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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Asare B Christian PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1780818633
Ayanna S Kersey-mcmullen PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1114214921
Brent L Millet PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1639161961
Carmeli Marie Senupe Tremucha PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1093348112
Carol Ann Murmello PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1417469214
Chirag J Kalola PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1235223348
Christopher Gerald Lynch PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1407813975
David J Chen PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1912161498
Deborah N Kimmel PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1093790198
Demetrice Louise Ward PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1629234612
Dong Ko PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1629066329
Eric Robert Scholten PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1942569488
Gene V. Levinstein PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1366494296
Heather Spadola PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1821697442
James J Daley PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1245217405
James Ritter PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1639715865
Joshua S Krassen PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1639175920
Julie Grisi PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1194211193
Kimberly S Kuchinski PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1598895187
Kyle Klitsch PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1619108412
Kyle Matthew Weiss PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1902219702
Leigh-anne Piechta PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1952628760
Maria Lc Labi PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1619952744
Marilyn L Rotor-makilan PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1891770913
Mia Almira Apilado Pagtakhan PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1013540046
Michelle Cintron PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1790976710
Nathaniel Lewis Colwell PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1437794518
Paul M Kitei PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1053758342
Phuong Uyen Le PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1366818783
Rhea Mae Palomo PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1083247019
Sandeep Singh MDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1033132675
Sean Stockhausen PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1669811659
Srivani Karra PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1225126758
Thomas Andrew Williams PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1861682312
Yahira Acevedo-santiago PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1720420706
Yen Nguyen Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1265895460
Karen Gade pulido Md, Llc OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1184053670
Caitlin Brook Robertson TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1174040851
Isaiah Mast OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1205484060
Kreshon Medical Rehabilitation, Pc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1477029775
Herbert G Kunkel Jr Md Pc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1962523480
Siobhan D Horgan PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1548567332
Genesis Healthcare Management Group Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1275857732
Hana Pain & Rehab Clinic, Pc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1629578026
Leonid Mikhailovich Shinchuk MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1730279795
Ruben Oganesov MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1457562050
Post acute Physicians Of Michigan Pllc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1134681653
Brett Knight MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1265871511
Danielle N Knight MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1043659311
Dominic Femminineo MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1396128898
Jimson Tabiando Poquiz MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1811520943
Courtney E Cook VAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1700399052
Brittany Matuzak MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1962038513
Karen L Meyer MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1831304690
Alfa Rehabilitation Center Llc NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144761180
Atlanta Rehabilitation Consultants Pc GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295898880
Innovative Health Centers, Llc GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1245422641
Jay B Bender GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1457521726
Renew Healthcare, Llc GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1487951034
Max 360 Health, Llc GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1700134913
Atlanta Rehabilitation Physicians, P.c. GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1104224641
Atlanta Innovative Medicine, Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1093359382
Georgia Regenrx, Llc. Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1881205151
D & C Medical Diagnostic Services, Llc GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1336269646
Neuromed Health Services, Llc GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1487775938
Advanced Rehab, Llc. GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1205059748
Alliance Sports Medicine Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1841825122
Allison Henry-comrie GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1669509048
Anna Tomes GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1043856479
Armin Vatani Oskouei GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1326160078
Carol Cobb GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1417093717
Diana Kharbat Sodiq GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1073791190
Elvina Vitkin GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1871616730
Emily Sineway Boyd Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1356787279
Kelli Michelle Dye Mclaren GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1104478643
Michael Lamar Ruppenthal SCPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1437131232
Sunil Bhole GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1639231350
Tara Sansone Wilson GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1811159106
Daniel J Herera Md Llc NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1225202526
Daniel J Herera NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1164424958
Jesus Herrera Lao CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1275571010
Albert Huang PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1831376094
Brian J Thornton NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295726297
Philomena Wah Kong NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1457492217
Advantacare Multi specialty Group, Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1326407313
Central Florida Injury & Rehabilitation, Inc FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1205969094
Central Florida Rehabilitation Institute Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1588854285
Edwin M Villalobos Md Pa FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1124216601
Enid Berrios Llc FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1326217696
Advantacare Of Florida, Llc FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1306116009
Advantacare Medical Associates Llc FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1033468830
Advantacare Of Florida, Llc FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1134467376
Advantacare Multi specialty Group, Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144689142
Advantacare Multi specialty Group, Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1518326503
Advantacare Multi specialty Group, Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1174982169
Advantacare Multi specialty Group, Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1750740759
Advantacare Multi specialty Group, Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1861851867
Advantacare Multi specialty Group, Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1043674187
Comprehensive Family Healthcare Pllc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1386199289
Parity Medical Group, Pllc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1639781404
Diagnostic Sports And Rehabilitation Medicine, P. A. FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1356376826
Orlando Pain & Med Rehab Ctr Inc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1710088836
Orlando Pain And Medical Rehabilitation Center Aso Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1932200961
Dana Clark Kuriakose FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1760619357
Eliam Manuel Fuentes Tirado FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1528297264
Enid M Berrios-menendez FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1427248194
George Del Villar FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1396862678
Juan Guillermo Madrid Lopera FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1528617230
Kaci Jacobs FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1750803185
Michael G Sandborn FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1235237454
Serge Pierre-louis FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1932167095
Heidi Janette Mendez TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1366095911
The Lovelace Institute For Spine And Sports Injuries, Incorporated NHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1073869830
Blair Orthopedic Associates, Inc. Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1104886712
Physical, Rehabilitation, Industrial And Sports Medicine PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1093742462
Lighthouse Medical, Llc PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1932382595
Lighthouse Medical Llc PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1831478049
Lighthouse Medical Llc PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1528354271
Blair Orthopedic Associates, Inc PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1336408871
Lighthouse Medical, Llc PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1306184858
Lighthouse Medical, Llc PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1568898948
George Ferris Neurohope Center , Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1508417601
Brandon G Tipton PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1538625348
Carol Sue Carlson WIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1669634408
David J Bozak MDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1841482502
Glorisel Rodriguez Villegas PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1508034562
Hugh D Newman PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1801826136
Nicholas Kinback Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1497167654
Rakesh R Patel PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1114958618
Vincent F Morgan PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1922064682
Zachary Charles Haulman PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1386082485
Human Performance Center 3 Pllc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1669506978
Jerrad Hada OKPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1679922462
Stephanie Dawn Coffey TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1104438951
Daniel I Richman NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1558322206
Number One Care Pa Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1447358684
West Texas Regenerative Medicine Clinic TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1750654984
Regenerative Medicine Center Of Texas, Pllc TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1467888420
Manju Nath Mdpa TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1457745218
Texas Restore & Relieve Pa TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1497111843
Fmc Medical Foundation, Inc. Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1104255272
Brian Haseloff Md Pa Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1104354604
Amarillo Physical Therapy Services Inc TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1083710040
Panhandle Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation, P.a. TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1326267626
April Mae Cabais TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1154802775
Brian James Haseloff TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1942314356
Dorothy Shelton Nesmith TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1568522118
Edna Harris TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1932682531
Erin Ann Park TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1063846111
Grace Lea Stringfellow TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1508956046
Jada L Teafatiller TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1346888344
Katharine Ruth Diaz TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1336622042
Keith Elliott Dyer TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1366456394
Manju Nath TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1821169939
Melissa Soto TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1619458049
Neil Veggeberg TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1356390496
Pamela Shavonne Garcia-jackson TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1811588874
Ronny Abraham NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1770817173
Shari Orlicek Medford TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1811919301
Arthur Ephraim Silverman PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1619171865
Danielle Dolores Forster OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1457670309
Ryan Fraiser CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1871980789
Kirk W Leininger UTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1245425750
Utah Valley Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation, Pc UTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1306163555
Ihc Health Services Inc UTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1174949002
David S Hilmo UTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1912944729
Matthew Court Zollinger UTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1891289740
Wade Phippen UTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1083069025
Patrick D. Sura WIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1598706194
Godfrey I. Thuku IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1336400860
Jacob B Moore IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1043459175
No Limits Healthcare Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1972071652
Community Health Partners Physicians Inc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1598702318
Buffalo Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1356434666
James Lawrence Md,pc NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1033302427
Rehabilitation Physician Services Of Erie County Pllc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1083916019
Grider Medical Services, Pllc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1285912055
Bradley R Ertel Md NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1134489115
Dent Neurologic Group, Llp Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1134771009
L Douglas Dolgov Md Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1841384096
Aaron Jerzewski NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1467685925
Laura Manfield-goodridge MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295994010
Martin Hoffman NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1992804884
Maturin D Finch MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1528017829
Nadia A Kassissieh MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1306894688
Richard Mazzaferro MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1609805951
Robert Nicholas Nace MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1437160843
Sarah Lynn Swinarski NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1356601439
Thomas Cowan NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1235190828
Melissa Anne Azaula NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1043276603
Noah Bernal Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1003461401
Mohawk Valley Physical Medicine And Rehab NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1720051428
Paul W. Salerno M.d., P.c. NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1225139595
John Lewis Fedullo NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1538364237
Kelly L La Foe NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1104869494
Paul William Salerno NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1447228440
Regina Marie Breton NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1982241030
Romario Ferreira De Sousa NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1720624612
Rosario Lafata NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1982952321
Fidalgo Sports And Physiatry WAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1366510745


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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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