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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Pinkie Gibson SCPhysical Therapy1518041698
Reginald Orlando Butler SCPhysical Therapy1639229420
Thomas Wayne Langdale SCPhysical Therapy1902915580
Vanessa Jimenez SCPhysical Therapy1518453372
Vickie Cannady SCPhysical Therapy1538530944
William Brown SCPhysical Therapy1134246911
Rangeland Rehab, P.c. Physical Therapy1043765159
Nicole Mccarthy NEPhysical Therapy1528464526
Melissa Goeritz MNPhysical Therapy1447520226
Progressive Therapy Services, Inc. Physical Therapy1225074784
Akron General Medical Center OHPhysical Therapy1124200613
Northside Rehabilitation OHPhysical Therapy1396926416
Healing In Motion, Llc OHPhysical Therapy1194978809
Physical Advantage Of Ohio, Llc OHPhysical Therapy1760910418
Adrianne Cole OHPhysical Therapy1528427549
Amy Stedman OHPhysical Therapy1720053531
Ann M Fausnight OHPhysical Therapy1184068678
Ann Young OHPhysical Therapy1194943761
April D Ziegelhofer OHPhysical Therapy1992019376
Betty Albrecht OHPhysical Therapy1033184387
Betty Jo Seabolt OHPhysical Therapy1386619187
Bonnie June Koby OHPhysical Therapy1134432677
Carmella Reneice Mitchell OHPhysical Therapy1669785341
Christine Sue Porter OHPhysical Therapy1508170085
Christine Stroll OHPhysical Therapy1972572204
Deborah Hastings OHPhysical Therapy1528215803
Deborah Ann Rozak OHPhysical Therapy1386741379
Debra Kay Bowen OHPhysical Therapy1619099900
Emily Usner PAPhysical Therapy1467052480
Helen Hallock OHPhysical Therapy1255306197
James David Comstock OHPhysical Therapy1952427338
John Schwarzinger OHPhysical Therapy1679784086
Joseph P Price OHPhysical Therapy1124391875
Julianne Chapin OHPhysical Therapy1609993062
Karen M Beaty OHPhysical Therapy1881873073
Karen Noftsinger OHPhysical Therapy1245403088
Kathleen Marie Cody OHPhysical Therapy1427256247
Kathleen Fellows OHPhysical Therapy1497934368
Kelly Cramblett OHPhysical Therapy1669860037
Kelly Marie Ruscin-feudo OHPhysical Therapy1861696080
Kim Allen Miller OHPhysical Therapy1194945204
Kimberly Ann Hawkins OHPhysical Therapy1245543917
Kristen L Quinn OHPhysical Therapy1164987665
Linda Frantz OHPhysical Therapy1730578717
Linda Lee Maloney OHPhysical Therapy1780923540
Lisa Marie Carano OHPhysical Therapy1689887234
Maura Ferdinand OHPhysical Therapy1255754453
Melita J Hairston OHPhysical Therapy1306838339
Michael Garza Physical Therapy1710123443
Michael Andrew Jones Physical Therapy1134485345
Michelle Donnelly OHPhysical Therapy1649245119
Misty M Craig OHPhysical Therapy1891018404
Noelle S Arbuthnot OHPhysical Therapy1023281748
Patricia Smith OHPhysical Therapy1407821515
Rhonda Mcfarland OHPhysical Therapy1174598650
Robyn Rohr OHPhysical Therapy1811311210
Sara Ann Leslie OHPhysical Therapy1437277811
Shannon Ray Flower OHPhysical Therapy1699977447
Tammy Manno OHPhysical Therapy1487070926
Teresa Marie Riley OHPhysical Therapy1376768150
Tiffany Jo Terlecky OHPhysical Therapy1275848558
Timothy Williams OHPhysical Therapy1326299959
Virginia S. Burton OHPhysical Therapy1912321902
Wendy R Freeman OHPhysical Therapy1073027694
William Hootman OHPhysical Therapy1649461260
Excellence In Rehabilitation Physical Therapy1104119940
Agilitas Usa, Inc. Physical Therapy1568865202
Maximum Physical Therapy And Sports Wellness, Inc Physical Therapy1922424142
Doinishia Natrece Phillips ALPhysical Therapy1366096331
Jodi Caver ALPhysical Therapy1790885309
Lindsay S Anderson ALPhysical Therapy1184724791
Aaron Lane Thomas FLPhysical Therapy1801395579
Herbert Tenedero Santos FLPhysical Therapy1093229940
Holly Fundenburg FLPhysical Therapy1427684737
Jeffrey Fox FLPhysical Therapy1356746812
Jessica Langley FLPhysical Therapy1275885543
Julianne Johnson FLPhysical Therapy1932424074
Kelly Payne FLPhysical Therapy1518050962
Kenton A Kennedy FLPhysical Therapy1548590383
Lauren Tomlinson FLPhysical Therapy1649628363
Leslie A Shaw FLPhysical Therapy1699958074
Michael T Horan FLPhysical Therapy1285615872
Nikki Suze-ane Foden FLPhysical Therapy1235463746
Probalance, Inc. CAPhysical Therapy1982852968
Mind body Movement Center Physical Therapy Inc Physical Therapy1093371213
Amber Rehabilitation Inc Physical Therapy1508459884
Christian Musngi CAPhysical Therapy1871748640
James Daniel CAPhysical Therapy1265691794
Joseph Patrick Ohea CAPhysical Therapy1083897052
Julian Steele CAPhysical Therapy1508340829
Kendra Cumming CAPhysical Therapy1528228236
Regina Roberts CAPhysical Therapy1073903415
Soleil Luna Investments Llc Physical Therapy1962796557
Rgv Physical Therapy & Aquatic Rehab, Llc TXPhysical Therapy1770004483
Fly Away Therapy Corp Physical Therapy1093358038
Lincoln County Hospital District Physical Therapy1225673791
Angelica Leal TXPhysical Therapy1538642723
Deunta Jenkins TXPhysical Therapy1336621168
Kayla L Murdaugh GAPhysical Therapy1699201368
Linda J Pena TXPhysical Therapy1730664624
Paula Eubanks TNPhysical Therapy1841643244
Tasha Denton TNPhysical Therapy1932645892
Tina Gail Longoria TXPhysical Therapy1790267409
Andrew J Cook NMPhysical Therapy1689078255
Anna Chavez NMPhysical Therapy1306279922
Arren R Powell NMPhysical Therapy1619240900
Celina Smith NMPhysical Therapy1902228893
Charles M Richey NMPhysical Therapy1114366218
Chelsea Renee Wilson NMPhysical Therapy1891152849
Dayna Sandoval NMPhysical Therapy1548681471
Evan Hubbard NMPhysical Therapy1891167854
Francis Patrick Picchi NMPhysical Therapy1053518936
Hulon Dwayne Chapman NMPhysical Therapy1265425086
Isabelle Quiroz Stebler NMPhysical Therapy1265677991
Jessica M Pickett NMPhysical Therapy1063872943
Joanna Loeppke NMPhysical Therapy1255868758
Kathryn Ann Steele NMPhysical Therapy1760658298
Kenneth James Curry NMPhysical Therapy1336345305
Lane Gunnell UTPhysical Therapy1356600191
Luisa M Hernandez NMPhysical Therapy1710999065
Michael Anthony Gomez-montes AZPhysical Therapy1699140483
Michael A Mcclain NMPhysical Therapy1104207943
Michele Elizabeth Atwell NMPhysical Therapy1992049795
Michelle Angelini NMPhysical Therapy1568427458
Michelle D Sedgwick NMPhysical Therapy1316339195
Misty L Jones NMPhysical Therapy1720330665
Patricia Ruys Thurston Physical Therapy1679759294
Renee Hanson AZPhysical Therapy1831564731
Roxann Veronica Haugen NMPhysical Therapy1164630240
Sidney Gallardo NMPhysical Therapy1730554148
Stacia Ann Mitchell NMPhysical Therapy1053542746
Stephanie Creager OHPhysical Therapy1497297600
Tamara N Marrujo NMPhysical Therapy1689027088
Tricia Jameson NMPhysical Therapy1508206210
Vicki Lynn Millender TXPhysical Therapy1528268059
William Roohan NMPhysical Therapy1932164027
Up & At 'em Therapy Staffing Llc Physical Therapy1174864359
Brandon James Cantu COPhysical Therapy1982039319
Thomas Peterson COPhysical Therapy1346673886
Advanced Physical Therapy Of Albany, Pc Physical Therapy1841292430
Athletic Dynamics Llc Physical Therapy1912966409
Sports Therapy Albany Pt, Pc D/b/a NYPhysical Therapy1437191830
Advanced Rehab Center Inc Physical Therapy1508917667
Thomas Niccolla Consulting Services, Pllc Physical Therapy1346393790
Trac Services, Llp NYPhysical Therapy1154562643
Southern Spine And Health Llc Physical Therapy1770932337
Purificato Physical Therapy Pllc NYPhysical Therapy1265936496
St. Cloud Hospital Physical Therapy1609241447
360 Therapy, Llc LAPhysical Therapy1992199657
Integrity Rehabilitation, Inc GAPhysical Therapy1295867752
Abigale Short Franklin GAPhysical Therapy1376673483
Amy Williams NYPhysical Therapy1487899498
Andrew Rowney NYPhysical Therapy1265676506
Asha N Patel Physical Therapy1952875338
Audrea Ann Miller INPhysical Therapy1467661652
Bradford Villeneuve NYPhysical Therapy1477562171
Brianne L Iannotti Physical Therapy1508405390
Carolyn Ruth Bailey NYPhysical Therapy1023591914
Catherine E Carroll NYPhysical Therapy1689762718
Catherine E Westerling NYPhysical Therapy1821029158
Cheryl Boyett Botkin GAPhysical Therapy1659401768
Christi Ann Nelson NYPhysical Therapy1235374455
Christine Cox NYPhysical Therapy1285039271
Cristina Fortier NYPhysical Therapy1528349008
Darren Pearson NYPhysical Therapy1316253370
David Michael Hebert LAPhysical Therapy1750819900
Deborah Coester NYPhysical Therapy1295090702
Deborah Margaret Shea NYPhysical Therapy1831463694
Denice R Harness MOPhysical Therapy1932544715
Donna Jean Finck NYPhysical Therapy1801033246
Dorothy Callahan NYPhysical Therapy1134636087
Elaine N Sullivan NYPhysical Therapy1255640579
Elizabeth Ann Nelson ORPhysical Therapy1861938094
Eneleida Mazzotta Physical Therapy1912542101
Eric Thomas Ashmore Physical Therapy1265089528
Eric Eugene Lane GAPhysical Therapy1245360379
Erin Brady-sulkey NYPhysical Therapy1215284690
Eugene Kupiec NYPhysical Therapy1952546376
Gerald Noel Morigerato NYPhysical Therapy1548858731
Heather Miles-dunphy WIPhysical Therapy1194135061
Ivan Pate GAPhysical Therapy1790027381
Jacqueline M Endres NYPhysical Therapy1053493668
Jacquelynn Hebert LAPhysical Therapy1912511858
Jeanina M Lamanna NYPhysical Therapy1891736443
Jerome D Hill NYPhysical Therapy1952936619
Jessica Nicole Mcghee GAPhysical Therapy1275000655
Jessica Barber Spence GAPhysical Therapy1295865327
Jessica Sullivan NYPhysical Therapy1306485487
Joann Catherine Roessner INPhysical Therapy1003143769
Jodi Lynn Morgan INPhysical Therapy1124247770
John Dorsey Physical Therapy1164061289
Joshua M. Lyons Physical Therapy1184992455
Joyce Reynolds NYPhysical Therapy1245321645
Judith Galvin NYPhysical Therapy1700833928
Judy Laine NYPhysical Therapy1679514251
Julie Bohlman ORPhysical Therapy1316342231
Karin Kuck NYPhysical Therapy1568488070
Kate Van Alstyne Physical Therapy1457909970
Kathleen Ann Carroll NYPhysical Therapy1306885611
Kathleen A Hayward NYPhysical Therapy1205820891


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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