Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Santiago Physical Therapy Inc 93510, CAPhysical Therapy1821140930
Lurie Physical Therapy 91316, CAPhysical Therapy1639443690
Pro x Physical Therapy Pc 91301, CAPhysical Therapy1518441849
Best Life Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine Davis 91360, CAPhysical Therapy1952855843
Macara Monroe Brachmann 91301, CAPhysical Therapy1669834545
Kambic Smith, Partners 91301, CAPhysical Therapy1881854073
Results Squared Physical Therapy 91301, CAPhysical Therapy1891923280
Julian Steele 94611, CAPhysical Therapy1508340829
Regina Roberts 94501, CAPhysical Therapy1073903415
Mind body Movement Center Physical Therapy Inc 94501, CAPhysical Therapy1093371213
Christian Musngi 94501, CAPhysical Therapy1871748640
Kcg Physical Therapy And Wellness Svcs, Inc 94501, CAPhysical Therapy1255915674
Joseph Patrick Ohea 94612, CAPhysical Therapy1083897052
James Daniel 94501, CAPhysical Therapy1265691794
Kendra Cumming 94501, CAPhysical Therapy1528228236
Amber Rehabilitation Inc 94501, CAPhysical Therapy1508459884
Probalance, Inc. 94502, CAPhysical Therapy1982852968
All in one Rehab Services Inc. 91801, CAPhysical Therapy1467774927
Lesley Elliott 91801, CAPhysical Therapy1073801221
Theramed Incorporated 91801, CAPhysical Therapy1710246822
Total Body Center Inc 91801, CAPhysical Therapy1902266869
Amg Medical,inc 91801, CAPhysical Therapy1366582405
Derek Siu Hay Lau 91801, CAPhysical Therapy1093245599
Pacific Aquatic Physical Therapy 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1316165533
Lisa Lai Chinn 91801, CAPhysical Therapy1962575118
Tam Huynh 91801, CAPhysical Therapy1962897736
Therapy Dynamics, Inc. 91803, CAPhysical Therapy1508174574
Eleanor Arlene Cortez 90015, CAPhysical Therapy1356484463
M.a.s. Performancephysio 91803, CAPhysical Therapy1821680174
Total Education Solutions 91803, CAPhysical Therapy1972991891
Maisey Calinog 91803, CAPhysical Therapy1699221580
Sergio Rivero 29653, CAPhysical Therapy1629221569
Heather Dumpit Rodriguez 92675, CAPhysical Therapy1831781160
Nicole L Knott 92656, CAPhysical Therapy1225533276
Tetyana Monsen 92656, CAPhysical Therapy1538726609
Cowell Health Services, Inc. 92656, CAPhysical Therapy1770994535
Top Tier Rehab & Performance 92656, CAPhysical Therapy1821556689
Robyn Susan Roy 91901, CAPhysical Therapy1558463273
Alpine Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, Inc 91901, CAPhysical Therapy1669576930
Christine Marie Mason 91901, CAPhysical Therapy1114181781
Steve La Bella 91942, CAPhysical Therapy1205001112
Ray Eric Robledo 91710, CAPhysical Therapy1710358775
Eve-lynn Patrice Brown 92128, CAPhysical Therapy1932405966
Laura Merrick 91737, CAPhysical Therapy1285231928
Mercedes Munoz 92653, CAPhysical Therapy1932317278
Motus Physical Therapy, Inc. 90068, CAPhysical Therapy1619327921
Kinter & Quinn, Inc. 91001, CAPhysical Therapy1568084366
Jeremy W Cowin 91107, CAPhysical Therapy1326381534
Ronald Gray 96101, CAPhysical Therapy1104371285
Rocelyn Orbon Serrano 94503, CAPhysical Therapy1912353459
Jaybee Dumaguin 94503, CAPhysical Therapy1013441153
Josemaria Narag Uy 94589, CAPhysical Therapy1962966648
Yusuf Hammoud 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1942817978
Fema Physical Therapy Center Inc 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1902854854
County Of Orange 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1093847980
Llanel Del Rosario Florendo 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1932584273
Nancy Godoy 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1730547225
Ernesto Uribe Guerrero 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1003574278
Wilcox Physical Rehabilitation Center 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1245251511
Amy Louise Miller 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1598788713
Bernardina Gertruda Wilcox 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1841211034
Kristine Lynette Boyle-walker 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1174531099
Veena Theresa Sandejas Jacildo 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1053753822
Sanniel Jezranne Magno Cailao 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1306420476
Daniel James Theilen 92708, CAPhysical Therapy1386211324
Carl Bohn 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1376934984
Joshua Sturges 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1710538749
Kira Garland 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1689312910
Maria Teresa Garcia 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1740670496
Centers For Optimal Wellness 92802, CAPhysical Therapy1386673077
Michelle Del Mundo 92831, CAPhysical Therapy1053981688
Terrence Michael Brown 92802, CAPhysical Therapy1508137043
Samuel Blanco 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1487297925
Jeffrey Gonzales 92802, CAPhysical Therapy1033728241
Maria Josefina R Dumapins 91776, CAPhysical Therapy1861557662
Dominique Pakingan 92804, CAPhysical Therapy1801469754
Karen Bertelsen 92804, CAPhysical Therapy1518355833
Sandra Cevallos 92804, CAPhysical Therapy1851789481
Steve Kalmbach 92804, CAPhysical Therapy1063800266
Kaitlyn Tiffany Alvarez 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1821636804
Denise Yurie Sachs 92804, CAPhysical Therapy1477941482
Michelle Lee 92804, CAPhysical Therapy1083003214
Jennifer Elizalde 92804, CAPhysical Therapy1508487992
County Of Orange 92804, CAPhysical Therapy1952448698
Michael Rocacorba 90815, CAPhysical Therapy1568929537
Gerald Reyes 90701, CAPhysical Therapy1093176695
Richard Anthony Slaventa 92804, CAPhysical Therapy1356645188
Tamara Campbell 90806, CAPhysical Therapy1598234304
Kailie Anguiano 90740, CAPhysical Therapy1770126591
Eladio Diesto Flores 90740, CAPhysical Therapy1023202579
P & A Health Services 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1619193406
Ana Popescu 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1427316934
David Michael Vannucci 95207, CAPhysical Therapy1679076814
P&a Health Services, Inc. 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1780863605
Thomas S Mitchell 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1205105483
Vicki Renee Hammond 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1538313606
Malyssa Robin Carlos 92374, CAPhysical Therapy1639846249
Healthpointe Medical Group, Inc. 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1922134840
Natalie Anastasia Nelson 92653, CAPhysical Therapy1316411143
Nicole Pineda Tan 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1225543119
Irmina Reid 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1659022697
Progress Speech And Language 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1710301015
California Ability Center 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1306082516
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1043289655
Occupational Health Centers Of California, A Medical Corporation 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1578607495
Ned Harlow Bergert 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1871620054
Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy, Inc. 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1891960258
Amanda Sherrill 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1952650921
Anthony Montoya Velazquez 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1407217037
Jasmine Ngoc Truong 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1659737492
Jimmy Nguyen 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1033601877
Karen Chu 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1245789155
Raymund Diaz Parpana 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1649796210
Sachi V. Shah 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1437556784
Scott Hamanaka 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1952850240
Theodor Lorenz Botones 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1801330022
Chester Danganan Guevarra 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1720504384
Erika Lenora Dorsey 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1942738984
Jesus Q Felix 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1972073724
Kirk Lewis Deitrick 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1922519883
Manuel Torres Cervantes 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1538827993
Matthew Macdonald 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1346890266
Reshmabanu Momin 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1609319276
Sharon Shan Ho 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1063085330
Tina Renae Hawkins 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1669900668
Holga B Martinez 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1104107515
Sherri Liane Bower 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1588744593
Sebu Yardimian 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1457475709
Cory Quon 92807, CAPhysical Therapy1518264811
Eric James Welker 90755, CAPhysical Therapy1730259060
Michelle Ann Barnes 92807, CAPhysical Therapy1306170725
Alpha Physical Therapy Network 92807, CAPhysical Therapy1659661825
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 92807, CAPhysical Therapy1275574188
Lloyd Cotton Enterprises, Inc. 92807, CAPhysical Therapy1912072133
Frances Janel Serrato 92807, CAPhysical Therapy1356017131
Jose Pena 92807, CAPhysical Therapy1356587547
Sage Ross Perez 92807, CAPhysical Therapy1275105603
Ingrid Linker 92653, CAPhysical Therapy1639250517
Larry A Burfitt 92808, CAPhysical Therapy1285391128
Ewa Zielonka 92506, CAPhysical Therapy1376196964
Jada Helberg 92808, CAPhysical Therapy1275286361
Anaheim Hills Pediatric Therapy Inc. 92808, CAPhysical Therapy1669914123
Krs pt, Inc. 92782, CAPhysical Therapy1598073850
John Joseph Cartelli 92867, CAPhysical Therapy1881703981
Zaumyuawng Wabaw 96007, CAPhysical Therapy1073260337
Devon Nicely 96007, CAPhysical Therapy1285114702
Karyn Stacey Baldwin 94509, CAPhysical Therapy1609080381
Steve King 94509, CAPhysical Therapy1184784571
Denise Michellle Arvay 94509, CAPhysical Therapy1861560872
Christine A Rose Franks 94509, CAPhysical Therapy1790987527
Nympha Magat 94509, CAPhysical Therapy1821605304
Indivar Singh 94509, CAPhysical Therapy1508427220
Kabat And Associates Physical Therapy 94531, CAPhysical Therapy1255421640
Christopher Joseph Munoz 94531, CAPhysical Therapy1518175546
Constance Eileen Matous 94531, CAPhysical Therapy1225536477
Medicalone Health 94531, CAPhysical Therapy1275070039
Antioch Physical Therapy And Sports Injury Center Inc. 94531, CAPhysical Therapy1689181778
Daniel Martin Schneider 94531, CAPhysical Therapy1073901104
John Sanchez 94531, CAPhysical Therapy1437667052
Jacqueline Dauz Calica 94531, CAPhysical Therapy1730688334
Jennifer Alonzo 94565, CAPhysical Therapy1689235509
Shalimar Usman Belscher 94553, CAPhysical Therapy1427263169
Michelle Spicer 94531, CAPhysical Therapy1366801003
Matthew P Danneker 92307, CAPhysical Therapy1972010908 92307, CAPhysical Therapy1902241177
Wings Physiotherapy, Inc. 92307, CAPhysical Therapy1073156964
Axcend Physical Therapy 92308, CAPhysical Therapy1558839209
Anne Howard Physical Therapy, Inc., A Professional Corporation 95003, CAPhysical Therapy1740457480
Melissa Bebee 95003, CAPhysical Therapy1083163265
Wellness & Rehabilitation Physical Therapy & Pilates 95003, CAPhysical Therapy1063651032
Ann Marie Crowder 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1285064980
The Physical Edge Physical Therapy, Inc. 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1114988227
Justin Anderson 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1700431814
Lorraine Limon-smith 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1396886487
Functional Physical Therapy, Inc. 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1073666327
Stanley Luan 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1295312239
Bout2bebetter Physical Therapy Inc. 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1003589516
Trisha T Villasenor 91764, CAPhysical Therapy1659533420
Mobilize Physical Therapy Inc 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1497400576
Maria Romina Legaspi 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1699157016
Body Solutions Physical Therapy 91007, CAPhysical Therapy1073778114
Feminocentric Physical Therapy & Wellness Pc 91007, CAPhysical Therapy1487271821
Mercedes Enterprise 91007, CAPhysical Therapy1114198462
Te-hsiang Lo 91007, CAPhysical Therapy1376064519
James Earvin Escueta 91007, CAPhysical Therapy1295356913
Pivotal Connections Physical Therapy P C 95521, CAPhysical Therapy1003563149
Joe Akrabowon 91324, CAPhysical Therapy1659998342
Steve Daniel Powers 91331, CAPhysical Therapy1780075739
Acorn Physical Therapy 95223, CAPhysical Therapy1639491558
San Luis Physical Therapy & Orthopedic Rehabilitation Inc 93420, CAPhysical Therapy1235147828
Beck And Cale Physical Therapy 93444, CAPhysical Therapy1366511164
Arroyo Grande Physical Therapy, Inc 93420, CAPhysical Therapy1861876807
Megan Monica Moynihan 93420, CAPhysical Therapy1629510961
Coastal Mobile Physical Therapy Inc 93420, CAPhysical Therapy1548896681
Ryann J Hoffman 90701, CAPhysical Therapy1972067700
Optimum Care Physical Therapy Services 90701, CAPhysical Therapy1700215316
David Alan Nunnery 90701, CAPhysical Therapy1780072264
Javier Villanueva 90701, CAPhysical Therapy1083354260
Ralph Tamayo 92868, CAPhysical Therapy1386989994
Rem Physical Therapy 90701, CAPhysical Therapy1215041660


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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