Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Edward M. Ha, M.d., P.c. NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1194712323
Yuliy Mukh Pershman WIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1083601355
John Anthony Gragnani MOPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1962499236
Elliot B Sterenfeld PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1922095298
Steven P Levin PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1356338586
Beau J Bagley LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1366439572
Joanne Gonzalez PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1316934557
Chandrakant Patel MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1750378840
James Michael Potts LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1649267758
Michael I Danto CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1659368777
Arlene Magon Braker WIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295722320
Kenneth Craig Vitale CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1730176868
Frederick M Maynard MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1447247556
Michelle A Mcfarlane PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1669469789
Kathryn Eileen Grant VAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1861489866
Michael U Yu FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1891782835
Rolf Daniel Morstead LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1053308163
Jennifer Nell Klopfstein WIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1972590016
Thomas A Heggen ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1710974860
Robert Marc Stern WIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1255328308
Michele T. Perez GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1194712158
Sarah Katherine Wagers KYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144217167
John Everett Wilson MDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1003803057
Florida Med Center Of Clearwater Inc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1720075765
Patrick M Buddle NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1013904853
Ali A. Alhimiri MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1518954445
M&m Orthopaedics, Ltd. Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1326035114
Jeffrey P. Sarsfield PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1841287661
Michael E Frey FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1780672543
Monica Finocchiaro ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1477541241
Hong S. Park PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1245228030
Reuben Sloan GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1952399768
Katherine Thetgyi PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295723914
Ernesto Capulong NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1568450187
Subbanna Jayaprakash WIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1568450211
John W Sharpless NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1396733903
Jin Bai Kim NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1922096536
Steve Rees Md Apmc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295723997
Jesus Alberto Maldonado PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1467440982
Sandra Golamco TNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1427045533
Steven E Morganstein PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1538154190
John Cuong Tang CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1437145042
Vidya P Kini FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1538154547
Thomas Pang ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1194710103
Jumar B Apolinario TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1326034059
Tracy A Park WIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1194712455
Thomas A Rossi OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1821083528
Nestor V. Cardona Aviles PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1528052602
Atif Babar Malik MDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1386631869
Catherine M Dremel MNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1952395865
Segun Toyin Dawodu PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1003800053
Sigifredo Minino-castillo PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1285622787
Injurymd 1st Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1639611585
Reno Orthopaedic Clinic Inc NVPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1245228972
Scott Medical Health Center, Pc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1750374153
Dana Lynn Martini NCPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1518952886
Debra K Roggow FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1447245451
Paul E Mayes LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1912995622
Gail Diane Soohoo-williams MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1578558318
Patrick W Mulroy TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1821086471
Parmod Kumar Mukhi MDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144215492
Tony T Ton-that PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1013904259
John Tobey COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1013902352
Cliff Gronseth COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1811983802
Wensong Li NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1437146743
John C Pollina MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1073507208
Anthony F Femminineo MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1275527327
Frank S Pollina MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1992799126
Milan Djurich UTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1912992454
Scott K. Epstein PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144213646
Anina Christine Imhof CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1053836601
Edward Albert Guarin Balbas CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1629062435
Garrett Lain Marshall COPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1942296207
Chan Sun Hwang WAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1861486367
Christopher Reger ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1043205057
Central Florida Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Pa FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1366437360
David S Schneider ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1215923438
Timothy F. Steinmetz WIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1043203540
Mark Louis Splaingard OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1598751307
Sunita K Jain TNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1558355008
Todd Christopher Troll IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1720074552
Carl Randolph Shelton KYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1588651715
Medical Rehabilitation Associates, Inc Pc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1871580969
Panna U Goswami ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1871587303
Soofia Khan FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1689669509
Arthur D Kalman GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1497742944
Albert Bruce Thomas VAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1427042043
Kenneth L Shapiro NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1477540375
David J Bilstrom ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1972599132
Patrick G Ronan MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1780672261
James R Ellis MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1710975156
Randal A Palmitier MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1376531855
Harold Joe Pryor MOPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1699763011
Evelyn Rivera PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1235127556
Yekyung Kong NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1134117419
Yasemin Ozcan ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1376531558
Govardhan Sonthineni NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1790773984
Bruce Merrill Gans NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1437147816
Steven Kirshblum NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1033107347
Frederick P Nissley PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1922096122
Reuben Simon Ingber NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1164410361
Cesar Gerardo Gomez PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1508854852
Mylan Lam NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1114915469
Grupo Fisiatrico De Corozal PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1841288198
Owen Patrick Kieran NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1578551834
Jonathan Shin ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1902894033
Raida Dovlatyan NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1700874898
Physical Medicine & Pain Management Associates, P.c. Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1558359661
Raman Vij NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295723443
David R Adin NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1134117211
Allison Averill NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1306834486
Leonora Rivera NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1518955657
Jonathan L Fellus NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1053309195
Shariq Ali NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1891783841
Arden Fusman NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144218199
Robert B. Chinnapongse WAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1356339345
Jerry Wayne Schwarzbach TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1437147550
Bruce Pomeranz NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1710975859
Douglas Wong Lee MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1598753634
Thomas Lammertse NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1811985872
Joseph Valenza NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1316935372
Uri Adler NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1346238334
Elinor Anan NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1730177759
Shailesh Parikh NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1417945445
Mario E Torrents NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1164410080
Shalabh Kumar Gupta NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1972591816
Jeffry R. Beer NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1457340374
Grupo Fisiatrico Torre Auxilio Mutuo PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1184613002
Greg Alan Zimmerman PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1548259450
Monifa Brooks NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1386633105
Barbara Benevento NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1083603815
Matthew J. Reed NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1407845290
Centro De Terapia F De Naranjito PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1518956317
Hampden County Physician Associates, Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1992794770
Edward Anthony Wright TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1124017926
Manuel F Carro TNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1265421812
Deborah U Waters PAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1073502639
Cynthia K Taylor OHPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144219627
Wolfgang G. Gilliar NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1922097302
Arthur B Searle IAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1649269002
Veronica Silvia Gipps FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1093704348
Neal Adam Mesnick NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1154310316
Mary T Norek ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295724490
Gina Cuadrado-vendetti FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1528057882
Michael Hernandez De La Fuente PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1649269820
Denise K Burns NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1275522401
St Mary's Breast Center, Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1073502290
Martin A Langston LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1821087917
Jyoti S Pham LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1093704181
Rochelle Cotliar GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1215926316
Joanne Borg Stein MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1790774834
Gregorio A Abad GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1821087875
Scott D Nyboer LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1124017298
Cjw Sports Medicine Llc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1770572885
John E Nyboer LAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1104816115
Central Coast Spine And Pain Management Center, Inc. CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1235129255
Beth B Froese ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1376533307
Joy L Meyer NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1083604011
Walter William Strauser CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1518957521
Brian J Heuiser MTPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1235129248
Andrew G. Monroy CAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1518957539
Susan Zimmerman MDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1437149499
Gudni Thorsteinsson FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1881684702
William Tham MDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1114917937
Sunkyung Juliana Hong NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1861482689
Joseph T Hardman GAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1871583427
Crystal L Walton SDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1518957133
Joel Stein NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1578553269
Anabel Jimenez-figueroa MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1861482457
Francisco Javier Cerra PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1063402410
Walter Panis MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1588654859
Andrea Pernell NVPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1053301580
Ravi Kiran Lakkaraju MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1790775195
Thomas F. Kline NCPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1093705386
Courage Center MNPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1992795280
Gary I Polykoff MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1063402352
Nimet Ender Oruc MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1427048735
Maite A Urquia Aran PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1235129438
Jorge L Baez Torres PRPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1144210345
Associates In Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Pc Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation1932199098
Steven Charles Harwood MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1053301119
Owen Zachary Perlman MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1396735460
Benjamin Borja Tiongson TXPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1427048586
Wei-lee Liao MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1780674853
Theresa J Lie-nemeth ILPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1841280922
Marc Lance Strickler MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1215927397
David Paul Steinberg MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1093705170
Jane Elaine Duerr MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1639169725
Paul Shapiro MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1699766634
Jon Master Wardner MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1962493908
Ann Francine Dzialo MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1467443465
Charles R. Markowitz NJPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1053302166
Steven Norman Gross MIPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1629069661
David J Oliveri NVPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1043201031
Christopher T Dietrich SDPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1063403905
Brian J Thornton NYPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1295726297
Anne N. Truong VAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1750372587
South Florida Institute Of Pain Management Llc FLPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1225029705
Gerard Moreno Antoine INPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1619968310
Mel B Glenn MAPhysical Medicine And Rehabilitation1821089582


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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