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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Therapy Works Inc Physical Therapy1497705321
Roswell Therapy Services Llc GAPhysical Therapy1073563763
Joyner Therapy Services ILPhysical Therapy1811948201
Physiotherapy Associates Inc Physical Therapy1841241080
James Daniel Woodruff TXPhysical Therapy1922059286
Vivian Jimenez FLPhysical Therapy1790735249
Sports Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Associates Inc. Physical Therapy1528018108
Continental Therapeutic Services, Inc. ILPhysical Therapy1023069390
Kinetic Physical Therapy, Inc MDPhysical Therapy1114978376
Physiotherapy Associates Inc Physical Therapy1861443053
The Orthopaedic Clinic, P.c. Physical Therapy1497706220
Nancy Joan Brooks OHPhysical Therapy1780635698
Max Well Therapy L.l.c. Physical Therapy1871544577
Teresa Tanner SCPhysical Therapy1861444390
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc Physical Therapy1770535130
Rehabilitation Associates Of Central Virginia, Inc. Physical Therapy1699727016
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc Physical Therapy1215989413
Access Rehab & Therapy Services, Inc. ARPhysical Therapy1861444036
Progressive Therapy Solutions Inc FLPhysical Therapy1124070354
Amber L Cantley WVPhysical Therapy1194777417
John Bisson RIPhysical Therapy1518919133
Jennifer Warren ARPhysical Therapy1417908070
Washington Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, A Joint Venture Physical Therapy1861443434
Occupational Therapy Services Inc Physical Therapy1750332334
Flexeon Rehabilitation Of Munster, Llc INPhysical Therapy1700838331
Kentucky Hand And Physical Therapy Pllc KYPhysical Therapy1053363614
Therapro CAPhysical Therapy1518919638
Elizabeth Hall FLPhysical Therapy1730131798
Megan Pauley WVPhysical Therapy1407808462
Physiotherapy Associates Physical Therapy1083667729
Rehabilitation Services Network, Inc Physical Therapy1083666994
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc Physical Therapy1093767014
Jung H Kim CAPhysical Therapy1477505311
Excel Physical Therapy Limited Partnership Physical Therapy1730131467
Excel Physical Therapy Limited Physical Therapy1841243573
Claudia Fritz FLPhysical Therapy1932152576
Sheila Idelisse Ocasio MAPhysical Therapy1548213283
Mikrut Physical Therapy Llc AZPhysical Therapy1649223306
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc Physical Therapy1134172786
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc Physical Therapy1912950569
Bonnie Allen Bottoms SCPhysical Therapy1598718280
Tami Sue Walker KSPhysical Therapy1811940521
Lifefitness, Llc Physical Therapy1033162748
Advanced Rehabilitation Clinics, Inc Physical Therapy1356394852
Mesa View Physical Rehabilitation, Llc Physical Therapy1487607883
Liberty Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Pc Physical Therapy1679526636
Molly Burke Dudek WIPhysical Therapy1932152311
Therapy Time AZPhysical Therapy1821041344
Georgia Simone Bafundo DEPhysical Therapy1396798104
Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic Iii Pl Physical Therapy1194778050
Bounce Back Physical Therapy Inc. Physical Therapy1972556835
Kimberly K Jones IAPhysical Therapy1639122450
O2 Physical Therap, Llc LAPhysical Therapy1518911312
Rehab America Llc OKPhysical Therapy1881648483
Jennifer B Wicks NCPhysical Therapy1538113212
Loretta M Gorak DEPhysical Therapy1255385951
Hartz Physical Therapy, Inc Physical Therapy1013961697
Rosalie Bugarin CAPhysical Therapy1063899193
Bayside Rehabilitation VAPhysical Therapy1891748638
Ellen Morrison CAPhysical Therapy1467832642
Sean James Monteyne ILPhysical Therapy1275595936
Gl Rehabilitation Services Ltd Physical Therapy1205880879
Seth Bowers SCPhysical Therapy1548645559
Cornerstone Physical Therapy WIPhysical Therapy1962468827
Jessica Frankenberger ARPhysical Therapy1912382623
Caribbean Rehabilitation Services, Psc PRPhysical Therapy1366408403
Jared Piazza FLPhysical Therapy1053788059
Allina Health System WIPhysical Therapy1285691725
Lydia Farmer TXPhysical Therapy1720456510
Central Pa Rehabilitation Services, Inc. Physical Therapy1205888716
Allcare Physical Therapy, Pa FLPhysical Therapy1356304521
Rebecca Ann Malcolm Physical Therapy1497717490
Kasim Ltd Physical Therapy1811948953
Lourdes Gonzalez FLPhysical Therapy1740645746
Timothy Joseph Swinchoski KSPhysical Therapy1558726554
Performance Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation WVPhysical Therapy1457716359
Sarah Elizabeth Scarborough NYPhysical Therapy1922464692
Erin Shea Antolinez GAPhysical Therapy1275990384
Bergen County Pt And Associates, Llc Physical Therapy1528429867
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1134172323
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1407809841
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1922051192
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1922050657
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1821041211
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1851344030
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1245283381
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1730132176
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1437102894
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1821041922
Prorehab, Pc Physical Therapy1124071238
Joshua Fredieu LAPhysical Therapy1578017075
New Life Healthcare, Llc Physical Therapy1275598039
Matthew Cape Physical Therapy1336511799
Joseph Mccain NEPhysical Therapy1811445695
Physical Therapy Incorporated LAPhysical Therapy1942267018
Meadville Medical Center PAPhysical Therapy1124083928
Katrina Rose Hamer NYPhysical Therapy1174074819
Darell Velasco ILPhysical Therapy1609232925
Margaret M Silva MAPhysical Therapy1164963799
Melanie Sue Ruddy MIPhysical Therapy1013418771
Javaman Ps WAPhysical Therapy1841255502
Jon Anthony Ramos INPhysical Therapy1912961053
North County Spine And Sports NYPhysical Therapy1699726208
Nichole Michelle Oliver OHPhysical Therapy1962930248
Evergreen At Livingston, L.l.c. MTPhysical Therapy1497703896
Angelo Annuzzi NJPhysical Therapy1659895654
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc Physical Therapy1083666903
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc Physical Therapy1518910215
Tri state Physical Therapy Number 1 Inc Physical Therapy1326099540
Advanced Physical Therapy And Sports Rehabilitation, Pa KSPhysical Therapy1811941479
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc Physical Therapy1881646925
Jamie Blank NCPhysical Therapy1902317076
Synergy Trumansburg Physical Therapy Pllc Physical Therapy1225549801
Jessica Gail Lois WIPhysical Therapy1356854376
Celise Nichole Drawdy FLPhysical Therapy1609380252
Affiliated Community Medical Centers, Ltd Physical Therapy1952363699
Aaron D Berry Physical Therapy1346744182
Heidi Astacio FLPhysical Therapy1396240198
Rogelio Mendoza TXPhysical Therapy1144282047
Rausch Physical Therapy, Inc. CAPhysical Therapy1538110861
Angela Gail Burton ARPhysical Therapy1659321891
R & A Medical Center Inc Physical Therapy1568986842
Occupational Healh Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. Physical Therapy1467948240
Core Network, Llc Physical Therapy1871551028
Prorehab Inc Physical Therapy1760976146
Mccabe Physical Therapy, Llc PAPhysical Therapy1750333548
Cpts, Llc PAPhysical Therapy1265494165
Shelby Rae Jimenez AKPhysical Therapy1720568611
Wendy Walsh TXPhysical Therapy1144700998
Elizabeth Dollar Cooke TXPhysical Therapy1396225017
Srl Therapy Llc Physical Therapy1407809080
Marjorie Susan Mitchell TXPhysical Therapy1114408424
Care360 Corp. FLPhysical Therapy1962983825
Joc Physical Therapy Llc Physical Therapy1982186169
Harrington Physical Therapy, Pc MTPhysical Therapy1144288044
Mariah Dawn Stone KSPhysical Therapy1265915326
Elko County School District Physical Therapy1225512452
Mark Sevan Bourque ALPhysical Therapy1033685664
Audrey Galloway AZPhysical Therapy1174090963
Theraphysics Partners Of Colorado, Inc. COPhysical Therapy1821041864
Drayer Physical Therapy alabama, Llc Physical Therapy1174093652
Adi Spitz COPhysical Therapy1396216768
John Matthew Wolfe TNPhysical Therapy1851865588
Timothy Peter Loberiza NEPhysical Therapy1477017937
Clark O Vandegraft Physical Therapy1215493358
Handprints, Llc Physical Therapy1265998157
Drayer Physical Therapy Institute Llc Physical Therapy1598727976
William Patrick Cintron DEPhysical Therapy1083668602
Robyn Alicia Bell DEPhysical Therapy1861446486
Jonathan Lizotte RIPhysical Therapy1063466308
Heather Colleen Arvey DEPhysical Therapy1912951450
Laura Mae Rozhon INPhysical Therapy1093769440
Christopher Holland DEPhysical Therapy1962456137
Longview Internal Medicine Pllc TXPhysical Therapy1982658464
Patti A Steinke INPhysical Therapy1336193770
Debra L Bezanson ORPhysical Therapy1710931746
Monroerehabconnection Llc MIPhysical Therapy1346294287
Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center Inc Physical Therapy1558315663
Wing Neurological Rehabilitation Physical Therapy1801840897
Eastern Shore Physical Therapy, Inc ALPhysical Therapy1700831666
Gtms Fitness Corporation Physical Therapy1275587172
Dorothy P Phelps LAPhysical Therapy1487609970
Physiotherapy Associates Inc Physical Therapy1871548768
Central Missouri Physical Therapy MOPhysical Therapy1215982095
Scott Frost FLPhysical Therapy1972558740
Central Physical Therapy Inc CTPhysical Therapy1578518072
Starr Sports Rehabilitation And Physical Therapy Center Llc Physical Therapy1730134214
Lee Lamey FLPhysical Therapy1427003193
Island Sports Physiotherapy Of East Meadow, Pc Physical Therapy1043265440
Champion Fitness Inc Physical Therapy1407801012
Physiofit Llc LAPhysical Therapy1598710121
Active Therapy Services Inc Physical Therapy1801841093
Janet Kielce FLPhysical Therapy1043265499
Frank E. Lafara Pt, P.c. NYPhysical Therapy1841245206
Santera Rehabilitation, Inc VAPhysical Therapy1003861105
Pamela Patla WIPhysical Therapy1336194620
Jennifer Denise Valin ORPhysical Therapy1750336830
Carter Rehabilitation Llc AZPhysical Therapy1336194745
Ron Voltner WIPhysical Therapy1467407882
Elizabeth Demena Pascual FLPhysical Therapy1720033749
Jamie Shannon Soutar DEPhysical Therapy1295781243
Elizabeth E. Mazuk NJPhysical Therapy1548216591
Atlantic Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Pc Physical Therapy1497701452
Playa Physical Therapy Physical Therapy1598711566
Kingsley Physical Therapy, P.l.l.c. MIPhysical Therapy1871549857
Aspen Physical Therapy, P.a. Physical Therapy1104871128
Commonwealth Rehabilitation And Sports Medicine, P.s.c. Physical Therapy1184670028
American Pro health Rehabilitation Center, Inc. FLPhysical Therapy1235185174
Patrick J Maglio WIPhysical Therapy1538115373
Sportsmedicine Rehabilitation Physical Therapy1396791034
Advanced Physical Therapy East Ltd GAPhysical Therapy1578519468
West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic Llc Physical Therapy1134175706
Lucas Physical Therapy And Fitness Inc CAPhysical Therapy1154377596
Stacey Scott ILPhysical Therapy1578519898
Arc Therapy Services Llc Physical Therapy1548216864
Cassandra Maiorana OHPhysical Therapy1376599811
Julie Teri Ezaki CAPhysical Therapy1447206651
Restoracare, Inc. Physical Therapy1578519062
Metro Med Rehab Center Inc Physical Therapy1164478525
Rhonda Miller Caldwell TNPhysical Therapy1851347371


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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