Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
North Orange County Physical Rehabilitation, Inc 92835, CAPhysical Therapy1326076480
Sebastian Combes 96150, CAPhysical Therapy1417318213
B.e.s.t. Physical Therapy, A Prof Corp 95129, CAPhysical Therapy1841214491
Amanda Wheatley Mcqueen 21287, CAPhysical Therapy1669685624
Hackley Physical Therapy, Inc. 95437, CAPhysical Therapy1235316993
Divine Health Provider Physical Therapy Inc 93065, CAPhysical Therapy1386899763
Yvonne Yufang Huang 92780, CAPhysical Therapy1952618829
Nicole Pineda Tan 92805, CAPhysical Therapy1225543119
Alison Wiley 90720, CAPhysical Therapy1013400712
Lora S Knol 95030, CAPhysical Therapy1699280560
Jordan Lewis Bugarske 96150, CAPhysical Therapy1316480981
Heather Applegate 96150, CAPhysical Therapy1326576893
Abraham Mauricio Ramirez Gomez 95125, CAPhysical Therapy1578091187
Core Total Body Physical Therapy, P.c. 92832, CAPhysical Therapy1134657299
Back To Life Physical Therapy, Inc. 94107, CAPhysical Therapy1023539210
Angela Marie Hagenah 96150, CAPhysical Therapy1447605977
Framework Physical Therapy And Dance Medicine, Inc 90028, CAPhysical Therapy1639692569
George Calatan Bay-an 90706, CAPhysical Therapy1558870519
Antioch Physical Therapy And Sports Injury Center Inc. 94531, CAPhysical Therapy1689181778
Elnel, Inc. A California Corporation Total Physical Therapy 91910, CAPhysical Therapy1386681732
Jonathan Paturzo 92865, CAPhysical Therapy1194243469
Lai Na Tung 93215, CAPhysical Therapy1437501715
Ben White Physiotherapy 44122, CAPhysical Therapy1912405606
Richard Curtis Zazzi 95824, CAPhysical Therapy1114410164
Simi Valley Therapies West, Inc. 93003, CAPhysical Therapy1841299286
Excel Physical Therapy And Wellness 92373, CAPhysical Therapy1073809273
James Thibodeau 96707, CAPhysical Therapy1932566254
Mobility Physical Therapy, Inc. 92630, CAPhysical Therapy1659482990
Michael Nguyen 92590, CAPhysical Therapy1811463326
Jeremy C Santos 91950, CAPhysical Therapy1548731805
Cynthia Lynn Maul 92691, CAPhysical Therapy1174095053
Sean Mclean 28411, CAPhysical Therapy1992140180
Marketplace Physical Therapy Inc. Apc 92507, CAPhysical Therapy1285190942
Total Wellness Inc 92507, CAPhysical Therapy1922299338
Tara Tolooee 90025, CAPhysical Therapy1063076180
Jastine Saliva De Guzman 90029, CAPhysical Therapy1043875305
Precision Physical Therapy And Wellness Center, Pc 93401, CAPhysical Therapy1285173567
Farideh Farid 91356, CAPhysical Therapy1356908842
Prosport Physical Therapy Professionals Inc 92626, CAPhysical Therapy1073170437
Yvette Fama 94110, CAPhysical Therapy1497982862
Trey Mychal Ard 47714, CAPhysical Therapy1871153999
Mint Services 91606, CAPhysical Therapy1003342262
Kimberly Linette Joyce 92014, CAPhysical Therapy1619539129
Raymond Mamuyac 90701, CAPhysical Therapy1508211343
Peak Performance Physical Therapy, Pc 92007, CAPhysical Therapy1487139671
Megan Thomas 98233, CAPhysical Therapy1447281472
Marcos Antonios 90048, CAPhysical Therapy1174175442
Lawrence Gregge 92373, CAPhysical Therapy1114570249
Movement Lab Physical Therapy, Inc 92649, CAPhysical Therapy1578116489
Angela West 94610, CAPhysical Therapy1154746121
Abigail Figueroa 93313, CAPhysical Therapy1912552159
Life Energy Physical Therapy, Inc. 90027, CAPhysical Therapy1588943104
Susana Magdaleno 90505, CAPhysical Therapy1225685720
Roxanne Guzman Empleo 93630, CAPhysical Therapy1952950693
Michelle Jensen 91730, CAPhysical Therapy1396016135
Bernard H Felipe 90505, CAPhysical Therapy1306496484
Madhuriben Godhani 94538, CAPhysical Therapy1891337739
Arroyo Physical Therapy 91104, CAPhysical Therapy1669787495
Capitol Physical Therapy Center Inc 95821, CAPhysical Therapy1649288648
Seung Eun Lee 90278, CAPhysical Therapy1780237636
Nicole Brianna Pitts 48207, CAPhysical Therapy1649815804
Lizhen Gong 94579, CAPhysical Therapy1326683442
Kevin Magtoto 91342, CAPhysical Therapy1750927612
Mohammed Amer 91790, CAPhysical Therapy1659910230
Sinmen Tse 91010, CAPhysical Therapy1447880422
Renew Physical Therapy Pc 94945, CAPhysical Therapy1255508453
F&m Radiology Medical Center Inc 91364, CAPhysical Therapy1649361304
Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation 95010, CAPhysical Therapy1902132012
Nancy Anne Foster 92553, CAPhysical Therapy1336787241
Ignite Phyzio & Sports Performance Inc 90631, CAPhysical Therapy1306354881
Xavier Collazo 28704, CAPhysical Therapy1801315551
Rising Sun Physical Therapy & Wellness 92660, CAPhysical Therapy1881003440
Advanced Wellness Physical Therapy, Pc 92399, CAPhysical Therapy1497173363
Brent Abutin 91767, CAPhysical Therapy1144728023
Marc-olivier Roger Foglia 90029, CAPhysical Therapy1164051397
Fatima Gutierrez 92220, CAPhysical Therapy1740809896
Caitlyn Croghan 93940, CAPhysical Therapy1407325673
Kinter & Quinn, Inc. 91001, CAPhysical Therapy1568084366
Recharge Physical Therapy, Inc 90815, CAPhysical Therapy1043833346
Marie Castaneda Wetzler 94112, CAPhysical Therapy1205450889
Aisha Jacasta Jones 94121, CAPhysical Therapy1285034322
Tim Hornak 95112, CAPhysical Therapy1144848128
Best Performance And Physical Therapy P C 92007, CAPhysical Therapy1740830975
Enara Health Group, P.c. 94403, CAPhysical Therapy1063817823
Rady Children's Hospital San Diego 92123, CAPhysical Therapy1710065933
Pt In Motion 92111, CAPhysical Therapy1699884221
Adapt Physical Therapy, A Professional Corporation 92029, CAPhysical Therapy1821513888
Laura Barker 95127, CAPhysical Therapy1780299354
Med2u Laboratory Services Llc 92637, CAPhysical Therapy1568981124
Evan M Ravely 92586, CAPhysical Therapy1457950834
Phillip A Sainz 92675, CAPhysical Therapy1710587142
Neuro Rehab Connection 92592, CAPhysical Therapy1144639980
New Age Enterprises 90241, CAPhysical Therapy1417227554
Katharina Abernethy 95492, CAPhysical Therapy1518039536
Racquel Marie Almendares Daliva 94506, CAPhysical Therapy1578168118
Nerman Pimentel 91732, CAPhysical Therapy1982155289
Kylie Rowe Dba Living Healthy Physical Therapy 94131, CAPhysical Therapy1356900070
Lee Orthopedic Institute, A Professional Medical Corporation 90006, CAPhysical Therapy1619197282
Live Life Physiotherapy Inc 92071, CAPhysical Therapy1194346874
Jemelee N Peralta 95821, CAPhysical Therapy1770175077
Thomas James Krisko 92253, CAPhysical Therapy1144815663
Armand Watson 91730, CAPhysical Therapy1063775575
Marilyn Joy Pollack 93534, CAPhysical Therapy1760969265
Bradley Steven Rankin 92211, CAPhysical Therapy1689251431
Jewel Jedd Cuison Lazo 93901, CAPhysical Therapy1508445834
El Dorado Physical Therapy, Inc 95762, CAPhysical Therapy1033446448
Golden Bear Physical Therapy And Sports Injury Center, Inc 95356, CAPhysical Therapy1811084676
Body In Balance Physical Therapy 94533, CAPhysical Therapy1811982747
Profizix Physical Therapy And Wellness P.c. 90034, CAPhysical Therapy1083213961
Wings Physiotherapy, Inc. 92307, CAPhysical Therapy1073156964
Napa Valley Physical Therapy Center 94559, CAPhysical Therapy1598869869
Cindy Ramos Perez 93631, CAPhysical Therapy1598349219
Barrows Training & Ed Pt Fresno Apc 93720, CAPhysical Therapy1962427757
Jagdeep Garcha P.t 95820, CAPhysical Therapy1104349927
Kelsey Gallegos 98310, CAPhysical Therapy1235487877
King And Clarke Physical Therapy P.c. 94103, CAPhysical Therapy1194391029
Xavier M Mccullough 30253, CAPhysical Therapy1932742202
Clarke Maverick Hiserodt 91506, CAPhysical Therapy1417540030
Massage For Athletes, Inc. 95403, CAPhysical Therapy1750955381
Omni Therapy, Inc. 91403, CAPhysical Therapy1174159479
Prosport Physical Therapy mvsjc Inc 92691, CAPhysical Therapy1922031731
Melenie Chandler 93003, CAPhysical Therapy1881368611
Theracare Service & Consulting 90650, CAPhysical Therapy1922436476
Total Education Solutions Inc 90017, CAPhysical Therapy1659535052
Rise Physical Therapy Inc 92075, CAPhysical Therapy1083038764
Central Coast Physical Therapy, Inc. 93446, CAPhysical Therapy1740424910
Onaje Washington 91945, CAPhysical Therapy1295404812
Leang Song Ngoy 91405, CAPhysical Therapy1720758154
Victor Mode Physical Therapy & Wellness 90037, CAPhysical Therapy1982374229
Marvin S Serrano 90291, CAPhysical Therapy1598286478
Guillermo Cuevas 95020, CAPhysical Therapy1154083236
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation West Inc 85282, CAPhysical Therapy1114921871
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 95032, CAPhysical Therapy1154325769
Novacare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 94904, CAPhysical Therapy1598769101
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation West Inc 85222, CAPhysical Therapy1811991466
Novacare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 95014, CAPhysical Therapy1275537821
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 95831, CAPhysical Therapy1992709547
Novacare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 93277, CAPhysical Therapy1518961168
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 93711, CAPhysical Therapy1336143981
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation West Inc 85712, CAPhysical Therapy1699779223
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 94070, CAPhysical Therapy1417951047
Andersen Physical Therapy, Inc 95355, CAPhysical Therapy1225029630
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 94546, CAPhysical Therapy1083618573
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 94533, CAPhysical Therapy1790789295
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 95336, CAPhysical Therapy1760486120
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 94564, CAPhysical Therapy1235133711
Southwest Therapists Inc 88030, CAPhysical Therapy1952307274
Hope Physical Therapy Pc 92708, CAPhysical Therapy1942682323
New Mexico Physical Therapists Inc 87114, CAPhysical Therapy1689670101
New Mexico Physical Therapists Inc 87112, CAPhysical Therapy1497751911
New Mexico Physical Therapists Inc 87120, CAPhysical Therapy1306842828
New Mexico Physical Therapists Inc 87031, CAPhysical Therapy1033115050
Van Dusen Physical Therapy Inc 95991, CAPhysical Therapy1699281162
Evolve Physical Therapy Pc 95212, CAPhysical Therapy1710474366
Vibrantcare Outpatient Rehabilitation Of California Inc 95603, CAPhysical Therapy1255338125
Pbma Llc 93662, CAPhysical Therapy1821562489
Progressive Physical Therapy Inc 91356, CAPhysical Therapy1184605586
Foothill Physical Therapy, Inc. 95762, CAPhysical Therapy1609857945
Finishline Physical Therapy Inc. 92083, CAPhysical Therapy1104816057
Balanced Health Inc 92701, CAPhysical Therapy1003891227
Stithem & Johnson Physical Therapy, Inc. 95405, CAPhysical Therapy1982689675
Pon Physical Therapy Inc 91201, CAPhysical Therapy1952388639
Ktst, Inc. 92843, CAPhysical Therapy1811974363
Courtney J Moore, Physical Therapy, Inc. 93662, CAPhysical Therapy1568432599
Jean pierre L Viel 94546, CAPhysical Therapy1386620953
Occupational Health Centers Of California, A Medical Corporation 90048, CAPhysical Therapy1437614591
Bay Area Physical Therapy Of Benicia Inc 94510, CAPhysical Therapy1083685333
Bg Medical, Inc 94608, CAPhysical Therapy1174598098
Tass Physical Therapy Inc 92109, CAPhysical Therapy1760451561
Comprehensive Orthopedic Rehabilitation And Exercise Physical Therapy 95682, CAPhysical Therapy1487613139
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 92806, CAPhysical Therapy1043289655
Aba Spot 95129, CAPhysical Therapy1871077180
Athletic & Industrial Rehabilitatn Physical Therapy Inc A Prof Corp 95355, CAPhysical Therapy1578531398
The Physical Edge Physical Therapy, Inc. 91006, CAPhysical Therapy1114988227
Integrated Physical Therapy, Inc. 92651, CAPhysical Therapy1558323469
Kimberly Gladfelter 94024, CAPhysical Therapy1881650505
Valley Springs Physical Therapy 95252, CAPhysical Therapy1518924604
Fema Physical Therapy Center Inc 92801, CAPhysical Therapy1902854854
Washington Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, A Joint Venture 94538, CAPhysical Therapy1861443434
Therapro 92673, CAPhysical Therapy1518919638
New Life Healthcare, Llc 92647, CAPhysical Therapy1275598039
Rausch Physical Therapy, Inc. 92677, CAPhysical Therapy1538110861
Gtms Fitness Corporation 92563, CAPhysical Therapy1275587172
Playa Physical Therapy 90094, CAPhysical Therapy1598711566
Lucas Physical Therapy And Fitness Inc 94087, CAPhysical Therapy1154377596
Restor Physical Therapy 94043, CAPhysical Therapy1023056140
Hesperia Physical Therapy Inc. 92345, CAPhysical Therapy1831137413
Pillsbury Physical Therapy 95969, CAPhysical Therapy1962442319
Anberry Physical Rehabilitation Center, Inc. 95301, CAPhysical Therapy1487694287
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 92807, CAPhysical Therapy1275574188
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95240, CAPhysical Therapy1497796247
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95207, CAPhysical Therapy1154363869
Blayne Liparoto 93003, CAPhysical Therapy1205878865
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95204, CAPhysical Therapy1326080862
Gardena Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center 90247, CAPhysical Therapy1902848492
Physical Medicine Inc 95928, CAPhysical Therapy1992747380
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95821, CAPhysical Therapy1609818491
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 92649, CAPhysical Therapy1780626572
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95661, CAPhysical Therapy1700829587
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95010, CAPhysical Therapy1295778561


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