Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Flagstaff Physical Therapy Pc 86001, AZPhysical Therapy1215931126
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation West Inc 85282, AZPhysical Therapy1114921871
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation West Inc 85222, AZPhysical Therapy1811991466
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation West Inc 85712, AZPhysical Therapy1699779223
Palo Verde Physical Therapy 86442, AZPhysical Therapy1225033483
Tucson Physical Therapy, Pc 85704, AZPhysical Therapy1407851322
Spine Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy 85242, AZPhysical Therapy1912904764
Jt Webber Physical Therapy 85254, AZPhysical Therapy1376003368
Raphael Filippi 85541, AZPhysical Therapy1396738126
Above & Beyond Therapy Services Llc 85029, AZPhysical Therapy1124011812
James Michael Winberry 85742, AZPhysical Therapy1740276294
National Athletic Alliance, Inc. 06612, AZPhysical Therapy1386635647
True Care Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation, Pllc 85374, AZPhysical Therapy1700264504
Bodycentral Physical Therapy Pc 85712, AZPhysical Therapy1629057930
Ati Holdings Of Arizona, Llc 85022, AZPhysical Therapy1871570309
Pinnacle Physical Therapy Services, Llc 85248, AZPhysical Therapy1093789695
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 85704, AZPhysical Therapy1770552473
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 85308, AZPhysical Therapy1952370660
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 85234, AZPhysical Therapy1104895853
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of Oregon City Llc 97045, AZPhysical Therapy1760443477
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of Gresham Llc 97030, AZPhysical Therapy1467413179
Canby Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine, Llc 97013, AZPhysical Therapy1992766612
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of Vancouver, Llc 98660, AZPhysical Therapy1235190950
Apex Physsical Therapy 85308, AZPhysical Therapy1871555698
Dhhs phs, Ihs Tucson Area, Ihs Tucson San Xavier Clinic 85746, AZPhysical Therapy1184687055
Dhhs phs, Ihs Tucson Area, Ihs Tucson 85634, AZPhysical Therapy1417910258
New Horizons Physical Therapy, Ltd. 85901, AZPhysical Therapy1629033121
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 85022, AZPhysical Therapy1861441065
Canyon Physical Therapy And Aquatic Rehabilitation, P.l.l.c. 86314, AZPhysical Therapy1831149913
Physiotherapy Associates 85282, AZPhysical Therapy1083667729
Mikrut Physical Therapy Llc 86327, AZPhysical Therapy1649223306
Therapy Time 85028, AZPhysical Therapy1821041344
Audrey Galloway 85006, AZPhysical Therapy1174090963
Sonoran Spine Center P.c. 85281, AZPhysical Therapy1013975333
Wing Neurological Rehabilitation 85014, AZPhysical Therapy1801840897
Carter Rehabilitation Llc 86001, AZPhysical Therapy1336194745
Restoracare, Inc. 85215, AZPhysical Therapy1578519062
Arc Therapy Services Llc 85224, AZPhysical Therapy1508805946
Arc Therapy Services Llc 85718, AZPhysical Therapy1407895857
Arc Tucson Llc 85750, AZPhysical Therapy1598708869
Arc Sun City West Llc 85375, AZPhysical Therapy1669415931
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 85034, AZPhysical Therapy1477597896
Summit Rehabilitation 85222, AZPhysical Therapy1316983281
Williams Health Care Center 86046, AZPhysical Therapy1912934258
Inxon, Inc 86326, AZPhysical Therapy1407886195
Michael William Rich 85213, AZPhysical Therapy1437178845
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of East Vancouver Llc 98682, AZPhysical Therapy1053326561
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 85345, AZPhysical Therapy1194733816
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 85260, AZPhysical Therapy1497763114
Michael Anthony Colombo 85712, AZPhysical Therapy1972512457
Healthwest Therapy 85206, AZPhysical Therapy1730191016
Smith Center For Rehabilitation, Llc 85020, AZPhysical Therapy1720091382
Nicholas Elias Night 85603, AZPhysical Therapy1942313424
Lisa A. Hurn 85395, AZPhysical Therapy1639285026
Spooner Physical Therapy & Hand Rehab, Pc 85260, AZPhysical Therapy1184730095
Bonnie M Grace 86336, AZPhysical Therapy1225144876
Basha Physical Therapy Llc 85258, AZPhysical Therapy1720452543
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 85019, AZPhysical Therapy1447268115
Joshua Leslie 85006, AZPhysical Therapy1033563812
Lolanda Moore 85295, AZPhysical Therapy1205284593
Clarice Olson 86001, AZPhysical Therapy1922500115
Somewhere Out Of The Box 86404, AZPhysical Therapy1932611589
Progressive Rehabilitation Orthopedic Therapy, Inc 86403, AZPhysical Therapy1922010602
Rinda Miles 86442, AZPhysical Therapy1912017427
Holly Maury 85234, AZPhysical Therapy1174633226
High Country Early Intervention Program 86305, AZPhysical Therapy1144332107
Four Peaks Physical Therapy Pc 85224, AZPhysical Therapy1235231101
Vivian M Pace 86322, AZPhysical Therapy1790887255
Camp Verde Physical Rehabiltation 86322, AZPhysical Therapy1891898177
Kris Metzler 86336, AZPhysical Therapy1427151703
Fischer Sports Physical Therapy 85040, AZPhysical Therapy1194814137
East Valley Physical Therapy & Aquatic Rehabilitation Ltd 85206, AZPhysical Therapy1912095936
Stephanie Gee Thompson 86313, AZPhysical Therapy1093892820
Tess G Bowden 85044, AZPhysical Therapy1710064118
Carondelet Health Network 85711, AZPhysical Therapy1770661977
Physiotherapy Assoicates Inc 85213, AZPhysical Therapy1013096734
Mary Ellen Joseph 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1588743033
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 85382, AZPhysical Therapy1003995606
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 85006, AZPhysical Therapy1942389564
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 85374, AZPhysical Therapy1417036948
Physiotherapy Associates Inc. 85008, AZPhysical Therapy1215016720
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 85242, AZPhysical Therapy1720167240
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 85050, AZPhysical Therapy1407935935
Integrated Physical Therapy, Inc. 85050, AZPhysical Therapy1699863530
Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Pllc 85395, AZPhysical Therapy1851490627
Petersen Physical Therapy Pc 85283, AZPhysical Therapy1578673562
Marisa Clark 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1780166397
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 85209, AZPhysical Therapy1982783403
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 85258, AZPhysical Therapy1407935141
Brianne Cusick Ghosh 85260, AZPhysical Therapy1275010001
Robert Joseph Sand 85250, AZPhysical Therapy1043381544
Sylvia Ann Justiss 85382, AZPhysical Therapy1508938051
David Richard Cilladi 85282, AZPhysical Therapy1508939414
Thomas Jay Maystadt 85282, AZPhysical Therapy1205909140
Keith Montgomery Walton 85282, AZPhysical Therapy1275606121
Linda Jane Amado 85282, AZPhysical Therapy1972676823
Lawrence Rivero 85282, AZPhysical Therapy1851465413
Lisa Townsend 85282, AZPhysical Therapy1316011711
Julie Ann Franklin 85016, AZPhysical Therapy1386719433
William R Barnes 85283, AZPhysical Therapy1225104904
Sherry L. Nance 85032, AZPhysical Therapy1013084813
Maximum Potential Sport & Fitness Training Inc. 85032, AZPhysical Therapy1558429860
Dht Hand Therapy Limited Partnership 85306, AZPhysical Therapy1124187489
Dht Hand Therapy Limited Partnership 85013, AZPhysical Therapy1871652131
Dhhs, Phs, Naihs, Shiprock Hospital 86514, AZPhysical Therapy1477615789
Heidi J Hagen 85213, AZPhysical Therapy1518020726
Wendy Marie Waksmonski 85250, AZPhysical Therapy1508929860
Kimberlee A. Hansen 85250, AZPhysical Therapy1104989938
Teresa M Elmore 85250, AZPhysical Therapy1528122348
Sherry Nance 85032, AZPhysical Therapy1124182571
Cheryl Jean Garcia 85712, AZPhysical Therapy1538226410
Emory Wright 85712, AZPhysical Therapy1669539532
Janelle Marie Howard 85382, AZPhysical Therapy1699832808
Gina M Ames 85250, AZPhysical Therapy1194873620
Medcap Family Holdings, P.c. 85396, AZPhysical Therapy1336298140
Lindsay Nell Olson 85213, AZPhysical Therapy1659421675
Spinedex Physical Therapy Usa, Inc. 85260, AZPhysical Therapy1083764153
Jamie Renee Atkinson 85251, AZPhysical Therapy1689724452
Jennifer Merrill Sandy 85364, AZPhysical Therapy1578615845
A Plus Physical Therapy Inc. 85249, AZPhysical Therapy1194877555
Kristina Lea Linn 85250, AZPhysical Therapy1043362122
Melissa Ann Ramirez 85224, AZPhysical Therapy1598818221
Albert Munoz 85286, AZPhysical Therapy1356494140
Betsy Anne Gravel 85250, AZPhysical Therapy1730232729
Emily Rae Sevier 85250, AZPhysical Therapy1477607265
True Rehab Of Arizona,llc 86403, AZPhysical Therapy1801941992
Carol Ann Kappelmann 85201, AZPhysical Therapy1104962554
Gretchen Marie Sitek 85250, AZPhysical Therapy1083752562
Posada Del Sol Healthcare Center 85712, AZPhysical Therapy1043346760
Yuma Physical Therapy Ltd 85364, AZPhysical Therapy1679600480
Monica A Nies 85375, AZPhysical Therapy1417084955
David V Curtis 85220, AZPhysical Therapy1679602601
Upward For Children And Families 85014, AZPhysical Therapy1881724631
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 85204, AZPhysical Therapy1912039009
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 85716, AZPhysical Therapy1215069331
Dustin Torrey Cummings 85367, AZPhysical Therapy1467584771
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 86001, AZPhysical Therapy1770616609
Mwr Physical Therapy Inc 85297, AZPhysical Therapy1639203995
Steven Roldan 85019, AZPhysical Therapy1306961362
Tricia Keith 85048, AZPhysical Therapy1790801462
Lara Allen 85255, AZPhysical Therapy1841666930
Dht Hand Therapy Limited Partnership 85037, AZPhysical Therapy1629137997
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 85705, AZPhysical Therapy1154453272
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 85714, AZPhysical Therapy1730211855
Bhsm Rehabilitation, Llc 85392, AZPhysical Therapy1396246054
Dht Hand Therapy Limited Partnership 85224, AZPhysical Therapy1568521821
Tiffany Lynn Williams 85260, AZPhysical Therapy1649760372
Mark S. Plante 85364, AZPhysical Therapy1194890186
Sadie Alane Mattingly 86401, AZPhysical Therapy1306308572
Taelor Winkowski 85501, AZPhysical Therapy1831652221
Lawrence Guerrero 85712, AZPhysical Therapy1619096880
Tobler Physical Therapy Pc 85213, AZPhysical Therapy1891814513
Susan A Lang 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1528180072
Lori Ann Incledon 85249, AZPhysical Therapy1255454898
Gregory Noga 85206, AZPhysical Therapy1649393141
Jaime Sue Molenkamp 85019, AZPhysical Therapy1770706921
Frogs Physical Therapy Llc 85260, AZPhysical Therapy1043435258
Jim Edward Croteau 85208, AZPhysical Therapy1972722726
John Andrew Bergen 85044, AZPhysical Therapy1356560775
Mark Alan Pezzelle 85392, AZPhysical Therapy1871714113
Spooner Rehab, Pc 85395, AZPhysical Therapy1437370525
Spooner Physical Therapy, Pc 85268, AZPhysical Therapy1982825089
Spooner Ahwatukee, Pc 85048, AZPhysical Therapy1205057320
Physiotherapy Associates 85287, AZPhysical Therapy1275755464
Tygiel Pt Pc 85710, AZPhysical Therapy1417169418
Beatriz Teresa Cordero 85268, AZPhysical Therapy1285846782
Bozena Orszulak 85022, AZPhysical Therapy1437363280
Usa Aquatic Fitness, Inc. 85283, AZPhysical Therapy1649485723
Occupational Rehab And Physical Therapy 85019, AZPhysical Therapy1588879340
Balanced Physical Therapy Inc 85340, AZPhysical Therapy1225245749
Jerry Shriner 85044, AZPhysical Therapy1811107972
Richie Zipse 85711, AZPhysical Therapy1386846327
Northern Arizona Physical Therapy 86336, AZPhysical Therapy1922200963
Lawrence A Bates, Pt 85210, AZPhysical Therapy1699977678
Doreen Adams Plimpton 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1679775035
Susan Marie Overman 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1417159815
Robert William Gilson 85015, AZPhysical Therapy1881897221
Lebec Physical Therapy Pc Dba Lebec Physical Therapy 86336, AZPhysical Therapy1750584108
Lauren Ann Miller 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1093918229
Kathryn Annette Summers 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1679777619
Kurt B Chalker 85017, AZPhysical Therapy1568668317
Novacare Outpatient Rehabilitation West Inc 85282, AZPhysical Therapy1043417082
Back In Action Of Scottsdale Llc 85260, AZPhysical Therapy1124225008
John Thomas Allen 85901, AZPhysical Therapy1093912057
Luana Kay Luna 86404, AZPhysical Therapy1396942421
Kristen Ann Smith 86004, AZPhysical Therapy1326245358
Michael Allan Wheeler 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1013114057
Rebecca Ann Miller 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1871791624
Esther Jean Olsen 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1306044045
Laura Beth Sykes 85204, AZPhysical Therapy1124226626
Active Life Physical Therapy Inc 86305, AZPhysical Therapy1316145709
Cheri Sanfelice Harrison 85251, AZPhysical Therapy1033317359
Melissa Kay Kostreva 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1770782708
Zancam Llc 85203, AZPhysical Therapy1073712998
Doris Vrvilo 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1376742981
Sienna Marie Hess 85233, AZPhysical Therapy1326247859
Physiotherapy Associates 85016, AZPhysical Therapy1013116235
Jan Frances Koslowski 85209, AZPhysical Therapy1821298902
Jeanna M Johnson 85021, AZPhysical Therapy1700076718
Shangri la Physical Therapy 85625, AZPhysical Therapy1306036033


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