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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nacogdoches Rehabilitation Group, Inc TXPhysical Therapy1164416988
Kathleen A Hayward NYPhysical Therapy1205820891
Brian Matthew Pilarski INPhysical Therapy1952395527
Advance Rehabilitation And Consulting Physical Therapy1174518682
Berkshire Family Medicine, Pc Physical Therapy1568457935
Valerie L Rayce INPhysical Therapy1275528424
Advanced Spine & Rehabilitation Physical Therapy1992790141
Sami Jo Magoffin Pa ARPhysical Therapy1689669897
Relieva COPhysical Therapy1083609234
Manual Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Chartered DEPhysical Therapy1780679738
Pro Care Health Systems Inc Physical Therapy1205821238
Shirley Jean Johnson INPhysical Therapy1750376661
Stanley Pyfrom FLPhysical Therapy1073508859
Restorative Health Systems,inc. OHPhysical Therapy1073508909
Affiliated Therapy Services Inc Physical Therapy1598751000
Halat Physical Therapy, Inc. Physical Therapy1154317519
Matrix Physical Therapy,llc NJPhysical Therapy1033105325
Heidi Lee Thompson WIPhysical Therapy1982690137
Susan Marie Stevens IAPhysical Therapy1053307116
Shelli Renae Lytle IAPhysical Therapy1881680924
Rick L. Wood IAPhysical Therapy1265428247
Edgardo Mesias Livica NYPhysical Therapy1669468666
Jennifer Herm WIPhysical Therapy1487640496
Rehabilitation Health Center Inc Physical Therapy1982690806
Kelly Lynn Berna WIPhysical Therapy1750377511
Fitness Designs Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab ILPhysical Therapy1669468427
Lisa M Fotia MDPhysical Therapy1659367514
Physical Therapy Unlimited Of Syracuse Pc Physical Therapy1881680692
Diana Tucker MDPhysical Therapy1083600886
Cpt Of Jacksonville Inc FLPhysical Therapy1326035924
Hiep T Poppy WIPhysical Therapy1598752057
Paula J Jirak IAPhysical Therapy1164419503
Raj Physical Rehabilitation Center,p.a. Physical Therapy1871580191
Ross Manor Associates MEPhysical Therapy1962499053
Jerry Lucas Hendrix TNPhysical Therapy1689661662
Aaron A. Ray OKPhysical Therapy1881681708
Kevin Michael Hussey ORPhysical Therapy1922095850
Physical Therapy One, P.c. MIPhysical Therapy1962499855
Jerry W Paige LAPhysical Therapy1831186691
Temple University Of The Commonwealth Of Higher Education Physical Therapy1285622035
Shoreline Rehabilitation Services, Llc VAPhysical Therapy1174511968
Deborah S Sawyer KSPhysical Therapy1801884473
Darrel D Mills KSPhysical Therapy1528056199
Haynes Sports Therapy And Rehab, Inc. Physical Therapy1902894660
Carla Luffman KSPhysical Therapy1245228816
Joy Monico TXPhysical Therapy1902275589
Jill Garcia UTPhysical Therapy1457733073
Paul Bryant ILPhysical Therapy1225493570
William Carl Stenack GAPhysical Therapy1811355977
Aurelina Oviedo Oviedo NYPhysical Therapy1972051308
Maryland Sportscare & Rehab Llc Physical Therapy1518951995
Dexter Manor Associates MEPhysical Therapy1487640520
Christian Angelino FLPhysical Therapy1063934750
Paula A Harmon-gallimore TNPhysical Therapy1831183078
James Michael Winberry AZPhysical Therapy1740276294
Maria Ernestina Williams TXPhysical Therapy1487159729
Susan Pratt CAPhysical Therapy1346235900
Pinnacle Women's Health And Therapy, Llc. Physical Therapy1124532056
Rhode Island Therapy Services RIPhysical Therapy1245226844
Christopher Alan Daily TXPhysical Therapy1548748031
Cindy Lee Schlehlein WIPhysical Therapy1396228284
Kelsey Brooke Lindsey TXPhysical Therapy1801370101
Christine M Kleinert Institute For Hand & Micro Surgery Inc Physical Therapy1255325304
Kendle Nichole Hall MDPhysical Therapy1053882308
Robert A Rolston Physical Therapy1497227763
Alexis Ann Hegstrom MIPhysical Therapy1780148270
Pt Plus, Inc. Physical Therapy1457345829
Christy Miller TXPhysical Therapy1356339899
Trishard P.c. MIPhysical Therapy1992793442
Whitney E Criswell IAPhysical Therapy1083602536
Christopher Patrick Hecker IAPhysical Therapy1114915659
Turningpoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Inc. GAPhysical Therapy1053309237
Joel Z Scherr Rpt Inc CAPhysical Therapy1194713321
Aor Physicial Therapy Inc CAPhysical Therapy1003804238
Terapia Fisica A Tu Casa, Corp. PRPhysical Therapy1285622290
Falmouth Convalescent Center Inc MEPhysical Therapy1932198850
Rachel A. Featherston ARPhysical Therapy1558350280
Betty Joy Knoespel IDPhysical Therapy1992794697
Appalachian Physical Therapy, Inc. Physical Therapy1225027998
Peter A. Towne Physical Therapy, Inc. OHPhysical Therapy1720077266
Christy R. Turner ARPhysical Therapy1215926746
Timothy Michael Jenkins PAPhysical Therapy1942299391
Rehabilitacion Y Medicina Deportiva PRPhysical Therapy1710976998
Pamela J Snyder NYPhysical Therapy1881684876
Alan Edward Diamond NJPhysical Therapy1083604912
Finishline Physicial Theraphy CAPhysical Therapy1104816057
Vannassa Zontennia Caston VAPhysical Therapy1043200660
Mildred Helene Handley VAPhysical Therapy1801886437
Typaldos Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Center Inc Physical Therapy1336139989
Therapy Links Physical Rehabilitation Pllc Physical Therapy1104816826
Arm Assessment Rehabilitation Management Inc. Physical Therapy1184614810
Kate Mushinsky VAPhysical Therapy1548250152
Bloom & Associates Therapy P A KSPhysical Therapy1306836879
Glenn Marvin Campbell PAPhysical Therapy1619967148
Maccio Physcial Therapy Pllc Physical Therapy1093705535
Colonial Acres Associates MEPhysical Therapy1710977236
Ophelia Marcella Howard VAPhysical Therapy1588654917
Progress Physical Therapy Inc Physical Therapy1053301341
Mcgovern Physical Therapy Associates Llc MAPhysical Therapy1043200330
Coreen L Bookout VAPhysical Therapy1538159843
Susan P Striebeck VAPhysical Therapy1477543791
True Way Physical Therapy, P.c. NYPhysical Therapy1609866896
Physical & Athletic Rehabilitation Center GAPhysical Therapy1760472807
Maria A Rushbrooke VAPhysical Therapy1053301382
Seaport Village Skilled Nursing Center Llc MEPhysical Therapy1558351841
Heritage Manor Streator, Llc ILPhysical Therapy1346230471
Heritage Manor Minonk, Llc ILPhysical Therapy1750372801
H & P Goodell, Inc. ORPhysical Therapy1013908169
Heritage Manor Mt. Sterling, Llc ILPhysical Therapy1891786927
Dale Berland ALPhysical Therapy1598756538
Southeast Physical Therapy, P.c. ORPhysical Therapy1235120031
Jason Scott Wallace CAPhysical Therapy1891786646
Physical Therapy Works, Inc. Physical Therapy1366433112
National Athletic Alliance, Inc. CTPhysical Therapy1386635647
Cheryl A Romeo VAPhysical Therapy1356332712
Physical Therapy Services Of Church Point Inc Physical Therapy1508857954
Bellmore Physical Therapy Pc Physical Therapy1477544765
Nw Rehab, L.l.c. Physical Therapy1548251747
Shc Llc MEPhysical Therapy1063493138
Cleveland Physical Therapy Assoc Ii NCPhysical Therapy1114908290
Lake Chelan Physical Therapy, Ps Physical Therapy1407837453
Lake Chelan Physical Therapy, Ps Physical Therapy1740261791
Michael Joseph Travagliante OHPhysical Therapy1194706119
Renee Elizabeth Nicholas NVPhysical Therapy1861473811
Lutheran Care Center ILPhysical Therapy1497736268
Woodlawn Nursing Home Inc MEPhysical Therapy1518948348
Specialized Physical Therapy, Llc Physical Therapy1225019805
First Street Rehab Inc KSPhysical Therapy1609857366
Tri City Therapeutics, Llc TXPhysical Therapy1811978562
Firstchoice Physical Therapy And Sports Rehabiltation Inc FLPhysical Therapy1871574426
Slainte Inc FLPhysical Therapy1659352078
Thomas C Gilkey FLPhysical Therapy1750362158
Progressive Physical Therapy Inc Physical Therapy1184605586
Brenda Perez FLPhysical Therapy1942281340
Summit Rehabilitation And Wellness Center, Llc Physical Therapy1790766061
Alachua Health Services Llc FLPhysical Therapy1598747818
Puget Orthopedic Rehabilitation Pc Physical Therapy1194707216
Seal Rock Associates Llc MEPhysical Therapy1417939612
Jamie Lynn Benedict IDPhysical Therapy1134101223
Monticello Physical Therapy Inc KYPhysical Therapy1982686887
Cross Timbers Physical Therapy Center TXPhysical Therapy1659353597
Greenwood Physical Therapy Center, Inc. ARPhysical Therapy1275515959
County Of Cape May NJPhysical Therapy1962484659
Angela Rita Jeffers WIPhysical Therapy1720060189
Jennifer Sue Ocker WIPhysical Therapy1588646111
Georgia Areti Nahas INPhysical Therapy1073596359
Robin Young West KYPhysical Therapy1851374136
Kristine J Spencer Physical Therapy1396728689
Paul Richard Groseclose INPhysical Therapy1154304426
Donna Jo Roberson INPhysical Therapy1598748733
Diane A Brock KYPhysical Therapy1023091279
Rachel Marie Burbrink INPhysical Therapy1639152887
The House Of Movement Llc FLPhysical Therapy1649652132
Optimove Physical Therapy & Wellness Llc TXPhysical Therapy1376927251
Angela Dawn Fewell TNPhysical Therapy1740657626
True Care Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation, Pllc AZPhysical Therapy1700264504
Emily Miller IAPhysical Therapy1235502337
Joanna Mccandlish COPhysical Therapy1295190155
Benefis Community Hospitals, Inc. MTPhysical Therapy1083602205
Springfield Hospital Inc VTPhysical Therapy1932565611
Heritage Manor Danville, Llc ILPhysical Therapy1093706830
Afoua Badjaglana NEPhysical Therapy1174984140
Alysa Cantave FLPhysical Therapy1609234616
Ability Health Services Inc Physical Therapy1952392854
Mary Pelster NEPhysical Therapy1376054346
Allison Schmitt Physical Therapy1508380239
Katrina Julianna Obarski MAPhysical Therapy1548789555
Ivyrehab Northern Pt, Llc Physical Therapy1972592525
Keith Marcus Murphy GAPhysical Therapy1790292589
Foothill Physical Therapy, Inc. Physical Therapy1609857945
Pro active Physical Therapy, Inc. Physical Therapy1881682078
Cornerstone Physical Therapy Avl, Inc Physical Therapy1699758060
Kyle Hayes SCPhysical Therapy1518416007
Olivia N Graham Physical Therapy1023595774
Gayland Early TXPhysical Therapy1063984201
Joan Ava Totaro Physical Therapy1346705241
Brentwood Physical Therapy Limited Physical Therapy1336122266
Stacy Ferguson WAPhysical Therapy1417930199
Tfc terapia Fisica Con Calidad PRPhysical Therapy1346223062
Regional Physical Therapy Physical Therapy1528042082
Jerry M Johnson Etal Ptr Four Seasons Physical Therapy WAPhysical Therapy1245214543
Meyer Center For Special Children SCPhysical Therapy1821072612
Tannis L King WIPhysical Therapy1538143359
Ryan J Whitford WIPhysical Therapy1740264548
Heidi A Arendt WIPhysical Therapy1629052329
Roy J Eggart WIPhysical Therapy1700860418
Sylvia Anita Sullivan INPhysical Therapy1033193685
Debbra Nielsen ILPhysical Therapy1497730089
Mountaincrest Rehab Services Physical Therapy1467437087
Dean L Bartelson WIPhysical Therapy1265417612
Wellness Physical Therapy Center Physical Therapy1659356046
Jeff W Mann CAPhysical Therapy1639154990
Balanced Health Inc CAPhysical Therapy1003891227
Bloom & Associates Therapy P A Physical Therapy1700861929
Balanced Physical Therapy Llc WAPhysical Therapy1861477929
Alvin C Moreau Jr Licensed Physical Therapy1770568669
Karen L Combrink CAPhysical Therapy1215912100
Tennessee Therapy Services, Llc TNPhysical Therapy1265417901
Stithem & Johnson Physical Therapy, Inc. Physical Therapy1982689675
Brenda Marlene Pelz INPhysical Therapy1144205998


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