Providers with Taxonomy: Pediatric Medicine in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pediatric Medicine
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ewa M Hansen 43623, OHPediatric Medicine1235132275
Heather L Mittiga 45246, OHPediatric Medicine1821091786
Ximena Valdes 44106, OHPediatric Medicine1912900903
Robert J. Malek 43701, OHPediatric Medicine1659374619
Edwin M Horwitz 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1831192947
Sophia Grecos Mccullough 43566, OHPediatric Medicine1790788966
Minda Te 43608, OHPediatric Medicine1174526206
Ramalingareddy Polamreddy 43608, OHPediatric Medicine1427051168
John Michael Smith 44130, OHPediatric Medicine1497758122
Elizabeth Ann Roseberry 43302, OHPediatric Medicine1609879196
Russell Earl Ware 45229, OHPediatric Medicine1174526735
Curtis B Everson 45106, OHPediatric Medicine1942203377
Michael Frederick Ringel 45030, OHPediatric Medicine1881697126
Rajiv Gupta 43701, OHPediatric Medicine1164425526
Bradley Alex Lisko 43082, OHPediatric Medicine1700889003
Kathryn Elaine Boehm 43604, OHPediatric Medicine1790788248
Aroub Alayoubi 43623, OHPediatric Medicine1437151776
Hani Haidar 43623, OHPediatric Medicine1528060753
John David Mcbride 43623, OHPediatric Medicine1689676934
James Robert Hennessy 43608, OHPediatric Medicine1588666838
Jennifer J Murtagh 43623, OHPediatric Medicine1508868746
Marianne M. Black 43623, OHPediatric Medicine1831191063
Marsha J Stein 44504, OHPediatric Medicine1831191022
Brian G Morley 44504, OHPediatric Medicine1184626376
Helmut J Jungschaffer 44074, OHPediatric Medicine1295739282
Sean Patrick Gleeson 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1164426920
Rebecca J Lauffenburger 44691, OHPediatric Medicine1881698694
Steven L Friesen 44805, OHPediatric Medicine1588668404
Abid H Khan 43614, OHPediatric Medicine1518961432
Jeffrey E Schultz 44131, OHPediatric Medicine1437153129
Bashar F Kayali 43138, OHPediatric Medicine1427052299
F. Todd Perzy 44212, OHPediatric Medicine1922002641
Dale P Lindsey 44410, OHPediatric Medicine1093719627
Amy Lynn Glassner 43623, OHPediatric Medicine1205838547
Michael Jack Leymaster 43082, OHPediatric Medicine1164426995
Colleen J Olson 43551, OHPediatric Medicine1497759310
Douglas A Rush 43725, OHPediatric Medicine1467457846
Rebecca Joan Schoettle 45662, OHPediatric Medicine1952306375
James Jacob Huttner 43537, OHPediatric Medicine1508861857
Michael Lewis Gordon 45251, OHPediatric Medicine1407851702
Mark T. Goggin 43725, OHPediatric Medicine1518962612
Laura E Osthaus 43065, OHPediatric Medicine1235134172
Michael R Franks 43065, OHPediatric Medicine1346245404
Gary F Gladieux 43537, OHPediatric Medicine1891790804
Christopher B. Houts 43065, OHPediatric Medicine1487659314
Joseph T. Marra 43623, OHPediatric Medicine1831194869
Rebecca Podurgiel Ramirez 45429, OHPediatric Medicine1881803872
Chris A Smiley 43235, OHPediatric Medicine1689679946
Suzanne G. Gunter 45154, OHPediatric Medicine1699770339
Zenaida Alderette Chughtai 44708, OHPediatric Medicine1972508448
Jennifer L. Zoll 43613, OHPediatric Medicine1083610463
Fadia M Abaza 43537, OHPediatric Medicine1013913243
Michael Thomas Brady 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1184620361
Deborah A Borchers 45245, OHPediatric Medicine1386640506
Samrah H Al-sayed 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1891791885
Ziad Jaara 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1215933155
Jyoti Krishna 44308, OHPediatric Medicine1508862400
Medical Service Associates Of Xenia Inc 45385, OHPediatric Medicine1982600862
Michael Eugene Ruhlen 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1396741054
Julie Therese Miller 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1730185406
Wendy Gale Nelson-brown 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1386640191
Arthur S. Pickoff 45404, OHPediatric Medicine1407852239
Margaret M Olsen 43560, OHPediatric Medicine1194721928
Barbara Anne Chappell 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1659378214
Karl S Deluga 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1326045964
Kimberly M Gill 43119, OHPediatric Medicine1538166178
Wendy Kathleen Anderson 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1881690824
Patrick Henry 43460, OHPediatric Medicine1073519849
Suzanne P Mcdonough 44233, OHPediatric Medicine1720537889
Hussein Ibrahim Kashk 45804, OHPediatric Medicine1053317073
Jeffrey A Alten 45229, OHPediatric Medicine1437155306
Julie A Jaskiewicz 45244, OHPediatric Medicine1598760233
Elizabeth Defrancis Allen 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1538166129
Brian S Bradley 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1083611420
Eriks A Usis 44119, OHPediatric Medicine1982601324
Randal N Huff 44132, OHPediatric Medicine1972500312
Daniel G Fuller 44132, OHPediatric Medicine1134126568
George David Waterman 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1972500015
Jennifer F. Ringel 45240, OHPediatric Medicine1538166681
Ronna Y. Schneider 45240, OHPediatric Medicine1417954538
Paul V Delamater 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1104823210
Benjamin P Almasanu 43230, OHPediatric Medicine1578560660
Jonna M Mcrury 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1073510129
Melissa A. Wallace 45240, OHPediatric Medicine1669479713
Hirikati S Nagaraj 44106, OHPediatric Medicine1629075627
Marvin J Scheer 43616, OHPediatric Medicine1770580714
Stephen Gerald Wychock 44004, OHPediatric Medicine1760489413
Venkatesan Krishnan 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1225035926
Allan H. Robinson 45240, OHPediatric Medicine1295732907
Robert P. Wallace 45240, OHPediatric Medicine1285631911
Alean Joyce Zeiler 43620, OHPediatric Medicine1396743035
James E Sander 43623, OHPediatric Medicine1619974474
Mohamad Bassam Abaza 43616, OHPediatric Medicine1184621963
William J Logeman 45056, OHPediatric Medicine1477551042
Charles W Cook 43616, OHPediatric Medicine1992703524
Eliza Mccartney 43614, OHPediatric Medicine1962400515
Randall S Schlievert 43614, OHPediatric Medicine1740288307
Alisa O Mcgill 45229, OHPediatric Medicine1174521744
Cheryl Huffman 45840, OHPediatric Medicine1285632869
Tracey Colleen Bang 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1871591107
Wendy I Wexler 43616, OHPediatric Medicine1720086986
Lisa A Kelch 43026, OHPediatric Medicine1669479093
Jeffrey W Crecelius 43026, OHPediatric Medicine1043217466
Timothy A Teller 43026, OHPediatric Medicine1417954744
Jennifer Hardie 45014, OHPediatric Medicine1174521298
Robert W Snyder 43026, OHPediatric Medicine1245237213
Amy Michele Arnett 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1053318253
Razan Alkhoury 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1891792990
Terry Philip Barber 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1265439111
Jane Penelope Balint 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1427055524
John Allman Barnard 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1912904087
Sasigarn Arunchaiya Bowden 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1013915420
Edward Geoffrey Shepherd 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1497752562
William Joseph Barson 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1336146869
Alexandar Andrich 44133, OHPediatric Medicine1356348437
Shital N Parikh 45229, OHPediatric Medicine1184622359
John Applegate 43062, OHPediatric Medicine1427056597
David Robert Stukus 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1164429213
Valarie N Stricklen 43566, OHPediatric Medicine1952309593
Lesa Sue Sutton-davis 42420, OHPediatric Medicine1396743258
Khin Thida 45638, OHPediatric Medicine1538166509
Marin Beth Waynar 44870, OHPediatric Medicine1649277781
Diane Lemay 43055, OHPediatric Medicine1851399620
Lisa K. Eggleston 44203, OHPediatric Medicine1770582579
Ajay Ponkshe 45229, OHPediatric Medicine1417956905
William M Leahy 45503, OHPediatric Medicine1558360099
Dana Joseph Schultz 43026, OHPediatric Medicine1720087042
Dorrence Coney Talbut 43537, OHPediatric Medicine1558360545
Lorraine M Fay 43617, OHPediatric Medicine1114926045
Michael Demetrios Pappas 43623, OHPediatric Medicine1518966407
Nikola T Alain 43040, OHPediatric Medicine1437159241
Dayton Childrens Cardiology Inc 45404, OHPediatric Medicine1821098617
Maria D Kowal 44410, OHPediatric Medicine1871593632
Dagmar Stein 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1114927977
Michael Leighton Forbes 44308, OHPediatric Medicine1780684258
Michael D. Klein 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1003816539
Scott E. Langenburg 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1093715450
I-huei Lin 44256, OHPediatric Medicine1700886074
Joel T Wehrmeyer 45424, OHPediatric Medicine1043210313
Erin S Harris 43040, OHPediatric Medicine1114927498
Mahmoud M Abou El Soud 44122, OHPediatric Medicine1760482889
Rajesh Ramamurthy Donthi 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1750381885
Jennifer Ioas Chapman 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1427058486
Michael Sekman 44420, OHPediatric Medicine1639170632
Viera Bernat 44131, OHPediatric Medicine1396746285
Benjamin S Bolser 45229, OHPediatric Medicine1336148865
Steven Charles Cassidy 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1336149392
Clifford Lee Cua 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1720088867
William Herbert Cotton 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1528068566
Wallace Vernon Crandall 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1932108123
Monika Chaudhari 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1922008069
Daniel Lee Coury 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1194724674
Robert Glenn Castile 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1093715138
John Patrick Cheatham 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1114926680
Sarah A. Behrens 43016, OHPediatric Medicine1598766594
David J Sansoterra 44512, OHPediatric Medicine1952301715
Elizabeth Musolf 43430, OHPediatric Medicine1003816869
Leslie Carroll Meyers-joseph 43082, OHPediatric Medicine1447259007
Jan E. Perry 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1114928033
Marcel Joseph Casavant 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1992704019
Caroline Timoney Colvin 45229, OHPediatric Medicine1043219264
David A Zainey 45324, OHPediatric Medicine1700885241
Laura D. Plachta 43016, OHPediatric Medicine1467453480
John R Gosche 44106, OHPediatric Medicine1427130160
Betsy L Kendis 44718, OHPediatric Medicine1326049081
Brigitta A Moresea 44718, OHPediatric Medicine1396746053
Karin T Riggs 44718, OHPediatric Medicine1801897558
Dr.'s Ford & Soud, Inc. 44122, OHPediatric Medicine1679574172
Robin Benis 44122, OHPediatric Medicine1295736874
Pediatric Partners Of Cleveland, Inc. 44122, OHPediatric Medicine1538160114
Daniel Worthington 44122, OHPediatric Medicine1003817495
Edward John Gaydos 44143, OHPediatric Medicine1164423331
Heidi Joy Littman 44070, OHPediatric Medicine1841291069
Glenn John Trippe 44857, OHPediatric Medicine1700887932
Shelly Debbie Pesick-caine 44143, OHPediatric Medicine1427059567
Gina Myisha Robinson 44143, OHPediatric Medicine1457352536
Amma Owusu-ansah 44106, OHPediatric Medicine1609877711
Ayman Ali Saleh 44106, OHPediatric Medicine1841292893
Pankaj D Shah 44106, OHPediatric Medicine1518969559
Ann Marie Dietrich 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1972505915
Gloria Christne Higgins 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1205838232
David Joshua Fisher 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1912909888
Chit-guan Goh 43537, OHPediatric Medicine1003818998
Benedicta G Enrile 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1023010907
Shari Sontchi 43537, OHPediatric Medicine1023010915
Adiba Hamad 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1376545129
Laura E Leroux 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1629070479
Rebbeca Clark 43537, OHPediatric Medicine1033111752
Rayeka Sitabkhan 44012, OHPediatric Medicine1699767715
Tracy A Karolyi 43551, OHPediatric Medicine1609868710
Antoinette L Medaglia 43537, OHPediatric Medicine1396737300
Fouad M Butto 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1730171745
Karol Ann Henseler 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1619969888
Leta R Fuller 43205, OHPediatric Medicine1982696159
Jon R Dvorak 43551, OHPediatric Medicine1205828241
Kenneth A Turk 43551, OHPediatric Medicine1366434375
Carol A Kennedy 43551, OHPediatric Medicine1255323291
Carmen Weeber-morse 43551, OHPediatric Medicine1992797864
Alan L Burlingame 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1992797872
Susan D Clay-hufford 43606, OHPediatric Medicine1407848385


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