Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Arkansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Arkansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Wynesha Settles 72301, ARPhysical Therapy1942685201
Aubree Haynes 71744, ARPhysical Therapy1952775371
Lonoke Physical Therapy, Inc 72086, ARPhysical Therapy1992706477
Haynes Sports Therapy And Rehab, Inc. 71801, ARPhysical Therapy1902894660
Pinnacle Women's Health And Therapy, Llc. 72756, ARPhysical Therapy1124532056
Rachel A. Featherston 71801, ARPhysical Therapy1558350280
Christy R. Turner 71801, ARPhysical Therapy1215926746
Greenwood Physical Therapy Center, Inc. 72936, ARPhysical Therapy1275515959
Mountaincrest Rehab Services 72601, ARPhysical Therapy1467437087
Advanced Physical Therapy, Plc 72315, ARPhysical Therapy1164402962
Theraplay, Inc. 72701, ARPhysical Therapy1770554990
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 72501, ARPhysical Therapy1265401939
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 72034, ARPhysical Therapy1477522217
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 71913, ARPhysical Therapy1376512012
Willa Joyce Olds 72015, ARPhysical Therapy1518927896
Corey Marquis 72903, ARPhysical Therapy1366402109
Claudia Mccutchen 72301, ARPhysical Therapy1356305460
Caroline Cox 72703, ARPhysical Therapy1134185374
Lauren Pruitt Ford 72076, ARPhysical Therapy1497711592
James Robert Clark 72205, ARPhysical Therapy1700843851
Ashley Nalley 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1972561678
Heather Michelle Litchford 72703, ARPhysical Therapy1730147976
Kelli Jones 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1629026786
Ronnie Norman 72433, ARPhysical Therapy1093763054
Lisa S Trevathan 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1164471744
Alptp, Pllc 72116, ARPhysical Therapy1649220807
Debbie Sue Smith 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1801846886
Access Rehab & Therapy Services, Inc. 72076, ARPhysical Therapy1861444036
Jennifer Warren 72370, ARPhysical Therapy1417908070
Jessica Frankenberger 72404, ARPhysical Therapy1912382623
Angela Gail Burton 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1659321891
Srl Therapy Llc 72211, ARPhysical Therapy1407809080
Grand Prairie Physical Therapy, Inc. 72042, ARPhysical Therapy1285678052
Reaper Physical Therapy Inc 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1215973342
Northside Therapy Center Inc 72117, ARPhysical Therapy1023054145
Tomoe Mitchell 72761, ARPhysical Therapy1043242837
Sonya E Ellis 72761, ARPhysical Therapy1215969027
Terra J Bellamy 72761, ARPhysical Therapy1124050935
Kimberly Bryant 72301, ARPhysical Therapy1174976930
Travis Eugene Lillard 72529, ARPhysical Therapy1902355522
Mountaincrest Rehabilitation 72715, ARPhysical Therapy1124579164
April Roush 72450, ARPhysical Therapy1932607181
Meagan Jane Barnette 32626, ARPhysical Therapy1265467427
Grand Prairie Physical Therapy Of Stuttgart, Inc. 72160, ARPhysical Therapy1497770242
Christal Turner 72112, ARPhysical Therapy1194747519
Saline County Physical Therapy 72015, ARPhysical Therapy1164437646
Sheri Lynn Davis 72730, ARPhysical Therapy1841203585
Dana Trinidad Rodriguez 72730, ARPhysical Therapy1710990460
Angela Johnson 72315, ARPhysical Therapy1992811103
Kelly Winberry 72315, ARPhysical Therapy1568578771
Premiere Physical Therapy And Sports Rehab Llc 72712, ARPhysical Therapy1134258981
Nathan Burnett 95405, ARPhysical Therapy1306156559
Traci Lyn Turner 72032, ARPhysical Therapy1609972504
Kelly L Clark 72032, ARPhysical Therapy1053417907
Linda Michelle Cullum 72032, ARPhysical Therapy1750487500
Bradley Allen Vaughn 72202, ARPhysical Therapy1386740173
Emmett Don Clark 72032, ARPhysical Therapy1154428456
Diane Elizabeth Koch 72762, ARPhysical Therapy1528167178
Brandi Sue Rudder 72762, ARPhysical Therapy1053410670
Jennifer Lynne Hall 72762, ARPhysical Therapy1952400590
Nora Marie O'neal 72032, ARPhysical Therapy1215036363
Janet Carol Nokes 72032, ARPhysical Therapy1487753539
Laura Jo Daniel 72032, ARPhysical Therapy1073613683
Spa City Therapy Inc 71913, ARPhysical Therapy1265532543
Jacksonville Physical Therapy 72076, ARPhysical Therapy1205937745
Tri lakes Physical Therapy, Inc. 71901, ARPhysical Therapy1346336245
Joan E Sallings 72205, ARPhysical Therapy1760563712
Amara Rushing 72031, ARPhysical Therapy1861575367
Cameron S Franklin 72205, ARPhysical Therapy1558447029
Edwin Smith 72404, ARPhysical Therapy1578950762
Kristen Ricketts 72903, ARPhysical Therapy1487727558
Donna Carlene Devazier 72301, ARPhysical Therapy1609949395
Debra Devon Mitchell 72301, ARPhysical Therapy1407929243
Mark Dulaney 72301, ARPhysical Therapy1043385669
Crista Thrift 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1992872154
Melanie Nicole Alberty 72730, ARPhysical Therapy1134288228
Angel Bufford 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1528127941
Laura A Huggin 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1699834010
Jamie L Emerson 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1326107749
Amanda Webb 72703, ARPhysical Therapy1487714994
Greta Lynn Schoneman 72116, ARPhysical Therapy1407910862
Millennium Rehab Of Arkansas Llc 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1659437945
Gary L Harris 72110, ARPhysical Therapy1265589915
Rachael Anne Adams 72120, ARPhysical Therapy1871640433
Cynthia Jean West 71701, ARPhysical Therapy1407905508
Darnetha Ann Mcfarland 72204, ARPhysical Therapy1346392768
Suzanne Walker 72015, ARPhysical Therapy1023162435
Celena Rorex 72364, ARPhysical Therapy1396899647
Janise Rasberry 72396, ARPhysical Therapy1184778102
Stacy Reames 72933, ARPhysical Therapy1053466748
Alisia Skinner 72360, ARPhysical Therapy1932254653
Toy Michelle Adams 71901, ARPhysical Therapy1386790293
Sheri Ann Allen 72472, ARPhysical Therapy1447306949
Angela Denise Botti 72022, ARPhysical Therapy1962558189
Ronnie Lee East 71852, ARPhysical Therapy1700923612
Rebecca Jean Beaumont 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1710025002
Emily Smith 72019, ARPhysical Therapy1952449670
Christopher Brown Curtis 72034, ARPhysical Therapy1902948276
Anjanette Lee Guthrie 72015, ARPhysical Therapy1598808362
Tiffany Smith 72019, ARPhysical Therapy1124162631
Ruth Wilson 72450, ARPhysical Therapy1356486443
Catherine Scoggins 71603, ARPhysical Therapy1801931738
Amy N Loggains 72422, ARPhysical Therapy1619012861
Leslie C Blankenship 72422, ARPhysical Therapy1770628919
Lisa Leigh Vaughn 72450, ARPhysical Therapy1942336227
Heather Carter 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1700912763
Crystal Marie Manning 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1669508628
Lacey Weston 72210, ARPhysical Therapy1962539338
Lesli Robin Caldwell 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1033247853
Jessica Karol Bell 71701, ARPhysical Therapy1770614828
Richie Minton 72653, ARPhysical Therapy1861525685
Lorie Ellen Miller 72022, ARPhysical Therapy1710010251
Elizabeth Marilynn Brasher 72450, ARPhysical Therapy1073647137
Danny Marion Basinger 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1477677649
Susan Renee Luck 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1891819066
Cynthia Sue Dallas 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1437273612
Michael Damon Hudson 72736, ARPhysical Therapy1922132166
Irene Ferrell 72342, ARPhysical Therapy1124142518
Susan Geisler 72342, ARPhysical Therapy1881718203
Brenda Holmes 72811, ARPhysical Therapy1093830382
Wendy B Matthews 72543, ARPhysical Therapy1780701342
Felicia J. Stone 72543, ARPhysical Therapy1659498269
Amy E Wood 72543, ARPhysical Therapy1164549762
Johnita Elslander 72543, ARPhysical Therapy1447377072
Occupatioanl Health Centers Of Arkansas, P.a. 72209, ARPhysical Therapy1184768194
Karen Tucker 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1336208750
Access Group, Inc 72211, ARPhysical Therapy1881738409
Access Group, Inc 72211, ARPhysical Therapy1114061215
James Craig Smith 72542, ARPhysical Therapy1730203399
Angelia Grace Kidwell 71655, ARPhysical Therapy1265947154
Dominique Giles 71913, ARPhysical Therapy1124512041
Boaz & Associates, Inc. 72396, ARPhysical Therapy1518011816
Andy Diaz 71603, ARPhysical Therapy1609339365
Amanda Sue Pippinger 72404, ARPhysical Therapy1558489468
Connie Sorrels 72801, ARPhysical Therapy1114045887
Terrica Nicole Simmons 72342, ARPhysical Therapy1154442747
Carolyn Sue Bridges 72032, ARPhysical Therapy1770604761
Wenelle R. Dewitt 72712, ARPhysical Therapy1881717262
Jennifer Brown 71655, ARPhysical Therapy1891918959
Cheryl Lynn Davis 72023, ARPhysical Therapy1548383706
Tommy N. Adams 72112, ARPhysical Therapy1265655450
Ashley Goggans 71655, ARPhysical Therapy1891918991
Holli Dawn Willis 72112, ARPhysical Therapy1497978506
Monica Mayleen Napier 71655, ARPhysical Therapy1548484850
Lori Mccoy 71655, ARPhysical Therapy1619190972
Lori A Hershberger 72626, ARPhysical Therapy1447474259
Wendy Williams 72106, ARPhysical Therapy1538385190
Georgianna Partain Keller 72919, ARPhysical Therapy1659598100
Amber Nicole Moore 72653, ARPhysical Therapy1972720308
Pamela Ann Bass 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1518184761
Laura Forrest 71701, ARPhysical Therapy1326266438
Greg Burton 71701, ARPhysical Therapy1669691382
Margie Hyatt 72933, ARPhysical Therapy1235358631
Jo Ella Reynolds 71671, ARPhysical Therapy1184844797
Samantha Dawn Ashford 71957, ARPhysical Therapy1386864791
Jessica Martin 71671, ARPhysical Therapy1396965588
Kelley L Leonard 72501, ARPhysical Therapy1942420310
Melita Setzer 72712, ARPhysical Therapy1437370053
Michelle Wewers 72956, ARPhysical Therapy1073734117
Tera D Simmons 72560, ARPhysical Therapy1124249347
Cheri Hebert 72560, ARPhysical Therapy1275754483
Rebecca Adams 72956, ARPhysical Therapy1760603922
Amy Carole Wilson 72042, ARPhysical Therapy1275745010
Charlene Mann 71603, ARPhysical Therapy1881807931
Lori Freeman 72956, ARPhysical Therapy1386857142
Misty Malinda Banks 71801, ARPhysical Therapy1023221900
Carol Adam 72703, ARPhysical Therapy1114131133
Charlotte Arnold 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1629283874
Emily Lauren Harper 71801, ARPhysical Therapy1821203845
Susan Bolden 39648, ARPhysical Therapy1154530541
Tara Michele Goodson 72556, ARPhysical Therapy1578773123
David Williams 72315, ARPhysical Therapy1295946978
Catherine Marie Janusz 72519, ARPhysical Therapy1174724108
Kings River Physical Therapy Inc 72616, ARPhysical Therapy1245431964
Sue Mcculloch 23114, ARPhysical Therapy1831391192
Julie Ann Glenn 72761, ARPhysical Therapy1538361001
Jessica Ann Griffin 72315, ARPhysical Therapy1356546725
Lana Kay Philpot 71953, ARPhysical Therapy1598963555
Community Medical Center Of Izard County 72519, ARPhysical Therapy1831398338
Matthew Hardin 72542, ARPhysical Therapy1619177904
Incite Rehab, Llc 72034, ARPhysical Therapy1114117215
Robin Scheiderer 72712, ARPhysical Therapy1194915058
Tina Barrow 72364, ARPhysical Therapy1841480712
Sherry Crook Walker 71635, ARPhysical Therapy1023208485
Pristine Health Llc 72762, ARPhysical Therapy1992996003
Tiffany Anne Flannigan 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1336330109
Amy Michelle Parker 71639, ARPhysical Therapy1013109362
Elizabeth Skelton Owens 72335, ARPhysical Therapy1245422138
Renee Watts 72653, ARPhysical Therapy1518150465
Lacy J Hux 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1649465063
Hot Springs Physical Therapy Inc. 71913, ARPhysical Therapy1518153907
Leanne Tyrrell 72058, ARPhysical Therapy1225224553
Reed Physical Therapy 72501, ARPhysical Therapy1831385038
Jennifer Young 71753, ARPhysical Therapy1053508358
Susan Kay Thomas 72519, ARPhysical Therapy1467649533
Holly Arlene Kerr 72205, ARPhysical Therapy1811184930
Kristina Maria Caswell 72205, ARPhysical Therapy1356538425
Mark Cobb 39648, ARPhysical Therapy1053508150
Patrick Joe Martz 72519, ARPhysical Therapy1326235490
Ashley Mcgraw 72703, ARPhysical Therapy1750579298


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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