Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Usa Healthcare Morgan Llc 35601, ALPhysical Therapy1720084767
Usa Healthcare Ltc Llc 35055, ALPhysical Therapy1477559300
Physical Therapy Solutions,llc 35216, ALPhysical Therapy1881693208
Summer Mims 35406, ALPhysical Therapy1881673390
Brittany Bowlin 35125, ALPhysical Therapy1366814030
Rehab Associates, Llc 36054, ALPhysical Therapy1447626502
The Rehab Group Inc 35601, ALPhysical Therapy1417926338
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 35661, ALPhysical Therapy1013986942
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 35611, ALPhysical Therapy1194794024
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 35244, ALPhysical Therapy1013986967
Select Physical Therapy Of Birmingham Ltd 35242, ALPhysical Therapy1760451629
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 35406, ALPhysical Therapy1740259704
Select Physical Therapy Baptist Rehabilitation Center Llc 36066, ALPhysical Therapy1346219235
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 35802, ALPhysical Therapy1396714283
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 35806, ALPhysical Therapy1215906441
Jo Ellyn S Litten 36608, ALPhysical Therapy1790744126
Anthony Kadenzy 36362, ALPhysical Therapy1477064533
Christie L Fowlkes 35209, ALPhysical Therapy1801852744
The Orthopaedic Clinic, P.c. 36801, ALPhysical Therapy1497706220
Mark Sevan Bourque 36693, ALPhysical Therapy1033685664
Drayer Physical Therapy alabama, Llc 35960, ALPhysical Therapy1174093652
Eastern Shore Physical Therapy, Inc 36526, ALPhysical Therapy1700831666
Lauren Elisabeth Washam 36801, ALPhysical Therapy1881632941
Arc Therapy Services Llc 35209, ALPhysical Therapy1386684769
Arc Therapy Services Llc 35802, ALPhysical Therapy1942240312
Select Physical Therapy Of Birmingham Ltd 35209, ALPhysical Therapy1023054418
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 35173, ALPhysical Therapy1003842352
Kristjan Fridriksson Physical Therapy Services, Inc 36609, ALPhysical Therapy1548291552
Tallassee Rehab 36078, ALPhysical Therapy1750312849
Chelsie Jones 36025, ALPhysical Therapy1568980746
Promise Physical Therapy Inc. 36066, ALPhysical Therapy1598790065
Rehab Associates, Llc 35487, ALPhysical Therapy1942219472
Jennifer Arnold 35901, ALPhysical Therapy1346724416
Rehab Associates, Llc 36081, ALPhysical Therapy1194734210
Rehab Associates, Llc 36066, ALPhysical Therapy1306855895
Rehab Associates, Llc 36092, ALPhysical Therapy1346259801
Rehab Associates, Llc 35401, ALPhysical Therapy1518976034
Rehab Associates, Llc 36207, ALPhysical Therapy1619986247
Rehab Associates, Llc 36703, ALPhysical Therapy1629087150
Rehab Associates, Llc 35243, ALPhysical Therapy1659380160
Rehab Associates, Llc 36037, ALPhysical Therapy1669481115
Rehab Associates, Llc 35071, ALPhysical Therapy1689683195
Rehab Associates Llc 35205, ALPhysical Therapy1861401481
Rehab Associates, Llc 36117, ALPhysical Therapy1891704383
Rehab Associates, Llc 35768, ALPhysical Therapy1912916552
United Ability Inc 35211, ALPhysical Therapy1215941729
Steve Drummond 35601, ALPhysical Therapy1225148190
Barbara Cummings 35661, ALPhysical Therapy1154431039
Christine Wilson 35802, ALPhysical Therapy1689784068
Sloan Obranovich 36116, ALPhysical Therapy1972613685
George Williams 36066, ALPhysical Therapy1639289192
Susan Stewart 35071, ALPhysical Therapy1558471532
Mobile Spine & Rehabilitation Limited Partnership 36608, ALPhysical Therapy1447361407
Kimberly Bonds 35071, ALPhysical Therapy1215039813
Adrian Daren Cameron 35401, ALPhysical Therapy1851496772
Choctaw Therapy Services 36904, ALPhysical Therapy1124124342
Lisa Ingram 35160, ALPhysical Therapy1326144122
Claud H Saunders 35125, ALPhysical Therapy1952408759
Dana S Carpenter 35650, ALPhysical Therapy1083712335
Billie Caine 35128, ALPhysical Therapy1699874370
Lindsay S Anderson 35007, ALPhysical Therapy1184724791
Jodi Caver 35007, ALPhysical Therapy1790885309
Joseph Brian Duffin 35235, ALPhysical Therapy1831280874
Bodalia Rehab Services, Inc 36567, ALPhysical Therapy1558452920
Physical Therapy Of West Georgia 31909, ALPhysical Therapy1619068087
Rehab Associates, Llc 36106, ALPhysical Therapy1184707382
Rehab Associates, Llc 35243, ALPhysical Therapy1871677120
Doris Gail Smith 35806, ALPhysical Therapy1972680783
Patricia Glance 31904, ALPhysical Therapy1073691903
John Goltz 35611, ALPhysical Therapy1275611626
Dana Musick 35244, ALPhysical Therapy1306925698
Dynamic Performance Therapy And Rehabilitation, Inc 35758, ALPhysical Therapy1669559944
Cynthia Dawn Golembiewski 36603, ALPhysical Therapy1679666523
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 35242, ALPhysical Therapy1659478394
Pacific Health Services, Llc 35244, ALPhysical Therapy1770658973
Aanita Janette Robinson 35806, ALPhysical Therapy1881760247
Scott Alan Pickett 36606, ALPhysical Therapy1902966054
Brooke D Majors 36340, ALPhysical Therapy1831246529
Pamela Hope Willis 36207, ALPhysical Therapy1033267125
Keitha Renay Barker 36207, ALPhysical Therapy1326196189
Holly Paige Webster 75703, ALPhysical Therapy1487702247
Philip Hopper 36830, ALPhysical Therapy1760538714
Frank Daniel 36442, ALPhysical Therapy1306992466
Montgomery East Physical Therapy, Pc 36117, ALPhysical Therapy1790824274
Encore Rehabiliation Inc 36117, ALPhysical Therapy1023143617
Encore Rehabilitation Inc 36854, ALPhysical Therapy1396871679
Tiffany Amanda Upchurch 36251, ALPhysical Therapy1164547089
Grady Lee Rollins 36251, ALPhysical Therapy1134244098
Lisa H. Watson 36251, ALPhysical Therapy1215052162
Lori Wheeles Mccain 36251, ALPhysical Therapy1275658262
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., P.c. 35209, ALPhysical Therapy1013050806
Helping Hands Therapy 36744, ALPhysical Therapy1497871495
Jennifer L Funk 27401, ALPhysical Therapy1083739940
Rachel Virginia Howell 35244, ALPhysical Therapy1609351170
Rehab Associates, Llc 35487, ALPhysical Therapy1326189861
Rehab Associates, Llc 35768, ALPhysical Therapy1497249312
Pamela Leigh Hightower 36251, ALPhysical Therapy1215056825
Dadeville Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy 35010, ALPhysical Therapy1699895490
Shelly Ann Bussell 35907, ALPhysical Therapy1427273127
William D Campbell 36303, ALPhysical Therapy1730305574
Tiffany Hudmon 36330, ALPhysical Therapy1073739884
Samuel K Hutto 36301, ALPhysical Therapy1124244967
Amy Kerecman 36301, ALPhysical Therapy1952527772
Spring Cosby 36303, ALPhysical Therapy1356560940
Todd Diefenderfer 36330, ALPhysical Therapy1467671651
Pittenger Therapy Inc 35243, ALPhysical Therapy1457564619
Regina Angela Sullivan 35473, ALPhysical Therapy1104030238
Martha Jarmon Dickerson 35806, ALPhysical Therapy1770797292
Plainsman Park Physical Therapy 36849, ALPhysical Therapy1386851061
David Wooster 36609, ALPhysical Therapy1164639852
Norman Rudolph 36609, ALPhysical Therapy1144430380
Cary Cochran 36609, ALPhysical Therapy1871703918
Michael Wayne Johnson 35549, ALPhysical Therapy1225230758
Rebecca Fields 35235, ALPhysical Therapy1194927715
Lisa N. Wallace 30240, ALPhysical Therapy1801099767
Latramekia Brown 77707, ALPhysical Therapy1457557787
Kim Ward Bailey 35565, ALPhysical Therapy1700083722
Derek Lyle Burleson 35563, ALPhysical Therapy1518165026
Encore Rehabilitation, Inc 35071, ALPhysical Therapy1710177431
Anniston Orthopedics Associates Pa 36207, ALPhysical Therapy1366636706
Concentra Medical Center 35233, ALPhysical Therapy1104012087
Physical Therapy Center Of North Alabama 35801, ALPhysical Therapy1386831006
Hannah Luke Peters 36301, ALPhysical Therapy1508054917
Nancy L. Stetson 35806, ALPhysical Therapy1316126519
Lori Thompson 35661, ALPhysical Therapy1588843320
Therasport 35986, ALPhysical Therapy1760662233
Katie Erin Phillips 35806, ALPhysical Therapy1124209234
Deborah L. Brunson 36344, ALPhysical Therapy1396927265
Chris Dockery 76309, ALPhysical Therapy1356525844
Family Rehab Services, Inc 35565, ALPhysical Therapy1063699585
Kim Sellers Still 35811, ALPhysical Therapy1568649762
Tina Nicole Smith 36330, ALPhysical Therapy1538347323
Sports Therapy Of Huntsville 35802, ALPhysical Therapy1285802470
Back In Motion Physical Therapy Llc 35146, ALPhysical Therapy1790953461
Rehab Associates, Llc 35213, ALPhysical Therapy1063680387
Physical Therapy Of Andalusia 36420, ALPhysical Therapy1801065537
Coleman Gray 36362, ALPhysical Therapy1679742001
Debbie G Bagwell 35811, ALPhysical Therapy1184894347
Taurus G. Turner 35401, ALPhysical Therapy1396915864
Occupational Health Centers Of The Sw, Pa 35233, ALPhysical Therapy1285805671
Janet Bunyard 35405, ALPhysical Therapy1023280161
Kristy Nix Habada 35653, ALPhysical Therapy1154593010
Encore Rehabilitation Inc 36553, ALPhysical Therapy1316113087
Amanda Joyce Wilbanks 35806, ALPhysical Therapy1265609143
Rehab Associates, Llc 35811, ALPhysical Therapy1528228905
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 35096, ALPhysical Therapy1134383763
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., P.c., 35096, ALPhysical Therapy1962667683
Tammy Baswell 35125, ALPhysical Therapy1710359492
Amanda M White 36067, ALPhysical Therapy1851577480
Drayer Physical Therapy alabama, Llc 35630, ALPhysical Therapy1144719725
Meharry Physical Therapy, Inc. 35473, ALPhysical Therapy1811196124
Rehab Associates, Llc 35773, ALPhysical Therapy1639353584
Rehab Associates, Llc 35501, ALPhysical Therapy1821253709
Rehab Associates, Llc 35470, ALPhysical Therapy1982813234
Garrett Blanton 36703, ALPhysical Therapy1598237935
James Crittenden Baird 35901, ALPhysical Therapy1104082403
Tosha Brown 39648, ALPhysical Therapy1003062324
John Chad Harless 35481, ALPhysical Therapy1639326903
Michael Mitchell 39648, ALPhysical Therapy1073760690
Agile Physical Therapy, Llc 35243, ALPhysical Therapy1154578524
Lisa Phipps 36526, ALPhysical Therapy1992953350
Darlene Scott 36526, ALPhysical Therapy1548418908
Timothy Douglas 36526, ALPhysical Therapy1982852349
Bernita Dixon 36608, ALPhysical Therapy1568610236
Angela Johnson 36526, ALPhysical Therapy1033367552
Genesis Rehab, Inc. 36744, ALPhysical Therapy1356590848
Trina L. Bailey 35811, ALPhysical Therapy1801045927
Cristy M Olive 35128, ALPhysical Therapy1194974832
Donna R Mckinney 85021, ALPhysical Therapy1295986180
Melissa Bryant 36545, ALPhysical Therapy1295986198
Encore Rehabilitation, Inc. 36509, ALPhysical Therapy1427200971
Brian Keith Wilbanks 35622, ALPhysical Therapy1700030749
Port City Physical Therapy 36693, ALPhysical Therapy1932354735
Heather E. Adkison 36360, ALPhysical Therapy1801041454
Shannon D. Turner 36360, ALPhysical Therapy1124273750
Helen Gaye Wilson 36526, ALPhysical Therapy1841435393
Ellen M Garner 36362, ALPhysical Therapy1144466731
Kimmy Anneil Vinson 35594, ALPhysical Therapy1023258324
Shantice Toles 39666, ALPhysical Therapy1174763221
Janice Ruth Stults 35565, ALPhysical Therapy1669613188
Dena H Imhof 35205, ALPhysical Therapy1275777336
Huntsville Wellness Center, Inc. 35801, ALPhysical Therapy1679708853
Tracy Hartselle Preston 35233, ALPhysical Therapy1043445661
Aletha P Bowen 35968, ALPhysical Therapy1710113931
Kimberly Kay Simpson 35971, ALPhysical Therapy1013143981
Franklin Primary Health Center Inc. 36603, ALPhysical Therapy1710117213
Daryl Voce 29405, ALPhysical Therapy1205067014
Lindsey Erin Ellsworth 36801, ALPhysical Therapy1194956235
Bob Wallace Wellness And Rehab Center Inc 35805, ALPhysical Therapy1497987192
Toni Michelle Harris 35125, ALPhysical Therapy1134351679
Orthopedic Rehabilitation And Training 36067, ALPhysical Therapy1023240306
Franklin Primary Health Center 36603, ALPhysical Therapy1114159340
Eva Elise Schwind 36604, ALPhysical Therapy1326372368
Mollie J. Brummitt 35233, ALPhysical Therapy1801121934
Andrews Institute Rehabilitation, Llc 36535, ALPhysical Therapy1740515402
Benson Slade Miller 35801, ALPhysical Therapy1255667614
Clary & Jones Llc 35406, ALPhysical Therapy1295061869
Quality Physical Therapy Care, Llc 35211, ALPhysical Therapy1598092850
Therapy Unlimited, Inc 35772, ALPhysical Therapy1740517705
Therapy Unlimited, Inc 35769, ALPhysical Therapy1578890471


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