Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Arkansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Arkansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Rise Physical Therapy Pa 72704, ARPhysical Therapy1104319433
Edwin Smith 72404, ARPhysical Therapy1578950762
Access Group, Inc 72211, ARPhysical Therapy1881738409
Access Group, Inc 72211, ARPhysical Therapy1114061215
Candace M. Wright 72301, ARPhysical Therapy1568652683
Elizabeth Jovon Gladden 72616, ARPhysical Therapy1447473749
Megan Marie Henley 78758, ARPhysical Therapy1669771606
Rachael Ross 72662, ARPhysical Therapy1124582101
Northwest Arkansas Physical Ability Testing Center Pa 72762, ARPhysical Therapy1609381276
Karen Shelnut 72212, ARPhysical Therapy1972083467
David Raymond Jordan 72761, ARPhysical Therapy1649750662
Kristin Marie Jones 72762, ARPhysical Therapy1104306000
Jeffrey Douglas Coppock 72022, ARPhysical Therapy1841250198
Pediatrics Plus Therapy Services, Inc 72034, ARPhysical Therapy1134277320
Tomorrow's Therapy 72087, ARPhysical Therapy1437476736
Thomas Jeremy Priest 72936, ARPhysical Therapy1366084451
Baxter County Regional Hospital Inc 72687, ARPhysical Therapy1710541289
Jordan Fust 29550, ARPhysical Therapy1477191294
Shelby Jones 71730, ARPhysical Therapy1124650577
Stephanie Nicole Lobsiger 72176, ARPhysical Therapy1811529589
Bohannan Irgens Group Llc 72936, ARPhysical Therapy1417313925
Andrea Sims 72756, ARPhysical Therapy1427676402
Kelsie Stewart 72764, ARPhysical Therapy1528514023
University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences 72703, ARPhysical Therapy1871197590
Pinnacle Physical Therapy 72223, ARPhysical Therapy1386168581
Amesha Brewies 72058, ARPhysical Therapy1982297966
Lonoke Physical Therapy, Inc 72086, ARPhysical Therapy1992706477
Haynes Sports Therapy And Rehab, Inc. 71801, ARPhysical Therapy1902894660
Pinnacle Women's Health And Therapy, Llc. 72756, ARPhysical Therapy1124532056
Greenwood Physical Therapy Center, Inc. 72936, ARPhysical Therapy1275515959
Mountaincrest Rehab Services 72601, ARPhysical Therapy1467437087
Advanced Physical Therapy, Plc 72315, ARPhysical Therapy1164402962
Theraplay, Inc. 72701, ARPhysical Therapy1770554990
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 72501, ARPhysical Therapy1265401939
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 72034, ARPhysical Therapy1477522217
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 71913, ARPhysical Therapy1376512012
Alptp, Pllc 72116, ARPhysical Therapy1649220807
Access Rehab & Therapy Services, Inc. 72076, ARPhysical Therapy1861444036
Srl Therapy Llc 72211, ARPhysical Therapy1407809080
Grand Prairie Physical Therapy, Inc. 72042, ARPhysical Therapy1285678052
Reaper Physical Therapy Inc 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1215973342
Northside Therapy Center Inc 72117, ARPhysical Therapy1023054145
Mountaincrest Rehabilitation 72715, ARPhysical Therapy1124579164
Grand Prairie Physical Therapy Of Stuttgart, Inc. 72160, ARPhysical Therapy1497770242
Saline County Physical Therapy 72015, ARPhysical Therapy1164437646
Premiere Physical Therapy And Sports Rehab Llc 72712, ARPhysical Therapy1134258981
Spa City Therapy Inc 71913, ARPhysical Therapy1265532543
Jacksonville Physical Therapy 72076, ARPhysical Therapy1205937745
Tri lakes Physical Therapy, Inc. 71901, ARPhysical Therapy1346336245
Millennium Rehab Of Arkansas Llc 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1659437945
Occupatioanl Health Centers Of Arkansas, P.a. 72209, ARPhysical Therapy1184768194
Boaz & Associates, Inc. 72396, ARPhysical Therapy1518011816
Aptc Of Little Rock, Inc. 72227, ARPhysical Therapy1184846701
Kings River Physical Therapy Inc 72616, ARPhysical Therapy1245431964
Community Medical Center Of Izard County 72519, ARPhysical Therapy1831398338
Incite Rehab, Llc 72034, ARPhysical Therapy1114117215
Pristine Health Llc 72762, ARPhysical Therapy1992996003
Hot Springs Physical Therapy Inc. 71913, ARPhysical Therapy1518153907
Reed Physical Therapy 72501, ARPhysical Therapy1831385038
Trilogy Therapy Services, Inc. 72227, ARPhysical Therapy1861676058
Arkansas Sports Performance Center 72204, ARPhysical Therapy1699959577
Matthews Physical Therapy 72031, ARPhysical Therapy1558531061
Thera play Pediatrics 72764, ARPhysical Therapy1851558738
Bohannan Physical Therapy Llc 72936, ARPhysical Therapy1225403843
Harris Physical Therapy, Pllc 72704, ARPhysical Therapy1376789024
Arkansas Kids Therapy Inc 71913, ARPhysical Therapy1154568939
Regional Therapy, Llc 72712, ARPhysical Therapy1417198482
Neurortho Rehab Services, P.a. 71603, ARPhysical Therapy1114161015
Stuart Physical Therapy And Functional Testing,inc. 72205, ARPhysical Therapy1245461862
Tracy Jones Physical Therapy Services, P.a. 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1346473139
Ortho Spine Care, Llc 72601, ARPhysical Therapy1508191271
Harris & Renshaw Rehab Center, Inc. 72116, ARPhysical Therapy1336478031
Silver Oak Adult Activity And Therapy Center 72102, ARPhysical Therapy1669798476
Kids For The Future Of Helena, Inc 72342, ARPhysical Therapy1386964351
Kids For The Future Of Forrest City, Inc. 72335, ARPhysical Therapy1043530017
Next Step Therapy Services 72355, ARPhysical Therapy1528374543
Stephen A. Joseph, P.t. P.a. 72758, ARPhysical Therapy1720395676
Kidspiration Outpatient Therapy Services 72653, ARPhysical Therapy1164726584
Reaper Therapy, Llc 72024, ARPhysical Therapy1164712725
Oasis Therapy And Wellness Center Llc 72801, ARPhysical Therapy1760760318
Ivy Physical Therapy, Inc 72543, ARPhysical Therapy1053695551
Lyons Rehab Services, Inc 72823, ARPhysical Therapy1851675706
Mcl Therapy Llc 72936, ARPhysical Therapy1154692481
Therapeutic Focus, L.l.c. 72301, ARPhysical Therapy1972875896
Compleat Rehab & Sports Therapy Center/glenwood 28054, ARPhysical Therapy1184977407
Charton Physical Therapy, Inc. 72110, ARPhysical Therapy1548514144
Therapy Links 72404, ARPhysical Therapy1780920298
Compleat Rehab And Sports Therapy, Llc 28054, ARPhysical Therapy1649619156
All About Kids Therapy Center 72745, ARPhysical Therapy1003240086
University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences 72205, ARPhysical Therapy1669807228
Amerston Physicial Therapy Llc 72936, ARPhysical Therapy1841628898
Physical Therapy Specialists Of The Ozarks, Llc 72653, ARPhysical Therapy1538597646
De Queen Medical Center 71832, ARPhysical Therapy1982035051
Advanced Physical Therapy Cabot Llc 72023, ARPhysical Therapy1780083428
Therapeutic Alliance 72301, ARPhysical Therapy1003219510
Serc Rehabilitation Partners Llc 72758, ARPhysical Therapy1689079899
Arkansas Physical Therapy Specialties Llc 72956, ARPhysical Therapy1710382643
Goode Communications, Etc., Inc. 72364, ARPhysical Therapy1134512585
Hambrick Physical Therapy Llc 72501, ARPhysical Therapy1447634001
Common Sense Therapy 72632, ARPhysical Therapy1134596380
Hardin Therapy Services 72542, ARPhysical Therapy1255708913
Occupational Health Centers Of Arkansas, P.a. 72117, ARPhysical Therapy1215071220
Gates Therapy Group, Inc. 72756, ARPhysical Therapy1720419930
Hunt Physical Therapy 72114, ARPhysical Therapy1710354865
No Limits Pediatric Therapies 72712, ARPhysical Therapy1417314352
Robert Vogler, P.a. 72801, ARPhysical Therapy1982059150
Leap Therapy Solutions, Llc 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1033561584
Eagle Family Therapy Services 71654, ARPhysical Therapy1285036913
Serc Rehabilitation Partners Llc 72719, ARPhysical Therapy1336683200
Synergy Physical Therapy Llc 72956, ARPhysical Therapy1598200677
Little Hands At Play Therapy, Llc 72903, ARPhysical Therapy1497295943
Elite Therapy Llc 72209, ARPhysical Therapy1215467915
3d Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine, Llc 72830, ARPhysical Therapy1992216642
Northwest Arkansas Physical Ability Testing Center, P.a. 72762, ARPhysical Therapy1902304876
Institute For Advanced Medicine, Pa 72712, ARPhysical Therapy1477058121
Kiddos Therapy 72801, ARPhysical Therapy1568959179
Bridges Therapy Group, Pllc 72703, ARPhysical Therapy1023501103
Elite Therapy And Wellness 72434, ARPhysical Therapy1679071302
Rise Physical Therapy, P.a. 72703, ARPhysical Therapy1851743009
Fort Smith Physical Therapy Center 72901, ARPhysical Therapy1275018954
New Wave Physical Therapy, Llc 72034, ARPhysical Therapy1023588753
Exodus Physical Therapy 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1417428152
Nea Therapy Providers, Llc 72404, ARPhysical Therapy1871755223
Jordan Rorex, Llc 72455, ARPhysical Therapy1811552425
Kidspiration Too Pediatric Therapy Services 72556, ARPhysical Therapy1629639802
Trydent Therapy Services 72019, ARPhysical Therapy1336796085
A2z Therapy Of Little Rock 72209, ARPhysical Therapy1720501307
Specialized Physical Therapy Of Nwa Llc 72758, ARPhysical Therapy1225670250
Watermark Therapy Llc 71801, ARPhysical Therapy1841833365
Brookfield Physical Rehabilitation, Llc 71901, ARPhysical Therapy1891339719
Rolling Success Inc 71901, ARPhysical Therapy1194360198
Friendship Community Care 72802, ARPhysical Therapy1902224512
Carsonpt4.0 72022, ARPhysical Therapy1932615663
Brian Kent Dpt Pllc 72758, ARPhysical Therapy1295372282
First Choice Physical Therapy 72315, ARPhysical Therapy1013556307
Gross Therapy Services, Inc. 72653, ARPhysical Therapy1033236468
Darin Bell,otr, Pllc 72758, ARPhysical Therapy1194362087
Thera play Pediatrics Of Harrison, Ar Llc 72601, ARPhysical Therapy1184256646
Unbridled Holdings Llc 72712, ARPhysical Therapy1295361509
Diamond Therapy Partners, Llc 72745, ARPhysical Therapy1912527433
Hands On Learning, Llc. 72450, ARPhysical Therapy1356742852
Guided Path Therapies 72022, ARPhysical Therapy1063033785
Healthy Connections Specialty, Llc 71953, ARPhysical Therapy1427549047
White County Medical Center 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1871839613
Genuicare Inc 71901, ARPhysical Therapy1134669799
Physical Therapy Institute 72212, ARPhysical Therapy1497077648
Center For Child Development And Family Education 72956, ARPhysical Therapy1013421031
Sami Jo Magoffin Pa 71909, ARPhysical Therapy1689669897
Grove Street Physical Therpay Clinic & Rehab Svcs Inc 71730, ARPhysical Therapy1275503278
Doctors Physiacl Therapy Centers, Inc. 72205, ARPhysical Therapy1760448773
Ozark Physical Therapy Inc. 72616, ARPhysical Therapy1700843612
Mountaincrest Rehab Of Lowell 72745, ARPhysical Therapy1609829449
Building Bridges Therapy Center 72703, ARPhysical Therapy1477508224
Performance Physical Therapy Group 72903, ARPhysical Therapy1710913108
Pryor Physical Therapy 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1033222013
Goode Communications, Etc.,inc 72301, ARPhysical Therapy1679679021
Hope Landing, Inc. 71730, ARPhysical Therapy1508967449
Mcbride Rehabilitation Group Llc 72653, ARPhysical Therapy1811081268
Conway Physical Therapy Clinic, Pa 72032, ARPhysical Therapy1598858375
Ozark Rehab Centers Inc 33469, ARPhysical Therapy1306919071
Physical Therapy Center Of South Arkansas Inc 71730, ARPhysical Therapy1194892406
Steadman Therapy Pa 72712, ARPhysical Therapy1013060029
Post 0218, Plc 72756, ARPhysical Therapy1679617427
Wilson Therapy Services, Inc. 72042, ARPhysical Therapy1962531947
Physical Therapy Services Of Cleburne County, Inc 72543, ARPhysical Therapy1073632576
Newport Advanced Physical Therapy, Inc. 72112, ARPhysical Therapy1992827042
Kids For The Future Of Parkin 72373, ARPhysical Therapy1164646543
Family Counseling & Diagnostic Clinic 72335, ARPhysical Therapy1184847576
Therex, Inc. 71655, ARPhysical Therapy1063635449
Tri Therapy Inc 72143, ARPhysical Therapy1992828115
Family Counseling & Diagnostic Clinic 72342, ARPhysical Therapy1306069687
Family Counseling & Diagnostic Clinic 72360, ARPhysical Therapy1770706103
Onsite Therapies. Inc. 72205, ARPhysical Therapy1902024359
Crowley's Ridge Therapies, Inc 72396, ARPhysical Therapy1992923429
Yarbrough Therapy Services,inc 72116, ARPhysical Therapy1689896243
Children's Center For Development 72901, ARPhysical Therapy1255549952
Hope Landing, Inc. 71730, ARPhysical Therapy1487851937
Wingfield Physical Therapy, Llc 72042, ARPhysical Therapy1417424524
Mcelroy Physical Therapy Inc 71635, ARPhysical Therapy1407248172
Inspiring Hearts Pediatric Therapy Services 72417, ARPhysical Therapy1629677216
Arkansas Methodist Medical Center 72450, ARPhysical Therapy1194328260
Spring River Home Health Agency Inc 72576, ARPhysical Therapy1205476322
Kidspot Marion, Inc. 72364, ARPhysical Therapy1306442066
Kidspot Jonesboro, Inc. 72401, ARPhysical Therapy1164018040
Rehab Specialists, Inc. 71852, ARPhysical Therapy1881643112
The Refuge Specialty Physical Therapy Pllc 72903, ARPhysical Therapy1992393987
Alyp Therapy 72761, ARPhysical Therapy1336678853
Abbi Descene Hodge 72762, ARPhysical Therapy1336414382
Abby Catherine Edwards 72501, ARPhysical Therapy1326526484
Adam Ryan Patterson 72762, ARPhysical Therapy1184923625
Ahna Farrar 71753, ARPhysical Therapy1003274218
Akbar Somani 72390, ARPhysical Therapy1073761714
Alexandra Mcdonald 72135, ARPhysical Therapy1760843460
Alexis Boster 72176, ARPhysical Therapy1316257249
Alicia Marie Bailey 71730, ARPhysical Therapy1669612529
Alicia Levengood 71667, ARPhysical Therapy1144855099
Alisia Skinner 72360, ARPhysical Therapy1932254653
Alison L Cardin 71730, ARPhysical Therapy1740657741
Allyson Meeks 71730, ARPhysical Therapy1134577323
Alyson D Edwards 72112, ARPhysical Therapy1952683740


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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