth Kimball 94304, NYPediatric Medicine1801943675
Melanie Alana Gregory-burnette 10459, NYPediatric Medicine1689892713
Scott Michael Miller 08816, NYPediatric Medicine1518127133
Susannah Eldridge Hills 10032, NYPediatric Medicine1164633723
Smita Awasthi 95816, NYPediatric Medicine1912107970
Paul Joseph Planet 19104, NYPediatric Medicine1356501191
Stuart Bennett Weiss 10018, NYPediatric Medicine1730306242
Shiva Majmudar 77598, NYPediatric Medicine1992085021
Sana Amber Hameedi 11777, NYPediatric Medicine1043624927
Amy C Yang 97239, NYPediatric Medicine1902012180
Hilary Anne Yehling 03077, NYPediatric Medicine1053583609
Soultana Kourtidou 11215, NYPediatric Medicine1225314495
Healthy Kids Pediatrics Pllc 11050, NYPediatric Medicine1922282300
Daniel Erichsen 97477, NYPediatric Medicine1164683777
Hind Bouallali 20147, NYPediatric Medicine1427225788
Rachel Wade Fleming 10573, NYPediatric Medicine1629208178
Linda B Kaufman 13057, NYPediatric Medicine1518105964
Nancy Lynn Haller 11803, NYPediatric Medicine1437390176
Beverly Schaefer 14263, NYPediatric Medicine1699091272
Hanan K Tawadrous 07503, NYPediatric Medicine1346554060
Jyoti Bhatia-barnes 19134, NYPediatric Medicine1487963070
Sheryl P. De Leon-dial 32550, NYPediatric Medicine1134419815
Matthew Drago 06504, NYPediatric Medicine1225322456
Khalil William Savary 07103, NYPediatric Medicine1699061416
Kishore Kumar 06450, NYPediatric Medicine1760769095
Liza Denise Gonzalez Benitez 33470, NYPediatric Medicine1992035372
Manvi Bansal 90027, NYPediatric Medicine1891024808
Baruch Goldberg 77030, NYPediatric Medicine1639462138
Aamisha Gupta 92123, NYPediatric Medicine1356639595
Adrien W Reidy 14623, NYPediatric Medicine1497904791
Thomas J Fountaine 14642, NYPediatric Medicine1306160106
Ryan W. Morgan 19104, NYPediatric Medicine1952628786
Andrew Jonas Klein 27707, NYPediatric Medicine1437459286
Daniel James Miller 55101, NYPediatric Medicine1285926212
Maria Linda Diaz 10301, NYPediatric Medicine1326334848
Dina D Daswani 10595, NYPediatric Medicine1477840726
Anushree M Algotar 38105, NYPediatric Medicine1366727893
Tara R Whyte 10019, NYPediatric Medicine1861645012
Zaira Rivera-diaz 10467, NYPediatric Medicine1306157375
Joseph Anthony Grillo 11803, NYPediatric Medicine1437449246
Myrnelle Damas 21128, NYPediatric Medicine1245524073
Brett Joseph Moses 08873, NYPediatric Medicine1427347897
Nnenna Rosemary Ukachi Badamosi 30912, NYPediatric Medicine1376821173
Katherine Anne Steigerwald 11042, NYPediatric Medicine1457639056
Sirada Panupattanapong 44195, NYPediatric Medicine1417237116
Dina Chiusa 10522, NYPediatric Medicine1457622961
Neha Ashwin Patel 11042, NYPediatric Medicine1326337387
Falan Mouton 80601, NYPediatric Medicine1134447477
Katharine Rae Lange 55404, NYPediatric Medicine1154612463
Joshua Matthew Beiner 06504, NYPediatric Medicine1508162827
Maria Roberta Moro 33173, NYPediatric Medicine1245477231
David Darcy 90027, NYPediatric Medicine1215224068
Aditi Kamat 10591, NYPediatric Medicine1215314349
Laura Anne Pozzuto 14620, NYPediatric Medicine1184901274
Deanna Marie Haynes 30342, NYPediatric Medicine1215175252
Scott A Moerdler 08901, NYPediatric Medicine1639445083
Veronica Ramirez-ramon 11215, NYPediatric Medicine1992019269
Doreen Gerena 32837, NYPediatric Medicine1386935823
Pamela Fazzio 19104, NYPediatric Medicine1821389073
Cara M Strom 10026, NYPediatric Medicine1649546052
Cherilyn Siy Farcon 10001, NYPediatric Medicine1659526408
David Michael Pinter 11367, NYPediatric Medicine1073812038
Julie Diane Goodspeed 14127, NYPediatric Medicine1548592074
Eunice Maya Kohara 90232, NYPediatric Medicine1386899631
Samir Pandya 75235, NYPediatric Medicine1255575122
Julian Berlin 33308, NYPediatric Medicine1568774719
Mark Kirschenbaum 11219, NYPediatric Medicine1992004006
Inna Lekht 08701, NYPediatric Medicine1225312705
Necla Kudrick 18301, NYPediatric Medicine1346528114
Nicole Lynn Gergen Villapiano 13045, NYPediatric Medicine1598059586
Jing Chen 07601, NYPediatric Medicine1578862082
Jennifer Christine Peterson 32065, NYPediatric Medicine1992937650
Andrew D Suseno 10029, NYPediatric Medicine1932479292
Jill M. Meyers 43205, NYPediatric Medicine1588815039
Melody Kinsley 12801, NYPediatric Medicine1346477072
Bernadette Fulweiler 19803, NYPediatric Medicine1356862247
Jennifer Sanford 11772, NYPediatric Medicine1194046946
Jenna Aleea Ali 47250, NYPediatric Medicine1326467523
Nancy Jade Lee 11106, NYPediatric Medicine1124319991
Razi Rahman 78759, NYPediatric Medicine1912267253
Rafia Qandeel Baloch 08536, NYPediatric Medicine1144589490
Brinda Mukesh Mehta 61637, NYPediatric Medicine1205195849
Semantha Natasha Charles 75237, NYPediatric Medicine1609136043
Resmy Palliyil Gopi 10583, NYPediatric Medicine1356602924
Shari Marie Sheflin-findling 11042, NYPediatric Medicine1831323286
Caitlin Feeks 11794, NYPediatric Medicine1912264060
Kevin M Grassi 12801, NYPediatric Medicine1831457209
Jonathan Gill 77030, NYPediatric Medicine1962651273
Nisha Tamaskar 20910, NYPediatric Medicine1104184175
Yelena Gofman 11223, NYPediatric Medicine1518226919
William Andrew Erhardt 10022, NYPediatric Medicine1023354131
Andrea Milne Wenderlich 14642, NYPediatric Medicine1750624243
Maria Tama 10461, NYPediatric Medicine1740624865
Robyn Winston Levinson 10454, NYPediatric Medicine1730512047
Albert Orteza Antonio 92653, NYPediatric Medicine1689094518
Siva Pavani Puppala 17110, NYPediatric Medicine1659702819
John Joseph Criscuolo 89106, NYPediatric Medicine1346653136
Sarah Margarita Chicosky 11375, NYPediatric Medicine1134510480
Cherish Kimiko Leung 90630, NYPediatric Medicine1962882167
Reem Ibrahim Alhussain 08854, NYPediatric Medicine1891175469
Molly Galdston 10451, NYPediatric Medicine1194109900
William Wedin 55110, NYPediatric Medicine1134547847
Rubini Pathy 01104, NYPediatric Medicine1154720027
Elizabeth Lahaie 30033, NYPediatric Medicine1124436944
Karthikeyan Vadakantharai Parameswaran 62040, NYPediatric Medicine1194132662
Rama Vinayagasundaram Subramanian 18960, NYPediatric Medicine1932593506
Gisela Moreira Eyng 60637, NYPediatric Medicine1407238421
Rosanna Susila Silber 10065, NYPediatric Medicine1568839132
Jacqueline Rausa 23507, NYPediatric Medicine1366861312
Randy Alevi 11040, NYPediatric Medicine1053723452
Gary Kwokking Mak 11374, NYPediatric Medicine1801208954
Christabelle Co 94080, NYPediatric Medicine1669887931
Nechama Turk 33162, NYPediatric Medicine1316352859
Aseel Abd Al-munaf Hussein Al-jadiri 02111, NYPediatric Medicine1922413269
Dmitry Shindelman 10314, NYPediatric Medicine1952793747
Amy Romaine Volz 19125, NYPediatric Medicine1134518707
Jennifer Nguyen Simpson 32025, NYPediatric Medicine1639557069
Mary Wood 14551, NYPediatric Medicine1477972727
Anne-lise Jacobsen 07601, NYPediatric Medicine1598791915
Christina Louise Padgett 14209, NYPediatric Medicine1831535681
Kristin Olsen Pyne 07039, NYPediatric Medicine1043578172
Kendall Luyt 73104, NYPediatric Medicine1669869731
Mary Asal 73104, NYPediatric Medicine1821475336
Anna Sherry Mathew 77030, NYPediatric Medicine1134591951
Ezekiel Derek Alexander Melquist 96097, NYPediatric Medicine1720320724
Jared Dunahay 03109, NYPediatric Medicine1154708964
Mylinh Thi Nguyen 92123, NYPediatric Medicine1730428053
Sylvia Bellack 12205, NYPediatric Medicine1780925594
Emma Christine Eseet 54481, NYPediatric Medicine1558743468
Neziha Celebi 21201, NYPediatric Medicine1275884389
Joselin Fabiola Joma De Herrera 54481, NYPediatric Medicine1982089975
Hillary Rosen Khodari 08857, NYPediatric Medicine1215328513
Rochelle Maria Regina Sequeira Gomes 19107, NYPediatric Medicine1689059008
Patrice Jovita Santiago Vigilia 77030, NYPediatric Medicine1356726350
Anna Zylak 11201, NYPediatric Medicine1427445949
Esther Levine Pincus 60614, NYPediatric Medicine1356768030
Tanuja Kothinti 60637, NYPediatric Medicine1922484823
Ruben Jonas Colman 45229, NYPediatric Medicine1942695234
Jacqueline Alissa Skelton 20785, NYPediatric Medicine1265792873
Molly Rubinoff 11042, NYPediatric Medicine1366807943
Joanne V Popotte-smith 10457, NYPediatric Medicine1265682579
Natacha Pierre 75093, NYPediatric Medicine1891189932


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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