Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Cureton Keel GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1851378384
Gurpreet Padda MOPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1427035955
Ramon P Sotto MNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1972580454
John R Carbon CTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1629055173
Katherine L Ellis TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1871570101
Rusty A Moore UTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1205813474
Stephanie D Boyle MNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1215914411
Sukeshini R Pallapothu OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1750368130
Ahmed Anwar Khalifa TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1740267053
Sudarshan K Jagga NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1336126648
Girish Juneja MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1114904349
Craig A Dove IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1528045622
Anne K Brutlag MNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1881671840
James J Daley PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1245217405
Shanker Nesathurai MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1477530418
Yong Suk Tak NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1942287982
Christopher Erwin Wilson GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1639156532
Mark William Feeman GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1598742405
Ernest Lee Howard GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1568449478
Victoria Zhang NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1013995836
Barbara Browne PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1497733281
Guy W. Fried PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1588642292
Christopher Formal PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1801874656
Kanakadurga R Poduri NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1285612184
Jeanne Doherty PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1780662494
Darin Keith Wilbourn ARPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1770561532
Tuong Cate Trate NCPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1184602955
Patricia Lynn Neuman WIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1225016942
Seema Virmani Nambiar NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1912985656
Norman W Haueisen PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1942288626
Karen A Kienker IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1871571414
Anandeep Kumar IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1205814860
Ching Sum Leung NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1871571372
Brandee Lynn Waite CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144208885
Emil S Cheng NMPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1609854132
Christopher P Patton NMPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1417935941
Daniel Y Shin CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295713816
Maximilian Braun PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1710965330
Amitabh P Gupta FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1376521807
Huikang Lai NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1528046067
Jay E Rosenfeld MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144208695
Helena Lax-kamenicka PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1598743064
Clay David Miller MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1942288410
Liane Sher PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1851379325
Patrick M. Rommel PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1013995588
Deborah J. Franklin PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1013995596
David Mancini PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1134107535
Eric J Watson CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1902884265
Antoinne Chiari Able TNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1336127638
Wesley Brent Sprinkle ARPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1265410443
Charlotte H Smith WAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1710965934
Mark R Mariani WAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1972581114
Lynn M Mikolich OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1699753897
William W Alden LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1427036656
Teresa (terry) Struck COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1346228582
Zacharia Isaac MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1760460828
Spencer Adam Colden NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1336127497
Veronica Rodriguez De La Cruz PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1457339533
Mark R Johansen COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1720066707
Gary A Maerz COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1245218247
Alan H Weintraub COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1164400172
Tom G Shahwan MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1366420366
Terry H Oh MNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1851379978
Farid Frederick Manshadi IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1033197165
Shih-fong Hsu COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1689652661
Teresita Morales Pabon PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1649259565
Kenneth Patrick Weick NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1346229275
Thomas E Balazy COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1861471807
Oscar B Depaz FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1619956570
Oregon K Hunter FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1114906021
Daniel P Lammertse COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1427037381
Christopher M Leber FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1518946482
Yejia Zhang PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1194704783
Anuj Sharma FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1881673507
Amy Clunn FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1699754325
Timothy Robert Gatens OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1154300887
Terry A. Puet OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1063491736
Robert M Taylor LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295714038
Garry Andrew Clark IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1952380750
Philip Flint Fisher WVPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1013996503
Laurie L Glasser NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1679552103
Robert Lorenzo MEPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1679552251
Tara Jones NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1417936923
Vincent J Gulfo NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1679552111
B Forrest Burke NVPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1700865359
Alexander J Lee NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1740269398
Jong-chaur Shieh NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1629057948
Joan L Gettemeyer MOPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1801875133
Elizabeth Ann Grossart INPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1083693329
Brian Ernstoff PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1497734800
Wilda Murphy FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1790764082
Trevar Chapmon VAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1588643829
Ralph Brown VAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1215916556
Carol Hartigan MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1265411433
Karen Stanek WAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1225017411
Scott Joseph Jarmain NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1225017460
Amanda Eileen Keel IDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1063491231
Brenda Sue Waller VAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1093794133
Vernon Wesley Crisp AZPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1174502207
Sara J Weingartner PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1790765832
Stuart Gordon Oxford NEPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1003895178
James R Milne FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1982684064
Leslie K Schutz MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1770563793
Norman Eugene Anseman LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1932189974
Corazon Cipriaso NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1851371801
Kathryn A Stolp MNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1992785075
Roman Mark Tabakman NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1891775912
Komala Devi Mallampati NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144200262
Ferral L Endsley TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1023098027
Garrett Ward Dixon PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1770563645
Rodney Jay Chronister NHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1336129329
Janet Limke MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1912987884
Aruna Thyagaraj NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1396725131
Michael Charles Kaplan WYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1750361606
Dulio W Guarnieri WVPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1285614289
Thomas J. Folz MOPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1487634234
Tagreed M Khalaf OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1710967203
Jared M Bailey CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1043290554
Michael Trimba NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1396725081
Thomas J. Meenzhuber CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1366422925
James R Bloom PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1720068398
Sandra Barrett KSPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1952381568
Fareeduddin Ahmed IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1598745267
Grace Dasari OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1417937996
Norman A Gabriel PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1225018708
Sosamma B. George CTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1194705699
John T Hollinshead CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1710967229
Marcelle A Paja CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1619957131
Heather Lynne Bingham IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1588644983
Rose Ho MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1215917620
Alan E Vansant PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1760462014
James Rainville MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1336129618
Edward Michael Phillips MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1609856087
Susan S Klimow Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1881674125
Bruce Coplin NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1699755868
Barbara Bargetto CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1073583233
David Portee FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295705408
Todd J Martin CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1902876121
Karen N Bailey CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1225008444
Jodi E Kodish-wachs NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1427028596
Scott Adelman UTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1750351847
David Robert Cooper CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1720068919
Frank Jan CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144200338
Archana Barve OKPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1891765079
Michael Thomas Giovanniello UTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1285604462
Viktoriya Brener NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1457321655
Linda R. Carroll ORPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1598735508
Hi Chul Song MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1982674784
Joseph G Sankoorikal KSPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1992775951
Sushmita Veloor KSPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1154391126
Robert J Kaplan MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1053381962
Robert Anthony Bitonte CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1669442596
Gary W. Golden ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1659341543
Elizabeth Carol Turner VAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1174593008
John D Wrightson PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1861462798
Thomas D Skeels OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1285618603
Paul A Smucker ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1952380743
Sang Ho Song NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1952386518
Thomas Francis Freenock PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1184604498
Douglas Edward Mcgill SCPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1194704130
Eric David Solomon GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1740267640
Mark A. Rubenstein FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1598743437
Sairamachandra Rao Kolla NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1174503205
David R Duba WAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1316923337
Yasmeen Bhatti PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1801871926
Chris Covington TNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1336123470
Hyung Wook Kim MSPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1457337818
Eugenio Martinez MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1508846882
Mario Nelson NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1386628550
Anthony Grasso GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295710093
Arnold Jay Weil GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1609851773
Denis G Patterson MNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1538149950
Limary Rios Camacho PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1780661025
Rita Luz Amadeo-rosario PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1538142211
Hafiz Khattak MOPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1265419683
James A Santos COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1073591517
Nithyanandini Namassivaya NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1073591897
Mohammed S Adeel INPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1467435099
Durgadas P Sakalkale CTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1174501175
Daniel Meneses Salcedo NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1346220803
Nnamdi C. Nwaogwugwu FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1962489864
Kenneth Washburn COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1033196316
Robert R Silvera FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1235113515
Sandra Blake Maguire MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1932183662
Michael J Mrochek TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1447230909
Sybil Rochelle Reddick TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1083693212
Irma I. Morales PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1316924541
Ariel Zita Salzman ORPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1558348912
John P Casey MDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1962488692
Kevin O Lawrence CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1215913058
Asit P Upadhyay PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1588649701
Robert Joseph Brownsberger AZPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1194795385
Daniel Howard Bender FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1649257908
Suzanne H Rosenberg COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1922085430
Kyu Chan Lee MDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1205813144
Deborah J Oranchak NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1225017031
Stephen A Slobodian FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1386627347
Nadine S Jennings MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1851361711
Indira S Lanig WAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1124006119
David L Ripley ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1841278843


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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