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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Eagle Rehab Corporation MIPhysical Therapy1255391702
Anne G Glynn VAPhysical Therapy1760442131
Cebrina Blakey Morelli TNPhysical Therapy1578523940
Michael James Sommers MAPhysical Therapy1972563344
Stephen Frank Barnes NCPhysical Therapy1518928951
Pasadena Outpatient Rehab Clinic,llc. TXPhysical Therapy1811958259
Active Care Physical Therapy & Spine Center, Llc MOPhysical Therapy1952362352
Ullucci Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy, Inc. Physical Therapy1417918871
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc Physical Therapy1538120654
Michelle Renee Paul CAPhysical Therapy1659332880
Professional Sports Care Management Inc Physical Therapy1659332773
Rehabclinics Spt, Inc. Physical Therapy1215998356
The Physical Edge Physical Therapy, Inc. CAPhysical Therapy1114988227
Cleaver Physical Therapy Associates Physical Therapy1144281015
Professional Therapy Services Of Tennessee, Llc Physical Therapy1972564771
Pr Acquisition Corporation Physical Therapy1518928365
Pr Acquisition Corporation Physical Therapy1952362709
Umpqua Valley Physical Therapy Llc ORPhysical Therapy1790746402
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of Oregon City Llc ORPhysical Therapy1760443477
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of Gresham Llc ORPhysical Therapy1467413179
Canby Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine, Llc ORPhysical Therapy1992766612
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of Vancouver, Llc WAPhysical Therapy1235190950
Rocky Mountain Therapy Llc WYPhysical Therapy1265493902
Select Physical Therapy Holdings, Inc. OKPhysical Therapy1386605988
Select Physical Therapy Holdings, Inc. Physical Therapy1396706917
Timothy James Curley CAPhysical Therapy1750342283
Fernandez Renner & Scai Physical Therapy1871555318
Fernandez Renner And Scaia Physical Therapy Clinic Inc Physical Therapy1770545220
Fernandez Renner & Scai Physical Therapy1285696732
Ernest Garvin NYPhysical Therapy1457313801
Nancy Bullett Physical Therapy Of North Adams MAPhysical Therapy1598727737
Chris Spalding CAPhysical Therapy1801858980
Kelley Lee Halliburton ILPhysical Therapy1417919226
Anne Jeannette Wilson NMPhysical Therapy1841252673
Hub City Physical Therapy, Llc MSPhysical Therapy1366404311
Integrated Physical Therapy, Inc. Physical Therapy1558323469
Steve M Castillo TXPhysical Therapy1306808183
Apex Physsical Therapy AZPhysical Therapy1871555698
Scott Therapy Centers FLPhysical Therapy1366404220
Lawrence J Fitzpatrick MAPhysical Therapy1215999883
Billie Jo R Beverly GAPhysical Therapy1790747301
Lillian Ann Crews GAPhysical Therapy1962464578
Mary Jane Wells GAPhysical Therapy1740242346
Premier Physical Therapy Of The Fingerlakes, Pllc NYPhysical Therapy1255393930
Elizabeth Hindes PAPhysical Therapy1265495725
Steven Ilg PAPhysical Therapy1407819980
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc Physical Therapy1316900806
Sally Saberton FLPhysical Therapy1205899770
Janet Celeste Lauer MIPhysical Therapy1467415935
Becky M Schmitz WIPhysical Therapy1821051343
Geraldine Bridges GAPhysical Therapy1023071420
Janet K Stuart FLPhysical Therapy1841253242
Robin C Roberson GAPhysical Therapy1396708699
Jennifer A Dowdy FLPhysical Therapy1295798593
Mara Lorusso PAPhysical Therapy1679536874
Jane Detert WIPhysical Therapy1396708590
Tracy Hancharik PAPhysical Therapy1336102490
Gloria Grace Hansen Physical Therapy1164485330
Cheryl A Starr VAPhysical Therapy1154384238
Sandra Sue Morgan OHPhysical Therapy1861455883
Stephen Patrick Vonebers Physical Therapy1568425544
Dm Management Pc IDPhysical Therapy1336102318
Select Physical Therapy Texas Limited Partnership Physical Therapy1245293224
Dhhs phs, Ihs Tucson Area, Ihs Tucson San Xavier Clinic Physical Therapy1184687055
Dhhs phs, Ihs Tucson Area, Ihs Tucson Physical Therapy1417910258
Stacie C Schreibeis WAPhysical Therapy1518921154
Amanda Lynne Huss INPhysical Therapy1194789602
Rebecca A Zuck PAPhysical Therapy1457315962
Elizabeth Marie Obrien INPhysical Therapy1184688699
Deidre Musolino PAPhysical Therapy1518921279
Janet Conley NCPhysical Therapy1184688558
Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center MIPhysical Therapy1538123906
Leslie Hafenbrack PAPhysical Therapy1205890753
Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. Physical Therapy1538123005
Erika Lombardo Physical Therapy1730143132
Mary Ramnanan PAPhysical Therapy1326002726
Comprehensive Spine Care, Pa Physical Therapy1407810815
Erin Smithley PAPhysical Therapy1386608701
David Trimble PAPhysical Therapy1336103779
Fairview Health Services Physical Therapy1467416677
Stacie Slater PAPhysical Therapy1437113644
Amanda Seib PAPhysical Therapy1336103555
David Hurrell PAPhysical Therapy1639133804
Ruth Hull PAPhysical Therapy1366406530
Jacqueline Alexander Physical Therapy1417911579
Meghan R Carroll INPhysical Therapy1841254984
Mary Ellen Campbell MAPhysical Therapy1235193244
Anthony Lem MAPhysical Therapy1528022548
Anthony James Carden INPhysical Therapy1326002460
Missi Frazier Smith INPhysical Therapy1144284282
Misty Norris INPhysical Therapy1952365090
Claudia Mccutchen ARPhysical Therapy1356305460
Teri Kay Page INPhysical Therapy1659335792
Cynthia Anne Phillips INPhysical Therapy1477517514
Jodi Ann Brooks FLPhysical Therapy1851355911
Patriot Physical Therapy Inc Physical Therapy1255395166
Deanna Mccall DEPhysical Therapy1841254687
Anne Schleiden PAPhysical Therapy1356305296
New Horizons Physical Therapy, Ltd. AZPhysical Therapy1629033121
Jennifer Hayden DEPhysical Therapy1447215231
Julie Ann Parent INPhysical Therapy1871558411
Michelle Renee Cunningham INPhysical Therapy1619932423
Crystal Curlett DEPhysical Therapy1679538359
Mary Starnes INPhysical Therapy1205891017
Jason Alan Morrell VAPhysical Therapy1124083654
Katherine Elizabeth Romkema Physical Therapy1164487807
R.g. Therapy Services, Inc. FLPhysical Therapy1629033014
Scott A Myers PAPhysical Therapy1205891629
Mark E.a. Paget Physical Therapy1700841129
Keely Stitt PAPhysical Therapy1295790624
Erin G Craig INPhysical Therapy1902861214
Amalia Mccoy INPhysical Therapy1801851118
Action Rehabilitation Center Physical Therapy1265497606
Kim P Glassey NJPhysical Therapy1760447007
James Paul Simeone MIPhysical Therapy1093770588
Cheryl Ann Trueblood INPhysical Therapy1790740256
Karen Joann Snyder IDPhysical Therapy1306801709
Connie L Kelly NJPhysical Therapy1578528741
Elizabeth J Connelly-platanella NJPhysical Therapy1295790467
Richard A. Jarrell DEPhysical Therapy1407811607
David Lee Jacques Physical Therapy1639135593
Michelle Angelini NMPhysical Therapy1568427458
Turquoise Trail Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation NMPhysical Therapy1215992391
William Roohan NMPhysical Therapy1932164027
Toddlers Choice Inc. Physical Therapy1629033543
Amanda Rae Morris PAPhysical Therapy1851356711
Jo Ann Riley PAPhysical Therapy1093770968
Alice A. Hull GAPhysical Therapy1386609212
Alan Edward Butler FLPhysical Therapy1093770067
Julia R Lehman PAPhysical Therapy1679538540
Christie L Fowlkes ALPhysical Therapy1801852744
Amber Leah Brady NJPhysical Therapy1689630337
Raymond Nicini RIPhysical Therapy1033175823
Joni Marie Breaux ORPhysical Therapy1740246537
Kimberly Gladfelter CAPhysical Therapy1881650505
Deanna Sue Hampsch ILPhysical Therapy1619933223
Anna Marie Seymour ILPhysical Therapy1528024130
Sherry Anne Irelan INPhysical Therapy1942266622
Stride Llc TXPhysical Therapy1619933108
North Central Texas Orthopaedics And Sports Medicine Pa Physical Therapy1194781773
Kristen Noelle Phillips OHPhysical Therapy1649236944
Cynthia E Weber RIPhysical Therapy1669438826
Mary Lou Savino ILPhysical Therapy1962468157
Rappaport And Kip Ltd NVPhysical Therapy1740246933
Sheila Durrance FLPhysical Therapy1194781310
Tracy Horter Physical Therapy Llc PAPhysical Therapy1275599409
Caroline Cox ARPhysical Therapy1134185374
Tamara R Gress ILPhysical Therapy1790741858
Erin Toye Simpson TNPhysical Therapy1285691014
Gabrielle Ann Nightingale OKPhysical Therapy1902863756
Lauren Pruitt Ford ARPhysical Therapy1497711592
Marty Nelson Heim Physical Therapy1619934478
Ericka Butler OKPhysical Therapy1134185259
Tasha Alice Vorm IAPhysical Therapy1588621569
Doctors Physiacl Therapy Centers, Inc. Physical Therapy1760448773
Rebecca Riley FLPhysical Therapy1518924430
Sharon Anne Cunningham WAPhysical Therapy1679530513
Elizabeth Brock FLPhysical Therapy1437116332
Ozark Physical Therapy Inc. Physical Therapy1700843612
Sunrise Lifestyle Centers Llc MDPhysical Therapy1023075561
Melissa Mcgill FLPhysical Therapy1316904196
Linda Neel FLPhysical Therapy1104883982
Susan Baker FLPhysical Therapy1033176839
Angela Beth Anders ARPhysical Therapy1477510105
Nature Coast Rehabilitation Inc Physical Therapy1659338135
Nature Coast Rehabilitation Inc Physical Therapy1609833185
Palmetto Therapy Services Physical Therapy1972560670
Lance Schwecke FLPhysical Therapy1114984838
Christina Francis Godfrey OHPhysical Therapy1336106061
Crossroads Physical Therapy Pc NEPhysical Therapy1144287897
Rebecca Crundwell FLPhysical Therapy1871550475
Jennifer Lynn Eyrich Physical Therapy1003873613
Klein Physical Therapy Center, Llc TXPhysical Therapy1023075512
Nanella P Fornoni FLPhysical Therapy1578520193
Jennifer Nave ILPhysical Therapy1063479574
Jeanne Taylor-gore VAPhysical Therapy1386601698
Jamie Marie Meteer MDPhysical Therapy1669439121
Michael E Ross Physical Therapy1962469205
Suncoast Physical Training & Rehabilitation Center Inc FLPhysical Therapy1902863392
Jody Lee Krajcik NHPhysical Therapy1598722910
Samantha Ann Steele INPhysical Therapy1285691600
Kim L Keeler NHPhysical Therapy1861459299
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Pc NYPhysical Therapy1013974476
Premier Physical Therapy NVPhysical Therapy1649237876
James Robert Clark ARPhysical Therapy1700843851
Jill Hoffart FLPhysical Therapy1831156991
Katy Hayek Physical Therapy1356308449
Children's Therapy Specialists, Inc. Physical Therapy1790742880
Valley Springs Physical Therapy Physical Therapy1518924604
Kyle Kathleen Pride DEPhysical Therapy1770540874
Midwest Rehabilitation Services, Ltd. ILPhysical Therapy1760449896
Deborah Watts Crouse PAPhysical Therapy1932166055
Courtney Taylor ILPhysical Therapy1265490304
Leah R Brown ILPhysical Therapy1851359970
Farese Physical Therapy Inc FLPhysical Therapy1710945704
Lisa Slay Jarriel FLPhysical Therapy1104884196
Danville Physical Therapy Pllc Physical Therapy1114985033
Stacey H Williams FLPhysical Therapy1811955768
Joint Ventures Therapeutics, Pc WAPhysical Therapy1033177035
Robert M. Stayton DEPhysical Therapy1588622492


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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